Off again.

Ah, me. Eminem filed for divorce today. Was it just yesterday that my hairdresser and I were marveling at the quiet tastefulness of Kim’s wedding turnout, remarking that once you set aside the idea of a woman with two children marrying her baby daddy (the first one) for the second time IN WHITE, she really looked nice as a brunette? No, but it wasn’t much earlier than that. They didn’t even make the 90-day mark.

I’m disappointed. The second wedding seemed like the ultimate triumph of hope over experience. Older, wiser, sadder, but more mature — so much water under the bridge, much of it laced with cocaine residue and the usual celebrity-life detritus. Em remarried Kim even though, during their long estrangement, she’d gotten all strung out and had a baby with another guy. (He adopted the child.) Their own daughter was in the wedding. She was four years old when they married the first time. Maybe she was in that one, too.

Here’s something I learned a long time ago, and still have to relearn, occasionally: No one — no one — is qualified to judge the quality of a marriage except for the people in it. We are certainly free to have colorful opinions about it, particularly if the people involved were given to public pronouncements about what marriage is, ought to be, or should be shaped by the law to resemble, but the truth? We just don’t know. As a wise man — I believe it was Charlie Rich — said way back in 1970-something, “No one know what goes on behind closed doors. Behiiiind cloooosed do-orrrrs.”

I keep hoping to see Eminem in the wild. This is the first time I’ve lived in a city large enough to sustain a working population of famous people, and you know, it would be amusing to see Em oh, squeezing grapefruits at the Eastern Market, or somethin’. I found a discussion board online devoted to such topics, and the best anyone was able to do was say they saw him filling a sports car with gas at a station somewhere in Sterling Heights. One of my friends here knows someone who was in a bar in the city one night near Christmas, and overheard some woman sitting at the bar, singing along with the carols on the sound system. “She’s pretty good,” he told the bartender. “Do you know her?”

“Sure I know her,” said the bartender, whose name was Reeves. “That’s my sister, Martha.”

That never happens to me. I mean, not ever.

The not-so-gory details, in PDF.

Bloggage: Couric will become the first solo female anchor on an evening newscast, which in 2006 is a little like saying she’s been given her own channel on CB radio. My thoughts exactly, Tim Goodman.

Busy day today, which means maximum procrastination. Away with it.

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3 responses to “Off again.”

  1. JRG said on April 6, 2006 at 7:24 am

    Katie’s new gig may be the 2006 equivalent of CB radio, but I wouldn’t turn down the paycheck!

    I’m curious, really, to see how she’ll do. It’s hard to imagine her as an anchor after all the silly things she’s been doing all these years, but Bob Schieffer says he thinks she’s good, and I think he’s good, so, the law of transitivity would say that I’ll think she’s good too. Not sure that law applies to television (or that Bob Schieffer wasn’t saying the expected thing), but we’ll see.

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  2. John said on April 6, 2006 at 9:41 am

    I can take Katie Couric seriously as a news anchor, although I can’t recall the last time I watched an evening newscast.
    The one so called newscaster I refuse to even take seriously is Anderson Cooper. Ugggh. I get flashbacks of, “The Mole,” whenever he is on screen. Can’t mommy Gloria Vanderbuilt just cut him a check and get him off CNN?

    I down on tv news in general. Since I moved to Fort Wayne (one of my more brilliant actions of late) I have abandoned my lifelong habit of watching the local news.

    It kills me to see how bad all three newscasts are, or how when they have failed to see enough commericals they just run 30 or 60 seconds of the NBC logo bouncing around the screen. Most of the time the color is way off, and the banter is mindless.

    I wish NBC and ABC as networks would wake up to how bad their local affiliates have become under the combined Indiana Newscenter concept. The networks should snuff out the local cross-polination. Any sense of credibility, identity and value of the individual network’s news has been wiped away here.

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  3. mary said on April 6, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    He’s Marshall Bruce Mathers the THIRD?

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