The Wire, 4.4.

Michael’s avoiding Cutty. Obviously, the boy thinks the man has gay cooties. That seems to suggest one of two things:

1) Cutty has gay cooties; or

2) Someone has already demonstrated to Michael that a fatherly hand on the shoulders is sometimes not fatherly at all.

Neither outcome would surprise me. We know from that smokin’ hot party we saw last season that Cutty enjoys the ladies, and we saw him in bed with a girl the week before last, but still. The man did his time in prison. And if Michael has already been shown the way of the world, well, that would explain a lot, too, including his default setting of anger-at-all-times.

What else? Proposition Joe demonstrates he is not a stupid man. Marlo shows his George Bush side — he cannot see the value of an alliance. But I think my favorite scene this week was the brief one with Herc and his new boss, the odious Lt. Marimow. We see how lousy or mediocre cops can continue to rise and rise in an organization that, like most of them, takes care of the organization’s needs first. And every organization needs its ass-kissers and toadies.

Oh, and the poker game. “I’m starting to see why this game is so popular.” InDEED.

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  1. ashley said on October 2, 2006 at 2:09 pm

    Marlo has what, 2 or 3 enforcers? The whole alliance could eliminate him instantly, if so inclined. Why don’t they? Hell, the junkies would like it, since Marlo has that weak-ass shit.

    I may be clueless, and often am, but I didn’t catch the gay vibe between Michael and Cutty. Of course, one of the beauties of The Wire is that nobody is purely good, and nobody is purely bad. Up until now, Cutty has just about been the most “purely good” character. Sure, he tried to parlay the gift stash, but Marlo screwed him, and Cutty didn’t take revenge. But, Cutty has been a saint up until now.

    I am afraid that, if you’re correct, the sainthood may have been setting us up. Honestly, I don’t see it, but it’s just like the writing team to throw that screwball when you’re expecting heat. (I was going to say backdoor curve, but…)

    So major crimes has Herc and Sydnor now? Hey…I thought it would be dissolved. At least there’s some good po-leece to keep it going.

    A pending confrontation between Omar and Marlo? I like it. And my money won’t be on Marlo. I wanna see that cold-ass pigeon-loving slinger to get whacked but good. Besides, he’s not that good of a hold ’em player.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the political strategy now that Carcetti is starting to make a move. I’m also looking forward to seeing D’Agostino in various stages of undress.

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  2. nancy said on October 2, 2006 at 2:28 pm

    Cutty put his hand on Michael’s shoulder, and Michael stepped out from under it. At the fights, Michael made a point of saying, “I bet his woman’s fine,” and Cutty didn’t take the bait. And in the last scene, he refused to be alone in the van with Cutty. Uno, dos, tres.

    Herc is shaping up to be a lickspittle, but I have hope for him.

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  3. Kim said on October 2, 2006 at 9:59 pm

    Aw, crap. Just tried to post a thoughtful take on last night’s drama, but received some error message instead.

    Trying again.

    The way I see it shaking out with Michael/Cutty is like this: Michael ends up on the corner as one of Marlo’s boys, Michael lets something slip about a bad-touch episode in his past (well before Cutty), Marlo misunderstands, because he and his boys see Michael and Bug and think “Huxtables” (great line). So they go to the man in the picture, the persistent and well-intentioned Cutty. Exit Cutty.

    I agree: Prop Joe is a mastermind. Very Karl Rove-ish.

    I see the key to solving the mystery of what’s that stink behind the plywood curtain is our old pal, Bubbles. He’ll drop this info with his girl Greggs, and she’ll preside over a world of hurt for would-be mastermind Burrell and his pals. McNulty of course will have to play in this, because this year’s theme seems to be what Marlo told the soon-to-be-rotting-behind-the-plywood security guard who dared to talk back: You want it one way. It’s the other way. Poor McNulty.

    I can’t believe everyone isn’t watching this show. Of course, I have never seen Lost or Desperate Housewives, so that probably shows what I (don’t) know.

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  4. ashley said on October 3, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    I just love prop Joe as a character. I love the fact that he actually fixes the radios and stuff. And I love the fact that he sees that socialism is best for his pocketbook.

    The way that Marlo just offed and disposed of the security guard shows what a psychopath he is. It’s not like when he shot the girl in the face; it’s not like when Brandon was splayed out on the car. There’s no message here, it’s just petty little crap. That will be his downfall, ’cause he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    I love the little inside jokes on the show, too. From Marimow’s name to the character Jay Landsman to the actor and cop Jay Landsman…you know the writers are trying to keep themselves as amused as they keep us.

    And I’m going to send Pat Moran a headshot and try to be an extra for season 5.

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