Don’t forget Frank Sinatra!

I’ve read some version of this argument against a Defense of Marriage constitutional amendment too many times to count, but Dahlia Lithwick makes it so well:

Do you want to know what’s destroying the sanctity of marriage? Phone messages like the ones we’d get at my old divorce firm in Reno, Nev., left on Saturday mornings and picked up on Monday: “Beeep. Hi? My name is Misty and I think I maybe got married last night. Could someone call me back and tell me if I could get an annulment? I’m at Circus Circus? Room�honey what room is this�oh yeah. Room 407. Thank you. Beeep.”

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One response to “Don’t forget Frank Sinatra!”

  1. michael golden said on December 1, 2003 at 9:45 am

    Yeah, I saw this on Slate a couple of weeks ago. Dahlia Lithwick is absolutely wonderful. She has an incredible talent for combining hilarity and razor sharp insight. I have this fantasy about her and Nina Totenberg sitting next to each other watching the Supremes, eating gooey chocolate and giggling. Can you imagine working for a divorce law firm in Reno?

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