The clip file.

I make my living as a freelancer. Here are a few clips, in links and PDF format, of what I’ve been doing lately.

From the Washington Post, what you need to know about Indiana, printed the day of that state’s historic role in the 2008 Democratic primary. (Link may require registration. Sorry.)

From Slate, “Gone in 60 Seconds,” my account of how this very blog helped topple a plagiarizer from a job in the White House. A tale of hive-mind, 21st-century journalism and its consequences.

A trend story of the grimmer sort: Prescription-drug addiction. From Hour Detroit.

What happens when personal trainers flex and tell? From Hour Detroit.

A profile of Susan Sherer, director of the Super Bowl XL Host Committee. Also from Hour Detroit.

Sometimes editors want to know if I can write short. Sure can. The 2005 Hour Detroit holiday gift guide represents the biggest freelance check I ever got for what was, in essence, three dozen cutlines.

But hey, I can write long, too — a very long essay on newspapers, for the Indiana Policy Review.

And I work in radio sometimes: “Elmore Leonard’s master class on Detroit,” an essay for WDET, our local public station. And here’s another: “It’s a jungle out there.” Both require QuickTime.

A short profile, again for Hour Detroit, on a cancer patient who has a really good oncologist.

More medical miracles — three of them, in fact — for Hour Detroit’s annual Top Docs issue.

Finally, what is a hypermiler? Glad you asked.

All but the gift guide are fairly small files. They’re PDFs, so if you can’t read them, I can’t help you. Read, enjoy (or don’t enjoy), send feedback or hire me.

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