The people in the box.

I remember this TV guy from his Fort Wayne days, when he was given to overly dramatic stand-ups, wrong-o reporting (he fell for the old Super Bowl-domestic violence canard) and the day he decided his true on-air persona should include a shaved head.

In other words, I never thought he was Peabody material.

But the years fly by, and things change. He still may not be Peabody material, but now he’s out ‘n’ proud. It’s worth clicking through for that picture, showing TV anchors in the most important part of their preparation. (It played much larger, and much funnier, in print.)

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  1. Jennifer said on February 21, 2004 at 9:54 pm

    We live across the street from the Lincoln Park high-rise where the banker cum terrorist, cum hoaxer lives. On Thursday morning, we awakened to a forest of satellite link-up antennas outside our home. Our nine-year-old son was scared shitless when he pulled up his blinds. He thought he was under alien surveillance. Instead, one of the news trucks had parked right under his bedroom window, and their “dish on a stick” wasn’t more than six inches from the glass. And we’re on the fifth floor!

    Even though the real news was taking place in New York and then Maine, the reporters and their trucks camped out on our street for two solid days while broadcasting their stand-ups in front of the address plaque that’s glued to the fenced parking lot of the offender’s condo building. There was nothing for these folks to do except groom and preen….,1,5267874.story?coll=chi-news-hed

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