Friends like these.

I missed Zell Miller (bedtime). And, durnit, none of the sites I found the video on today were in QuickTime, except for CSPAN, which gave me some weird error message (461: unsupported transport) and if that isn’t a dog-ate-my-homework excuse for the new millennium, I don’t know what is.

So tell me: Was he that bad? Sure sounds like it. He challenged Chris Matthews to a duel? The Poor Man has some snaps that make him look like Grandpa Simpson. Who is this nut, and what does he want? Spitballs?

I run hot and cold on the value of blogs in general, but I have to say this: Thank God for ’em. Few newspapers can provide entertainment like this.

OK, update: I just found the Miller speech, via the NYT. Whew. It is that bad. But don’t let me hold anyone back from saying something about it.

Grandpa Simpson, indeed.

“John Kerry wants to outsource our national security?” Tell that to the people who turned Abu Ghraib over to a bunch of independent contractors. Oh, wait — he did.

Labor Day weekend awaits. I have a deadline and assorted activities, pleasant and otherwise. I’ll see you back here after it winds up.

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