Sorry for the light work around here of late. I spent all my free time this weekend assembling my Fellows presentation. It started out a video and ended up a slide show/video hybrid, and while it’s nothing special, it will go down in history as my first DVD. It was so easy you can’t believe it, just clickety-click-click and boom, out comes…a DVD with moving pictures and music. Go figure this amazing Mac interface, eh?

Of course, it did take hours to put the damn thing together, but that’s me. I want the music to get quiet here and swell there, and I redo the damn transitions over and over, and then I watch it, and all I see are the flaws. But tonight, I allowed myself a little thrill — those old pictures looked fabulous on the TV, better than they did on the computer, that’s for sure.

One of my projects this year is to get all the old digital-tape movies onto DVD. If it’s as easy as this, no problem.

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