Fly the horrible skies.

Today’s news theme is: Bad flight attendants.

First, a Supreme Court case, via Slate’s fine Dahlia Lithwick: The problem here, of course, is that Hanson didn’t die as a result of an “accident,” as we’d colloquially use that word. He died because his flight attendant was a bitch. Sadly, his wife can’t recover for that under the Warsaw Convention.

And from the Freep, a reminder that bitchery, like dunderheadedness, crosses gender lines: A flight attendant with a novel approach to a crying baby:

Cunningham drugged the then-19-month-old with Xanax, a prescription medication for panic attacks and anxiety. The FBI said the baby was squirming and crying, Cunningham became upset and told the mother: “This is starting to be a problem.”

He got probation and a curfew.

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One response to “Fly the horrible skies.”

  1. A Terrible Person said on November 14, 2003 at 8:20 pm

    True confessions: Since I have no kids, I cannot really comment on the outrage and whatnot about having my kid drugged. Against my wishes, I mean. What I can comment upon is how some kids can drive you to the brink of madness on a long flight, especially when one may or may not be hungover. On a very memorable flight, I recall one child screaming for whichever parent managed to escape to the loo, presumably to smoke a joint or pop a Valium (oh, wait, that was me). When Dad went, the four year old darlin’ screamed for him; when Mom vanished, the screams became, “Mooooooommmm!!” Over and over and over. At the end of the flight, when all us cattle were waiting for that blessed door to open, the little shit began banging into the back of my backpack. That’s when I whipped around and informed him that he wasn’t leaving the airplane and had been sold to the flight attendants. I tell you what, I slipped off that plane like a damn Ninja and that kid shut right up. Now I work with the buggers…fancy that.

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