They don’t forget, either.

Bob Seger. You see a faded rock star whose tired-out tunes continue to pollute the predictable, classic-rock airwaves. (“Main Street,” anyone?) But others look at Bob and see…

a healer of our racial divisions, or a force behind epochal social movements. If he couldn’t quite heal the sick, at least he brought them comfort.

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One response to “They don’t forget, either.”

  1. Dave said on March 17, 2004 at 12:42 am

    Nancy, don’t you think Bob Seger got elected for his longevity. He nearly reincarnated himself a couple of times, shedding his old bands for new ones. He’s been around a long time, I remember (dinosaur self showing) when he used to play roller rinks around Central Ohio and he used to have regional hits (something else that’s disappeared, are there ever regional hits anymore?) playing on WCOL back about 1967. “Heavy Music” and 2+2 (Is On My Mind). He worked at it for a long time. As for racial healer, etc., etc.? Never thought of him THAT way.

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