All apologies.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the facts in evidence:

1) I have a Russian test Friday. A real one. Vocabulary, verbs and endings, endings, endings.

2) I have a full day of classes tomorrow, plus a Fellowship seminar, followed by the Paul Schrader stuff. (Sitting through a screening of "Taxi Driver" with its screenwriter, of whom you can ask questions — please understand this is not something I’m bitching about.)

3) I had a three-hour class tonight, after which I went out to dinner with some fellow Fellows.

4) Now it’s late and I have to study, then go to bed.

5) Something has to give. I think it’ll be this, but just for tonight. I’ll tell you all about Schrader tomorrow (respecting whatever embargo the Film & Video department wants to slap on his comments in various venues, that is).

So that, I fear, is that.

OK, this: I bought a postcard of this building the other day, and had precisely the same thought about it that the readers of Cabinet magazine seem to have had when they gave it the honor detailed here. And it’s just on the other side of US 23! I must see it myself one of these days.

After I study.

See you tomorrow, late.

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