The doc speaks.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman responds to the Fort Wayne bishop who got her booted as commencement speaker at a Catholic college. Her crime was mentioning “fetal reduction” in a piece on the litter-like pregnancies produced by fertility drugs. Not only that, she did so SEVEN YEARS AGO, which suggests someone in the diocese has one hell of a clipping service. One passage:

Do not presume to know me. That is offensive. I hold my political and social views very close and very few people could tell you my opinions on such matters. In my 20 years as a journalist I have been careful to separate my personal views from the facts of medicine and science. I have taken great care to try to objectively explain complicated medicine and science to the American public. On the rare occasion when I have voiced an opinion, I have labeled it as such. None of those occasions has included the subject of abortion rights.

In my experience, issues are rarely black and white; life�s journey is rarely linear. I think I understand and respect the sanctity of life and have made some gut wrenching decisions as a surgeon. I marvel daily at the depth and magic that my three children have brought to my life.

This won’t do any good with the bishop, because, see, first she calls it “abortion rights” instead of “the vicious slaughter of millions of preborn innocents;” she says “issues are rarely black and white,” when everyone knows that in this case, they most certainly are; and finally, she only has three kids. How can she say the bishop doesn’t know her? It’s as plain as the nose on her face.

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  1. alex said on May 9, 2004 at 12:32 pm

    It’s as plain as the egg on his.

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