Oh, just read it.

And be happy you can: Chucky’s creator speaks.

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2 responses to “Oh, just read it.”

  1. brian stouder said on November 16, 2004 at 4:00 pm

    I loved where the reporter dryly observes that “there are worse ways to become a millionaire”


    The truth is – and always has been – that the question most people have about the accumulation of wealth isn’t something metaphysical like “How?” –

    but instead a much earthier “How Much?”

    Kind of the same phenomenon as what the “reality” shows trade on – Survivor (et al) (the only one I watch is Amazing Race…something about the airport treachery just pulls me in!). You know that, to win the money, people have to win over allies, and then sooner or later artfully betray them

    I bet for every garbage-vendor like the Chuckie-creator, there are thousands of wannabes who fill the dumpsters behind the studios with rejected proposals…and at least some (or maybe many!) of those rejected ideas are more clever than a homicidal plastic doll.

    The guy won the lottery

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  2. John said on November 17, 2004 at 7:49 am

    Sad note about “Seed of Chucky”…my son Michael’s college roommates didn’t know who John Waters is (he makes a cameo appearance in the movie). Michael first tried to describe him by his movies and when that didn’t ring any bells, he reminded his roomies of the “Simpsons” episode that John Waters was in.

    What is this country coming to that intelligent college kids don’t know who the hell John Waters is????

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