I always wanted to go to the sorts of parties that got written up in chic magazines, where mere mortals can only read about the fabulous food you ate and the lovely tables you sat at, and be consumed with envy over their tiny, tawdry little lives.

And what do you know? I did! Only I didn’t know it at the time!

Scott and Samantha’s wedding, which took us to New York last spring, made The Knot magazine. It’s not online, but that clipping above gives you an idea. (See the little petit fours? Those are the candles I tried to eat after I had too many drinks.) I wrote about this at the time, but I can’t find it in the bloggified archives, so just take my word for it: It was a lovely wedding, and now I have mass-media validation. What they left out: When I first knew Scott, he was living in a squalid apartment with only two pieces of furniture, an inflatable couch and a stereo (the latter essential for his job — pop music critic). Now he’s gettin’ married in a slick-paper magazine. Wonders, don’t ever cease.

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