An assortment.

Lots of work today, and then a (relative) break. So just a short entry today, basically a mixed grill of bloggage:

Gotta love Defamer. Marg Helgenberger takes one for the team.

Finally, George Clooney and I can go out to eat in public.

Remember that scene in “Best in Show” where Parker Posey does her “busy bee! busy bee!” freakout? This site takes it a step further.

I love cats, but they are neurotic. How neurotic? Sometimes you gotta kill them. That’s how neurotic.

Back after deadline.

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4 responses to “An assortment.”

  1. alex said on September 19, 2005 at 10:43 pm

    Wow, a double-slammer!

    Loved the Doberman beedog pic–the only breed I can imagine that would put up with such an indignity and still look graceful. The downside of Dobermans? Can’t speak for others, but like the cat-pee story, mine is forever wiping her dribbling snatch on any couch cushion I sit on. Got her some incontinence pills, but it’s evidently not about incontinence. Just some nutso thing hardwired into her head (or her thang). A huntress and a marksman (or markswoman, rather). Most annoying damn dog ever, although I must say she never sheds dustbunnies or stinks and she’s a hundredfold smarter than the most cuddly, loving Labrador. Still, wish she’d put a cork in it.

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  2. Dorothy said on September 20, 2005 at 12:16 pm

    Just loved the Busy Bee page – thanks so much for sharing it! I immediately sent the link to my daughter and two nieces, all of whom are big “Best in Show” fans.

    Didja see the pictures of my new granddog at flickr?! She’s the cutest lil’ Cocker Spaniel! I won’t see her in person until December but I’m loving looking at the photos Laura has been sending almost hourly since she got her!

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  3. mary said on September 20, 2005 at 12:47 pm

    I saw the bee costumes while visiting my local Petco recently. We preferred the pirate costume for the new Lab, but older son reminded me that only crazy people dress their pets. Sensible boy. I used to put an antler headband on my fawn great dane at Christmas, and being a great dane, he tolerated it with great patience.

    Older dog, Sarah, a mutt of unknown origins, is nearing her end. I only put Rudy down a month ago, and now Sarah has been diagnosed with cancer. She’s still got some enthusiasm for life and isn’t incontinent or unable to move, so the time’s not here yet, but it’s approaching rapidly. For now she’s enjoying the extra treats and attention, as well as the nice buzz from the painkillers. Sarah, a dog of some dignity, would never have tolerated a bee costume. I see her more as Ursula Andress in The Tenth Victim.

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  4. harry near indy said on September 21, 2005 at 7:01 am

    btw, what is up with marg’s cheekbones? it looks like you could cut diamonds on them.

    it’s disturbing to see a woman with a beautiful face and starvation-gaunt cheekbones.

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