the wolf continues to rock.

If I’m ever going to become a work-at-home writer — yes, friends, it is my dream — I’m going to have to either a) develop the iron discipline of a yogi; or b) put the modem in the freezer. How the hell can anyone get any work done with always-on internet? One minute you’re trying to work on a little business, the next your famously short attention span is being rewarded in all the wrong ways. You all saw “Adaptation,” so you know the way the average lazy writer’s mind works. But you notice Charlie Kaufman wrote on an IBM Selectric, because God help him if he’d have had broadband:

“Boy, ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ really is the perfect ’60s single, isn’t it? Half pop hooks, half extended trippy stuff. Why hasn’t anyone ever written the definitive biography of Steppenwolf, huh? The Doors suck up all the attention from that era, don’t they? Oh, wait, now what am I saying? Let’s ask Dr. Google, no, Dr. Amazon:

“See, here you are: ‘Magic Carpet Ride: The Autobiography of John Kay and Steppenwolf.’ Four stars? Wow. What do the fans say? i really enjoyed this told me many things i never knew about john kay,like the fact that he has never ridden a motorcycle because he is legally blind…yes it is written from his perspective but his version is a very important one.this book was an easy read and it kept me interested in it through out the whole a follow up to the book i watched the vh1 behind the music about steppenwolf which confirmed most of the things in the my opinion i do think john should forgive the other guys or at least come to peace with it and them .we all do a lot of dumb things in life thats why we need friends to help us get back up again.i hope the wolf continues to rock much longer!its never too late to start all over again. Isn’t that nice? You know who else I’ve always wondered about? The girl from high school, ol’ what’s-her-face. Is she on Google? Why, she is!”

And so on.

the wolf continues to rock. Somewhere out there. But I’m getting no work done.

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