Insert wood.

There was a Fellows’ outing Sunday night, to a jazz club in Detroit. I didn’t go. Normally, when there’s a choice between something fun to do in the outside world and something fun to watch on television, you should always opt for the former; it’s why they make videotape after all. And apparently this jazz club is quite hospitable to Fellows — last time they announced Yavuz from the stage several times. (“We have a visitor from Turkey here tonight…Let’s give it up for our Turkish journalist friend…”) That would be something to see. And yet, I didn’t, and I’m not sorry.

Why? Because damn, but that was a butt-kickin’ Sopranos episode last night, wasn’t it? New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier discusses his accomplishment of the new measure of Ultimate Inside Coolness, not being announced from the stage in Detroit but actually having a speaking role in a great Sopranos episode. And Throwing Things has a guest-cameo suggestion, should anyone be interested in resurrecting “Oz.”

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  1. Linda said on March 29, 2004 at 7:42 pm

    The Sopranos has always been to me like that episode of Seinfeld where the older couple is looking at a portrait of Kramer and they say: “He sickens me…. yet I can’t look away!” I hate the way The Sopranos makes Wiseguys and violience look like something to be appreciated, but at the same time, dang it, it just sucks me in.

    I agree about last night’s episode. So far this season is kicking ass, the best in a long time. After the last miserable season, I had told my hubby I wasn’t even watching this year and I would be glad when they end the series so I won’t feel compelled to watch, but then they go and add Steve Buscemi (the god of scene stealers) and Robert Loggia and here I am, in love again.

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