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If it’s permissible, pasted below is an item from another blog. I think it’s reliable and accurate:

Sandra Mims Rowe distributed this note to the Oregonian staff at about 4:30 pm on Tuesday, FYI

(remember that the NO Times-Picayune is, like the Oregonian, a Newhouse paper):


I talked to Jim Amoss, editor of the NO Times Picayune, several hours ago when he reached Houma, La., newsroom. From there the editing crew was going to Baton Rouge, where they will continue to publish online, mostly via sending stories to Newhouse News Service by e-mail.

He said that the national media wasn’t even coming close to grasping the scope of the story. The city is utterly, utterly devastated and uninhabitable.

They evacuated the newspaper building late this morning loading about 300 employees into delivery trucks and heading southwest. Most of those employees do not know if their homes survived, and Jim said many certainly did not. He assumes his is among those. As you have heard, to add to the pain, the looting in the city in increasing.

When the newspaper employees left the city, they were told it might be several weeks before they could return. Meanwhile, the journalists staying in NO are trying to do their jobs without the ability to move around much and with intermittent and difficult communications.

It’s horrifying and humbling thinking of what so many communities and individuals, including our colleagues, are going through now and will have to endure in the weeks ahead. We have offered our help and resources to assist at any time and in any way, but right now there is nothing we can do from here. That will change as they get a better handle on the scope of this and have greater ability to move. It could be days or weeks before they can publish on newsprint or deliver — and at least that long before people are back in the city.
Keep them in your thoughts.

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