A day late, but…

If anyone’s interested, here is a remembrance of David Halberstam worth reading. By Henry Allen, WashPost genius writer nonpareil.

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  1. brian stouder said on April 25, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    That WAS an interesting remembrance; the bit about the too-ironic younger reporters not being attuned to his list of Very Important Things had a bit of an echo – and then it hit me that Halberstam must have been a sort of high-end Jim Barbieri; a lifer-newsie, or an endlessly curious journalist.

    If it had been the 19th century, maybe such a person would be an ink-stained workaholic Horace Greely-style newspaper founder; or in the 21st century, an underpaid (or unpaid) blogger

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  2. LA mary said on April 25, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    Did you read Jack Schafer’s obit in Slate?

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  3. michaelj said on April 25, 2007 at 6:17 pm

    You can find politically non-inflecfted encomiums on th WaPo sit from Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on the Washington Post site. These guys, very good writers, just thought that Halberstam was inspirational in his uncompromising dedication to ferreting (bullying? he was pretty big) out the truth. The idea that fundamental truth about a society could be found in sports culture wasn’t original with him, but it was exceptionally insightful. Cf. his commentary on Bill Walton.

    If you’re partiicularly gifted at sport, or crreativee endeavors, or acting, does that mean you cede your rights as a voter, a critic of your government, or to just have an opinion? President Bulworth would most certainly be running things more intelligently than circling the plutocratic wagons Idiotocracy based upon greed sure doesn’t seem to be working.

    In the meantime, Laura Bush says nobody feels the agony nore than W and the Scottie dog. What about the families of the casualties, you idiot Stepford.

    If W actually got more votes than Kerry in Cuyahoga County (Which you basically have to be an idiot to believe) you have your bizarre Swift Boat slander slander from a guy that was Nixon’s golden child. Progressive’s claim this was all Kerry’s fault. I think they were about as close to the war as the coke-head and Mr. five deferments. So -called progressives that find Kerry objectionable are nitwits, in my estimation.

    With regard to Sheryl Crow. If you don’t get that the single-pane comment was a joke, you need a transplant, or you’re some sort of luddite denier of scince. Sheryl Crow wrote or co-wrote the songs on her first album. Every guy imvolved thought he was getting in her pants. Every one pf them thought their best shot was the gorgeous chick. But then you could always consider Harrison Bergeron.

    What happened? They all got song-writing credits. And because tey all fibgred she was quite attractive, since most of them projected themselbes as her boyfriend, andd they were buddies in the first place. What I’d say is this. Every Say is a Winding Road is so much better than anything on the Music Club album, these jerks should just shut up. Marginal talent?Bob
    bob Dylan disagrees.

    He wrote Stayed in Mississippi speciffically for Snaron . She’s an unusual female, the way people consider things, Brilliant bass, good finger’picker, spectacular songwriter. These peolpe that dislike Sheryl Crow bought this crap from somebody resembling Rush Limbaugh.

    You are not supposed to play stringed instruments if you’re female. And if you actually have seem combat as opposed to avoiding it, you must be lying. If Pat Tilmann returned from the dead, and told the truth, about what he thought about th war on terr, these chickehhawk assholes wouldn’t think twice about calling him a lliar.

    Do I read back, Nancy. Bob Seger annoyed you and Iggy rules. Those of us that lived here wouldn’t have worried about song selection. MC5 and SRC were so much better . And as far as Seger is concerned, 2+2 is on my mind.I’m about 10 years older than you arer, I’d guess. In the 60’s, SRC was incomparable. gor sheer talent, but I’ve got to tell you, MC5 had two machine gunner lead players that put the Stooges in the ground. Sonic Smith and Brother Wayne Kramer. You listen to Kick Out the Jms and listen to the Btooges and your tell me who knew what was goinhg on and who could play. And then listen to Milestones, by SRC.

    Lots of talent, but since I can play guitars–it’s the Quackenbush.

    But Bob Seger wrote some brilliant songs:Noah.Persecution Smith.

    This idea about sharing movies. When my keedo was about that age, we loved Princess Bride, BraziL, for newer movies, for fact, Big Fish. And World Accrtding to Gatp (takes some splainin’).

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  4. LA mary said on April 25, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Bob Dylan also loved the musical they made of his tunes.

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  5. Danny said on April 25, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    OK, michaelj. I am not sure if I am disagreeing with you because you seem to argue with yourself at times (not an indictment, I do that too), but while bowing to your musical knowledge, which may overwhelm mine, I cannot agree that Crow has talent, if that is what you are saying, and I cannot imagine that anyone is chauvenistic or prejudiced because she is a female who plays (marginally so) guitar. Think about Nancy Wilson. Now she PLAYS guitar.

    In my typical fashion of being objective (even in opinion) and correct, I can honestly inform you that Crow should never be in anyone’s CD/mp3 rotation, much less anyone’s who knows as much about music as you apparently do.

    And I play guitar too.

    And I own a 1953 OO-18 Martin that is 14 serial numbers away from Steve Howe’s (genuflection and sign of cross), a 12-String Breedlove and a 80 year old mandolin I got from Grand-daddy, may he rest in peace.

    Now can we have a little sanity around here?

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  6. Jeff said on April 25, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Had the pleasure of sharing a podium and lunch table with David Halberstam about eight years ago at Bethany College in West Virginia, and a more gracious, cracklingly intelligent, but adeptly involving everyone in the conversation lunch companion i cannot imagine. His speech was good, but what i’ll remember is how he conducted the give and take with college students, profs, and a mildly dumbstruck rural pastor over chicken breast and rice pilaf. He made everyone at the table feel intelligent and interesting, and by the time the meal was over, it was true, or at least truer. Godspeed, Mr. Halberstam.

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