Teeth, stop grinding.


Several people have asked me, “So how did Kate enjoy Argentina?” Kate did not enjoy Argentina because Kate did not go to Argentina. Argentina is the only fellowship trip to which children are not invited, so she stayed home with a very expensive but ultimately nerve-soothing live-in sitter. (I prefer “live-in sitter” to the snootier “nanny,” although that’s essentially what she was.)

Anyway, what that meant for us was, we didn’t have the liberty to stay on in south America for at-liberty exploring like many of the other, unencumbered Fellows. I was able to keep my seething envy of these lucky souls at bay until one returned and e-mailed me a picture from his trip to Tierra del Fuego. “Here’s a fun picture to share with Kate,” he offered in a fellow-y note. Yes, but it’s a cruel picture to share with me. I’ve only seen penguins in a zoo.

Maybe next time.

Excellent photo by fF Vince Patton, fyi. He took 1,399 others. I want to see them all.

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  1. tso said on January 5, 2004 at 10:29 am

    But for the ‘guins, I half expect Julie Andrews bounding into view singing, “The hills are alive…”

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