Fair and balanced.

I feel bad about posting that stuff about bad flight attendants. It reminded me of something I read once in Salon — a hilarious recollection of passenger behavior on the infamous San Juan Special. Recommended.

Now I have to go pick up tonight’s seminar speaker at the airport in Detroit. Since the wind is gusting at about 50 miles per hour outside, I expect he’s going to have a story of his own to tell, not to mention an urgent need for clean underwear. I wouldn’t fly today for all the poppies in Afghanistan.

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  1. KCK said on November 13, 2003 at 12:30 pm

    Great Salon story. The last time I flew was on a small twin engine (prop) Beechcraft from Milwaukee to Columbus in very stormy weather. The plane violently pitched in directions I didn’t think were possible and still remain in flight. Prior to leaving I saw someone eating a plate of nachos in the airport bar and thought I would have some, but on further reflection said to myself, “I probably shouldn’t eat something like that before flying” – and didn’t. My fellow passengers have no idea of the misery they so narrowly escaped.


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