Saturday morning cycling.

Tour deTroit. Over 6,000 cyclists. Fun.


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Saturday morning market.

Haven’t done one of these for a while. It seems the only caption that applies is: The glory of everything.


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V day.

Taking a break today; I’m in Fort Wayne for a graduation party, and not coming home until Monday.

Until then, this is what’s happening in Detroit: “Transformers 4” is shooting downtown. But Detroit isn’t Detroit. The production constructed an elaborate set in a vacant lot — of Hong Kong. There are photo galleries at Deadline Detroit and the dailies, certainly better that this crappy shot I grabbed Saturday after my bike ride. But you can see the Chinese billboards (fake) and the Tom Ford sign (ditto). Somewhere back in that mess is Mark Wahlberg and Michael Bay, making a shitty movie.

See you Tuesday.


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Saturday morning fish flies.

If I were a trout, I’d be fat and happy these days. But I’m not.


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Saturday morning market.

Garlic scapes = pesto fodder. So glad to be back in the


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Saturday morning market.

Amid the throngs of suburbanites, a demonstration. Because sure, there’s PLENTY of parking.


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Saturday morning, early spring.

I was as surprised as he was. Nice camouflage.


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Saturday morning market.

Finally, sun. Finally, spring. Happy Easter to all.


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Saturday afternoon supermarket.

One thing I love about Detroit: All these ethnicities have their own food traditions. And they’re all sold in the markets.


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Saturday morning market.

Something a little different from the buskers, today. That washtub bass sounded pretty sweet.


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