Why we love Deb.

Here’s why, from the comments below:

are others of you living in the so-called battleground states being inundated with recorded phone messages about the candidates? so far i’ve had “calls” from tommy thompson, ann richards, fred thompson and a host of others. today was the capper, though, when i picked up the phone and heard: “hello, this is laura bush.” i retorted, “bite me, laura,” and hung up. it was deeply satisfying.

I know what you mean. Those calls generally arrive on Election Day here.

Oh, lord, I knew this would happen. I have a busy week in front of me, and Kate just threw up. Fortunately, she has a stay-at-home dad to nurse her, but he can’t make her Halloween costume or write the memo and essay I have due at week’s end. Here’s hoping this will blow over quickly, and spare me in the bargain.

Better get to work on this stuff now, then. No time like the present…

…for bllllloggging!

As the person who sent this to me wrote, “No partisan gag is too stupid, as long as it mocks the same folks you mock.” Presenting: The Lie Girls. Moderately unsafe for work, but amusing.

That’s the new rule for the week: If it’s partisan politics, it has to be funny.

UPDATE: The bug flew in and out the window quickly — I think we’re calling it the After-School Virus. After a second heave and two glasses of 7-Up, Kate seems to be good as new. Ah, the mysterious healing abilities of youth. I don’t get over hangovers that fast.

What a day it was to be off: The temperature reached 70, the fall color was blazing, and my neighbors all seemed to have the day off, too, so we could gather in the street and pickalittle talkalittle about the big bust down the street yesterday. Six cop cars and a sniffer dog descended upon a house in the next block, which we’ve suspected of housing un-neighborly activity, which may or may not include a) drugs; and b) trick-turning.

(“The girl down there looks like she’s had a …real hard life.” — one of my neighbors. “Whatever the price of admission is, it must include take-out food.” — Alan, noting that the visitors tend to be middle-aged men bearing clamshell styrofoam boxes.)

When Laura Lippman visited last summer, her first observation was about how lovely our neighborhood was. And yet…it harbors vice and sin! They should make a weekly TV show about us. “Fort Wayne Vice.”

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2 responses to “Why we love Deb.”

  1. Michael G said on October 26, 2004 at 9:08 am

    Here in California I haven’t seen a single commercial for either Bush or Kerry. The races for the senate (Barbara Boxer), local congressional seat (the aptly named John Doolittle), state senate and assembly are all safe for long term incumbents running against token opposition. There’s a pretty hot race for county supervisor, though. Otherwise it’s the usual lies and half truths about all the initiatives on the ballot. The announcers on the commercials all seem to be breathless, with quavering voices and many seem about to break into tears. In fact most commercials seem to be that way these days. My wife has had several calls from Arnold, but that’s about it. Al Gore hasn’t called me this year. Pretty tame stuff for such a big state. We’re going for Canadian flu shots — a shot of Crown Royal with a Moosehead chaser. Said to do wonders when taken orally. There was a brief movement to buy Laura a new pants suit from Lane Bryant, but it just kind of died off. That’s about it from the Golden State . . .

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  2. Lance Mannion said on October 26, 2004 at 12:37 pm

    Ok, Nance, you browbeat me into starting a blog. When are you going to go to work on Deb?

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