Late night with the writing group tonight. It was our Christmas party. The order was “bring something to eat or drink,” so four out of five brought drink. Karen brought latkes, like the good Jewish girl she is. Make a note: Latkes and merlot are enough to make a party.

Of course, it helps to have scandalous conversation, too. Make another note: Being single can be stressful, but boy, do these girls have some good stories.

Maybe some links tomorrow. For now? Zzzzzz.

TOMORROW: Linkage I offer to thee. Where Tommy Hearns trained, where George Clooney and Don Cheadle (and Ving Rhames and Steve Zahn) acted — that’s the Kronk Recreation Center. Like most Detroit institutions, it’s having a rough time of it. Like some, it has people trying to save it.

The feats of strength! The airing of grievances! Festivus catches on outside the world of “Seinfeld.”

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  1. Carmella said on December 21, 2005 at 6:59 am


    For a while Ben & Jerry made a Festivus ice cream that was To. Die. For. Alas, can’t find it anymore.

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