Her ice-water mansion.

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I swear, I’m going to stop reading The Poor Man for the Golden Winger and Keyboard Kommandos and start reading it for the occasional mixed grills of links. Is Bill Frist’s family biography actually called “Good People Beget Good People”? Evidently. The reader reviews are hilarious:

This is a fascinating study of the extraordinary mix of in-breeding, animal sacrifice, and corruption required to produce the world’s worst human being. Coming from a family of mildly despicable cheats, the Frists had a leg up on normal human beings…but it still took an enormous amount of laboratory work and careful training to produce not just a self-involved twit but an unspeakable monster.


The News reminds us that we’re creeping up on the 30th anniversary of? (Cue the Gordon Lightfoot tune!) Yes, the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. You’ll recall, from having the song burned into your memory that the “musty old hall in Detroit” where they prayed, was the Maritime Sailors’ Cathedral — hence, Ground Zero for the remembrances. Evidently they still ring the bell 29 times, “for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald,” plus one more time for all sailors lost in the Great Lakes.

But the man who made the wreck famous around the world won’t be there: Yet Lightfoot, who has attended memorial services in Michigan in the past, believes out of respect for the family members that it’s “time to put this ship to rest,” according to his business manager in Toronto, Barry Harvey of Early Morning Productions.

I have a friend who lives up there in the U.P., in the Les Cheneaux islands. The islands are an archipelago in northern Lake Huron; the name means “the channels,” and the area provides inland-type boating waters. Not that night — November 10, 1975. My friend said the waves in the channel that runs past their cottage were so high you didn’t dare cross it even in a fairly sturdy Chris Craft, and this was water you could ski on, most days. It was a weak version of a hurricane that night, only with snow.

I don’t read The Corner for a number of good reasons. Roy Edroso reminds me why.

And now to work.

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2 responses to “Her ice-water mansion.”

  1. brian stouder said on November 4, 2005 at 10:10 am

    O, Heavens to Betsy!

    Bill Frist may be all that his snorking critics say – and I’ll snork along with them.

    And then there is John Corzine, who becomes more bizarre by the day; and Ted Kennedy – who is a living, breathing self-caricature; and the repentant(?) Klansman Sheets Byrd – a man who has a family tree with black Americans dangling from the branches, no doubt; and the plagerist from Delaware who still has an aBidin’ desire to be president; and….and….

    Actually, one apparently has to be a somewhat odd person to gain entree into the United States senate.

    (Actually, I thought we’d have seen an NN.C entry on Scooter Libby’s exceedingly odd novel by now…)

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  2. mary said on November 4, 2005 at 1:47 pm

    I heard a short excerpt from Libby’s novel. It is very strange, to be sure. Right up there with Lyn Cheney’s lesbian western romance novel.

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