The First Closet.

Michelle Obama — Shelley O to her fans, like Tom & Lorenzo — wore a bangin’ dress to last night’s state dinner (pix at the link). And, whoa, it was Alexander McQueen?!?!?? I am impressed. I like the way she lopped those sleeves off; a woman who does her weight-room work the way Shelley O […]

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Tin for the 10th.

I hope it’s a testament to the spirit of this blog that I made a big fuss over its ninth anniversary, in 2009 2010, and completely forgot its 10th, which happened last Friday. The traditional tenth anniversary gift is tin. I’ll take mine in the shape of a horn. A tinhorn, my dictionary tells me, […]

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I wed three wives.*

Every job has its perks, and the big one traditionally enjoyed by newspaperfolk — a really nice obituary, well-played — is entirely in keeping with the job’s other rewards. That is, fairly useless. However, I think I’ve found another: Alan brought home a DVD, cadged off the TV writer, of the first five episodes of […]

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