The schedule.

Amy asked what I’m taking this term. I’m not sure yet, but I will say this: I’m shopping. That is, I’m going to a bunch of classes the first couple weeks, and then I’ll drop the ones that don’t engage me. I didn’t shop enough last term, carefully selecting everything from the catalog ahead of time. My advisor implied this is one of the issues that alienate students from teachers — teachers resent being treated like sweaters at the Gap, and hate the drop/add chaos at the beginning of the term — but too bad. This is my last term, and I’m not wasting any of it.

Today I went to a 400-level poli sci class, the name of which I forget, but it’s something about how special-interest groups pressure the political process, which might be helpful for my new-media study plan. Undecided. Then I ducked into a 200-level creative writing class on impulse and loved it — it’s a lock, I think. The afternoon was a small lecture class on Russian picaresque fiction. Undecided. Tomorrow: Back-to-back public-policy seminars in “networked society” and “changing economics of knowledge.” Friday: Writing for Television. (Why? Why? WHY?! Because I liked screenwriting so much, that’s why.) Mondays are the second part of the screenwriting class, in which we rewrite the screenplay we worked so hard on first term.

Whatever I choose, it’ll be the wrong thing. One of the fellows took a class on medicine and society last term that was fascinating to hear about even second-hand. And someone came to the meeting tonight raving about a comp lit class combining romanticism and Buddhism — the first 10 minutes of the class, the prof had everyone eat an orange in silence.

I just checked the catalog. It conflicts with my poli sci class. More shopping ahead, I think.

Why so much writing? Because I’m a writer, and one of the best things a writer can do to improve is to try new forms. I’ve been so depressed and rut-bound the last few years that I’d forgotten this, and one of the truly wonderful discoveries about the first term was how much I enjoyed doing so. All bitching about the size of the job notwithstanding, I was delighted to actually finish thing, as flawed as it was.

On the subject of shopping, I just bought a down parka suitable for polar expeditions on eBay, at about 66 percent off retail. It’s 8 degrees as I write this; it may be the bargain of the day.

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2 responses to “The schedule.”

  1. Nance said on January 7, 2004 at 8:11 am

    Let’s ask the Magic 8 Ball.

    “Answer cloudy. Try again later.”

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  2. Dr Frank said on January 8, 2004 at 12:37 am

    The poli sci class sounds really interesting to me. Having done some lobbying, gov’t relations, and public policy, it’s clear to me, it’s all about the money, all the time. Worst job in government: US House of Representatives. Full time job of congresspersons: It ain’t legislatin’; with a 2 yr election cycle, it’s raising money.

    Regarding drops/ads early in the semester, it’s SOP now. With what students/parents are paying for higher ed, they expect “edutainment.”

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