A few questions.

Do you have the answers? I grabbed that still from “Blow” from the trailer on adcritic.com. It’s a QuickTime, but it’s lovely to watch and not pixelated at all. It was a big file — 12 MB — but I want to know the magic involved. Why is it so gorgeous and my QTs are not? What’s the setting for gorgeous QTs?

Here’s another: Where would we be without our good friends? Nancy P. of Atlanta found this wonderful follow-up to the nationally televised car chase in Atlanta a week ago. If you don’t have time to follow the link, the synopsis is: If you’re a car dealer and really want to hype your expensive models, get one stolen and chased on television. The one-ton Chevy Silverado pickup, which a car thief used to lead much of metro Atlanta’s finest on a 45-minute high-speed chase, is now a hot property. “The switchboard lit up” after the chase, from underpowered motorists wanting one just like it. The dealer expects to sell it waaay over invoice:

While (a salesman) is sorry the whole thing happened, he said the truck’s performance under pressure was admirable. “If you notice, while they tried to push him and spin him out, the tires held fast,” he said. I guess it’s not every day you can involve the police and a national cable channel in your unpaid sales force. Is this a great country, or what?

Yet another: Is Jesse Ventura crazy? After reading all the materials connected to this dust-up, yet another tiny little molehill made mountainous by the Minnesota governor, I’m revising my opinion. He’s not a peckerwood, he’s a crazy peckerwood. Again, for the time-challenged, the nutshell is Jesse’s pissed again, at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s outdoors writer for a Sunday column. That part is inside baseball for the most part, but what’s fascinating is the transcript of a meeting between the writer, the staff and the Body. In it, the governor leaves much of the heavy lifting to his staff, while he goes off on such weird tangents as this one:

Ventura: …when it comes to hunting — I got your resume. You ever done military service?

Anderson: You have my resume?

Ventura: Yeah, I got your file. You ever done military service?

Anderson: No.

Ventura: You haven’t? Well, Commissioner Garber and I have. He has two tours to Vietnam and I have one as a Navy SEAL and then 17 months in Southeast Asia and I’ll just tell you this: Until you hunted man, you haven’t hunted yet. Because you need to hunt something that can shoot back at you to really classify yourself as a hunter. You need to understand the feeling of what it’s like to go into the field and know that your opposition can take you out. Not just go out there and shoot Bambi. Or go out into the field and shoot pheasants and things like that.

: This doesn’t have anything to do with conservation.

Ventura: No, but it has to do with being a sportsman, in my opinion.

Anderson: The military has something to do with conservation?

Ventura: Yeah, yeah, ’cause it’s called hunting.

Anderson: I miss the connection.

Uh, me too. He comes back to that theme three more times. Then he throws in a reference to his wrestling career. Covering this guy must be a laff riot. A friend suggests some of the governor’s erratic behavior may be tied to steroid abuse in his youth. Or maybe Mad Cow Disease, from a high-protein training table. Jesse Ventura — the Mad Cow canary in the coal mine!

Still more questions: Is shaving Down There another cultural phenomenon I’ve missed out on by living in Milwaukee? So writes Deb. I can report that yes, it is. All that pornography I scoped out last week had the hairless pubis as a common theme, and I was as horrified as Deb was: The whole idea is too repulsive for words. Think of the razor stubble you get on your CALVES, for God’s sake. Yes, exactly.

One more question: Is this a joke, or do Muslims really do this, too?

See you Monday.

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