Calling all queers.

Michael Signorile brings the pain to Mary Cheney:

What is it like, I often wonder, to have your own father court the very religious zealots who believe your kind are emotionally disturbed child molesters? What does it feel like to have your own father empower people who, if they could have their way, would force you to go through “conversion therapy”? What is it like to know that your own family takes cash from people who think you�d be better off dead, and think you�re going straight to hell when that happens?

And for the queer-handed, Jon Carroll offers solace to the southpawed:

In the movie “Cold Mountain,” Nicole Kidman’s character is often portrayed writing letters to her beloved. Since the film is set in the Civil War, she did not use e-mail. Rather, she used pen and ink. In one heart- stopping scene, she paused in her writing and briefly rested her chin on her left hand.

And there it was! Running from the first knuckle of the little finger to the heel of her left hand was the telltale smudge of ink. Nicole Kidman is a left-hander! She is an unrepentant left-hander, too, still writing in that upside-down way, crabbed and messy and clawlike and yet a joy to behold. Sure, her hand drags along behind and makes her words all but unreadable — but is that so bad? Of course not.

With this one gesture, she says a hearty “blow me” to all the right- handed chauvinists in the world, to the designers of scissors and guitars and school desks, to the tellers of cheap jokes at expensive cocktail parties.

Bonus points for getting “blow me” past the copy desk. Only in San Francisco.

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3 responses to “Calling all queers.”

  1. alex said on January 22, 2004 at 12:34 pm

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary. How does your trust fund grow? By knuckling under to the Dick who’s bunkered down below.

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  2. 4dbirds said on January 22, 2004 at 2:01 pm

    My daughter showed her lefty traits almost immediately after birth. Although I’m right-handed, I find I’m thrilled she’s a lefty.

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  3. ashley said on January 22, 2004 at 9:42 pm

    My mom was one of those that was whacked with a ruler when she wrote lefty. I’m all for forcing my kids to be leftys, as left handed pitchers are more in demand than rightys. Who needs a pension when you can have the Williams sisters?

    As for Mary Cheney, it’s a crime that the Dems are too proper to attack the Bush/Cheney hypocrisy. They should attack it harshly, from the hypocrisy of their stand on gay rights to the hypocrisy of their stand on the ‘war on drugs’ (see: Noelle Bush).

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