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  1. FDChief said on November 7, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    I think the real problem is that decent self-government is HARD. Keeping up with issues, staying informed, learning to parse political rhetoric, looking past the stupid simple “solutions”, putting off immediate gratification to put in the hard work and money you need to produce a functional polity…who has time for that? “The Masked Singer” is on, and there’s a soccer game for the kid tomorrow and a party tomorrow night!

    And to make matters worse, to be a “liberal” requires you do stuff like mind your own business about stuff like other people’s religions or sexuality, be considerate of other people’s ideas (unless they’re Nazis, mind…), and just generally not be a selfish asshole.

    The dark genius of “conservatism” is to realize just how many of us ARE assholes and to weaponize that to let us bend ourselves over for the plutocrats and theocrats who run the show.

    And, yes. I agree. We’re living thru the Final Days.

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