Friday on my mind.

So what is Richard Hatch’s strategy in this “Survivor,” anyway? Nudity as a psychological tool of domination? Gotta love that, even while you wonder how the hell this guy can go clamber in and out of a wooden rowboat in salt water with his boys flopping around like that.

Oh, well.

Anything to take the old mind off the weekend’s chore, stretching ahead like fifty miles of potholes: Gotta write a new step outline for the ol’ screenplay. It’s the most vital step, and the biggest pain in the ass — you have to write down what happens in the 80 scenes or so in your movie, just a line or two, but oh how it hurts. It’s the armature of your little sculpture, without which everything collapses into a damp heap.

And so you sit down. Oh, this will be easy. You gallop through 20 scenes. You realize this won’t make a movie. So you start making stuff up: “Bob walks down the street.” “Bob sits and thinks.” And so on. This is your first draft. On my second, I expect I’ll whip through, oh, 35 good scenes, and then have to pull only 40 or so out of my butt.

Art hurts!

Just kidding.

Kind of a quiet day today. Class, writing workshop, seminar on the intractable Israel/Palestine situation. I wish I could tell you I left feeling hopeful, but I didn’t.

So, then. Maybe a few bright spots on the web out there? Sure, there are a few:

Beato rounds up the shocked, shocked Super Bowl commentary.

Low Culture catches Rummy doing the way-oh, way-oh thing.

Hey! My newspaper makes Romenesko!

It’s amazing how many house fires start this way. “Treated for smoke inhalation,” huh. Is this, like, meta, or just a mirror looking into a mirror?

Go have fun.

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