It’s a tough town.

In the admittedly tiny readership of Those Who Read Knight-Ridder Editors Monthly Reports, the editor of the Philadelphia Daily News is a legend. At least when I was reading them, Zach Stalberg used to salt the standard chest-thumping on circulation spikes, noteworthy stories and the like with items he called “It’s a tough town” — usually police briefs about, oh, street toughs attempting to knock a window-washer off his perch with a snowball, or a mugging victim trying to get help from a passerby, who mugs him a second time. Like that.

So it’s in that tradition that I offer this chuckle from the Free Press this morning. A man calls Comcast to complain about losing his cable in the middle of the Michigan State game, and gets this reply on his voice mail:

“I cut your cable, you mother(bleeping) mother(bleeper), mother(bleeper). I cut your cable, you won’t be (unintelligible) mother(bleeper), mother(bleeper), mother(bleeper), mother(bleeper), mother(bleeper).”

Tough town bonus points: It was a woman’s voice!

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2 responses to “It’s a tough town.”

  1. danno said on October 29, 2003 at 10:45 am

    I can relate to Mr. Jones!! Ever find out what their website is?? Love to hear that message!!

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  2. Melissa said on October 30, 2003 at 12:24 am

    Holy crap, and I thought *I* was a little hard on The Hub during the playoffs and the World Series.

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