Heavy hitters.

Whew. One thing you can say about this Fellowship: They don’t mess around. If Charles wants us to hear about a subject, he doesn’t settle for some flack. Guess who our seminar speaker is tonight? Robert Lutz. Yes, the chairman of General Motors.

Seminars are officially off the record, so if he says anything about a hybrid Suburban on the drawing board for next model year, you’ll have to wait for the press conference.

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  1. Soho said on October 7, 2003 at 7:00 pm

    Nancy: bernie Karsko, 65, died this afternoon of an apparent heart attack while driving to have lunch with fotog. Charlie Hays. I talked to Bernie yesterday and we were discussing the obit of Harry Franken, who died two weeks ago. Bernie remarked that you had written his obit in 1983 and he would like it published, tho he doubted today’s staid editors would value it as he did. I understand the reporter working on his obit has your copy. Bernie admired your writing ability and keen wit.



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