It’s funny…

…when I read the papers about the Bad Soldiers’ hometowns, the American reporters never seem to dig up the quotes the foreign ones do:

At the dingy Corner Club Saloon they think she has done nothing wrong.

“A lot of people here think they ought to just blow up the whole of Iraq,” Colleen Kesner said.

“To the country boys here, if you’re a different nationality, a different race, you’re sub-human. That’s the way girls like Lynndie are raised.

“Tormenting Iraqis, in her mind, would be no different from shooting a turkey. Every season here you’re hunting something. Over there, they’re hunting Iraqis.”

On the other hand, there’s no shortage of bar drunks to say things like this, either…

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One response to “It’s funny…”

  1. deb said on May 7, 2004 at 5:14 pm

    nice detail, too, about where she grew up — in the heart of appalachia, down a dirt road, in a trailer park. eeeeeeeyow. (come to think of it, she sounds like most of my cousins.)

    you couldn’t get a detail like that past an american copy desk, nor could you get those quotes in print. most reporters wouldn’t even bother trying. the pc police — in the newsroom and out — would be all over ’em.

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