Administrative notes.

If it’s the second week in June it’s the final days of school — finally. And that means it’s time for Kate to give her teacher a thank-you note and for us to pull up stakes.

Many of you have written to ask what’s next post-Fellowship, and my answer has been: Answer cloudy, try again later. That’s still the answer, but for the purposes of keeping body and soul together, it looks like I’ll be going back to my old newspaper, although I won’t be writing a column or anything else. I’ll be coming to work at oh-dark-don’t-remind-me as a desk editor.

I only mention this because this week kicks off MoveFest ’04, when my priorities turn from scanning news sources for amusing bonbons to present to you, dear reader, to fighting with utilities and truck-rental companies in voice-mail hell.

I’ll still be around, and posting, and available. But it might be a bit light, punctuated by 4,000-word rants about so-called customer service.

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