Open Wire thread. Oh, my, but I’m going to have to sleep on this one. The pieces, they are falling into place. Who wrote this episode? I missed the credits. Best show on TV.

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  1. ashley said on October 18, 2004 at 3:41 am

    Damn, I feel a bit like Karnak. Bunny did go above the slingers heads, but to the mid-level boys, not to the Prop Joes and Stringers. Was that wild about busing the fiends? Go figure.

    And what about Bubs refusing to go along with Johnny’s caper, instead banking on his steady income from Kima and McNulty? Snitchin’s dangerous, but so are capers. However, this may be the turning point for Bubbles to go straight…or at least get on the wagon. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I’m seeing a bunch of parallels to Gary from “The Corner”. Of course, he went straight for a while, then slipped, and because he’d been out of the game so long, he OD’d. I don’t wanna see Bubs go that way, but Simon had no problem with dumping Wallace or D’Angelo.

    It’s all in the game, yo.

    McNulty got laid, for what may have been the first time since the Russian prostitutes. I don’t see it happening with her again. I hope Jimmy doesn’t.

    Once again, Callie Thorne gave a spectacular cameo, showing her entire range: 1) coquettish followed by 2) annoyed, rolling her eyes. My, but she annoys me. I did like how Jimmy’s flirting made her character jealous.

    Cutty has decided he’s a soldier and not a lawn man. I don’t think he likes the way his crew treated the slinger wearing Mr. Unseld’s jersey, but yes, the game has changed.

    The whole “brothers forever” thing between Avon and Stringer tells me that one of them is going to be cut loose. My guess is that Avon is OG, but I don’t know where that puts Stringer and his above-the-table funds. Avon knows not to get his hands dirty, but this whole socialism among gangsters got to piss him off.

    And I think the mayor is about to get played. Bigtime.

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  2. ashley said on October 18, 2004 at 4:36 am

    Two cool things on the HBO site this week: Org charts!

    There’s one for da good guyz, and one for da

    bad guyz.

    Of course, your definitions may differ.

    According to my sources, Ed Burns was the writer.

    Man, didn’t you just love it when McNulty said “fuck it”, and walked into Stringer’s copy shop? Stringer is so well grounded in legit business…even Bodie has to lift his shirt to show he ain’t wired. “He wanted to sell me a condo”.

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  3. ashley said on October 18, 2004 at 4:37 am

    Oh, and don’t forget, no new episode next week.

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  4. Nance said on October 18, 2004 at 9:09 am

    I think Cutty is the new D’Angelo — sensitive, conflicted, ultimately tragic. I’m not looking to him to sign any long-term contracts. (And because I hardly ever watch regular TV anymore, I didn’t realize he’s the guy in the Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles ad. Whew. Talk about range.)

    And yeah, Avon is like Slim Pickens in “Dr. Strangelove” — a man on a mission, fully loaded with ICBMs. You can already see that showdown coming. In a way, Cutty is Stringer and Avon combined, minus a few IQ points. Stringer, for all his pretentiousness, is only trying to do what generations of the down-and-out have done — use what he has to get what he needs. If he can’t be Joe Kennedy, he can certainly follow the path. It’s worked before.

    McNulty slays me. “Take it easy, I’m only a country boy.” Ha.

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  5. ashley said on October 18, 2004 at 1:30 pm

    Cutty’s gellin’ like Magellan? Thanks for putting that earworm in my head. ;^)

    He’s sensitive, and conflicted…but I don’t know yet about tragic. At least, I hope not. Although he does have a somewhat higher tolerance for violence than D. Last night was an example of where the expression “bitch slap” came from. Damn!

    Now, thanks to you, I also have a picture in my head of Avon riding a missile, screaming “I’m workin’ for David Simon”. Thanks for that, too.

    I just wonder where and how the Stringer/Avon showdown will occur. The thing is, except for Shamrock (thank you, HBO org chart), I don’t see any of the slingers or soldiers taking String’s side. And since String doesn’t let anybody in on the legit deals, he has no partners there, other than Levy and Davis.

    That may be enough.

    For there to be a showdown that String could win, it would have to be an administrative level one, that included the law. That’s also the best way to bring him down.

    That is, unless String’s “We are the world” policy pisses off Avon so much that he calls it off and declares war on every dealer that goes near “his” corners.

    Oh, and last night was one of the few times that Stringer and McNulty have directly spoken. You know how hard it had to be for them to speak in their Bawlmer accents. It was bizarre to see the clips from the premiere party, where Elba and West were speaking in their normal, English accents.

    Also, it was nice to see Santangelo again, even if he is just a street cop nowadays. I don’t see him getting a gold shield (wait, Baltimore doesn’t have gold shields for detectives) again as long as Rawls is Deputy Ops. Burrell may be out soon as commish, but Rawls will NOT become commish, unless they have a really good way for selling the community on a white commish.

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  6. ashley said on October 18, 2004 at 11:30 pm

    You know, I’m a New Orleans guy, but that Neville Brothers version of the theme just don’t move me like the Blind Boys version. Maybe if Aaron was singing it…

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