moe99 on Copycat.
    February 29th, 2008  8:22 pm

  1. As a former resident of Defiance OH, who looks back fondly and at times w/ horror at that part of the US (and for whom, growing up, Fort Wayne was THE BIG CITY), mad props to you, Nancy for this journalistic coup! This made my day.
  2. moe99 on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  2:27 am

  3. Well, alex, one of my second cousins from my corner of NW OH was on Dan Quayle's staff and folks there were very, very proud of her for that......
  4. moe99 on Good career move.
    March 7th, 2008  6:27 pm

  5. Late to this party, but Nancy, your comment in the thread was worth the price of admission. When you are hot, you sizzle!
  6. moe99 on The first ladies.
    March 11th, 2008  7:33 pm

  7. I understand Spitzer's endorsement of Hillary was off the campaign website within hours of the breaking news.
  8. moe99 on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  6:16 pm

  9. But Nancy, I purposely watch movies like this at home because I cannot stand the violence. I have had to leave movie theaters because of that. In fact it took me 5 years to steel my nerves to watch John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. So, is the violence in both A Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood in service to the storylines and not gratuitous? Then I can steel up again and watch them at home, possibly in a year or less....
  10. moe99 on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  12:31 am

  11. You know, perhaps if we had not repealed the Glass Steagall Act and kept the division lines a little clearer between banks and securities houses, we might be in somewhat better shape. Because houses, despite splitting the income streams into tranches or whatever they called it, are not really the same as securities. But folks thought this was the next big ticket to riches without having to work for it and so.....
  12. moe99 on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  2:09 am

  13. that is very, very scary
  14. moe99 on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 19th, 2008  12:54 am

  15. thought this was some good commentary on Obama's speech. I got an email from a lawyer acquaintance who has never sent me a political email before--but he was so moved by the speech, he felt compelled to direct all his friends to at least read it if not listen to it. That's some rhetoric!
  16. moe99 on I missed the memo.
    March 25th, 2008  7:17 pm

  17. Jeff MM: But the problem with Hillary's recollection is that the video of her trip shows that there was NO sniper fire even in earshot. Moe99
  18. moe99 on Family duty.
    March 26th, 2008  1:03 am

  19. Drive by trolling.....
  20. moe99 on Family duty.
    March 26th, 2008  4:46 am

  21. Del, that's my middle name, which is why I go by moe on the internets.
  22. moe99 on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  12:06 am

  23. Nancy, Did Alan grow up in Defiance? I did and Terry Ryan, the author of The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio, was my camp counselor at Camp Palmer. I'm probably a bit older, having graduated in 1970.
  24. moe99 on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  2:06 am

  25. Nancy, My dad was the town pediatrician ('til 69 when the family moved to Rochester,MN) and he saw the Ryan kids but I don't think he knew about the alcoholism, it was so well hidden. At least when the book came out, he said he had not known. Betsy (the youngest) was in my class at DHS and we were both big English mavens. I was sorry to learn of Terry's death a while back.
  26. moe99 on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  5:55 pm

  27. Harl, My dad's family were longtime Paulding residents. My great grandfather was appointed postmaster there by Theodore Roosevelt and I have a photo of him and his two assistants proudly posing outside the office. WH and Seth, my grandfather, had a car dealership and ran a bus company that went between Paulding and Fort Wayne. I remember being taken to Fort Wayne to see Gone with the Wind when it was revived at some point. I fondly remember GC Murphys there because they had carmel corn, a real treat. I have a picture of me posing with the Santa Claus at Wolf and Dessauer. I was the only one because my younger sibilings were too afraid to go up there. W&D had wonderful Christmas windows for kids to gaze at. Do they still have John Paulding days in the summer? My grandmother and Aunt Beebee used to take me to those. Great fun.
  28. moe99 on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  8:19 pm

  29. Harl, I tried that address but it bounced back. Was I supposed to put the "t" after the @? you can reach me at It's not going to get much spam, so I am boldly printing it here.
  30. moe99 on Splutter, splutter.
    March 28th, 2008  10:33 pm

  31. Snow in Seattle too. I think it's catching. Btw, Goeglein loses his position as most recent WH aide fired for bad behavior:
  32. moe99 on My plea.
    April 8th, 2008  5:50 pm

  33. Nancy, As a Seattle resident for 27 years, I remember how aghast I was at journalism here when I first moved from D.C. We rented our house from a Seattle Times reporter so we subscribed to the Times (they also had the better comics then--always a deal maker) over the PI. Neither paper has ever done reporting well imo. The PI was a Hearst publication (nuff said) and the Times was owned by the Blethen family, which seemed to be totally parochial. I remember one afternoon (the Times was the afternoon paper then) looking at the top headline, and it was huge, which read: BILL MUNCEY DEAD!! Who the heck was he, we grumbled. And it was not until we got to the second page of the article that we learned that he was a hydroplane driver. Ah well. But your point about the boots on the ground nature of print journalism vs. blogging is well taken. I think that is one site that is going beyond simply commentary and I would suspect we may see more as they figure out how to create and maintain a stable revenue stream. For now, we are in the midst of that old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."
  34. moe99 on My plea.
    April 8th, 2008  9:01 pm

  35. Nancy, this is OT but worth a read from Harpers. It's the tale why attorney John Yoo gets a plum position after writing the memo legalizing torture and the attorney who fought against it is in danger of being disbarred. As an attorney, I am outraged. And I wish more Bezerkely grads would live up to their backgrounds and do something about Yoo.
  36. moe99 on Stupid things, facts.
    April 14th, 2008  6:37 pm

  37. Fri afternoon, I am driving youngest son back from a college road trip to OR. He decides to confide in me at that point that his dad's girlfriend got him a new BMW 2 seater sports car for his birthday. The only non-cussworthy response I could come up with, after I pulled my jaw up from the 8 year old Subaru station wagon that I drive, was to tell him that back when we were married, one of our favorite jokes was: What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? With a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside. I guess money can buy happiness.
  38. moe99 on Stupid things, facts.
    April 14th, 2008  6:38 pm

  39. ps: it's the ex that got the car, not my son. Sorry to be so klutzy w/ the pronouns this ayem.
  40. moe99 on Our Hillary problem.
    April 15th, 2008  7:25 pm

  41. I believe that Hillary is a lightning rod for every right wing kook out there. My Republican friends from Defiance, who I stay in email correspondence with, if only to give my left leaning ship some ballast, go ballistic when her name is mentioned. And they aren't big McCain supporters at all. It's just some visceral reaction like hitting your knee with the hammer produces. That being said, I still do not like, do not trust Hillary. Her career has been built on expediency. When I think of her, I do not come up with any higher goals that she has illustrated as motivating her campaign for president. She, just like McCain seems to feel like somehow she is owed the presidency because of all she has been through. And for those who want experience in their candidates, may I point out that Abraham Lincoln had less experience than Barack Obama. All of that being said, I tried to come up with a woman politician without Hillary's baggage, who I could look to as a possible presidential candidate. Now, I have two women Senators from my home state, Patty Murray who is nice enough, but reputed to be a dim bulb and Maria Cantwell who is second cousin to the Wicked Witch of the West if her treatment of staff is to be believed. And I know the Governor, Christine Gregoire, having worked for her and really would not vote for her either for very substantive, non-sexist reasons that are too long to get into here. So, what is it about politics that draws these types of women? Are there any women elsewhere who could carry a presidential candidacy without being utterly consumed/changed? Don't get me wrong, I think the pressures on men candidates are enormous, but given the additional sexism that women have to endure, I have yet to meet a woman who could go through all of that and succeed. And I don't know where we start to combat it.
  42. moe99 on Our Hillary problem.
    April 16th, 2008  4:56 am

  43. baldheadeddork: I am in awe. What great snark!
  44. moe99 on Bonehead.
    April 16th, 2008  6:35 pm

  45. RE the garb to greet the pope. As someone who was raised Catholic but left the church in 1991, I would bet that the Bush women thought that wearing black was a formal way of showing respect and besides, they probably thought to themselves: isn't that the color the nuns wear?
  46. moe99 on Midday palate cleanser.
    April 16th, 2008  11:35 pm

  47. There's actually two quizzes on that page. I got 16 out of 20 right on the top one and 13 out of 15 right on the bottom one. Of course, I got BMW wrong.
  48. moe99 on Oh, totally.
    April 17th, 2008  6:00 pm

  49. Actually there's a Defiance connection to Two Buck Chuck. One of my classmates from DHS is a big distributor of it. He lives out in Reno. Say hi, Jeff, if you're reading Nancy's blog!!
  50. moe99 on Oh, totally.
    April 17th, 2008  10:21 pm

  51. OT. News from Muncie Indiana that was featured on Now how is it that the GOP big wigs get to look at criminal files?
  52. moe99 on Cancel my subscription.
    April 18th, 2008  10:01 pm

  53. Loved this Jon Stewart video from earlier in the week: And OT: Looks like the OH AG is in a bit of hot water:
  54. moe99 on Thanks, guys.
    April 22nd, 2008  11:18 pm

  55. Richard Cohen started going downhill when he was caught in pari delecto with the wife of another big time journalist a while back. Not a nice guy.
  56. moe99 on In my Face.
    April 29th, 2008  10:59 pm

  57. In this story: a woman who escaped from another branch of this same sect describes how children are conditioned, starting in infancy, to not fight back against the total control exerted over members of the sect. This in particular struck me, hard. In fact, I'm feeling a bit ill: Everything you did was monitored and controlled and everybody reported on everyone else,” she said. “It was a police state. You were not allowed to make decisions in your life. I had no power over my life or the lives of my children. It was a terrible way to live.” The alleged control began in infancy. “The method he would use with infants was a form of water torture,” Jessop said of her former husband. “He would spank the baby until it was screaming out of control, and then he would hold the baby faceup under a tap of running water so it couldn’t breathe. He would do this repeatedly. Sometimes, it would go on for an hour, until the baby was so exhausted it couldn’t cry anymore. This method he called ‘breaking them.’” Did I miss something here, or is she describing waterboarding babies?
  58. moe99 on In my Face.
    April 29th, 2008  11:01 pm

  59. I may be repeating myself here, but as my first comment appears not to be posted: In this story: a woman who escaped from another branch of this same sect describes how children are conditioned, starting in infancy, to not fight back against the total control exerted over members of the sect. This in particular struck me, hard. In fact, I'm feeling a bit ill: Everything you did was monitored and controlled and everybody reported on everyone else,” she said. “It was a police state. You were not allowed to make decisions in your life. I had no power over my life or the lives of my children. It was a terrible way to live.” The alleged control began in infancy. “The method he would use with infants was a form of water torture,” Jessop said of her former husband. “He would spank the baby until it was screaming out of control, and then he would hold the baby faceup under a tap of running water so it couldn’t breathe. He would do this repeatedly. Sometimes, it would go on for an hour, until the baby was so exhausted it couldn’t cry anymore. This method he called ‘breaking them.’” Did I miss something here, or is she describing waterboarding babies?
  60. moe99 on In my Face.
    April 30th, 2008  1:41 am

  61. Nancy, I hope that tomorrow you can give us the low down skinny on the text messages that were just released involving the mayor and his lady love......
  62. moe99 on In my Face.
    April 30th, 2008  8:10 am

  63. In this story: a woman who escaped from another branch of this same sect describes how children are conditioned, starting in infancy, to not fight back against the total control exerted over members of the sect. This in particular struck me, hard. In fact, I'm feeling a bit ill: Everything you did was monitored and controlled and everybody reported on everyone else,” she said. “It was a police state. You were not allowed to make decisions in your life. I had no power over my life or the lives of my children. It was a terrible way to live.” The alleged control began in infancy. “The method he would use with infants was a form of water torture,” Jessop said of her former husband. “He would spank the baby until it was screaming out of control, and then he would hold the baby faceup under a tap of running water so it couldn’t breathe. He would do this repeatedly. Sometimes, it would go on for an hour, until the baby was so exhausted it couldn’t cry anymore. This method he called ‘breaking them.’” Did I miss something here, or is she describing waterboarding babies?
  64. moe99 on In my Face.
    April 30th, 2008  8:13 am

  65. I've tried to post this story about members of a related FLDS sect several times, but I guess I'm not a trusted user. Hopefully this can get posted because I think the information is important.
  66. moe99 on The naughty bits.
    April 30th, 2008  11:55 pm

  67. Me, I want Barry White music for this.....
  68. moe99 on The naughty bits.
    May 1st, 2008  5:01 pm

  69. What is it about extramarital sex that makes folks' love notes sound like junior high? My ex forgot to delete from the delete file, his mash notes to his lover and I've saved them over the past nine years, wondering whether to use them now as he's running for his first statewide office (he told me he wanted a divorce the day after he was sworn in for the first time as a state legislator--with me and the children there to complete the photo perfect scene just once for him) or later if he ever runs for governor, as he has boasted to friends that he will do.
  70. moe99 on Scowly.
    May 2nd, 2008  8:28 pm

  71. An engineer's guide to cats. Hope I'm not duplicating this, but seemed we needed a little light for today.
  72. moe99 on Scowly.
    May 2nd, 2008  10:34 pm

  73. Nancy, here's a nifty Bush Administration scandal in the making involving Dow Chemical in Michigan:
  74. moe99 on Scowly.
    May 3rd, 2008  2:10 am

  75. One more very entertaining youtube for the weekend: Brings new meaning to paper dolls......
  76. moe99 on Not again.
    May 6th, 2008  7:00 am

  77. Here's my theory on digestion vs. keeping the weight off horses' broken legs: You're going to have to strap the horse up off the ground to make sure no weight is put on the broken leg. And to do that you probably have to have all four legs off the ground. What that means is a big strap under the belly of the horse and all the weight pressing down on that strap means that there are organs being squashed and I'll be the organ getting squashed the most are the stomach and intestines. I can ask my sister, the veterinarian, for confirmation.
  78. moe99 on Ready for your closeup?
    May 6th, 2008  5:49 pm

  79. Kudos, Nancy! I've lived in Ohio and in two states that should be divided vertically: Kentucky and Washington. In the case of Kentucky, the hills and most of the liberals are all in the east, though coal is mined throughout and in Washington, most conservatives live in the eastern part, though both sides have mountains to their western borders. Makes for interesting statewide races.
  80. moe99 on Um, I forgot.
    May 7th, 2008  6:15 pm

  81. So, not to be all Eyore today, but $7.50 a gallon gas is being predicted at Goldman Sachs:
  82. moe99 on Um, I forgot.
    May 8th, 2008  1:29 am

  83. Sue, another dentist story for you. When I was a first year law student, lo these many years ago, my torts professort was this meek sort of a fellow. He was teaching about 'res ipsa loquitur' the latin term for 'the thing speaks for itself.' Basically, iirc what it means is that the action is so complete in and of itself, that you must draw the conclusion that negligence was involved. And the example he gave was this: a woman went to see the dentist for a long procedure which involved being made unconscious with the anesthetic and when she woke up, her little finger on her right hand was broken. She asked the dentist about it and he wouldn't say what happened. Same for the dental assistant. So eventually she sued him for the injury. How is it that you can go in for a root canal and wake up with a broken pinkie? sure sounds like negligence to me! Turns out the anesthetic she was given had this propensity to, as the patient was going under might have involuntary muscle spasms and she had seized the dentist's crotch as she went out and was hanging on to it with her muscles seized up and unconscious, and the only way they could break the hold was to break one of her fingers. So there you have your dental/legal lesson for the day.
  84. moe99 on Um, I forgot.
    May 8th, 2008  5:22 pm

  85. Found out about Kenyon and Bill Watterson when my oldest son went there. Did you also know that Jamie Lee Curtis' daughter is there? The husband/dad is the director of Spinal Tap just can't think of his name (hate this growing old stuff)
  86. moe99 on How it went.
    May 8th, 2008  7:43 pm

  87. nancy, great video! Let me know if you ever make it to Honolulu. I have a good friend there who has his 24' sailboat moored on the island there, and he enjoys taking friends out for a sail.
  88. moe99 on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 9th, 2008  9:48 pm

  89. Nancy, How about a rocket launched office chair?
  90. moe99 on Are you OK?
    May 10th, 2008  10:30 pm

  91. I have a well worn Mitch Ryder album. Last time I played it, my kids broke a lamp jumping up and down and running around the living room. Guess I'll have to get a CD. I've almost replaced my Steely Dan, Creedence Clearwater, and Spirit albums. Ah misspent youth! Btw Nancy, no coverage of the First Family wedding?
  92. moe99 on Marital aids.
    May 12th, 2008  5:43 pm

  93. At times like these, I always remember the aphorism: Politics is hollywood for ugly people. Jane Hamsher, Quentin Tarantino's former producer, knows a thing or two about Hollywood, and it is her contention that John McCain is so full of botox, that he can't wiggle his eyebrows. I think we should all focus on that when next he appears on our tv screens. And eww to the reason for pierced tongues. Why am I always the last to know these things?
  94. moe99 on The service economy.
    May 13th, 2008  8:18 pm

  95. In an odd bit of serendipity, the NYer article you posted about the touch up artist mentioned a movie he'd touched up due out this spring starring a woman, whose veins were showing on the top of her foot, which he through his magic tricks, removed from the picture. This is, of course, to be contrasted with the article you posted which dealt with SJP's oddly visible veins in her hands as she's in London for the premier of her movie this spring month. I will let you put 2 + 2 together.
  96. moe99 on The service economy.
    May 13th, 2008  11:20 pm

  97. This article in Slate addresses the question of whether you can tell if a photo has been touched up:
  98. moe99 on The service economy.
    May 14th, 2008  5:31 pm

  99. Nancy, I went to college with a kid who's dad was no. 2 in the Chicago mob (or reputed to be). He drove a Lincoln Continental Mark IV on campus which, since it was 1973 was absoutely outrageous and unheard of. He'd drive the car from his dorm to the dining commons, about 3 blocks straight north. Lots of wonderful stories about him, the shortest that once a bunch of us were in a park in Mpls with open bottles and the cops came by. He went into action, charming them so intensively, that they didn't inspect our stuff. It was an amazing thing to watch. And pre-Godfather movie days.
  100. moe99 on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 14th, 2008  7:39 pm

  101. Clever stuff:
  102. moe99 on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 15th, 2008  3:15 am

  103. Ok, OT for a little politics but did anyone see that the president gave up golf to show solidarity with the families who have lost sons and daughters in the Iraq war? I didn't think my jaw could drop any lower.....
  104. moe99 on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 15th, 2008  10:37 pm

  105. My great grandmother, Cara Murbach Fauster, a resident of Archbold and Defiance, OH wrote this out longhand and gave it to each of her 3 living daughters for their kitchen walls. It comes from the 1918 edition of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook: "Cookery means the knowledge of Medea and of Circe and of Helen and of the Queen of Sheba. It means the knowledge of all herbs and fruits and balms and spices, and all that is healing and sweet in the fields and groves and savory in meats. It means carefulness and inventiveness and willingness and readiness of appliances. It means the economy of your grandmothers and the science of the modern chemist; it means much testing and no wasting; it means English thoroughness and French art and Arabian hospitality; and, in fine, it means that you are to be perfectly and always ladies—loaf givers."—JOHN RUSKIN. I have my grandmother's copy on my kitchen wall just for remembrance. My grandmother's ham loaf was a wonder and I will post it when I get home from work and can find the recipe. A good Paulding, OH recipe.
  106. moe99 on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 16th, 2008  5:32 am

  107. Marianne's Ham Loaf (Marianne was my grandmother's friend) 1 lb fresh pork 1 lb ground ham Grind/mix them together 2 eggs 1 c milk 1 c cracker crumbs 1/2 c ketchup 2T chopped onions prepared mustard to taste Mix all ingredients together and bake at 300 for 1 hour Sauce on top (this is what makes it yummy) 1/2 c brown sugar 2T vinegar 2T water mix together and top your hot slice of ham loaf. Or you can put some on the ham loaf before you bake it I suppose. I rarely get to make this as oldest child was a no red meat person....
  108. moe99 on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 16th, 2008  6:28 pm

  109. Here's an interesting article about a bake-off, taste-off using a dozen different Euro-style butters, with significantly different results:
  110. moe99 on Two for the road.
    May 19th, 2008  10:15 am

  111. Just sent you a note, Nancy. Guess where Was(Not Was) ended their tour this spring? That's right, Seattle!!! And guess who only figured it out last night and drove like a banshee to Ballard to the Tractor Tavern to see them after book club? And in a wonderful bit of karma, the guy ahead of me in line had an extra ticket, so it was absolutely worth the price of admission, even though I only got the second set! They were fabulous! Thank you for turning me on to them. Haven't danced that much in a couple of years. Next time, I'm bringing my posse.
  112. moe99 on You guys can drive.
    May 21st, 2008  8:27 pm

  113. Gotta go w/ bhdork on this one. Bush loves campaigning and he is inserting himself whenever and wherever possible in the McCain campaign. And dollars to donuts, he is probably trying to call the shots behind the scenes, because it's his money dammit!
  114. moe99 on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  1:49 am

  115. When I was in lawschool we formed our own legal fraternity as two of the three extant legal fraternities hired strippers for their rush parties and we weren't so impressed with that. We named it Rho Epsilon Hork, Sibling Society and Motorcycle Gang. Every admittee was a president, because it looked good on your resume and when you graduated you were given immortal status. Our Chief Justice was Ollie Burger (this was during the short lived hey day of Ollie's Trolley hamburger franchises) and in the event of a tie vote, we'd flip the Chief Justice. We also used him in secret communion ceremonies. The genesis of Rho Epsilon Hork stemmed from a fictional fellow named Ralph Hork who used to run for student office first in undergrad and then in law school. When we ran him for 3rd year rep to the Student Bar in law school, he actually got the most votes because the 3d years didn't know who he was. His platform at that time, iirc, was "shoes."
  116. moe99 on It's just fun to say: Mulch.
    May 23rd, 2008  6:55 am

  117. Not to be too Machiavellian, but with the exception of the appointments to the Supreme Court (which with a veto proof majority in Senate could take care of that issue), I'm not sure I'm opposed to a Republican in the WH. Because the next 4 years we are going to see the wheels come off in Iraq big time, and if a Dem's in office, it will all officially be the Democrat's fault. Regardless of who put us there. Regardless of who had no after the invasion strategy. Regardless of who had no exit strategy. This would be a Vietnam redux in other words. With a Republican in the WH the blame falls squarely where it belongs. I've become accustomed to trying to make caviar out of shit sandwiches lately.
  118. moe99 on Internal derangement.
    May 23rd, 2008  10:47 pm

  119. wrt MRIs and metal. It's one more reason not to get tatoos because many have metal in the paints used. It can create severe burns if the tattoed individual undergoes an MRI. So far, it's worked with my kids. Along with the question, "have you ever seen a tatoo that looked good on a geezer?" Not that they will ever be a geezer mind you. wrt to euphemisms for Mr. Johnson and/or "the act" There was a dorm in my midwestern small liberal arts college that was the Animal House dorm (Dayton Hall). On one of the men's floors in the john, the residents started a list on the door to a privy. It went way long, and the last one written over the weekend, was "fetchup my ketchup" with a foot long hot dog hanging from a string next to it (yes, the cafeteria was serving them at the time, why did you ask?).
  120. moe99 on Internal derangement.
    May 24th, 2008  1:37 am

  121. via wikipedia, jury's still out whether tattoos do not cause problems via MRIs: There's plenty other problems to mention as well.
  122. moe99 on Internal derangement.
    May 24th, 2008  2:00 am

  123. from Australia: "unbutton the mutton and wring the rattlesnake"
  124. moe99 on Do not want.
    May 29th, 2008  7:59 pm

  125. JoeK: My former next door neighbor in Seattle is a Metro bus repair guy and as a hobby is a hydroplane restorer. He was a technical consultant on Madison. He went to the premier of the movie afterwards and had a lot of fun on the set as well.
  126. moe99 on Do not want.
    May 30th, 2008  1:44 pm

  127. Richland High School in eastern Washington is part of the Tri Cities (Richland, Pasco and Kennewick), whose existence is attributable to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where the atomic bomb was developed during WW 2 (in addition to the research done in the SW USA). Richland High's team name is appropriately the Bombers, with a mushroom cloud as the symbol:
  128. moe99 on How to cook a wolf. squirrel.
    May 30th, 2008  7:28 pm

  129. Burgoo, the Kentucky state stew, uses squirrel meat in its most authentic form. I've made it for Derby parties several times, alas but only with other meats. The squirrels in my backyard provide exercise for my miniature dachshund, Scooter. As a result, I would not do without them. Perhaps, I should loan you Scooter for a weekend of fun, Nancy?
  130. moe99 on The egoless among us.
    June 3rd, 2008  5:42 pm

  131. Posted it y'day but has not escaped the moat yet: the inventor of the Pringles can had himself cremated and part of his remains went into, yup, a Pringles can.
  132. moe99 on Photo Booth phun.
    June 4th, 2008  12:59 am

  133. Speaking of art, Alton Kelly died.
  134. moe99 on The end, finally.
    June 6th, 2008  10:37 am

  135. Ok, ok. I hate to weigh in with the wingnut side on this but I will say that there was an attorney in Seattle, named partner in a mid sized firm, still had his military crew cut in the '80s. Rock ribbed Republican in a city that has very few, and unashamedly so. However, he said that he would never vote for GHWB. Reason being he flew the same plane in WW2 that GHWB flew and he said that it was configured such that if the pilot ejected it opened the hatch and imprisoned the gunner sitting behind him. So the drill was the guy in the back ejected first. GHWB lost his nerve and popped out w/o giving his partner the first chance, thereby consigning him to his death. I dunno. The attorney was a real straight shooter and highly respected in the legal profession. He was not a tin foil hat kind of guy at all.
  136. moe99 on I love you guys.
    June 6th, 2008  7:27 pm

  137. Glad to be a part of the crowd here, even if I'm late to the party. Weatherwise, I'm back in my wool suits as the temps in Seattle are hitting 47 during the day (!) and it's raining again. My next door neighbor who is a feisty little ol' lady I am taking as my role model, told me last night that we are in Juneuary. Sounds about right.
  138. moe99 on I love you guys.
    June 6th, 2008  10:12 pm

  139. Howie: This has been awhile, but we had a lovely time at the Excelsior on the Upper West Side, just north of the American Museum of Natural History. The rooms were large, it was next to Central Park and the subway and it seemed reasonable given the cost of hotels in NYC.
  140. moe99 on I love you guys.
    June 7th, 2008  6:39 am

  141. OT: Here's a Father's Day gift for the Dad who can't get enough of the internet:
  142. moe99 on The props.
    June 9th, 2008  7:39 pm

  143. tornado footage from the Chicago area yesterday. My daughter is stranded a Chicago O'Hare right now as a result.
  144. moe99 on Just keep driving.
    June 10th, 2008  7:44 pm

  145. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card as well as the sequel: Speaker for the Dead. Eventually Card gets way too Mormon for my taste, but these are both award winning books, the first one features a school for gifted kids in outer space. My boys got hooked on science fiction fantasy with these. College of Magics by Caroline Steveremere. A girl's school in France like Hogwarts. I think it was actually written early on in Harry Potter fever or before. It is not a copy. Dave Duncan's King's Blades and King's Daggers series. As you can see, I just love rousing adventure stories to captivate me as I am sitting under a tree on a blanket listening with half an ear to the drowsy hum of insects while I read voraciously. Too bad we haven't cracked 65 degrees yet this June in Seattle. And it's rained every day but one.
  146. moe99 on Baby mama drama.
    June 12th, 2008  4:58 pm

  147. Well my youngest graduated from high school, Tuesday night. I organized a dinner for 32 people--my son's two best friends and their families and ours. All 3 families divorced and the two friends come from blended families. The ex shows up and hands out donation envelopes to the adults sitting at my table. He's running for state Treasurer in our state and as a Democrat. I thought that graduation night was supposed to be about the kids. More than one reason he's the ex.
  148. moe99 on Brief hiatus.
    June 16th, 2008  12:54 am

  149. The best way for people to overcome their fear/racism is to have an African American elected and see in a concrete way how unbased their fears are.
  150. moe99 on Camping in Fallujah.
    June 17th, 2008  6:38 pm

  151. Maybe if you were a devotee of his show, and there apparently were many, his death meant something. But for me who only saw him on occasion, he seemed rather a blowhard, a guy who seemed like the quintessential frat boy. A glad hander, one who only studied the night before the test, someone who went for the easy gotcha. I never saw why he rose to his position when he was alive and the response to his death confirmed to me, yet again, the vacuousness and the onanism of the mainstream media.
  152. moe99 on If it keeps on rainin'...
    June 21st, 2008  8:41 pm

  153. Scholarship on the Civil War has undergone some profound changes. When I went to high school in Defiance, Ohio our US History teacher, Mr. Gordon made it clear that the war was fought over states' rights first and foremost. Well, actually it was fought about slavery first and foremost, but unlike most history being written by the victors, the South was able to rewrite the history of the Civil War, as historian James McPherson, proves in his book, This Mighty Scourge. There's also a wonderful essay from the New Yorker earlier this year that lists several other books of interest, one by the now president of Harvard, Drew Gilpin Faust. I read it but it was very, very difficult to read all about the many deaths and what grew out of it. Here is a link to the New Yorker review. I would also highly recommend the fiction book, Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis. Reading that made me realize that here in the upper left hand corner of the map, no one really grasps the significance of the Civil War because this was a territory at the time. Albeit under the Dred Scott decision, one could bring their slaves here and it had to be honored. Off to enjoy our heat wave: it was 77 dgrees yesterday and for the first time all year, we slept with the windows open. Ah, summer in Seattle!
  154. moe99 on Farewell, you %#&$.
    June 23rd, 2008  11:39 pm

  155. Alex, Where did the Flory family live in Defiance?
  156. moe99 on Farewell, you %#&$.
    June 24th, 2008  5:56 pm

  157. Alex, We lived in a newer (at the time) section of NE Defiance, but my great grandfather, Gramps Fauster lived in a big old house on Holgate Avenue, in front of the Maumee River. I remember going there as a small child for Christmas and the Christmas tree would go all the way up to the second floor, positioned next to the stairs in the front hall leading up. I wonder if the Flory's house would be near there, given the proximity to the river. The Fausters did not make it to the US until after the Civil War, around the time that Germany reunified, although the Fausters came from Schaffhausen. The women tatted and sold lace to finance the trip from what I was told.
  158. moe99 on Behind closed doors.
    June 25th, 2008  1:03 am

  159. Woman climber saved by her sports bra. Seems apt for today's column.......
  160. moe99 on Revenue streams.
    June 25th, 2008  7:37 pm

  161. I've heard from a Philly attorney that one of her clients requires her firm to outsource legal research to India. Money saving, probably. But it vitiates the attorney client privilege.
  162. moe99 on Revenue streams.
    June 26th, 2008  1:12 am

  163. The TX GOP platform wants to get rid of all the nudes in DC: Those found at the Smithsonian and other spots of noted debauchery.
  164. moe99 on Revenue streams.
    June 26th, 2008  1:53 am

  165. Vatican now in favor of showing breasts in Virgin Mary paintings. That sure sets me back a ways given my strict Catholic upbringing at St. John's w/ Monseignor Vogel.
  166. moe99 on Gee, thanks.
    June 26th, 2008  8:42 am

  167. Ok, OT but does no one go to the symphony any more? The Detroit Symphony had a guest conductor recently that was a robot:
  168. moe99 on Lost in the towers.
    June 27th, 2008  10:39 pm

  169. An improbable love story: w/ photo:
  170. moe99 on Lost in the towers.
    June 29th, 2008  7:56 am

  171. Here's something fun for Sat night (it still is here in the Pacific daylight time zone). Make sure you stay for the finale. Unbelievable! China circus on the Russian bar:
  172. moe99 on We can do it.
    June 30th, 2008  7:03 pm

  173. My daughter is spending her summer in rural Montana at a clinic there--the Univ. of WA places its incipient second year med students in a rural setting for the summer. So far she is really enjoying it. No idea if it will be a career calling for her. More on the "Ohio is a fertile ground for bigots" meme:
  174. moe99 on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  5:17 am

  175. Who's criticizing McCain for lack of moral courage? the only thing that Clark said, after he said that McCain was a hero to him and millions is that getting shot down and being a POW is not the kind of executive military experience that one can draw on to be president. I would note that being tortured has not stopped McCain from endorsing torture. He also did not support the benefits for veterans offered by Webb, but is now lying his ass off and saying that he did. Lying is not a good trait in my mind for our highest office, although many have lied to get there and once in office.... But, ymmv.
  176. moe99 on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  9:22 am

  177. Jeff, you are so wrong about McCain and torture. He initially came out against it, but has endorsed it at least in the past 6 months.
  178. moe99 on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  6:10 pm

  179. Jeff: Voting no on a torture ban bill, makes one a supporter of torture in my book. It may be simplistic, but so is torture--you are either for it or agin it and McCain, as a consequence, despite all the obfuscation thrown up by his freinds in the media, is voting to allow torture. If the press made it that clear and that simple, then maybe people would suffer as a consequence of their actions. It would be nice for a change. btw, coozledad, I am in awe of your rhetorical abilities.
  180. moe99 on Where I'm calling from.
    July 1st, 2008  10:28 pm

  181. I watched a jet dump its fuel over Puget Sound when I was a staff attorney for the Seattle Regional office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. It mostly evaporates, iirc. The jet was in trouble and coming in for a serious landing and they didn't want the fuel on board for obvious reasons. So might want to recheck your sources there for the concern.
  182. moe99 on Where I'm calling from.
    July 1st, 2008  11:11 pm

  183. If jet fuel evaporates in the air, it doesn't get into the water--at best 2%,0,5187004.story?track=rss
  184. moe99 on Mixed grill on Wednesday.
    July 3rd, 2008  6:47 pm

  185. One of my favorite books as a kid was Booth Tarkington's Penrod. It's set in Cairo, IL at the turn of the last century and is funny as all get out. But it too is racist, reflecting the age in which it was written. Here's some fun for the 4th of July, reminding me once again, why dating these days is such a pita:
  186. moe99 on Mixed grill on Wednesday.
    July 4th, 2008  12:31 am

  187. Julie--poodles and Siamese are reputedly allergan free. You could check that out. I know of one family that acquired a labradoodle (combination lab and poodle) to see if that would work, and so far so good. BTW the LOLcats site is hiring:
  188. moe99 on Two from the road.
    July 4th, 2008  10:11 pm

  189. Onion News hits the nail on the head, yet again:
  190. moe99 on Two from the road.
    July 6th, 2008  6:08 pm

  191. Brian, Two can play this game. Did you know that MLK, Jr was a Republican? Well the good folks of the National Black Republican Association have used some of your arguments to turn it all on the other side of the coin, so to speak:
  192. moe99 on Mixed grill on Wednesday.
    July 7th, 2008  7:44 am

  193. Well, if you have a spare $4K you could buy an allergy free cat:
  194. moe99 on The Jesus people.
    July 8th, 2008  8:16 am

  195. There was an article about Nixon in the New Yorker many years ago when the author met with Nixon and reported that Nixon referred to himself in the third person, as in, "When Nixon was the leader of the free world." Now if that isn't bat shit crazy, I'll eat my hat. I have two friends from college, who married and did very, very well thereafter. But he (the male half of the duo)still keeps a framed copy of Nixon's resignation note in their downstairs bathroom. Always a treat to see it.
  196. moe99 on The tyranny of choice.
    July 8th, 2008  7:11 pm

  197. In 1995, our office hosted a delegation from Belarus. We had sent one of our senior antitrust attorneys there for a year to teach them about free markets. This was a payback of sorts. There were 5 men in the delegation plus a political officer. When they got into SeaTac airport the dogs went wild. Seems that they had packed a bunch of fatty bacon in their suitcases along with their many, many bottles of vodka, because you ate the bacon first to absorb the vodka so you could drink that much more. (It was very good vodka, btw) As part of our hosting duties, we took them to Costco to see how folks out here shopped. During the tour, one of them asked the Costco guide, "what happens when you run out?" He could not believe it when the Costco representative cheerfully replied, "We just get more shipped in."
  198. moe99 on The tyranny of choice.
    July 8th, 2008  10:21 pm

  199. "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure." Clarence Darrow
  200. moe99 on The tyranny of choice.
    July 9th, 2008  1:33 am

  201. LA Mary, your post reminded me of a trip to Coldwater Lake during my childhood. 5 kids 2 parents and a dog in the back well of the second seat of a station wagon, that my father would turn around every so often to swat because she could not stay still. I can't remember which dog it was (we went through 6 in Defiance), probably Duchess the boxer.
  202. moe99 on You can't fire me...
    July 9th, 2008  11:51 pm

  203. FISA wins in the Senate by a big margin. you can see how your Senator voted here while saying goodbye to the Fourth Amendment:
  204. moe99 on You can't fire me...
    July 10th, 2008  2:36 am

  205. sorry Danny, the vote I posted was on the amendment that would have stripped retroactive immunity from the bill. Here is the vote approving FISA. You want the government in your underwear drawer? Sobeit. ps. obama voted for FISA. Not a big surprise, but a disappointment nonetheless. I'll vote for him, but no money from me. At least my senators voted against FISA.
  206. moe99 on No, I am Bossy.
    July 11th, 2008  12:31 am

  207. Letting my freak flag fly on this glorious summer day:
  208. moe99 on Solitary man.
    July 12th, 2008  3:19 am

  209. Horribly OT, but just had to share. A fellow soprano from church has a cousin who has composed and directed a symphony of Grateful Dead music with the Russian National Orchestra. Those who might be interested, can listen to snippets here:
  210. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 12th, 2008  9:02 am

  211. Brian, I worked with Lew Puller, Jr. at DoD and played bridge with him and his wife Toddy on several occasions. He was a great guy, but haunted by his own Viet Nam demons that eventually destroyed him. I'm sure being Chesty's son was also a burden. I've got an entry up on my very ill tended blog in case some of you have a hankering to read something not quite as well-written as those of present company during Nancy's absence (have a great vacation Nancy and Alan):
  212. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 12th, 2008  6:49 pm

  213. Thanks Brian. Went in and added "or an admiralty lawyer" because he left the partnership a year later as a result of his divorce. It was terribly sad--the wife was/is an alcoholic and he tried to get custody of the kids but lost after a long drawn-out trial that financially ruined him. And she punished him by turning the kids against him. One hopes that eventually they will make their peace with their dad when they become adults. This war is not over, even yet.
  214. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 13th, 2008  5:55 pm

  215. Frank Rich has a sobering piece up comparing the Bush Administration's crimes to those of the Nixon administration in today's New York Times. Anyone associated with the Bush Administration with very few exceptions, does not come out looking good, shall we say.
  216. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 14th, 2008  8:42 am

  217. Amen, Amen brothers. How about a song or two from the past?
  218. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 14th, 2008  5:16 pm

  219. CD: Your youtube led me to this:
  220. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 15th, 2008  9:07 am

  221. Remember that Saul Steinberg cover of the New Yorker from back in 1976--where the map of the US is entirely dominated by Manhattan? Well that's the fishbowl view and attitude that is present in the current cover. The New Yorker does not get that the rest of the country is not as sophisticated in their understanding of Obama and racism and hatred of Moslems. They are tone deaf on that and it is hurting Obama with just the sorts of folks in the heartland where either most of us live or still have relatives there. I fully expect my Saturday conversation with my mother will be to try to emphasize that yes, Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim and he is a patriot and would be very good for the country. Sometimes it feels like being the little kid with his finger stuck in the dike. But one has to try.
  222. moe99 on On hiatus.
    July 15th, 2008  7:45 pm

  223. So tell me Danny, do you think Clinton should have been impeached?
  224. moe99 on Postcard.
    July 15th, 2008  10:01 pm

  225. Good news on this thread. Me, I'm waiting to take my 18 yr old to Group Health to see if he has a broken jaw from playing icehocky last night. Arrived at Urgent Care at 12:30 am and didn't get home til after 3. Of course the xray was not operative then (though he did get 6 or so stitches in his chin), so have taken the day off from work to shepherd him there when he wakes up. If I didn't have two briefs due, it would be wonderful hookey.
  226. moe99 on Postcard II.
    July 16th, 2008  10:05 pm

  227. Catherine--thanks for asking. We went back across the water Tues (in my case, Lake Washington) to Bellevue Group Health because the Urgent Care doc had ordered a fancy mandible xray on equipment that our Group Health facility in Seattle did not have. We arrive, check in, and then are told 5 minutes later that THIS Group Health also does not have the fancy xray machine for the xray that has been ordered, and they are going to have to make a special request to the Univ. of WA Dental School for an xray there and it should take a few days. I am thoroughly irritated by now and my son is cringing telling me not to go postal on this, let's just leave the facility, but of course, how could I fulfill my god given duty of embarassing him if I did not pursue this further? So I get on the cell phone and call his attending physician's office and talk to his nurse, saying something like, "I'm sure you have some machine that can take and xray and give you a competent result, I mean what did you do in the days before super xray machine anyway?" So the nurse talks to the attending and he goes online and changes the order to a regular xray, so we can get it done right now, not 3 days from now. Which we do and by the time we get back on the road, 2-3 hours has elapsed and we're into rush hour traffic and it's an hour to get home. But they just called 15 minutes ago and youngest son is ok, no fracture. Hooray. He can finish the last year of his summer swim team on a high note--swimming in the final two meets. Thanks again for the interest.
  228. moe99 on Postcard.
    July 17th, 2008  5:58 pm

  229. Jeff, Kentucky has long been home to those making moonshine and growing pot. In fact, one of the finest in that regard was a graduate of my law school class: former paratrooper, narcotics police officer in Lexington and finally big cocaine runner: We might as well give it up, legalize, and tax the hell out of marijuana. We need the revenue for sure.
  230. moe99 on Postcard II.
    July 18th, 2008  8:05 am

  231. the Year of Living Biblically, for your enjoyment.
  232. moe99 on Postcard II.
    July 18th, 2008  11:10 pm

  233. Driving up to Seattle from Olympia after a hearing this am, an SUV passed me sporting a McCain sticker. Also on its back side was a sticker w/ a picture of a very dark Obama that read: "Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID" ready for the deluge?
  234. moe99 on Postcard II.
    July 19th, 2008  12:41 am

  235. Brian--it's the veiled racism that is getting to me.
  236. moe99 on DTW.
    July 21st, 2008  9:43 pm

  237. Food purists are today's Puritans. I have a former brother in law who lives in Maine in a house he built w/ an outhouse in the back. No electricity and the running water is from the stream next to the house. So no hot water either. He and his current wife are vegans. And there was always this sort of looking down their noses mentality that went with that that was very hard to deal with. But the family is descended on both sides from stern Calvinists so it makes sense in an odd sort of way. This fellow repairs foreign cars to make a living but does not own one--rides a bike. And as soon as he's made enough so that he will have to pay income taxes, he quits. Life just seems so grim for him.
  238. moe99 on Refill on that?
    July 22nd, 2008  5:41 pm

  239. The second Starbucks ever constructed was in Seattle and across the street from the federal building where I worked. Now the federal building had recently put into effect an edict that you could not maintain a coffee pot at your worksite. All the better to promote the cafeteria in the basement, they thought. Well, you can imagine the stream of folks that moseyed over to this Starbucks daily from a 30 story building. And our office was there every day. We liked to credit ourselves with the push that lifted Starbucks up into the stratosphere. But, of course, being employed by the SEC meant you were barred from buying initial offering stock. So that kept me out of buying both Microsoft or Starbucks when it came out. And of course, I could not envision buying in the secondary market because, by that time the stock would be so over valued. >bangs head on desk< Ah well, I always wanted to work my whole life.
  240. moe99 on Refill on that?
    July 22nd, 2008  11:20 pm

  241. I have a friend who has instructions on how to make and run a still. He's in China for the eclipse of the sun (not the Olympics) but here's his website:
  242. moe99 on Refill on that?
    July 23rd, 2008  12:39 am

  243. Here's another Indiana pastor named Jeff who has an interesting sermon style:
  244. moe99 on Parasites.
    July 24th, 2008  6:35 pm

  245. Alan will get a kick out of this. I was reading a New Yorker article when I was 14 or 15 and it mentioned cunnilingus and fellatio. I asked my dad, the doctor, who was reading in the study with me what those words meant and he replied, "Dear, I just don't know." I'm sure it hit him for a loop coming from his oldest daughter. Several years earlier our dog went into heat while we were on vacation and we had come back from the vet's unawares and within minutes there were numerous suitors lined up in the front yard taking their turns. I was in the kitchen with my mother looking out the front window, and turned to her in disgust, "I'm sure glad humans don't do that." Again, I was met with silence. Ah those teaching moments go by too fast.
  246. moe99 on Parasites.
    July 24th, 2008  8:15 pm

  247. ok, another good website today. This one is a map of those involved in crimes in the current WH:
  248. moe99 on Open primaries.
    July 27th, 2008  5:23 am

  249. Dorothy Dunnett, the best writer of historical fiction ever did not object to the creation of two encyclopedias helping her readers keep straight the amazing tangle of history that she used in both the Lymond chronicles and Niccolo series, to weave the stories. She was very generous to her numerous and enthusiastic fans.
  250. moe99 on An internet diet.
    July 28th, 2008  8:23 pm

  251. Well my oldest son spent the night at The Hampton Inn next to the Detroit airport due to what was billed as weather problems back in NYC. Really. Thought of doing a call out here in case he couldn't find a place to stay, but it all turned out ok. So far. He thought I was a bit over the top when I told him, all 22 years of him, that he could NOT go wander around Detroit proper at night. He's really only experienced Seattle, the Twin Cities, and a bit of the cleaned up NYC so he has no idea what's out there.
  252. moe99 on Oliver Stone's revenge.
    July 29th, 2008  6:47 pm

  253. History will not be kind to W. And it's here already!
  254. moe99 on Oliver Stone's revenge.
    July 29th, 2008  8:54 pm

  255. Karl Rove is being played by Toby Jones, an actor I've admired for his work in The Painted Veil and Amazing Grace. I hope he can muster the nastiness and presence needed to portray Karl. He's like a junior Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
  256. moe99 on Oliver Stone's revenge.
    July 30th, 2008  5:32 am

  257. We got Wag the Dog via Netflix. Just like Z. Easy to order, hard to sit through the latter.
  258. moe99 on Will I get a souvenir DVD?
    July 30th, 2008  6:44 am

  259. Nancy, the last two glasses of that lemon crap was coming out of both ends for me (sorry to say). I didn't stop throwing up until 12 hours past the colonoscopy, of which I recall blessed nothing. But that drink was murder.
  260. moe99 on What election?
    July 31st, 2008  5:00 pm

  261. Nancy, can you comment on the proposed court reform plan in Michigan? I realize the Nat'l Review is right wing and have no idea about what the Mackinac policy center is, but I have no idea if this is fact or opinion.
  262. moe99 on Allegedly, some might think.
    August 1st, 2008  10:40 pm

  263. Here's a wonderful Rachel Maddow smackdown of Pat Buchanan moment: obviously she's not being deferential enough to her elders. NOT.
  264. moe99 on Allegedly, some might think.
    August 3rd, 2008  7:19 am

  265. The latest shitackular mcCain ad
  266. moe99 on Niña, Pinta, Knot Workin'.
    August 4th, 2008  5:32 pm

  267. I remember hot summer days spent in speedboats on Clear Lake in Indiana. What I would not have done for a cottage and a boat! To my mind, the ideal lazy vacation. These days there are fewer boats on Lake Washington or Lake Union in Seattle, victims, no doubt, to the rise in gas prices. A friend's son took a summer job with the Parks Department helping unload boats from the public dock into the water and reports that it is very, very slow business.
  268. moe99 on Almost famous.
    August 8th, 2008  1:43 am

  269. Ok, now you've got me going. Lena's feeling a mite puny, so her husband, Sven, takes her to the doctor. The doctor, concluding his examination, comes out in the waiting room and says to Sven, "You know, Lena has acute angina." Sven, looks up at the physician and says, "Yah, doc, I know dat already. I peeked!"
  270. moe99 on Whose bitch are you?
    August 8th, 2008  8:04 am

  271. Dayum, Caliban, do you ever come up for air?
  272. moe99 on Still reeling.
    August 9th, 2008  7:47 pm

  273. Basset, our basset hound in Defiance was named Digby. My father could not bear to neuter him, so he grew up a wanderer. Became a special pet of the students at Defiance College because he showed up there so much. He was finally adopted by a Defiance College student after he graduated and went to live with him. He was great. And, Basset, I think Caliban is right about Hamdan. This guy's actions did not violate any laws on the books at the time they were done. Plus, he's not going to be released after his 5 and a half years up but kept indefinitely as a enemy combatant. This is not the America I grew up with. We don't play like Soviet Russia, at least we didn't used to. As an attorney I am sickened by how they twisted the laws to get this result. Here's the American Constitution Society on it:
  274. moe99 on Still reeling.
    August 9th, 2008  9:30 pm

  275. Brian--I've only recently come back to reading American history and it has been focused on the Civil War. Do you have a book on this you can recommend? I understand Edwards campaign manager, former US Rep David Bonior, is pretty pissed about Edwards. I do not fault him for that. I'd like my donation back too, as I feel it was given under false pretenses. And don't think that I haven't speculated about how the ex would feel if his peccadillos during our marriage came out these days, as he's running for state office.
  276. moe99 on Does this work?
    August 11th, 2008  10:23 am

  277. Brian, James McPherson is kind of a personal hero for me. I hope you report back on the panels. I just remember in high school US history at DHS, Mr. Gordon (we called him 'chrome dome" behind his back--go figure) plying us with the idea that the Civil War was more about states' rights than slavery. McPherson blew that one out of the water. It was a revelation to me, and was the catalyst regenerating my interest in US history (I majored in medieval history in college).
  278. moe99 on Does this work?
    August 11th, 2008  7:21 pm

  279. Brian, It's funny but there are two sci fi/fantasy books that truly express my feelings about medieval history. The first is a classic: A Canticle for Leibowitz, which perfectly to my way of thinking, describes the medieval mindset...the monks copying endlessly the paper contents of Leibowitz' briefcase because it, to them, represented knowledge. And the second is The Domesday Book by Connie Willis, who also wrote a book entitled Lincoln's Dreams that is more about Lee than Lincoln, but still intriguing. The Domesday Book is about a graduate student in history at Oxford in the way future, when, to get a Phd, you have to agree to be sent back in time to do one small thing. The protagonist volunteers to go back to England in the mid 1300's but there is a problem at the control panel when the machine is set, and she ends up sent to the year the plague strikes. The middles ages was both better and worse than historians and popular media such as the movies portray it. And to be honest Henry VIII is sort of moving away from what is generally defined as the middle ages and into the Renaissance, which gets me into periodization in history which I wrote my senior thesis on, but have blissfully forgotten most of it. Anyway to finish: Lincon's Dreams, which I read probably more than ten years ago, led me to the realization that for folks in the Pacific NW, the Civil War really is like an old movie. Their forebears didn't live through it, or if they did, it was part of forgetting on the move westward. There were no battles to indelibly stain the soil and consciousness of the area. And I found that to be a loss. Thanks for the recommends.
  280. moe99 on Krogerblogging.
    August 13th, 2008  6:45 am

  281. Brian, that's so good, I'm stealing it. Hope Nancy doesn't find my plagiarism!!
  282. moe99 on What gets left.
    August 14th, 2008  1:21 am

  283. In Defiance, we didn't have those fancy letters before our phone no. On Clinton Street our phone no. was 42591. Then when we moved to Elliott Lane it was 782-6591. Because my father the pediatrician in Defiance, I could never stay on the phone longer than a few minutes because it had to be free for emergencies.
  284. moe99 on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  10:10 am

  285. I went to law school w/ a guy who flew helicopters in VN. He said they had some sort of radar that would ping when the anti aircraft would lock on them and they had x no. of seconds to get out of the way. He said it was interesting to be stoned up there, but it was really amazing to be flying when one was dropping acid. He said that lots of those who flew used either dope or acid or worse.
  286. moe99 on Write like Mitch.
    August 18th, 2008  9:41 pm

  287. Loved the Gilbreth book, Cheaper by the Dozen, and also the sequel: Belles on Their Toes. Out here in Wa state, the book of choice in that genre is The Egg and I.
  288. moe99 on Write like Mitch.
    August 18th, 2008  11:29 pm

  289. Speaking of swill, does anyone else think Stella Artois is nothing better than a Bud? I lived for a year in Brussels, and although I was a starving student, we would drink something else when we went to the bars. My favorite was Chimay ale, but that was only when I was flush.
  290. moe99 on Volcano in evening light.
    August 20th, 2008  6:18 am

  291. OT, but I am flabbergasted that Burger King would do this:
  292. moe99 on Tuesday night pie.
    August 20th, 2008  6:35 pm

  293. Reminds me of an apocyphal story from my Kentucky days. It is said that the coal miners in E. Ky eat their lunch dessert first when they are down in the mines for exactly that reason, Nancy!
  294. moe99 on The transitional period.
    August 22nd, 2008  9:11 pm

  295. I got my youngest ready for college. Just wait til you see the bill for that, especially if they're not living at home. Here's the tip: Fed Ex Ground. It's cheaper and faster than the post office and they help you tape your boxes shut and will even box it up for you if need be. Oh, an OT for parents everywhere:
  296. moe99 on Biden?
    August 24th, 2008  8:55 am

  297. Here's an interesting piece about Biden. I didn't know his first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car accident right after he was first elected to the Senate. He commuted DAILY back to Delaware to be with his young sons. He's also one of the poorest members of the Senate.
  298. moe99 on Biden?
    August 24th, 2008  9:58 am

  299. Oh, and Catherine, I'm a female attorney, been one for 32 years and have suffered my own experiences with sexual discrimination and survived but not forgotten. And I absolutely REFUSED to support Hillary because of her position on the war. There are a lot more of us out there than you seem to think.l
  300. moe99 on Biden?
    August 25th, 2008  5:34 pm

  301. Someone said this morning, Obama's choice was reminiscent of Jfk selecting LBJ as his running mate. Also was done to inoculate against charges of inexperience.
  302. moe99 on The Foob wedding.
    August 28th, 2008  5:36 pm

  303. Late to this party, as I was in S. Cal dropping my youngest off to college (small gulp) but, Nance, have you noticed how Lizard Breath's new mate Anthony really looks like her father? Talk about Oedipus/Electra issues. I just hate this strip in a way you only can with something you used to love.
  304. moe99 on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 29th, 2008  7:49 pm

  305. Since everyone else has done such a good job pointing out the falsities in Jeff's arguments re 'winning' in Iraq and waterboarding ain't torture, I will just say, "Me too." Happy Labor Day weekend to all. on edit: here's what Glenn Greenwald has to say and it's indirectly a response to Jeff as well: "...As one would expect them to be, virtually all of the prime-time speeches at the Democratic Convention have been -- from a rhetorical perspective -- very well-crafted and well-delivered. Bill Clinton's speech, in particular, deserves all the plaudits it is receiving, both in terms of content and delivery. But as competent, well-executed and even dramatic as the Convention has been, at least as striking is what has been missing. First, there is almost no mention of, let alone focus on, the sheer radicalism and extremism of the last eight years. During that time, our Government has systematically tortured people using sadistic techniques ordered by the White House; illegally and secretly spied on its own citizens; broken more laws than can be counted based on the twisted theory that the President has that power; asserted the authority to arrest and detain even U.S. citizens on U.S. soil and hold them for years without charges; abolished habeas corpus; created secret prisons in Eastern Europe and a black hole of lawlessness in Guantanamo; and explicitly abandoned and destroyed virtually every political value the U.S. has long claimed to embrace...."
  306. moe99 on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 29th, 2008  8:25 pm

  307. here is info from a wikipedia entry (that seems to have been taken down recently) on Palin that is interesting to me: "On September 11, 2007, the Palins’ eighteen-year-old son Track, eldest of five, joined the Army.[7] He now serves in an infantry brigade and will be deployed to Iraq in September 2008. She also has three daughters: Bristol, 17; Willow, 13; and Piper, 7.[8] On April 18, 2008, Palin gave birth to her second son, Trig Paxson Van Palin, who has Down syndrome.[9] She returned to the office three days after giving birth.[10] Palin refused to let the results of prenatal genetic testing change her decision to have the baby. “I’m looking at him right now, and I see perfection,” Palin said. “Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?”[10]"
  308. moe99 on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 30th, 2008  12:36 am

  310. moe99 on Who made thee?
    August 30th, 2008  1:10 am

  312. moe99 on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 30th, 2008  4:23 am

  313. Oh, and one more thing, Jeff. If waterboarding is not torture, then why are we hailing McCain as a national hero?
  314. moe99 on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  5:51 pm

  315. The art is sort of a combination of RCrumb and this:
  316. moe99 on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  6:12 pm

  317. Wow! Let me never get on your bad side, Nance.
  318. moe99 on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  8:10 pm

  319. Just read the first 6 articles. All on Palin. Anyone who thinks she's a solid pick has drunk the Kool Aid.
  320. moe99 on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  8:53 pm

  321. I think this letter to Andrew Sullivan, who Jeff must agree is a conservative pundit on his same bandwidth, offers a bit of pause: "I had been reluctant to acknowledge how flawed and dead the conservative movement has become; that's over now. No more excuses, no more clinging to old visions of rational discourse and principled debate. I really have witnessed the death of conservatism and its replacement by a kind of toxic babbitry which would be merely laughable or cringeworthy if it were not also so extraordinarily dangerous. This election year has been a series of revelations and disillusionments--the crudely ugly tactics of Limbaugh and Hannity (and--worse--their embrace by Buckley's heirs at National Review), the thinly-veiled racism and nativism of the campaign against Obama, the transparently cruel and God-hating ideology of movement Christians; but--even though dismayed by McCain's bizarre campaign--I had retained some illusions as recently as this morning. I believed McCain to be at least a patriot, sincerely concerned with issues of national security. His nomination of Sarah Palin ended that illusion, too. No remotely serious politician--no honest patriot--would think of placing this individual a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, however admirable she may be, however lively her biography. Moreover, the elation on the right regarding Palin's nomination made clear to me that none of them has ever been remotely serious about national security, either. On the contrary, as the left has insisted for years, for them it really has all been about political advantage, noise and bluster and ugliness with no core of principle, no genuine strategic commitment. The very same people who, only yesterday, insisted that Obama's resume was too dangerously thin to entrust him with the oversight of our national security, today are celebrating Palin's accession as a triumph for conservatism (evidently this is because she is hostile to both abortion and polar bears). Their hypocrisy is staggering--they truly do believe in nothing but their own entitlement to power by any means. And I'm very much afraid I must conclude this is as true of McCain as it is of his ghastly cheerleaders, the Limbaughs and the Hannitys. Nothing else could explain the elevation of a woman so singularly unqualified in every aspect save gender."
  322. moe99 on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:08 am

  323. Joe, Let me clue you into something. There were many women in the Democratic side who actually opposed Hillary. And were not afraid to speak up about it. And Hillary, like Sarah, is a woman!!! So don't you dare think that if Sarah had been appointed the VP for the Dems that plenty of women would not have spoken up about what a frakkin travesty it was. Doesn't matter party, she's unqualified at the present time to hold this office. And, yes, I was one of those women who spoke in opposition to Hillary.
  324. moe99 on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  3:18 am

  325. LA Mary, I've also heard USC referred to as the University of the Scholastically Challenged or U$C. Mostly from Stanford graduates.
  326. moe99 on A small rant.
    September 1st, 2008  2:47 am

  327. Is she the mother of the baby? I realize this is National Enquirer territory but we've been here before with John Edwards, so what's sauce for the goose....
  328. moe99 on A small rant.
    September 1st, 2008  9:12 am

  329. The proprietors at Making Light disemvowel chronic troll posting, which includes unneccessary profanity. So Nance, how about disemvowelment? There's a website out there that you can use:
  330. moe99 on A small rant.
    September 1st, 2008  10:08 am

  331. I'd like to know, after watching this video, how anyone could kill a moose.
  332. moe99 on A deep cleansing breath.
    September 1st, 2008  6:11 pm

  333. btw, the Republicans at the convention in St. Paul may not have donned hairshirts and sackcloth and ashes in solidarity with NOLA:
  334. moe99 on A deep cleansing breath.
    September 1st, 2008  8:07 pm

  335. Think about if this had been Chelsea....
  336. moe99 on A deep cleansing breath.
    September 1st, 2008  9:00 pm

  337. Uh, Jeff, I know that many families have daughters who are pregnant out of wedlock, but is that the meme they want to be playing out over the country right now?
  338. moe99 on A deep cleansing breath.
    September 2nd, 2008  1:43 am

  339. Do not forget that the Bush Administration, whose views are shared by McCain and Palin, this summer proposed regulations that would make it ok for health care workers in hospitals to refuse to provide IUDs and birth control to patients, if it was against their religious beliefs. People who are in the health care profession are in a secular profession. If they object to providing birth control pills, they need to find another career.
  340. moe99 on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  6:39 am

  341. This is news for Detroit....Did you know there's a tire company that has put scent into their tires? And they think it is a marketing advantage. Fancy that!
  342. moe99 on Solidarity eventually.
    September 2nd, 2008  11:37 pm

  343. Take your bets on Palin's chance to I ran into a former coworker on the bus last week. She's an attorney in a private plaintiff's firm and they are handling an antitrust lawsuit on behalf of nurses in the Detroit area, who allege were the victims of a conspiracy among the hospitals to keep their wage artificially low. She visits your fair city quite a bit.
  344. moe99 on Solidarity eventually.
    September 3rd, 2008  12:20 am

  345. Jeff: here's corroboration of the book banning from a Wasilla native brave enough to provide name and email address:
  346. moe99 on Creative differences.
    September 4th, 2008  2:18 am

  347. guess there are cracks developing in the Republican facade
  348. moe99 on Creative differences.
    September 4th, 2008  2:21 am

  349. This may be a duplicate post: Cracks seem to be developing in the Republican facade.
  350. moe99 on Creative differences.
    September 4th, 2008  10:14 am

  351. The press, regardless of whether McCain is treating them badly, likes a contest, and so if they write about Palin in the right way, a contest they will have. Putting selling newspapers above what's right for the country smacks of the Republicans doing the same thing. I've always been interested in candidates who put larger societal goals ahead of promoting themselves because that seemed to more give their campaigns and their terms of office a sense of being something a bit above the daily grind. It's late and I'm botching this but it analogizes for me to my life. I'm not a very religious person despite being raised Catholic by a mom who said the rosary daily and made us say it with her when the five of us kids got too rambunctious in the car on long trips. I'm currently an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church and just came off chairing a successful pastor search. Although I don't believe heart and soul in the all the tenets of organized Christianity, what I do believe strongly is that if you hold a perspective that is outside yourself --not completely self centered, but focused on others around you and yes some ineffable transcendant existence beyond my comprehension, it helps maintain an equilibrium that I would not have otherwise. Kind of like when I am in a sailboat, it helps the stomach if I focus out a long ways when I'm up on deck. And I like politicians that seem to have goals that stretch beyond the immediate self promotion and/or immolation of opponents. And I don't think Palin or McCain have that. They are small minded and only interested in being elected, not in improving society at large, but only at the margins, their side of the margins. And I think that kind of focus bodes ill for our country long term. Mind you, I've seen first hand the effects that politics can wreak on human egos. My former spouse ran for the state legislature 10 years ago and I thought he was doing it for all the right reasons, and I and my family supported him wholeheartedly and financially. When he won, we were ecstatic and I took our three kids out of school so they could see their dad be sworn into office in January. The next day he told me he wanted a divorce. It's like he started believing his press releases. These days, I cannot recognize the ex as the person I married back in 1980 when he was a hot shot congressional staffer and I was a Special Assistant to the General Counsel of a very large governmental agency in D.C. He's become this slick guy with an expensive haircut in contact lenses, wearing a black cashmere mock turtleneck and Italian loafers. And he's a Democrat! Obviously it takes a person of strong integrity to withstand the flattery faction that surrounds you once you are a winner. Should he ever lose a race, perhaps he can rediscover some humility. I think and hope and pray that Obama can withstand the tectonic forces that are at play around him. I don't think that the same can be said of either McCain or Palin.
  352. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 4th, 2008  10:30 pm

  353. With respect to Palin's executive experience as mayor of Wasilla. Wasilla has a city manager who runs the city day to day. From what I understand the mayor is little more than a figurehead. Hope the MSM media figures that out. Could be yet another contradiction to add to the mass we have already. Apologies to Gasman on the prior thread. I just saw your post on this. Funny Danny didn't see it and went off on her executive experience as mayor. He needs to read up a bit more on the facts on the ground.....
  354. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 4th, 2008  10:50 pm

  355. Brian, this must be the manifestation of pizazz envy. Up on the overhead at concerning the Palin speech: "RNC highlights include slam after slam of Obama Watch Now: Live on »" Tell me truly, does this sound presidential to you? And Joe, in a word: the answer is "no" to your question. The two are not even remotely comparable.
  356. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 4th, 2008  11:14 pm

  357. Well Mittens wins an award for being out to lunch. From Think Progress: Romney mocks Gore for non-existent private jet. Last night, at the Republican National Convention, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney (R) called for “the immediate drilling for more oil off of our shores” and followed with a personal attack on Vice President Al Gore that received thunderous applause: And I have one more recommendation for energy conservation — let’s keep Al Gore’s private jet on the ground! ThinkProgress contacted Gore spokesperson Kalee Kreider, who replied, “Gore doesn’t own a jet.” Oh, and the stock market is down, what is it? 300 or 350? Is that confidence or what? Especially as the theme for the RNC last night was supposed to be "prosperity." hahahahahahaha
  358. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  12:05 am

  359. Obama's response to the RNC today: You wouldn't know that this is such a critical election by watching the convention last night. I know we had our week. And the Republicans deserve theirs. But it's been amazing for me to watch over the last two nights. If you sit there, and you watch it. You're hearing a lot about John McCain, and he's got a compelling biography as a P.O.W. You're hearing an awful lot about me. Most of which is not true. What you're not hearing is a lot about you. You haven't heard one word about how they're going to make the health system work - so that when a union is negotiating with a company it's not all just a discussion about higher premiums and you guys can actually start talking about higher wages and benefits. You haven't heard one word about how we're gonna create more apprenticeship programs like the ones we have here. Or give other people a chance to train in new trades. You haven't heard one word about getting serious about green and alternative energy. The kind of work that is resulting in all the expansion and hiring here. You haven't heard one word about how we're going to strengthen unions so that working people get a decent stake. You haven't heard one word about how we're going to improve math and science education so that we can hire more engineers to create more products in green technology. You haven't heard one word about how we're going to deal with any aspect of the economy that is affecting you and your pocket day to day. Haven't heard one word about it. Literally. Two nights. They have not said a word about it. They have not said a word about it. They've had a lot to say about me. But they haven't had anything to say about you. And the thing that I'm insisting on in this election is that we can't keep playing the same political games we always play. — Barack Obama York, Pennsylvania September 4, 2008
  360. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  2:55 am

  361. an African American perspective.
  362. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  3:51 am

  363. Thought of the mild mannered one when I read this on the Making Light site, except Patrick Nielsen-Hayden is pretty po'd about it: "September 04, 2008 Slime, and several answers to slime Posted by Patrick at 04:32 PM * 35 comments “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.” —Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin, acceptance speech, September 3, 2008 A. Serwer on Tapped: [C]ommunity organizers aren’t just those rabble-rousers who help keep people from getting evicted or protest police brutality—they’re basically the ordinary people across the political spectrum who to try hold government accountable to its citizens. Mocking that really shows how much contempt the party has for ordinary people. Republicans look down their noses at alleged “elites” while directing their anger at community organizers, who actually live and work among the people politicians only pay attention to when they’re looking for votes. But it’s not surprising that a party that has spent the last eight years running government into the ground would be irritated by an active citizenry demanding that government actually do its job, rather than simply letting incompetent pols go about their business. If there’s any takeaway from this theme, it’s that the right would rather Americans shut up and fall in line. If I had spent my mayoralty subjecting people to loyalty tests and trying to ban books, a community organizer might make me nervous, too. If I had been mayor of a town that was left with 20 million dollars in debt after my tenure, I wouldn’t be on TV talking about how well I had handled my responsibilities and how awful community organizers are. Because, after all, community organizers have the responsibility of helping regular people cope with the messes irresponsible politicians leave behind. Christopher Hayes at the Nation: [M]y dad is a community organizer, so lemme spell this out: the difference between a community organizer and a politician is that a community organizer can’t tell anyone what to do. They have to listen. So they can’t order books banned from a library to indulge their own religious sensibilities. They can’t fire someone because they didn’t follow orders to fire an estranged family member. They can’t ram through a $15 million dollar sports complex that leaves their local town groaning underneath the debt. Unlike politicians, they don’t have any power other than the power of people who want to see something changed. Al Giordano at The Field: Palin couldn’t help herself last night. She had to say, in a few fateful words, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.” Translation: I got elected and therefore I am better than all of you! Joe Klein at Time magazine’s “Swampland” blog: This morning, I received a press release from a group called Catholic Democrats about the work—the mission, the witness—that Obama performed after he got out of college. Here’s the first paragraph: Catholic Democrats is expressing surprise and shock that Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech tonight mocked her opponent’s work in the 1980s for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. She belittled Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s experience as a community organizer in Catholic parishes on the South Side of Chicago, work he undertook instead of pursuing a lucrative career on Wall Street. In her acceptance speech, Ms. Palin said, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities.” Community organizing is at the heart of Catholic Social Teaching to end poverty and promote social justice. So here is what Giuliani and Palin didn’t know: Obama was working for a group of churches that were concerned about their parishioners, many of whom had been laid off when the steel mills closed on the south side of Chicago. They hired Obama to help those stunned people recover and get the services they needed—job training, help with housing and so forth—from the local government. It was, dare I say it, the Lord’s work—the sort of mission Jesus preached. (As opposed to the war in Iraq, which Palin described as a “task from God.”) This is what Palin and Giuliani were mocking. They were making fun of a young man’s decision “to serve a cause greater than himself,” in the words of John McCain. They were, therefore, mocking one of their candidate’s favorite messages. Obama served the poor for three years, then went to law school. To describe this service—the first thing he did out of college, the sort of service every college-educated American should perform, in some form or other—as anything other than noble is cheap and tawdry and cynical in the extreme. Perhaps La Pasionaria of the Northern Slope didn’t know this when she read the words they gave her. But Giuliani—a profoundly lapsed Catholic, who must have met more than a few religious folk toiling in the inner cities—should have known. (“I don’t even know what that is,” he sneered.”) What a shameful performance. Christy Hardin Smith on Firedoglake: Cleaning up a local riverbed or a walking trail with your kid’s scout troop? Republicans think you’re a loser. Working with a job training or literacy program to help folks move from welfare to work? Republicans think your efforts deserve ridicule. Promoting a spay and neuter program at your local animal shelter? Republicans are laughing at you. Volunteer at your church pantry to help the least of these? Republicans are mocking you. Christy nails it. If you spend any time whatsoever doing stuff to help other people out, these freaks gathered in the Xcel Energy Center despise you. No more mercy. These people need to be more than defeated. They need to be driven from our public life. "
  364. moe99 on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  8:01 am

  365. Watched the first episode of Torchwood after fixing dinner for me and my daughter, who came to visit. Much better use of my time than observing the RNC
  366. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 5th, 2008  5:26 pm

  367. Apparently the tech person in charge of the backdrop for McCain's speech goofed:
  368. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 5th, 2008  8:29 pm

  369. DC Mayor, Marion Berry, the cocaine addled jerk, also comes to mind.
  370. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 6th, 2008  7:06 pm

  371. Joe Biden delinieates the divide between R and D as well as anyone. Damn straight, Joe!!!
  372. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 6th, 2008  7:35 pm

  373. Troopergate Investigation sought to be shut down by republicans: Danny--you got anything better than that? I think Joe perfectly encapsulated the differences in the R and D conventions. The Rs now have a cult of personality going to rival what they said was Obama's. Now why do you think that they went for the People magazine version of campaigning rather than highlighting the issues and their proposed policies? Could it be that they are bankrupt on that score?
  374. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 6th, 2008  9:56 pm

  375. Speaking of ecumaniacal, the Catholic Church is now calling Nancy Pelosi in to the archibishop's office for her stand on abortion. At least it's not an auto da fe: Oh and Danny, I stand by my statements. You have given nothing of quotes made by either McCain or Palin (who by the way are trying to now kill the troopergate investigation--predictable in my book, after all IOKIYAR) concerning concrete proposals made on those issues mentioned by Biden. Here's what Obama had to say in his nomination speech: I will stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas, and I will start giving them to companies that create good jobs right here in America.... I'll eliminate capital gains taxes for the small businesses and start-ups that will create the high-wage, high-tech jobs of tomorrow.... I will -- listen now -- I will cut taxes -- cut taxes -- for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class.... And for the sake of our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, I will set a clear goal as president: In 10 years, we will finally end our dependence on oil from the Middle East.... As president, as president, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I'll help our auto companies re-tool, so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here in America.... I'll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy -- wind power, and solar power, and the next generation of biofuels -- an investment that will lead to new industries and 5 million new jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced.... I'll invest in early childhood education. I'll recruit an army of new teachers, and pay them higher salaries, and give them more support. And in exchange, I'll ask for higher standards and more accountability. And we will keep our promise to every young American: If you commit to serving your community or our country, we will make sure you can afford a college education.... If you have health care -- if you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums. If you don't, you'll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves. And -- and as someone who watched my mother argue with insurance companies while she lay in bed dying of cancer, I will make certain those companies stop discriminating against those who are sick and need care the most. Now is the time to help families with paid sick days and better family leave, because nobody in America should have to choose between keeping their job and caring for a sick child or an ailing parent. Now is the time to change our bankruptcy laws, so that your pensions are protected ahead of CEO bonuses, and the time to protect Social Security for future generations. And now is the time to keep the promise of equal pay for an equal day's work, because I want my daughters to have the exact same opportunities as your sons. Now, many of these plans will cost money, which is why I've laid out how I'll pay for every dime: by closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don't help America grow. But I will also go through the federal budget line by line, eliminating programs that no longer work and making the ones we do need work better and cost less, because we cannot meet 21st-century challenges with a 20th-century bureaucracy...." I didn't hear anything quite that concrete w/ McCain's speech or Palin's.
  376. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 6th, 2008  10:13 pm

  377. And now McCain's folks are LYING about the gaffe involving the the picture of Walter Reed Middle School which was featured behind him during his speech. Is there nothing to small that these folks don't lie about?
  378. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 6th, 2008  10:48 pm

  379. The bbq coleslaw recipe in Joy of Cooking is the absolute best.
  380. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 6th, 2008  11:45 pm

  381. Craig Robinson used to coach the Brown basketball team. This fact courtesy of my daughter, Brown '07.
  382. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2008  2:51 am

  383. Below is a paragraph from this week's Time magazine article on Sarah Palin: "[Former Wasilla mayor] Stein says that as mayor, Palin continued to inject religious beliefs into her policy at times. "She asked the library how she could go about banning books," he says, because some voters thought they had inappropriate language in them. "The librarian was aghast." The librarian, Mary Ellen Baker, couldn't be reached for comment, but news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire her for not giving "full support" to the mayor." Mary Ellen Baker resigned from her library director job in 1999. Here is the list of books Palin tried to have banned. As many of you will notice it is a hit parade for book burners. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner Blubber by Judy Blume Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson Canterbury Tales by Chaucer Carrie by Stephen King Catch-22 by Joseph Heller Christine by Stephen King Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau Cujo by Stephen King Curses, Hexes, and Spells by Daniel Cohen Daddy's Roommate by Michael Willhoite Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Peck Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Decameron by Boccaccio East of Eden by John Steinbeck Fallen Angels by Walter Myers Fanny Hill (Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure) by John Cleland Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes Forever by Judy Blume Grendel by John Champlin Gardner Halloween ABC by Eve Merriam Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling Have to Go by Robert Munsch Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou Impressions edited by Jack Booth In the Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak It's Okay if You Don't Love Me by Norma Klein James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman Little Red Riding Hood by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Lord of the Flies by William Golding Love is One of the Choices by Norma Klein Lysistrata by Aristophanes More Scary Stories in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz My Brother Sam Is Dead by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier My House by Nikki Giovanni My Friend Flicka by Mary O'Hara Night Chills by Dean Koontz Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck On My Honor by Marion Dane Bauer One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez Ordinary People by Judith Guest Our Bodies, Ourselves by Boston Women's Health Collective Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones by Alvin Schwartz Scary Stories in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz Separate Peace by John Knowles Silas Marner by George Eliot Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain The Bastard by John Jakes The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier The Color Purple by Alice Walker The Devil's Alternative by Frederick Forsyth The Figure in the Shadows by John Bellairs The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Snyder The Learning Tree by Gordon Parks The Living Bible by William C. Bower The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare The New Teenage Body Book by Kathy McCoy and Charles Wibbelsman The Pigman by Paul Zindel The Seduction of Peter S. by Lawrence Sanders The Shining by Stephen King The Witches by Roald Dahl The Witches of Worm by Zilpha Snyder Then Again, Maybe I Won't by Judy Blume To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary by the Merriam-Webster Editorial Staff Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts: The Story of the Halloween Symbols by Edna Barth
  384. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2008  3:31 am

  385. Mea culpa. I had received this via email from a professor of English at a Seattle college, and assumed his source was true. Guess we can all be taken in. Mea maxima culpa to the group.
  386. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2008  4:11 am

  387. this is an article published in the local Alaska paper. the Mat Su Valley Frontiersman at the time of the attempted book banning. Seems like Mayor Palin really was getting into this loyalty stuff way back when. She seems to be a worthy successor for Cheney, especially as she's getting her 'hiding out' practice in early.
  388. moe99 on Quel fromage.*
    September 7th, 2008  9:09 am

  389. Brian, At least is on to this:
  390. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2008  6:52 pm

  391. Looks like the ghost of Donald Segretti is alive and well in the Republican party:
  392. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2008  10:19 pm

  393. My Fort Wayne restaurant memory is one named Johnell's. Had french cuisine, and was very high brow back in the late 60s. My mother promised to take me there if I got my hair cut. It was below shoulder length, which was de rigeur for girls at that time, but she also wouldn't pay for contact lenses, so I agreed, got my haircut and it was sort of like Twiggy's (for which I was mightily embarrassed) but I got the dinner at Johnell's and all I remember is that a glass of coke was 50cents, which was exorbitant since I could still get a nickel coke at Daoust's Drugstore walking home from high school. And not to be without a political note of the day: Wasn't it PT Barnum who said, "You'll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public."?
  394. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 8th, 2008  3:49 am

  395. the mental asylums were closed on Reagan's watch. Another one for the hypocrites.
  396. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 8th, 2008  8:31 am

  397. Did you know that Obama showed up at the RNC? (it's humor, guys)
  398. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 8th, 2008  10:56 am

  399. Here's another Hiatt video that I particularly enjoy:
  400. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 8th, 2008  7:18 pm

  401. If we're going on impressions and not issues, this makes it simply a high school popularity contest. Is this how we want our leaders selected?
  402. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 8th, 2008  9:03 pm

  403. That's right, Ms. Mary. She was for the bridge when she ran for governor in 2006 and only later announced she was agin it but took the money to use anyway she wanted. She also headed up a 527 for Stevens, so they were buds once.
  404. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 9th, 2008  1:18 am

  405. "By every economic measure known to man, Democratic Presidents have out-performed Republican Presidents. And by the way if you believe the economy was better under George W Bush than Bill Clinton you’ve got a real clear choice here. "If you think what America needs is a tax cut for people making over half-a-million dollars a year then vote for McCain. If you think middle-class people are struggling – that their incomes are going down and they need help – vote for Obama. It’s a very simple choice". - CNN's Late Edition, James Carville
  406. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 9th, 2008  1:45 am

  407. Prince George's PD exonerates their own in the shooting deaths of the mayor of Berwyn Heights two black labs in a botched drug raid. Kwame should be on his knees thanking his creator that he's from Detroit.
  408. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 9th, 2008  5:14 am

  409. So why exactly ARE you voting for them Jeff? What policies are they proposing that are so much better than those adduced by Obama? I really would like to know.
  410. moe99 on Romantic comedy.
    September 9th, 2008  5:19 pm

  411. Oprah won't book Palin b/c she won't book presidential candidates period. She had Obama on her show before he declared, not after. This Newsbusters sounds suspiciously like a right wing trash machine.
  412. moe99 on Home of the losers.
    September 9th, 2008  6:00 pm

  413. AHA! I was right! NewsBusters is a very conservative organiztion: I thought they were giving truth short shrift. And btw as a Seattlite, the former home of the Sonics and currently sporting the Mariners and Seahawks, I understand your sports pain, Detroiters.
  414. moe99 on Home of the losers.
    September 9th, 2008  6:09 pm

  415. Okay, here goes with the second try of the day. Obama to Palin: Don't Mock the Constitution. Which reminds me of President Andrew Shepherd, in "The American President" whose following lines were supposedly written because Dukakis had no good response to GHWB's "accusation" in 1988 that Dukakis belonged to the ACLU. "For the last couple of months, Senator Rumson has suggested that being president of this country was, to a certain extent, about character, and although I have not been willing to engage in his attacks on me, I've been here three years and three days, and I can tell you without hesitation: Being President of this country is entirely about character. For the record: yes, I am a card-carrying member of the ACLU. But the more important question is why aren't you, Bob? Now, this is an organization whose sole purpose is to defend the Bill of Rights, so it naturally begs the question: Why would a senator, his party's most powerful spokesman and a candidate for President, choose to reject upholding the Constitution? If you can answer that question, folks, then you're smarter than I am, because I didn't understand it until a few hours ago. America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, 'cause it's gonna put up a fight. It's gonna say "You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can't just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then, you can stand up and sing about the "land of the free"......" It is terribly sad that once again the Republicans are only interested in playing the bully and not noting the deeper reasons behind our structure of government. Once again, they are trying to make this into a high school popularity contest. I only hope that they go broker underestimating our intelligence. Edited to add that Bob Hebert is going full bore in the NYT today:
  416. moe99 on Home of the losers.
    September 9th, 2008  11:09 pm

  417. Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats. -- H. L. Mencken
  418. moe99 on Like this.
    September 10th, 2008  2:43 am

  419. Just got back from the doctor's office where I had my monthly allergy shot and spent a large amount of time reading the latest Sunset magazine and drooling over the restaurant and recipes portion. What's not to like about a new fish and chips restaurant in Seattle that serves french fried smelt? My Minnesota and Seattle roots entwine!!
  420. moe99 on Like this.
    September 10th, 2008  6:13 am

  421. Does anyone remember Brauer's delicatessan in Toledo? Is it still in business? It was my first experience with a Jewish delicatssen, being a small town girl from Defiance. And I was in love with their pickles and the Rueben sandwiches on rye.
  422. moe99 on No comment.
    September 10th, 2008  5:19 pm

  423. Welcome to Swiftboat 2008, only this comes direct from McCain campaign headquarters:
  424. moe99 on No comment.
    September 10th, 2008  6:09 pm

  425. The consequences where McCain wins playing this dirty. I actually think it would be a lot worse than Kevin Drum says.
  426. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 10th, 2008  9:09 pm

  427. Man rubbed with spices, other beaten with sausage A stranger broke into a home east of Fresno, rubbed spices on the body of one of two men as they slept and used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man in the face and head before he fled, Fresno County sheriff's deputies said Saturday. By The Fresno Bee FRESNO, Calif. — A stranger broke into a home east of Fresno, rubbed spices on the body of one of two men as they slept and used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man in the face and head before he fled, Fresno County sheriff's deputies said Saturday. Lt. Ian Burrimond said a suspect was found in a nearby field and taken into custody. Deputies, he said, had no problem linking a suspect to the crime: "It seems the guy ran out of the house wearing only a T-shirt, boxer shorts and socks, leaving behind his wallet with his ID." Arrested was a 22-year-old Fresno resident. The spices and the sausage, Burrimond said, were taken from the victims' kitchen. He said money that had been taken was recovered, but the sausage was discarded and eaten by a dog. "That's right, the dog ate the weapon," Burrimond said.
  428. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 10th, 2008  11:19 pm

  429. Danny, The photo was old news as of last week. So far Palin's other news (troopergate, banning books, taking unearned per diems, bridge to Nowhere among others) seen to be holding up just fine. ps: CBS just took down a McCain web ad it admitted was misleading. Nice going McCain campaign!!!
  430. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  12:08 am

  431. Jeffrey Rosen in TNR on Joe Biden's constitutional underpinnings. Not your usual surficial journalism. Oh, and Danny, I offered my mea culpas for the list of library already on the list. You can take off the hobnailed boots. But the abc report makes it clear today that Palin did inquire about banning books, not once but several times, and that she tried to fire the librarian who was reinstated after the town went ballistic in its wake. The librarian told the abc reporter she resigned after two years because of the rough treatment she suffered under Palin:
  432. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  2:23 am

  433. And TPM is selling lipstick on a pig tshirts w/ McCain/Palin on them if you are interested: mens: womens:
  434. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  4:32 am

  435. For those babies who have everything:
  436. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  7:37 am

  437. joodyb: everytime I think I've seen it all, I haven't. And to think that the inventors and marketers of high heels for babies live in Seattle. Oh, the shame! And speaking of shame, finally Giblets from Fafblog tells us the reality of Sarah Palin:
  438. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 11th, 2008  5:20 pm

  439. I've been to Europe 4 times and Australia once. I lived in Brussels for a year while getting my LLM in International Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I lived with an older Jewish couple who had survived the Holocaust because he was a chemist with a Swiss pharmacuetical company (they had come from Poland so he could attend the University Libre de Bruxelles and get his Phd). After Kristallnacht, they gave their son to a gentile couple in the country and they left everything in their apt, going to live in the factory. No one ratted them out. They made it through and I heard a few harrowing stories about it, especially after we watched the first night of the American Holocaust series that was being broadcast in Brussesl for the first time. Their son became the dean of the law school at the french University of Brussels and I corresponded with him irregularly over the years after my couple died. PS. I've been to Mexico and Canada more times than I remember and to the Caribbean twice, once for the honeymoon from hell
  440. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 11th, 2008  6:15 pm

  441. Nice story about how a dog helped a woman's depression.
  442. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  6:55 pm

  443. Danny, It's more than the libararian and you know it. Today comes the story that Palin is pushing earmarks of $3.2 million to fund research into seal DNA In the Wall Street Journal we learn that Palin's one time ethics advisor told her and her husband to apologize for troopergate: Edited to add: Palin got caught quoting Westbrook Pegler yesterday. Former AZ Senator Dennis Deconcini talks about McCain's judgment problem: And the Washington Post editorial page, lately a doormat for the Republicans, even takes some time to chastise McCain for his loss of honor in conducting his campaign this week:
  444. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  8:20 pm

  445. I'm not gonna mess up the perfectly lovely travel discussion we are having in the other thread, but I do think this is a new one on Palin: While Palin was mayor, her town charged rape victims for rape kits. Nice.
  446. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 11th, 2008  9:00 pm

  447. a recent McCain interview by a reporter in Maine. and the sale of the luxury jet on ebay? Eh, not so much:
  448. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 11th, 2008  9:55 pm

  449. Connie--Youth for Understanding. I was sent to Offenbach, Germany to stay with a family there the summer of 1969. Highlights included doing the family ironing for them, teaching their daughter better english because she was coming to the US the next fall to be an exchange student. Said daughter was into smoking and picking up American GIs ( I got into the former but not the latter). The mom had a nervous breakdown while I was there, spent a whole day locked in her room screaming. Didn't dare say a word about what was going on until I got home. I did manage to make off with a fork w/ a swastika on it when the family went for vacation to a familienfarienheim in Innsbruck, Austria and took me. They were using nazi flatwear in the dining hall. Gave it to my brothers upon return so it's now lost to the mists of time.
  450. moe99 on The silent minority.
    September 12th, 2008  12:43 am

  451. the first part of Palin's abc interview and she says we might have to go to war with Russia! Bombs away!!!
  452. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 12th, 2008  2:45 am

  453. I'm very sorry, but I interrupt our idylls abroad to bring you some humor:
  454. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 12th, 2008  7:02 am

  455. Okay, the former owner of my house is a graduate of Columbia and I get all the alumni association trip literature. Today this arrived: "Around the World by Private Jet" An exploration of the World's Greatest Treasures and Legendary Places. Cusco & Machu Picchu * Easter Island * Samoa * Great Barrier Reef * Angkor Wat * Lhasa, Tibet * The Taj Mahal * Tanzania Safari Adventure * Luxor, The Pyramids & the Sphinx * Fez, Morocco February 2-25, 2009. You are advised deep into the brochure that "our programs are classifed in three categories: Value, Superior and Luxury," and that this one is rated 'Luxury' Care to guess what it costs? $56,950 w/ a single occupancy supplement of $8,545. Well, now there's a tour, I could get behind.
  456. moe99 on Not about cathedrals.
    September 12th, 2008  5:14 pm

  457. I've always understood the Bush doctrine to mean pre-emptive strike, which was a significant 180 from our prior policy. Ok, here's James Fallows on it. His use of the term 'preventive' is what I meant by my use of the term 'pre-emptive' so obviously I'm not cut out to be a VP candidate either. What I did know is that we changed the rules so that a barely credible (and in hindsight a lie) assertion about WMDs was enough to cost our country 7 years and 800 billion dollars and counting of war and its blowback. Where are we going to get the wherewithall to pay our creditors back on this? We certainly aren't making any financial sacrifices for it in the present.
  458. moe99 on Hi, neighbor.
    September 12th, 2008  5:17 pm

  459. I have an elderly black lab (Max) and a miniature dachshund (Scooter) who make a great Mutt and Jeff pair for walks. This summer Scooter decided to fetch in the water just like Max and it makes quite a sight as he has to whip his tail back and forth to remain upright while swimming back. I've had a number of folks comment on it as they mosey past us.
  460. moe99 on Hi, neighbor.
    September 12th, 2008  6:46 pm

  461. Connie, LOL!! My dearly departed cats used to do the same thing towards the end of the Christmas season. I think they were telling me it was time for the tree to go. My dachshund sleeps under the covers at night. All three of my dachshunds did this. I ask every dachshund owner I see if their dogs do this and to a person they agree. I think it was because they were bred to hunt badgers in their dens that they like dark, enclosed spaces. That breeding also explains why mine fiercely barks at all the bigger dogs we encounter.
  462. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 12th, 2008  8:31 pm

  463. She also didn't sit up straight. I was my mother for once, yelling into the tv screen. ps: I keep waiting for Palin supporters to weigh in in her defense. What gives?
  464. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 12th, 2008  9:18 pm

  465. OT (grin) but this apparently is the top song in Pakistan right now. This was provided to me by a friend in Germany.
  466. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 12th, 2008  10:23 pm

  467. Gibson was the same way with Obama. Do we want a double standard--with women getting easier times? I don't think so. And Danny, if you think McCain is going to change things, take a look at his major donor list. And after that, if you still believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.
  468. moe99 on Hi, neighbor.
    September 12th, 2008  11:43 pm

  469. I note you didn't add 'good looking' to the mix, Danny. (vbeg)
  470. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  2:54 am

  471. Gasman, the reason for the Iraq war was an Oedipal complex pure and simple. Bush 2 has always wanted to show his dad who really has the cojones in the family and this was the perfect opporturnity because dad had to swallow it lock, stock and barrel. It was perfect revenge as far as W was concerned.
  472. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 15th, 2008  12:56 am

  473. So Jeff, abortion tops the economy for you? We appear to be headed for a huge economic meltdown w/ $800 billion in debt to foreign countries (read China) for the Iraq war with the likely bill to be trillions upon trillions? Perhaps you want all these unwanted babies to be born so they can shoulder some of the debt we are leaving to our children and their children? (only said slightly tongue in cheek) Are you also opposed to birth control pills as a form of abortion? IUDs?
  474. moe99 on The squared circle.
    September 15th, 2008  3:27 am

  475. I'm back from our church retreat weekend and it seems nothing has changed it's only getting worse. Here's a taste of the above article: Roubini and the Bail-in this weekend Eloquent plea to watch the happenings and interpret the results for today. I cannot say it better....rdan If Lehman collapses expect a run on all of the other broker dealers and the collapse of the shadow banking system Nouriel Roubini | Sep 13, 2008 It is now clear that we are again – as we were in mid- March at the time of the Bear Stearns collapse – an epsilon away from a generalized run on most of the shadow banking system, especially the other major independent broker dealers (Lehman, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs). If Lehman does not find a buyer over the weekend and the counterparties of Lehman withdraw their credit lines on Monday (as they all will in the absence of a deal) you will have not only a collapse of Lehman but also the beginning of a run on the other independent broker dealers (Merrill Lynch first but also in sequence Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and possibly even those broker dealers that are part of a larger commercial bank, I.e. JP Morgan and Citigroup). Then this run would lead to a massive systemic meltdown of the financial system. That is the reason why the Fed has convened in emergency meetings the heads of all major Wall Street firms on Friday and again today to convince them not to pull the plug on Lehman and maintain their exposure to this distressed broker dealer...... The reason why Lehman is having a hard time to find a buyer is that it is most likely insolvent. If you had to mark to market the value of it illiquid and toxic assets (the $40 billion of commercial real estate assets, its remaining residential MBS and CDOs, its holdings of real estate private equity funds) Lehman is most likely insolvent (i.e. has negative net worth with liabilities well above its impaired assets). So leaving aside the potential and now dubious value of its franchise (an option to the value of a much slimmed down financial institution) no financial institution should be paying even a single penny to buy an insolvent firm. That is why all the potential suitors of Lehman (such as Bank of America and others) are waiting for the government to provide another sleazy Bear Stearns deal where the government would buy at higher than market value the toxic assets of Lehman (the commercial real estate assets for example) so as to make the net worth of the remaining institution positive and worth buying. But such action – borderline illegal in the case of Bear as pointed out by Paul Volcker – would be a scandal in the case of Lehman and severely exacerbate the moral hazard problem. But here lies the conundrum of this Lehman crisis: no one seems to want to buy for a positive price Lehman unless there is a public subsidy (taking off their toxic assets off the firms’ balance sheet). The government cannot afford to provide the subsidy as the moral hazard problems are becoming severe. But then if on Monday no deal is done Lehman collapses and goes into Chapter 11 court and you have the beginning of a systemic financial meltdown as the run on the other broker dealers will start. Thus, what Fed and Treasury are trying to do this weekend is another 1998 LTCM bailin or Korea 1997 bailin, i.e. trying to convince all the major institutions to either support a purchase of Lehman or maintain their exposure to Lehman if no buyers is found. Can this bail-in work? It is not clear as there is a major collective action problem: you can’t only convince half a dozen major Wall Street firms to maintain their exposure to Lehman. You need also to convince all the other counterparties of Lehman (including the hedge funds and the other broker dealers and banks) not to roll off their claims and credit to Lehman. This is a much more messy collective action problem and coordination game than in the case of LTCM and Korea where the number of involved counterparties was more limited (less than 20 in each case). Paulson and Bernanke and Geithner (the troika managing this financial crisis) have all made public statements in the last few month to the necessity of finding an orderly way to close down – rather than bailout – a major and systemically important non bank financial institutions: the embarrassment and losses for the Fed that the bailout of the creditors of Bear led made it paramount to avoid another Bear like bailout. That is why they are now playing tough with Lehman and its creditors. But in this game of chicken the Fed and the Treasury may end up being the ones to blink. Faced with the risk of a generalized run on the other broker dealers they may decide that greasing again a deal for the purchase of Lehman may be less costly and less risky than testing whether the system can orderly work out a collapse of Lehman (something that is highly uncertain). Even in the case of the Bank of America purchase of Countrywide such public subsidy was significant (the FHLB of Atlanta lent to Countrywide over $50 billion and Bank of America has most likely received plenty of tacit forbearance from the Fed to support its takeover of an insolvent Countrywide). So implicitly or explicitly the Fed and the Treasury may decide – however reckless and moral hazard laden that choice may be – to provide some explicit or implicit subsidy to a private purchase of Lehman. The trouble is that, in spite of all public statements regarding the need to provide an orderly demise of large broker dealers, the Fed and the Treasury have done nothing to create such insolvency regime for such broker dealers. So the only option for Lehman – if a buyer is not found - will be the one of ending up in Chapter 11 and trigger massive losses on its counterparties that will in turn trigger a run on such counterparties.... Read the whole damn thing and then let's think about who is going to be the candidate who will best grasp what is going on here and figure out how to tackle it. Keeping in mind that the architect of this disaster, Phil Gramm (who was responsible for the deregulation that permitted this to come to pass) is back in McCain's highest levels advising him on economic issues. And probably trying to cover his weiny little ass as well. I don't think McCain has the brain cells to comprehend what is going on here.
  476. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 15th, 2008  7:07 am

  477. Well, I get to go Jeff one better and mention that I am back from my weekend church retreat (Presbyterian, thank you very much). We spent it talking about our experiences at camps, conferences and retreats and I was reminded of my time as a camperoonie at Camp Palmer in Defiance (where the late Terry Ryan of The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio was my counselor), Camp Libbey from the Toledo Council of Girl Scouts (my dad was the camp pediatrician since they were physically located in Defiance County somewhere); and Camp Ladyglen in Grand Rapids, OH. And we sang a number of camp songs such as Little Bunny FrouFrou, the Johnny Appleseed song before dinner, and the canoeing song ("My paddle's clean and bright, flashing in water..."). Any other suggestions for a sing a long?
  478. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 15th, 2008  5:16 pm

  479. speaking of the financial meltdown, the point was made that John McCain wanted us voters to tie our social security in to the financial markets with his privatization proposal that seemed sooo nifty a while back. Here's the money quote: As part of Social Security reform, I believe that private savings accounts are a part of it—along the lines that President Bush proposed,” McCain told the Journal.[Wall Street Journal, 3/3/08; Campaign Website, accessed 3/3/08] Also the Lehman Bros bankruptcy filing is the largest in history: Roubini's predicting that there will be no independent broker dealers left:,MER,AIG,GS,MS,WM,XLF
  480. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 15th, 2008  10:42 pm

  481. Palin should fit in very well.
  482. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 15th, 2008  11:09 pm

  483. title of it should tell you everything. Anyone who votes for McCain after this should be ashamed of themselves for supporting such a liar.
  484. moe99 on Thanks, Ted.
    September 16th, 2008  12:24 am

  485. More humor for the day: Hockey moms against Sarah Palin:
  486. moe99 on Thanks, Ted.
    September 16th, 2008  1:23 am

  487. Danny, that's not the official McCain campaign position: they need to get their stories straight.
  488. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 16th, 2008  2:16 am

  489. Just get to about 7 minutes in where they compare Bush's 2000 acceptance speech with McCain's in 2008. It is damn scary.
  490. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 16th, 2008  3:48 am

  491. Got this from my friend, the Klickitat County prosecutor: Confused? I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight..... * If you grow up in Hawaii , raised by your grandparents, you're "exotic, different." * Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, a quintessential American story. * If your name is Barack you're a radical, unpatriotic Muslim. * Name your kids Willow, Trig, Bristol, and Track, you're a maverick. * Graduate from Harvard law School and you are unstable. * Attend 5 different small colleges before graduating, you're well grounded. * If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate's Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran ' s Affairs committees, you don't have any real leadership experience. * If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you're qualified to become the country's second highest ranking executive and next in line behind a man in his eighth decade. * If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 daughters, all within Protestant churches, you're not a real Christian. If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and then left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you're a true Christian. * If you teach responsible, age appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society. * If, while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state's school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant, you're very responsible. * If your wife is a Harvard graduate laywer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family's values don't represent America's. * If your husband is nicknamed "First Dude", with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn't register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable. OK, much clearer now.
  492. moe99 on The meltdown.
    September 16th, 2008  9:05 am

  493. This from Robert F. Kennedy Jr in the HuffPo: Fascist writer Westbrook Pegler, an avowed racist who Sarah Palin approvingly quoted in her acceptance speech for the moral superiority of small town values, expressed his fervent hope about my father, Robert F. Kennedy, as he contemplated his own run for the presidency in 1965, that "some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter his spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies." It might be worth asking Governor Palin for a tally of the other favorites from her reading list.
  494. moe99 on "Mad Men" love.
    September 16th, 2008  9:07 am

  495. Nance, I'm watching Rosemary and Thyme for the sheer British stiff upper lip, escapist murder mysteries solved by two unlikely older women fun. Not quite as high brow as Mad Men, but I want to forget and I also want the bad guys caught, unlike real life.
  496. moe99 on "Mad Men" love.
    September 16th, 2008  4:45 pm

  497. Colin Powell loses more lustre than I thought he had, the longer this goes on. When I met him back in 80 he was a Colonel working for SecDef Brown. He and my boss, Togo West, were buddies. But he has chosen some very sad paths since his glory days w/ Bush1.
  498. moe99 on "Mad Men" love.
    September 16th, 2008  8:31 pm

  499. Uh, Nancy, you discounted the vote suppression in Macomb County a while back, but it appears that the Obama campaign has filed suit over it? Any more information that you can come by locally?
  500. moe99 on The house with the tarp.
    September 17th, 2008  6:00 pm

  501. Just a minor correction, but it illustrates the inconsistency of the Bush administration: Bear Stearns was rescued, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were rescued, AIG was rescued but Lehman was not. I have no idea why Lehman got left out of the bail out but am cynical enough to think it has to do with how much they gave to the Republicans over the years. I started work at the SEC as an enforcement attorney in 1983 and left in 1994 when the Clinton administration closed the Seattle Regional office as part of reinventing government. I am not a financial analyst by training but here is my inexpert take on the situation: Since 1983 we have had the following gyrations in the market ( caution in that I am only listing the biggies now): the insider trading scandals in the early part of the Reagan administration involving folks like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milliken. In 1987 we had the market meltdown. In 1999 we had the blow up of the dot com market, and now this. All of these were brought about the conflict between the overwhelming desire to make money juxtaposed against lax regulation/oversight by the regulators.* If you look at the investment market, you will see this is what happens historically--folks are looking for a way to get rich by exploiting the system which can occur if those in charge of the morals either don't have the tools to do their job or look the other way. Home ownership traditonally was supposed to be different from investment or securities ownership because home ownership is a cornerstone of the American myth in the Jimmy Stewart, It's a Beautiful Life sort of way. There was a separation between securities and mortgages in terms of how they were regulated and controlled embodied by the Glass Steagall Act, which was repealed by a Republican Congress in 1999 (Phil Gramm was the prime mover but Bill Clinton signed it into law) What happened as a result is that the controls in place got removed and mortgages became the next, big thing in investment. People began to view their homes not just as a place to live for the rest of their lives but as their major investment vehicle. And the protections that had been in place to assure that e.g. home buyers met the financial worthiness to purchase were gone. It was like the residential real estate sector of the economy got turned into Wall Street with all the greed and none of the controls in place. And the homeowners were the base of this but their take was incremental compared to the ones that made money off of them in the fees and the slicing and dicing of the mortages into different tranches and reselling them on the market--essentially mortgages were cut up into complex investment vehicles where the interest payments went one way and the principal payments went elsewhere; they were recombined and resold to generally very large investors as money makers but there was no way to assess the soundness of these new, hybrid investment vehicles, so certain insurance companies either expanded their roles or were created to assure investors of the creditworthiness of the investments. It all grew like topsy, because at the bottom line, there was no there there as to whether these investment vehicles were in fact solid--it became quite the pyramid. I know that I am not explaining this very well, but I would urge those who want to know more to go and read back posts by Duncan Black at his Eschaton blog. He cites to folks like Nouriel Roubini who really do look at what was going on in the market, without drinking the kool aid or wearing the rose colored glasses and tell us what was/is going on. *I had a case involving the sale of a machine that was said to separate gold from dirt. It worked very well in people's living rooms because the dirt was finely ground like the gold flakes that were added to it, but in the wild, the energy that had to be expended to get the same consistency cost way more than the gold that could be extracted. But once people had seen this device work, they got 'gold fever.' It is real and it is like a virus. The desire to make money can overcome all the constraints society places upon us. I have seen it in real life.
  502. moe99 on The house with the tarp.
    September 17th, 2008  6:59 pm

  503. I remember a quote from someone who said about the 1929 stock crash: "when the elevator boys were giving me stock tips, I knew it was time to get out."
  504. moe99 on The house with the tarp.
    September 17th, 2008  9:50 pm

  505. Vise peeper palin
  506. moe99 on The house with the tarp.
    September 18th, 2008  7:39 am

  507. Let me weigh in on what I mean by government regulation. In general what I want is DISCLOSURE. I want a transparent market so that investors know the risks before they invest. Most people when you talk about government regulation see the big hairy hand of NO coming down, and that's not what I mean at all. I think folks can invest in anything they want as long as the pitfalls are cleanly and clearly spelled out in registration documents and periodic reports filed with the SEC, who I hope to hell, find their cojones one of these days. God, what I would not give to have another Irving Pollack. Now there was an enforcement director.
  508. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 18th, 2008  6:27 pm

  509. Do we all remember how Gerald Ford botched his election bid when he goofed on Poland at the debates? I watched and knew at the time it was a boner. Well McCain has no idea in the world where Spain is and thinks that its President, Zapatero, is some sort of bad guy. Randy Gives it His Best Shot McCain Unsure If He’ll Meet With the Prime Minister of Spain McCain's Pain in Spain McCain is older than Reagan when he was first elected to the WH. I think McCain is in the midst of a very obvious spiral down into senile dementia. If you watched any of his media interviews, he does not come across as on top of any topic other than to woodenly recite Republican talking points. If it were a deposition or hearing testimony, I could get it all stricken as nonresponsive. Folks, if you continue to argue that McCain is the greatest thing since sliced bread and a better informed candidate than the Democrat, I have a bridge in Alaska, I would like to sell you. I bet you dollars to donuts we see a suspicious bulge on McCain's back during the debates, or else they've come up with something a little less obvious for him to use.
  510. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 18th, 2008  7:55 pm

  512. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 18th, 2008  8:38 pm

  513. Here's another Christian minister's glowing endorsement of Sarah Palin. The Aesop's fable that 'you are known by the company you keep' springs to mind.
  514. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 18th, 2008  9:39 pm

  515. This is a coda to yesterday's discussions of all things financial. I think the reforms proposed are excellent.
  516. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 19th, 2008  6:49 am

  517. Quote from a Yahoo article about McCain on the meltdown on Wall Street: ‘Palin also talked about business tax cuts that would be a priority in "a Palin and McCain administration."’ hmmmm.....
  518. moe99 on Sigh.
    September 19th, 2008  8:38 am

  519. a model of doublespeak, Ms. Palin is.
  520. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 19th, 2008  5:35 pm

  521. Well now, just got a breaking news email from CNN that says that Treasury Secretary Paulson (that would be Bush appointee, Paulson) says that Hundreds of Billions of Dollars needed to stem financial crisis!!! Now is the time for all good folks to ask: why are we in this basket? and where are we going? And it is time to hold those accountable (cough--Chair of the Senate Commerce Committe for how long?--cough) by turning them out of office in November. Oh, and Nance, here is some good stuff on the Michigan voter suppression lawsuit filed by the Obama campaign against the Republicans:
  522. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 19th, 2008  6:12 pm

  523. So why has our most celebrated POW put the brakes on information coming out about other POWs? The first paragraph in a 9000 word article at The Nation, by the author of the book that became the movie The Killing Fields: "John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn't return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero people would logically imagine to be a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books...."
  524. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 19th, 2008  7:11 pm

  525. Uh, Danny, McCain, even if he was president could NOT fire the head of the SEC. He could ask him to resign, but he doesn't have the power to fire the head of an independent agency. And Danny, there's nothin' on Obama wrt to the current financial crisis. The feeble attempts to say former Fannie Mae head Franklin Raines (a Seattle native) is advising the campaign are lies.
  526. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 19th, 2008  8:48 pm

  527. Using the figures cited by Danny, he's added some basis to my earlier suspicion that Lehman Bros didn't get a bailout because they didn't support Repubs sufficiently. The candidates cannot accept donations from companies, and Obama has gone one further and is not accepting money from lobbyists. But both candidates can accept donations from individuals. And I don't think you can really limit that unless you want to go to fully government subsidized elections. And Danny, I do not see you as a supporter of government subsidized elections. Bail out of the financial markets, sure, but not elections. Why that would be just too, too socialist..... Oh, and here's why McCain's call to ban naked shorts (love that term) is wrong: Course, the SEC in all its gutless wonder has done just that for the next two weeks, to try to 'calm the market.' Do any of you hear the subtext being offered to us: "Pay no attention to that man in the corner!!" and the true cost of the bailout:
  528. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 19th, 2008  10:41 pm

  529. Can you please define what you mean by natural law, Danny? There are quite a number of philosophies that fit under this very large umbrella of a term.
  530. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  3:25 am

  531. JC, I fear that Jeff's position is not to bother him with the facts, as his mind is made up. I mean, just take a look at this breathtaking mendacity: It simply beggars the mind to believe that rational people could support this guy for President.
  532. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  6:10 am

  533. Jolene, Too funny. Other news of note: the Seattle Times, a conservative bastion owned by the Blethen family, endorses Obama as the most qualified. Love it esp. because they endorsed the Republican who is running against my ex husband in the state Treasurer's race. Obviously they have perspicacity and taste. and this.
  534. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  10:17 am

  535. Ooh, I love it. And what "various topics" is Obama being tutored on, Danny? Still haven't heard which version of Natural Law theory you subscribe to. Here's a wonderful Mark Fiore cartoon/video: Forget healthcare, we now have Wealthcare!!!
  536. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  6:45 pm

  537. Danny, when did you graduate from law school? Because when I attended law school and then did a Master's of International Law several years later, the concept of Natural law was so 'out there' that the only place you would find it was as part of the outline of a Philosophy of Law course. cf: We, in the United States, follow common law, as does England, while Europe and Louisiana are civil law states. Do you know what the difference is? Common law is embodied in the doctrine of stare decisis. Do you know what that is? This is bedrock legal jurisprudence, Danny. Natural law these days is commonly cited by 'constitutionalists' as they attempt to argue, e.g. that the IRS is illegal and that they do not have to pay taxes. The folks in Idaho in their compounds cite Natural Law to prove their racial superiority. So, Danny, what is Natural Law for you? Because our courts, both federal and state, cite to case law as precedent for their rulings. Not to Natural Law. The use of the term Natural Law is a dog whistle in legal circles.
  538. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  7:08 pm

  539. a conservative endorses Obama
  540. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  7:38 pm

  541. Danny, Let me repeat myself. There is no basis in current legal jurisprudence for "natural law" to have any sort of weight in court decisions. You just cannot go to a court and say "natural law" compels you to find that marriages between two men or two women are illegal. 'Natural law' has no sort of cachet or weight with our courts. You have to find a basis in the constitution (best) or laws or other court decisions to successfully win in court. And if your citation to laws or decisions is inapposite to the constitution, then you lose (this is shorthand, there's a lot more to it). Natural law is a non sequitur to most judges and lawyers, and like I said, it operates like a dog whistle for constitutionalists and Aryan nations members. And as far as having effing 'royalty' (Lady Rothschild) support McCain because Obama is too elitist? Well, if the irony hasn't hit you by now, you must be humor impaired.
  542. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  8:04 pm

  543. Yes, Danny, I am aware that there is a proposal to amend the constitution and it is entirely consistent with everything I have been saying. The court ruled that the constitution gave rights to all regardless of sexual orientation, thus gays could marry. (remember the constitution trumps all) The proposed amendment to the constitution would take away marital rights for gays. Which, if it passes, could happen because again, the constitution again trumps laws and legal decision. Thus, we will have to see what the vote is on this. But lay off the natural law stuff, k? There is no way that anyone can point to what 'natural law' is because depending on whose talking it could be anything. That is why the founders of this country in their wisdom, set up the system of governance that we have. Natural law simply is an attempt to subvert it. In times like these, I tend to fall back on the movie A Man for All Seasons. In this scene, More and his son in law Roper, are discussing whether the ends justify the means: "William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law! Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil? William Roper: Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that! Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake!
  544. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  8:34 pm

  545. Yah, Jolene, it's amazing how handy that quote has come in over the past 8 years for many, many deeds done by this administration. This is my other favorite quote: "Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats." -- H. L. Mencken obviously inapposite to the first one, but we are only talking about temptation, after all.....
  546. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 20th, 2008  8:43 pm

  547. In light of our discussion thus far, take a look at the language of the bailout bill proposed yesterday and see what you think: This little section has me very concerned: "Sec. 8. Review. Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency." You tell me where they get off precluding judicial review.
  548. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 21st, 2008  12:21 am

  549. Danny, I've always known that Obama was not where I was on the marriage thing. It's why I didn't support him early on and placed my money on someone else. But even with that, I will support him now, as he more closely approximates my other views wrt governing in this country. There will never be a candidate that I see eye to eye with on everything. Also, here's a website titled Economists for Obama. Some interesting stuff there:
  550. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 21st, 2008  2:55 am

  551. Teresa Nielsen Hayden and her husband Patrick are editors at Tor magazine and have a blog that is second only to our hostess' in erudition and content. Teresa brought up a subject in a longish post on the presidential election that is worth pondering: why will McCain not make his medical records public?
  552. moe99 on The threatening cloud.
    September 21st, 2008  6:22 am

  553. From what I have read, McCain's medical records were provided in May to select individuals from the press to read for a limited period of time. We are now relying on their understanding and memory. WRT Obama, a doctor released a summary of the medical information concerning Obama:
  554. moe99 on A little history.
    September 21st, 2008  10:34 pm

  555. How John McCain Lost Me Elizabeth Drew "I had already concluded that that there was a disturbingly erratic side of McCain’s nature. There’s a certain lack of seriousness in him. And he does not appear to be a reflective man, or very interested in domestic issues. One cannot imagine him ruminating late into the night about, say, how to educate and train Americans for the new global and technological challenges. McCain’s making a big issue of “earmarks” and citing entertaining examples of ridiculous-sounding ones, circumvents discussion of the larger issues of the allocation of funds in the federal budget: according to the Office of Management and Budget, earmarks represent less than one percent of federal spending. Now he’s back to declaring himself a maverick, but it’s not clear what that means. If he gains the presidency, is he going to rebel against the base he’s now depending on to get him elected? (Hence his selection of running mate Sarah Palin.) Campaigns matter. If he means “shaking up the system” (which is not the same thing), opposing earmarks doesn’t cut it. McCain’s recent conduct of his campaign – his willingness to lie repeatedly (including in his acceptance speech) and to play Russian roulette with the vice-presidency, in order to fulfill his long-held ambition – has reinforced my earlier, and growing, sense that John McCain is not a principled man. In fact, it’s not clear who he is." Elizabeth Drew is not a casual McCain fan or a Democrat masquerading as a supporter -- she is the author of "Citizen McCain," a highly laudatory 2002 biography of McCain described by the National Review as "hagiographic." Watch this video on McCain's physical condition and failure to release his medical records:
  556. moe99 on A little history.
    September 22nd, 2008  4:50 am

  557. Strawman argument, Jeff. I would expect better from you.
  558. moe99 on A little history.
    September 22nd, 2008  6:26 am

  559. Jeff, there's no convincing those who are happy in their current state, as you are. Don't ply us with false desires.
  560. moe99 on A little history.
    September 22nd, 2008  7:53 am

  561. Jolene and Catherine, I am honored to be in your presence. Thank you.
  562. moe99 on Slouching toward Wall St.
    September 22nd, 2008  7:39 pm

  563. A sobering look at the history behind this meltdown. Everyone should read this. Everyone.
  564. moe99 on Slouching toward Wall St.
    September 22nd, 2008  8:21 pm

  565. 2 peas in a pod, GM?
  566. moe99 on Slouching toward Wall St.
    September 23rd, 2008  12:12 am

  567. My 11 year old black lab is Max, short for Maximum Puppy a number of years ago. His companion, is 5 year old Scooter (also known as Scootie), a miniature dachshund who rules the roost.
  568. moe99 on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  3:08 am

  569. Well, we all know that MTM is almost blind, for all practical purposes, which means she lets someone else tell her how she looks.
  570. moe99 on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  7:55 am

  571. Bill Clinton can kiss my butt. I've developed a deep distrust bordering on hatred for him. Sure he's smart, but he's narcissistic to a degree that impairs his judgment in a number of ways. He wants to be President again and he's not particular in how he can elevate himself to a comparable level. Sure he's well spoken and all but it's all in service to himself front and center.
  572. moe99 on Two this and a that.
    September 23rd, 2008  6:06 pm

  573. Off to Lake Chelan in E. Wash. to give a presentation to a bunch of folks on taking testimony during a deposition. Look forward to lots of reading matter from y'all when I return late tomorrow.
  574. moe99 on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  2:50 am

  575. Back from Lake Chelan, a beautiful lake in the midst of a dry landscape, formed by the erection of a dam in the midst of the last great depression. It was gorgeous and sunny, and I get to come back to gloom and doom both literally and figuratively. John McCain is a fucking loser. He's trying to cancel the debate to make a smokescreen to postpone the VP debate because neither he nor Sarah Palin feels that they are ready to debate. Whatever happened to those screams by McCain that Obama was a chickenshit for failing to do Town Halls with him. I am sorry, but if you are president, you do not get to say to Russia: "time out on Georgia, while we grapple with the stock market." No, as president, you have to juggle all that is put on your plate, whether by your own action, or some other nation's. This is pure weaseling. This comes from Matthew Yglesias: Eric Rauchway takes a look at some historical September 24ths that didn’t seem to require suspension of political campaigns: – September 24, 1864: The nation is literally at risk of collapse, mengaged in a large-scale civil war: “Yet the campaign for the presidency was “now being prosecuted with the utmost vigor,” as one could read in the New York Times.” – September 24, 1932: The nation is mired in Depression, coping with it a full time job, “Yet Herbert Hoover prepared to give a large speech in Iowa and Franklin Roosevelt had just given what became a famous address to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.” – September 24, 1944: World War II well under way, with the United States engaged in fierce fighting, “Yet President Roosevelt had just officially launched his campaign for a fourth term, while Thomas Dewey took his turn speaking in San Francisco, challenging Roosevelt’s supremacy.” But John McCain feels he can’t do debate prep and make up his mind about the bailout proposal at the same time. He wants an extension. And Jeff, I don't care what you come up with, it's a pos right out of the starting gate. Even though you gave yourself extra hours to come up with it. And, you know those letters to the editor and blog comments supporting McCain? Well, just maybe they were ghost written by McCain staffers:
  576. moe99 on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  3:43 am

  577. Jeff: a job is a job. When I'm at a hearing or in court, my brain still works out what I want to say wrt something else that I am working on. And I'm sorry, but being a stated supply is a job. I was married to a PK for 18 years and got to see first hand how his dad, a Presbyterian minister worked. It's a job. Just like being a fireman, or a counselor or a therapist. LIVE: LETTERMAN MOCKS MCCAIN CANCELLATION Wed Sep 24 2008 17:41:58 ET David Letterman tells audience that McCain called him today to tell him he had to rush back to DC to deal with the economy. Then in the middle of the taping Dave got word that McCain was, in fact just down the street being interviewed by Katie Couric. Dave even cut over to the live video of the interview, and said, "Hey Senator, can I give you a ride home?" Earlier in the show, Dave kept saying, "You don't suspend your campaign. This doesn't smell right. This isn't the way a tested hero behaves." And he joked: "I think someone's putting something in his metamucil." "He can't run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sara Palin. Where is she?" "What are you going to do if you're elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We've got a guy like that now!"
  578. moe99 on Two this and a that.
    September 25th, 2008  9:31 am

  579. Mark H: anything east of King County (which is the size of Rhode Island and holds Seattle in its grasp) and the Cascade Mountains is considered E. Washington, because this state only has two divides and it is geographic as well as political, since this region east of the Cascades has traditionally gone for Republicans. But on this trip, I saw not ONE sign for McCain although a number of Rossi signs (he's the Repub. candidate for governor) and a large number of Obama signs and some Gregoire ones as well. And some Allen Martin signs which made me laugh, as he's the Republican running against the ex.
  580. moe99 on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  10:11 am

  581. Campbell Brown rails against the the McCain campaign:
  582. moe99 on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  5:31 pm

  583. Caliban, you may not know it, but Edgar Martinez is and was a strong Bush supporter.
  584. moe99 on Get the stretcher.
    September 25th, 2008  5:48 pm

  585. Bill Clinton: the Democratic Party's Iago "Thought of the Day via Mattew Yglesias It sure was nice of Bill Clinton to put important national concerns above petty partisanship by agreeing to host a John McCain campaign speech and help the GOP nominee burnish his bipartisan credentials. You might think a former President would be so committed to an axe-grinding agenda that he couldn’t see the big picture. But not Bill — he puts country first, not some personal agenda. Oh what’s that you say? His wife ran for the Democratic nomination and lost? Think that might be relevant?" Then here is a bit from Letterman two days ago, where Clinton was on and Chris Rock followed him: And given Palin's jaw droppingly dumb performance with Katie Couric, he should be ashamed of the following: Bill Clinton said Monday he understands why Sarah Palin is popular in the heartland: because people relate to her. By KAREN MATTHEWS Associated Press Writer NEW YORK — Bill Clinton said Monday he understands why Sarah Palin is popular in the heartland: because people relate to her. "I come from Arkansas, I get why she's hot out there," Clinton said. "Why she's doing well." Speaking to reporters before his Clinton Global Initiative meeting, the former president described Palin's appeal by adding, "People look at her, and they say, 'All those kids. Something that happens in everybody's family. I'm glad she loves her daughter and she's not ashamed of her. Glad that girl's going around with her boyfriend. Glad they're going to get married.'" Clinton said voters would think, "I like that little Down syndrome kid. One of them lives down the street. They're wonderful children. They're wonderful people. And I like the idea that this guy does those long-distance races. Stayed in the race for 500 miles with a broken arm. My kind of guy." Palin, the governor of Alaska, became an overnight star when Republican presidential candidate John McCain tapped her for his running mate. Her family, including her Down syndrome baby, Trig, her pregnant 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, and her husband, Todd, four-time winner of the 2,000-mile Iron Dog snowmobile race, have garnered intense media interest. "I get this," Clinton said. "My view is ... why say, ever, anything bad about a person? Why don't we like them and celebrate them and be happy for her elevation to the ticket? And just say that she was a good choice for him and we disagree with them?" The global initiative, a project of Clinton's foundation, will hold its four-day annual meeting in Manhattan starting Tuesday. After that, Clinton said he will be busy campaigning for the Democratic ticket of Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Gee, Mr. Clinton is like the woman who asked Mary Lincoln, "Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?" and part two of the Sarah Palin interview:
  586. moe99 on Get the stretcher.
    September 25th, 2008  8:32 pm

  587. "Whenever a major national figure talks about 'putting politics aside' for the good of the country, it's time to hang onto your wallet." William Hartung @
  588. moe99 on Testosterone poisoning.
    September 25th, 2008  10:07 pm

  589. Julie, I thought she had a tanning bed back at the gov's mansion.
  590. moe99 on Testosterone poisoning.
    September 25th, 2008  10:33 pm

  591. OMG, Couric interviews Palin on foreign affairs. You thought the other two parts of the interview were execrable? Just wait:
  592. moe99 on Testosterone poisoning.
    September 26th, 2008  9:11 am

  593. Now THIS is dirty campaigning:
  594. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 26th, 2008  7:29 pm

  595. The Sarah Palin hits just keep on comin' and yes I dropped my 'g' to be in solidarity with Ms. P.
  596. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 26th, 2008  8:22 pm

  597. Slate's top ten list of McCain's next Hail Mary moves: 1. Returns to Vietnam and jails himself. 2. Offers the post of "vice vice president" to Warren Buffett. 3. Challenges Obama to suspend campaign so they both can go and personally drill for oil offshore. 4. Learns to use computer. 5. Does bombing run over Taliban-controlled tribal areas of Pakistan. 6. Offers to forgo salary, sell one house. 7. Sex-change operation. 8. Suspends campaign until Nov. 4, offers to start being president right now. 9. Sells Alaska to Russia for $700 billion. 10. Pledges to serve only one term. OK, half a term.
  598. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 26th, 2008  9:49 pm

  599. My bank went under last night. I have no idea if I'll be able to draw on my home equity line of credit, which was my plan to pay for my share of the kids' college education. And it made since, as I had a mortgage that was less than a fifth of the house's assessed value. Now, I suppose that is all thrown in a cocked hat. But what really gets my goat this am, is the word from Yglesias' blog about the compensation that the new CEO of WA Mu, who has been on the job less than a month is going to be paid: "My understanding is that even for the super-elite it normally takes a couple of months to wrack up tens of millions of dollars. But Alan Fishman gets the job done with super speed: But the seizure and the deal with JPMorgan came as a shock to Washington Mutual’s board, which was kept completely in the dark: the company’s new chief executive, Alan H. Fishman, was in midair, flying from New York to Seattle at the time the deal was finally brokered, according to people briefed on the situation. Mr. Fishman, who has been on the job for less than three weeks, is eligible for $11.6 million in cash severance and will get to keep his $7.5 million signing bonus, according to an analysis by James F. Reda and Associates." I hope there's a tidy place in one of the circles of hell for guys like this. Although Dante, the author of The Divine Comedy, was the son of a banker and understood commerce, usury was still a sin when he was alive. Let's hope that (particularly wrt credit card interest) we can get the neo cons to revive this religious concept.
  600. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  3:38 am

  601. But Catherine, who is Wall Street, if not the greedy B school folks and the regulators?
  602. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  7:11 am

  603. It was a great debate. Both guys did very well. I'd call it a tie but I think McCain edges Obama out simply because of his experience. And Obama needs to keep it in even if McCain is lying his ass off, as he was tonight. Although, I love Joe Biden's take on it: Here's one of McCain's lies per Yglesias: McCain in Lebanon Washington Post: McCain seriously misstated his vote concerning the marines in Lebanon. He said that when he went into Congress in 1983, he voted against deploying them in Beirut. The Marines went in Lebanon in 1982, before McCain came to Congress. The vote came up a year into their deployment, when the Marines had already suffered 54 casualties. What McCain voted against was a measure to invoke the War Powers Act and to authorize the deployment of U.S. Marines in Lebanon for an additional 18 months. The measure passed 270-161, with 26 other Republicans (including McCain) and 134 Democrats voting against it. I’m not even really sure why McCain felt the need to lie about this. It is, however, interesting that he brought it up at all. Back in the 1980s, McCain hewed more or less to a realist line that’s very different from the neoconservative foreign policy he’s adhered to for the past 10 years. Polls are mostly trending in Obama's favor....
  604. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  7:05 pm

  605. Michael G, Just a caution for me. The Repubs in the Senate have filibustered more bills more times in the past year than any other session on record. That's something that is not discussed much in the MSM and it's one of the main reasons that nothing has been done in Congress other than pork for a while now. Btw, did anyone notice that Palin was not available after the debates like Biden was, to spin the reaction? No, she was in a bar in Philly:
  606. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  8:50 pm

  607. A vacationer with the McCain family on a small island in Fiji recounts the experience:
  608. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  9:20 pm

  609. I'm sure that Obama used "John" as an indicator that they were peers. Which they are, but why McCain gets pissed off every time he is faced with it. Hence, why McCain refused to look at Obama (he also refused to look at him in the press conf in the WH earlier this week)
  610. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 27th, 2008  9:31 pm

  611. McCain also confused 'financial' with 'fiscal' As a president, I would expect him to know the difference:
  612. moe99 on Saturday afternoon market.
    September 27th, 2008  10:42 pm

  613. There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama: Sent to me by a former minister at my Presbyterian church!
  614. moe99 on Natural-born world-shaker.
    September 28th, 2008  12:46 am

  615. Last summer my youngest son and I went on a Newman fest and watched a bunch of his movies. He was a class act, saying about why he didn't stray from his marriage: "Why go for hamburger when I can have steak at home?" or wtte (words to that effect). I saw Penn and Teller in NYC years ago and Newman was in the audience. Penn picked me to do a magic trick with him so, I guess I could say, Paul Newman saw me once (g).
  616. moe99 on TEOTWAWKI.
    September 28th, 2008  2:43 am

  617. Michael, you are right. And if the MSM won't cover it, then Reid should have done some stunt like donning pirates' outfits to point to how we were being robbed, but it would also note the origin of the word filibuster which is from the Dutch. vrijbuiter -- freebooter or pirate.
  618. moe99 on Natural-born world-shaker.
    September 28th, 2008  4:22 am

  619. OT, but this to my mind, is great, riveting journalism: Explains maybe why McCain was so pissed last night.
  620. moe99 on Natural-born world-shaker.
    September 28th, 2008  10:49 am

  621. Just when you thought it could not get worse:
  622. moe99 on Natural-born world-shaker.
    September 28th, 2008  10:58 pm

  623. Breaking news on Bullwinkle J. Moose:
  624. moe99 on Send caffeine.
    September 29th, 2008  7:22 pm

  625. I handwrote postcards for the Obama campaign on Sunday. It took 2 hours to write 15 postcards. My neighbor who hosted it had an interesting story involving her mom, who was the discharge nurse on duty when Mrs. Cindy McCain checked out of the hospital with her baby. She said it was the worst experience on discharge because the dad was such a boor--didn't want to stick around to listen to the discharge instructions, was abusive to staff. Hmm.......
  626. moe99 on Send caffeine.
    September 30th, 2008  1:11 am

  627. who's gonna watch the additional outtakes from the Couric Palin interview at 6:30 EDT tonight? I understand it gets worser and worser.....
  628. moe99 on Send caffeine.
    September 30th, 2008  8:36 am

  629. Joe, when Biden realized his gaffe involving the fellow he asked to stand up and be recognized, he repaired it quickly by asking the audience to stand and recognize him. The audience quickly and cheerfully obliged. Haven't seen any recognition on Palin's or McCain's part of their many gaffes. McCain's spokesman today blasted Obama for being at fault on the bailout meltdown. Then when McCain took the airwaves, he tried to be magnanimous and say there should be no finger pointing. Well, it's a little too late, Mr. formerly straight talk but now just a gasbag. Oh, and there's a wedding gift registry for Bristol and Levi at JCPenney's:
  630. moe99 on Luxury amid the chaos.
    September 30th, 2008  6:53 pm

  631. Mark, You might want to check on how long Rosh Hashanah has been observed in Congress. Just sayin'
  632. moe99 on Luxury amid the chaos.
    October 1st, 2008  5:10 am

  633. From tonights Palin-Couric segment: Couric: And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world? Palin: I've read most of them, again with a great appreciation for the press, for the media. Couric: What, specifically? Palin: Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years. Couric: Can you name a few? Palin: I have a vast variety of sources where we get our news, too. Alaska isn't a foreign country, where it's kind of suggested, "Wow, how could you keep in touch with what the rest of Washington, D.C., may be thinking when you live up there in Alaska?" Believe me, Alaska is like a microcosm of America. here's the video which is even worse:
  634. moe99 on Luxury amid the chaos.
    October 1st, 2008  7:56 am

  635. Okay, we've seen the first part of this, but we haven't seen her fumble around about the morning after pill and her lesbian girlfriend:
  636. moe99 on Luxury amid the chaos.
    October 1st, 2008  6:12 pm

  637. Well, hugh hewitt compared the gibson and couric interviews to 'poo quizzes. Seems to me this is stuff she should already know.
  638. moe99 on Luxury amid the chaos.
    October 1st, 2008  6:36 pm

  639. meant to say 'pop'. Guess that's what I get trying to write on my blackberry on the bus going to work....
  640. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 1st, 2008  9:54 pm

  641. Rolling Stone has a lenghty and devastating piece about John McCain today:
  642. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 1st, 2008  11:19 pm

  643. Joe, Rolling Stone has more investigative chops for the stories it does than many other 'zines. They did a bang up job on the Karen Silkwood case, as just one example, but you were probably still in nappies then.
  644. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 2nd, 2008  12:32 am

  645. SP plays the flute: And, it seems that there's a right wing organization that is paying frat guys to demonstrate for McCain/Palin at the debate tomorrow night. Reminds me of that old KY saying: "he was so ugly, his momma had to tie a porkchop around his neck to get the dog to play with him."
  646. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 2nd, 2008  1:36 am

  647. Sept. Oct. madness, leading to the final four
  648. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 2nd, 2008  7:14 am

  649. Joe writes: "I have family in the military, so i want some one as president who has the military’s best interest in mind." When's the last time McCain voted for assistance for veterans, Joe? Don't hold your breath. His veterans' plan that he's promoting would remove everything but injuries received during combat from treatment at VA hospitals. Like them apples? No wonder so many servicemen and women are supporting Obama. He's got their interests at heart.
  650. moe99 on Urban renewal
    October 2nd, 2008  5:39 pm

  651. Joe, Rather than play cutsie with us by darkly muttering about the fine print in Obama's tax plan, why don't you just tell us what it says? Otherwise you look like Sarah Palin trying to list her reading materials. Seems that there's a stark difference between Biden and Palin in their understanding of how our constitution works:
  652. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 3rd, 2008  8:47 pm

  653. I'm on vacation, visiting my son at macalester college but I love the look!
  654. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 3rd, 2008  10:00 pm

  655. Finally on a decent public computer at the library at Macalester. The best comment I heard about the debate last night came from a historian at George Mason University who said Palin came across as "Gidget goes to Washington." Sat through a discrete math class this morning with my son and it was all Greek to me. Gotta look up Fibonacci since they covered Fibonacci number sets.
  656. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 4th, 2008  5:25 pm

  657. Ok, Jolene, I'm in tears. What a wonderful story about Harry. My black lab is 10 now and I'm watching his inevitable decline, as I have my other dogs through the years. My first word as a child was not "MaMa," it was "doggie" with a soft 'g' and I grew up with a variety of dogs in Defiance, who were never chained or fenced and as result, many died and only one that I knew of lived to old age, because my parents gave him to a student at Defiance College who had adopted him on one of his many peregrinations (he was an unneutered basset hound named 'Digby'). Gene Weingarten has it just right when he talks about how dogs love us wholly and unashamedly. We are so much the richer for their being here.
  658. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 5th, 2008  11:19 pm

  659. Jolene, I'd be careful of they have some things in there that are hastily written and badly sourced. I'm at a Mac computer and cannot cut and paste from it, because I can't figure out the controls, but will do so when I get logged onto a PC at the college library. There's also this editorial today from Frank Rich at the NYT that I think is worth a read: And in response to an earlier question, you can add a certain amount of RAM to your hard drive, but eventually it lowers your computing speed.
  660. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 5th, 2008  11:57 pm

  661. The full Tina Fey schtick from SNL last night. I sure wish I could figure out how to use this MacBook better.
  662. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 6th, 2008  5:27 am

  663. Hey, Joe and whoever's left here supporting McCain: I'll bet you cannot come up with a story comparable to that.
  664. moe99 on Paging Tim Gunn.
    October 6th, 2008  12:03 pm

  665. Just to cut off the next line of attack. It seems that right wingers are going to claim that Obama's related to and supports a Kenyan politician named Raila Odinga Obama. The BBC reported the alleged relationship in Jan. of this year, but the Obama camp has steadfastly denied any connection and/or support of Odinga, who is, in some circles, reputed to be a terrorist. I don't have the ability to further research here, but just wanted to put out an alert.
  666. moe99 on Just doing our part.
    October 7th, 2008  5:28 am

  667. Jolene, I'm finally at home and able to cut and paste a friend's comment on for you: " I was just reading through and I was surprised at how superficial some of their own analysis is. For example, they were saying that an Obama ad was misleading when it referred to McCain's recent article saying that (paraphrasing) we should do for health insurance what we have done in the last ten years for banking. According to, Obama's ad claims that McCain said he would "reduce oversight of the health insurance industry ... just 'as we have done over the last decade in banking.' " But the ad takes the comments out of context, failing to explain what exactly McCain meant by the comparison to banking. He was talking specifically about allowing the sale and purchase of health insurance plans across state lines. is not paying attention. McCain's proposal to allow the sale and purchase of health insurance plans across state lines is intended to create a national market that will therefore be less subject to regulation by the states, and he specifically said that his purpose (or one of them) was to open up the insurance market to "provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation." McCain's idea was to avoid state regulation in order to allow more "innovation" in insurance products. When abusive mortgage lending practices were getting out of hand here in Arizona, our state attorney general (Terry Goddard) wanted to crack down on some of those practices - and so did some other state attorneys general. They were told by the feds that the field was occupied and that additional state regulation or attempted enforcement action aimed at inadequate disclosures were preempted by federal laws and regulations. Obama's ad was right, and missed the real significance of what McCain is proposing. And even if they didn't understand what this issue is all about, when they said that McCain was "only" talking about allowing sales across state lines, they were flat wrong on the facts. He admitted in plain English that his purpose was to reduce state regulation and to encourage "innovation" in health insurance markets that would be less "burdened" by state regulation."
  668. moe99 on Just doing our part.
    October 7th, 2008  6:00 am

  669. Just catching up here. Reporters were not allowed to interview attendees at a Palin rally today: ---------------------------------------- Who They Are, What They're About 10.06.08 -- 7:04PM By Josh Marshall So we have McCain today getting his crowd riled up asking who Barack Obama is and then apparently giving a wink and a nod when one member of the crowd screams out "terrorist." And later we have Sarah Palin with the same mob racket, getting members of the crowd to yell out "kill him", though it's not clear whether the call for murder was for Bill Ayers or Barack Obama. It didn't seem to matter. These are dangerous and sick people, McCain and Palin. Whatever it takes. Stop at nothing.
  670. moe99 on Just doing our part.
    October 7th, 2008  4:40 pm

  671. Loove this onion video:
  672. moe99 on Just doing our part.
    October 7th, 2008  5:05 pm

  673. I just hope that this does not result in open violence breaking out.
  674. moe99 on Rooting for grubs.
    October 8th, 2008  12:57 am

  675. Serious food for thought from Matt Yglesias and George Packer.
  676. moe99 on My 9/11 movie.
    October 8th, 2008  6:19 am

  677. Seen in San Fran on a tee shirt: "Because I want sex with Palin doesn't mean that I want to be fuc*** by McCain"
  678. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  5:27 pm

  679. Ah, Del. Happy to help. Nancy, this is not over til it's over. I still remain concerned that Osama bin Laden (or someone pretending to be him) could precipitate an incident which will send voters scurrying back to the McCain/Palin fold. Those types know that a McCain presidency would do them far more good than to have Obama as our Commander in Chief. And with listening to my 83 yr old mother as a sounding board, I would not discount the value of racism as keeping voters from Obama either. (the Tom Bradley effect here) Racism is touched on in the Packer article. The fear mongering by the McCain camp has racism as its base and it is never far away from us. I will not rest easy until the results are in Nov. 5. As it is I do not sleep well these nights. Here's some good fact checking on McCain's lies last night:
  680. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  6:52 pm

  681. Sharkworth: Throw it away or feed it to the dog. For those of you still on the fence regarding Obama, may I recommend this article from the HuffPo: The organization that Obama has built transcends simply getting him elected and should benefit our society past that. His attention to structure bodes well as we are forced to retool our country. Palin's mockery of community organizers is put paid for the fraud that it is by this article. a new video out about McCain's rage:
  682. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  11:26 pm

  683. If either Mark or Joe could offer substantive reasons for supporting McCain, it would be worthy to take them on. But, for example the 'facts' cited by Mark that only 50% of working class families pay federal income taxes is in a word, unsupported. Many of us, when we write in, offer a web address for more information. I'd appreciate the source of that comment, please, Mark. Oh and with regard to Sarah Palin's quals, I'll let conservative columnist David Brooks take the stage: "[Sarah Palin] represents a fatal cancer to the republican party. When I first started in journalism, I worked at the National Review for Bill Buckley. And Buckley famously said he'd rather be ruled by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone book than by the Harvard faculty. But he didn't think those were the only two options. He thought it was important to have people on the conservative side who celebrated ideas, who celebrated learning. And his whole life was based on that, and that was also true for a lot of the other conservatives in the Reagan era. Reagan had an immense faith in the power of ideas. But there has been a counter, more populist tradition, which is not only to scorn liberal ideas but to scorn ideas entirely. And I'm afraid that Sarah Palin has those prejudices. I think President Bush has those prejudices."
  684. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  11:43 pm

  685. Find out who in Congress really supports our troops: And Obama and babies:
  686. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 9th, 2008  2:11 am

  687. It's easy to do paste a website here. you go to the address line of the post you want to bring here, left click and drag your mouse across the address and then right click your mouse and click 'copy' then you come here, right click your mouse and click 'paste' The Urban Institute has similar figures to those at the Tax Foundation but they also have this caveat at the end of their executive summary: "Even though these tax units bear at most a modest net federal income tax liability, they often face significant payroll and other taxes." So these taxpayers, whose income is so low, they don't pay income taxes, pay sales tax, gas tax, and of course have social security and medicare deducted from their wages. And as a proportion of their income, I submit that the sales and gas taxes that they pay are a far higher percentage of their income than that of taxpayers who do file and pay income tax. The 8.9% sales tax on non food items in my state takes a bigger hit from the pockets of the poor than it does those of the upper middle class, and by this I mean those earning more than $50K a year. More info on what US households earn:
  688. moe99 on Advantage: That one.
    October 9th, 2008  2:42 am

  689. Donna Brazile to lift our spirits:
  690. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 9th, 2008  6:34 pm

  691. interviews w/ McCain Palin supporters in Strongsville, OH. Ugly.
  692. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 9th, 2008  7:12 pm

  693. A list of sleazy McCain ads. Because we need to list them. and on McCain's rage:
  694. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 10th, 2008  12:36 am

  695. Obama's bought a half hour of prime time for Oct. 29 from CBS:
  696. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 10th, 2008  3:31 am

  697. more Barack detractors. One continues to support Hillary.
  698. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 10th, 2008  4:34 am

  699. My one moose reminiscence. We were staying at Lone Mountain Ranch (it later became Big Sky when Chet Huntley bought it) but at the time we were there it was a working cattle ranch that hosted dudes in the summer to make money. We were on a day ride and ran into a moose and her calf. Sam, the owner of the ranch, got down and took a chunk out of the calf's ear with his knife, said he was branding it as belonging to his ranch. As a kid, I didn't think anything about it, but thinking back it seems like an unnecessary infliction of pain on a small animal. I assume the calf was reunited with its mother after the herd of us left.
  700. moe99 on A few words about moose.
    October 10th, 2008  8:22 am

  701. October 10, 2008 By: Hilzoy Temper, Temper Here's a story about John McCain's temper (h/t): "McCain's game is craps. So is Jeff Dearth's. Jeff was at the table when McCain showed up and happily made room for him. Apparently there is some kind of rule or tradition in craps that everyone's hands are supposed to be above the table when the dice are about to be thrown. McCain -- "very likely distracted by one of the many people who approached him that evening," Jeff says charitably -- apparently was violating this rule. A small middle-aged woman at the table, apparently a "regular," reached out and pulled McCain's arm away. I'll let Jeff take over the story: "McCain immediately turned to the woman and said between clenched teeth: 'DON'T TOUCH ME.' The woman started to explain...McCain interrupted her: 'DON'T TOUCH ME,' he repeated viciously. The woman again tried to explain. 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO?' McCain continued, his voice rising and his hands now raised in the 'bring it on' position. He was red-faced. By this time all the action at the table had stopped. I was completely shocked. McCain had totally lost it, and in the space of about ten seconds. 'Sir, you must be courteous to the other players at the table,' the pit boss said to McCain. "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? ASK ANYBODY AROUND HERE WHO I AM." This being Puerto Rico, the pit boss might not have known McCain. But the senator continued in full fury -- "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE TALKING TO? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"-- and crisis was avoided only when Jeff offered to change places and stand between McCain and the woman who had touched his arm." There's more:
  702. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 10th, 2008  6:34 pm

  703. NYT: October 10, 2008 Letter Prosecuting Weathermen To the Editor: "Re “Politics of Attack” [editorial, Oct. 8] and “Obama and ’60s Bomber: A Look Into Crossed Paths” (front page, Oct. 4): As the lead federal prosecutor of the Weathermen in the 1970s (I was then chief of the criminal division in the Eastern District of Michigan and took over the Weathermen prosecution in 1972), I am amazed and outraged that Senator Barack Obama is being linked to William Ayers’s terrorist activities 40 years ago when Mr. Obama was, as he has noted, just a child. Although I dearly wanted to obtain convictions against all the Weathermen, including Bill Ayers, I am very pleased to learn that he has become a responsible citizen. Because Senator Obama recently served on a board of a charitable organization with Mr. Ayers cannot possibly link the senator to acts perpetrated by Mr. Ayers so many years ago. I do take issue with the statement in your news article that the Weathermen indictment was dismissed because of “prosecutorial misconduct.” It was dismissed because of illegal activities, including wiretaps, break-ins and mail interceptions, initiated by John N. Mitchell, attorney general at that time, and W. Mark Felt, an F.B.I. assistant director. William C. Ibershof Mill Valley, Calif., Oct. 8, 2008" Mark Felt, of course, was later identified as Deep Throat.
  704. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 10th, 2008  7:06 pm

  705. Does this mean, that if Obama wins, the fighting over the Vietnam War is over?
  706. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 10th, 2008  8:21 pm

  707. More hatemongering at a McCain rally today Have to add a great humor piece just to raise spirits:
  708. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 10th, 2008  11:01 pm

  709. The only 'acts' that could link Obama to Ayers are the meetings they attended together as members of the Annenberg charity board and the one coffee that Ayers gave for Obama when he first ran for state office. Other than that, the right wing has nothing. I will point out that Ayers is a Distinguished professor at the University of Illinois and received an award from the city of Chicago for his work in education. But if we go by the rabid right wing, he has to wear his scarlet "A" forever, there is no hope of redemption by subsequent good works. Yet this only applies selectively. G.Gordon Liddy, despite his criminal conviction and serving a prison sentence is deemed socially acceptable. These double standards are the downfall of the Republicans. Anyone who cites Ayers as a reason for not voting for Obama given the absolute lack of connections to anything that even remotely resembles a parking ticket, has my utter contempt.
  710. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 11th, 2008  12:33 am

  711. They're now going after Michelle Obama. I would call them swine, but I think too much of pigs:
  712. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 11th, 2008  2:52 am

  713. Betty White
  714. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 11th, 2008  4:23 am

  715. Alaska panel report released by unanimous vote (lots of Repubs there). Finds Palin abused her power when she fired Walt Moneghan. This isn't the kind of person we want as vp, my friends. Here's the report...all 263 pages of it for you night owls:
  716. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 11th, 2008  7:54 pm

  717. Gasman, don't be too sanguine about McCain's 'reformation.' NPR this am said that 15 minutes later at the rally he was back to demonizing Obama for his association with Ayers. It's like he can't really quit himself of the practice, it's too ingrained in him now.
  718. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 11th, 2008  8:39 pm

  719. This was too long to post here, so I wrote it over there:
  720. moe99 on Make up your mind.
    October 12th, 2008  12:23 am

  721. An invocation given at a McCain rally. From the AP "I would also pray, Lord, that your reputation is involved in all that happens between now and November, because there are millions of people around this world praying to their god — whether it's Hindu, Buddha, Allah — that his opponent wins, for a variety of reasons," [Pastor] Conrad said. "And Lord, I pray that you would guard your own reputation, because they're going to think that their god is bigger than you, if that happens. So I pray that you will step forward and honor your own name with all that happens between now and Election Day,"
  722. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  4:06 am

  723. jibjab humor
  724. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  9:36 am

  725. "...Rove is not a genius, or even very clever: He's totally and completely immoral. It doesn't take genius to claim, as Rove ludicrously did last fall, that it was the Democrats in Congress and not George W. Bush who pushed the Iraq War resolution in 2002. It doesn't take brains to compare a triple-amputee war veteran to Osama bin Laden; you just have to be a mean, rotten cocksucker...."
  726. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  10:46 pm

  727. beb--would that be the same Cerebus Group that is headed by Dan Quayle?
  728. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    October 13th, 2008  1:10 am

  729. To answer my own question, yes it is our very own Dan Quayle (my second cousin from Defiance was on his staff way back when, to the almost universal acclamation of Defiance-ites) and the spelling is actually Cereberus. Oh, and here's a world poll on the US presidential elections: Hmm....I thought foreign affairs was McCain's strong spot.
  730. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    October 13th, 2008  4:29 am

  731. Voter fraud in Montana: This is written by Montana's Lieutenant Governor, a Republican.
  732. moe99 on Swallowed up.
    October 13th, 2008  5:11 pm

  733. Welcome back Jeff TMMO! Other good news of the day: Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize in economics
  734. moe99 on Swallowed up.
    October 13th, 2008  8:21 pm

  735. Every pundit? I take strong exception to that on at least dr. Krugman's behalf.
  736. moe99 on Swallowed up.
    October 14th, 2008  1:13 am

  737. Glenn Greenwald on Obama's influence over the stock market per Jonah Goldberg
  738. moe99 on Swallowed up.
    October 14th, 2008  2:56 am

  739. Levi Johnston has not registered to vote, despite being eligible to do so. and he thinks Barack Obama seems nice enough.
  740. moe99 on Bye.
    October 14th, 2008  5:27 pm

  741. In Vancouver, BC, I met an attorney who was descended from a group of Russian dissidents, Christians, who were persecuted by the Tsar's government and had resettled in NW Canada courtesy of Tolstoy who donated the profits from a book of his (went back and looked it up and the title is actually Resurrection) to fund their departure from Russia. Found this in a google search:
  742. moe99 on Bye.
    October 15th, 2008  2:56 am

  743. On a lighter note, "Yes we Carve." Obama related pumpkin carving for Halloween.
  744. moe99 on Don't light a match.
    October 15th, 2008  7:50 pm

  745. The back and forth is absolutely hilarious. Not as good as Rachel Maddow with Frum, but again, it points out the shallowness of the Repubs on the economic crisis. I want the away from regulating my banks stat!
  746. moe99 on Don't light a match.
    October 15th, 2008  10:47 pm

  747. This is way close to my roots in Ohio. And it rings so true of folks that live there, unfortunately. How ironic that it is Al Jazeera that brings us this report.
  748. moe99 on Don't light a match.
    October 16th, 2008  12:40 am

  749. Dexter, my paternal forebears were Paulding County residents (next door to Williams County): my great grandfather, WH Cullen, was appointed postmaster of Paulding Oh by Theodore Roosevelt. It is heartening to hear your news. Edited to fix the county designation
  750. moe99 on Don't light a match.
    October 16th, 2008  5:15 pm

  751. apparently not photoshopped post debate pic
  752. moe99 on Caught up.
    October 16th, 2008  8:11 pm

  753. I enforce contractor registration laws in WA state and RCW 18.106.020 provides in part: "No person may engage in or offer to engage in the trade of plumbing without having a journeyman certificate, specialty certificate, temporary permit, or trainee certificate." However, in Wa state you can work for a contractor to do contractor type work and not need to be registered as a contractor, so perhaps Ohio is more lax on this. But frankly, I would not want anyone near my pipes unless they were certified in some way. I know, that's harsh, but having seen what I've seen, I don't think it is unrealistic.
  754. moe99 on O.I.D.
    October 17th, 2008  12:33 am

  755. a little music interlude for the late afternoon.
  756. moe99 on O.I.D.
    October 17th, 2008  6:27 am

  757. Obama brings down the house at the Al Smith dinner: (part 1) (part 2)
  758. moe99 on O.I.D.
    October 17th, 2008  10:21 am

  759. McCain repeated one major lie on Letterman. He said that Ayers said in an interview on 9/11 that he had not 'bombed enough.' The interview occurred prior to 9/11; it simply had the misfortune to be published then, but what Ayers said is that he felt that he did not do enough to end the war in Vietnam. Given that at the time of the interview, he was a tenured professor at a large university, who had received an award from the city of Chicago for his civic work, I am certain that he was not advocating a return to bombing. As opposed to G. Gordon Liddy, who has advocated violence since his release from prison.
  760. moe99 on In the manure lagoon.
    October 18th, 2008  1:10 am

  761. an untypical Homecoming reminiscence:
  762. moe99 on Oh, Mr. DeMille.
    October 20th, 2008  12:17 am

  763. For Levi Stubbs, RIP:
  764. moe99 on Oh, Mr. DeMille.
    October 20th, 2008  9:18 am

  765. I met Powell when he was a full bird colonel, serving as a Special Assistant to SecDef Brown in the Carter Administration. I was Special Assistant to the General Counsel at DoD and my boss, Togo D. West, was good friends with Powell. Togo's career rose, but not like Powell's. I have no idea if they are still friends. And my opinion of Powell fell precipitously as well after the UN speech. But I still find Powell to be the only member of this current administration to have any sort of weight with me because of his earlier good work in the Geo HW Bush administration. His presentation today on Meet the Press well illustrates why I think he is still highly regarded in DC and around the world. --------------------------------------------------------- Ok, this is completely OT but I think it's important since it comes from Saginaw County:
  766. moe99 on Oh, Mr. DeMille.
    October 20th, 2008  4:52 pm

  767. I was going to respond substantively to the column you cited, Jeff, but a look at Mr. Jacoby's other columns show that he is firmly in the camp of damning Mr. Obama for his association with Bill Ayers, and other similarly 'grounded' attacks on the Democratic candidate. So here's a capsule summary: The $5,000 credit for health care is too little for the average American's health care costs given the annual cost of medicine in the US. And for those who suffer catastrophic illness, like my friends in NYC who are dealing with recently diagnosed cancer in their 24 yr old son, they would have been unable to pay the actual cost of his treatment because $5,000 without changing how medicine is paid for, doesn't even begin to get you into the door.
  768. moe99 on Oh, Mr. DeMille.
    October 20th, 2008  5:41 pm

  769. John Cole over at Balloon Juice is a Republican convert to the Democratic cause. I remember visiting his site in 2002 and vowing never to come back. In 2005, he was so disgusted by the Schiavo case and torture, that he made a 180 degree turn. His perspective on health care in today's thread is instructive: An example of something that I find very funny. Over the past few years, we have watched major corporations dump their pensions and move hundreds of thousands of people off private health insurance on to medicare and medicaid at the government’s expense (Delta Airlines comes to mind, I believe United was another one from the 2005 PBGC mess), we have doubled the national debt and passed the MASSIVE prescription drug plan, we have watched the government nationalize several industries, the government is currently nationalizing the banks, the Republican party candidate is proposing spending near a half trillion dollars allowing the government to buy private mortgages, and the right wing is running around screaming “SOCIALISM” because Obama is proposing increasing the top tax rates a few percentage points. That is funny. Sad and depressing, but funny.
  770. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 20th, 2008  5:43 pm

  771. Did you see that not only did the Chicago Tribune break with its tradition and endorse Obama, but so did the Salt Lake Tribune? I'm sure Rush will tell us that they are no better than Colin Powell.
  772. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 20th, 2008  7:13 pm

  773. Brian, where is Claude Rains when we need him?
  774. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 20th, 2008  8:47 pm

  775. Note to self: Do not drive car w/ Obama bumper sticker to N. Carolina.
  776. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 20th, 2008  10:15 pm

  777. Note to self: Don't ever vote in N. Carolina (hope coozledad can give us an update sometime soon)
  778. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 21st, 2008  1:45 am

  779. Note to self: Do not be a bear in N. Carolina.
  780. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 21st, 2008  2:13 am

  781. Sarah Palin's candidacy reminds me of really attractive co-workers who were on the rapid promotion track with our male bosses, who lacked major clues as to the substance of what the office responsibilities and goals were, but they were 'just so nice.' TBogg has a wonderful piece on it:
  782. moe99 on The second opinion.
    October 21st, 2008  8:10 am

  783. Biden has two instances of plaigiarism to his discredit. The first, and worst imho, occurred in law school but he had to repeat the course. Probably did not help in his class rank. I will tell you that John Y. Brown, the big whiz behind KFC graduated last in his class at UK lawschool and ending up employing the guy who graduated first in the class. John Y. also was governor of Ky but hell, that's not necessarily a recommendation (anyone remember Phyllis George Brown? now there was a looker) Anyway, back to Biden: the second instance of plagiarism was on the campaign trail in a stump speech where he had used the quotes but always attributed them to the English politician he was quoting. He forgot once, and that was all it took to unleash the hellhounds on him. I remember being pretty down on Biden for that and it was not until this time that I learned the whole story. Furthermore, I thought that the Christian god, the one I visit every Sunday in my little Presbyterian church (I know my mother is saying buckets of rosaries for my soul--St. John's parish in Defiance, Allen), and the one that keeps Jeff (tmmo) occupied, was a god of forgiveness (and this goes double wrt Bill Ayers, who by gosh and golly has gone through a horrific gantlet these past few weeks and has not said one word in his defense--that takes some restraint, I would think). But I guess that forgiveness comes only for McCains BFF, G. Gordon Liddy, even though he was convicted (unlike Ayers) and spent 4 years in prison and when he got out was still full of "let's kill them all' kind of rhetoric. But hey, It's ok if you are a Republican. It's been the theme of my family of origin since before I was born.
  784. moe99 on But,'s organic!
    October 22nd, 2008  2:45 am

  785. How about some Jon Stewart humor?
  786. moe99 on But,'s organic!
    October 22nd, 2008  5:59 am

  787. Dexter, there was a bakery in Defiance that sold those novelties too: chocolate covered grasshoppers and deep friend ants. It was on the east side of Clinton Street downtown about a third of the way through if you were coming through from the north. I think it was named Meek's. We never bought any but gaped like crazy when we went in with Mom hoping she'd buy something more than the loaf of bread they ran through the slicing machine. I always wanted Wonder Bread, which was made a couple blocks further on, but Mom had to have the bakery stuff. I understand now.
  788. moe99 on But,'s organic!
    October 22nd, 2008  6:52 am

  789. RNC has spent $150K on Palin's wardrobe. No wonder the guys are falling all over themselves.
  790. moe99 on But,'s organic!
    October 22nd, 2008  5:53 pm

  791. Jeff tmmo, I hope you are not saying that TR is the equivalent of McCain Palin because what you've listed thus far sounds very little like the hate and fear spewing forth from the current Republican candidates' campaign and their surrogates. Each morning I wake up and am reminded of Dorothy Parker's line, "What fresh hell is this?" But, thank goodness, there is something that can pull me out of my dark hole: Bassets for Obama. The video, please: I still have a tshirt I used to wear while walking around Greenlake that reads: Dog Being Walked Against Reagan. Maybe I'll try to find it.
  792. moe99 on Look sharp.
    October 22nd, 2008  7:58 pm

  793. You are way too charitable given how repubs jumped all over dem's haircuts (edwards and clinton)
  794. moe99 on Look sharp.
    October 22nd, 2008  11:54 pm

  795. this was remaindered at the last thread, but I love it, so I'm putting it back up: Bassets for Obama in Seattle. Hooray!
  796. moe99 on Look sharp.
    October 23rd, 2008  2:44 am

  797. It's gonna take a lot more before I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. This was a voluntary acceptance of the nomination. She said 'yes.' She gets to take the consequences as a result without anyone else to blame. Let's talk more about this Nov. 5. You did see the press piece that police across the country are gearing up to stop post-election violence?
  798. moe99 on Look sharp.
    October 23rd, 2008  3:51 am

  799. I hope that the election is perceived to be free and fair:
  800. moe99 on Old man smell.
    October 23rd, 2008  9:39 pm

  801. October 23, 2008 Politico's Ben Smith: "Upon arriving at the Hamilton County Board of Elections in Cincinnati to vote early today I happened upon some friends of my mother's —three small, elderly Jewish women. They were quite upset as they were being refused admitance to the polling location due to their Obama T- Shirts, hats and buttons. Apparently you cannot wear Obama/McCain gear into polling locations here in Ohio.... They were practically on the verge of tears. After a minute or two of this a huge man (6'5", 300 lbs easy) wearing a Dale Earnhardt jacket and Bengal's baseball cap left the voting line, came up to us and introduced himself as Mike. He told us he had overheard our conversation and asked if the ladies would like to borrow his jacket to put over their t-shirts so they could go in and vote. The ladies quickly agreed. As long as I live I will never forget the image of these 80-plus-year-old Jewish ladies walking into the polling location wearing a huge Dale Earnhardt racing jacket that came over their hands and down to their knees! Mike patiently waited for each woman to cast their vote, accepted their many thanks and then got back in line (I saved him a place while he was helping out the ladies). When Mike got back in line I asked him if he was an Obama supporter. He said that he was not, but that he couldn't stand to see those ladies so upset. I thanked him for being a gentleman in a time of bitter partisanship and wished him well. After I voted I walked out to the street to find my mother's friends surrouding our new friend Mike — they were laughing and having a great time. I joined them and soon learned that Mike had changed his mind in the polling booth and ended up voting for Obama. When I asked him why he changed his mind at the last minute, he explained that while he was waiting for his jacket he got into a conversation with one of the ladies who had explained how the Jewish community, and she, had worked side by side with the black community during the civil rights movements of the '60s, and that this vote was the culmination of those personal and community efforts so many years ago. That this election for her was more than just a vote ... but a chance at history. Mike looked at me and said, "Obama's going to win, and I didn't want to tell my grandchildren some day that I had an opportunity to vote for the first black president, but I missed my chance at history and voted for the other guy.""
  802. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 24th, 2008  9:43 pm

  803. Pat yourself on the back, Nancy, for smelling out the rat in this story.
  804. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 24th, 2008  11:21 pm

  805. Hey, Dwight: What do you think of Charles Fried? 24.10.2008 Reagan Appointee and (Recent) McCain Adviser Charles Fried Supports Obama Charles Fried, a professor at Harvard Law School, has long been one of the most important conservative thinkers in the United States. Under President Reagan, he served, with great distinction, as Solicitor General of the United States. Since then, he has been prominently associated with several Republican leaders and candidates, most recently John McCain, for whom he expressed his enthusiastic support in January. This week, Fried announced that he has voted for Obama-Biden by absentee ballot. In his letter to Trevor Potter, the General Counsel to the McCain-Palin campaign, he asked that his name be removed from the several campaign-related committees on which he serves. In that letter, he said that chief among the reasons for his decision "is the choice of Sarah Palin at a time of deep national crisis." Fried is exceptionally thoughtful and principled; his vote for Obama is especially noteworthy. --Cass. R. Sunstein UPDATE: Fried writes to TNR: I admire Senator McCain and was glad to help in his campaign, and to be listed as doing so; but when I concluded that I must vote for Obama for the reason stated in my letter, I felt it wrong to appear to be recommending to others a vote that I was not prepared to cast myself. So it was more of an erasure than a public affirmation--although obviously my vote meant that I thought that Obama was preferable to McCain-Palin. I do not consider abstention a proper option. Posted: Friday, October 24, 2008 12:40 PM with 9 comment(s)
  806. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 25th, 2008  2:19 am

  807. Let's all have a glass of milk, some cookies and watch this video. Or perhaps you're a D&D fan?
  808. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 25th, 2008  7:17 pm

  809. JC--I read the National Review piece as well and came away shaking my head. For McCarthy innuendo must be an italian suppository, he's that full of it. There is not one shred of fact in that screed, not one piece of information that actually connects the dots. It's got desperation writ large over it, given the date.
  810. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 25th, 2008  7:43 pm

  811. That 25% of the Defense budget would come from expensive new weapons systems. I'm not sure that's not a bad idea. But perhaps we should just continue to build ever bigger and better ways to kill people, especially since no one else seems to be doing it.
  812. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 25th, 2008  8:15 pm

  813. that fruitfly research Palin was mocking? Led to the discovery of a possible gene marker for autism. Now that's some well thought out sarcasm, would you not say? And I'm with Kevin Drum on this: And you know the part I'm really looking forward to? Sarah Palin's role in all this. I expect her to rip McCain absolutely to shreds. On background, of course, but it will be no less vicious for that. Her future, such as it is, lies with the wingnut rump of the party, and she knows what her audience wants: John McCain's blood. And lots of it. They never liked him in the first place, and I expect them to be howling for his head on a platter starting at about 8:01 pm EST on November 4th.
  814. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 25th, 2008  9:50 pm

  815. Jeff, I find it ironic that given your profession, you can't see that cutting from new weapons spending (not current weapons, like the Predator drone which is already in use, but pie in the sky sorts of things that no other country is spending) As a friend of mine wrote: we need a well equipped armed forces, but well equipped does not mean flying billion dollar a plane bombers or half billion dollar a plane fighter jets to fight third world jihadists. For the cost of one or two of those planes, we could have equipped everyone in Iraq with appropriately armed vehicles and would have plenty of leftover change. Military spending is fungible; there is plenty that is necessary and plenty that isn't. One of the few good ideas Rumsfeld had before he became obsessed with empire was reducing the hugely expensive weapons programs under development designed solely to ensure that when the crunch came, we would prevail at the Fulda Gap. Oh, and bulding on your comment, Brian, which came out as I was writing mine, it seems that you, Jeff, are making a flying leap of faith when you assume that connections were made between Ayers and Obama at Columbia. So far all we've read is conjecture of the rankest sort. Give us proof, or give up the argument.
  816. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  12:45 am

  817. This is the American Conservative magazine questioning McCain's fitness. Not some left wing publication. Just the first two paragraphs: He has been called McNasty and Senator Hothead, but John McCain has called his fellow senators far worse. Newsweek reported that he “erupted out of the blue” at Budget Committee Chairman Pete Domenici, saying, “only an a--hole would put together a budget like this.” He called Sen. Chuck Grassley a “f---ing jerk” and capped a profane tirade during last year’s amnesty debate by screaming “f--- you” at Sen. John Cornyn. Then there was the scuffle on the Senate floor with Strom Thurmond when the South Carolina senator was a less-than-spry 93. No one is immune from his outbursts. A pair of Arizona physicians, Robin Silver and Bob Witzeman, went to meet McCain to discuss their concerns about a telescope project he wanted to fund. “He jumped up and down, screaming obscenities at us for at least 10 minutes,” Silver told CounterPunch’s Jeffrey St. Clair. “He shook his fists as if he was going to slug us.”
  818. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  4:20 am

  819. Try this poll of Kerry v. Bush on for size, Jeff. It's rather closer to the truth.
  820. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  7:22 am

  821. Jolene--Real Clear Politics rocks!! Funny we got to the same site.
  822. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  8:06 am

  823. love James Wolcott. The last paragraph sums it up nicely: And to think they called us "sore losers" in 2000! They haven't even lost yet and they're already blaming the victor, acting all butch and making with the big talk about stocking up on gold and ammo as they hole up in the shag-carpeted panic room and let their whiskers grow. They can't face the fact that conservatism has epically failed; this is their way of pouting and refusing to come out and play, leaving everybody else to deal with the ruin left behind.
  824. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  6:23 pm

  825. Gasman, That article conveys also how those involved in the campaign are so intellectually bankrupt--their major motivator is not any kind of overriding policy belief. It's that they want the power. Period. Anyone who doesn't see that by now, well.......
  826. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 27th, 2008  3:43 am

  827. "Quote of the Day» Bill Kristol: “Neville Chamberlain also had a fine temperament and a good intellect.” By the same token, I suppose, Adolf Hitler was a hothead who took on the special interests." via Matthew Yglesias
  828. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 27th, 2008  8:29 am

  829. Gasman, I hope you don't mind, but I have copied your post on the Alaska Daily News and sent it to practically everyone I know. I know, I know. I am the latest plagiarist on this blog...(vbeg)...whatever that guy's name was. How soon we forget.
  830. moe99 on Tawana told a lie.
    October 27th, 2008  6:07 pm

  831. mark--I looked at the Fox news article, and read what Obama said to the radio station in 2001 and from my experience as a law student and a lawyer for 32 years, what Obama was saying was that the civil rights movement depended to heavily on the courts to make the changes in society that they wanted and the courts could not be the be all and end all for this--that the civil rights folks would have to work to change the laws to fit their agenda. It was not strictly redistribute the wealth (which the McCain campaign now seems to feel is their boogeyman ticket to victory) it was far more general than that. But you know what, mark? The reason i believe this will not become a hot ticket item in the waning days of the campaign is that it is too comples and esoteric for the average voter to really grasp and get excited about. Now a mistress or some graft, that could be well used in a hurry.
  832. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 27th, 2008  6:10 pm

  833. Oh shoes! I love shoes. In fact bought two pair this weekend, one at the new DSW store (what a delight!) But I do not do heels anymore. I have a problem disk in the S-1 area to take care of and heels are not the answer.
  834. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 27th, 2008  8:29 pm

  835. I was at my favorite consignment store Saturday, bemoaning to the proprietress and friend the fact that she had all these cute shoes but they were size 7 or 6.5. "I'd have to cut my toes off to fit into them, I moaned." So I go into the dressing room to try on a blouse and this other woman walks in the store and starts exclaiming about how many cute shoes there are just her size. I laugh out loud and walk out to find that its a woman who dated the same guy I dated back in Kentucky 30 years ago. We had quite a visit there in Seattle Sat. We're getting together for lunch later this week.
  836. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 27th, 2008  10:28 pm

  837. Julie, thanks for the Straight No Chaser heads up. I've ordered the CD and it should brighten the holidays considerably. btw does anyone know what breitbart tv is? Someone I know on another forum keeps posting vids from it claiming that it shows the resurgence of McCain. Like this one, for example:
  838. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 27th, 2008  11:18 pm

  839. Breaking: Ted Stevens guilty on all counts.
  840. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 28th, 2008  12:24 am

  841. mark, I am surprised that you, an attorney with many years under your belt, are not familiar with the Volokh web site or the luminaries of the right wing that populate the blog. They are, truly, heavyweights in this business, with better policy discussions than on many blogs both right and left. Take a look:
  842. moe99 on The pink heels.
    October 28th, 2008  3:17 am

  843. I adore Zappos. Free postage both ways and the selection is great. Best place for shoes on the internet.
  844. moe99 on This one's for Joody.
    October 28th, 2008  4:53 am

  845. A light hearted frolic and detour back to bygone days of public offerings:
  846. moe99 on Untitled.
    October 28th, 2008  11:58 pm

  847. print share 10.28.08 -- 3:18PM // link | RECOMMEND RECOMMEND (24) Quite a Piece of Work Not only was Indiana's minority-vote suppressing Secretary of State Todd Rokita one of the foot soldiers credited with shutting down the Florida recount. He's also got a way with words that may reveal some of the mindset that leads to his penchant for vote suppression. Back in 2007 he said ... During a speech Thursday at a Republican event, Todd Rokita said 90 percent of blacks vote for Democrats. "How can that be?" Rokita said. "Ninety to ten. Who's the master and who's the slave in that relationship? How can that be healthy?" --Josh Marshall
  848. moe99 on Untitled.
    October 29th, 2008  8:02 am

  849. Brian, Re JFK's death. I was in 6th grade at Spencer School in Defiance and Mrs. Stratton was my teacher. We used to gather after recess outside her door and the girls would sing,"We love you Beatles, oh yes we do. We love you Beatles, and we'll be true. When you're not with us, we're blue. Oh, Beatles, we love you." Our principal Mrs. Barto came to our class after lunch and told Mrs. Stratton that JFK had been shot. Mrs. Stratton relayed it to the class, at which time, several students cheered or clapped. I can't remember which, it was so surreal. Defiance was (and probably is) somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. This was the weekend of my birthday, and I was angry because my best friend slept over Friday night and we didn't get to watch cartoons in the morning as we'd been planning. It took me probably about 6 months to understand the enormity of what had happened ,when I read a National Geographic article on the assasination. I did see Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on tv however. That was too easily done.
  850. moe99 on A silver lining.
    October 30th, 2008  2:38 am

  851. Well, McCain is due in Defiance tomorrow for a campaign stop. I bet the folks there are in a collective swoon right about now.
  852. moe99 on A silver lining.
    October 30th, 2008  3:13 am

  853. Had to drive down to Olympia this am for a meeting. On they way down heard the first part of a radio ad for my ex (who is running as the Dem for state treasurer). Good thing I don't carry firearms or violence would have been done to the radio. He's campaigning as an outsider, yet he's been a state legislator in Olympia these past ten years and worked as a consultant and an aide to a governor down there for another 15. The other thing that sticks in my craw is that he hasn't paid me for his share of some college expenses for the youngest that I paid a while ago, yet he's managed to raise $200K for his race. Jerk.
  854. moe99 on Shopping list: Sugar.
    October 30th, 2008  5:17 pm

  855. Joe the Plumber is appearing with McCain in Defiance, Oh today. McCain may take Nixon's place as the town's favorite presidential candidate.
  856. moe99 on Shopping list: Sugar.
    October 30th, 2008  5:58 pm

  857. Obama's 30 minute spot brought home to me better than anything else I have seen or read this season, how so many people are hurting. I would have been absolutely bored out of my mind with the Ross Perot pie charts again. And although Obama could have lectured us for 30 minutes given his experience in that as a law prof at the Univ. Chicago certainly gives him that ability, he instead tried to show us and not simply talk about it. And, unfortunately, mark, the only way you can show it is to offer up specific examples. He gave us real people, as far as I could determine and he didn't try to overdramatise their situations--the facts were sufficient. I thought it was powerful and compelling overall. And that was even though I was watching on my small screen computer late at night, because I'd had to stay at work to finish a brief. The infomercial took me out of myself to think of other, more hurting people and I don't do that much these days. In fact the effect was so powerful that afterwards, when reading about other political snark, I was offended by the vulgar tone, and that usually does not hit me. And in this instance it was about tshirts w/ pictures of Palin that read: "VPILF". Now, in general I would not have been put off by anything nasty about Palin, but I thought this was petty and beneath the Dems. Luckily I can report that the feeling has passed, in part since the Repubs have not let up on slime slinging. Obama was not my first choice in the Dem primary. I wanted a candidate who could win the general election and I feared that he could not win given his background and the make up of this country. Yet he has, by dint of his steady, consistent approach and incredibly hard work, just mowed down those fears in me, and I hope in a majority of Americans.
  858. moe99 on They haven't changed.
    October 30th, 2008  9:42 pm

  859. JTP failed to show up for the Defiance rally. Dang!
  860. moe99 on They haven't changed.
    October 31st, 2008  2:01 am

  861. The modern day equivalent of the golden calf.
  862. moe99 on They haven't changed.
    October 31st, 2008  5:05 pm

  863. Alex, there's a few bloggers that I think got it right about Khalidi: The problem with the McCain campaign is that it has devolved into zero policy and 100% personal attacks. There is no redeeming value in McCain or Palin at the present time.
  864. moe99 on Spooky business.
    October 31st, 2008  6:40 pm

  865. It is not a private event, sorry Mark. It is a public event, particularly as McCain has accepted government funding for his campaign. Give me a cite to legal precedent that says an appearance by presidential campaign at a public venue is a private event. N. Iowa University is a public institution. Oh, and Mark, please provide a cite for your allegation that Obama has removed media from his plane. I could not find it doing a google search.
  866. moe99 on Spooky business.
    October 31st, 2008  11:20 pm

  867. mark, If individuals attending a campaign event, held on public property start to misbehave by shouting, yelling or otherwise trying to impede the crowd's hearing and understanding of the candidate, the police have the right to swoop in and get rid of them because by that behavior, they are interfering with the speaker's first amendment right to be heard. But, if an individual is tossed out of the rally, simply because in the subjective opinion of a campaign flack, they 'look' like they're going to cause trouble, then whose rights are being infringed now? I believe that if a candidate for president of the US is taking federal funds and is campaigning on public property at an event that is ostensibly open to the public (to be distinguished from a $1000 a plate dinner type of thing), they are holding a public event and as such, they have to have a better reason than "she looks like she is going to disrupt an event." I don't even think wearing a shirt or carrying a sign with the name of the opponent is sufficient to keep someone out, but I can see where that is a gray area. But I will not cede that point without a fight either.
  868. moe99 on Spooky business.
    November 1st, 2008  6:03 pm

  869. mark, go back and read the posts. you're trending into victimology territory with your reshuffle of the facts.
  870. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 2nd, 2008  12:14 am

  871. I was just getting ready to post it myself, but you beat me to it! Do you know her?
  872. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 2nd, 2008  6:41 am

  873. "Microtargeting? 11.01.08 -- 8:54PM By Josh Marshall Sounds like that vaunted GOP microtargeting machine might be ready for a bit of a tune-up. From TPM Reader QG ... Interesting anecdote and probably a testament to ground organization. I have no idea what this means. Friday night (which happens to be the start of our Sabbath) my wife answered the phone to hear a man stating he was from the McCain-Palin campaign. He asked who she was supporting. She replied that we will vote for Obama. He replied with "but he's a f-----g n---er!". Before I get to my wife's response I'll first have to say that I understand desperation and I also understand that this pitch may actually work for a few people. I also understand that there are people who are whack-jobs phone-banking for both sides. But here are some facts: My wife and I are Black. Citing the fact that Obama is a f----g n---er as a way to sway our vote may not be a great idea. My wife and I live in Maryland... Baltimore, MD.... One of the most African American areas of Baltimore Maryland. How on earth did our phone numbers get on to a McCain volunteers phone bank list of potential voters to be calling at this stage in the game? We have never received a call from the Obama campaign. Just weird. Not sure what to make of it... but that's not a good sign of organization. If it did anything it made us want to donate more. BTW, the rest of the call went downhill from there. My wife prayed for forgiveness after the call."
  874. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 2nd, 2008  6:59 am

  875. Oh, and Republican Representative from Utah, Chris Cannon, tried to hire an Oxford don who had a computer program that could compare Ayers' book to Obama's book and determine if the same person wrote both. Cannon backed out when the Oxford don told him he would release the data no matter what the result was. Hate that pesky truth stuff.
  876. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 2nd, 2008  9:19 am

  877. Nancy, have you seen "My Damn Channel?" with the Wasmopolitan Calvacade of Recorded Music?
  878. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 3rd, 2008  1:10 am

  879. Suzi, The writer about the phone call was someone from Josh Marshall's site (he's the fellow behind ) who was identified as QC. I Probably should have italicized it rather than put quotation marks around it to try and keep the attribution clear, as I am neither male, nor black.
  880. moe99 on The witch on the block.
    November 3rd, 2008  7:19 pm

  881. Nice story about a conservative who went canvassing for Obama.
  882. moe99 on Rain on the roof.
    November 3rd, 2008  9:56 pm

  883. I've got y'all beat: none of my 3 kids liked peanut butter. Now that's unamerican my friends. I myself hate chicken noodle soup b/c my mom served it 3 out of 5 days when I'd come home for lunch from Spencer Elementary School in Defiance.
  884. moe99 on Rain on the roof.
    November 3rd, 2008  11:29 pm

  885. Dorothy, Opus is, alas, dead.
  886. moe99 on Rain on the roof.
    November 4th, 2008  1:07 am

  887. BBC finds another Joe the Plumber with a different outlook
  888. moe99 on Rain on the roof.
    November 4th, 2008  1:25 am

  889. Not to let an opportunity go to waste the GOP has sued Obama for his trip to Hawaii. they have outdone Scrooge:
  890. moe99 on Sleeping in.
    November 4th, 2008  9:59 am

  891. Reports from a friend in Virginia is that there have been many calls to Dem households telling them that the polling places have changed and misdirecting them to non existent polling spots.
  892. moe99 on Sleeping in.
    November 4th, 2008  7:35 pm

  893. A german 'auf wiedersehn' to Dubya. The pictures are priceless. I will be glad to see the last of him, unless it's behind bars.
  894. moe99 on Take a chill pill.
    November 4th, 2008  10:45 pm

  895. Dang. they're off the air, now.
  896. moe99 on Take a chill pill.
    November 4th, 2008  11:08 pm

  897. Obama's last campaign speech at Manassas, Virginia last night. Truly inspiring, especially given the day he had yesterday (with the news of his grandmother's death).
  898. moe99 on Polls-closed/closing thread.
    November 5th, 2008  3:49 am

  899. As a former Catholic from Defiance, Oh but now a professed Presbyterian for the last 17 years (and an ordained elder for 13 of them), I take heart from Hagan's experience. As should all folk, regardless of religious persuasion or not.
  900. moe99 on Polls-closed/closing thread.
    November 5th, 2008  8:40 am

  901. Tonight, I am thinking the best of everyone involved. That includes McCain and Palin and Jesse Jackson too. I might even think a nice thought about the ex, who is leading and then behind in his statewide race. But, just tonight, k?
  902. moe99 on Now let's see the puppy.
    November 5th, 2008  6:02 pm

  903. Christine Gregoire is beating Dino Rossi which hopefully will take that guy out of Republican politics in my state for a long time. He offered up nothing in terms of policies, just revenge on Gregoire for beating him by 133 votes 4 years ago. The ex looks to be winning the State Treasurer's job in Wa. state. That should keep his ego nicely inflated for the next 4 years. Darcy Burner (D) is behind Dave Reichert (R) just barely in her second try for the US Representative slot for Washington's 8th District. What folks did not appreciate about the race is that she was clearly viewed as a carpet bagger. All of us in Washington are to some extent, but she hasn't been here long enough to shake that label. Death with Dignity was approved along with increased funding for a 3 county mass transit plan. In fact, the money issues were all approved which was surprising in these lean times, but I think the voters in WA were charged up civically by the presidential race. And that's not a bad thing.
  904. moe99 on Now let's see the puppy.
    November 6th, 2008  12:59 am

  905. Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I can think of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent To blow up the King and Parli'ment. Three-score barrels of powder below To prove old England's overthrow; By God's providence he was catch'd With a dark lantern and burning match. Holloa boys, holloa boys, let the bells ring. Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
  906. moe99 on Now let's see the puppy.
    November 6th, 2008  1:04 am

  907. Nancy, my last post got hung up. Could you please retrieve it? As it is Nov. 5 today.....
  908. moe99 on Now let's see the puppy.
    November 6th, 2008  4:00 am

  909. LA Mary, I could only dream of a bonfire. Seattle bans them. Tis one of my favorite memories of childhood, burning leaves and roasting marshmellows over the fire. Alas, I'll not be able to enjoy that bittersweet odor again.
  910. moe99 on Now let's see the puppy.
    November 6th, 2008  6:53 am

  911. the long knives in the Republican party come out and things do not look pretty for Palin. She didn't know Africa was a continent according to McCain insiders.
  912. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 6th, 2008  6:55 pm

  913. CNN's first use of a hologram. Is this the future?
  914. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 6th, 2008  8:12 pm

  915. Nancy, you are too modest. Your line about bill kristol was to die for.
  916. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 6th, 2008  9:49 pm

  917. Oh, Connie, I do hope your daughter is ok!
  918. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  2:05 am

  919. Jeff (tmmo), you really got it bad for Sarah don't you? It's ok. Guys get that way sometimes. Even Krugman had a blind spot for Hillary.
  920. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  6:39 am

  921. Maybe they can have a Piper cam like the puppy cam, Danny.
  922. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  8:56 am

  923. Jeff, You've really drunk deeply from the punch bowl, haven't you? Palin is an ill educated, but beautiful woman, and you're thinking with the wrong set of brains here, clearly. She has offered no new thinking on any issue, no deep thinking on any pre-existing issue. What she's good at is reading cue cards, which ws about the only thing her tv journalism degree prepared her for. Your outlandish claims for her ability to chart the future of the Republican party do you no credit. Her debate with Biden offered nothing of substance to support your claims. And, neither she nor anyone else associated with her has stepped forward to dispute the claims about her actions during the campaign. If they were lies, I would have thought she would have spoken up now. But perhaps you are a member of the Red state circular firing squad: RedState is pleased to announce it is engaging in a special project: Operation Leper. We’re tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin to Carl Cameron and others. Michelle Malkin has the details. We intend to constantly remind the base about these people, monitor who they are working for, and, when 2012 rolls around, see which candidates hire them. Naturally then, you’ll see us go to war against those candidates. It is our expressed intention to make these few people political lepers. They’ll just have to be stuck at CBS with Katie’s failed ratings. Initial list: Nicolle Wallace Steve Schmidt Mark McKinnon
  924. moe99 on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  9:45 am

  925. I'll take part of what I said back. Palin has issued a non denial denial:
  926. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 8th, 2008  7:13 pm

  927. Trooper Wooten, the former brother in law of Sarah Palin, has been removed from patrols for his own protection against Palin supporters who have threatened violence: Classy group. And Bill Ayers finally speaks up: I admire his restraint during the election. I think he was unfairly targeted and subject to some scurrilous abuse. Yet, I wish he had a better editor for the article.
  928. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  12:01 am

  929. There are bad Democrats just as there are good democrats. I am delighted that Rep. Mahoney (a Rahm Emanuel protege) will no longer be around. I have questions/problems w/ Emanuel and think that he's too closely aligned with establishment Dem interests and may not be the best Chief of Staff Obama could have chosen. I don't think anyone here is only ragging on Republicans. It's just that they've been in power for quite a while and those were the go to guys if you want things done. Only thing is they only did it their way and that included cronyism and greed par excellence. Now that the Dems are in power, you may have your chance. But I will not defend law breakers no matter what party.
  930. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  1:11 am

  931. Danny, I would guess you're not a standard Christian, because they believe in forgiveness for sins. And since, Ayers was never convicted of anything, then you can't go around convicting him as you are neither judge nor jury. As opposed to G. Gordon Liddy who is currently hosting folks on his radio show who are advocating armed insurrection. And don't forget, G. Gordon Liddy is a BFF of McCain's.
  932. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  4:11 am

  933. mark and Danny: Ayers showed remarkable restraint during the campaign in not responding to the vicious daily attacks that went on against him and subjected him to phone and other threats of bodily abuse and murder. I think that's pretty damn remarkable. If you were targetted with the same, intense, irrational hatred, I would think you would respond just as you do here; loudly and profanely. Ayers did nothing of the sort, nor is his listed response hostile, it is more rueful in nature. That chapter in his and our collective lives is over and done with. Quit trying to relive it. And quit trying to say your view of that portion of our history is the only way to see it. It is not and you are exposed for your narrow mindedness when you attempt to do so.
  934. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  5:55 am

  935. Obama roasts Rahm Emanuel back in 2005:
  936. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  5:44 pm

  937. wrt the dress, I was watching the victory speech with my 90 year old neighbor and we both noticed it, but she was the first to say something. I think that it probably looked fine in person, but tv exaggerates or emphasizes points that one would not notice in real life--people look fatter, etc. As it was, Maggie said briefly that it wasn't the most attractive dress she could have chosen, I agreed and that was that. It seems to me, that Michelle Obama makes all her own choices wrt clothes. Which, after l'affaire Palin, is truly refreshing. ps: if you wanna see some sore losers, Roy at alicublog has a bunch.
  938. moe99 on Let's ask the group.
    November 9th, 2008  7:50 pm

  939. Danny: Ayers never said he wished he'd bombed more. All he said is that he wished he'd done more to end the VN war. It's you and your like minded compatriots who have exaggerated that. I double dog dare you to produced an attributed and sourced quote that says that he wished he'd bombed more. I posted a link to his letter, because although I thought it was badly written, I admired his restraint during the campaign. You jumped all over it and I was responding to your ill considered comments.
  940. moe99 on For your consideration.
    November 12th, 2008  9:38 am

  941. The Hillsdale College tshirt was a very nice touch, Nancy!
  942. moe99 on Who, us? Racist?
    November 12th, 2008  10:34 am

  943. I"m on a private list serv with a bunch of lawyers from around the nation; we formed it when Steven Brill's Counsel Connect went the way of the inter tubes and folded in 1999. Not one of us on the Politics thread voted for McCain this time out. Everyone to a member voted for Obama and this includes at least 10% long term Republicans. They just could not take the mendacity any longer.
  944. moe99 on Carb-loading.
    November 14th, 2008  4:01 am

  945. Why has no one mentioned shepherd's pie yet? And my 3 kids went to public schools in Seattle. I had to work to make it work for them. I think I've told the story about the elementary school principal who was fired because of my detective work here, but the results were solid: my daughter is in her second year of medical school at Univ. Washinton, my oldest son is finishing up a physics/math degree from a fine liberal arts college in MN, and the youngest is in college in S. Cal. He did not go to the math/science magnet school in the Central District like his sibs and I think his education was much the poorer for it, though his high school had by far the most wealthy parent group in the city.
  946. moe99 on Carb-loading.
    November 14th, 2008  6:32 pm

  947. Man, if I were Hillary Clinton, I think I'd stick to the lifetime sinecure that the Senate seat offers her vs. the Secretary of State. She can chair the Foreign Relations committee and get about the same experience/and/or mileage out of that. I don't see where she derives a major benefit from switching jobs. OT: take this BBC Hollywood quiz: I got 7 out of 10
  948. moe99 on Look, a shiny object!
    November 14th, 2008  6:43 pm

  949. Ok, I got left behind as the last post previous, but this is worth sharing. Take the BBC Hollywood quiz. What's your score? Mine was 7 out of 10. Went back and checked and Brian, I had the same experience--I missed the first 3 and got nervous but then finished strong. Wonder how our barkeep will do.
  950. moe99 on Look, a shiny object!
    November 16th, 2008  3:36 am

  951. my first car was a Chevy Chevette in 76 (don't I win a prize for worst car?). When you turned on the airconditoning you were down to two cylinders. Luckily it only lasted two years for me. I went off to Europe for a year's worth of school and came back and was car-less in DC for another year and a half. Moved out to Seattle in '81 in a 69 Plymouth that had a slant six in it. Finally got a VW rabbit after the battery in the Plymouth died one too many times and that lasted for a long, long time. Current car is an Outback wagon, which gets terrible gas mileage but otherwise is a great car.
  952. moe99 on With candles.
    November 17th, 2008  7:13 pm

  953. Brian, I think one of the main reasons that no one buys a car every two or three years and no one has a boat anymore, is that wages have not kept up with real prices. That's why our houses became our banks for the past ten years or so, because we had no other way to pay for the extras. And now that is coming back to haunt us big time. Because I see no way that Obama can ever convince Congress to increase wages to the level needed, nor can it be done without setting of a huge round of inflation. This should have occurred gradully over time and kept pace with the price increases.
  954. moe99 on With candles.
    November 17th, 2008  10:42 pm

  955. OT (but the discussion on the GM bailout has been great): I.F. Stone's grandaughter speaks: she thinks he would be a blogger these days.
  956. moe99 on With candles.
    November 18th, 2008  12:14 pm

  957. Nancy, here's a must see zombie movie: Nudist Colony of the Dead
  958. moe99 on Ten cents a dance.
    November 19th, 2008  3:43 am

  959. With all these Clinton retreads being mentioned for high office, it's just like Hillary won.
  960. moe99 on Ten cents a dance.
    November 19th, 2008  6:26 pm

  961. Oh, and mark, you're an attorney. Want to explain to the rest of us how torture trumps the rule of law in the US? I await your response with bated breath.
  962. moe99 on What the market wants.
    November 19th, 2008  9:10 pm

  963. these car execs are not helping their case
  964. moe99 on What the market wants.
    November 20th, 2008  2:02 am

  965. Danny you are so out to lunch on this. There are significant differences between marriage and civil unions: Here's a snippet: What's the Difference? The most significant difference between marriage and civil unions (or domestic partnerships) is that only marriage offers federal benefits and protections. According to the federal government's General Accounting Office (GAO), more than 1,100 rights and protections are conferred to U.S. citizens upon marriage. Areas affected include Social Security benefits, veterans' benefits, health insurance, Medicaid, hospital visitation, estate taxes, retirement savings, pensions, family leave, and immigration law. Because same-sex marriages in Massachusetts and California, civil unions, and domestic partnerships are not federally recognized, any benefits available at the state or local level are subject to federal taxation. For example, a woman whose health insurance covers her female partner must pay federal taxes on the total employer cost for that insurance.
  966. moe99 on Ten cents a dance.
    November 20th, 2008  6:23 am

  967. Mark, the rule of law in the US, which I invoked and not the Constitution, includes the Congressional ratification of treaties, such as the much neglected Geneva Treaty governing the treatment of POWs, regardless of where they are captured or detained . We have abrogated and trampled on the rights we agreed to provide such persons and we are shameful in the world's eyes, for not just doing so, but for trumpeting our "cleanness" in this regard for so many years. Lo, how the mighty are fallen. And you can pull a John Woo all you like, but all the legalisms and distinctions you will try to draw are nothing more than turds in dixie cups. Here are the applicable provisions, mark. GENERAL PROTECTION OF PRISONERS OF WAR Article 12 Prisoners of war are in the hands of the enemy Power, but not of the individuals or military units who have captured them. Irrespective of the individual responsibilities that may exist, the Detaining Power is responsible for the treatment given them. Prisoners of war may only be transferred by the Detaining Power to a Power which is a party to the Convention and after the Detaining Power has satisfied itself of the willingness and ability of such transferee Power to apply the Convention. When prisoners of war are transferred under such circumstances, responsibility for the application of the Convention rests on the Power accepting them while they are in its custody. Nevertheless if that Power fails to carry out the provisions of the Convention in any important respect, the Power by whom the prisoners of war were transferred shall, upon being notified by the Protecting Power, take effective measures to correct the situation or shall request the return of the prisoners of war. Such requests must be complied with. Article 13 Prisoners of war must at all times be humanely treated. Any unlawful act or omission by the Detaining Power causing death or seriously endangering the health of a prisoner of war in its custody is prohibited, and will be regarded as a serious breach of the present Convention. In particular, no prisoner of war may be subjected to physical mutilation or to medical or scientific experiments of any kind which are not justified by the medical, dental or hospital treatment of the prisoner concerned and carried out in his interest. Likewise, prisoners of war must at all times be protected, particularly against acts of violence or intimidation and against insults and public curiosity. Measures of reprisal against prisoners of war are prohibited. Article 14 Prisoners of war are entitled in all circumstances to respect for their persons and their honour. Women shall be treated with all the regard due to their sex and shall in all cases benefit by treatment as favourable as that granted to men. Prisoners of war shall retain the full civil capacity which they enjoyed at the time of their capture. The Detaining Power may not restrict the exercise, either within or without its own territory, of the rights such capacity confers except in so far as the captivity requires. Article 15 The Power detaining prisoners of war shall be bound to provide free of charge for their maintenance and for the medical attention required by their state of health.
  968. moe99 on What the market wants.
    November 20th, 2008  6:50 am

  969. Where's our Thanksgiving recipe thread? I have one to add in the general spirit of this year: Turkey Dressing 3 eggs 1tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 3 cups washed popcorn (uncooked0 1 green pepper, seeded and chopped 1 cup diced celery garlic and salt to taste Mix ingredients well and stuff turkey. Bake at 350, until popcorn pops and blows the ass off the turkey.
  970. moe99 on What the market wants.
    November 20th, 2008  6:29 pm

  971. mark, You're a one man band for full employment for attorneys the way you're proposing to go in and fix up all those laws one at a time. It'd be more efficient to just make marraiges between gays as well as straights, legal. See? Problem solved. Then you can go back and fine tune your other issues to your heart's desire and do it on the merits of each issue, rather than cloud it up with the other crap..
  972. moe99 on Link hors d'oeuvres.
    November 21st, 2008  12:19 am

  973. This is good news: Judge orders 5 detainees at Gitmo released. And this was a Bush I appointee, the government thought would be very sympathetic to them....
  974. moe99 on Link hors d'oeuvres.
    November 21st, 2008  6:22 am

  975. Did you know that the airport scenes in Casablanca were filmed at the Long Beach airport, which still looks like that? I flew in there at the end of this summer to visit my college freshman son and bring him as much crap for his dorm as I could fit in one big suitcase.
  976. moe99 on Link hors d'oeuvres.
    November 21st, 2008  6:52 am

  977. wrong on two counts, Jtmmo. Check out your for the airport connection. And conservative republicans were not more accepting of their atheist, agnostic compatriots than liberal dems were of Christians, such as myself. I have never felt out of place in the wilds of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Washington in the halls of the democratic party, although I have been embarassed to admit that I am a Christian given how the Republicans have mucked up the brand name.
  978. moe99 on Link hors d'oeuvres.
    November 21st, 2008  10:08 am

  979. Ah, I must apologize Jtmmo. When I flew on Jet Blue to Long Beach they told us that the airport was featured in Casablanca. After running my own checks, I find you are correct. I will say that the airport does look like it had never advanced beyond the 1940's and some Ong Beach residents would like it to stay that way, despite Jet Blue's activities contra. Again, you were right.
  980. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    November 24th, 2008  3:02 am

  981. Thank you, Brian. Nicely done.
  982. moe99 on The cheaper cuts.
    November 24th, 2008  7:26 pm

  983. Glad the hogshead is no longer on the top of the fold, so to speak. As someone who is not a big fan of american automobiles, the latest news that they're giving big bucks to Citi kind of brought me over to side of the car makers. At least the big 3 produce something, rather than push paper.
  984. moe99 on The cheaper cuts.
    November 25th, 2008  6:10 am

  985. My favorite dressing, basset, is the apple/raisin/onion/celery dressing made with soft bread chunks in the Joy of Cooking. It has a tangy taste if you make it with Granny Smith apples and I like to substitute half dried cranberries in with the raisins.
  986. moe99 on Another one gone.
    November 25th, 2008  4:33 pm

  987. happy birthday fellow Sagittarius!
  988. moe99 on Another one gone.
    November 26th, 2008  12:12 am

  989. A Kentucky treat that has become a Thanksgiving staple at my house chess pie. 1/2 c melted butter 1 1/2 c sugar 1 1/2 t corn meal 1 1/2 t vinegar 3 eggs Preheat oven to 450. Use mixer at low speed to combine the ingredients in the following way. Combine sugar w/ melted butter. Then add eggs and remaining ingredients Pour into 9" pie shell Put pie into oven and immed turn heat down to 400. Cook at 400 15 minutes, then at 300 about 20 minutes (these times are approximate and depends on the oven and whether the eggs are fresh--which takes longer) Pie filling will puff up full. Give pie a little jiggle to be sure center is firm before removing it. Place on rack to cool. Pie may be browned before serving.
  990. moe99 on Some side dishes.
    November 26th, 2008  8:00 pm

  991. Nance, As an attorney in Seattle, licensed to practice in Washington state for 27 years, I can attest that Richard Sanders probably did do what he said he did. He's a huge ego-driven libertarian, and real pain in the butt to have as a Supreme Court justice, if you, as I do, represent the state.
  992. moe99 on Some side dishes.
    November 27th, 2008  9:39 pm

  993. By GARDENING WITH CISCOE Garnet Yams with Maple Cider Glaze in Puff Pastry (Serves 4-6) This is the most requested winter-season dish in my repertoire. It can be done ahead of time and popped into the oven at the last minute. It's absolutely gorgeous to serve and there's not a marshmallow in sight! 2 medium or large organic garnet yams 1 cup maple syrup 1 cup apple cider 1/2 cup pecans 1/4 cup fresh cranberries Zest of 1 lemon 2 sheets Aussie Bakery frozen puff pastry, thawed Egg wash (1 egg beaten with 1 tablespoon water) Prepare the yams: Up to two days ahead, wrap the yams in aluminum foil and roast in a 400 degree oven until tender, about 45 minutes. Cool and peel. Keep in refrigerator until ready to use. Prepare the syrup: (You may do this step two days ahead as well. It will be quite thick once refrigerated, so let it come to room temperature before finishing the rolls.) In a heavy saucepan, combine the maple syrup, apple cider and the pecans. Bring this mixture to a boil and cook for 10-12 minutes, or until mixture is reduced by about half. Stir in the cranberries and lemon zest. Set aside to cool. For the pastries: (You may prepare these the day before, just be sure to refrigerate them right away.) Lay one sheet of pastry on a baking pan lined with parchment or a silicone baking sheet. Brush very lightly with the egg wash. Lay the yam in the center and cut it into 8-10 slices, (being sure not to cut thought the pastry). Gently press the slices down to fan them vertically. Sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper. Spoon half of the pecan mixture over the top of the yams. Roll the pastry up around the yams, tucking in the ends and sealing the seam well with your fingers. Repeat with the remaining pastry sheet. Cut a few slits in each roll and brush the surface lightly with the egg wash. You may cut out designs from extra puff pastry and apply them to the surface. Finish them with a light coating of egg wash as well. Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool slightly and cut each roll into 4-6 slices.
  994. moe99 on Turkey sandwiches.
    November 28th, 2008  11:26 pm

  995. I am making turkey carcass soup. I love it because it depends on what's leftover plus some fresh rosemary from my garden. This year, it's a bit darker than usual because the gravy was dark. I tried a new turkey roasting recipe which included a turkey rub made of butter and paprika and halfway through the roasting you poured a cup of warm white wine over the turkey which added great flavor to the drippings, though they were darker than usual. Yum!
  996. moe99 on Turkey sandwiches.
    November 30th, 2008  7:08 pm

  997. Fun stuff.
  998. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 1st, 2008  6:57 pm

  999. Well, if you need Christmas gift ideas, there are the necklaces made by the displaced women of Uganda. I can put you in touch with a friend who is selling them on behalf of the organization in Seattle. The Seattle Public Library is also selling them. The prices range from $8 for earrings to $15 for multi strand necklaces.
  1000. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 1st, 2008  10:52 pm

  1001. Mark, I've only been practicing law for 32 years, so I may not have it quite right, but in this time, every time there was a new, incoming president, the US Attorneys were reshuffled. I don't think you can find, even when Bush 1 succeeded Reagan, a case where that did not happen. And to try to somehow claim that Obama is a bad guy if he does it too, just will not wash. From the war on drugs, to illegal immigration, US attorneys deal with issues that are shaped from the policies above, and as a result, the person is charge is fully within rights to ask for the resignations of the US Attorneys. And as for the State Department and ambassador appointments, there are more political pork appointments there than you would think, xref. the failed Hormel appointment to Luxembourg. And even where careerists are appointed, this is the time that they are shaken up, sent back and reshuffled out. I used to follow it more closely as I passed both the written and oral Foreign Service exams and turned down 3 offers to join, as I had just married and moved with the ex to Seattle and thought that love trumped all. More's the pity.
  1002. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  12:37 am

  1003. You know, Mark, it gets a bit tiresome this 'bipartisan' line being used like a carrot or a stick for Obama especially with regard to the appointment of US Attorneys. This is how the game is played. It's not like there are not a large group of attorneys who could come in and do a great job for the new administration. I remember when Clinton Yale school classmate, Kate Pflaumer, got the nod here in Seattle. She didn't have much experience in criminal yet she managed to run a very professional shop. And no one was muttering darkly about how the appointment somehow tarnished Clinton's bona fides as our president on both sides of the aisle. I think you should just give it up.
  1004. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  2:08 am

  1005. Well, Liberty is not fully accredited as a law school, so you wouldn't catch me attending there. And accreditation is not some sort of partisan witch hunt either.
  1006. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  6:18 am

  1007. If we're recommending books all of a sudden, let me put in a plug for the best escapist fare this side of George RR Martin. Joe Abercrombie has a trilogy out that is a great quest by mostly ordinary, hard living folks in some sorry fantasy land. The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings. Makes me wish I hadn't read them yet to be recommending them to y'all. Because I get enough non fiction in my real life.
  1008. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  8:30 am

  1009. Brian, I hope you know that Abercrombie's books were fiction. Which I use to escape. A good book and my bus ride turns into a very pleasurable ride. This morning, instead I did a phone conference with a judge and opposing counsel on the bus. "That's ok, your honor, I'm not driving." I prefer a good book however.
  1010. moe99 on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  10:29 am

  1011. In a major way, Danny. Who are your favorite authors?
  1012. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 3rd, 2008  1:19 am

  1013. Joe the Plumber has recommended books for Christmas:
  1014. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 3rd, 2008  8:30 am

  1015. Oh, basset, I loved Cryptonomicon and I flunked trigonometry when I was masquerading as a senior in a suburban Mpls high school for a college sociology project. I never took a single math course in college as a result. But the plot in Cryptonomicon is way better and overpowers the math. Best of his since Snow Crash (which has the very funniest first chapter on record). Do try it again. Or better yet, start with Declare by Tim Powers and then go to Cryptonomicon. I've got Anathem for my holiday reading. Just sent a Pamela Freeman book, the first in her Castings Trilogy to my oldest son so he could have something to read after finals. btw, here's Matthew Yglesias' take on the NYT surrogate mom:
  1016. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 3rd, 2008  6:20 pm

  1017. Hated, absolutely hated the Baroque Cycle even though Stephenson gave a shout out to my favorite writer of historical fiction: Dorothy Dunnett. Stephenson's oeuvre is spotty for me. Also hated the Diamond Age. Danny, here is a partial list of my favorite authors besides the master JRR Tolkien who I first read when I was in junior high in Defiance, OH: George RR Martin: still have to put him first though his procrastination is making me crazy. Joe Abercrombie: A great new Trilogy starting with The Last Blade Patricia Briggs: A Washington writer. Like her fantasy better than her coyote changer stuff Greg Keyes: His last quartet was fabulous Bujold: Love everything except the Subtle Knife crap. That was to gag for. Mary Doria Russell: Jesuits in space written by a woman who converted to Judaism. What's not to like? Connie Willis: Recommended Lincoln's Dreams before but as a former medieval history major, her Domesday Book is fabulous (the American publisher changed the term to Doomsday because they figured that the American reading public would not get it) Great book Sherrie Tepper: Grass should have won big the year it came out but lost to Hyperion (which I did not like as well) Robert Jordan: Loved him when he first started writing but the series went on too long and especially the 5th book, which he wrote when he was going through a divorce, sucks. I don't like who they hired to finish it either. Tim Powers: a master of the craft. Declare is a great read but almost everything he writes is. Sean Stewart: Galveston is a wonderful book, particularly given the hurrican this summer. Martha Wells: an underrated writer. Doris Eagan: She's now the executive producer for House, MD but her trilogy about being a graduate student on another planet is great fun Barbara Hambly: The Ladies of Mandrigyn is great fun. Tad Williams: Love Everything he has written so far. Dave Duncan: Lots of fun from the first series to the last. My boys particularly liked him. Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead but outside that he gets too Mormon for my taste. Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer: Great series these two authors have put together. Pamela Freeman: two of three finished in the Castings Trilogy Patricia McKillip: started reading her more than 30 years ago and she does not disappoint Ursula K. Leguin: left hand of Darkness is a classic Those are what I can come up with off the top of my head, but I know that there are more.
  1018. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 3rd, 2008  7:11 pm

  1019. One more: Guy Gavriel Kay. A Song for Arbonne and The Lions of Al Rassan take myth to new heights. I thought the Arthurian legend had been mined out, but The Fionnavar Tapestry had me crying at the end. And I've only done that with one other book: Pawn in Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett.
  1020. moe99 on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 3rd, 2008  8:35 pm

  1021. Favorite funeral home in Defiance? Stick and Frye. No joke. when I die, I have a bunch of music I want played. First off, the second movement of the Brahms Requiem, followed by some Bonnie Raitt, U2, Steely Dan, ending with the Carmina Burana. There will be more.
  1022. moe99 on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 3rd, 2008  9:28 pm

  1023. Constabulary notes from all over. Today, it's Dayton, OH. Wife shot during sex. Another cautionary tale regarding keeping guns in the house:
  1024. moe99 on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  12:38 am

  1025. But what would your epitaph be? Here are some noteworthy ones:
  1026. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 4th, 2008  1:40 am

  1027. Danny, Went back and looked for divorce info and I can't find it. I just remember reading it somewhere online Jordan readers were grousing about the decline of quality in the volumes. I will check with a friend back in DC who followed it more closely than I--she even got Jordan to autograph copies of his books about 10 years ago and he did not take kindly to her suggestion back then that he move things along. It's my greatest fear wrt George RR Martin because he's rather overweight and aging and there's no end in sight for the Song of Ice and Fire Series. Which is by far the best I've read because he is not afraid to off major characters which drives the plot in ways you don't normally see in this genre since it is so character dependant.
  1028. moe99 on Pushing the buttons.
    December 4th, 2008  2:49 am

  1029. Rana, thanks for the library thing recommendation. I'll go home and join after work. It would be good to have an online collection like that. i just wish that I could keep track of who I loan my books out to because I never get them back. I ordered a used edition of The Blade Itself from owlbooks on Nov 1 and it has not come yet. i am crabby.
  1030. moe99 on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  9:06 am

  1031. My donor intentions are on my driver's license.
  1032. moe99 on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  5:32 pm

  1033. To respond to John c: If you buy one of those fancy caskets, your body is not going to fertilize anything. You have to be buried in a plain, wood casket with no embalming chemicals to do the earth any good. I'm not sure how many funeral services offer that these days.
  1034. moe99 on Less tone-deaf, maybe?
    December 4th, 2008  7:41 pm

  1035. Happy Feast of St. Barbara! Making Light has a wonderful disquisition on the origins of the saint and her followers. Which is my mother's and sister's name and so fitting. And good ol' clarence thomas has revived a lawsuit filed against Obama's election on the basis he's not a US citizen. Nice work mr. oreo:
  1036. moe99 on Less tone-deaf, maybe?
    December 4th, 2008  8:30 pm

  1037. Danny, I sure as hell hope not. The State Capitol, as far as I know, is the province of the state legislature and they will probably deal with it in whatever cowardly craven way they choose to do so. Oops. Spoke too soon. Here is what the Seattle PI had to say: [Governor Christine] Gregoire, a Democrat, and Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna put out a joint statement Wednesday noting that the federal case led the state to create an inclusive policy: "The U.S. Supreme Court has been consistent and clear that, under the Constitution's First Amendment, once government admits one religious display or viewpoint onto public property, it may not discriminate against the content of other displays, including the viewpoints of nonbelievers." What a great guy, that Rob McKenna! I would note for the record, he and his family are Catholic.
  1038. moe99 on Less tone-deaf, maybe?
    December 4th, 2008  9:31 pm

  1039. This is for Jeff tmmo, as it seems that Bill Donohue, one of my least favorite Catholics is getting involved here with your favorite Catalan Christmas tradition.
  1040. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 5th, 2008  6:56 pm

  1041. The one other explanation of Thomas' behavior that I came up with yesterday is that Thomas, as an African American, may have been sensitive to charges of bias, if he failed to refer the matter to the full court. But I rather prefer the gotcha explanation. I understand from Court gossip that Thomas is a bitter man with a chip on his sholder even now, all these years after his nomination debacle. Although it was good to publicly raise the issue of on the job harassment--it was a teachable moment for many--Thomas should have been voted down because he was not a lawyer of the caliber that would make a good Supreme Court justice. But, of course, no one had the guts to say that out loud.
  1042. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 5th, 2008  7:18 pm

  1043. Another acquaintance of mine made the point that the Detroit bailout vs. the bank bailout pits the blue collar vs. the white collar workers. Guess which one is getting a more sympathetic ear from Congress?
  1044. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 5th, 2008  11:57 pm

  1045. del, some of the photos in that video still resonate but the equation of Bush w/ Gore is truly wrong as proven by subsequent events, and dated. Music's not bad tho....
  1046. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 6th, 2008  1:39 am

  1047. You will all be glad to know that the atheist sign posted next to the Nativity and hannukah displays in the State Capitol in Olympia, has been recovered the day after it was stolen and will be going back up (whatever happened to "thou shalt not steal"?) and that a Festivus display will now also be put up, this by a private citizen.
  1048. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 6th, 2008  7:56 am

  1049. B.b.b.b.but Sarah Palin and her family are soo good looking!! Gah. As if that had anything to do about how to competently run a government.
  1050. moe99 on Street justice.
    December 8th, 2008  12:38 am

  1051. I love my bird feeders in the backyard, but they're a draw for rats. Does anyone have any ideas on how best to trap the rats without getting the squirrels or poisoning my dogs in the process? I have an aging black lab who is worthless and a miniature dachshund who is clueless on catching the rats. Either a terrier or a cat, but with a cat the birds would be at risk. Life is complicated.....
  1052. moe99 on Religi-tainment.
    December 8th, 2008  7:18 pm

  1053. As a lapsed Catholic and a Presbyterian elder, I have to say these mega churches seem to take on a life of their own. People are drawn to success for success' sake. But I like my little church, precisely because it is little. My kids grew up surrounded by all generations. We may not have lived near relatives, but they had aunts and uncles galore courtesy of the church. Just went to our Christmas pageant last night and it was so homely and tender and touching. As I age, I tend to value the quieter events in my life. They are touchstones for my soul. And for the holidays and dog lovers everywhere, "Bailey the unknown Reindeer:"
  1054. moe99 on Religi-tainment.
    December 9th, 2008  3:15 am

  1055. Del, As a singer for some years (I was lucky to be under the tutelage of Dale Warland at Macalester College in the early '70s), I think the Carmina Burana is the closest thing you can get to orgasm while singing, it's that much fun. And I was introduced to it, maybe 14 years ago, so I am late to the party. Gasman, Have you heard of Carlos Nakai? His "Winter Dreams" CD is one I play at this time every year. Turns out a classmate at Macalester, James DeMars, has written some songs that he has performed. Small world.
  1056. moe99 on Religi-tainment.
    December 9th, 2008  5:40 am

  1057. Alex, Macalester College, which is in St. Paul MN. Not the same as Manchester.
  1058. moe99 on My doppelganger.
    December 9th, 2008  6:09 pm

  1059. Yeah, I figure it's a done deal for Caroline, if she wants it. My sister Barb had a Caroline Kennedy doll, which was odd coming from my very Republican parents, but perhaps the fact that the Kennedys were Catholic helped with the allure for my mother.
  1060. moe99 on My doppelganger.
    December 9th, 2008  7:11 pm

  1061. apropos of yesterday's discussion, one of the biggest churches in Seattle is found at the Center for Spiritual Living, just down the road from where I live. We were there this weekend for a sing along Messiah to benefit the orchestra of two of my kids' public high school, Garfield. What does anyone here know about the Church of Religious Science (an offshoot of Christian Scientists that believes stuff entirely separate from them)?
  1062. moe99 on My doppelganger.
    December 10th, 2008  11:19 am

  1063. Disclaimer: I'm in favor of a bailout. But this is worth posting:
  1064. moe99 on My doppelganger.
    December 10th, 2008  6:34 pm

  1065. Brian, I'd still pick that job over being a crab fisherman off the coast of Alaska. Now's their busy season.
  1066. moe99 on Captain, we have a problem.
    December 10th, 2008  6:40 pm

  1067. Ooh, ooh. Love the following:
  1068. moe99 on Twilight High.
    December 12th, 2008  2:36 am

  1069. Got back to the office after a hearing this pm, and wolfed down the Fair Trade chocolate I had hidden in my desk drawer. I finished it and then had to look twice, because I couldn't figure out how it disappeared so quickly. That's how bad it's been here... And i think that the air landing strip at the Miramar base the crippled plane was heading for was mostly closed down because it's too close to a residential area. Ya think?
  1070. moe99 on Twilight High.
    December 12th, 2008  3:29 am

  1071. It's time to play Name That Goon! Rod Blagojevich vs. Tony Soprano. Hands on buzzers: One's a trash-talking thug trying to stay one step ahead of the law. The other was played by James Gandolfini. Can you identify the speaker of the ten quotes below? 1. "Unless I get something real good...shit, I'll just send myself, you know what I'm saying." 2. "What the fuck am I, a toxic person or something?" 3. "Log off, that "cookies" shit makes me nervous!" 4. "They're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them." 5. "You got no fuckin' idea what it's like to be number one. Every decision you make affects every facet of every other fucking thing." 6. "I've got this thing and it’s fucking golden, and I'm just not giving it up for fuckin' nothing. I'm not gonna do it. And I can always use it. I can parachute me there." 7. "That motherfucker's full of shit. He's shaking me down." 8. "Our recommendation is fire all those fucking people, get 'em the fuck out of there..." 9. "I could have made a larger announcement but wanted to see how they perform by the end of the year. If they don't perform, fuck 'em." 10. "Jesus Christ! The money I've been dropping in here, I could've bought a fuckin' Ferrari."
  1072. moe99 on Twilight High.
    December 12th, 2008  3:30 am

  1073. /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// Answers: Tony Soprano: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 Governor Blagojevich: 1, 4, 6, 8, 9
  1074. moe99 on On generosity.
    December 12th, 2008  9:52 pm

  1075. Danny, I would have agreed with you in 2000 that there was not a dime's worth of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. After 8 years of the cravenness and mendacity of Bush, I KNOW BETTER. You are profoundly mistaken, my man. But I find I repeat myself. Edit: Danny, here is something from Josh Marshall that illustrates why Repubs are different from Dems: "What Happened 12.12.08 -- 9:48AM By Josh Marshall A quick update from a knowledgeable source who works in that big building with the dome ... I don't think it'll be hard to explain why Senate Republicans had the final say: that's what the Constitution and Senate rules require. How else would we have passed anything? I do think it'll be hard for Senate Republicans to explain themselves. They were invited, repeatedly, to participate in more than a week of negotiations with a Republican White House. They declined. They were asked to provide an alternative bill. They refused. Finally, one of their members - Senator Corker of Tennessee - participated in a day-long negotiation with Senate Democrats, the UAW, and bondholders. Everyone made major concessions. Democrats gave up efficiency and emissions standards. UAW accepted major benefit cuts and agreed to reduce workers' wages. Bondholders signed off on a serious haircut. But when Senator Corker took the deal back to the Republican Conference, they argued for two hours and ultimately rejected it. Why? Because they wanted the federal government to forcibly reduce the wages of American workers within the next 12 months. Heard this morning that President Bush may still use TARP money to rescue the automakers. He reportedly doesn't want to end up as the next Hoover." Oh, and when have the Republican Senators ever agreed to take a pay cut of their own for the public good? Thought so.
  1076. moe99 on On generosity.
    December 15th, 2008  7:13 am

  1077. Dexter, I have some absinthe courtesy of a friend who distills liquor (which is still illegal to do in your own home as far as I know). It's ok, but I wouldn't drop everything else in life for it. I've got most of the bottle left after 2 years, so it's not high on my favorites list.
  1078. moe99 on Go ahead, knock it off.
    December 15th, 2008  7:16 am

  1079. Well, I went and sang the Christmas parts of the Messiah at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. Qute a few members of the Seattle Symphony Chorale showed up so it felt really professional and quite moving to be singing the Hallelujah chorus and watch the audience stand up. (I know that's not part of the Chritmas part, but everyone expects it) I'd like to do that again.
  1080. moe99 on Go ahead, knock it off.
    December 15th, 2008  6:08 pm

  1081. Guess they're going to have to make journalists remove their footwear to attend presidential press conferences in the future. Inaugural parade preparations. I hope this one makes the television:
  1082. moe99 on Little luxuries.
    December 16th, 2008  8:24 pm

  1083. George Packer has an article in this week's New Yorker, Official Stories, which may go a long way to explaining the source of the Iraqi's anger and frustration: In the past few days, two official documents on Iraq and the war on terror have come out: a bipartisan inquiry by the Senate Armed Services committee into treatment of detainees, and a report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. Reading through the executive summary of the first and highlights of the second gave me a distinct feeling of nausea—a sense of being dragged back down into an extremely unpleasant experience in which I’d been immersed for years and that I’d only recently started to leave behind. No chance. A few sentences into each document and it was real and vivid all over again: the official lies and deceptions buried under acronyms and jargon; the headlong folly of arrogant policymakers; the fateful decisions made in the shadows or on the fly, and the years of terrible consequences. These two documents bring very old news; there’s nothing remarkable about their main conclusions. The nausea I felt came from having seen and heard almost all of it before. The Senate inquiry finds that the humiliation and cruelty inflicted on prisoners at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Abu Ghraib followed from directives that originated in the White House and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The Inspector General’s report (which, at 513 pages, contains far more revealing detail than the declassified version of the Senate inquiry) establishes that the U.S. government was completely unprepared for the reconstruction of Iraq, owing to the almost criminal negligence of those responsible, and that the years since the invasion have been marked by bureaucratic confusion and incompetent execution, with private contractors playing a large role in the disaster. In both narratives, President Bush and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld are the prime culprits, heading a large cast of failed officials, along with a few quiet dissidents. Both documents show, without quite saying so, that years of official statements amount to a long string of lies. Throwing shoes in a sense is benign in that the weapon of choice does not cause serious injury (usually in the Middle East soft shoes are worn, not hiking boots) but given the shame attached to showing someone the sole of your foot, it has siginificant emotional and psychological consequences. It's like giving the finger used to be here in the US before common custom debased the effect. And Bush has been known to give the finger. So, I think that given the mendacity and the corruption and the greed that have completely impoverished the country of Iraq, the gesture is completely understandable and that Danny is overreacting for all the wrong reasons....But I repeat myself.
  1084. moe99 on Paper cuts.
    December 18th, 2008  5:48 am

  1085. a pretty darn good youtube video put together by an advertising firm, far as I can tell. Wonder if this will get them any business? Then, I hope these guys are invited to the inauguration parade. From Plymouth, Michigan, the Fred Hill briefcase drill team:
  1086. moe99 on A few of my favorite things.
    December 19th, 2008  5:59 pm

  1087. Jeff (tmmo): all beaches in Hawaii are public. And the term skid row was originally skid road and originated in the Pacific NW: Finally, we can be grateful that we do not live in Galveston:
  1088. moe99 on Digging out.
    December 19th, 2008  10:11 pm

  1089. how do you post a picture, just out of curiosity? As a picture or as a web address? Nothing like answering my own question.....
  1090. moe99 on Digging out.
    December 20th, 2008  4:03 am

  1091. I posted my picture on my blog site. I generally don't since, I don't advertise the fact that I'm female. Somehow I don't get as much sh*t if folks don't know that generally. It's down a ways on the right hand side.
  1092. moe99 on Digging out.
    December 20th, 2008  10:15 am

  1093. Love the pix of everyone. Jolene, yours made me laugh out loud! Brian and Jeff, great families to go with the great guys. And Del, you are so young to be so distinguished! I am honored to be in y'all's company.
  1094. moe99 on The different Detroits.
    December 23rd, 2008  7:45 pm

  1095. I was up til 3 wrapping and dog walking, so I got nutthin' today. Good piece Nancy. Can I share it (the Detroit part) with friends?
  1096. moe99 on Boxing Day.
    December 27th, 2008  8:08 pm

  1097. Julie, When are you coming to Seattle? They say the snow should be gone by the 6th of Jan. I just spent the am shoveling off my deck. Roofs are collapsing under the weight of the snow. If it's after the 8th (when I get back from my Grand Canyon/Death Valley tour), let me know. Would enjoy meeting some NN devotees in person!
  1098. moe99 on Boxing Day.
    December 28th, 2008  10:18 pm

  1099. 75% of Americans say they are "glad" Bush is done:
  1100. moe99 on The things we carried.
    December 29th, 2008  8:01 pm

  1101. I had Christmas eve breakfast with longtime family friends. The dad of the family used to be the CFO of Wa Mu and retired in 2004, in part because no one would listen to him as he tried to slow down the furious pace of sales of mortgages. WaMu was a great local bank before greed transformed and ultimately destroyed it. He says the book to read is "Collapse." I will take him up on it.
  1102. moe99 on The things we carried.
    December 29th, 2008  10:48 pm

  1103. Yes, beb, that is the book. The other one that I think is must reading, which I am on the reserve list at the library for, is The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. I would also recommend this article by the author of Liar's Poker:
  1104. moe99 on The things we carried.
    December 30th, 2008  3:03 am

  1105. String Cheese Incident was a group adopted by many bereft deadheads after Jerry's death. I've seen them twice in concert in Seattle and have enjoyed them greatly. Good to know they're still chugging along! And LA Mary, give me a call when you get up to Seattle, if you have a moment. I'm off to Death Valley and the Grand Canyon tomorrow until Jan 8 but will be back, hopefully rested and refreshed after that. Best way to reach me is via home email reginac23 at
  1106. moe99 on Start your engines.
    January 10th, 2009  4:04 am

  1107. Back from hiking Death Valley and the south rim of the Grand Canyon (in the snow) and it was absolutely fabulous. Not so much crowds at this time of year, and the mules were beautiful, though we just hiked rather than rode them. I've been reading all the posts since I left Dec. 30 and have a couple of things to say that relate back. One on the subject of verbosity. You should go read Booth Tarkington, an old time Hoosier author iirc. His Penrod series is laugh out loud funny and all the more so because of his use of words, many of which we don't see any more these days. It's racist by current standards, but in his time I am sure he was considered progressive. You can write well using lots of words, but it takes a great deal of talent. I have a post on my blog site listing over 200 names of Kentucky towns that I found funny when one night during law school at UK, a couple of us got loaded and had nothing better to do, since driving would have been deadly. Brownie does show up as one of the towns though there are a number of more colorful spots than that. Rode home from my 9 day hiking trip with a group of sports equipement sales reps back from a Las Vegas convention. The guy next to me said the sports industry is being held up by phenomenal gun and ammo sales. They cannot keep anything in stock. And as the daughter of a Republican Ohio family for whom "FDR" was a dirty word, I became acquainted with what really occurred during the depression when I went away to college in MN. Anyone who thinks that FDR didn't do enough or prolonged the depression, has been drinking right wing kool aid for too long. Look at the facts and read Krugman for starters. And the CCC signs in both Death Valley and at the various lodges and buildings scattered around the south rim of the Grand Canyon were a welcome reminder that "make work" can actually create things of lasting value for our society. May we have more of the same in the coming years.
  1108. moe99 on The buzz.
    January 12th, 2009  4:51 am

  1109. must not gloat about the selection of Rev Watkins for the National Prayer Service on Jan. 21
  1110. moe99 on An album.
    January 12th, 2009  8:08 pm

  1111. remembering an old dispute here from pre election days, it appears that about 1/3 of ambassadorship appointments historically have gone to political donors or heavyweights. And Obama looks to continue the tradition (but considering the source of the article, I will wait to see what actually happens):
  1112. moe99 on Dumb and dumbererer.
    January 13th, 2009  7:33 pm

  1113. The best part of is the customer reviews: and before we get carried away about who's worse, JTP or Palin, don't forget they have learned at the feet of the Master:
  1114. moe99 on Dumb and dumbererer.
    January 13th, 2009  10:47 pm

  1115. cooze, that was Caroline Kennedy, that the poster was quoting. Obama is far more eloquent on the stump.
  1116. moe99 on Dumb and dumbererer.
    January 14th, 2009  4:22 am

  1117. Alex, Pajamas Media is a right wing enterprise (though it does include turncoat BalloonJuice in its pantheon of bloggers)
  1118. moe99 on The Roman way.
    January 14th, 2009  7:05 pm

  1119. I had a law school classmate, Andrew Thornton, who had been a Lexington blueblood, but got into police work, specifically the drug trade before he went to law school. In law school, he went from busting drug purveyors to purveying himself, a lucrative career that he expanded upon graduation. He got into flying up large kilos of cocaine from Mexico or Central America, and throwing them out the airplane with parachutes attached to them in the Great Smoky Mountains with transponders attached. But his plans went awry when he jumped out of the plane (which was set on automatic pilot and crashed into Smokies further up) carrying a bale of cocaine and his weight and the bale were too heavy for his parachute. He bought the ranch, so to speak, in the driveway of some really surprised Tennessee homeowner as I recall. There was an execrable book written about it titled The Bluegrass Conspiracy. He was someone I stayed way far away from in law school because he was a real asshole. ps. when the police went to track down the cocaine bales in the mountains, they found one very dead bear next to one. Seems the bear had sampled liberally of the contents. Nice way to go.
  1120. moe99 on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  2:28 am

  1121. Geithner employed a housekeeper who was legally in the U.S. and married to a citizen when she was hired, and who was in compliance with immigration laws until about three months before she stopped working for the Geithners. He is being criticized for not catching the change in her status during that three month period while she was still employed by them. To which I say - are you kidding me? In those circumstances, unless somebody showed me that he had actual knowledge of the change in her status and didn't do or say anything about it, that ought to be a complete non-issue.
  1122. moe99 on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  10:24 am

  1123. wrt whether Vietnam Vets were spit on, I offer this piece by Jack Shafer in Slate: And I offer that as someone who was a friend of Lou Puller, Jr., Chesty's son.
  1124. moe99 on Popping out.
    January 16th, 2009  10:08 am

  1125. Joe--where do you live?
  1126. moe99 on It could be worse.
    January 17th, 2009  6:53 am

  1127. Hell, do what the lead character in The Big Easy did: run your computer under a huge magnet. That should take care of things. And speaking of things, I do not think that things can get worse. Macallan Distillery has discontinued "Amber" liqueur. Ambrosia of the gods I tell you. I am bereft, crushed beyond measure. It is as if the Dude could not get Kahlua anymore.
  1128. moe99 on To the New York island.
    January 19th, 2009  8:17 pm

  1129. I was in the Carter administration, a political appointee, who got to watch the gleeful Reaganauts take over. I remember the rise in conspicuous consumption that accompanied them, the increase in use of limousines was the most apparent outward sign. Their glee was loud and shrill and it lasted the full 12 years. Whatever the Democrats are doing now is only at best on a par with the Republicans when they came into power in 1981. Rat bastards. And, while I was in the Grand Canyon, I had dinner at the swanky El Tovar hotel in the south rim and had to listen to a fat, right wing American asshole loudly proclaim to a group of Europeans that Obama was nothing but a Marxist/socialist whore. It seems that the term has been passed around to the faithful neo con underground. I expect to see much more use in the future.
  1130. moe99 on To the New York island.
    January 19th, 2009  8:55 pm

  1131. Ah, but it seems that they still have the mainstream media to do their bidding. HBO also failed to introduce the Gay Men's Chorus, though they'd intro'd every other group performing.
  1132. moe99 on To the New York island.
    January 19th, 2009  9:33 pm

  1133. What beb said wrt to the ultimate failure of the Bush AIDs in Africa policy.
  1134. moe99 on To the New York island.
    January 19th, 2009  11:33 pm

  1135. LAMary--Yes, that was El Tovar. It would have been a perfect dinner without that right wing SOB mucking up the sound waves. Right after New Year's is a perfect time to visit because the crowds are down. PS: here's some proof on the disastrous African AIDs policies of the Bush administration
  1136. moe99 on 1.20.09
    January 20th, 2009  9:42 am

  1137. Fiat is 'buying' a 35% stake in Chrysler. Such a deal! And I will be in a hearing up in Bellingham so will miss the live action. But I have a half bottle of french champagne I am going to take over to Maggie, my 90 year old next door neighbor, when I get home from work and we will toast to the new administration.
  1138. moe99 on 1.20.09
    January 21st, 2009  4:15 am

  1139. I listened to as much as I could before my hearing this am. The music by John Williams had me in tears. I used to sing that Shaker song to my kids as part of their bedtime ritual. And I cried at the oath of office as well. Then I dried it all up and went to my hearing. Bless NPR for replaying the Inaugural address so I could hear it on my drive home. I thought it it exactly the right notes. As opposed to Rick Warren's invocation which was wooden words, woodenly spoken and the naming of Jesus four times plust the Our Father was a deliberate slap to those not Christian. Warren, in my opinion, stands exposed by his own actions for the narrow minded git that he is.
  1140. moe99 on 1.20.09
    January 21st, 2009  8:49 am

  1141. Per NPR this am before the invocation was offered, Billy Graham, no slouch of an evangelical, never mentioned Jesus in his invocations for serious events such as this and that omissions has been widely understood to mean it was done in the spirit of inclusiveness. I stand by my opinion of Warren's invocation.
  1142. moe99 on Byproducts.
    January 21st, 2009  10:46 pm

  1143. It's the way that you prepare brussels sprouts that determines whether they are bitter or not. Steaming and baking them are good ways. I'll post a recipe from a very good cook in a bit after I'm off the phone on a conference call for work.
  1144. moe99 on Byproducts.
    January 22nd, 2009  12:44 am

  1145. wrt to the myth that the New Deal prolonged the Depression:
  1146. moe99 on Byproducts.
    January 22nd, 2009  1:24 am

  1147. Heating time may vary depending on your oven: Set the oven at 400. Wash and cut the sprouts in half lengthwise. Toss with olive oil and chopped garlic in a bowl, and spread in a glass baking dish in one layer, salt and pepper, and bake for about 40 to 60 minutes or until tender and the outer leaves start turning brown. Toss around halfway through cooking. Variations = sprinkle with grated lemon zest, dried or fresh thyme, or both. The roasting takes away the bitterness and converts much of the carbs in the sprouts to sugar. They are sweet and savory.
  1148. moe99 on Byproducts.
    January 22nd, 2009  6:03 am

  1149. Read Rev. Watkins' sermon and I thought it was well done. But she's calling for lots of things that fit into the Obama agenda, that socialist Marxist. And I don't think that these are things that you all agree with, Jeff tmmo. Or at least, your political support seems to be at a variance with it.
  1150. moe99 on Byproducts.
    January 22nd, 2009  8:55 am

  1151. Here's a cold and flu alert: Remember Airborne? Well it settled a multistate consumer protection lawsuit recently with a large number of states for hyping its efficacy. I guess there still is no cure for the common cold. But, please, stay home and don't infect the rest of us. I did for four days last week.
  1152. moe99 on The hat.
    January 23rd, 2009  1:48 am

  1153. Well, it appears that Samuel Alito continues his boycott of all things Obama. As far as I know in addition to boycotting Obama's visit to the Supreme Court last week, he did not attend the inauguration either. Knows how to hold a grudge, he does. Neither Obama or Biden voted to confirm him.
  1154. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  2:19 am

  1155. a catchy little number: Courtesy of Calculated Risk.
  1156. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  4:49 am

  1157. I'd like a full factual basis for the assertion above that Ayers and Obama were anything more than acquaintances. I get so darn tired of all these Obama smear jobs that are kept going with an assertion that it will somehow be proven in the future. I want it proven now, dammit. Or shut up.
  1158. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  12:55 pm

  1159. This is so frackin' stupid that we have to do someone else's research for him. The wiki entry on Obama says he received his undergraduate degree from Columbia in 1983. Here is what it says about Ayers(please people it is Ayers not Ayres) and I am quoting verbatim just so we can get the time frames down: "He began his career in primary education while an undergraduate, teaching at the Children’s Community School (CCS), a project founded by a group of students and based on the Summerhill method of education. After leaving the underground, he earned an M.Ed from Bank Street College in Early Childhood Education (1984), an M.Ed from Teachers College, Columbia University in Early Childhood Education (1987) and an Ed.D from Teachers College, Columbia University in Curriculum and Instruction (1987). He has edited and written many books and articles on education" Ok, so Jeff tmmo would have us believe that somehow after Obama graduated from Columbia in 1983, he came into contact with Ayers while Ayers was at a completely DIFFERENT college because Ayers did not even enter Columbia until 1984. Nice try but >>honk<< you lose fella. I want a bottle of Macallan's Amber liqueur. Thanks so much for playing.
  1160. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  8:13 pm

  1161. This is really getting ridiculous. Assuming that a master's program takes two years, this means that out of their respective careers, there is only one possible year of overlap in NYC: 1982-83. Now Ayers was at Banks St School in a graduate program. There currently are 1,052 students enrolled at Banks Street. Columbia's population is 23,000 students, of which 5,475 are undergrads. Banks Street may be physically located near Columbia, but there is no formal relationship between Columbia and Banks Street. Take a look at Columbia's website, they list relationships with Barnard, the Jewish Theological Seminary, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary. So Ayers would not have received credit for taking courses at Columbia. And he could not have been a Teaching Assistant in any course that Obama took (which I originally thought was possible until it was clear that neither attended Columbia together, and that Banks was not affiliated with Columbia) And wrt to the sheer speculation that they attended the same class together somehow, that is such a thin reed as to be nonexistent. Ayers was a graduate student, and Obama was an undergraduate student. It's been awhile, but when I was in college there was a big difference in the course offerings between graduate and undergraduate. I can't envision Ayers as a graduate student somehow sitting in on an undergraduate course offered by Said. There were/are undergrads who took graduate level courses, but those are students who have excellent academic records, something that the inference has always been, that Obama didn't have at Columbia. So the idea is that out of a universe of 20,000+ students, they attended different schools and different programs in the same city together and somehow they sat next to each other or became acquainted in a class that one man may or may not have taught and which the graduate student would not have received credit for attending. Don't think so.
  1162. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 25th, 2009  12:22 am

  1163. "Moe, when I was at the University of Illinois, there were any number of upper division classes and seminars that were attended for credit by both graduate and undergraduate students." And how many graduate students from other institutions ( I assume there are some near to the University of Illinois) attended undergraduate classes at Illinois?
  1164. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 25th, 2009  2:50 am

  1165. MichaelG--you raised some points that I thought were good and tried to address them. When I went to Macalester College in St. Paul MN lo these many years ago, one of the things they touted as a reason to go there was you could take courses, if you wanted at the other Twin Cities colleges like St. Kates, Hamline, Augsburg, St. Thomas, etc. Turns out we didn't because it took too much time and we could generally get the courses we needed on campus. But the colleges had a formal arrangement to do so, just as Columbia has a formal arrangement with a number of other schools in the NYC area and they state that on their web site. Bank Street is not one of the schools listed that they have an arrangement with, so I would imagine that it would be far trickier to get into a Columbia course if you were a Banks St. grad student than if you were enrolled at one of the schools that had a formal arrangment with Columbia. Just pointing out additional problems of proof in this case that no one has really addressed, and certainly not thinking that you are raising your points in anything more than a manner of thinking out loud. Like I do sometimes.
  1166. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 25th, 2009  8:22 am

  1167. Deborah, Is there a 'not' missing in your penultimate sentence? Thanks.
  1168. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 25th, 2009  7:25 pm

  1169. What mark seems to forget, despite being an attorney, is that the life of an attorney is writing. Not very good writing, to be sure for the most part, but writing. It is worth noting that Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review. This, in other schools, is the editor in chief. In my law school career, the person with the highest grades was supposed to be appointed to editor in chief (in my class of '76, this did not happen because the school faculty had reservations about appointing the woman who had the highest grades). And how did you receive your good grades in law school one might ask? Well, by writing essays to your final exams. And, if I am correct, Obama not only had to have extremely high grades, he had to go beyond that and write for the position. Given the august company he was keeping at the time, Obama could not have been a slouch in the writing department unless mark wants to suggest that the Harvard faculty prostituted the hell out of themselves to appoint the man to the position. I have had several law school and attorney acquaintances whose writing has made me sit up and say, "Damn they're good." And these are just legal briefs for the most part, mind you. It should also be noted that one of the authors on the list posted by the Gman is and was an attorney with no 'authorial' background at all: John Grisham. So yeah, maybe if Obama was an auto mechanic, his facility with words might be as astonishing as mark and Cahill try to make it out to be.
  1170. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 25th, 2009  11:02 pm

  1171. You know, I would say that I am a Christian. But I am certainly not a "Focus on the Family Christian." That's a subsect. And I rather hate the manner in which they appropriate the term as if they are the only Christians out there. In fact it raises some unchristian ire on my part as I think they ignore the fundamental lessons of the gospel in their supercilious, self satisfied weltangschaung.
  1172. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 26th, 2009  12:57 am

  1173. Obama ended up in Chicago TWICE. The first was right after college where he worked in the non profit sector. He then, after this seasoning, went to BOSTON and law school at Harvard and then, upon graduation, WENT BACK to Chicago to work in a law firm and teach at the University of Chicago. Now if you are trying to tie Obama to Ayers, would it not make sense to do it the first time around since after he's established himself in Chi-town, there is a reasonable rationale for going back there after graduation from law school. But, that won't fly, because Ayers was going to graduate school in NYC during the same time period Obama was first working as a volunteer in Chicago. And frankly, in my current situation, having oldest son currently a senior in college and getting ready to graduate in May, he's going to go where he can find a job, thank you very much. I would bet the same applied to Obama. So please, show me where Ayers got Obama his first job as a community organizer in Chicago? The record is simply not there. I would just give it up, Jeff. You keep digging bigger and bigger holes for yourself. Your tin hat is showing a little too much.
  1174. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 26th, 2009  1:30 am

  1175. Jeff, Show me where there is an Ayers tie to Obama's first job as a volunteer. If you can't then you have less than nothing.
  1176. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 26th, 2009  2:10 am

  1177. Hey, you caught me just as I am making my world famous Belgian/Canadian curry on my gas range. I adore gas ranges. It's an industrial strength Garland cast iron amd stainless steel one that hides the grease well, so I am well satisfied. Especially after 19 years with an electric range in an all electric mid century modern house. Was delighted to downsize 3 years ago.
  1178. moe99 on Refreshing.
    January 26th, 2009  4:01 am

  1179. Pretty fun to watch the 44 presidents shift into the next one.
  1180. moe99 on The big con.
    January 26th, 2009  7:03 pm

  1181. Who, exactly, were the clients defrauded by Madoff? When I was at the SEC, we investigated what we called "affinity fraud," which were, given my location in the west, Mormons fleecing other Mormons. Did Madoff bilk mostly Jewish clients or was it all over the board?
  1182. moe99 on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  1:46 am

  1183. 500+ dogs siezed in puppy mill raids and many are pregnant with probably 1500 puppies to come. Major heartache up here for us dog lovers.
  1184. moe99 on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  4:48 am

  1185. Fingers crossed for you Deborah. And toes too.
  1186. moe99 on South of the bloody border.
    January 27th, 2009  7:12 pm

  1187. wrt to tightening the belt exercises, I was reminded that my father's parents (Paulding, Ohio) sold their Lake Hamilton vacation home at the heighth of the Depression for $2,000. It was on the lake, and my fahter had many happy memories of hanging out there as a kid. I wonder what we will be forced to do these days.
  1188. moe99 on South of the bloody border.
    January 28th, 2009  7:23 am

  1189. JGW: Let me second the recommendation of Battlestar Galactica. I dropped direct tv this fall after my youngest went off to college and so my friend Anne and I catch it on Sat nights on the It's terrific. I can't imagine why those interested in eschatology would not find this absorbing to the nth degree. So you don't think Dee was a cylon?
  1190. moe99 on Impostor Rabbit.
    January 28th, 2009  11:20 pm

  1191. Neil Gaiman awarded the Newberry: delightful!
  1192. moe99 on Impostor Rabbit.
    January 29th, 2009  10:04 am

  1193. Ah, but Dexter, you forget that when Garrison Keillor ran off years later with the Danish woman who had been an exchange student in his high school, he left his significant other, Margaret Moose, who had helped produce A Prairie Home Companion, in the lurch. Many of us long timers were rather incensed by the callous way he treated Margaret, as she was a universal favorite. Garrison's first broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion was at Macalester College but a number of years after I had graduated.
  1194. moe99 on The big dry.
    January 29th, 2009  7:07 pm

  1195. Don't forget that on the Pacific NW coast, you also have to get used to the grey and rain 24/7 for about 6 months. It can be quite wearying to the soul. And we're getting many more freezes and snow than we used to.
  1196. moe99 on You haven't seen it all.
    January 29th, 2009  8:03 pm

  1197. Track Obama's progress at living up to his campaign promises:
  1198. moe99 on You haven't seen it all.
    January 30th, 2009  8:48 am

  1199. Caliban, I just came from Safeway where they were playing that Talking Heads song. I told the checkout guy it was weird to be hearing it in Safeway. Put Last Chance Harvey on your Netflix list for the future. It's a quiet movie but Dustin Hoffman does a damn fine job of being a guy whose lost more than he's won most of his life. And what can I say about Emma Thompson? I think she was superb. And Caliban, if you think Blade Runner is the best, why are you not watching Battlestar Galactica? It's longer and playing with the same themes.
  1200. moe99 on A Raymond Carver story.
    January 31st, 2009  11:54 pm

  1201. Well, I'm all bummed out that the most recent Battlestar Galactica episode had a "to be continued" sign at the end. It left me on the edge of my seat. The writers and directors are not afraid to kill good characters, so there really is uncertainty in this. It also didn't help that I watched it at the home of some friends who have a very large tv with a great sound system. Good thing I don't.
  1202. moe99 on A Raymond Carver story.
    February 1st, 2009  11:41 pm

  1203. Our "liberal" media at work:
  1204. moe99 on A Raymond Carver story.
    February 2nd, 2009  2:31 am

  1205. more news from Detroit and the freep: family terrorized by Detroit police for two hours in mistaken drug raid.
  1206. moe99 on Say goodnight, womyn.
    February 2nd, 2009  8:08 pm

  1207. In Seattle, one of my neighborhood bars is much more popular now that there's a smoking ban in place. I go there probably every two weeks for dinner with my daughter or friends when I never would have done so before. And it's now always crowded. So at least in my experience, it has been a net plus. But the smoking rate is lower in Seattle than other parts of the US.
  1208. moe99 on One more time...
    February 3rd, 2009  6:36 pm

  1209. My mother had euphemisms for the words poop and pee. At least we didn't have antimacassars on the arms of our chairs.
  1210. moe99 on One more time...
    February 3rd, 2009  7:29 pm

  1211. I remember that the Victorians used to cover the legs of their chairs-- they were so sensitive that others would be offended to view exposed legs, even if they were on inanimate objects and had never been alive. I wonder what those coverings were called.
  1212. moe99 on One more time...
    February 4th, 2009  9:03 am

  1213. This was in our bar news this month and I think the grammar tips can be used by more than lawyers:
  1214. moe99 on Miss? Another cocktail.
    February 5th, 2009  9:02 am

  1215. Ok, here's my Russian vodka story. In 1995 the head of the Antitrust section of the Washington Attorney General's office spent a year in Belarus, teaching lawyers and other government officials about the laws of competition in the US and Europe. When his year was over, he got the governor to pay for a delegation of Belarussian officials to come over to the US for a several week visit (with their KGB handlers too). When they arrived at the SeaTac airport, they set off all the dogs in security, because along with the copious amounts of vodka in their suitcases, they had packed large quantities of pig fat which they believed, if they ate before drinking their vodka, enabled them to drink that much more vodka. Well two other couples and my ex and I hosted the group for dinner one night and they brought vodka, lots of vodka with them. They opened the refrigerator and the stove to make sure that they were real (they'd been told that American's houses were stuffed with fake appliances). Then they got down to eating our grilled salmon and drinking their vodka neat, which they did with furious and singleminded abandon, toasting all of us numerous times, and singing loud, long Russian songs. We'd been warned about drinking, so all but the ex husband took very tiny sips to nurse our one shot glass for most of the evening. The ex (the current Treasurer for the state of Washingon) was two sheets to the wind as a result of his attempts to keep up with the Russians, and very vocally and extensively sick thereafter (I have blackmail pictures somewhere). But they left 3/4 of a bottle of vodka with us as a parting gift for the evening, and I put it in my freezer and it lasted for almost two years. It was extremely good. I still have the bottle and the top name on it in cyrillic is 'rapevka' only the e is backwards and the v is upside down. and there are two dates to either side of that: 1893 on the left and 1993 on the right. The number 100 is prominently displayed in silver under the other name on the vodka bottle which looks like 'kpbiwtavb' again with the v upside down. PS. The other good story to come out of their visit (at least the one that is printable generally) was when they went to Costco and were being shown around. The first question from a group member to the Costco representative was, "But what do you do when you run out of all this stuff?"
  1216. moe99 on What it is, is stealing.
    February 6th, 2009  12:56 am

  1217. abc lays claim to being the most idiotic MSM ever.
  1218. moe99 on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  1:49 am

  1219. Nancy, Love the Dorothy Parker quote. My first cat was named Dorothy in her honor. Then came Whimbeldon (an abandoned kitten who looked like he had swallowed a tennis ball the first time we fed him), and Thurber who replace Dorothy when she was killed by a car right after we moved to our first owner type house.
  1220. moe99 on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  3:42 am

  1221. Thanks Dexter. I guess that's my job, to spread sweetness and light where ever I go.... vbeg
  1222. moe99 on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  5:42 am

  1223. Ok, Chicago hotels. For several years, when my four siblings and I were kids growing up in Defiance, our parents would take us on the train to Chicago right after Thanksgiving. We would stay at the Pearson Hotel, which is no more--the fancy downtown shopping center rests on its bones. I had my first English muffin at breakfast at the Pearson. After breakfast we would Christmas shop at Marshall Fields, and gawk at the decorated windows with the moving tableaux, and eventually purchase plenty of Frango mints to take home (who knew that they actually originated from the Seattle Department store Frederick & Nelson? we didn't that's for sure). Each time we'd go, my folks would take us out for one very nice dinner at a very nice restaurant. I can remember two of them. One was at the Kungsholm, a Scandanavian restaurant where I had my first pickled herring at the grand buffet that they served in the evening. And then you went downstairs where they had a puppet show on a small stage and gave performances composed of the music from Broadway shows. We saw "Damn Yankees" that way. There was an older gentleman sitting in front of me with a toupee that fit very badly--it was much too small in the back. But I bet he really liked being able to be a red head late in his life. The other dinnner was more spectacular. It was held at the Conrad Hilton and we took a taxi to get there from the Pearson, which was a real event since there were 5 kids and two parents squeezed in to one taxi. s I recall the taxi we took had two seats that popped up from the floor when there were this many people. But we got there without incident and ordered dinner. My younger brother John had some sort of tantrum during dinner and refused to order anything or just ordered an appetizer, can't remember exactly what happened. That was a rare occasion when one of us would cross the parents. And things were rather tense after that. However, the raison d'etre for going to the Conrad Hilton was revealed after all but the coffee cups and dessert plates were removed. The stage in front of the two tier restaurant drew back and there was an ice rink. With ice skaters skating to music. Just like Holiday on Ice only a much smaller venue. What a nice evening's entertainment to take the kids to. Until the last act. The orchestra cleared its collective throat and roared into a rousing rendition of "The Stripper" as a woman covered entirely in balloons skated out and the other skaters took to popping those balloons with pins while skating around her. I'm sure in retrospect she must've had a body suit on, else the frostbite would've been compensable, but it was truly a moment of horror for my parents. 5 children under the age of 16. My brother John put his head on the table, and brother Mark crawled under the table where he stayed until it was over and the lights came back up. I can't remember what Barbie and Peggy did. But it was an evening that I will never forget. Though I have no idea if the food was any good or not.
  1224. moe99 on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  7:45 am

  1225. Dorothy Parker, hung over, was far more witty than 99 3/4% of the rest of the country.
  1226. moe99 on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  7:08 pm

  1227. Ready for summer? Heard from an acquaintance in Melbourne, Australia that the temperature there has hit an all time high: 115 F. And they're going through a bad spate of wildlfires too. Climate change means these sorts of extremes.
  1228. moe99 on What do we think?
    February 8th, 2009  9:10 am

  1229. The blue on blue makes it harder to read because the contrast is down. Just my 2 cents.
  1230. moe99 on What do we think?
    February 8th, 2009  11:47 pm

  1231. I never got to see the Tut exhibit when it was touring in 1978 (that was the point in time I was moving to Brussels), but I have very fond memories of visiting the Toledo Museum of Art as a kid, where they had a very impressive Egyptian exhibit with a sarcophagus and at least one mummy, that I think was funded via Libbey Owens Glass. When I worked at the Seattle Art Museum in 1983, I was able to pick up a poster from the Tut exhibit which I then framed, and it is on one of my walls at work. The Tut Exhibit put the Seattle Art museum on the map and is still talked about by old timers in Seattle.
  1232. moe99 on What do we think?
    February 9th, 2009  4:38 am

  1233. whatever happened to just good ol' printing the money up as you need it?
  1234. moe99 on Whinypants.
    February 9th, 2009  10:42 pm

  1235. Turns out the octomom's doc is an LA resident. Damn. And mark, you say you are an attorney. Do you not do litigation? The commentary here generally is pretty mild compared to what I've seen attorneys dish up in cases.
  1236. moe99 on The ick factor.
    February 10th, 2009  7:36 pm

  1237. If you've not read it, I recommend John Brunner's The Sheep Look Up Somewhat dated science fiction, but it postulates what happens when the world's food supply becomes contaminated. I have been thinking of it for a while given the peanut news. And I have an unopened box of those orange peanut butter crackers in my office. Ah work, the impetus for so much prepackaged food.
  1238. moe99 on The ick factor.
    February 11th, 2009  12:45 am

  1239. Time to give Geithner the boot. He has no idea of what he is doing. And the markets are catching on.
  1240. moe99 on Three old movies.
    February 11th, 2009  7:13 pm

  1241. You know, Body Heat was sorta spoiled for me when it first came out because I read an article about when they filmed it the temperature was in the low 40s high 30s and they had to spray water on the actors to get that sweaty look and the actors were freezing at the time. So it was hard to believe the heat part for me.
  1242. moe99 on Three old movies.
    February 11th, 2009  9:22 pm

  1243. food news from Indianapolis and it is not good. So which of the microwave popcorns use diacetyl? And of course, popcorn has to do with movies in a big way.
  1244. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 12th, 2009  8:36 pm

  1245. I heard from a friend in Chicago that Joaquin Phoenix did not want to go out and promote his current movie and this is the way he is getting back at the producers.
  1246. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 12th, 2009  11:27 pm

  1247. I worked with FDA inspectors when I was an Assistant Attorney General in Consumer Protection on a case involving the sale of meat certified as beef that contained pork. They were very professional and knew a great deal about the scientific and legal processes that they were involved in.
  1248. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 13th, 2009  12:56 am

  1249. BREAKING NEWS Judd Gregg withdraws his name from the Commerce Secretary spot. He just can't abide the stimulus bill. Even though he lobbied hard to get the job.
  1250. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 13th, 2009  3:44 am

  1251. It's means "it is" while Its is the possessive. Or else my 9th grade English teacher at Defiance High School, Mrs. Stoner, is spinning in her grave.
  1252. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 13th, 2009  4:38 am

  1253. pity the poor maid.
  1254. moe99 on Surly bubble.
    February 13th, 2009  6:16 pm

  1255. a darker look at the attempt to harmonize religion with science:
  1256. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 13th, 2009  8:19 pm

  1257. Andrew Sullivan thinks it's war:
  1258. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 13th, 2009  9:35 pm

  1259. Sue, Why can't we hold the Repubs accountable for how vets are being treated at the VA for PTSD? Haven't they been in power for the last 8 years minus 3 1/2 weeks? How long would you give the Obama administration to change the treatment approach at the VA?
  1260. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 13th, 2009  11:15 pm

  1261. Gregg chickened out. Plain and simple. Just could not take the abuse from his party. Anyone as high up as Gregg and with his reputation as being the "idea man" behind the scenes for the Rs, was smart enough to know what the job entailed and what Obama wanted from it. My g*d, the Obama administration even backed away from their threat to take the census bureau away from him and he still bailed. What. A. Wuss.
  1262. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  12:20 am

  1263. Sue, I appreciate your clarification. And agree with it.
  1264. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  3:40 am

  1265. Gman- There's one point in Zakaria's article that a business lawyer in NC that I know took exception to and that's this: In addition, home loans in the United States are "non-recourse," which basically means that if you go belly up on a bad mortgage, it's mostly the bank's problem. He said that he was not aware that home loans were 'non recourse' in the US. Does anyone here know?
  1266. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  11:43 am

  1267. C-ban, I've been reading Krugman and agreeing with him for nigh unto 7 years now. The only time I did not is when he was on the Hillary bandwagon.
  1268. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 15th, 2009  1:07 am

  1269. Lucky I live in the Pacific NW where we are blessed with a surfeit of artisanal beers. My favorite is Mac N Jak's Egyptian Amber. There is nothing better anywhere for any price, although Sam Adams Winter Brew comes in a distant second. And yes, that beer is from Boston.
  1270. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 15th, 2009  1:20 am

  1271. Hey the WaPo thinks Obama did a righteous job:
  1272. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 15th, 2009  4:33 am

  1273. That's some darn fine SNL.
  1274. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 15th, 2009  10:59 am

  1275. Brian: Obviously opinions differ significantly. I tend to think that the negative press Phelps got was way overblown. Though he must've been real grateful to A-Rod later in the week. But still, it's damn hypocritical. Frankly, I would like to see marijuana legalized and taxed just like we do booze. I'm tired of losing the war on drugs and I'm even more tired of putting money down the rathole to fund it.
  1276. moe99 on Is this war?
    February 16th, 2009  12:35 am

  1277. I am surprised Jefftmmo, that you do not remember Chris Matthews saying, after the fall of Baghdad that "we are all neocons now." And then there was this: and this:
  1278. moe99 on Your memories may vary.
    February 16th, 2009  11:54 am

  1279. Memories are funny things particularly paired with the Depression or WW2. My ex husband's mother was the daughter of a German Reformed minister in Archbold,OH. They were driving one day and the car got stuck on the railroad tracks and her parents and a brother were killed. Her father actually lingered for a period of time, and it is very likely that he was tended to by the Drs. Murbach in Archbold who were my great-great uncles on my father's side. They were members of the German Reformed Church where my ex's grandfather had his ministry. My former mother in law and her surviving brother were split up after her father died because it was the Depression and no one in the family had money to take them both in. Her brother went to Chicago, and she was sent to live with an uncle, his wife, and their daughter in Cleveland, another German Reformed minister, but very different from her father. The uncle and his wife lobotomized their daughter when she reached teenage years because she was too artistic and wild for them. My former mother in law eventually found refuge with another uncle, also a minister, but she never spoke much about her experiences. We discovered the connections and the sad stories a number of years after we married. My maternal grandfather was a doctor in Little Falls, MN. My mother remembers patients paying him in eggs, chickens, or her father just writing the bill off. And food being given out the back door to transients just moving through the neighborhood looking for work. Despite this, for her, FDR, was a dirty word because he was a Democrat.
  1280. moe99 on Your memories may vary.
    February 17th, 2009  2:43 am

  1281. My paternal forbears, the Fausters, hailed from Schaffhausen Switzerland, and tatted lace to make the extra money they used to emigrate to America in the late 1800's. Another part of the paternal lineage, the Murbachs may have come from there as well. I have a Murbach history that was online for awhile but I think is taken down now, talked about a line of Murbachs that settled in Brazil rather than the US and disappeared. It was suggested that they had been indentured servants and were badly treated by those who assisted them in coming over to Brazil.
  1282. moe99 on Sticky fingers.
    February 18th, 2009  8:43 pm

  1283. the one place that looking both ways before I cross does not work is in England (and Australia, so make it two). It's just so ingrained that I look left and then right. I narrowly missed being hit by cars several times upon visits to each, because of the way traffic flows there.
  1284. moe99 on Sticky fingers.
    February 18th, 2009  9:36 pm

  1285. Some good news.
  1286. moe99 on Sticky fingers.
    February 18th, 2009  10:11 pm

  1287. The problem is, Jeff tmmo, there are so many more Michelle Bachmans than there are comparables that identify themselves as Democrats. A small sampling starting with Huckabee:
  1288. moe99 on Stiff peaks.
    February 25th, 2009  8:03 am

  1289. The correct phrasing for tomorrow's festivities is (from my Catholic High School in Rochester, MN where I spent just one year): "Asses to asses and bust to bust." Off to walk the dogs after a long night chairing my first worship committee meeting in at least 12 years.
  1290. moe99 on Stiff peaks.
    February 25th, 2009  9:30 am

  1291. Dexter: hmm...presbyterians (the denomination to which I've belonged the past 18 years) don't do that ashes thing much.
  1292. moe99 on My civic duty.
    February 26th, 2009  4:08 am

  1293. mark, why are you spelling Jindal's name with an 'h?' I don't think I've seen that in the media.
  1294. moe99 on My civic duty.
    February 26th, 2009  4:16 am

  1295. I'm not being published from my current site, but also wanted to mention that Jindal is an exorcist:
  1296. moe99 on My civic duty.
    February 26th, 2009  5:51 am

  1297. Connnie: Yeah, I was an Eagle for a year. 1969-70
  1298. moe99 on Duty done.
    February 27th, 2009  4:09 am

  1299. Pilot Joe, If we'd let the free marketeers free rein instead of the adults currently in charge, I can tell you we'd be in a death spiral now. We still may be in one in a few weeks, months or so, but it was of the making of the previous administration. Not the current one.
  1300. moe99 on Alone with oneself.
    February 27th, 2009  11:56 pm

  1301. Jindal lied in his speech. Heh.heh.
  1302. moe99 on Carry on, all.
    March 2nd, 2009  10:20 am

  1303. Ok, I will confess that I really loved The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But I'm a sucker for fast moving plots vs. solid characterizations. I just want a couple of hours that go by without me noticing because I'm so deep into the book, wanting to know what comes next. And my book group, whose idea it was, loved it too. Must be the Scandanavian influence extant in Seattle.....
  1304. moe99 on Carry on, all.
    March 3rd, 2009  12:45 am

  1305. Why are there no consequences for bad behavior here? These folks' greed and shortsightedness pushed all of us down the rathole. Why should they get off scot free? I don't care if they are bankers in $5,000 business suits. They fucked up big time and they should bear the responsibility for their actions.
  1306. moe99 on Carry on, all.
    March 3rd, 2009  5:05 am

  1307. As long as Rush is the public face of the Republican party, they will continue their decline.
  1308. moe99 on Bigger love.
    March 3rd, 2009  11:32 pm

  1309. Just saw this teaser line on Wonkette: Rush Limbaugh Has Balls of Steele.
  1310. moe99 on Bigger love.
    March 4th, 2009  12:37 am

  1311. Rush really is a dick.
  1312. moe99 on Going John Galt broke.
    March 4th, 2009  11:10 pm

  1313. Any Hoosiers here think Evan Bayh's being a wanker?
  1314. moe99 on Going John Galt broke.
    March 5th, 2009  4:18 am

  1315. I don't seem to recall that the Democrats adhere to the Eleventh Commandment ("thou shalt not speak ill of another fellow party member"). We can crap all over our own, and we do so all the time. It's the Repubs who are getting messed up by said commandment, because they do not have the discretion or the honesty to point out that their Emperor isn't wearing any clothes.
  1316. moe99 on Going John Galt broke.
    March 5th, 2009  8:40 am

  1317. Danny, how can they be so old? I mean we're not that old, are we????
  1318. moe99 on The funnies.
    March 5th, 2009  6:43 pm

  1319. I've been following the attorney layoffs at the big firms courtesy of and I have to say that despite mark's claim in the penultimate post of the last thread, these layoffs were not done to reduce income below $250K for the mananging partners. They were done because there is NO work. I have a friend who I used to practice with in private practice and she reports that the real estate investment firm that was a significant client has just closed one of their two office floors. There is NO work right now. And, on another topic, the Democratic party is looking for an eye-catching slogan to put on a billboard to let Rush know how much we appreciate him. I think someone here, among the many talented writers, should enter and win:
  1320. moe99 on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  6:02 am

  1321. Jeff B, I would wear that slur from C-ban w/ pride. As Michelle Bachman would say "You is da man!" (vbeg)
  1322. moe99 on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  7:40 am

  1323. It's that time of the year again and there are new peeps colors to celebrate: Although I must say the orange ones taste no different than the yellow peeps.
  1324. moe99 on Here come the tycoons.
    March 9th, 2009  6:35 pm

  1325. Jolene, here is the address of that story: Very good journalism, but very tough to read.
  1326. moe99 on Here come the tycoons.
    March 9th, 2009  9:24 pm

  1327. Ok, I'm going back to a debate that was a while ago, having to do with the firing of US Attorneys when a new president comes into office. I seem to recall that there was a heated, or at least testy, discussion about the whys and wherefores of such behavior. It appears that Obama is parting from his predecessors in that he is keeping a large number of sitting USAttys in their jobs, at least for now. Fancy that.,0,6248126.story
  1328. moe99 on Here come the tycoons.
    March 9th, 2009  11:50 pm

  1329. I thought Yoo was tenured at Berkeley and presently teaching at Chapman university school of law?
  1330. moe99 on Money problems.
    March 10th, 2009  4:39 pm

  1331. As an attorney in state government who has yet to earn what starting attorneys 30 years my junior in private practice make in my home town of Seattle, I take some exception to the exception made for attorneys above. We have yet to hear how the state budget will affect our personal bottom lines, but the fear is palpable at my office.
  1332. moe99 on Money problems.
    March 11th, 2009  12:11 am

  1333. I figure if I can master 2d Life before i go into the nursing home, I can have the life I've always dreamed of during my dotage.
  1334. moe99 on Money problems.
    March 11th, 2009  7:31 am

  1335. Basset, I am betting that if any male on this forum, were castrated like the chimp was, in an attempt to quiet them down, they'd be throwing as many rocks as they could too, whether they are Democrat or Republican. Now moving on to the less controversial realm of religion, this just has my blood boiling:
  1336. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 11th, 2009  6:09 pm

  1337. Got this note from a law professor friend in FL this am about the Madoff plea: It seems to me that the real story here is that Madoff is trying to protect his family members from prosecution and forfeiture proceedings. By pleading without an agreement, he avoids any obligation to cooperate with prosecutors who may wish to charge his sons (and perhaps his wife) and who would likely seek to obtain the hundred million or so that he has transferred to his wife (and perhaps the money his sons made). Although prosecutors can subpoena him to testify before a grand jury once he pleads, they have no leverage with which to compel him to testify since the threat of civil or criminal contempt proceedings against a witness who is already in jail for life is empty. Ken Lay saved his wife's ill gotten assets by dying; Madoff found an easier way. Given the scope of his crimes and the public outcry that would follow, it's hard to imagine prosecutors negotiating any plea that would let Madoff serve less than fifteen years and that would shield any family assets, so pleading without a negotiated plea to charges potentially carrying a much longer sentence is no big deal at his age.
  1338. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 11th, 2009  10:17 pm

  1339. Danny, I read the first 6 or 7 volumes of the Wheel of Time series. My son has read them all. I gave up because it was never going to end. We're still waiting for the final volume, which is being ghostwritten, to be released.
  1340. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 12th, 2009  1:10 am

  1341. Fun for the evening:
  1342. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 12th, 2009  2:12 am

  1343. Vatican says washing machines did more to liberate women than the pill. Yet another reason I am glad to be a presbyterian these days.
  1344. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 12th, 2009  6:14 pm

  1345. Madoff is being defended by one of the smartest securities attorneys in the business: Ira Sorkin. You can bet your bottom dollar that everything that has been going on since Sorkin was hired is exquisitely scripted.
  1346. moe99 on Literary criticism.
    March 12th, 2009  7:15 pm

  1347. Madoff transferred around a hundred million dollars to his wife. I would bet it's coming from there.
  1348. moe99 on More money problems.
    March 12th, 2009  7:59 pm

  1349. Rana, I had some ex-in laws who were the same way about being vegans. I likened it to modern day Puritanism.
  1350. moe99 on I ♥ J.S.
    March 13th, 2009  9:01 pm

  1351. Santelli took the place of Joe the Plumber, another guy who made it all about him.
  1352. moe99 on I ♥ J.S.
    March 13th, 2009  10:02 pm

  1353. Hasn't Jon Stewart poked fun at Obama and/or his administration since January? I can't remember the episode but I don't think our current president has gotten a free ride. But, Brian, Joe the Plumber may not have originally sought the spotlight, but he sure hungered after it once it was supplied to him, just like Santelli.
  1354. moe99 on I ♥ J.S.
    March 13th, 2009  11:20 pm

  1355. Danny, Here is what you DID say: "Someone made the observation that if Cramer had been criticizing Bush’s economic policies instead of Obama’s, Jon Stewart would not have said a peep."
  1356. moe99 on I ♥ J.S.
    March 13th, 2009  11:58 pm

  1357. Danny, I think others on this thread have made it clear that Stewart has criticized Obama and has not felt compelled to pull his punches. He is rather equal opportunity in that regard.
  1358. moe99 on Well, I'll be damned.
    March 15th, 2009  6:23 pm

  1359. It's snowing in Seattle, big puffy flakes that are covering the daffodils and crocii (?) that have already bloomed. Sigh.
  1360. moe99 on Well, I'll be damned.
    March 15th, 2009  10:33 pm

  1361. I bet someone here would know the answer. My grandmother, a dyed in the wool Republican from NW Ohio (Defiance and Paulding to be exact), went for a year to Miami University in Oxford, Oh. At some point when George HW Bush was Vice President, I recall my grandmother telling my that Prescott Bush (she called him "Pres") was a BMOC on the campus of Miami when she was a coed there. I cannot find any verification whether that's true or not. Prescott Bush graduated from Yale, iirc. Does anyone here know anything about this? Thanks.
  1362. moe99 on Business geniuses.
    March 16th, 2009  9:16 pm

  1363. Scout: Yes, that is exactly what they are saying to themselves to justify their inhumanity.
  1364. moe99 on Business geniuses.
    March 17th, 2009  5:23 am

  1365. I haven't heard from any Repubs except those cut from the Rush/Cheney sort of cloth these days. And when others attempt to speak up, they put on the kneepads pretty damn quick thereafter to kiss ass. So, sorry, Jeff tmmo, unless one of your ilk goes public and stays unbowed, no there aren't any like that out there.
  1366. moe99 on Business geniuses.
    March 17th, 2009  7:07 am

  1367. Look, my boss, the WA AGO is a Republican and I am likely to vote for him for governor next election, particularly if my ex husband is the Democratic nominee (assuming Gregoire steps down after two terms) but even McKenna has not come out these days to challenge what is passing for accepted Republican wisdom on the national news: Rush, Cheney, Boehner (he's from your state), McConnell, Graham. They're all a bunch of knee jerk failure mavens. They want the economy to tank just so they can try to claw their way back to power. They don't care how many middle class people they hurt because their allegiance is to the wealthy. They do not give a tinker's damn about most folks. Just about themselves. And that is the measure of the leadership of the Republican party these days.
  1368. moe99 on Green.
    March 17th, 2009  5:37 pm

  1369. Cohen is a wanker of the first order. There are 138 posts on another site that I visit documenting his wanking for the past 4 years. He's the kind of guy who was tut tutting Clinton's vicissitudes with Monica while having his own affair with Kati Marton, wife of Peter Jennings, in '87. It was discovered by Ben Bradlee who refused to lie for them. Jennings divorced her 5 months after learning of the affair. Here are some old samples:
  1370. moe99 on Green.
    March 18th, 2009  5:44 pm

  1371. Our dentist in Defiance was Dr. Krause. He did not use anesthetic, which was my first introduction to intense, focused pain. I still got my share of cavities though.
  1372. moe99 on Conflicting reports.
    March 18th, 2009  7:59 pm

  1373. ooh, ooh, LAMary, I am such a fan of Leonidas chocolates! I spent a year as a graduate student in Brussels and I would treat myself to one praline when there was something to celebrate. I liked the white chocolate enrobing a mocha creme with some sort of nut on top. Just absolutely the best.
  1374. moe99 on Blackouts.
    March 19th, 2009  8:29 pm

  1375. Well, Nancy, your mention of Michael Dorris derailed me for a bit this am. I attended a presentation he gave back in the mid 90's before all his family troubles and eventual suicide and looking him up on the internet this am was just so sad. I don't know what to believe right now. Wiki says he lied about his native american heritage, but that's contradicted elsewhere. Anyway, thanks, again to you for raising interesting issues that pulled me out of the daily rut.
  1376. moe99 on Blackouts.
    March 19th, 2009  8:39 pm

  1377. added what I needed to my first comment. Cannot figure why it would not come up online. sorry for the duplication
  1378. moe99 on Blackouts.
    March 20th, 2009  1:24 am

  1379. Jeff tmmo, I know you don't want to pass a law, but we just spent 8 years without any financial laws, even if they were on the books, being enforced. And look where that got us. I think we have to go back to more government scrutiny and control because frankly the lack of it did not work. And there's no one else to do the job.
  1380. moe99 on Blackouts.
    March 20th, 2009  12:11 pm

  1381. As a former SEC attorney, I don't think that was the case per NPR, Jeff Tmmo. To this day, I rely on my former SEC accountant, but now he's in private practice and I hire him as an outside expert in some of my employer services cases to provide information to the court about whether the employer paid appropriate industrial insurance premiums. I, and the rest of the SEC enforcement attorneys at the Seattle office relied upon our accountants heavily in putting our cases together. The SEC had and has numerous very fine forensic accountants on staff. Just as the SEC top brass killed the investigation into W's insider trading in Harkin Energy in 1989, before that investigation was ever finished (I was there at the time and heard of this from several DC enforcement attorneys involved), I am convinced that the same sort of 'kill' instructions came down from on high for numerous cases the SEC investigated during W's 2 terms. It had served W so well when his father's administration helped him out in 1989, I am sure W concluded that was how you did business.
  1382. moe99 on Blackouts.
    March 20th, 2009  5:20 pm

  1383. a friend of mine who is a foreign currency trader for Wells Fargo sent me the following:
  1384. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 20th, 2009  6:06 pm

  1385. That's so odd, Nancy, because I can pull up the article (you guessed right) using either spot. What I take away from it is that it is easier for us to put faces (and thus condemnation) on individuals than it is large institutions. Enron, we could see the consumers who were harmed by the steep rise in energy prices so it was easy to fix our basilisk glare upon the corporate officers. With AIG, outside the bonuses, there are no faces to target with our wrath.
  1386. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 21st, 2009  7:21 am

  1387. apparently for the right wing gasbags, the WH growing their own garden is very "Khmer Rouge" Nice.
  1388. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 21st, 2009  8:31 am

  1389. Well, I'm rooting for the Huskies to top the Boilermakers tomorrow, but I doubt that I will watch. I drove my younger sister to Purdue, when she enrolled there as a freshman in 1973 and I don't think I'd ever been to a quieter, more boring campus. A friend who's an attorney in Olympia WA, and had gone to Purdue as an undergrad, confirmed my opinion years later.
  1390. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 21st, 2009  5:59 pm

  1391. Extreme sheepherding. Posted for C'dad:
  1392. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 21st, 2009  9:44 pm

  1393. A friend and lawyer from California has produced one of the finest expositions and discussions of international and US law and how they apply to torture administered by the US military in the Iraq War. I highly recommend it as source material for all the applicable conventions, US Constitutional provisions, statutes and case law. And it is written in a highly readable style for the lay reader:
  1394. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 22nd, 2009  6:15 pm

  1395. AIG sues US govt for return of taxes paid:
  1396. moe99 on White House, green thumb.
    March 23rd, 2009  4:59 am

  1397. Any BSG fans here?
  1398. moe99 on The bankruptcy of Art.
    March 25th, 2009  6:06 pm

  1399. As a former Catholic, I cannot get past the fact that the Catholic Church is ignoring Gingrich's two failed marriages to welcome him into the fold. The admitted adultery, I realize, can be wiped away by confession, but the marriages? They have to go back and change history. Which of course they do when they annul marriages ex post facto divorce. I know of one where the unhappy couple was both Catholic to begin with! I wanted to ask the wife, who had sought the annullment, if that made her two kids illegitimate, but I refrained.
  1400. moe99 on The bankruptcy of Art.
    March 25th, 2009  7:42 pm

  1401. Or Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. At that rate, we'd not make it to work sober.
  1402. moe99 on The bankruptcy of Art.
    March 26th, 2009  1:39 am

  1403. Funny that pro-life all the way around. Notre Dame, the pre-eminent Catholic institution of higher learning which is now embroiled in the "how dare you invite that fiend Barack Obama to speak at graduation because he's an abortion supporter!" has had other presidents deliver commencement speeches, who have supported the death penalty, among them George Bush pere et fils. It seems that once you're born, all bets are off as far as protection and the Church goes.
  1404. moe99 on The bankruptcy of Art.
    March 26th, 2009  7:59 am

  1405. Well, I hate to say it, but back in the day, I actually wished out loud that Clinton would resign after the impeachment, even though he was not removed from office. His behavior, although consensual on the part of Lewinsky is considered per se sexual harassment and grounds for dismissal, had it been a Univ. of WA professor and a student, which is basically what it was given the relative placement of the participants to the activity in question. Clinton is a very smart man, as long as he thinks with his higher brain. He was a frakkin' idiot and as a consequence I have no respect for the man. Don't care that he was the president. He befouled the office.
  1406. moe99 on V. 2.0.
    March 26th, 2009  7:20 pm

  1407. Sue, I received an email yesterday from a colleague that I could barely read. I enquired back as to what font she was using, and she replied: "Papyrus." You'll have to put me in the camp of Times New Roman. It just looks right.
  1408. moe99 on V. 2.0.
    March 27th, 2009  7:42 am

  1409. Aw, c'mon brian, don't let those of us out of the know stay that way. What happened to Dorothy?
  1410. moe99 on Apples in search of a barrel.
    March 27th, 2009  5:43 pm

  1411. On the horrors of the privatization of government: for weeks I have been hearing (from law related blogs) about these two judges who got kickbacks for sentencing juvenile offenders to a private jail. They raked in $2.6 million by sentencing kids who should have been put on probation. There was one horrific story about a young girl who had acted up in class and got 3 months. I would say the state of Pennsylvania is looking at a jillion private lawsuits brought by these kids and their parents.
  1412. moe99 on Apples in search of a barrel.
    March 27th, 2009  8:00 pm

  1413. Speaking of changing topics, one of the other sopranos in my church choir has a song on indieheaven and if you are so inclined, could you vote for it by going to the site? The back story is her brother, a professor at the Univ of Washington, was killed several years ago when a load of logs came loose on the truck ahead of him and his coworker. Both died when the load crashed into his truck. Laurie had a very hard time accepting his death and wrote a group of praise songs as part of her long grieving process. I'm not a real fan of this type of music, but she has worked very hard to get them recognized and right now her current offering is no. 2 on the list. You can go there and listen to it, and if you feel so inclined, vote for it: You vote by clicking the 5th star after "People We Love" (even if the star is gray, votes count once a day per each computer) Her husband, was recently let go from his job as a sound technician at KOMO tv, so this has been a bit of a positive light in her life. It was at no. 5 when she sent her plea out on Wed and today it's at no. 2. It would be nice to have it go to no. 1, so if you are so inclined, thank you very much. moe
  1414. moe99 on Apples in search of a barrel.
    March 27th, 2009  8:29 pm

  1415. Sue--I think Laurie views it as a possible way to get her music noticed and perhaps to make it more of a career. I have no real clue, but she's trying all sorts of ideas to make it work for her family right now. It's a very scary time. They announced that layoffs are coming in our office. We'll know more after the state legislature announces the budget in April.
  1416. moe99 on Apples in search of a barrel.
    March 29th, 2009  2:51 am

  1417. Unfortunately, Seattle was way ahead of its time. I remember waking up Christmas day, 1986, to the news that the Goldmark family had been gruesomely murdered by a drifter who had been inspired by right wing writings, among them, something called The Duck Book that a colleague at the SEC was investigating at the time for suspicious securities activity in addition to its hate mongering. The killer, David Lewis Rice, confused Charles Goldmark, a prominent attorney in Seattle, with his father whose legislative career in the 50's had been destroyed by false allegations of membership in the Communist party and being Jewish. Rice killed the parents and two little boys after he tied them up by bashing their heads in with an iron, and when that did not work, shoving sharpened objects into their brains through their eyes and/or ears. I would urge every last one of you to find and read John DosPassos' book USA particularly the part about the Wobblie riots in Everett and Chehalis, WA back in the early part of the 1900s, just to get some historical perspective on the violence that has arisen in this country as a result of economic instability. Guess who gets the shiv in the back? Yeah, right, not the blue collar worker, that's for sure.
  1418. moe99 on Dietary laws.
    March 31st, 2009  7:32 pm

  1419. I have allergies, but those of the sneezy type. I got them in the fall in Ohio, and here in Seattle they come with the budding of the alder trees. I take allergy shots (one of the only homeopathic remedies allopathic doctors agree on) and one Zyrtac a night during the heavy season. Here's something to brighten your day. Matt is a Seattle native:
  1420. moe99 on Dietary laws.
    April 1st, 2009  1:45 am

  1421. when the media was the media:
  1422. moe99 on Dietary laws.
    April 1st, 2009  4:00 am

  1423. Yeah, mark, we did so well under a 'hands off' type of president, that's why a majority of Americans still seem to think Obama is just all right with them.
  1424. moe99 on What it was like.
    April 6th, 2009  4:43 pm

  1425. Well, I have to say that the Detroit airport, where I was at last night after spending 5 days with my mother in Lexington, is truly one of the nicest airports I've been through. The NWA/Delta ticket taker was wearing a Michigan State tshirt and after a raft of first class and other privileged travellers had been allowed onto the gateway, announced, "Now open for boarding: All Michigan State fans." It got a good laugh. And as I was just in KY where Coach Calipari is front news all day, every day, I'll have to go with Michigan State as my choice tonight as well.
  1426. moe99 on Basketball weather.
    April 6th, 2009  6:42 pm

  1427. Since I was incommunicado, visiting my mother in Lexington last week, can I just add a ps on the worst gift ever from the Thursday thread? Christmas, 1998: the (now) ex husband gives me the vacuum cleaner from his recently deceased mother's very humble estate. That should have been a tip off of what was to come.
  1428. moe99 on The Whatever BBQ.
    April 10th, 2009  7:03 pm

  1429. Paddy O': what would be a halfway point between Denver and Seattle? I have a case of Amber liqueur (a true drink of the gods no longer sold in the US by the Macallen distillery in Scotland) that I have to deliver to a friend and Denver resident and there is no way to do it legally (thanks Prohibition holdovers!) other than drive it. So I thought perhaps we could meet halfway but can't figure out what that would be.
  1430. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    April 11th, 2009  11:08 pm

  1431. Does anyone else remember begging their parents for baby chicks at Eastertime? These being baby chicks that were dyed in food coloring, different pastel colors. What a mess, as I'm looking back on it with parent eyes. I cannot believe that they gave in. We must've been real whiney butts.
  1432. moe99 on First a hologram, now this.
    April 13th, 2009  5:49 pm

  1433. Let me be the first to go off the tracks, but here is a worthy followup to the Antwerp, Belgium train station video. Just think, we could all sing together using this method:
  1434. moe99 on First a hologram, now this.
    April 13th, 2009  7:29 pm

  1435. amazon just got caught taking GLBT books off its virtual shelves:
  1436. moe99 on Boats against the current.
    April 14th, 2009  5:37 pm

  1437. Sorry to hear about the death of Mark Fidrych. I always enjoyed him.
  1438. moe99 on Boats against the current.
    April 15th, 2009  8:12 am

  1439. C'dad: I'm stealing that poetry to share with others. That was damn good. Just got back from a session meeting and the report back from our Presbytery meeting last month about the vote on the measure to open up ordination to GLBT folks was just very bad, so I am in a foul mood. I take consolation in knowing that by the time the current 20 somethings have taken over, it's not going to matter, because they don't care about such a stupid thing.
  1440. moe99 on A break more ordinary.
    April 15th, 2009  9:58 pm

  1441. wrt the tax protests today, I feel like I did when Bill Clinton's dalliance forced us parents of small children to provide sex education a bit early. I had no idea that 'tea bagging' was something else entirely.
  1442. moe99 on O.D.
    April 16th, 2009  7:10 pm

  1443. This is one teabagger I could support! What a great pimp!
  1444. moe99 on O.D.
    April 16th, 2009  8:43 pm

  1445. Jeff tmmo--Glad you like Visions and Miracles. The catalyst for the music was the Albigensian Crusade that drove French troubadors into Spain. And Spain at that time (pre Ferdinand and Isabella and the Inquistion) was one of the most open parts of Europe. You can hear it in the music--there are courtly musical themes woven into the wild skirling melodies from Islam and plaintive voice of Jewish songs, all wrapped up into Christian religious symbolism. Ensemble Alcatraz's other CDs focus on music from the same time period but from other countries. Visions and Miracles is my favorite of theirs, however. Thanks for the reminder.
  1446. moe99 on O.D.
    April 16th, 2009  9:16 pm

  1447. One of the biggest surprises moving here was discovering how absolutely conservative the Seattle Presbytery was. People, in general, are very liberal here. However, this is the most unchurched area of the country, and those who stay affiliated with mainstream Protestant denominations tend to be the conservative types (except, of course, the Unitarians....) The 800 lb gorilla in this is University Presbyterian, largest Presbyterian church in the state and the only sermon I ever heard there was back in 1981 with the preacher talking about 'godless Communism.' I joined a much smaller church that is fairly liberal but has no voice in the larger Presbytery. Oh, well. Unlike one of my fellow members, who dropped out in disgust after the vote, I intend to stay and be a squeaky wheel where ever possible. Bet you couldn't have guessed that!
  1448. moe99 on O.D.
    April 17th, 2009  8:17 am

  1449. Ok folks, I think it's time to turn to the OLC torture memos and look at all the evil created by the Bush administration. It is profoundly depressing to me that Jay Bybee serves as a Judge on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, given his absolute moral depravity as shown by his part in the memo writing process. Better writers than I have already weighed in. Make sure you have a wastebasket nearby because it induces nausea in a most serious fashion. Keep in mind that the only ones who have been promised not to be prosecuted are those who relied on the memos in their conduct, not the authors of the memos or those higher up. I retain a slim reed of hope that justice will eventually be done, but this stain on our country's honor is indelible and will last for my lifetime and probably that of our children.
  1450. moe99 on O.D.
    April 17th, 2009  5:27 pm

  1451. Jeff tmmo: If the federal tax system is not the problem why then, were the demonstrators so focused on Obama? Why not focus on the states and localities that are raising their taxes, or better yet AIG and the other bankers that caused the crisis that has necessitated this tax increase?
  1452. moe99 on My Edie problem.
    April 17th, 2009  5:33 pm

  1453. Guys, If you had read my comment from last night on the previous thread (it was posted around 2 am your time--don't know why you weren't up (big grin)), you would see that Obama has not said he will not prosecute the authors of the memos. Only that he will not prosecute those who relied on the memos for their actions. I know, it's a small hope, but I continue to carry it. I doubt that shame alone will remove Jay Bybee from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It's interesting that several of the signal participants in this were Mormon.
  1454. moe99 on My Edie problem.
    April 17th, 2009  8:40 pm

  1455. LA Mary--the Glenn Beck site you cited had at the top an article about the Grey Gardens movie that forms the basis for NN's post today. Another serendipitous find for this group.
  1456. moe99 on My Edie problem.
    April 18th, 2009  5:51 am

  1457. Here's another Susan Boyle song, although only on CD. She sang "Cry Me A River" ten years ago for a charity event. Sorta proves she's not a flash in the pan:
  1458. moe99 on My Edie problem.
    April 18th, 2009  8:01 pm

  1459. The more I read about Henry Clay, the more I dislike him. Thanks for that bit of information that only confirms my beliefs, Brian.
  1460. moe99 on To 'come a cropper.
    April 20th, 2009  10:09 pm

  1461. As someone who only recently acquired the guts to sing a solo in front of people, I rather appreciated my first view of Susan Boyle. I give the woman credit for having nerve to go out into a hostile audience and perform. I'm not sure my voice would not have quavered a time or two before taking off. And face it, this society has a real Cinderella complex--we all want to be discovered in some fashion. The real problem here is overkill. Pet rocks or other fads, anyone?
  1462. moe99 on To 'come a cropper.
    April 20th, 2009  10:41 pm

  1463. Brian, The Andrew Jackson bio by Meacham got the Pulitzer. Glad I put it on my reserve list this weekend.
  1464. moe99 on Notes and clarifications.
    April 21st, 2009  7:20 pm

  1465. Well, we on the west coast had Ted Bundy around for quite a while and he found the coeds he killed the old fashioned way--he talked them up at libraries and such. No one ever thought of holding the libraries responsible. Guess the lawyers weren't too creative back then. Speaking of creative lawyers, I really appreciated the following snark on TPM: If only Saddam Hussein had been smart enough to solicit a legal opinion from his government lawyers that gassing people was within the law, he could have been playing golf in Myrtle Beach right now. I've been having fast and furious discussions with attorneys who think that Nuremburg is not of precedential value here and that basically, everyone in the chain of command has a good defense to prosecution. It does not make me very proud of my profession.
  1466. moe99 on Notes and clarifications.
    April 22nd, 2009  3:51 am

  1467. I kinda like the theory put up at TPM today about Cheney--that he had a stroke and a personality change resulted. I have to say when I was at DoD during the Carter administration, he was regarded as an excellent Secretary of Defense and rather bipartisan too. Something seems to have happened to make him a paranoid delusional. It can happen--it happened to my 2d cousin's husband, Platt. He had a brain tumor though. Disappeared, left his wife and very successful job and they found him in Mexico two or three years later with no idea what he had left behind. Very odd. But Cheney is not odd. He is evil.
  1468. moe99 on Notes and clarifications.
    April 22nd, 2009  7:27 am

  1469. The Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Detainee Abuse is out and makes for some very interesting reading for those of you who suffer from insomnia: I just want to know who Captain Donovan is. He's my new hero (I read from p. 245 of the pdf on forward and he comes out strongly against waterboarding and other 'offensive' interrogation measures, going so far as to even complain to the military lawyers. Good for him. Wish there were more in the service.
  1470. moe99 on Notes and clarifications.
    April 22nd, 2009  5:57 pm

  1471. So the harsh interrogations were attempting to prove ex post facto a link between Saddam Hussein and Al Quaeda. Have you noticed as regards the real conservatives here, that we are mainly hearing crickets?
  1472. moe99 on Gimpy.
    April 22nd, 2009  6:33 pm

  1473. Nancy, so sorry to hear about the knee. This getting old stuff is crap.
  1474. moe99 on Gimpy.
    April 22nd, 2009  8:48 pm

  1475. Something about the combination of the 13 year old strip searched at school together with the abuse of detainees by our military just really strikes me badly. But this part of the argument would have been worth being there to see: Justice Breyer: "And in my experience, too, people did sometimes stick things in my underwear."
  1476. moe99 on Gimpy.
    April 23rd, 2009  12:20 am

  1477. I wish someone would have the guts to ask Justice O'Connor if she regrets her vote in Bush v. Gore. She spoke to our office two years ago, but we were not allowed to ask such questions.
  1478. moe99 on Gimpy.
    April 23rd, 2009  7:16 am

  1479. I was tired of just hearing crickets. Thanks for the pep talk Mark, but if there was a nutcase aiming an RPG at a Seal team, I think the appropriate response is to take him out, not waterboard him. Oh, and Mark somehow I think being waterboarded by your own guys in a Training exercise is far different than being held in isolation, naked and waterboarded 183 times in one month by, say, Al Queda in Pakistan, if you are an American service member. Apples and oranges. Think about it, k?
  1480. moe99 on Eyes wide open.
    April 23rd, 2009  5:43 pm

  1481. White crosses helped me finish my honors thesis in college. Three days blazing away at the manual typewriter in my dorm room. Took me a week to recover. Also restarted my smoking habit, which took another 7 years to break.
  1482. moe99 on Eyes wide open.
    April 23rd, 2009  6:17 pm

  1483. Well, Nancy, in a twist on the old saw: "Just wait til you have kids," my youngest son is a classic ADHD, inattentive type. He's been tested multiple times and the docs are in agreement. Yet, in his first year of college, he threw away his prescription and tried to go it without the drugs because he feels a stigma attached to the diagnosis. I tried to tell him, it has nothing to do with whether he is a good person or not but rather similar to whether he has blue or brown eyes. To no effect. And from what I understand third hand(the colleges don't provide parents with grades anymore--privacy concerns--even though we're the ones paying the bill) he has done rather poorly academically. While all these 'normal' kids use it to enhance their performance and do it gleefully.
  1484. moe99 on Eyes wide open.
    April 23rd, 2009  10:12 pm

  1485. One of the two guys we waterboarded so fiercely was mentally ill to begin with. I can't imagine what state he is in now.
  1486. moe99 on Eyes wide open.
    April 24th, 2009  2:10 am

  1487. You know what, mark? The issue is not whether torture is effective. The issue is that torture is wrong period. No if's, ands or buts. It's wrong. But it is so nice to see Dick Cheney, who while he was in power, was always in a secure location, now dogging the airwaves to whore for his 'beliefs.'
  1488. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 25th, 2009  8:32 am

  1489. Speaking of fertilizer, has anyone else read "The Alchemy of Air?" It's by Thomas Hager. It tells of how nitrogen was separated from the air courtesy of the dedication of a German Jewish chemist at the beginning of the 20th century and how that act, 1) saved the world from starvation and 2) allowed the creation of even bigger bombs. It is a fascinating and ultimately tragic story for the inventor and his marketer, a Christian industrialist. You find the blurb from Amazon here: I still think about this, more than a month after reading it. And I don't often do that with non fiction books.
  1490. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 26th, 2009  5:14 am

  1491. Apparently the type of waterboarding we used was learned from the Khmer Rouge. And now US Federal Judge Jay Bybee has told the Washington Post anonymously through anonymous friends that he's rather sorry about the memos. Sorry my ass. He did it to be a good soldier and get his lifetime sinecure on the federal bench. If he's really sorry, he should resign for the shame he has brought upon the judiciary and if he doesn't, he should be impeached. Frakkin' a**hole.
  1492. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 26th, 2009  10:08 pm

  1493. Jeff B: Nixon was pardoned by Ford because he didn't think the American people should have to go through that. That led to Iran Contra where everyone was let off or pardoned by HW. Same rationale. That led to the present day situation. As you can perhaps see, this is a steadily escalating problem, one that will continue to escalate until the notion of accountability comes into play. And people, even those in high office, are made aware that actions have CONSEQUENCES. I'm sorry, but I think that we can do both. We fought a world war on two fronts and finished it in far less time than we've been in Iraq. We can do this too. Or perhaps you've lost your belief in our abilities? ps: thought of one more example. The USSCT's decision in Bush v. Gore, where they cut the election recount off early because they didn't think it would be good for the country. I'm rather tired of that rationale. It hasn't worked yet.
  1494. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 27th, 2009  5:01 am

  1495. Here's the federal law on the subject: TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113C > § 2340 Prev | Next § 2340. Definitions As used in this chapter- (1) "torture" means an act committed by a person acting under the color of law specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions) upon another person within his custody or physical control; (2) "severe mental pain or suffering" means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from- (A) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering; (B) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality; (C) the threat of imminent death; or (D) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or personality; and (3) "United States" means the several States of the United States, the District of Columbia, and the commonwealths, territories, and possessions of the United States. ______ The operative phrase is "acting under color of law" Care to admit error, Jeff tmmo?
  1496. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 27th, 2009  8:32 am

  1497. Brian, You ever see A Man for All Seasons? There's a part in it where Thomas More is talking to his son in law, Wm Roper, about exactly how far he would go to destroy the devil. And may I remind you that the devil is a 1000 times more evil than KSM or anyone else for that matter. William Roper: So, now you give the Devil the benefit of law! Sir Thomas More: Yes! What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil? William Roper: Yes, I'd cut down every law in England to do that! Sir Thomas More: Oh? And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws, from coast to coast, Man's laws, not God's! And if you cut them down, and you're just the man to do it, do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety's sake! You cannot make exceptions unless you want to kill the law entire. We are a nation of laws, not of men. At least I hope that will someday be the case again.
  1498. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 27th, 2009  4:58 pm

  1499. You know, Jeff tmmo, you are not sounding very Christian in the way you try to parse the torture thing so that the US somehow sidesteps the fact that it engaged in torture. Consider this: the military itself called the techniques that we employed, torture, in 2002. And at least one interrogator killed herself as a result of these actions. Just as one cannot get a little bit pregnant, one cannot do a little bit of waterboarding. Even some US troops who were subjected to the treatment as part of SERE training have reported suffering signinificant ill effects. And these were guys who knew that it was playacting all the time. Can you imagine what it would have been like had the actual administrators been Al Quaeda operatives and the US military undergoing waterboarding had been held by them with no hope for release? I believed you to be capable of more discriminating thought.
  1500. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 27th, 2009  5:18 pm

  1501. More information on the torture we inflicted. I find it interesting that the FBI withdrew from the procedures once their agents made it clear to the brass what was going on. Perhaps the FBI is just a bunch of namby pamby wusses, eh? From what a minority of the commentators have written here, they seem to think that these interrogation tactics were nothing more than a trip to the dentist's office. I was at the dentist's office Friday and they tried out a new gizmo on me. Instead of using a sharp scaler to scrape away the crap on my teeth, they had a super energized tiny water pik type of thing. At one point during the procedure, the device that sucked up all that water malfunctioned and I got a huge buildup of water and could not breathe. Just for a brief instant I had a tiny inkling of what it must be like but a thousandfold more awful. It was not a happy occurrence.
  1502. moe99 on Drunks, again.
    April 27th, 2009  5:36 pm

  1503. Just to make two more points: 1. I am bipartisan about torture. If it can be shown that the Democrats in the Gang of 4 endorsed torture and their actions were somehow responsible for the adoption of torture methods, then they need to be investigated and prosecuted. 2. I am a lawyer by trade--33 years worth. I've had more than a few trials and I know that once you get into the court room you've given up your control over the case and submitted it to either the judge or the jury. I happen to believe that in general juries are the bedrock of our nation and am willing to see this to its conslusion. Let justice be done though the heavens fall is a favorite quote although I've forgotten the original latin.
  1504. moe99 on Mothers, fathers and sons.
    April 28th, 2009  2:50 am

  1505. Thanks for pointing out Roy Cohn's essential hypocrisy, LA Mary.
  1506. moe99 on Mothers, fathers and sons.
    April 28th, 2009  10:29 am

  1507. The Reagan Department of Justice prosecuted a Texas sheriff and several others for waterboarding prisoners. Isn't that interesting?
  1508. moe99 on Garbage in, garbage out.
    April 28th, 2009  5:59 pm

  1509. I type under a pseudonym because, as a government attorney, I want to freely express my views, but be careful that it does not somehow reflect upon my employer. I came to this blog a year ago over the Tim Goeglein fiasco, discovered that Nancy's husband and I had grown up in Defiance (in fact Alan was friends in elementary school with my youngest brother) and that cemented it for me. It felt like home.
  1510. moe99 on Garbage in, garbage out.
    April 29th, 2009  12:06 am

  1511. Dorothy! That was MY favorite cookbook as a kid too. The only thing I made more than once was the chocolate fudge but it was harder than anything. I think it called for more powdered sugar than needed but I loved that fudge. I may have to order it via Nancy! thanks so much. Oh, and ps. I had an art history professor in college in St. Paul, who claimed his wife was the model for Betty Crocker at the time (1972). He said the image would change as the styles did, but they always had someone that they selected to be the current template
  1512. moe99 on Garbage in, garbage out.
    April 29th, 2009  2:22 am

  1513. moe99 on Garbage in, garbage out.
    April 29th, 2009  2:29 am

  1514. Hmmm...earlier post held up. Maybe this one will go through. Anyway, saw this on msn today and thought...Serendipity! A little history about Betty Crocker:
  1515. moe99 on Garbage in, garbage out.
    April 29th, 2009  6:35 am

  1516. I had dinner with an attorney in Louisville back in 1977, and she made red eye gravy for our dinner from bologna she fried up for us. This was the large thin slices of circle bologna and she cut into it in 4 places so it wouldn't curl up. I was a lot skinnier then.
  1517. moe99 on Pig flu! Panic!
    April 29th, 2009  6:06 pm

  1518. We talked at worship committee last night, how a pandemic would affect church. No more passing of the peace. And communion could be affected to. At the worst, we could be asked by the health authorities to hold off on church services entirely. Here's a fascinating look at tracking diseases:
  1519. moe99 on Pig flu! Panic!
    April 30th, 2009  1:37 am

  1520. Can't call it swine flu either. Not kosher.
  1521. moe99 on A few words about words.
    April 30th, 2009  6:31 pm

  1522. C'dad. There is no response after your diary entry. What a day!
  1523. moe99 on A few words about words.
    May 1st, 2009  2:02 am

  1524. I asked someone who knows a bit about hedge funds for his reaction to the statement that interfering with what hedge funds are entitled to hurts retirees, and this was his response: "I think that is extremely unlikely for almost anybody, and certainly not true for any substantial number of people. Only a bizarrely incompetent hedge fund would be so heavily invested in Chrysler bonds (or any other specific investment) with somebody's retirement money that even a total loss of that investment would affect anybody's ability to retire. Individuals who could wind up in that situation wouldn't be on a list of qualified hedge fund investors in the first place, and those whose retirement funds invested with a hedge fund wouldn't have all of their money with any one hedge fund, either. There would almost certainly be multiple layers of diversification between a potential retiree and Chrysler bonds. What is likely true is that the current holders of Chrysler bonds bought them after "the troubles" became apparent. People who had retirement money heavily invested in Chrysler bonds should have been steered away from taking or maintaining a heavy position in something like that a long time ago, and would likely have sold and taken a loss (or a paper loss measured from some high water mark in the past), which is how the "vulture funds" and hedge funds that own those bonds today acquired them."
  1525. moe99 on A few words about words.
    May 1st, 2009  8:54 am

  1526. mark--you've not proven anything with respect to hedge fund money being invested a) on behalf of pensions (2005 is 4 years ago, if you hadn't noticed) and b)in Chrysler bonds. IIRC most investment in Chrysler bonds is of recent vintage, i.e. the bond ownership has turned over, so anyone who curently holds it, had to know there was more than enough risk when they bought into it. Given that the bondholders are late to the party, their petulance strikes me as just that. In fact, in thinking about the plague of entitlement sensibility, epitomized in the Chrysler bondholders, it seems to me that it goes much further in current society and can be ascribed as the root cause of the evangelicals' belief in the efficacy and legality of torture. This sense of entitlement can also be seen in the current Republicans' self destruction. The world owes them a living, one that is living large. Forget others' rights, if it interferes with their god given right to make a buck at the corporation's (and the workers') expense. And forget others' rights if we need to get information and justification for our going to war against Iraq in 2003, particularly if they are just Muslims.
  1527. moe99 on A few words about words.
    May 1st, 2009  4:48 pm

  1528. Why mark, you're straying into ad hominem territory! If that's all you have....
  1529. moe99 on A few words about words.
    May 1st, 2009  5:17 pm

  1530. Bloomberg seems to agree that the hedge funds lost a big game of chicken they tried to play with Obama, and if they continue, they will garner even more opprobrium.
  1531. moe99 on Exit, leaving no footprints.
    May 1st, 2009  5:42 pm

  1532. I hate to speculate on who the nominee will be. Big waste of time. I'd rather wait until the nomination is made. That is when the sparks should fly based upon past experience.
  1533. moe99 on Exit, leaving no footprints.
    May 1st, 2009  10:23 pm

  1534. Talking about covered up history, here in Washington state, no one talks or teaches about the Wobblie uprising post WW1 and Russiand revolution, when one wobblie member, Wesley Everest, was castrated, tortured and then hung by the outraged business interests in Centralia, WA after provoking a violent confrontation with the Wobblies where Everest killed one man and wounded another in self defense. I first read of it in John DosPassos' book, USA, right after we'd moved to Seattle in 1981 and it struck me that no one talks about this, no one reads about it in history books. Like the Armenian genocide, if we don't say anything, maybe it will go away.
  1535. moe99 on Exit, leaving no footprints.
    May 2nd, 2009  12:58 am

  1536. Jeff B, I think Matewan was a John Sayles movie.
  1537. moe99 on A few words about words.
    May 2nd, 2009  2:02 am

  1538. just a bit more info to put up here on the true nature of the Chrysler hedge fund investors for future reference.
  1539. moe99 on On wheels.
    May 4th, 2009  6:14 pm

  1540. Nancy, Seattle is bike heaven. You can bike almost year round if you don't mind the rain (ignore our record snowfalls of last winter, I'm hoping they were an aberration). Coming up in July is the STP or Seattle to Portland ride. One of my friends from church (we call ourselves the caffinators because we meet at the local espresso house after service b/c Presbyterian coffee is not very good) is married to one of the guys who started the STP lo, these many years ago, and she's back training for it again. From what I understand it's quite the event. You can stay with me when you decide to do it.
  1541. moe99 on On wheels.
    May 4th, 2009  8:31 pm

  1542. Hey Hoosier--you're right, I forgot about the hills. Living here for 28 years will do that to ya. But the Burke Gilman trail is pretty flat and the route around Lake Washington is too. The real 'Alp-like' hills are out in the distance--pretty for looking at on days like Saturday past. Oh, and the term global warming actually means chaos in weather patterns, so a place like Seattle, famed for its mild winters, can suffer a horrendous winter and it is part of the global warming pattern.
  1543. moe99 on On wheels.
    May 4th, 2009  9:18 pm

  1544. An alarmist culture that we live in per Skenazy? I don't dispute that at all--look at the swine flu pandemic fears these days. But you know who flogs these fears? Our media! It sells. Readership, viewership. And given the kinds of crises we have had in the past 8 years, it takes a fair ratcheting up of the fear factor to hook the public's interest. So the media have to really flog it these days.
  1545. moe99 on On wheels.
    May 4th, 2009  11:34 pm

  1546. From wikipedia (because it was the quickest route): "Some effects on both the natural environment and human life are, at least in part, already being attributed to global warming. A 2001 report by the IPCC suggests that glacier retreat, ice shelf disruption such as that of the Larsen Ice Shelf, sea level rise, changes in rainfall patterns, and increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events are attributable in part to global warming.[63] Other expected effects include water scarcity in some regions and increased precipitation in others, changes in mountain snowpack, and adverse health effects from warmer temperatures.[64]"
  1547. moe99 on On wheels.
    May 4th, 2009  11:56 pm

  1548. Danny: Could you please provide names and CVs of genuine skeptics of the global warming phenomenon? It would be nice to get some facts on the ground here, so to speak.
  1549. moe99 on Snow Flu day.
    May 5th, 2009  7:28 pm

  1550. Ring tone: Bolero, by Ravel. Why not? Most folks have never seen 10.
  1551. moe99 on Who cares anymore?
    May 6th, 2009  7:19 pm

  1552. As someone who supported her husband through graduate school for 12 years (it was why we moved to Seattle from DC)and as someone whose own family financially supported said husband's first run for public office in 1998, only to be told that by said husband in Jan. 1999, the day after he was sworn into office, that he wanted a divorce and no there was no one else. Who then a month later discovered undeleted graphic email in the family computer addressed to the woman who supposedly did not exist. And whose divorce became final in Oct. of 1999. And whose former husband is now the recently elected Treasurer of the state of Washington (courtesy of his very wealthy girlfriend). All I can say to Elizabeth Edwards is: "You go grrl!!!!"
  1553. moe99 on Who cares anymore?
    May 6th, 2009  9:15 pm

  1554. I agree with you Elizabeth as to Ms. Edwards perhaps wants to leave something to her children that is her own and not rely on the continued good will of her husband. From personal experience, the ex was fairly reasonable at the time of the divorce wrt splitting the proceeds from an 18 year marriage with the exception that I was given no credit for the 12 years worth of grad school support. But when it came time to renegotiate child support, after he had acquired his rich girlfriend, she loaned him her attorney and I had to give up after blowing through $5,000 of my attorney's time--and this was just to renegotiate child support. If John Edwards has $150 million, he would not be a pushover in any divorce proceeding, particularly as he has no career left in the public sector to worry about. I think Elizabeth Edwards has tried to chart a course for herself that leaves her some dignity and allows for her to provide for her children, and that has to be rewarding for her personally.
  1555. moe99 on Who cares anymore?
    May 6th, 2009  10:06 pm

  1556. mark, too late--I've been involved in divorce law through my own,and in pro bono work a while ago, and Washington state is a community property state. This was something I had to study to pass the bar as I had attended law school in a non community property law state. You ever gone through your own divorce, mark? It's not very fun, particularly if you have young kids. And if you are in the late stages of breast cancer, I can see where one might want to avoid the additional stresses engendered by the process.
  1557. moe99 on Who cares anymore?
    May 7th, 2009  4:33 pm

  1558. My parents were old school Republicans, of the type that were endemic around NW Ohio in the '60s. In fact my mother voted her party over her Catholic religion in the 1960 election. Although they did get my younger sister a Caroline Kennedy doll as a Christmas present the next year. Go figure.
  1559. moe99 on Inoculated.
    May 7th, 2009  11:50 pm

  1560. Nancy, have you read the essay by Walter Pincus in the Columbia Journalism Review on the state of journalism today? Good stuff to think about.
  1561. moe99 on The condiment question.
    May 8th, 2009  5:16 pm

  1562. Mayonnaise in Belgium is far different from the mayonnaise we get here. When I lived there, I used to buy corniches of french fries on the street with a big dollop of their homemade mayo on top. Was it ever good! You can duplicate it at home, but it takes time.
  1563. moe99 on The condiment question.
    May 8th, 2009  6:14 pm

  1564. Just remember that the generic brand of mustard in this country is named French's . I mean that has got to be renamed Freedom's or it ain't real Amurcan.
  1565. moe99 on The condiment question.
    May 8th, 2009  6:31 pm

  1566. Look, the Republicans made hay like crazy when Kerry put swiss cheese on his Philly steak and they think they can do it again (sorry to steal your thunder, Caliban). And just remember that many folks believe that Colbert is serious in his denunciations of Democrats, that's how frakkin' stupid denizens of the far right are. So of course, Hannity's jokes will be taken seriously.
  1567. moe99 on The vasectomy sale.
    May 9th, 2009  9:50 am

  1568. Dexter, while you're at TJ's get the chocolate truffles. They are to DIE for.
  1569. moe99 on The vasectomy sale.
    May 9th, 2009  5:35 pm

  1570. As I prepare to go to my son's college graduation next week, this seemed apropos:
  1571. moe99 on The vasectomy sale.
    May 9th, 2009  9:01 pm

  1572. Thanks Danny! He is a physics major, math minor so I'm thinking he'll do just fine. But great advice to pass along.
  1573. moe99 on Onward, Don Quixote.
    May 12th, 2009  6:03 pm

  1574. Given my personal situation, I feel rather sorry for Elizabeth Edwards. She doesn't talk about it, she gets pasted. She talks about it, she gets pasted. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  1575. moe99 on Onward, Don Quixote.
    May 12th, 2009  7:10 pm

  1576. This month's Esquire has a sneak-peak review of "The Road Is the Most Important Movie of the Year": . . . . The Road is no tease. It is a brilliantly directed adaptation of a beloved novel, a delicate and anachronistically loving look at the immodest and brutish end of us all. You want them to get there, you want them to get there, you want them to get there — and yet you do not want it, any of it, to end. You should see it for the simplest of reasons: Because it is a good story. Not because it may be important. Not because it is unforgettable, unyielding. Not because it horrifies. Not because the score is creepily spiritual. Not because it is littered with small lines of dialogue you will remember later. Not because it contains warnings against our own demise. All of that is so. Don't see it just because you loved the book. The movie stands alone. Go see it because it's two small people set against the ugly backdrop of the world undone. A story without guarantees. In every moment — even the last one — you'll want to know what happens next, even if you can hardly stand to look. Because The Road is a story about the persistence of love between a father and a son, and in that way it's more like a remake of The Godfather than some echo of I Am Legend. Only this one is different: You won't want to see this one twice. . . .
  1577. moe99 on Onward, Don Quixote.
    May 12th, 2009  8:28 pm

  1578. Jeff tmmo: My college advisor recommended A Canticle for Leibowitz as providing perhaps the best contemporary understanding of how the medieval mind worked. I returned the favor years later, when I recommended The Domesday Book by Willis to him. And yes, early versions of that book were titled "Domesday" which is the true spelling of the first census book of England. But of course the reading public couldn't figure it out, so they changed it.
  1579. moe99 on Onward, Don Quixote.
    May 13th, 2009  4:35 am

  1580. Dwight, You realize you've converted absolutely nobody here. My rant is a little more mundane. I HATEHATEHATE Sears home repair service. I just spent from 8am to after 6pm waiting for a repair person who was supposed to show up by noon at the latest and fix my washing machine. What a frakkin waste of a day. Sears will never get my business again. I cannot wait to tell the service clerk that once I get off hold, where I have been for the past 20 minutes for yet the sixth time today. I gave up a day of work to just sit around home. I will never buy anything from them again. And it's a damn shame because most of my appliances came from them.
  1581. moe99 on Stage fright.
    May 13th, 2009  8:37 pm

  1582. Gotta say Obama reversing himself on the torture photos the day after Liz and Dick Cheney did a full court press on them, looks like he is bowing to Republican pressure. Not. too. smart.
  1583. moe99 on Stage fright.
    May 14th, 2009  12:34 am

  1584. It's unfortunate that Obama caved. Now the Repubs will think they have him under their control. Until this sordid mess is fully aired and dealt with in a responsible manner (including prosecutions where necessary)it will be growing like a chancre under our national skin and feeding off of our fears and hatreds.
  1585. moe99 on Stage fright.
    May 14th, 2009  2:29 am

  1586. sigh.
  1587. moe99 on Grub Street revisited.
    May 14th, 2009  6:22 pm

  1588. Hate to admit it, but Palin has a point there about Obama and Clinton both opposing same sex marriage. It's the hypocrisy!! Speaking of hypocrisy, I also thought this comment by Josh Marshall was trenchant: "If we need to keep evidence of torture, like photographs, secret, to protect our troops, doesn't that suggest that torture isn't a great way to keep them or us safe?"
  1589. moe99 on Grub Street revisited.
    May 14th, 2009  8:31 pm

  1590. More evidence that the Republican attacks are working on neutering the nervous nellie democrats.
  1591. moe99 on Closeout sale.
    May 15th, 2009  7:26 pm

  1592. I'm at the airport going to my oldest son's college graduation. I ran into a woman who I have known since 1982. I asked about her son, who I remember as going to MIT. "Oh, he's 41 now," she responded. Where does the time go?
  1593. moe99 on Closeout sale.
    May 17th, 2009  6:57 am

  1594. Commencement speker today was Tonderai Chikuhwa, a graduate of Macalester College and a UN officer charged with trying to rehabilitate children who have been kidnapped from their families and forced toserve in rebel armies or as sexual slaves in many parts of Africa. It was a different kind of commencement address--much more sobering and very graphic but it was powerful because it spoke truth. And hopefully it was something that I will not soon forget when I deal with my own troubles, which seem rather more mundane tonight.
  1595. moe99 on The plastic confessions.
    May 19th, 2009  5:04 pm

  1596. 6 degrees of separation: the nephew of my college roommate is marrying the daughter of Sarah Jane Olson this year. Nice kids. Hope the media doesn't bother them.
  1597. moe99 on Culling the bookmarks. Again.
    May 20th, 2009  11:42 pm

  1598. Kayak woman--the article about the Spokane banker who rescued the ducklings this spring mentioned that it was the second time. Since it was the first time I had seen it, I was charmed.
  1599. moe99 on Culling the bookmarks. Again.
    May 21st, 2009  1:27 am

  1600. Catherine, Don't forget The Lonely Doll. I wanted a wardrobe like that! The spankings administered by the papa bear really date it however.
  1601. moe99 on That Irish twinkle.
    May 21st, 2009  6:00 pm

  1602. Mark: "I agree with adrianne, I think. Unchecked power. But I think unchecked power creates the conditions under which our worst demons find voice and a supportive crowd." e.g. George W Bush administration.
  1603. moe99 on That Irish twinkle.
    May 21st, 2009  8:53 pm

  1604. Dorothy, It's the hypocrisy that really rankles. Folks can tsk tsk all they want about how the Irish are so bestial and yet they can't see the same behaviour in their own national backyard.
  1605. moe99 on That Irish twinkle.
    May 22nd, 2009  4:04 am

  1606. Catherine, Apropos of your question a few days ago, here is an mp3 of the commencement address given by Tonderai Chikuhwa, the 1996 alumnus of Macalester who works for the UN trying to save child soldiers in Africa:
  1607. moe99 on That Irish twinkle.
    May 22nd, 2009  5:53 pm

  1608. My Presbyterian church has a large black and white poster hung outside our entrance. It reads, "Torture is a Moral Issue."
  1609. moe99 on Ah, memories.
    May 22nd, 2009  6:53 pm

  1610. I recently spent a weekend scanning photos from my college days and posting them on my facebook site. We're having our 35th year reunion in June and more folks have signed up than in the past, so I thought I would get the ball rolling. But that was in the early 70's and the effect was more counter culture still. I was amazed, however, at how short the guys' cutoffs were compared to what we see today.
  1611. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    May 24th, 2009  6:15 pm

  1612. Yes Dexter, congratulations! How did you do it?
  1613. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    May 25th, 2009  6:12 pm

  1614. To go with those onions: bacon vodka, what's not to like?
  1615. moe99 on Poor pup.
    May 26th, 2009  5:40 pm

  1616. Well, the SCt nominee is Sonia Sotomayor, and predictably the Repubs are using Jeffrey Rosen's talking points from his earlier article at TNR to trash her. Nothing like anonymous sources, eh? ps. and best of luck to your puppy. This is the hard part of having a dog.
  1617. moe99 on Poor pup.
    May 26th, 2009  7:14 pm

  1618. Brian, that's the article the repubs are using to attack her. Many of the assertions made have been debunked by others in the press.
  1619. moe99 on Poor pup.
    May 26th, 2009  9:42 pm

  1620. wrt opposing the nomination of John Roberts to the SCt, I rather enjoyed the New Yorker piece about him recently:
  1621. moe99 on Still the best.
    May 27th, 2009  6:23 pm

  1622. "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" is good Scandanavian writing. And more in Elmore Leonard's genre.
  1623. moe99 on Still the best.
    May 27th, 2009  8:20 pm

  1624. When I see a picture like the one Jeff has posted, what I see is a headache. Washington is one of 6 states in the nation where the state insures and maintains its workers' compensation fund. It usually works out quite well--without a third party insurer taking its cut, we can offer better benefits at a generally better price than you can find in third party states. However, if you are an for profit employer and you have people working for you, regardless if they are paid, you have to cover their workers' comp premiums. The law is clear: workers cannot bargain away their rights. This leads to problems for me like that pictured above, when the owner of the farm is presented with a notice of assessment for unpaid premiums, penalties and interest. It's a work in progress.
  1625. moe99 on Still the best.
    May 27th, 2009  9:03 pm

  1626. Del, there is no minimum work requirement to be a covered worker in Washington state. In fact the 6 part statutory test that you have to satisfy to be considered an independent contractor is extremely difficult to meet and you have to meet all 6 parts of the test. So, it's more of a headache here.
  1627. moe99 on Still the best.
    May 27th, 2009  10:29 pm

  1628. Del, no farm workers' exemption from coverage in WA state. Way too high on the injury scale there. Need to insure for the risk.
  1629. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 28th, 2009  6:33 pm

  1630. Not only is Puerto Rico a US possession, all those born there are American citizens. Look it up--coutesy of the Spanish American War. And Danny, do yourself a favor and go read some of Sotomayor's decisions rather than 3 paragraphs taken entirely out of context. This woman has had what, 20 years on the bench, and this is the best you can come up with? Go back and eat some more Cheetohs, guy. ps: give me one example of an American who took a Japanese name to blend in while working in Japan. James Fallows wrote for the Atlantic for years from Japan and he didn't take a Japanese name. He DID write about how it was difficult for a gaijin to find housing in Japan and how most foreigners, as a result were ghettoized. I don't think you want to be taking Japan as a country the US should emulate, guy. Back to the crunch!
  1631. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 28th, 2009  6:59 pm

  1632. They've attacked her gender and her nationality. Why not her religion? If she's appointed, she will be the 6th Justice of the Catholic faith on the Supreme Court.l
  1633. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 28th, 2009  8:13 pm

  1634. Jeff tmmo, We agree that Harry Reid is a back bencher in terms of ability, but I am sure we part ways as to what a good Senate Majority leader should be doing.
  1635. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 28th, 2009  11:15 pm

  1636. Danny, Three paragraphs taken out of context from three separate incidents over a multi year period, when during the same time period the judge has written numerous legal decisions. What are those 3 paragraphs? I am assuming they are the following: 1. Sotomayor also claimed: "For me, a very special part of my being Latina is the mucho platos de arroz, gandoles y pernir -- rice, beans and pork -- that I have eaten at countless family holidays and special events." 2. Sotomayor made an offhand remark at a conference that appellate courts are where "policy" is made. 3. At a 2002 lecture in Berkeley, she said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Now Danny, none of these quotes indicate that Judge Sotomayor is unfit for the Supreme Court. Particularly when George HW Bush (who nominated Sotomayor to the federal district court during his watch) said this of his own Supreme Court nominee in July, 1991: "I have followed this man's career for some time. He is a delightful and warm, intelligent person who has great empathy and a wonderful sense of humor."
  1637. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 29th, 2009  2:23 am

  1638. Wonder what Krikorian thinks of the name of Father Andrew Cutie (pronounced koo-tee-AY), the priest who just left the Catholic Church to join the Episcopalians over an affair. Just the name, just the name.
  1639. moe99 on Closed systems.
    May 29th, 2009  10:35 am

  1640. With respect to how the nomination of Sotomayor should be handled, here is Exhibit A: Again, if you have a problem with her nomination, it should be based upon her written record, which is substantial. Off the cuff remarks are fluff and tell us nothing of substance wrt how she would tend to rule. And if you took the time to review the record, as Glenn Greenwald and others have done, it would show you that she is not a liberal, rather she is a moderate judge. But hey, continue in your 'knee jerk' conservative right wing ways, and you drive more and more moderates from your party. Be my guest.
  1641. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 29th, 2009  6:35 pm

  1642. When I left my first law job in 1978 and went to Europe to roam around (and ultimately get an LLM in International Law from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel--but that's another story), I purchased a 3 month Eurail Pass and thought I would leave all my cares which included my watch, behind. Of course when I got to Europe, I discovered I needed a watch, so I could make my train connections. Went to the cheaper department store in London and purchased a wind up watch, which seems so quaint these days. I still wear watches most days, but find that I use my cell phone to check time more than I do my watch. Nancy, that Crescent News photo of Alan brings back memories of the time my picture wound up on their pages. I was all of 7 or 8, attending Camp Palmer and they had me kneel down and point to a disc on the shuffleboard court. Pink glasses, buck teeth and a turned up sailor cap. I was mortified but my mother cut it out and saved it.
  1643. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 29th, 2009  11:58 pm

  1644. I truly thought the Sotomayor debate could go no lower. I should know better. G. Gordon Liddy: Let's hope Sotomayor isn't "menstruating" at key Supreme Court conferences.
  1645. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 30th, 2009  3:52 am

  1646. Danny, Then I expect you're down on Sammy Alito and Clarence Thomas because they said remarkably similar things in their run ups to being confirmed. Right???
  1647. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 30th, 2009  5:16 am

  1648. Dorothy Parker, James Thurber, Robert Benchley and other writers for the New Yorker in the 30's used to hang out at the Algonquin Hotel, where they would slice each other to ribbons with their wit.
  1649. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 30th, 2009  8:44 pm

  1650. Here's a dissection of the opinions in which Sotomayor was one of the judges. This is the kind of analysis that should be employed in discussions as to whether she's a good candidate for the Supreme Court. "So Judge Sotomayor rejected discrimination-related claims by a margin of roughly 8 to 1."
  1651. moe99 on Smile at the Speed Graphic, kid.
    May 31st, 2009  2:35 am

  1652. Danny, If I agreed with Obama and Gibbs all the time, I'd be nothing better than a toady. As it is I think they made a mistake apologizing for something that they did not have to apologize for, particularly if you read the entire speech, that Brian has so conveniently posted for us. You do not have to give in to the overt racism that is present in the criticisms of Judge Sotomayor, but for some reason they found it necessary to do so. Sets a damn bad precedent, as it emboldens and empowers the aholes. Maybe Obama has a long term view that I am not privy to and this fits in with it, but for me, he's goofed by even acknowledging these stupid, non substantive criticisms.
  1653. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 1st, 2009  10:39 am

  1654. This is OT but with the car discussion it sorta fits in: Rather nice takedown of the No global warming critics.
  1655. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 1st, 2009  6:57 pm

  1656. Just so you know how hollow the protestations of Operation Rescue really are.
  1657. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 1st, 2009  8:59 pm

  1658. I wish that these sorts of testimonials had come out before Dr. Tiller's death.
  1659. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 2nd, 2009  1:46 am

  1660. Booman has some good points on Dr. Tiller's profession.
  1661. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 2nd, 2009  6:31 am

  1662. Yes, Dorothy, thank you for your courage and your candor. It's stories like yours that put the lie to the right wing cant that passes for truth out there.
  1663. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 2nd, 2009  4:35 pm

  1664. Here's mark's list: John Brown Bill Ayres Bernadine Dohrn Mark Rudd Eldridge Cleaver Timothy Leary Patricia Hearst Donald deFreeze Angela Atwood Ted Kaczynski They're fairly close to those that Jeff tmmo is talking about as far as lefties who have committed violence. What I want to know, is what organizations were getting the same amount of publicity with their whacked out notions that the folks at Operation Rescue, or Bill O'Reilly or Tucker Carlson are now getting as they condemn Dr. Tiller and continue to incite anti abortion supporters to violence? I think rather than slinging around these charges, it would behoove those who make them to provide names.
  1665. moe99 on We can all get along.
    June 2nd, 2009  5:51 pm

  1666. mark, I was using your list as a shortcut to respond to jefftmmo, so since you didn't understand that I will restate it. Jeff--=Name me the MSM pundits and mainstream organizations who were in the news inciting folks to do the types of violent behavior that the individuals and organizations you listed accomplished. For ease of reference here are those individuals and organizations you listed: Sara_Jane_Moore Diana_Oughton MOVE Black_Liberation_Army David_Koresh [And no this is not liberality as it is classically defined whatsoever] John_Allan_Muhammad Earth_Liberation_Front On another topic, watched The Front Page by Billy Wilder last night. That era is gone.
  1667. moe99 on I beg you, no.
    June 3rd, 2009  3:56 am

  1668. As someone who uses the Seattle Public Library weekly (in fact I was just there after work today picking up The Incredible Hulk video and a Peter Hamilton book I'd put a reserve on online)I can attest to the regular clientele there. Only problem is they're homeless and have no other place to go. And more of them are expected as the economy continues its sad, slow spiral down. The staff is very good and tries very hard, but in fact they've made it not very friendly to stay and read there in part because they're trying to control the transient population. So, I just pick up my reserve books and head out.
  1669. moe99 on I, tweezer.
    June 3rd, 2009  8:03 pm

  1670. mark, I'm surprised you would try to jump on that rather puerile argument that Obama called the US one of the largest muslim countries in the world. I'll let Steve Benen do the honors here: Money quote: "Greg Sargent explained, 'Hard-core rhetoricians will note that Obama was employing an obscure tense known as the "conditional," and an arcane rhetorical device known as a "hypothetical." He said that if you were to take the number of Muslims in America, then one could see America as ranking up there with other Muslim countries -- in numerical, hypothetical terms.' This really isn't complicated. In fact, given the size of the U.S. population, and the rich diversity of our spiritual landscape, you can pick practically any faith tradition, plug it into the president's sentence, and it'd be true, too. If you took the number of Christians in the U.S., we'd be one of the largest Christian countries in the world. If you took the number of Jews in the U.S., we'd be one of the largest Jewish countries in the world. If you took the number of Hindus in the U.S., we'd be one of the largest Hindu countries in the world. If you took the number of Buddhists in the U.S., we'd be one of the largest Buddhist countries in the world. That doesn't mean we're a Hindu country, or a Jewish Country, or a Christian Country, or a Muslim country, or a Buddhist country." And for those of you who have more than a passing familiarity with your tweezers: The gold standard.
  1671. moe99 on I, tweezer.
    June 3rd, 2009  9:29 pm

  1672. Just don't take your tweezers to school:
  1673. moe99 on I, tweezer.
    June 4th, 2009  9:28 am

  1674. mark, according to wikipedia there's no fast figure for Moslems in the US. Newsweek pegs it at 8 million in the high range. However, should you desire to keep trying to prove Obama's an idiot, well I can't stop you, but let me guess what your next talking point will be...the fact that he said 'thank you' in Arabic while he was in Egypt today, thus proving his fluency in Arabic? It's already making the right wing rounds, so just wanted to let you know about it.
  1675. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 8th, 2009  10:30 pm

  1676. Russian tea was big when I was in college from 70-74. Just back from my 35th year reunion in fact. Quite the time. But I have found a most satisfying substitute for Russian tea: Market Spice tea from the Pike Place Market in Seattle. It is truly a wonderful morning beverage if you don't want coffee. The oils in the cinnamon and orange come through nicely with the tea. Highly recommended.
  1677. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 8th, 2009  10:32 pm

  1678. Hmm..can't find to edit my post, but this is the amazon address for Market Spice tea, which you can order via our hostess, thus providing a kick back:
  1679. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 9th, 2009  1:47 am

  1680. When I worked at DoD, my boss had a nameplate on his desk that read "Cedant armae togae." In other words: Give arms up to the togas or Let those with togas (the civilians) rule the military.
  1681. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 9th, 2009  5:12 am

  1682. Jeff (tmmo): I certainly prefer our arrangement where the civilians control the military to that of many S. American countries (just for one example) where the military runs it for themselves and the politicians have little voice. Your mileage may, of course, vary. Chacun a son gout and all that. And as a black man was my boss, I am sure he noted the ironies in the Latin quote, but felt that it could be updated to include women as well, as his top two assistants were women. Things do change; it is our only constant.
  1683. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 9th, 2009  6:53 am

  1684. beb, you just reminded me of the pickled watermelon rind my Aunt Bebe (Bernice Sullivan) from Paulding, OH used to make. Oh they were good. I just wish I had the recipe!
  1685. moe99 on Good country cookin'.
    June 9th, 2009  9:56 am

  1686. Would love the recipe, Jolene. I'm at reginac23 @ Thanks.
  1687. moe99 on Leftovers and mixed grill.
    June 9th, 2009  9:11 pm

  1688. Don't worry mark, Seattle is having an extremely hot, dry June. Climate change means chaos basically. And to tie ends up on the "Cedant arma togae" quote, wikipedia thinks it is something a bit more than you thought, Jeff tmmo: Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea laudi. Yield, ye arms, to the toga; to civic praise, ye laurels.
  1689. moe99 on Leftovers and mixed grill.
    June 9th, 2009  11:07 pm

  1690. I vacationed in Fripp Island S. Carolina in 1991 and there was quite a bit of government dredging new sand in to protect the new condo developments. Can't expect that it has changed over the years.
  1691. moe99 on Leftovers and mixed grill.
    June 10th, 2009  2:00 am

  1692. Guess we better tell the Dutch to evacuate too.
  1693. moe99 on Trouble is gone to.
    June 10th, 2009  10:22 pm

  1694. Anyone near the financial district in San Fran? Beware of the dive bombing bird protecting her nest: There's even a blog for the bird: Have to say I like my grilled cheese sandwiches toasty. (ducking for cover)
  1695. moe99 on Trouble is gone to.
    June 11th, 2009  4:23 am

  1696. Hammertime:
  1697. moe99 on Trouble is gone to.
    June 11th, 2009  4:54 pm

  1698. Connie, Brian--you didn't read the grilled cheese thread? It's like the Seinfeld episode on onanism only better written!
  1699. moe99 on My so-called life.
    June 12th, 2009  12:37 am

  1700. Bill O'Reilly on Tiller is the same effect as using a dog whistle on a dog. All the right words are there to incite someone, anyone to kill him. Just not said directly so O'Reilly can disclaim responsibility. Very cleverly done. May he rot in hell.
  1701. moe99 on He was a soldier.
    June 12th, 2009  6:20 pm

  1702. Dorothy, I was back in Paulding in 1981 after Aunt Bebe died. She had lived for years in her parents' house (WH and Lulu Cullen) so it was full of photographs, letters, and clippings from the newspapers. WH loved to clip articles that caught his interest--I framed one--a full page from the Chicago Tribune from 1932 that is a map of all the clans of Ireland. Part of the saved letters consisted of those that their son Seth (my grandfather) sent to them from France during WW1. Seth wrote, among other things, about how his job was to ride on the outside of ambulances at night and direct the driver where to turn. The ambulances couldn't have their headlights on because the Germans would mark and shell them. I put together a little packet of these letters and gave them to my grandmother, thinking she would really appreciate them. She threw them away as soon as I left. I still kick myself about that.
  1703. moe99 on He was a soldier.
    June 13th, 2009  7:41 pm

  1704. Nancy have you heard of the Netflix independent filmmaker competition?
  1705. moe99 on 'The '90s sucked, man.'
    June 15th, 2009  4:50 pm

  1706. Nancy, Is there a way you can get a kickback from amazon in the UK? There's a book that came out in Britain on June 1 that is not coming out in the states til July 29 and it's one of the few authors who I will buy and buy in hardback (Joe Abercrombie). But no idea how to do it to benefit you.
  1707. moe99 on 'The '90s sucked, man.'
    June 15th, 2009  8:42 pm

  1708. Westboro Baptist Church is picketing at my kids' high school: Inner city science and math magnet school with nationally ranked jazz band and orchestra.
  1709. moe99 on 'The '90s sucked, man.'
    June 15th, 2009  9:29 pm

  1710. There are a lot of black and and lot of jewish students there. I understand they think god hates both groups.
  1711. moe99 on Hi, neighbor.
    June 17th, 2009  9:23 am

  1712. My we are crabby tonight. And all of you without the benefit of the 19 year old back from a year of screwing up at college and into fouling the nest, yet again..... Did I mention that vodka goes right well in lemonade?
  1713. moe99 on Tea and misogyny.
    June 17th, 2009  11:49 pm

  1714. And I grew up as a Catholic jealous that the Protestants had a 'get out of hell' free card. Per my childhood friend, JulieM, they were already saved and didn't have to a damn thing more. No mandatory Sunday and holy day church attendance, no confession, no fasting.
  1715. moe99 on Tea and misogyny.
    June 18th, 2009  4:20 am

  1716. Jolene, You should try giving up candy for lent while working at the Economos' Candy Store in Defiance, OH.
  1717. moe99 on Tea and misogyny.
    June 18th, 2009  8:03 am

  1718. I love the edit feature. I can't believe what typos I miss the first time around. And, just for fun, heh, heh, heh:
  1719. moe99 on Conversations with myself.
    June 19th, 2009  1:53 am

  1720. Thank you beb and Pilot Joe for the heads up on UP! Saw it and adored it. Squirrel has been in my vocabulary for years--it gets my miniature dachshund running ahead of me, rather than me dragging him (and thus earning me dirty looks from passersby--who do not know that when we finally turn the corner to go back home he is SPRINTING fast as his little legs can go, wearing me out)
  1721. moe99 on On the other hand...
    June 19th, 2009  2:01 am

  1722. Dave, Pet Sematary did it for me too. I have not read another book by King since. I've tried, but I don't get his writing style. Today, I missed getting off my bus to work because I was so deep into my book. That has never happened to me and I am just exhilarated to have a book that is so absorbing and so much fun. It's the book I ordered from and it's by an English author named Joe Abercrombie. Kind of a blue collar George RR Martin. His first series is The First Law Trilogy (The Blade Itself, Before They are Hanged, and Last Argument of Kings) and it was a real barn burner. I emailed him at the end of it because I was perturbed by the ending and he wrote back! His new book is in the same sort of sleazy medieval type universe of Styria and it's titled Best Served Cold.
  1723. moe99 on A walk in the woods.
    June 20th, 2009  12:20 am

  1724. I'm certainly not interested in continuing to pay for the debacle in Iraq except via reparations to those who have been harmed by our unjustified and unprovoked attack on that country. Get over it. We are not the world's nursemaid or patrol cop. Once we get our own act together, then let's talk about the rest of the world. But we've got more domestic problems than we can shake a stick at, and unless there is some country out there who is in immediate danger of attacking us, we do not have a decent justification for further aggressive action.
  1725. moe99 on A walk in the woods.
    June 20th, 2009  7:29 am

  1726. Just saw The Visitor starring Richard Jenkins. Very touching film. And it is a blue moon when I agree with someone at the American Conservative, but I do:
  1727. moe99 on A walk in the woods.
    June 21st, 2009  7:11 pm

  1728. Happy father's day to all you dads out there! Hope the weather's good and you have something cooking on the bbq.
  1729. moe99 on The bride wore blue.
    June 22nd, 2009  5:55 pm

  1730. Saw the movie The Visitor and thought it was extremely well done. Made me think about it all weekend, truly the work of a good movie.
  1731. moe99 on Scree scree scree.
    June 23rd, 2009  5:52 pm

  1732. Out here in the unaccustomed sunshine of Seattle in June, the lawn services don't show up until Saturday. Which, of course figures since that is the only day I could even consider sleeping in, if such a thing was possible.
  1733. moe99 on Reaching the tricky parts.
    June 25th, 2009  5:34 am

  1734. Jeff tmmo, what do you think of Jenny Sanford's press release? South Carolina's First Lady Jenny Sanford released the following statement Wednesday: "I would like to start by saying I love my husband and I believe I have put forth every effort possible to be the best wife I can be during our almost twenty years of marriage. As well, for the last fifteen years my husband has been fully engaged in public service to the citizens and taxpayers of this state and I have faithfully supported him in those efforts to the best of my ability. I have been and remain proud of his accomplishments and his service to this state. I personally believe that the greatest legacy I will leave behind in this world is not the job I held on Wall Street, or the campaigns I managed for Mark, or the work I have done as First Lady or even the philanthropic activities in which I have been routinely engaged. Instead, the greatest legacy I will leave in this world is the character of the children I, or we, leave behind. It is for that reason that I deeply regret the recent actions of my husband Mark, and their potential damage to our children. I believe wholeheartedly in the sanctity, dignity and importance of the institution of marriage. I believe that has been consistently reflected in my actions. When I found out about my husband's infidelity I worked immediately to first seek reconciliation through forgiveness, and then to work diligently to repair our marriage. We reached a point where I felt it was important to look my sons in the eyes and maintain my dignity, self-respect, and my basic sense of right and wrong. I therefore asked my husband to leave two weeks ago. This trial separation was agreed to with the goal of ultimately strengthening our marriage. During this short separation it was agreed that Mark would not contact us. I kept this separation quiet out of respect of his public office and reputation, and in hopes of keeping our children from just this type of public exposure. Because of this separation, I did not know where he was in the past week. I believe enduring love is primarily a commitment and an act of will, and for a marriage to be successful, that commitment must be reciprocal. I believe Mark has earned a chance to resurrect our marriage. Psalm 127 states that sons are a gift from the Lord and children a reward from Him. I will continue to pour my energy into raising our sons to be honorable young men. I remain willing to forgive Mark completely for his indiscretions and to welcome him back, in time, if he continues to work toward reconciliation with a true spirit of humility and repentance. This is a very painful time for us and I would humbly request now that members of the media respect the privacy of my boys and me as we struggle together to continue on with our lives and as I seek the wisdom of Solomon, the strength and patience of Job and the grace of God in helping to heal my family."
  1735. moe99 on Reaching the tricky parts.
    June 25th, 2009  7:33 am

  1736. Alex, you castigate Jenny, you are flinging it at me. I figured I was willing to stay in the marriage because of two things: 1) the children and 2) the marriage itself, the most sacred vow in public that I felt I had ever taken, superseding even my oath as I was sworn in as an attorney. Someone once told me that the greatest gift a man can give his children is to love his wife, and this still rings hard and true with me. Again, you castigate Jenny, you are throwing rocks at more women than you know.
  1737. moe99 on The governor regrets.
    June 25th, 2009  5:24 pm

  1738. Nancy, if I was AWOL from my job for 7 days and had not notified those who were statutorily obligated to fill in for me (read Lt. Governor), I would have been fired. The man not only crapped out on his family, he crapped out on the entire state of S. Carolina. He doesn't get a pass on this one just because of a 12 year affair. And I thought the emails to the mistress were reminiscent of the ones I found in the family computer ten years ago. The line that sticks in my memory is where he wrote: "I want to be in between your legs all night long." 'bout the same level of authorship and raging hormones. And TPM has some unanswered questions that those caught up in the emotion of the presser didn't ask:
  1739. moe99 on The governor regrets.
    June 25th, 2009  8:13 pm

  1741. moe99 on The governor regrets.
    June 25th, 2009  8:35 pm

  1742. Hey mark, rest assured that Sanford was way out front about how awful Bill Clinton was for the affair and for his lying:
  1743. moe99 on The sex symbol.
    June 25th, 2009  11:43 pm

  1744. I too felt the same way about Farrah. But I got a kick out of our hostesses' posting this so soon after inviting commentary on Sanford. For those of you who have seen "UP," I think it was her "squirrel" moment.
  1745. moe99 on The sex symbol.
    June 26th, 2009  2:04 am

  1746. Bet the governor of S. Carolina is relieved by this [SQUIRREL].
  1747. moe99 on 'Shocked and saddened.'
    June 26th, 2009  10:01 pm

  1748. I'm so darn busy w/ a new puppy (miniature dachshund and perhaps some beagle) that I don't have time for tv. But good to know that Gov. Sanford is taking a biblical angle to his defense, i.e. David didn't resign after Bathsheba, so why should he?
  1749. moe99 on 'Shocked and saddened.'
    June 27th, 2009  12:29 am

  1750. You know, Jefftmmo, I lobbed you a softball. Oh well. How's this for starters: The man needs to read his Old Testament again if he thinks David walked away scot-free from his sins. The immediate punishment levied on David for his wrongful actions with Bathsheba included plague and famine upon the land of Judea, and the death of David and Bathsheba's first child. The long-term punishment included the rape of his daughter Tamar by her half-brother, Amnon, and the murder of Amnon by David's son Absalom, who was himself later murdered by David's general (and nephew) Joab during Absalom's rebellion against David. And David, as the king anointed by God's direction, didn't have the option of resignation. So which of his kids does Sanford want to execute?
  1751. moe99 on 'Shocked and saddened.'
    June 29th, 2009  12:03 am

  1752. oh, mark. you really don't need to confirm your bona fides like that.
  1753. moe99 on Dancing machine.
    June 30th, 2009  12:26 am

  1754. Well, there's finally one picture out there of the SC Gov's mistress:
  1755. moe99 on Hung up.
    June 30th, 2009  11:05 pm

  1756. Just out: MN S.Ct rules for Franken. Oh, and I thought this essay about MJ was on a par with that of our hostess.
  1757. moe99 on Hung up.
    July 1st, 2009  2:44 am

  1758. Someone should tell the Gov. of SC to stfu: I'm not sure what I would do if I were his wife and heard that he'd described his mistress as his soul mate.
  1759. moe99 on Hung up.
    July 1st, 2009  9:01 am

  1760. Bassett, I was in NYC in 1981, on a subway Sun am when a guy carrying a gun walked through the car as bold as brass. The 80's were scary times there. But when we took the kids on a cruise to Bermuda in '98 and stayed in the upper W. side both before and after our cruise, I could not believe how much things had changed for the better. There I was with my kids and instead of freaking out, I was actually relaxing and enjoying myself. You really should visit, it is so different and so much fun.
  1761. moe99 on Lunch for one.
    July 2nd, 2009  2:42 am

  1762. The Jenny Sanford admiration society:
  1763. moe99 on Diving for beaters.
    July 2nd, 2009  9:45 pm

  1764. Guess the Washington Post is more of a ho than we ever even guessed:
  1765. moe99 on No, some, or lots of pulp?
    July 3rd, 2009  9:03 pm

  1766. This is a fabulous column, Nancy. ps, just found this Jon Stewart riff on l'affaire Sanford and had to share:
  1767. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    July 4th, 2009  9:09 pm

  1768. I will bet that Ms. Palin's troubles that caused her to resign were not the privacy lawsuits--the state pays for the defense of those unless and until she's shown to have acted outside her scope of duties as governor. I think there are some things that we have yet to hear about that will be shown to have been the catalyst. And I think the article in Vanity Fair is a good summation of her career these past two years or so.
  1769. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    July 5th, 2009  10:14 pm

  1770. Good piece on healthcare that works in other countries (France and Holland). I have to say that during my one year stay in Belgium ('78-'79), I was required to have health insurance, selected a healthcare provider from a number of choices, and was able to be seen quickly when there was a medical emergency and well treated. Ps, I think John Cole at Balloon Juice gets Palin just right:
  1771. moe99 on Sarah vile.
    July 6th, 2009  6:44 pm

  1772. The reason Sarah Palin is so popular in this country, is shown in Jay Leno's "Jaywlaking" segments where ordinary people cannot name things like the largest state in the Union, or identify a picture of Colin Powell. These folk are Palin's natural fodder. Here's a poorly recorded segment of Jaywalking: I think that eventually Sarah Palin will tell us that she has gone Galt. Because she has.
  1773. moe99 on Sarah vile.
    July 6th, 2009  8:01 pm

  1774. I like TBogg's take as well.
  1775. moe99 on Sarah vile.
    July 6th, 2009  9:26 pm

  1776. One HuffPost writer is calling it the "Iquitarod."
  1777. moe99 on Sarah vile.
    July 7th, 2009  1:50 am

  1778. Ms. Ky's rumination is the second one. I would say, that if the name and address are correct, it is odd to be receiving this sort of judgment from a former prostitute.
  1779. moe99 on Sarah vile.
    July 7th, 2009  4:10 pm

  1780. Can someone just tell ABC to go to hell if this is what they consider "news?" The Obamas, unlike Sarah Palin, have never used their children as political props. It's summer, for god's sake, I'd take them on a trip with me too. But that does not make their wardrobe newsworthy. If they stole the money from the DNC to outfit themselves, then yes. But not now.
  1781. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 7th, 2009  6:10 pm

  1782. Do folks here know that Lance Armstrong, along with Americans Levi Leipheimer and Chris Horner, are cycling for Team Astana which is sponsored by the City of Astana and the country of Kazakhstan? I hope Borat is there to cheer them on.
  1783. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 7th, 2009  7:32 pm

  1784. Palin, like Sanford, cannot stop talking: ...But as for whether another pursuit of national office, as she did less than a year ago when she joined Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the race for the White House, would result in the same political blood sport, Palin said there is a difference between the White House and what she has experienced in Alaska. If she were in the White House, she said, the "department of law" would protect her from baseless ethical allegations. "I think on a national level, your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we've been charged with and automatically throw them out," she said. There is no "Department of Law" at the White House....
  1785. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 7th, 2009  8:21 pm

  1786. C-dad, I have bookmarked that site. It is fascinating in a very odd way. Thanks!
  1787. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 8th, 2009  12:00 am

  1788. Okay, I have a dumb Michael Jackson question because I am not up on my MJ lore. Are his kids related to him by blood? I am assuming it was in vitro fertilization but I really don't know.
  1789. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 8th, 2009  3:44 am

  1790. Well, this is the first time I've seen the kids without their masks on and I was startled at how very unlike Jackson they look. And I seem to recall that it was artificial insemination that was used for conception with no real designation of who the father was at the time. And I wondered if the masking was done to try and keep these sorts of inquiries to a minimum. And on the converse we have Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopting children of another race with little comment. So why would MJ feel the need for all this secrecy if that's what was going on?
  1791. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 8th, 2009  6:03 am

  1792. Orth's last article in the series indicates that the natural father of Rowe's children was probably white. That's a devastating article. Will read the others as well. Thanks for the lead, Jolene.
  1793. moe99 on Speedblogging.
    July 8th, 2009  3:58 pm

  1794. There is a legal presumption that children born to couples in wedlock are the legitimate offspring of the parents. So, Jolene would be right wrt to the older two of Jackson's children. Have no idea about the third and I have been staying as far away from the debacle as possible.
  1795. moe99 on Popculch Gulch.
    July 9th, 2009  1:21 am

  1796. I realize that all you journalists out there probably have feelings about outsiders criticizing your profession but I thought that these were some worthy comments:
  1797. moe99 on Take two.
    July 10th, 2009  1:43 am

  1798. I find the intensity level from all these adultery stories to increasing as we've moved up to homicide/suicide and bribery and tax evasion. One wonders how it could get much worse....
  1799. moe99 on Take two.
    July 10th, 2009  5:36 pm

  1800. That is some fine cross examination there.
  1801. moe99 on The Committee at work.
    July 10th, 2009  6:30 pm

  1802. Thanks for the story about Chief, Nancy. I shed a few tears. I tried to adopt a puppy from a shelter this summer. Sent applications to 3 different places, but did not receive a reply from one. I guess the fact that I am a single woman living alone who works full time was a shot against me. But I have a fenced backyard and two other happy, healthy dogs who would have loved to have a third (I did have a 3d--Heidi--a rescue dachshund who died of old age 3 years ago) again. So I adopted via the want ads and picked up a 7 week old dachshund/beagle mix, Truffle, who at the present time is sleeping with Max and Scooter after running all over the house with them.
  1803. moe99 on The Committee at work.
    July 10th, 2009  10:53 pm

  1804. alex, are your equating Peggy Noonan with Reagan for a reason?
  1805. moe99 on The Committee at work.
    July 10th, 2009  11:22 pm

  1806. Ah, now I get it. Thanks.
  1807. moe99 on The Committee at work.
    July 11th, 2009  12:35 am

  1808. Sue--you are right on the mark about my concerns w/ the DoJ and also with DoD General Counsel, Jeh Johnson. As I served as Special Assistant to the DoD General Counsel in the waning years of the Carter administration, I confess to being absolutely poleaxed that Mr. Johnson seems to be drinking the right wing koolaid on indefinite detention of those at Gitmo. I think he's trying to gain macho cred with the military or somesuch as his resume has absolutely no service on it and the military are swift to condemn those without it.
  1809. moe99 on The Committee at work.
    July 12th, 2009  5:46 am

  1810. via Wikipedia: The Tempest Prospero was the rightful Duke of Milan, who (with his daughter, Miranda) was sent off to sea on a carcass to die by his usurping brother Antonio twelve years before the play begins. Prospero and Miranda survived the trip and found exile on a small island. He had learned sorcery and uses it while on the island (through the help of an adviser, Gonzalo, who sent some of Prospero's magic books with him) to control the other characters. On the island, he became the master of the monster Caliban, the son of a malevolent witch, and Ariel, a fairy who has become enslaved by Prospero after he is freed from his prison inside of a tree.
  1811. moe99 on This year's model.
    July 13th, 2009  5:20 pm

  1812. Dexter, my condolences on your loss. Dogs give us our better selves just through their unconditional love. My lab, Max is 12 and I am dreading the day. I think it's why I got a miniature dachshund puppy this summer. So that my other dog, Scooter, also a minidox, will have a friend after the inevitable.
  1813. moe99 on Lie, memory II.
    July 14th, 2009  5:58 pm

  1814. I was an exchange student in Offenbach Germany and we were up early to watch it on tv. I remember being peeved as hell because I could not hear what NASA and the astronauts were saying because the tv interpreters were so loud. I did not speak much German as the only languages offered by Defiance HS were French, Spanish and Latin. But Youth For Understanding had run out of french households and placed me in Germany.
  1815. moe99 on Turn your radio on.
    July 15th, 2009  6:11 pm

  1816. Funny dat. I posted about this a while back: But, for me it was done in terms of albums not just records. Oh, I remember playing my transistor radio next to my towel at the pool in the summer and it was always turned on to CKLW. At night, you could get WBZ in Boston and a station in Chicago whose letters I don't remember (WLS?). I still have in my 45 collection such hits as "Judy in the Sky with Diamonds," "Time Won't Let Me," and "Born on the Bayou." The slow move from singles to albums was finalized by college when I discovered fm. Love the Firesign Theater send up of the difference between am and fm on their Ralph Spoilsport part of the "Marx/Lennon" album. But there I go talking about albums again.
  1817. moe99 on Turn your radio on.
    July 15th, 2009  9:24 pm

  1818. Yes, it was Judy in Disguise by John Fred and his Playboy Band. All I can say is that it was 8am and I hadn't had my coffee yet.
  1819. moe99 on Turn your radio on.
    July 16th, 2009  3:13 am

  1820. Dexter-your link doesn't work for me. Wah.
  1821. moe99 on Fire.
    July 17th, 2009  12:28 am

  1822. C'dad, I swear you have Faulkner beat all to hell these days. I am in awe. As a partial frolic and detour, here's a recipe for chocolate chip cookies you can bake on the dashboard of your car.
  1823. moe99 on Glad that's cleared up.
    July 17th, 2009  8:42 pm

  1824. My mother ruled how my hair would look until I got to high school in 1966. Before then it was pixie cuts, done by some of Defiance's finest hairdressers. So the hair grew for two years, until sophomore year of high school, Mom told me that if I wanted contact lenses, I had to cut my hair. So I received a mod haircut where one side was longer than the other. But, of course, boys only like girls that had long hair, even if the short haired girls wore contacts. Mission accomplished.
  1825. moe99 on Glad that's cleared up.
    July 17th, 2009  11:15 pm

  1826. Sue, Nah. It's so silly as not to be worthy of note or comment. I never thought Bush got private assurances from his nominees.
  1827. moe99 on Glad that's cleared up.
    July 18th, 2009  3:53 am

  1828. Ok you Hoosiers, is it true that back in the '60's the album by the Kingsmen, Louie, Louie, was banned for sale in Indiana because the officials thought there were dirty lyrics in the song? I remember something like that, but since I was from NW Ohio at the time, I thought I would check with actual residents.
  1829. moe99 on Glad that's cleared up.
    July 18th, 2009  5:12 pm

  1830. Off to the Lavender Festival in Sequim:
  1831. moe99 on Refreshing Friday.
    July 20th, 2009  5:13 pm

  1832. Well, a very long time ago (pre-1970)my Aunt Marg saved an advertisement from the Defiance Crescent News that was advertising a "Menstrual Show"
  1833. moe99 on Refreshing Friday.
    July 20th, 2009  8:52 pm

  1834. fun optical illusion
  1835. moe99 on A personal friend.
    July 21st, 2009  5:35 pm

  1836. The edits of Sarah's speech were reminiscent of edits applied to some of my first work as a law clerk working in private practice. Sometimes what came out looked nothing like what went in. But I learned a lot from the process and now offer the same 'learning' opportunity to the law clerks in our office. I think Ms. Palin is past the time where it would sink in for her.
  1837. moe99 on A personal friend.
    July 21st, 2009  7:17 pm

  1838. Somehow, Danny, the equation does not add up. Reverend Wright has never had a national bully pulpit like Pat Buchanan has. So apples/oranges.
  1839. moe99 on A personal friend.
    July 21st, 2009  9:05 pm

  1840. Somehow, Danny, that just still does not make up for Pat Buchanan being beamed into millions of homes, night after night. He's the modern day equivalent to the fascist right wing priest on the radio prior to WW2.
  1841. moe99 on A personal friend.
    July 22nd, 2009  6:03 pm

  1842. Beb, the caller was a woman: The woman, Lucia Whalen, is the cir­cu­la­tion and fundrais­ing man­ager at Har­vard Mag­a­zine, a news and alumni mag­a­zine affil­i­ated with the school. The magazine’s offices are down the street from Gates’ home. By the time police arrived, Gates was already inside.
  1843. moe99 on Lost causes.
    July 22nd, 2009  7:07 pm

  1844. Am I wrong in thinking that this sentence needs a negative somewhere? I can’t help but think that if every­one was mak­ing a liv­ing, we wouldn’t all want our coun­try “back.” I think that the sentiment is that if everyone is NOT working, that they would want their country back. If they are working, then what is there to want back? the "wouldn't" makes it a double negative, I guess but double negatives are the hardest for readers to absorb. Sorry, it's just the latent editor in me...
  1845. moe99 on Lost causes.
    July 23rd, 2009  3:53 am

  1846. I would bet that the members of the Commission are Bush administration holdovers. 4 Repubs, 2 Dems, 2 Independents. Yup.
  1847. moe99 on Lost causes.
    July 23rd, 2009  7:39 am

  1848. Sue, You have to be born in the US to qualify for presidency according to the US Constitution. Hawaii is in the US but Kenya is not. Article II, Section 1 (in part): No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.
  1849. moe99 on Lost causes.
    July 23rd, 2009  9:25 am

  1850. Rana, Yes, I am very sure of this. On a lawyers' private poltical site, where I have been a member for 10+ years, we had a discussion about how John McCain could be technically barred from the presidency under this provision because he was born in the Panama Canal. But we basically agreed that it was not worth the effort needed to try to disqualify him. We (the lawyers) are reasonable folk. The 'birthers' are not. And this is what they have seized on to try to disqualify Obama--the very false assertion that he was born in Kenya, not the US. Please keep in mind that this was what I studied when I took Constitutional law lo these many years ago in law school and it was agreed at that point as to the meaning of this Article. "or a Cit­i­zen of the United States, at the time of the Adop­tion of this Con­sti­tu­tion," simply means that at the time the constitution was adopted, most could not claim US citizenship by birth because when they were born, the US did not exst--it was a British colony then.
  1851. moe99 on Lost causes.
    July 23rd, 2009  4:25 pm

  1852. MarkH, Now why would I think that those put in office by the Bush Administration might not be playing with a full deck? It has something to do with the quality of Bush appointees overall. And it has not been pretty. Wikipedia has a 179 page list of the Bush scandals and there are numerous appointees and Bush employees listed therein. As one small, milder example, just look at what's been done to NPR--when the Board that governs their operation shifted to Bush appointees, what I was listening to in the morning was many times no different in point of view from what I could hear on Fox. I look at the total ineptness of the SEC under Christopher Cox and again that tells me something about Bush appointees. What about "Brownie?" The list goes on and on. As Aesop wrote many years ago, 'you are known by the company you keep.' So yes, I have, until proven otherwise, a deep rooted suspicion of Bush appointees. And just the resume does not cut it. Justice Roberts has a sparkling pedigree but his decisions on the Supreme Court have been, so far, 100% in favor of corporate interests, and some in my opinion are decidedly wrong.
  1853. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 23rd, 2009  7:58 pm

  1854. No a/c in my house in Seattle. We've had a hot, dry summer this year, but my secret is lots of trees and shade in the back yard that keeps most of the house cool as well. We had an attic fan in our house in Defiance, and on hot nights my Dad would open up the drop down to the attic and run the fan. It didn't work very well. I remember the Andrews had the first air conditioner in their car. It ran air over ice cubes. We thought that was pretty spiffy.
  1855. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 23rd, 2009  11:23 pm

  1856. Crowd control???? Crowd control???? The man was in his own home for cripe's sake. There was no crowd. Talk about sticking with the facts. I'll take Gates' over some white cop's effort to cover his butt after he realized how gigantic his goof was.
  1857. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  12:13 am

  1858. mark, you really do not get it do you? Have you never dealt with police reports that sanitized or exaggerated things to the benefit of the police? As I said, I would take Gates' recitation of events over that of the police. And the photos I've seen show Gates handcuffed on his porch. If I were handcuffed on my porch for no reason, I think I'd be justified in yelling about it too. And I've not read that Gates verbally attacked the policeman's mother.
  1859. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  1:17 am

  1860. Plus the police report states that a number of police officers had gather outside the Gates house. That in and of itself can cause a crowd to form. I've read the police report, and I will offer a link to it here so that others may read it themselves without the necessity of searching for it. And all I can say mark, is 'feh.' It sounds like Gates was unreasonably disturbed in his home by a bull headed police officer, who couldn't bring the temperature of the situation down. He finally had to show Gates who was boss. And as this conservative black writer at TNR makes it clear, relations with cops are a lightning rod for minorities, whether they are liberal or conservative: And, "I'll talk to your momma outside." Now That's some really bad insult there. /sarcasm off.
  1861. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  2:54 am

  1862. I'll be happy to take this opinion by Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on this case even though Boston is in a different Circuit. Kozinski is no bleeding heart liberal either.
  1863. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  5:55 am

  1864. mark, I've worked for two state attorney general's offices for almost twenty years now. And what you say about how police are trained, is crap where I live and work, and should be crap everywhere else. In Washington the government is not exempt from private suit. Maybe that is what drives police here to be more polite.
  1865. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  7:44 am

  1866. mark, Here is what it says at the top of the force continuum chart as I found it at the Seattle Police Department website: "CONTINUUM OF RESISTANCE: OFFICER’S PERCEPTION OF VIOLATOR’S ACTIONS VIOLATOR’S GOAL: ESCAPE/ASSAULT" There is nothing, not one iota of evidence in the record that Henry Louis Gates was attempting to escape or assault the police officer. Force continuum was not applicable. And unlike you, who likes to cite big sounding things without providing a link to them, here it is:
  1867. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  4:58 pm

  1868. The Florida physician who sent an email photoshopped to make it look like Obama was a witch doctor has apologized. He offered that he once organized a career counseling day for African American boy scouts, so he could not be considered a racist. I assume that the good doctor was taking tips from Officer Crowley.
  1869. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 24th, 2009  5:47 pm

  1870. Loved the wedding video, Nance and am forwarding it to my daughter, 24, should she ever decide to get married after medical school.
  1871. moe99 on Justifying ourselves.
    July 24th, 2009  6:15 pm

  1872. This really belongs in this thread and not today's but some important things are said here that should be noted.
  1873. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 24th, 2009  8:33 pm

  1874. editing fun. And Nick, get in the spirit, man! Those kids are so happy and everyone in that church is having so much fun. I loved seeing the little old lady in the front clapping along.
  1875. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 24th, 2009  8:57 pm

  1876. And Jeff tmmo is scarce these days, too.
  1877. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 25th, 2009  7:23 am

  1878. basset: slivovitz? I lived for a year (1978-79)in Brussels with a couple from Poland, who had escaped the Nazis in WW2 because the husband was a chemist with a Swiss pharmaceutical company and when Krystal nacht came to Brussels, they decamped to the pharmaceutical factory, which had the guise of neutrality and lived there and no one ratted them out for the duration of the war. They had given their son up to a Gentile couple who lived in the country. He later became the dean of the law school at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (the 'Libre' part simply denotes that there is no connection to the Catholic Church--sort of a state university connotation). I, instead got my LLM in Internationl Law from the Vrije Universiteit Bruxelles. There was a dividing line between the Flamands and the Belges. And that was typified by the universities. Any way, my hosts, one night offered me Polish vodka which had a picture of a buffalo on it and within the bottle was a stem of grass, which M. Ingber said was the grass that the Polish buffalo used to eat. No idea, but it burned going down. Anyway, I think slivovitz may be what you are looking for. Moe---Channeling Caliban a bit myself tonight.
  1879. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 26th, 2009  5:28 pm

  1881. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 27th, 2009  5:13 am

  1882. Deborah, Agree with you on the MoDo opinion piece today. Now my limited understanding of the crime Gates was charged with, disturbing the peace, was that as long as he was in his house, it was not 'public' and thus the peace could not have been disturbed. Once he was on his porch, it is 'arguably' public and the charge was filed. However, Massachusetts may have done away with this altogether, so that could be why it was dropped. Another point is whether the 'crowd' outside the house was there because of the ruckus Gates was making, or whether they were drawn by the fact that there were a number of policemen on the lawn--kind of like a car accident. Hopefully this will all be discussed during the beer session.
  1883. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 27th, 2009  6:05 am

  1884. Eugene Volokh is a noted conservative law school professor at UCLA who has put together a first rate legal blog. Here is what Eric Pozner at has to say about the Massachusetts statute that was used to charge Gates, and its judicial interpretation:
  1885. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 27th, 2009  5:11 pm

  1886. Dorothy, I think you actually state it in your piece: the officer was "reacting" to Gates. That's when it's lost. An officer is trained to not react if the sitaution is not physically dangerous to others. I'm Sure it was hard on the psyche to have to listen to an old fart half his size verbally berate him, but even under the Massachusetts law, that is not disorderly conduct and he probably knew that, if his training was up to date. I like to hope that our society is flexible enough to allow for give and take--I'm reading The Book Thief right now and its description of being an ordinary citizen in Germany during WW2 is chilling. I can see how easy it is to get there from here.
  1887. moe99 on Stops at all donut shops.
    July 27th, 2009  6:15 pm

  1888. Just got this in from a constitutional law professor and wanted to share with the group: "MA construes its disorderly conduct statute narrowly because it has to in order to avoid having it declared unconstitutional on its face; like every other state, it is bound by Lewis v. City of New Orleans, 415 U.S. 130 (1974), and by City of Houston v. Hill, 482 U.S. 451 (1987) Speech cannot be the basis for a disorderly conduct arrest unless it threatens an imminent breach of the peace. As the Court observed in Hill, 'The freedom of individuals verbally to oppose or challenge police action without thereby risking arrest is one of the principal characteristics by which we distinguish a free nation from a police state.' If that is true for Hill on a street corner, it is even more surely true in one's home."
  1889. moe99 on Falling headliner standard.
    July 27th, 2009  6:44 pm

  1890. ....desparation? I'm sorry, it's the editor in me. I'll stuff it right back in.
  1891. moe99 on Falling headliner standard.
    July 27th, 2009  10:01 pm

  1892. Hmm...Danny, my inner editor once even queried our talented hostess. So no, I don't think so.
  1893. moe99 on Falling headliner standard.
    July 28th, 2009  2:38 am

  1894. If anyone other than Palin had pulled the same stunt halfway through office, they would have been branded a "QUITTER." Why does that appellation not apply here?
  1895. moe99 on The helping profession.
    July 28th, 2009  5:14 pm

  1896. Retiring Ohio Senator Voinovich does not mince words describing his party: the money quote for me: "We got too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns," Sen. George Voinovich (R-Ohio) told the Columbus Dispatch. "It's the southerners." "They get on TV and go 'errrr, errrrr,'" he said. "People hear them and say, 'These people, they're southerners. The party's being taken over by southerners. What they hell they got to do with Ohio?"
  1897. moe99 on The helping profession.
    July 28th, 2009  8:19 pm

  1898. Was it here that someone mentioned that Madge's arms have been christened by the british press as "bingo wings?"
  1899. moe99 on The helping profession.
    July 29th, 2009  3:39 pm

  1900. Jefftmmo? Was that a magical moment or what?
  1901. moe99 on The helping profession.
    July 29th, 2009  4:52 pm

  1902. My mother was from Little Falls MN where her dad was one of the town's doctors and a personal friend of Lindbergh. From my mother's recollection, Lindbergh used to fly over my grandfather's clinic and tip his wings to Drs. Claude and Barton Holst. I've known for a long time about Lindbergh's fascist impulses. This is nothing new to learn for me. And it is worth noting that Michelle Bachman represent that part of MN these days, so some things haven't changed.
  1903. moe99 on The helping profession.
    July 29th, 2009  5:37 pm

  1904. Lindbergh's father had some problems in that department too, iirc. Charles Lindbergh was the world's rock star of the era. Hard not to think you could do whatever you pleased with that sort of adulation following you around.
  1905. moe99 on The trouble with Nora.
    July 29th, 2009  8:06 pm

  1906. Well times have really changed. From the angst associated with "Dealing with the, uh, Problem," we've moved on to law reviews dealing with similar, uh, problems: edited because you need a password to get to the site. Here is the syllabus: "Cultural Cliteracy: Exposing the Contexts of Women's Not Coming" Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, Vol. 23, 2008 Washington U. School of Law Working Paper No. 09-05-01 SUSAN EKBERG STIRITZ, Washington University, St. Louis - College of Arts & Sciences Email: Cultural cliteracy denotes what an adequately educated person should know about the clitoris. This paper elaborates three ways to enlarge understandings of the clitoris. .... edited again because even though it is a law journal, I just can't get past the subject matter. I am sooo old.
  1907. moe99 on The trouble with Nora.
    July 29th, 2009  9:25 pm

  1908. Jeff and Alex--you made me laugh on a hot, tense day in Seattle! thanks for that.
  1909. moe99 on The trouble with Nora.
    July 29th, 2009  11:53 pm

  1910. It's over. Jeff tmmo wins today. Oh, and here's an open cite to the law journal article mentioned above.
  1911. moe99 on The trouble with Nora.
    July 30th, 2009  8:41 am

  1912. Here's the Univ. of Washington. It does not get much better than this. Except when it's 104 degrees.
  1913. moe99 on The early shift.
    July 30th, 2009  9:13 pm

  1914. Melatonin, folks. Melatonin. Works wonders for aiding sleep. I used to have wonderful, vivid, technicolor dreams when I was younger but those dried up along with restful sleep until I started taking melatonin. I don't take it very often, but when I do, it works. Oh, and Christmas cactus? I have one that was given to me in 1986 and has grown enormously in my various offices, all of which were northern facing until our move 3 years ago where I was assigned a southern facing office. That was the first year the cactus failed to bloom at Christmas. So I found a northern facing window for her and it's back to normal. Just saying.
  1915. moe99 on Hey ever'body, watch this.
    July 31st, 2009  6:17 pm

  1916. Jen, my daughter can do that as well. Guess her ivy league education paid off. Her father used to put a paper napkin up to his face and push his tongue through it. Was used to entertain the kids when they were little, too. His less effective trick was to try to dribble water out of his mouth while holding a napkin underneath his chin. That one did not work so well, as I recall. Me? I remember faintly (it's been years) if you wrap a dollar bill tightly around a cold beer bottle, you can't burn a hole through it with a cigarette.
  1917. moe99 on Hey ever'body, watch this.
    July 31st, 2009  11:09 pm

  1918. I owe my existence to maraschino cherries at the bar. The bar at the Old Faithful Lodge to be exact. My parent worked there the summer of 1950. Dad was a bartender and Mom was the hostess at the restaurant. Mom loved maraschino cherries and would sneak into the bar at quiet times and steal them. She got to talking to the tall, gawky blond haired bartender and the rest is history, as they say in journalism. (g) Of course there were some rocky points on the road to marriage. Like the time my dad's sister and her husband showed up that summer and mom seated them in the worst table in the room. Or the time my dad heard on the radio that war had been declared in Korea and he and a couple of buddies got drunk--thinking they were going to be drafted. They ended up carrying on some (bunch of guys dancing with each other in the parking lot is what I recall from the story to Waltzing Matilda?) at the same time as mom's parents drove up. But, somehow everything got smoothed over and the wedding took place Aug. 10, 1951, in Little Falls, MN.
  1919. moe99 on Saturday morning market
    August 2nd, 2009  4:29 am

  1920. Looks like the Seattle Times needs better reporters: Perhaps this reporter could work for Bonner Consultants in Washington D.C. They both seem to be good at making things up. And further depressing news on the current state of journanimalism:
  1921. moe99 on Saturday morning market
    August 2nd, 2009  11:28 pm

  1922. "I’m aware of no proof that Sarah and Todd Palin were married to begin with. I insist on seeing the certified vault copy of their long-form marriage certificate. When all they have to do is release it to quell these ugly rumors, their failure to do so is highly suspicious."
  1923. moe99 on Hands off the Hellman's.
    August 3rd, 2009  10:07 pm

  1924. I'm off to a week long music camp at Whitman College. As Tigger says, ttfn!
  1925. moe99 on Angry.
    August 10th, 2009  2:50 am

  1926. A week away at adult music camp and I want to go back. All I can tell you after my welcome hiatus and reviewing the week with fresh eyes, is that the rhetoric, particularly from the Republicans, is getting worse. And I fear that the right wing will resort to major violence to impose their will on the rest of society. Perhaps we, as Democrats, could do as that NYT woman whose husband had a midlife crisis, and just ignore them, saying, It's not about me, it's about you and I will wait til your spell of madness has left you and you return to the political dialogue a rational person. But I don't think most of us have that sort of patience. However, it would be nice to ignore the uglies, wouldn't it? And, Nancy, I am so sorry to hear of your puppy's demise. After the huge welcome home my three gave me, it hurts to know that there is one waggy tail less in the world. My sincere regrets.
  1927. moe99 on The red carpet.
    August 10th, 2009  6:18 pm

  1928. Congratulations!
  1929. moe99 on The red carpet.
    August 11th, 2009  5:49 am

  1930. LA Mary: My grandmother, Helen Cullen, from Paulding OH, told me about taking the train to Las Vegas in the early 50's. It arrived in Vegas at night and she said you could see the sky lit up for many, many miles before the train arrived there.
  1931. moe99 on Sails at sunset.
    August 11th, 2009  7:49 pm

  1932. Does no one remember the "Dare to be Great" program founded by a guy with a harelip? When he would say it, it would come out very oddly, but he managed to become very wealthy before the SEC took him down.
  1933. moe99 on Sails at sunset.
    August 12th, 2009  12:01 am

  1934. somehow that joke does not tell very well. Perhaps you had to have been there or something.
  1935. moe99 on Sails at sunset.
    August 12th, 2009  4:07 am

  1936. Making money = doing right is serious Mormon theology as well. I spent a lot of time in Salt Lake City investigating numerous affinity frauds informally associated with the Mormon church when I was with the SEC in the '80s and early '90s.
  1937. moe99 on The monologues.
    August 12th, 2009  5:38 pm

  1938. When my younger brother (the one who went to Spencer School with Alan) was doing his anesthesia residency at George Washington Univ. in D.C., he was on ob duty and one of the patients he was administering the anesthesia to decided to name her baby girl, Placenta, because she'd heard the word used in the operating room and it sounded so pretty. Oh, and TPM had more on Rove's lies yesterday, mark, that go beyond any emails to Miers. I'll save you the trouble of looking it up: But you're on your own as far as finding the original emails.
  1939. moe99 on The monologues.
    August 12th, 2009  6:25 pm

  1940. Jason T--my actual name is Regina and I cannot tell you the number of times folks in Seattle pronounce it like it rhymes w/ vagina. That's because Regina, Saskatchewan is pronounced that way. The German pronunciation (which is where my name comes from--my maternal grandmother whose folks hailed from Alsace Lorraine)is different--the 'g' is a hard 'g,' but at least the 'i' is short.
  1941. moe99 on The monologues.
    August 12th, 2009  8:04 pm

  1942. oh, mark, bless your heart. If and when I want or need advice about lawyering, I'll ask for it. Elsewhere.
  1943. moe99 on The monologues.
    August 13th, 2009  12:20 am

  1944. we used to add "under the sheets" when reading the titles of the songs on the jukebox. After a few beers, they were hilarious. That rather dates me....
  1945. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 13th, 2009  6:38 pm

  1946. Rick Pitino. Nice guy. Oh, and for an instructive comparison of US vs. British health care:
  1947. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 13th, 2009  7:42 pm

  1948. Brian, Rick Pitino, this Catholic father of 5, paid the woman $3,000 for an abortion. And the Catholic University of Louisville doesn't think that might be a violation of their morals clause? This is frakkin' crazy. Hey, Danny--I have yet to see one instance of where an ex pat American had to pay more for the medical care in the UK than they did in the US. Please post if you can find that story.
  1949. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 13th, 2009  8:20 pm

  1950. Sent an email to Whole Foods, telling them I would never darken their doors again, but they wouldn't let it go unless I indicated a store to whom it was directed, so I settled for one in Dallas.
  1951. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 13th, 2009  10:23 pm

  1952. Ah yes, health care reform, bad. Current US health care system, good. Rinse and repeat. The GOP is reprising their role from the first 2 years of the Clinton administration, when health care reform went down in flames. At the mid terms in 1994, the Repubs emerged the winners, in part due to this, and they're hoping for a repeat.
  1953. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 14th, 2009  7:49 am

  1954. I went to law school with a guy who said he flew helicopters in Vietnam. They had radar that would go 'ping' when the Viet Cong antiaircraft guns would target them. That 'ping' meant that they had a very few seconds to move very abruptly to get out of the line of fire (almost wrote get the hell out but I remembered our hostess' earlier discussion of this). At any rate he said he liked to go up stoned or worse to see how good his reflexes were under the influence.
  1955. moe99 on Just desserts.
    August 14th, 2009  5:42 pm

  1956. Christy: You are right. U of Louisville is not a Catholic institution. I misspoke. Bellarmine, another university in Louisville is, and Louisville is one of the spots in KY where there are more Catholics than in the rest of the state. My parents lived for a year in W.Ky and my mother got a taste of what it was like to be a real minority as Catholics made up only 10% or less of the population and she was accustomed to something quite different in the midwest. Indeed there were stories about how during the depression, in eastern KY the catholics were driven from town before the blacks were. At any rate, my goof.
  1957. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 14th, 2009  8:33 pm

  1958. Danny, cite please. And, iirc, in the USA, one is presumed innocent and must be proven guilty in a criminal trial using the standard of 'beyond a reasonable doubt.' Ayers was not tried b/c the FBI botched his case. You don't want the protections afforded by the law to apply to him? Then they apply to no US citizen. Whether they apply to foreign nationals being held by the US on the accusation of terrorism, is another question.
  1959. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 14th, 2009  11:30 pm

  1960. Oh Danny boy... Why don't we just read the entire thread to get the full context. There are a number of other commenters who rounded out the discussion rather well.
  1961. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 14th, 2009  11:41 pm

  1962. Guys, guys, we're missing the real story. Jenny Sanford has moved out of the Governor's mansion in S.Carolina and the Buenos Aires beauty is in the US and Mark's in contact with her!! Gotta love these fellows....
  1963. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 15th, 2009  1:41 am

  1964. fun for Friday night.
  1965. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 15th, 2009  5:09 am

  1966. 4dbirds: Just think what their reception would be in the US these days? What were we thinking???? Oh, the humanity (g).
  1967. moe99 on A quick bite before I leave.
    August 16th, 2009  2:48 am

  1968. generate your own Kenyan birth certificate.
  1969. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 18th, 2009  12:41 am

  1970. The Pitino scandal just gets weirder and weirder:
  1971. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 18th, 2009  5:25 am

  1972. C'dad, of course the mafia connected never wanted anyone like Pitino fouling their nests. Drew too much attention to the operations. Went to school with a guy whose dad was no. 2 in the Chicago mafia. Lots of stories to tell, but first, he was the only guy at school who drove a Lincoln Continental Mark IV and he drove it from his dorm to the food service because he thought the walk was too long for his meals.
  1973. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 18th, 2009  7:45 pm

  1974. Bless your heart, Danny boy.
  1975. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 19th, 2009  12:51 am

  1976. Gerry Hoy has a minor counterpart here in Washington state. An attorney named Bruce B****, who specialized in securities laws, many years ago represented a company that was manufacturing 'cowdominiums' and the company was doing a public offering for which he would appear at the dog and pony shows around the Pacific NW. Cowdominiums were circular and had a cement floor that inclined to the center of the room where there was a big drain. All the effluent was hosed to the drain and then picked up and recycled and processed to be used as feed for the cattle once again, because cows are notoriously inefficient processors of their feed. Bruce was promoting the safety of the 'feed' that was processed by the cowdominium processors and the way he would do it was to bring a baggie of the feed and break a piece off and eat it during the presentation. Never was present for any of the sales but I still see him ambling about downtown Seattle from time to time.
  1977. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 19th, 2009  11:24 pm

  1978. LaRouchies are idiots. Every last one of 'em. They're on the sidewalks of Seattle this summer and I just give them a wide berth. Anyone who would believe the crap that little felon dishes out is no better than those that follow Limbaugh.
  1979. moe99 on Up in the air.
    August 20th, 2009  1:02 am

  1980. Hey, Nance, you can put 'that' squirrel in all your vacation pix:
  1981. moe99 on A fresh thread.
    August 20th, 2009  9:13 pm

  1982. Palin quit the job she was elected to do with almost two years left in her term. She is a QUITTER, regardless of anything else. Anyone who supports or defends her is an idiot. Period.
  1983. moe99 on A fresh thread.
    August 22nd, 2009  4:54 am

  1984. c'ban, frankly, I think Howard Dean was far more demonized than Kerry was and in hindsight, with the Ridge revelations coming out, it seems that Dr. Dean was right and Kerry was a wimp back in 2004 on the raised terror alerts by the Bush administration for reelection purposes. What a surprise. Not.
  1985. moe99 on A fresh thread.
    August 24th, 2009  1:38 am

  1986. Danny, I belong to one of the two health cooperatives in the country--Group Health cooperative--and have been a member for 25 years. I have received excellent health care overall, as have my children. When my daughter Sarah was 16, the doctors detected and successfully removed a dermatofibrosarcoma about the size of a small apple. It's highly unusual to occur in someone so young, and, as a result my father, the doubting Thomas pediatrician/anesthesiologist in Lexington, had the pathology independently analyzed and the diagnosis was confirmed. I don't see a problem with single payer. It would beat all to hell the present, bloated system, where a large percentage of our population is not covered whatsoever and we who are covered have increased costs when hospitals must pay for their emergency room visits. Here--why don't you take a look at a summary of the present House bill, written by one of the smartest attorneys I know (he lives in Illinois). Then you tell us what you think:
  1987. moe99 on Let's show some slides, eh?
    August 24th, 2009  5:09 pm

  1988. So current thought has it that with the current recession and jobs lost, 50 million of our citizens are without health insurance. AP offers a bunch of caveats above to be sure. But when will the ravening hordes be satisfied? Is 50 million enough to get serious about health care reform? Is $1500 a month for health care for a family of 3 too much? I submit that once you start to argue on their terms we've lost. The issue is, should health care, just like public education, be a right available to all US citizens? Why is healthcare any less important here than education? Added: the US ranks 29th in infant mortalityin 2004 according to a CDC press release last fall.
  1989. moe99 on Let's show some slides, eh?
    August 24th, 2009  9:16 pm

  1990. Good, basic health care is a right, Jeff. It's in the defining that things go hinky. I'm not adverse to letting folks but gold plated policies to cover themselves, but my son who lives in RI now and is just starting his first job, may never get the surgery he needs on his foot because he was too busy this spring because of college graduation to get it done before he left the family policy. It could be considered a pre-existing condition.
  1991. moe99 on Let's show some slides, eh?
    August 24th, 2009  10:31 pm

  1992. the birthers have a new trick up their sleeve. Can't wait to see if Palin, Bachman, and others of their ilk jump on it:
  1993. moe99 on Let's show some slides, eh?
    August 24th, 2009  11:46 pm

  1994. 4dbirds: I'm doing that study too.
  1995. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  4:48 pm

  1996. Two things from the prior thread. First, the 1017 pages of the HB really amount to much less. They are like a deposition transcript, double spaced with very wide margins. The word count on the bill runs to 3000 or so words which is a far smaller sized regular novel. At any rate, those who bitch should remember, I posted a summary, a non partisan summary on my blog site and repair there to read it. Second, Jeff tmmo and others offer single payer vs public option as discrete alternatives when, if you look at how the health care systems of other countries are organized, you will find that there are a wide variety of just one of those. Take Canada vs. Britain for example. Very briefly, citizens of both countries are covered for their health care, but in Britain the doctors are paid by the government. Not so in Canada. etc. etc. etc. Read the cited article, google for some more. PS: ROGirl had a cite to a WaPo article by Reid that I think think should be reposted here because it is very good, on point and compares far more countries' health care systems:
  1997. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  7:00 pm

  1998. The French healthcare system? Googgle:
  1999. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  8:02 pm

  2000. beb, you're right, what I misstated is that using the word count, it comes out to the size of a 300 page book. See the comment to this Matt Yglesias post:
  2001. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  9:34 pm

  2002. Danny, you saying that the detainee torture either neither occurred, or that it should not be punished?
  2003. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  9:54 pm

  2004. Sen. Coburn reflects some of the twisted thinking of the right wing here.
  2005. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 25th, 2009  11:25 pm

  2006. Since when has leading the Democrats meant anything more than herding cats? I seem to remember a quote from Will Rogers 75 years or so ago that he was not a member of an organized political party, he was a Democrat. This was always an issue if the Dems get back in power. Not so, the Republicans. They'll drink the kool aid and go off the cliff for their party, no matter how completely bogus and insane they are. I'd prefer to be with the group quarreling under the big tent, thank you very much. Even though I grouse about it. A lot.
  2007. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 26th, 2009  12:52 am

  2008. the stupid, it just keeps on coming: Bachmann repeated the myth, adopted early by Sarah Palin, that the health-care plans being debated in Congress would set up "death panels" to determine which old folks are entitled to health care. "Thank God that Sarah Palin said that," she told the callers. "These are true.".... She also suggested that it might be some kind of religious destiny that hardy souls such as herself are in Congress at this time. "We all need to consider that in God’s timing that he may have allowed us, as members of Congress, to be in the position that we’re in just for this specific issue right now," she said. "Everything that all of us have worked together and labored for over the years, all of it could be undermined with this one bill. President Obama realizes that. The radicals that are on the pro-abortion left, they realize that. They could win it all. And the unborn, and the vulnerable, the disabled and those at the end of life could lose it it all." But it was Bachmann’s fervent call to utilize prayer and fasting to beat back health-care reform efforts that was the true highlight of the call. "That’s really where this battle will be won — on our knees in prayer and fasting," she told the listeners. "Remember: faith without works is dead. So we’re asking you to do all of it: pray, fast, believe, trust the Lord, but also act."
  2009. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 26th, 2009  2:20 am

  2010. mark, So, insurance companies are blackmailing their policy holders over this. I am not surprised.
  2011. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 26th, 2009  6:44 am

  2012. Mark H: May I direct you to my website where I posted a summary of the House bill prepared by a very, very smart ERISA attorney? Subtitle A --contains the grandfathering provisions for current health insurance plans and policy holders; current policies and policy holders will not be subject to all that follows, as long as the current arrangements continue in effect Now if the current policies are grandfathered in, how is it that mark's parents were threatened with losing their policies?
  2013. moe99 on Pander bears.
    August 26th, 2009  8:39 am

  2014. Senator Ted Kennedy passed away tonight. He was 77. Younger than yours or my parents, mark.
  2015. moe99 on He will be missed.
    August 26th, 2009  7:02 pm

  2016. nancy, Max and Ruby books were a staple in my house when the kids were growing up. I even have a stuffed Max and Ruby somewhere! Went back and read your Patti Davis column. Dayum, I was with ya even before I knew ya! And Danny trying gamely for this long to convert the rabble dfh heathen, man is he persistent or just hard headed? All I can say is that I was in DC when the Carter administration handed over the reins to the Reagan administration and the signal change that I recall is that the number of big shiny limousines on the roads increased ten fold in the 6 months we were there before the ex got accepted to grad school at UW and we moved west. The amount of conspicuous consumption to hit the WH and the rest of DC was ginormous and I was shocked to find the WaPo lathering over the newcomers as if they were the 'bee's knees.' Guess it was a foretaste of the present. And I believe that Reagan was the long acting poison that operated to destroy the Republican party from within. But, as a member of the Carter administration, even in such a lowly position as I held, I remember how Ted Kennedy's run for the presidency in 1980, the "ABC" movement, and his continual bad mouthing of Carter even after he lost the primary, helped doom a second term for Carter. I don't deny that Carter also bore responsibility for the defeat, but I thought Ted was a very sore loser and that really did not help (nor did Anderson's third party campaign). Later on, Ted became more gracious, but I certainly did not see it at this same time, 29 years ago.
  2017. moe99 on He will be missed.
    August 26th, 2009  7:37 pm

  2018. Funny, I don't remember the left misbehaving at either Helm's or Snow's death. Must be like all the exaggeration of what took place during Sen. Wellstone's funeral. That big lie was enough to get Norm Coleman elected.
  2019. moe99 on He will be missed.
    August 26th, 2009  11:22 pm

  2020. Looks like the WH micromanaged the torture program:
  2021. moe99 on He will be missed.
    August 27th, 2009  7:27 am

  2022. That's great news, Dexter.
  2023. moe99 on Ouch.
    August 27th, 2009  9:49 pm

  2024. Me, forget guns, I'll get my rocks off singing, thank you very much. I knew that performing the Carmina Burana was close to orgasm, but now I know why:
  2025. moe99 on Ouch.
    August 28th, 2009  3:39 am

  2026. Idaho gun toters now bragging about getting Obama tags.
  2027. moe99 on Ouch.
    August 28th, 2009  8:34 am

  2028. Dexter, we had that hotel room mixup here in Seattle with tragic results. The resident of the room shot through the door killing a noted, local record producer. Another gun toter story.
  2029. moe99 on Tents, shacks and salvation.
    August 28th, 2009  6:19 pm

  2030. Jaycee and her family will probably require years of therapy to deal with all she has been through, to try to mainstream her two daughters (can you imagine not being in the world for your entire life only to find out you're the product of statutory rape and be a teenager to boot?), and the guilt her mother and stepfather must feel, even though it's probably not deserved. At this point, it is not a happy ending yet, despite the media's attempt to put a smiley face on it (read: CNN). I can only hope that good things will eventually come from this evil. But, for now, it's not all roses and puppies.
  2031. moe99 on Tents, shacks and salvation.
    August 28th, 2009  10:33 pm

  2032. How do you explain away, then Jeff, the rhetoric coming out of the Idaho gubenatorial race? Is this also a misrepresentation of the teabagger/neoconservatives? I saw a whole lot of hate, rage, violence expressed against Obama by the tea baggers, that has not been denounced by the Republicans in DC yet.
  2033. moe99 on Tents, shacks and salvation.
    August 29th, 2009  12:29 am

  2034. Seattle's Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist on the teabaggers and gun toters.
  2035. moe99 on Saturday morning market
    August 29th, 2009  6:31 pm

  2036. Mark H., I'm putting the film on my library queue based on your recommendation. Thanks for that.
  2037. moe99 on Saturday morning market
    August 30th, 2009  9:17 am

  2038. This was awesome per me and my 19 yr old son.
  2039. moe99 on Saturday morning market
    August 30th, 2009  7:38 pm

  2040. Crinoid girl: I think it was an attempt to attract as many interested generations as possible. That said, he does not disappoint.
  2041. moe99 on Green.
    August 31st, 2009  5:57 pm

  2042. Glenn Greenwald sorta put it best about our nepotistic society:
  2043. moe99 on Green.
    August 31st, 2009  7:42 pm

  2044. I like Patrick Nielsen Hayden's take on the Glennzilla piece. PNH is an editor at TOR and his blog, Making Light, cowritten with his wife Teresa, is a good read. Our children and grandchildren will remember these strutting second- and third-generation media peacocks they way we look back at the White Russian officer corps—as examples of astonishing decadence. They will wonder how these people, out of all those who could be discussing the day’s events, were the ones chosen to be on television, day after day, as the world careened toward ruin. And I have been fascinated with the Jaycee kidnapping case as one is mesmerized by bad traffic accidents. I view the wife as a cringing Gollum type character. It's impossible to feel anthing but rage for either the husband or the wife. I hope but I think there is small chance that Jaycee will be able to successfully reintegrate her life or the lives of her daughters with her family or society at large.
  2045. moe99 on Green.
    September 1st, 2009  2:26 am

  2046. We're number one! In percentage of GDP paid for medical services. Hooray!!
  2047. moe99 on People of the state fair.
    September 1st, 2009  8:16 pm

  2048. C'dad, the funerals of my grandmother and great aunt in Paulding, OH featured open coffins as well. Luckily I was a bit older than you were, so no permanent damage to my psyche. But it was weird. They were them but they didn't really look like they did when they were alive.
  2049. moe99 on People of the state fair.
    September 2nd, 2009  6:02 am

  2050. Joe--you indicate your desire to be an organ donor on your driver's license in Washington State. I have done so for years, but luckily, have not had to fulfill it.
  2051. moe99 on Miss Lisa.
    September 2nd, 2009  8:24 pm

  2052. My cat veterinarian told me that cats have one of the active ingredients in LSD swirling through their brains, and sometimes the cat just gets a bigger hit. Makes sense to me. Scooter, the wiener dog, is Meat Loaf sometimes, Scootie others.
  2053. moe99 on Miss Lisa.
    September 3rd, 2009  3:34 am

  2054. mark, your post made me laugh out loud! Have you watched The Dog Whisperer? I like it, but my sister the veterinarian, says that there are a number of vets who don't subscribe to his practices. She thinks they're ok and so do I.
  2055. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 3rd, 2009  7:42 pm

  2056. And don't forget, "My Pet Goat."
  2057. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 4th, 2009  12:21 am

  2058. In 8 years of Bush, I don't think I saw an advance copy of his speeches, ever. I don't recall anyone taking that as creepy, left or right. And may I remind those present that there is an excellent summary with a link to the full health care reform bill, and if you read them both, you will discover to your surprise that it is NOT a full rewrite of health care in this country. But I understand why some would not want facts to get in the way. I mean Pat Buchanan yesterday was suggesting that Hitler was just way misunderstood and that if the Brits had just let him take Danzig and Poland, everything would be all right now. One of the biggies on the right side of the aisle there. And he's not going to lose his job over it.
  2059. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 4th, 2009  1:56 am

  2060. The health care bill summary with a link to the bill itself: More on Pat Buchanan, official Hitler apologist: I tend to think that those who go ape over Obama speaking to schoolchildren, also tend to agree with Mr. Buchanan on how Hitler was pushed into war by those nasty Brits. There's a bunch of posts on his website that are in Polish and I don't think the Poles are very happy with his thesis. Oh, and there was an article on the WSJ earlier this week that stated that the stimulus plan seems to be having an effect on ending the recession. I guess instead we shoulda just done what Hoover did back in the early 30's, which was nothing. We would be in such better shape now. NOT.
  2061. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 4th, 2009  3:52 am

  2062. Has everyone read the Levi Johnston tell all on Sarah Palin in Vanity Fair?
  2063. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 4th, 2009  5:33 am

  2064. From How long did it take the right to go from: "if you criticize the President you are a traitor" to "School children should not trust the President." --Josh Marshall
  2065. moe99 on Farewell, Bill.
    September 4th, 2009  7:43 am

  2066.,28277,179328,00.html Can anyone say Double Standard? I'm sure you can. C'mon Sarah, mark, join in the chorus!!!
  2067. moe99 on Budget cuts.
    September 4th, 2009  6:22 pm

  2068. Al Franken at the MN State Fair:
  2069. moe99 on Budget cuts.
    September 5th, 2009  4:30 am

  2070. LA Mary: LOL! I wonder of Jefftmmo will reveal where he first learned of this urban legend?
  2071. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 5th, 2009  7:25 pm

  2072. This was a needed hit of lightness for me this morning, as the youngest was involved in a car accident last night. Not his fault and he is uninjured. But we had words. Somehow, I don't think it is ok for him to tell me "Fuck you," in response to a question. YMMV. Anyway, the heartwarming story about a waffly Seattle wedding that is a youtube hit:
  2073. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 6th, 2009  6:15 pm

  2074. Remember the tea party discussion earlier? Well one of the local tea parties is calling Obama both Goebbels and Mengele. I would call that fearmongering in the extreme. If this doesn't stop, we are close to armed violence.
  2075. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2009  1:25 am

  2076. Nancy, Sorry about the 22% price hike for Michiganders holding Blue Cross Blue Shield policies.
  2077. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2009  6:51 am

  2078. Dexter, I gotta say, after reading your post I consider myself luckier than I did a while back. It's pretty hard to yell at your kid when you have a huge case of laryngitis. In fact it hurts just to talk. He got dropped off at the airport today to fly back to sophomore year of college, only to discover his cell phone had left his pants pocket and was still on the passenger seat. This occurred half an hour after I had left the airport and there was no way to return it in time. It will be a few days before he can get it. At least I know he's there safe. But just when I thought all stress was gone, there it is back again. Kids. Gotta love 'em.
  2079. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2009  7:48 pm

  2080. jeff b: Do you remember the names of the New Zealand whites? In Seattle we get a fair amount of wine from both Australia and New Zealand.
  2081. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 7th, 2009  8:12 pm

  2082. Oh my, the Obama speech is out. Let's wring our handkechiefs, now. On command:
  2083. moe99 on Dangerous words.
    September 7th, 2009  10:55 pm

  2084. The right wing outrage reminds me of the time in the summer of '78 I prosecuted a guy in E. Ky named Odell, for assaulting his mother. Odell sat in the courtroom the day of his misdemeanor trial and watched all the trials that went before his and when one guy got off for selling marijuana, he used that guy's questions on his mom when his trial came up. If it worked for the first guy, it should work for him too, right? And like Odell, the right wing has appropriated wholesale the emotional tone of those who criticized George Bush for his trampling on our Constitution: from the lies used as a basis for the Iraq War to the spying on American citizens, to the firing of the US Attorneys (to name only a few). The right wing saw how legitimate outrage created a momentum to change and they think if they use the same tone, the same outrage, that will get them back in to power. However, the targets of their outrage are so far different than the depredations committed by Bush and his gang of thieves. What is scary is that this debasement of the debate is like crying "Wolf." Next time it happens (say, if the Republicans return to power), folks may ignore the next wave of outrage as baseless and more serious harm will be done to our way of governing.
  2085. moe99 on Crazy people.
    September 8th, 2009  9:13 am

  2086. I'm going to do a pre-emptive strike on the word count mavens out there just waiting to tell us all about how Obama only talked about himself, and offer this word count of Ronald Reagan's speech to schoolchildren lo these 20 or so years ago:
  2087. moe99 on Crazy people.
    September 8th, 2009  11:04 pm

  2088. Thanks, JeffB!
  2089. moe99 on Crazy people.
    September 9th, 2009  2:55 am

  2090. I saw part of the President's address today at the body shop where the Subaru is getting fixed. Since it was in the suburbs (which are fairly conservative) I made sure to tell everyone what a great speech it was. Only problem was the other customer there was African American and he seemed to already agree with me. Could not believe it was on Fox News. I thought they weren't going to cover it.
  2091. moe99 on Crazy people, part deux.
    September 9th, 2009  7:44 pm

  2092. So what part of OH does Jean Schmidt represent? This woman's a loony too!
  2093. moe99 on Crazy people, part deux.
    September 9th, 2009  8:28 pm

  2094. Frankly, pound for pound, measure for measure I think the ratio of bad Republicans to bad Dems currently seems to be about 10 to 1.
  2095. moe99 on Crazy people, part deux.
    September 9th, 2009  9:43 pm

  2096. This list is two years old, so there's a few more to add to it like Senator Vitter and Governor Sanford, but it's pretty long:
  2097. moe99 on Crazy people, part deux.
    September 10th, 2009  1:32 am

  2098. Politics is Hollywood for ugly people. Don't know who said it, but it is apt more than not.
  2099. moe99 on Crazy people, part deux.
    September 10th, 2009  3:56 am

  2100. The movie cut off right where the paint can is being swung, or is that the end? I couldn't get it to advance any further. Dang.
  2101. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 10th, 2009  5:10 pm

  2102. I do think you are going too lightly on Rep Wilson. The man's own party leaders condemned him and forced an apology out of him within an hour of the speech's conclusion. When a friend watched the WGN morning news this AM, the resident GOP hack/commentator wouldn't even look into the camera when he fielded this question. I couldn't find one source out there willing to give this guy even a hair's breadth of rationalizing excuse for his behavior, and that includes Fox: He had to unplug his website and his office phone. He had to apologize to everyone under the sun. He raised $100k for his opponent overnight. His own party leaders threw him under the bus. But I am sure Rush will be a big defender today. And he did violate House rules with his behavior: Which makes him subject to censure.
  2103. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 10th, 2009  5:49 pm

  2104. THIS is why what Rep Wilson said was so important.
  2105. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 10th, 2009  9:09 pm

  2106. This was not the first time for Wilson. What. A. Dick.
  2107. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 10th, 2009  10:24 pm

  2109. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 11th, 2009  12:35 am

  2110. And Joe Wilson was not the only one making loud, derogatory noises last night:
  2111. moe99 on The toy department.
    September 11th, 2009  6:31 am

  2112. Jeff--seconds on the huzzahs for your all clear colonoscopy. The preparation is far worse than the procedure.
  2113. moe99 on What came after.
    September 11th, 2009  9:43 pm

  2114. I had just come back from a morning jog and was met by my kids (It was 3 hours later here) and we watched the first tower fall on tv before they went to school. Got to work and was sent home. On the bus there was a dark middle eastern looking fellow speaking in arabic loudly and excitedly into his phone. Made me wonder for an instant. Got home, took the dogs for a walk to the neighborhood park, and marveled at the complete silence in the sky.
  2115. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 13th, 2009  8:34 am

  2116. Hey, UW has to meet U$C next Sat on their turf and the Huskies have only won one game in their last 16 or so outings. I look for plenty of boo-hooing in Seattle next week.
  2117. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 14th, 2009  1:11 am

  2118. As I may have mentioned before my mother was a U Minn graduate during the days when the Gophers could beat Michigan once in a while and retain possession of the Little Brown Jug. We had a small version of it that made the rounds between our house (MN) and the Fauster house (MI). Early on I was taught to hate Michigan and it doesn't make it any better that the ex went to grad school at the Univ. of Michigan. So I tend to enjoy Michigan defeats more than most. I also get real tired of their fight song being played incessantly during the event. I have an acquaintance who, as a Stanford grad, feels the same about U$C. His favorite titles for that school are "University of the Scholastically Challenged" and "University of Spoiled Children." Fine by me. As someone who attended a college that set a record for losing football games back in the '80's, and who only went to Kentucky football games as an excuse to party, I tend not to get too upset at wins or losses in college football. I am concerned about the increasing professionalisation of the sport and kinda like the idea put forth by another acquaintance that every year, the college team with the worst record be eliminated from Div 1 football until the very last team gets wiped out. It would take a while, but would be fun to watch the ship go down.
  2119. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    September 14th, 2009  4:46 am

  2120. This, to me, epitomizes the teabaggers.
  2121. moe99 on Fun with numbers.
    September 14th, 2009  5:15 pm

  2122. del, Nothing chills my soul like your prediction on unleashing the corporations to fund our elections. Without an independent press to stand fast against this, our lowly internet takes on more importance. We are returning to the time of robber barons without a Teddy Roosevelt in sight.
  2123. moe99 on Fun with numbers.
    September 15th, 2009  9:49 am

  2124. Speaking of royally fucking up, this former Republican candidate for governor of Kentucky has done so:
  2125. moe99 on Farewell, lively dancer.
    September 15th, 2009  6:29 pm

  2126. I had my wisdom teeth pulled the spring of 1970 at St. Mary's Hospital, one of the two hospitals serving the Mayo Clinic. Back in those days it was full anesthetic surgery--they put you under and you had a day's hospital stay afterwards. I recall waking up from the anesthetic in a ward filled with beds of other women waking up from being put under, but they had all given birth! I cannot imagine what it was like not to have been present at the birth of your child. My dad was in the anesthesia residency program at Mayo at the time, and they were perfecting epidurals then. I remember him coming home and talking about it to us kids, it was such a break with tradition then.
  2127. moe99 on Farewell, lively dancer.
    September 16th, 2009  2:18 am

  2128. a Bush speechwriter pens his memoir: Not lookin' good for ol' Bushie there..... my favorite part of the article: "When White House press secretary Dana Perino was told that 77 percent of the country thought we were on the wrong track, she said what I was thinking: “Who on earth is in the other 23 percent?” I knew who they were—the same people supporting the John McCain campaign. Me? I figured there was no way in hell any Republican would vote for that guy. John McCain, the temperamental media darling, had spent most of the past eight years running against the Republican Party and the president—Republicans on Capitol Hill and at the White House hated him. Choosing John McCain as our standard-bearer would be the height of self-delusion. It would be like putting Camilla Parker Bowles in charge of the Princess Diana Foundation. As it turned out, I was the one who was deluded. The people I worked with in the White House were the most loyal of the Bush loyalists. Dana Perino was so sensitive to criticism of Bush that she once said she couldn’t watch the Democratic convention because it would be “too mean” to the president. Yet I watched them embrace McCain enthusiastically—backing a guy who’d worked so hard to undermine them. It was a cynical bargain."
  2129. moe99 on Farewell, lively dancer.
    September 16th, 2009  2:22 am

  2130. Oh wait! I have one more favorite part of the memoir: Referring to Sarah Palin: "I'm trying to remember if I've met her before. I'm sure I must have." His eyes twinkled, then he asked, "What is she, the governor of Guam?" ... "This woman is being put into a position she is not even remotely prepared for," he said. "She hasn't spent one day on the national level."
  2131. moe99 on New for fall.
    September 16th, 2009  5:35 pm

  2132. Well, I hate to say, but my shopping decisions lately are governed by ebay. Brooks Brothers no iron shirts are a standard size for me and they are a great deal there. Especially white. It has taken me more than 30 years to reconcile to white shirts, although I was only forced to wear them daily for my senior year at the Catholic high school in MN (where we had moved to from Defiance, OH). They were required along with a navy jumper.
  2133. moe99 on New for fall.
    September 16th, 2009  6:03 pm

  2134. Pretty good Danny. Here's the real deal, although in my day it had to touch the knees:
  2135. moe99 on New for fall.
    September 16th, 2009  9:11 pm

  2136. sugar will cut the bitter taste of tomatoes in sauce. I like brown sugar best.
  2137. moe99 on New for fall.
    September 17th, 2009  4:39 am

  2138. Perhaps this explains why Rep Wilson is on edge these days....
  2139. moe99 on New for fall.
    September 17th, 2009  7:46 am

  2140. Boy, howdy, the cavalcade of stars flaming out is pretty high today: Mary Travers from Peter, Paul and Mary, and Henry Gibson of Laugh In fame.
  2141. moe99 on Help me find a way.
    September 17th, 2009  5:34 pm

  2142. Still true today as it was almost 5 years ago: But there's a few more things to add to his list of issues like birthers and health care reform. And I bet John McCain would no longer be on his list of sober, realist Republicans after the 2008 campaign.
  2143. moe99 on Help me find a way.
    September 17th, 2009  7:52 pm

  2144. mark, if you don't BUY insurance, you are a drag on the rest of society that does buy insurance, because, well, we're just so damn wimpy that if you were to be seriously injured and without the means to pay for medical treatment, why we would pay for that treatment ourselves.
  2145. moe99 on Help me find a way.
    September 17th, 2009  10:27 pm

  2146. Limbaugh on Obama today: "Just as he is ACORN, just as he is Van Jones, he is racism"
  2147. moe99 on Help me find a way.
    September 18th, 2009  4:52 am

  2148. Yeah, the Board at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are all Bush appointees and have turned what used to be a great news source into meh. Oh, and "it's" = "it is," while "its" signifies ownership. Or Mrs. Ellie Stoner taught me wrong in 9th grade.
  2149. moe99 on Help me find a way.
    September 18th, 2009  8:29 am

  2150. This one stops at 2006:
  2151. moe99 on A whole lot of nothin'.
    September 19th, 2009  9:02 pm

  2152. Arrgh you scurvy dogs, and Avast ye mateys! Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day today!!!!
  2153. moe99 on Stay awake for it.
    September 21st, 2009  6:56 pm

  2154. Well they don't call them coffee BEANS for nothing! Looks like birther lawyer, Orly Taitz is in a hell of a lot of trouble: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  2155. moe99 on Stay awake for it.
    September 21st, 2009  7:59 pm

  2156. What "lies" about the Bush administration are we talking about here, Jefftmmo? I refuse to accept that assertion without proof. Here's a list of Bush scandals and it lists almost 300 of them. But this was 2 years ago, so I would think we could add at least Gale Norton's investigation to it....
  2157. moe99 on Oliver! Stumpy!
    September 22nd, 2009  5:52 pm

  2158. Actually I found a typo in Roger Ebert's otherwise very interesting column (you don't "deflect" from China, you "defect"). Of course I tried to post about it and I will bet it doesn't make it past the censors. But now, I want to see each and every movie that has not gotten picked up by a distributor. Dang.
  2159. moe99 on Mo' money, Michael.
    September 23rd, 2009  5:57 pm

  2160. This is a rather amazing piece from "Ukraine's got Talent" on You Tube. Since you are our resident Russian expert, Nance, perhaps you could translate the words for us at the end:
  2161. moe99 on Mo' money, Michael.
    September 24th, 2009  3:27 am

  2162. I think we can thank Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck for their indirect help in this: ps. Deborah, your praise of Nancy's cattle egret metaphor is spot on. I have a friend from college who used to write for Rolling Stone, who in a cover story on the band Kiss, compared their fans to a species of African dung beetle, who would come running when they heard the cows farting. Vivid, vivid.
  2163. moe99 on Treadmill as symbolism.
    September 25th, 2009  9:17 am

  2164. fyi, my friends:
  2165. moe99 on Data-mining the past.
    September 26th, 2009  10:40 pm

  2166. Thank you each and every one. The biopsy procedure went well yesterday. My lung did not collapse after the needle puncture, and it appears that the doc did get a sample of the growth. It's hard to do with an organ like the lung because it is not a stationary object--it slides against the chest wall--so I had to stop breathing at exactly the right point--took about 20 practice stops but sample was there in the preservative, an innocuous white ribbon of goo. Should know by Tuesday at the earliest or Thursday at the latest. Thank you again. Your care is very much appreciated.
  2167. moe99 on Free crack.
    September 28th, 2009  6:30 pm

  2168. As long as we are talking about a subset of malapropisms, let me mention my favorite: mondegreens. Jimi Hendrix singing Purple Haze, "S'cuse me while I kiss this guy."
  2169. moe99 on Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    September 29th, 2009  8:05 pm

  2170. Where to begin? First, hats off, nancy, to yet another first rate tightly written essay. I learn more by coming here than reading the MSM. What gets me about Polanski (and his ilk)is the lack of consequences. I was brought up and I learned through life, that if you make a mistake, you own up to it and take responsibility for your actions. Otherwise, you spend a great deal of energy avoiding, covering up, denying. And things get very twisted when that happens. I'm in a situation where I have to acknowledge reality and do a bunch of things that I really don't want to do. Or else it will not get better. Committing crimes is no different. I had an attorney friend who did an internship with a prison project and she said the prisoners she worked with were almost uniformly in denial that they had committed crimes. Now, I know that the Innocence project does good work, but I don't believe that everyone who is behind bars is innocent. I do believe that unless folks own up to what they did,and work from there, nothing really improves. So good on ya, nancy! Keep up the great work! ps: 4dbirds--just saw your post. Great minds think alike!
  2171. moe99 on Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    September 29th, 2009  10:14 pm

  2172. Not only that, so is Richard Cohen, the guy who had an affair with with Peter Jennings' wife in '87, opining that oh yes what a terrible thing but Polanski should get off because so much time has passed and his victim doesn't care.
  2173. moe99 on Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    September 30th, 2009  6:58 am

  2174. Ok, LA Mary that reference to Tierra del Fuego brought it all back from Firesign Theater: "Hiya, friends! Ralph Spoilsport, Ralph Spoilsport Motors - the world's largest new used and used new automobile dealership - Ralph Spoilsport Motors - right here in the city of EMPHYSEMA! Let's just look at the extras on this fabulous car! Wire-wheel spoke fenders and two-way sneeze through wind vents, star-studded mud guard, sponge-coated edible steering column, chrome fender dents - and factory air conditioned air from our fully factory-equipped air conditioned factory! It's a beautiful car friends, with doors to match! Birch's Blacklist says this automobile was stolen, but for you friends a complete price: only two-ninety-five hundred dollars in easy monthly payments of twenty dollars a week , twice a week and never on Sunday!" SCREEEEECH....."Ralph, Ralph, I'll take it! I can't WAIT to get away from it all!" "Well OK, fine! Let's just take a look inside your beautiful new home! C'mon in!" ..................... "Can I get Duluth?" "Duluth? Bucko, you can get Tierra del Fuego!" ..................... Turns out one of the FST members was from up here and Ralph Spoilsport was based on a local car salesman named Ralph Williams who was sued by the Attorney General's office for Consumer Protection Act violations in selling his cars. Figures.
  2175. moe99 on Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    September 30th, 2009  6:22 pm

  2176. "Shadow Valley condoms. If you lived here, you'd be home now!" I've decided that the tv series, House, MD is an update on the old Firesign Theater quiz show, "Beat the Reaper"
  2177. moe99 on Guilty, guilty, guilty.
    September 30th, 2009  7:02 pm

  2178. LA Mary, that made me laugh. Damn, I wish I knew about it. Do you think they would come back and do it over the internets? Did you ever see the Doo Dah parade the day before the Rose Bowl? There was the precision briefcase drill team and the Phyllis Schlafly cheerleaders who used to chant "69 cents is toooo much!" (69 cents being the average of what women earned to every dollar men earned)
  2179. moe99 on Quel fromage.
    September 30th, 2009  10:14 pm

  2180. thank goodness lef arkins is on the Polanski case: And LA Mary, I read the John Perry article on Newsmax, before they took it offline (thank god for the internets 'cause it still can be found). I emailed them and told them I thought they were coming close to treason with that column.
  2181. moe99 on Quel fromage.
    October 1st, 2009  3:22 am

  2182. Where to begin? Part of the transcript is posted in Lef Arkins' blog that i pasted above. The young woman sounds very consistent. And at 13 she is too young to consent to it anyway. As someone in another blog wrote, and I am loosely paraphrasing here: It doesn't matter if the girl seemed to indicate that it was ok, and that her mother signed an affidavit attesting to the fact she was 19 and gave her Polanski to do with as he chose, and even if the Bishop of the Archdiocease of Los Angeles signed a certificate that exonerated him from liability, Polanski was still guilty of rape. There is no way, under law, that it can be excused. Polanski pled guilty to lesser charges but he still fled the jurisdiction without serving about half of his ORIGINAL sentence. THAT is pissing on our judicial system and most of the lawyers I have talked with about this case have agreed with me: he has to come back and take responsibility for his crime(s). Sorry cosmo. Getting the hell out of Dodge is not even a lame excuse.
  2183. moe99 on Quel fromage.
    October 1st, 2009  7:33 am

  2184. So perhaps the attorney lied about the ex parte contact with the judge. Well, well, well. And if Polanski pled guilty, he did it on the advice of counsel. He was not some pro se shlep. He can sue his attorney for all I care, but he was represented and he took the plea. I would appreciate it if he would take the responsibility for it and behave like an adult. Some of us have to take responsiblity for things we never wanted to but have no choice. He chose his course.
  2185. moe99 on Quel fromage.
    October 1st, 2009  8:08 am

  2186. btw, moving on to lighter things and reminded of the nauga hunts from a thread either yesterday or the day before, I got an email from my former cleaning person who has set up a very active estate sales business in Seattle. She is conducting sales at two estates this weekend, but this item in her West Seattle sale caught my eye: "#1 Sat./Sun. October 10/11 condo in West Seattle, and an auto once belonging to the movie actor Ricardo Montebalm" Hokay, who wants me to act as proxy for them on this once in a lifetime opportunity?
  2187. moe99 on Oh, Dave.
    October 2nd, 2009  9:08 pm

  2188. Dave's extortionist seems to be in a bit of financial trouble. $6,000 a month for child support? That's a huge amount. Ok, just had to add this video of Chris Rock on Leno commenting about Roman Polanski.
  2189. moe99 on Oh, Dave.
    October 3rd, 2009  1:38 am

  2190. Well I'm of the camp that thinks that money needs to be spent by the government in this major recession but I think the money spent so far should have gone more into infrastructure rather than propping up Wall Street. Would've preferred seeing the govt taking over the mortgages and letting folks stay in their houses on renegotiated payment plans, but hell I divorced an economist, so what do I know? Oh, and when I was an enforcement attorney at the SEC when they had a Seattle Regional Office there were several very well publicized sexual harassment lawsuits brought against the agency. What was claimed was that the sexual congress that went on in the office created a hostile work environment for the young women who were not bending over, so to speak. The SEC settled those lawsuits and closed the offices thereafter. The Seattle closure resulted in the Reinventing Government team headed up by VP Al Gore, in 1994. so had no connection to the other regional office closures. But I didn't hold it against him.
  2191. moe99 on Oh, Dave.
    October 3rd, 2009  6:15 pm

  2192. Oh, Joe that is indeed amazing The girls come from a middle school in Kings District in OH. I didn't think they looked old enough to be in the Naval Academy and one of the posters gave their home site: Where IS Kings District? I've never heard of it.
  2193. moe99 on Oh, Dave.
    October 4th, 2009  6:35 am

  2194. My first cat was named Dorothy after Dorothy Parker. Love the name. Third cat was Thurber.
  2195. moe99 on Mystery meat.
    October 5th, 2009  6:04 pm

  2196. Everytime I read about these outbreaks (some of the first detected occurred in Seattle 20 years or so ago) I am reminded of The Sheep Look Up by John Brunner. The other good scifi read on pandemics is The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, but it was more a viral sort of thing iirc.
  2197. moe99 on Mystery meat.
    October 6th, 2009  3:12 am

  2198. Ohhh, Dorothy, big hugs to you from Seattle. As long as we're on food, a friend of mine sent me this to cheer me up and it really made me laugh. I hope it does the same for you: It actually made me think of coozledad. Now why would that be?
  2199. moe99 on Something's gotta give.
    October 6th, 2009  5:30 pm

  2200. I was told it would be a good idea to have a bottle of the stuff next to my front door, when people come visiting while I am in chemotherapy. For now, Truffle the 5 month old dachshund puppy does the job, licking my hands almost obsessively. It's toughest when I'm typing on the computer, so I'm blaming all typos on that!
  2201. moe99 on Blowed up real good.
    October 7th, 2009  7:45 pm

  2202. My dad subscribed to Gourmet. Once in high school, I made Chicken Kiev and some fruit tarts from its recipe pages. It was good but it took way too much time for my liking then. Now I realize the preparation is part of the whole
  2203. moe99 on Fat City.
    October 8th, 2009  5:56 pm

  2204. Well, there's always the way I'm taking to lose weight. Don't recommend it, however.
  2205. moe99 on He won what?
    October 9th, 2009  4:11 pm

  2206. crossposted over at Balloon juice, but take a look at the Wa Po graph on whether Obama deserves it. These guys could not graph their way out of a paper bag. But, of course, they probably meant the 50% who voted for Obama to look more like 25% contrasted with those 50% who say Obama did not deserve the award. Oh where is the Post ombudsmen to wring his/her white gloves now?
  2207. moe99 on He won what?
    October 9th, 2009  9:19 pm

  2208. Rather, mark, I think the people of this country, first seeing the glee when Chicago lost the Olympic bid, and now the brickbats thrown when Obama received the Nobel Peace prize, will become more disgusted with the right wing. Oh, there will always be that 27% of true believers, but I hope the rest of the country is innoculated against this stuff.
  2209. moe99 on He won what?
    October 10th, 2009  3:54 am

  2210. The committee and its advisors prepare a short list in March, and review things from March to late September. Then they vote. The idea that Obama was awarded the prize based on his first two weeks in office is cute, funny and wrong. Obama is giving the money away. Here is an email an American friend living in Australia received from the Obama camp today. She was impressed enough with it that she sent it to a bunch of her friends: Virginia -- This morning, Michelle and I awoke to some surprising and humbling news. At 6 a.m., we received word that I'd been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009. To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who've been honored by this prize -- men and women who've inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace. But I also know that throughout history the Nobel Peace Prize has not just been used to honor specific achievement; it's also been used as a means to give momentum to a set of causes. That is why I've said that I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations and all peoples to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. These challenges won't all be met during my presidency, or even my lifetime. But I know these challenges can be met so long as it's recognized that they will not be met by one person or one nation alone. This award -- and the call to action that comes with it -- does not belong simply to me or my administration; it belongs to all people around the world who have fought for justice and for peace. And most of all, it belongs to you, the men and women of America, who have dared to hope and have worked so hard to make our world a little better. So today we humbly recommit to the important work that we've begun together. I'm grateful that you've stood with me thus far, and I'm honored to continue our vital work in the years to come. Thank you, President Barack Obama
  2211. moe99 on He won what?
    October 10th, 2009  4:31 am

  2212. Jeff tmmo: you will note I said the Obama camp. I know that was a broadcast email and so did she, but it still was nice and you can't make me believe he didn't have a hand in drafting it.
  2213. moe99 on Steaming the windows.
    October 12th, 2009  5:27 pm

  2214. Grosse Pointe War Memorial sounds similar to the Skylark Club in Defiance, OH. It was open both Friday and Saturday nights, but I was only allowed to go one night. Saturday was the usual choice. We had the same arrangement where girls would dance in circle and boys would sit on the sidelines for the fast dances. Unless you were going steady with a guy who was brave enough to do the fast dances. Slow dances were coed and consisted of big bear hugs done to a modified 4 square/step. But long about sophomore year, the guys in my class started something different. During the fast dances they would swoop, like red tailed hawks, into the center of the circles of girls and wave their arms like wings as they made figured 8s inside the circle--then they would dash out, only to return some time later. Us girls were thrilled to have them involved. Only thing is I could never figure out how to do "the skate" despite hours of practice in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom.
  2215. moe99 on A day off since 1492.
    October 13th, 2009  8:58 pm

  2216. Jon Stewart on CNN factchecking: I went to Steely Dan at the Paramount last night and I have to say that they were spectacular. Small venues like the Paramount really help their type of music. And as they played the entire Aja album from start to finish, I was in heaven.
  2217. moe99 on A day off since 1492.
    October 14th, 2009  8:48 am

  2218. The fun theory. This is just great!
  2219. moe99 on Another mixed grill.
    October 14th, 2009  5:12 pm

  2220. I'm glad you saw it, Del. I always hesitate to post late at night in the comments, because folks are moving on, but that particular video was great fun. Those crazy Swedes!
  2221. moe99 on Freak show.
    October 17th, 2009  9:13 am

  2222. More extreme sheep herding.
  2223. moe99 on Freak show.
    October 19th, 2009  7:55 am

  2224. Opinions can't be racist???? C'mon there, get a grip, JoeK. via wikipedia: "Barack the Magic Negro" parody Main article: Barack the Magic Negro On March 19, 2007 Limbaugh referred to a Los Angeles Times editorial by David Ehrenstein which claimed that Barack Obama was filling the role of the "magic negro", and that this explained his appeal to voters.[37] Limbaugh then later played a song by Paul Shanklin, "Barack the Magic Negro," sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon".[38]
  2225. moe99 on God bless us, every one.
    October 20th, 2009  1:49 am

  2226. Reindeer, paddy o? That's a pretty rancid smell if the miniature reindeer, that the xmas tree company displays next to our church every year is any indication. I always feel sorry for the little guy. Last year I decorated my fig tree when my xmas tree bit this dust. This year I may start from that.
  2227. moe99 on I (sorta) haz a sick.
    October 22nd, 2009  1:47 am

  2228. Given my current condition, I could not listen to This American Life this weekend. Tell me did Uwe Reinhardt come down against the public option, like it looked like he was going to do? One of the side effects of my lung cancer is a deep cough. Thus I have to keep telling folks that, no I am not contagious that rather I have lung cancer. So I find I have to be fairly open about this. Reaction has generally been ok, but sometimes I just wish I could say, "treat me as you would normally. Wait til chemo starts (the 29th) to treat me with kid gloves...."
  2229. moe99 on Hiatus.
    October 22nd, 2009  10:04 pm

  2230. Youngest son had H1N1 immediately upon arriving at college 9/4/09. The college sent me a $99 late fee charge last week because he waited until he was well to enroll (3 days). In the interim, I was diagnosed, he decided to take the year off and returned home from CA, and I am still getting the bill for $99. Color me unhappy.
  2231. moe99 on Hiatus.
    October 23rd, 2009  3:10 am

  2232. Thanks, Dorothy. If I can't make it go away by whining on the phone, I will ask you. I had a deli attendant at the grocery store tell me last night she couldn't listen to my voice. Not a choice, my friend. Not a choice....
  2233. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 23rd, 2009  6:34 pm

  2234. I go in for my annual mammogram this Saturday, which was reset from earlier this month because so much of the staff was down with the flu (possibly swine flu--I know it made the rounds at UW pediatrics I know).
  2235. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 23rd, 2009  7:54 pm

  2236. I think Leonard Pitts has a rather good take on the Rush as NFL team owner question:
  2237. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 24th, 2009  12:58 am

  2238. Sue, I may be totally off base but I blame Rahm Emmanuel for most of Obama's inexplicably boneheaded moves. Even though Emmanuel's brother Ari, is also a graduate of my alma mater, I've always thought that Rahm back when he was on the Clinton staff and later as a US Rep from Illinois, was always too ready to play patty cake with the corporate lobbyists that did not have the people's interests at heart. I'm sure Rahm considers himself a pragmatist. I think he's been terribly corrupted by the system and can't recognize it in himself.
  2239. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 25th, 2009  6:10 am

  2240. So Mark Sanford gets to wax on about Ayn Rand in Newsweek. wtf?
  2241. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 25th, 2009  8:17 am

  2242. Nance, The Seattle film critic, Dennis Hartley really liked Where the Wild Things Are too:
  2243. moe99 on A day in Collegeland.
    October 26th, 2009  9:11 am

  2244. Jeff, your link is not working. And on to another subject who can tell me about this overreaching prosecutor from Illinois?
  2245. moe99 on Deadbeat.
    October 27th, 2009  2:33 am

  2246. Deborah, I thought this was an interesting article. There are folks who can make lemonade from lemons!
  2247. moe99 on Deadbeat.
    October 27th, 2009  8:16 am

  2248. small fries, Brian, you crack me up!
  2249. moe99 on The writerly stuff.
    October 29th, 2009  9:57 am

  2250. OT: I'm catching up with all of you late tonight PDT, but will probably fall off the map tomorrow. fyi:
  2251. moe99 on The writerly stuff.
    October 29th, 2009  5:00 pm

  2252. Judybusy, I have a bag of crocosmia in the back of my Subaru Outback that I separated out this fall and have been giving away to any who are interested. They are small red orange lily type blossoms that bloom in late July-Sept. and they spread like wildfire, making you think you might have some talent (but no, it's just that they are that hardy). I'll send you some of the bulbs, if you email me your address! I'm sure if I glove up I can do that small job--they've already been dug up from the soil. Thanks for all your support.
  2253. moe99 on Halloween tourism.
    November 3rd, 2009  3:22 am

  2254. I was in 6th grade when Kennedy was shot. It was Friday, the day before my birthday, and my best friend Beth was spending the night. I remember Mrs. Barto, the principal of Spencer School announcing over the intercom that Kennedy had been shot late in the afternoon and then right before school was out, another announcement that he had died. There were kids there who were gleeful about it, because Kennedy was a Democrat and you still don't do Democrats well in Defiance, OH. Beth still came over to spend the night, but we got up Saturday morning expecting the watch cartoons and it was all co-opted by the event and the aftermath. I don't really think I got the gravity of the situation until some time afterward. I do remember watching Ruby shoot Oswald on tv.
  2255. moe99 on It's all local.
    November 4th, 2009  10:34 pm

  2256. I really like Hank Steuver and what he writes generally, but I think that he is being a bit too sensitive on the use of the term, c***sucker, that spurred Henry Allen to fisticuffs. Frankly, after reading examples of Allen's writing, I think the goad to Allen's sensibilities was that he was no longer sufficiently on top of what constitutes "journalism," not that he was somehow gay. In that regard, I am proud to note that the gay rights initiative passed handily in Washington state yesterday. Yay! And the tax rollback measure was defeated! Yay! And the former tv news personality who is on the board of the Discovery Institute and was not so secretly funded by republican right wingers was defeated in her bid to be King County executive. Yay! And your beginning sentence, Nancy? I think that the last part should come first, not the other way around, but I am too foggy to suggest how to do it this am.
  2257. moe99 on It's all local.
    November 5th, 2009  6:37 am

  2258. Betcha didn't know that! Ha!
  2259. moe99 on Searching for something.
    November 5th, 2009  11:28 pm

  2260. I found Nancy when she exposed that horrible Bush appointee (whose name I have thankfully forgotten) who plagiarized his columns.
  2261. moe99 on Let's wait and see.
    November 6th, 2009  9:27 pm

  2262. That was an incredible piece of writing from Guy Lofaros. I was in tears at the end. It is a strong reminder of the high caliber of the people I worked with daily when I was at DoD 1980-81. Thank you for posting that, sir.
  2263. moe99 on Let's wait and see.
    November 7th, 2009  12:20 am

  2264. Ah, Danny, should I be flattered?
  2265. moe99 on Let's wait and see.
    November 7th, 2009  12:40 am

  2266. No, I will have to catch it on hulu! Thanks!
  2267. moe99 on Saturday afternoon Costco.
    November 7th, 2009  10:45 pm

  2268. Thought of Hank Steuver and Tinsel when I saw this photograph:
  2269. moe99 on Red in tooth and claw.
    November 10th, 2009  3:30 am

  2270. I remember back in the '80's an article in The Atlantic discussing how the US intelligence community kept up on what was going on in the Soviet Union using mundane sources. It was amazing how Sovietologists used all kinds of arcane publications and information to try and decipher what was going on in the USSR. That article and one about "Have you ever tried to sell a diamond," have stayed with me all these years.
  2271. moe99 on Red in tooth and claw.
    November 10th, 2009  6:16 am

  2272. Thanks, Deborah. I sent the article to my lovely daughter, who sniffed that she still wanted a rock when she got engaged. A big one. Ah well. The article that I first mentioned, which is not available from the Atlantic is "Watching the Russians" by John Cullen Murphy. It was published in February, 1983. Too bad it's not accessible.
  2273. moe99 on Attractive nuisance.
    November 10th, 2009  7:19 pm

  2274. Re: Ronald Reagan from yesterday's thread. I did not recall that Pakistan acquired their nukes under his watch:
  2275. moe99 on Attractive nuisance.
    November 10th, 2009  8:18 pm

  2276. Brian, have you seen the latest kerfuffle over John Keegan's recently released book on the Civil War? I was a big fan of Keegan's until this. James McPherson's writings brought me back to reading about the Civil War.
  2277. moe99 on Attractive nuisance.
    November 10th, 2009  10:18 pm

  2278. "1988--President Reagan waives an aid cutoff for Pakistan due to an export control violation; in his formal certification, he confirmed that `material, equipment, or technology covered by that provision was to be used by Pakistan in the manufacture of a nuclear explosive device.' "
  2279. moe99 on Attractive nuisance.
    November 10th, 2009  10:58 pm

  2280. Not inconvenient at all, Danny. Everyone has some responsibility for this state of affairs. Reagan does NOT get a free pass.
  2281. moe99 on Attractive nuisance.
    November 11th, 2009  7:24 pm

  2282. these photos are really amazing.
  2283. moe99 on The names of the dead.
    November 12th, 2009  1:36 am

  2284. Wonderful post, Nancy. Truly inspirational. Thank you so much.
  2285. moe99 on The names of the dead.
    November 12th, 2009  2:51 am

  2286. btw, Sarah Palin's book tour takes her through the heartland starting with Grand Rapids, MI Nov. 18.
  2287. moe99 on Art by committee.
    November 12th, 2009  9:33 pm

  2288. I love the Whistler Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery in D.C.: Ruskin was an unquestioned arbiter of taste during his day, as evidenced by my great grandmother, who copied his preface to the Boston Cooking School cookbook (by Fannie Farmer) and gave it to her 3 daughters, all of whom had it framed and hanging in their kitchens. I have my grandmother's copy. My great grandmother, good Christian that she was, took out the references to the classical figures, but the original reads: "Cookery means the knowledge of Medea and of Circe and of Helen and of the Queen of Sheba. It means the knowledge of all herbs and fruits and balms and spices, and all that is healing and sweet in the fields and groves and savory in meats. It means carefulness and inventiveness and willingness and readiness of appliances. It means the economy of your grandmothers and the science of the modern chemist; it means much testing and no wasting; it means English thoroughness and French art in Arabian hospitality; and, in fine, it means that you are to be perfectly and always ladies -- loaf givers." John Ruskin
  2289. moe99 on Art by committee.
    November 12th, 2009  10:10 pm

  2290. C'dad: Jo Hiffernan was a red haired beauty. That model appears to have brown hair. There's a Whistler portrait of Hiffernan in this article:
  2291. moe99 on Art by committee.
    November 12th, 2009  11:10 pm

  2292. Fingers crossed for you, crinoidgirl...
  2293. moe99 on Art by committee.
    November 13th, 2009  2:59 am

  2294. Sue, I bet Schultheis doesn't want them aborted. He embodies pernicious evil similar to John Huston in Chinatown.
  2295. moe99 on Early meeting bugout.
    November 13th, 2009  11:35 pm

  2296. Julie: Great song for a Friday!
  2297. moe99 on Early meeting bugout.
    November 14th, 2009  7:05 pm

  2298. Wonkette captures a page from Going Rogue that seems to encapsulate laPalin's pov. She was for change waaay before Barack Obama was....
  2299. moe99 on Early meeting bugout.
    November 16th, 2009  9:39 am

  2300. Cool caves:
  2301. moe99 on Early meeting bugout.
    November 16th, 2009  10:35 am

  2302. Al Gore is pretty funny:
  2303. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 16th, 2009  7:03 pm

  2304. Good tip mark. Now if I only was a good turkey slicer... btw here is someone who wildly loves LaPalin's book:
  2305. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 16th, 2009  8:06 pm

  2306. It was in the prior thread, Jeff!
  2307. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 17th, 2009  1:12 am

  2308. There has not been a declaration of war. Without that there are no enemy combatants. The bombing of the US Cole was a bombing of a naval vessel. A criminal action against a US military target. The World Trade Center and Flight 93 were not military. Hence the difference in trials.
  2309. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 17th, 2009  1:43 am

  2310. mrak--I will concede you the Pentagon. Given that, why not have the civil trials, followed by a military tribunal? They were separate crimes after all.
  2311. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 17th, 2009  3:28 am

  2312. Sarah Palin on Oprah.
  2313. moe99 on The birthday kids.
    November 17th, 2009  8:36 am

  2314. Holder's speech announcing the prosecutions: ...In each case, my decision as to whether to proceed in federal courts or military commissions was based on a protocol that the Departments of Justice and Defense developed and that was announced in July. Because many cases could be prosecuted in either federal courts or military commissions, that protocol sets forth a number of factors – including the nature of the offense, the location in which the offense occurred, the identity of the victims, and the manner in which the case was investigated – that must be considered. In consultation with the Secretary of Defense, I looked at all the relevant factors and made case by case decisions for each detainee. It is important that we be able to use every forum possible to hold terrorists accountable for their actions. Just as a sustained campaign against terrorism requires a combination of intelligence, law enforcement and military operations, so must our legal efforts to bring terrorists to justice involve both federal courts and reformed military commissions. I want to thank the members of Congress, including Senators Lindsay Graham, Carl Levin and John McCain who worked so hard to strengthen our national security by helping us pass legislation to reform the military commission system.
  2315. moe99 on Puzzlers.
    November 17th, 2009  9:57 pm

  2316. Uncle Jay explains the news.
  2317. moe99 on Puzzlers.
    November 18th, 2009  4:56 am

  2318. The wisdom of saving your emails.....if you were on the McCain campaign.
  2319. moe99 on Puzzlers.
    November 18th, 2009  9:57 am

  2320. MSNBC reports that Walmart has lowered the price of Going Rogue from $27 to $8.98.
  2321. moe99 on More shiny objects.
    November 18th, 2009  7:25 pm

  2322. After your last comment in the prior thread, I went to amazon to try to find out where her book was ranked. Could not find that information, but was nonplussed to read that the average review was 4 stars. Huh? ps. loved this review:
  2323. moe99 on More shiny objects.
    November 18th, 2009  8:54 pm

  2324. fun stuff from Sweden. Actually not the full monty, if you get my drift....
  2325. moe99 on More shiny objects.
    November 19th, 2009  7:37 am

  2326. Jeff tmmo. My eye caught the CAT scan reference. I'm sensitive to that these days. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know.
  2327. moe99 on What can you do?
    November 19th, 2009  7:39 pm

  2328. My younger sister, who was 37 at the time, had her breast cancer detected via a mammogram. It saved her life. We have a paternal aunt who had breast cancer but that was not enough of an indicator, even in prior times. So, no, I am not on the bandwagon on this, even though the plural of anecdote is not data. And I actually wish that given the sharp increase in lung cancer rates, particularly those for women, that chest xrays, or better yet CAT scans would become part of a regular health plan. My chest xray in 2005 was clear. 4 years later, not so much. Off to round two of chemo today. 6 or 8 hours depending on how fast they get the solutions down.
  2329. moe99 on What can you do?
    November 19th, 2009  8:23 pm

  2330. Peter, I second your suggestions. I'm in a room to myself with either a view of the sound to the west or the cascades to the east on non cloudy days. I value privacy and that should be the highest goal, so yes to flat screens w headsets and ambient lighting. Fold out walls in rooms w more than one patient would be nice as well as private attached bathrooms.
  2331. moe99 on What can you do?
    November 20th, 2009  9:27 am

  2332. Joe K, why do you think I chose my moniker back in the day? The three stooges epitomized high comedy for me in Defiance, OH.
  2333. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    November 22nd, 2009  8:22 pm

  2334. C'dad! Once again you win, hands down.
  2335. moe99 on Hooray for Hollywood.
    November 23rd, 2009  11:22 pm

  2336. Thank you all. Here is an interesting take on roads in Detroit:
  2337. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 25th, 2009  10:04 pm

  2338. Hey, here's some Christmas shopping ideas courtesy of the TSA: they're selling what they bag at the airports on ebay.
  2339. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 25th, 2009  10:56 pm

  2340. Ah, well I was mislead by the "NTSA" part of the title in the ebay page. Thanks!
  2341. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 26th, 2009  6:43 pm

  2342. Well, all I got to was level 5. Grumble grumble. For a free game, it's pretty darn fun. Oh, and I thought these holiday shopping tips were pretty darn good:
  2343. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 26th, 2009  11:27 pm

  2344. John Cleese on She Who....
  2345. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 27th, 2009  8:50 pm

  2346. Remember that fellow in Europe who has been in a coma for 23 years and it was reported that he is communicating now? Well, this doctor has some doubts:
  2347. moe99 on Don't assume.
    November 30th, 2009  1:54 am

  2348. Pink Glove Dance.
  2349. moe99 on Back to the mangle.
    November 30th, 2009  8:21 pm

  2350. The TMZ article said that the other woman was someone named Rachel Uchitel. This Rachel Uchitel? If so, kind of sad....
  2351. moe99 on Back to the mangle.
    November 30th, 2009  10:57 pm

  2352. Hey! I did post an article above at #11 w/ lotsa pix about Tiger's extra marital squeeze from her wedding announcement in 2004 in the NYT.
  2353. moe99 on Back to the mangle.
    December 1st, 2009  7:17 am

  2354. Dorothy, I had the very best of Thanksgivings. Thanks for asking: Had to wait til my daughter sent me the photos to post, though.
  2355. moe99 on Pages.
    December 1st, 2009  10:41 pm

  2356. Wolf Hall, the Booker Prize winner for this year is extremely well written. I normally don't read much historical fiction, having been spoiled by Dorothy Dunnett, but this is worth a look see. I'm more of a science fiction/fantasy sort of person.
  2357. moe99 on Pages.
    December 2nd, 2009  2:09 am

  2358. Perhaps you could recommend the following for your college roommate:
  2359. moe99 on My cocktail problem.
    December 2nd, 2009  7:35 pm

  2360. I have to take exception to the pooh poohing on small breweries. We are blessed in the Pacific NW with some of the best brews on record. And one in particular, Mac N Jack's African Amber, is the best beer I've ever had. Bar none. But they don't bottle it, so you have to find a bar that has it on tap. I've got hard liquor in my basement, but pre-chemo, I mostly chose wine or beer as the drink of choice. Although gin and tonics were da bomb on those very rare hot summer days in Seattle. And when I worked as a waitress at the St. Paul Country Club, we were allowed a mixed drink from the bar after we got off work. I took my vodka gimlet (which was my drink of choice then in 1974) on the bus in a paper cup.
  2361. moe99 on Kentucky-fried does.
    December 3rd, 2009  8:11 pm

  2362. Swerving off topic briefly. Here's a free lecture on Masterpieces of Holiday Music from the Teaching Company. Highly recommended:
  2363. moe99 on Kentucky-fried does.
    December 4th, 2009  5:33 am

  2364. When I was 9 I got sick and barfed before church one Sunday. But my mother didn't see me, so she thought I was lying (I had made it to the toilet luckily), and I had to go with the rest of the family to mass (at St. John's Catholic church in Defiance). I made it until about the sermon and threw up all over a guy in the pew in front of us. Luckily I had not had communion or the priest would have been required to dispose of it in the approved fashion.
  2365. moe99 on Carping.
    December 4th, 2009  8:25 pm

  2366. Oh, Jeff tmmo! I am delighted that it is not cancerous but remain concerned about the rest of the story. And yes, I loved A Canticle for Leibowitz . Best depiction of the medieval mind set I have ever found.
  2367. moe99 on The end of the weekend.
    December 8th, 2009  2:35 am

  2368. Well there is always James Woolcott, who I put in the same class with our own coozledad, in his ability to turn a phrase. Here it is: "recidivist subway grinder"
  2369. moe99 on The wall cracks.
    December 10th, 2009  2:00 am

  2370. More Republican crazy:
  2371. moe99 on The wall cracks.
    December 10th, 2009  6:10 am

  2372. Oh, Jeff tmmo, do keep us informed as to you status. This is not fun, but from what I gather, it could be worse, so I will keep that in my prayers for you.
  2373. moe99 on The wall cracks.
    December 10th, 2009  8:41 am

  2374. My mother in law (who died the year before I was divorced), was orphaned at a very early age,when her mother and older brother were killed in a car/train accident in Archbold, OH. Her father, the minister at the German Reformed Church there, was also seriously injured, and died about a year thereafter. Because it was the depression, no one in her extended family could take both surviving children, so she and her other brother were split up and she was sent to live with an aunt and uncle in Cleveland. Uncle was also a minister but of much sterner stuff. Maybe ten years later, they had their only daughter lobotomized when she proved to be too rebellious for them to handle. It seriously affected my mother in law, who was in her teens at the time. So this is what I think of when the topic of lobotomies comes up.
  2375. moe99 on Don't go to no trouble.
    December 10th, 2009  6:19 pm

  2376. Chess pie is a traditional favorite here. It was learned in Kentucky and has followed me all over the world. It contains sugar, eggs, butter, vinegar and corn meal. Recipe will follow later if anyone wishes. But have to run. Off to chemo round three. There unfortunately will be a round 4 as well because the CT scan yesterday was a mixed bag.
  2377. moe99 on Don't go to no trouble.
    December 11th, 2009  2:21 pm

  2378. Chess Pie Ingredients 1/2 cup melted butter 1 1/2 cups white sugar 3 eggs 1 1/2 teaspoon corn meal 1 1/2 teaspons vinegar 1 (9 inch) unbaked pie shell thawed Directions Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F. In a large bowl, mix the butter, and sugar together. Mix in the eggs, then stir in the cornmeal, and vinegar until smooth. Do Not mix too much. Pour into pie shell. Put pie in and immdiately reduce heat to 400 degrees. Bake for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C) for about 20 minutes (this will vary depending on freshness of eggs) Pie filling will puff up full. Give pie a little jiggle to be sure center is firm before removing it. Place on rack to cool. Pie may be browned before serving.
  2379. moe99 on Don't go to no trouble.
    December 11th, 2009  7:26 pm

  2380. Connie, in Seattle, you can recycle the used oil. I am not sure of the procedure but they put it into biodiesel.
  2381. moe99 on Don't go to no trouble.
    December 11th, 2009  8:57 pm

  2382. My daughter makes pie crust with vodka. The vodka evaporates during the baking process and makes the crust flakier. Brian, over the years I've found the chess pie to be very idiosyncratic--each new oven I've used has required some getting used to. The crust may brown during the baking process, but make sure the filling is firm before you pull it out. Will be interested to hear back.
  2383. moe99 on Cold, cold, colder.
    December 12th, 2009  4:29 am

  2384. How do tattoos look on the old folks, Holly?
  2385. moe99 on Cold, cold, colder.
    December 12th, 2009  10:10 am

  2386. Sue, is it an apples to oranges comparison? I can't tell how many permanent vs. how many temp helpers there are.
  2387. moe99 on Cold, cold, colder.
    December 12th, 2009  7:18 pm

  2388. Can I just say that I think the governor of Washington does not know how to send a nice Thanksgiving letter out to state employees? You would think that it would be good to focus on family and helping others. Well that's there, but in the letter is this: Sent to all staff on behalf of Governor Chris Gregoire Dear Fellow State Employee: What was a good idea nearly 400 years ago is still a good idea this week. Let’s stop and give thanks for all we have – friends, family, food, health. It’s been a hard year for many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers. In this economic crisis, thousands of Washingtonians have seen their pay cut, are struggling to keep their health insurance, or have lost their job. People are turning to our state programs for assistance, many of them for the first time. You can be proud that you are there to help. Of course, the increasing demand for state services comes at a cost. And, even as some positive economic signs have emerged, consumer spending is low and unemployment is high. After our latest caseload and revenue forecasts, the state budget gap is now $2.6 billion to be cut from a total available budget of $9.3 billion. To put that in some context, the budget for the entire Department of Corrections is $1.6 billion. Our budget gap is larger than our community college system. It’s bigger than the budgets of our four regional universities and our two research universities, combined. We cannot leave our communities without the public safety provided by the people at the Department of Corrections. We cannot hope to compete economically if we have no access to colleges and universities to educate the next generation. We cannot devastate the safety net of last resort for our most vulnerable. We clearly have difficult choices ahead of us as we balance our budget. It is the most severe economic crisis in 80 years. For today, though, I simply want to thank you for the outstanding work you do. Amid historic challenges, you continue to work hard and represent our state well. I know this Great Recession has taken a toll on the people you serve, your families and your programs. The public needs you more now than ever. I know that the pressures you feel are also greater than ever. Thank you for your continued dedication as we move though this difficult period. For more information about the budget situation, visit my website at You will find a video and PowerPoint presentation with a more detailed description of the challenges we face. After our last budget update, state employees submitted 100 cost-cutting ideas. We need that kind of innovative spirit. Remember, if you have another idea, don’t reply to this email. You will not receive a response. Go to my website to get your idea to the right place: Now if that don't warm the cockles of all the hearts of state government employees everywhere, I don't know what does.
  2389. moe99 on Cold, cold, colder.
    December 13th, 2009  12:40 am

  2390. Holly, a southern confection. Recipe is on yesterday's thread.
  2391. moe99 on Nice night for a drive.
    December 14th, 2009  10:46 pm

  2392. LA Mary, Mr. Peeble has too much flesh on his face. What about the guy that does the sweeping up at the end of Fractured Fairy Tales?
  2393. moe99 on Free advice.
    December 15th, 2009  7:47 pm

  2395. moe99 on Free advice.
    December 16th, 2009  1:14 am

  2396. mark, per Matthew Yglesias, what you are citing is an example of Gore Derangement Syndrome:
  2397. moe99 on Free advice.
    December 16th, 2009  2:30 am

  2398. Well mark,given this description, I don't accept breitbart as objective journalism. Journanimalism perhaps. try this one instead: We're not entitled to our own facts. Al Franken.
  2399. moe99 on Free advice.
    December 16th, 2009  7:38 am

  2400. did you watch the video I linked to, mark? The photographer was a doubter before he got started. The majority of climate scientists are still agreed that we are in the midst of significant climate change. Despite what Gore said. And if you get beyond the headlines and the puffery, Gore is not outside the accepted knowledge. Just like death panels and all. Trying to come up with some sort of spin to take our eyes off the ball. Those pesky facts with their liberal bias.
  2401. moe99 on Cake 'n' cookies.
    December 16th, 2009  6:55 pm

  2402. My daughter came over last night and we made homemade caramels, bourbon balls, and dipped some of the caramels in the Dilettante bittersweet chocolate with a dusting of sea salt on top for variety. I haven't made bourbon balls for almost 20 years. I hope they taste as good as I remember them. And on the health care front, I am essentially at my current job until the end. My co program advisor and I had talked about going into private practice at some point earlier this year. No more dreams for me. Things, as always, could be worse.
  2403. moe99 on Cake 'n' cookies.
    December 16th, 2009  11:55 pm

  2404. I think we need to regard health care in the same way we regard education in this country: that it is a fundamental right of each and every citizen.
  2405. moe99 on Cake 'n' cookies.
    December 17th, 2009  12:52 am

  2406. And, for the good of our country.
  2407. moe99 on Binning it.
    December 17th, 2009  7:17 pm

  2408. My Jersey Shore nickname is Pooker. More apt these days. In an odd bit of serendipity, I just got done posting a fruitcake recipe on my blog. Not quite the same class as NN's however. Randy, the author of the fruitcake recipe, was a history professor at Defiance College. And a very funny guy. In 1972, when I was going to college in St. Paul, I took an interim course with a class of his, where we travelled south of Tucson and excavated a Civil War era fort for the month of January. I'd go back to the hotel room at night and watch the weather reports coming out of MN and laugh.
  2409. moe99 on Poor Brittany(s).
    December 21st, 2009  7:05 pm

  2410. Jeff tmmo, glad to see the meds are working! Whether carp have standing, all I can say is that you can tune piano, but you can't tunafish.....
  2411. moe99 on Poor Brittany(s).
    December 21st, 2009  8:59 pm

  2412. A high school friend of mine started a newsletter back in the early 90's after her 14 year old became an alcoholic. And CA was a 21 state at the time, so you really can't say that the age limit had anything to do with it. Basically, parents need to stay involved with their kids when they hit adolescence, despite the crap they're going to get for it, and model decent drinking behavior themselves. Regardless of the drinking age.
  2413. moe99 on Poor Brittany(s).
    December 22nd, 2009  2:48 am

  2414. My college alma mater did not and does not have the Greek system. I think sororities and fraternities are unnecessary for small liberal arts colleges. That being said, when I went to college was the time when the Greek system was in decline. None of the 5 of us kids ever joined up, much to the chagrin of my parents (Tri Delt and Beta Theta Pi) Miami University in Oxford OH is the birthplace of a number of fraternities, iirc.
  2415. moe99 on Take your vitamins.
    December 22nd, 2009  10:52 pm

  2416. Nancy, You called it right with Brittany. Doesn't make it any better, but as you point out, the culture is perpetuated.
  2417. moe99 on My name is Olga.
    December 23rd, 2009  3:20 am

  2418. I'm sure you looked lovely c'dad.
  2419. moe99 on My name is Olga.
    December 23rd, 2009  9:19 am

  2420. Ok, going completely off topic, but this is great fun: There's dispute about whether the caller is real or not but Sen. Barasso's reaction is incredible, given what the caller is saying. My favorite part is the comments to the post: "Let this be a lesson to you: leave the Prayer Safety Catch on unless you really know what you’re doing." "The bastards killed Oral Roberts by mistake!"
  2421. moe99 on The hero's fate.
    December 23rd, 2009  7:08 pm

  2422. Happy Festivus everyone! Time to air grievances and for feats of strength.
  2423. moe99 on The hero's fate.
    December 24th, 2009  8:08 am

  2424. Agree, Dexter. I've been going through old photos and the Christmas ones are truly fun to look at, again and again. Now for you Detroit Lions fans--is Barry Sanders truly the best NFL running back ever?
  2425. moe99 on Merry Christmas.
    December 26th, 2009  1:27 am

  2426. It's been a wonderful holiday chez moi. I hope the same can be said for each of you. Merry Christmas!
  2427. moe99 on The fool's errand.
    December 30th, 2009  12:25 am

  2428. Cougar caught in Seattle's Discovery Park:
  2429. moe99 on The fool's errand.
    December 30th, 2009  12:40 am

  2430. wrt the underpants bomber, the best quote I've read about this business: "I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can only foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free drinks."
  2431. moe99 on Oysters, snails, champagne.
    January 1st, 2010  9:27 am

  2432. Ah, Whitebeard, you've joined that club that no one wants to be a member of. Thinking of you, and praying for a good outcome on Tuesday. Please let us know.
  2433. moe99 on Interesting times.
    January 4th, 2010  9:33 pm

  2434. Barbara Ehrenreich has a book out about how the power of positive thinking groups have undermined America. Most notably in Americans' inability to recognize reality. What a shock.
  2435. moe99 on Just being supportive.
    January 5th, 2010  9:09 pm

  2436. LAMary, I am honored and humbled by that. Thank you. And as to the paeans to grapefruit today--that is the only thing that I am not allowed to eat while on the Tarceva oral chemotherapy. Of course, it sounds mighty good to me right now. Oh well.
  2437. moe99 on Just being supportive.
    January 6th, 2010  3:10 am

  2438. Happy Birthday LA Mary!!
  2439. moe99 on Flakeout.
    January 6th, 2010  8:49 pm

  2440. What a great story, LA Mary. One I will think about for a long time. First place I remember finding chocolate on my pillow was a very nice European style hotel near the UCLA campus, Hilgard House. Would love to go back and see if it is as nice as I remember. And I could stay there on a government rate!
  2441. moe99 on Waiting for snow.
    January 8th, 2010  1:28 am

  2442. wandering off into something else, what if Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski?
  2443. moe99 on Pulp blogging.
    January 8th, 2010  8:15 pm

  2444. Judybusy, Wolf Hall is worth the wait. I went out and bought a copy after the library book was due. I've loaned it out to friends and can't remember who has it right now. Surely the sign of a good book. ps. Here's a fun quiz:
  2445. moe99 on Pulp blogging.
    January 9th, 2010  11:37 pm

  2446. Deborah, Have you contacted your Attorney General's office, Division of Consumer Protection? They can sometimes be a lever when you don't seem to be making headway. What state are you in? In Washington communications complaints have been no. 1 for the last few years.
  2447. moe99 on Pulp blogging.
    January 10th, 2010  3:20 am

  2448. Whitebeard, best wishes on your upcoming surgery. Please keep us all updated on your situation.
  2449. moe99 on Pulp blogging.
    January 11th, 2010  9:16 am

  2450. "I belong to no organized political party. I'm a Democrat." Will Rogers
  2451. moe99 on Screen gem.
    January 11th, 2010  6:04 pm

  2452. George Clooney is our modern day Cary Grant. Michael Clayton v. N by NW. Any other comparisons folks might have? Tom Hanks a modern Jimmy Stewart?
  2453. moe99 on Screen gem.
    January 12th, 2010  2:36 am

  2454. I wrote my first post upthread on my BB from the hospital this am prior to surgically implanting a substance on my frozen vocal cord to expand it out. No major talking for 5-7 days as we see if the implant worked. My throat feels just like yours does, Jolene! We can be sisters! So hears some fervent hope for you that you heal fast
  2455. moe99 on Screen gem.
    January 12th, 2010  4:21 am

  2456. "Grunchy." What a great term, Rana. And C'dad, you paint with more than brushes. Love to read your posts.
  2457. moe99 on Screen gem.
    January 12th, 2010  9:29 am

  2458. I read the Lord of the Rings to the kids when they were young. We all enjoyed that.
  2459. moe99 on Watch your language.
    January 13th, 2010  2:14 am

  2460. C'dad you beat me to it. Halperin is a Republican tool of the first order. Here is what Joan Walsh had to say about it (the comparison of Reid with Trent Lott): "One guy is talking, perhaps inelegantly, about why he's wholeheartedly supporting our first black president; the other is wishing the country had elected a racist. That's exactly the same thing!"
  2461. moe99 on Watch your language.
    January 13th, 2010  2:56 am

  2462. mark: but the interpretation of Reid's remarks is false.
  2463. moe99 on Watch your language.
    January 13th, 2010  7:31 pm

  2464. It's an extra $350 to see her at the Tea bagger convention.
  2465. moe99 on Faults and other problems.
    January 13th, 2010  9:43 pm

  2466. Actually, Haiti was turning itself around economically and politically before the earthquake: And Whitebeard, all good thoughts going your way.
  2467. moe99 on Faults and other problems.
    January 14th, 2010  8:36 am

  2468. David Frum has some trenchant thoughts on she who must not be named.
  2469. moe99 on There will (not) be cake.
    January 14th, 2010  10:37 pm

  2470. Happy Blogversary to Nance and a big thank you to her and the supporting cast of characters. Feels like home.
  2471. moe99 on There will (not) be cake.
    January 15th, 2010  2:57 am

  2472. Connie, cellulitis is very serious stuff. Here's hoping that the antibiotics do their magic rapidly and you can rejoin the other side of the ledger.
  2473. moe99 on More misery.
    January 16th, 2010  12:29 am

  2474. Limbaugh: "The U.S. military is now Meals on Wheels. It always is with Democrat presidents" I hope this man dies from infected piloidal cysts. and soon.
  2475. moe99 on More misery.
    January 16th, 2010  1:11 am

  2476. Ironically, the Posse Comitatus Act, in force since the end of Reconstruction, would only grant to the US Military, a "meals on wheels" type of function in situations such as these. Back when Mount St. Helens blew up in 1980, I remember the discussion that took place at DoD General Counsel's office as to whether the military could intervene and offer assistance in that disaster, without running afoul of Posse Comitatus. The decision was reached that humanitarian aid was not included in the statutory prohibition.
  2477. moe99 on You still suck.
    January 20th, 2010  2:41 am

  2478. In Seattle, we have several decent local pizza chains: Garlic Jim's and Pagliacci both are worthwhile. But I still pine for good Chicago deep dish pizza. Once got it delivered to me from an internet order. My boys still remember it fondly. ps. I know this is way OT, but the debate further upthread got me to wondering which Catholic order is responsible for administering Ave Maria Univ? I think the Jesuits are first rate in academics (Gonzaga is a great institution in my state), but don't know much about the other orders.
  2479. moe99 on Pay attention.
    January 20th, 2010  10:23 pm

  2480. Sue, this piece resonates with me on the Coakley loss:
  2481. moe99 on Baby it's cold inside.
    January 21st, 2010  11:19 pm

  2482. I'm sure mark is in absolute heaven over the SCT ruling, but I am really, really depressed about it. When our country was founded, corporations were not part of the political/economic landscape that was the basis for our Constitution. As a result, our founders did not anticpate and plan for this huge wrinkle in the fabric of our country. Individuals have defined lifespans. Corporations do not. In essence they exist to keep themselves in existence--and the way that they do that is producing profits for their shareholders, an increasingly select group. We are not talking about returning the profit to the people. As a friend of mine wrote to me today, "What we should outlaw is the idea that corporations are "persons" for the purpose of free speech and equal representation. I've said it before - corporations don't vote. People do. Corporations only exist to do business - and the most vocal and active of them exist to make profits. Like religion, I don't think mixing corporate interests with politics is a healthy idea for the citizenry." So what do we do to limit corporations and their increasing power? Do we propose limits like Obama has today on the banks? Do we give them finite lifespans? I don't know the answer, but I have a deep sense of dread about the future of our country. The Supreme Court has just lifted the controls from an engine that we the people no longer can restrain, one that threatens to significantly change our country, and not for the better as far as I am concerned. I think the next arena of change will be net neutrality. Because it's the place we can all meet and talk--and yes organize and campaign, it behooves those in power to gate its access. And I keep thinking about the fact that the Dems did not filibuster Roberts or Alito and in fact many of them voted for them. We are well and truly screwed. ************* On our hostess' topic of note today, I have a former brother in law who lives in a cabin he built by himself in Waldo Maine. Running water but no heat and an outhouse. He works as a car repairman up to the point he would have to start paying taxes then stops. He is vegan and no milk too. These are our modern day Puritans. They suck the joy out of life. Not a good day, is it?
  2483. moe99 on Baby it's cold inside.
    January 21st, 2010  11:37 pm

  2484. More dumbshittery today from the TSA. We really have sunk so low:
  2485. moe99 on Baby it's cold inside.
    January 22nd, 2010  1:00 am

  2486. Jeff tmmo: I don't recall that there were corporations of the size of ATT or other mega corporations back in Colonial times. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And I too have Republicans that I think are on point here-- Teddy Roosevelt. Is he out of your pantheon?
  2487. moe99 on Nowhere but up.
    January 23rd, 2010  8:06 pm

  2488. If any of you have a good response to this fellow as to why you can't support the Senate bill, I'd like to see it. I'm in the same boat eventually. and here's a good article about how Americans have historically viewed corporations: The money quote for me: "I would add that yesterday’s Court decision sheds light on one other important matter. The conservative forces on this Court are not about preserving the intent of The Constitution despite their pretense that this is their mission. We saw it last week when they stepped in to tell a local District Judge that he could not broadcast the Prop. 8 trial in California challenging the California constitutional amendment prohibiting same sex marriage. For the first time in history, the Court issued such an order interfering with the procedural and administrative process of a local court. Now, despite clear and convincing evidence that the Framers of the Constitution would have strongly disapproved of their actions, the Court has greatly expanded corporate rights in the nation’s elections. This is a Court with a mission of activist change – not Constitutional preservation. While that may please the more conservative elements of our society who think it is time to pursue a more conservative court agenda, none of us should pretend that these are people who desire a strict enforcement of the our founding principals and documents. They don’t. They have something entirely different on their minds."
  2489. moe99 on Nowhere but up.
    January 24th, 2010  1:44 am

  2490. the address on the TPM post changed--here is the updated address:
  2491. moe99 on Cocktails in Brobdingnag.
    January 25th, 2010  11:45 pm

  2492. The Onion hits another one out of the park. This time it's Rush:
  2493. moe99 on Hero or fool?
    January 26th, 2010  11:56 pm

  2494. Just to make everyone's day. The guy who surreptitiously filmed Acorn employees got cuaght trying to do a bit more ambitious tape of Sen. Mary Landrieu in New Orleans. FBI is investigating.
  2495. moe99 on Costume party.
    January 27th, 2010  7:45 pm

  2496. Nance, your description of Bayh could have been of the ex as well. The guy, who for most of our marriage couldn't exercise because of his two bad knees, now is a fitness and tanning booth hound. And Italian loafers and very nice suits. I should use all the photos of him from when we were first married and he was still wearing double knits and had his gold front tooth, as blackmail if he runs for governor in 2012 as is rumored!
  2497. moe99 on Costume party.
    January 27th, 2010  9:46 pm

  2498. Brian, The photos plus the graphic emails he sent his (unknown to me) girlfriend in TN while we were still married, and he in his first election campaign making a big deal about family values, should do the trick.
  2499. moe99 on iLike.
    January 28th, 2010  8:56 pm

  2500. Jeff tmmo, On my lawyers' blog there is wide agreement that the SCT in Citizen's United has opened the door to foreign corporations' financing of political campaigns. Simply saying in the majority decision that they are not addressing that particular question simply means that it can be done unless Congress bars it and they get the chance to specifially rule on the issue. Silence may not betoken consent, ala Thomas More, but it certainly does not signify prohibition. Those on the SCT are presumably smart enough to understand this. Which is why Alito's wagging head and tongue were so stupid on myriad levels.
  2501. moe99 on iLike.
    January 28th, 2010  10:27 pm

  2502. You may find this offensive, Jeff tmmo, but I think the point is well taken. From Digby on Alito: "I think that any justice who thinks that unregulated free speech for corporations is sacred while the speech of some kid with a sign that says "bong hits 4 Jesus" can be suppressed has already amply embarrassed himself."
  2503. moe99 on iLike.
    January 28th, 2010  11:09 pm

  2504. two things. Jeffrey Toobin's take on Alito and the personal antipathy he feels for Obama: And this discussion why Roe v. Wade is next up for reversal by the Supremes comes from a con law professor I know who is also an ACLU Board member and confirms Theodore Kettle in your newsmax cite, Sue: There's a fair amount of commentary on the web already about the prospects for foreign money working its way into (and in the case of China, dominating) U.S. politics. As you note, Kennedy noted but ducked the question. Roe v. Wade may be next to go if a case offers the opportunity to overrule it. See this passage from Roberts' concurring opinion explaining when stare decisis loses its force: Stare decisis is instead a “principle of policy.” Helvering , supra , at 119. When considering whether to reexamine a prior erroneous holding, we must balance the importance of having constitutional questions decided against the importance of having them decided right . As Justice Jackson explained, this requires a “sober appraisal of the disadvantages of the innovation as well as those of the questioned case, a weighing of practical effects of one against the other.” Jackson, Decisional Law and Stare Decisis , 30 A. B. A. J. 334 (1944). In conducting this balancing, we must keep in mind that stare decisis is not an end in itself. It is instead “the means by which we ensure that the law will not merely change erratically, but will develop in a principled and intelligible fashion.” Vasquez v. Hillery , 474 U. S. 254, 265 (1986) . Its greatest purpose is to serve a constitutional ideal—the rule of law. It follows that in the unusual circumstance when fidelity to any particular precedent does more to damage this constitutional ideal than to advance it, we must be more willing to depart from that precedent. Thus, for example, if the precedent under consideration itself departed from the Court’s jurisprudence, returning to the “ ‘intrinsically sounder’ doctrine established in prior cases” may “better serv[e] the values of stare decisis than would following [the] more recently decided case inconsistent with the decisions that came before it.” Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. PeÅ„a , 515 U. S. 200, 231 (1995) ; see also Helvering , supra , at 119; Randall , supra , at 274 ( Stevens , J., dissenting). Abrogating the errant precedent, rather than reaffirming or extending it, might better preserve the law’s coherence and curtail the precedent’s disruptive effects. Likewise, if adherence to a precedent actually impedes the stable and orderly adjudication of future cases, its stare decisis effect is also diminished. This can happen in a number of circumstances, such as when the precedent’s validity is so hotly contested that it cannot reliably function as a basis for decision in future cases, when its rationale threatens to upend our settled jurisprudence in related areas of law, and when the precedent’s underlying reasoning has become so discredited that the Court cannot keep the precedent alive without jury-rigging new and different justifications to shore up the original mistake. See, e.g., Pearson v. Callahan, 555 U. S. ___, ___ (2009) (slip op., at 10); Montejo v. Louisiana, 556 U. S. ___, ___ (2009) (slip op., at 13) ( stare decisis does not control when adherence to the prior decision requires “fundamentally revising its theoretical basis”).
  2505. moe99 on iLike.
    January 29th, 2010  6:53 am

  2506. Nancy, welcome to the fanatic side of my Catholic family. My mother and 2 sisters are all anti abortion, can't support Democrats because of this. My middle sister was in DC last Friday protesting Roe v. Wade. And she's a veterinarian! I just don't respond when they bring it up. What would be the use? There is no middle ground.
  2507. moe99 on Soup without tears.
    January 29th, 2010  9:22 pm

  2508. Glad for the notion of soups. I can heartily recommend the chicken coconut curry soup dished out by our local Metropolitan Markets. Which I will be serving for lunch (just got the word y'day they would be passing through) with my dear friend Randi, her husband and daughter. Randi and I went to Spencer School and Defiance Junior High together, so this will be a midwestern reunion. And Joe K, as a 5 year resident of Lexington who still has family there, let me recommend that you go visit when Keeneland is in session. 2 weeks in the spring and 2 weeks in the fall. Unfortunately they now have an announcer system, but it is still the prettiest track out there.
  2509. moe99 on Soup without tears.
    January 30th, 2010  4:15 am

  2510. John Cole over at Balloon Juice has the best line: "If Mike Pence really is regarded as one of the deep thinkers for the GOP, I’m beginning to understand why they refused to admit Terri Schiavo was brain-dead."
  2511. moe99 on Soup without tears.
    January 30th, 2010  8:22 am

  2512. basset, when I lived in KY, what you heard about was the teaser male horse, not a female teaser. Mares are vicious when they are in heat and you need someone to 'get them in the mood" so they don't damage the stud. Studs are multi million dollar investments and a 'love bite' or a kick from a mare in heat can really damage that investment. The teaser pony is introduced and at the very last minute, yanked out and the stud is 'inserted' into the breeding room in place of the teaser pony. So the figurative job that no one really wants is to be the teaser pony for the stud. There was in fact a lawsuit filed in Lexington against a farm where the teaser pony actually made it--the mare gave birth to a colt that looked nothing like the stud and everything like the teaser pony. All the guys in my law school class were high fiving each other when we learned about it. It musta been a guy thing.
  2513. moe99 on Soup without tears.
    January 31st, 2010  6:20 am

  2514. I caught this today because my youngest likes to watch college basketball.
  2515. moe99 on Soup without tears.
    January 31st, 2010  11:56 pm

  2516. Used to be that politics was considered "Hollywood for ugly people." Now it seems that politics is "Hollywood for beautiful but really dumb people."
  2517. moe99 on Stuck in neutral, or not.
    February 1st, 2010  7:50 pm

  2518. I tried to get a manual Subaru Outback in 2000 when I purchased my current car. The dealer had nothing in stock and after 25 years of driving manuals, I thought that I'd try an automatic. We have lots of hills in Seattle, and an automatic makes that part easier. But if I had a choice, I'd probably go back to a manual.
  2519. moe99 on Stuck in neutral, or not.
    February 2nd, 2010  10:06 am

  2520. I remember being on airline flights where small packages of cigarettes came with your meals. And then, when I worked at the KY AG's office from 78-78, there was a time when Anita Madden, wife of Preston Madden, who owned the horse farm, Hamburg Place, hosted a dinner in honor of the states' attorneys general (National Association of Attorneys General or NAAG) who were meeting in Lexington for their national meeting. Festive tents were erected in the pastures of Hamburg Place and part of the centerpiece on each table in those tents, was a crystal vase filled with cigarettes for the enjoyment of the attendees. Ah yes, the Maddens were also tobacco farmers as well as owners of a highly regarded horse farm.
  2521. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    February 4th, 2010  12:47 am

  2522. Washington and Oregon would do well if they joined and split in the middle vertically--the west side is so different from the east side. When we moved from Ohio to MN, one of the linguistic oddities I noted was that they said aunt exactly how it was spelled, while we said "ant." Then, of course, we moved to Kentucky and all bets were off. I understand Europeans love a southern accent--it seems more melodious to them. Some of the phrases that I heard during the 5 years I lived in KY were descriptve and wonderfully evocative. "Howah yuu?" "Fahn as frog haar..."
  2523. moe99 on Detroitywood.
    February 4th, 2010  8:28 pm

  2524. C'dad. That is a horrible, horrible ad. I'm thinking maybe there should be a political ad competition similar to the short movie competition that our hostess participates in so we could get some real talent putting together these ads.
  2525. moe99 on Frozen.
    February 5th, 2010  4:39 am

  2526. Here's the Carly Fiorina ad with a better soundtrack:
  2527. moe99 on Thawing.
    February 5th, 2010  7:02 pm

  2528. A friend of mine, an attorney in CA wrote this about the Satan sheep ad: The Firona commercial will test to what extent the 11th Commandment is finally dead. R's attacking each other this viciously can only help the Dems. I think Fiorina is going to play it coy with this ad and get away with it. She has to attack Campbell in the primary because he has the advantage of a long and fairly inoffensive history in CA. If Campbell buys some blue jeans and manages to come across as a reasonable "Scott Brown" type candidate** and more likely to beat Boxer, then he might be able to pull it off. If anything, though, he is too middle of the road for the folks in the Central Valley and behind the Orange Curtain, which are crucial to the Repub primary, so she has to run well to the right of him. Hence the commercial. Expect more, and soon, because she has to cripple him early. Her weak points are that she was *not* loved at HP, and she comes across as a dilettante who is going into politics because no corporation its right mind would hire her now. In addition, she made some statements in support of overseas outsourcing that are sure to haunt her. However, if Fiorina takes the primary, Boxer will have a lot to worry about. The higher the unemployment rate goes up, the better a non incumbent will look, even a dilettante. ** A bit of a stretch for him, but a lot easier for him than for Fiorina, who can come across as patrician. I found it significant that we really don't see Fiorina's face at all in the ad. Understandable given its content.
  2529. moe99 on Thawing.
    February 5th, 2010  8:13 pm

  2530. C'dad--who's Martin? And now for something completely different: I was in tears, but the good kind.
  2531. moe99 on Thawing.
    February 5th, 2010  8:37 pm

  2532. Ah, Martin AMIS! I am a bit slow today.
  2533. moe99 on Thawing.
    February 6th, 2010  2:14 am

  2534. Word is there may be two Supreme Court vacancies soon: Stevens and Ginsberg. Reid better get some cojones or there won't be appointments til there's a new administration.
  2535. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    February 7th, 2010  11:48 pm

  2536. Mark and Joe: If you back down on the teleprompter crap that was slung about Obama, I'll not gloat that Palin needs to not only consult her palm pilot but have cheat notes written on her hand. and Palin in her speech, where she was using her hand notes to crib, even criticized Obama for using a teleprompter!! Can one say "schadenfreude?" And I would bet there are many who do not know how to properly pronounce corpsman. If all you've done is read the word, not hear it used in daily parlance, it could be a trip up. How about colonel? adjutant? reveille? or in the legal profession: voir dire? I remember as a kid knowing lots of big words because I read a lot. But not knowing how to pronounce them. And making a number of gaffes as a result. I would bet that if Obama ever says the word 'corpsman' again, it will be pronounced correctly, If not, I will buy you each a latte when you next come to Seattle.
  2537. moe99 on Crib notes.
    February 8th, 2010  7:09 pm

  2538. Crinoid girl: my sympathies as well. And yes, robins do winter over if there's enough food for them. They change their diets in the winter to more seeds and berries as it helps them stay warm. And I heard from another Illinois resident that the R contender for lt gov. is no great shakes either and may be replaced now that Cohen is gone. Cohen made his announcement during the Super Bowl, in a tavern, that he was dropping out. Nice.
  2539. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    February 8th, 2010  7:27 pm

  2540. Jeff tmmo, go read the book The Help and see if you think racism is just a smidge below socialism. I would think that someone with your background, would be fervently denouncing racism.
  2541. moe99 on Crib notes.
    February 8th, 2010  9:08 pm

  2542. I too suffered a partial placental abruption when I delivered my third child. Luckily it was during labor and luckily labor was far enough along that my son was born without ill effect other than a low apgar score. The Tebows were in the Phillipines where abortion has been illegal since 1870. How is it that doctors there were recommending a banned procedure?
  2543. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    February 8th, 2010  10:09 pm

  2544. That's really disappointing. I don't see any good side to racism. Perhaps you could enlighten me.
  2545. moe99 on Crib notes.
    February 8th, 2010  10:22 pm

  2546. Gee, nothing like having two parts of the story in two of my pregnancies. When I was pregnant with no. 2 child, I developed giardiasis, which is a protozoan infection, found in streams around here if you go hiking and do not purify the water before drinking. Despite the recommendation that treatment wait until the end of pregnancy, I was successfuly treated with a low and quick dose of flagyl. My second born, my first son was a-ok. And unlike his slacker parents was a great athelete, and had a fantastic career as a swimmer in high school and college. Hmm...wonder if I should give Ms. Tebow a call?
  2547. moe99 on It's all in the angles.
    February 11th, 2010  8:24 pm

  2548. Aloha from Hawaii. Snow? What a concept! Back, alas next week.
  2549. moe99 on Lunatic fringe.
    February 17th, 2010  3:02 am

  2550. Got your great news whitebeard while waiting in the airport for my flight back to seattle. Congratulations!
  2551. moe99 on My hero.
    February 18th, 2010  12:06 am

  2552. As someone who has lost most of her voice in the past 6 months due to cancer and as someone who has relied on her voice to practice law and to sing in choir, I put Roger Ebert on the top of my list of heroes. Just going out and doing what needs to be done, rather than succumbing to fear and/or anger. He does this all with such humility and grace that I have nothing to complain about. Thank you for this good and well written reminder of just how important he is.
  2553. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 18th, 2010  10:43 pm

  2554. Kim, I am with you all the way on Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains. Read it on my vacation this past week and it was so anti-Mitch in its clear eyed writing. Of course I am sure that the author knew that if he got all Mitch in the book, Paul Farmer would have dismissed him utterly with a well placed "Comma."
  2555. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 18th, 2010  11:41 pm

  2556. Why is CNN trying to say that the plane crasher was not a terrorist? What he did was a terrorist act just as much as what the bombers did to the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. He may not have been a member of any group that espoused the destruction of the US govt. but his letter is an encitement to do just that. I wonder if he will be canonized in the coming days by certain right wing groups.....
  2557. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 19th, 2010  12:13 am

  2558. Sue, I am sure that the Obama administration does not want it called a terrorist act because of their fear that the Repubs will be screaming, "It happened on his watch!" This fear that drive this administration is crazy making. Just call it for what it is--a terrorist act--then look at the anti government rhetoric that this nutcase and the tea baggers are spouting, make the connections and a conclusion strong enough to drive a stake through the heart of the movement. But no......
  2559. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 19th, 2010  12:29 am

  2560. Funny mark, I don't recall my "camp" exhorting its members to violence against the government. That tends to come from the tea bagging side far as I know.
  2561. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 19th, 2010  1:23 am

  2562. It doesn't really matter if Mr. Stack is id'd as a left leaning or right leaning crazy. Flying your airplane into an occupied government building is an act of terrorism. Particularly for the inhabitants of the building but it has ripple effects for all government workers. This balloon juice post and commentary sets it out far better than I can. ps: as does Dave Niewert, who has been covering this sort of thing in the media for a long long time:
  2563. moe99 on This halo, it chafes.
    February 19th, 2010  5:31 pm

  2564. I can tell you, James, as a former federal worker and a current state employee that I and my co workers find this sort of behavior by Stack and McVeigh and others (there was an aborted attempt to bomb the Austin IRS building a number of years ago) to be quite terrifying to us. When they built the new federal building in Seattle, they added all sorts of extra anti bomb features as precautions. Using your line of thinking, that was a waste of money.
  2565. moe99 on The heemanee.
    February 19th, 2010  9:30 pm

  2566. If 9/11 had never happened, then there would not be the deep symbolism attached to flying an airplane into a building. And given the Murrah bombing, an attack on a government building also resonates deeply. Put that together with a man who at least in the 80s associated with the no tax folks, got in trouble with the IRS and spent the better part of his suicide note railing against government and trying to encite fellow citizens to overthrow the government by violence (Allons, citoyens!) Why didn't he fly his plane into a Goldman Sachs or GM building? He had problems with those guys too. But no, he chose the IRS. For very obvious reasons. It was a terrorist act. But when it's done by a white person, even with all the facts attendant here, it still seems very hard to call it that.
  2567. moe99 on The heemanee.
    February 19th, 2010  10:34 pm

  2568. New Republican Senator Scott Brown from MA has said he can identify with Mr. Stack's frustrations. And they are cracking jokes about it over at the CPAC Convention. How soon before he becomes a martyr for certain far right wing or far left wing elements?
  2569. moe99 on The heemanee.
    February 20th, 2010  12:25 am

  2570. Johnny Weir stuff: I wish that the blog of our NBC tv affiliate, KING5, would get an editor: " Johnny Weir dawns a hat of flowers after 6th place finish" The word is DONS not DAWNS
  2571. moe99 on The heemanee.
    February 20th, 2010  9:30 pm

  2572. "The point being this kind of insan­ity, obses­sively focused on blam­ing oth­ers con­spir­ing against you for your trou­bles, has a long history." Sure does, Jeff, just look at the rants Osama Bin Laden put out there prior to and after 9/11. No argument from me.
  2573. moe99 on The heemanee.
    February 22nd, 2010  11:48 am

  2574. Aticle about the IRS worker killed in the plane/building collision last week.
  2575. moe99 on Among the dead.
    February 22nd, 2010  7:00 pm

  2576. Just to let folks know, my ct scans last Friday were encouraging--the tumors in the left lobe are shrinking by as much as 25% in my oncologist's estimate when going over the radiology report with me.
  2577. moe99 on Among the dead.
    February 23rd, 2010  4:13 am

  2578. I try to visit Pere LeChaise every time I visit Paris, and both Lexington, KY and Seattle have very interesting older cemetaries. In Lexington the Catholic cemetery is right across from the larger and much wealthier Protestant cemetery. In Seattle, the Japanese and Chinese plots are in separate, distinct sections of the cemetery. Also, has any one else read Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology? It helped develop my fascination with times gone by.
  2579. moe99 on Our own private Idaho.
    February 24th, 2010  7:10 pm

  2580. I understand John McCain is now saying it wasn't he who suspended his campaign in 2008 to return to DC to work on the financial crisis--it was done at the request of George W. Bush! What he forget to figure in his calculations for making this revelation is that he has now confessed to being W's beyotch!!!
  2581. moe99 on Our own private Idaho.
    February 24th, 2010  9:19 pm

  2582. If Rielle hied herself to a nunnery or beguinage, then I might consider thinking about describing her as having 'quiet dignity.' But that's a pretty big "might."
  2583. moe99 on Dear Prudence.
    February 25th, 2010  6:50 pm

  2584. The Governor of NY appears to actually have a staff problem that was not handled well:
  2585. moe99 on Lame excuses.
    February 26th, 2010  7:13 pm

  2586. Yes, mark, I think Grover Norquist's dream has come true. The pliticians have poisoned the waters so effectively that only anarchy is left.
  2587. moe99 on Old school.
    March 1st, 2010  7:18 pm

  2588. Oh, I dunno, you get hit with lung cancer and you tend to go out of your way to proselytize to the addicted. Besides, my lungs tend to curl up when I'm on the street and pass by clots of smokers hanging around the entrance to buildings. I just want to scream at them, "Do you know what you're in for???" Good thing I don't have much of a voice.
  2589. moe99 on Old school.
    March 1st, 2010  9:35 pm

  2590. Pat Robertson certainly hates Chile more'n Haiti b/c of what they did to his good bud, Augusto Pinochet. ps. It's satire, but rather good at that.
  2591. moe99 on Old school.
    March 2nd, 2010  9:09 am

  2592. I think this defines cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  2593. moe99 on Not a perfect day.
    March 3rd, 2010  9:43 pm

  2594. Someone here a while back posted a youtube video here of Stephen Frye debating the issue, "Whether the Catholic church is a force for good." Here's the story about the full debate:
  2595. moe99 on Not a perfect day.
    March 4th, 2010  7:18 am

  2596. Ok, Bob Johnson, that had me in tears. but the good kind.
  2597. moe99 on Not a perfect day.
    March 4th, 2010  6:19 pm

  2598. Jeff tmmo: I'm with Rana on this and I am saddened by your childish reaction. It is very similar to something that happened to me yesterday. I am a member of a private attorneys' forum and I posted the Stephen Frye youtube video of the Intelligence Squared debate that someone had posted here. I thought it was a well done piece of argument and, hey, lawyers appreciate good argument but this is one of the responses I got verbatim from one of the other members: Look, Regina, let's strip away all the formalities, lift all the pretense of academic intent, and distill this down to the bare essentials of your real point for this and all your posts that have the word "Catholic" in them. Agreed: All non-"recovered" Roman Catholics should be slowly tortured, killed, and gibbeted, all their books burned, All their artifacts melted down or ground to dust, all their buildings dismantled, all their land salted, so that now and forever all evidence or memory of their existence will cease to defile this world. There, are you happy now? And can we talk about something else?
  2599. moe99 on The pen is messier.
    March 4th, 2010  6:26 pm

  2600. Ah yes, Snarkworth, but well turned phrases can be spoken and serve as foreplay too. I once had a boyfriend, a photographer, who was witty as hell verbally, but dyslexic. His "Merry Xams" homemade holiday card that he sent out one year was quite unintentioanl but became, locally, rather famous. Still friends after all these years and he remains a fabulous photographer.
  2601. moe99 on The way we were.
    March 5th, 2010  8:18 pm

  2602. I had those big round tortoiseshell glasses in high school but would never let my picture taken in them. Rather regret it now
  2603. moe99 on Creative differences.
    March 8th, 2010  9:25 pm

  2604. Nance, you had to love this exchange: Fey: Great movies begin with great writing. Downey: What does an actor look for in a script? Specificity. Emotional honesty. Catharsis. Fey: And what does a writer look for in an actor? Memorizing. Not paraphrasing. Fear of ad-libbing. Downey: Actors want scripts with social relevance, warm weather locations, phone call scenes that can be shot separately from that insane actress that I hate, and long dense columns of uninterrupted monologue, turning the page, and for instance seeing the phrase, "Tony Stark, continued." Fey: And we writers dream of a future where actors are mostly computer-generated and their performances can be adjusted by us, on a laptop, alone. Downey: It's a collaboration, a collaboration between handsome, gifted people and sickly little mole people.
  2605. moe99 on We are not amused.
    March 10th, 2010  8:23 pm

  2606. And the US has responded brilliantly to terrorism: We make Josef Mengele look good--at least he didn't pretend to be something else.
  2607. moe99 on The good stuff.
    March 12th, 2010  4:06 am

  2608. On Nancy's turf, everyone knows Lynda Barry. On the private lawyers' blog I frequent, no one knows who she is. Which is why I looove you guys! Yay!!!
  2609. moe99 on The good stuff.
    March 12th, 2010  6:22 am

  2610. Why we need healthcare reform.
  2611. moe99 on Wrongspeak.
    March 13th, 2010  1:00 am

  2612. Ah, just luv those hot tubs.....
  2613. moe99 on Wrongspeak.
    March 13th, 2010  2:29 am

  2614. Actually, he was 30 at the time, so I guess she could've been his daughter. She was underage no matter what.
  2615. moe99 on Wrongspeak.
    March 13th, 2010  3:30 am

  2616. C'dad, you are a man after my own heart. Only your link is to page two. Here's the full meal deal:
  2617. moe99 on Beware the Ides of March.
    March 15th, 2010  6:14 pm

  2618. Ok, this is off topic, but Jeff tmmo put me on the scent and while it is worth sharing, it also requires the use of shovels. Remember when Newsweek published some tripe about the quiet dignity of Rielle Hunter? Well, when that article was being written, Miss Hunter (whose birth name was Lisa Druck) was talking with GQ about her travails, and that finished product is out. The photos and her interview show her to be nothing more than a tart. I feel sorry for their child.
  2619. moe99 on Beware the Ides of March.
    March 15th, 2010  7:54 pm

  2620. Beb--yeah I would say the $150K was high, specially since it only got 7 or so years of silence (it was paid in 2002)
  2621. moe99 on Beware the Ides of March.
    March 15th, 2010  11:22 pm

  2622. Deborah: more for you.
  2623. moe99 on Evolution and solar radiation.
    March 16th, 2010  5:58 pm

  2624. Anal humor was very big with my younger brothers growing up. Dingleberry(ies) was a word used followed by much laughter. My bros even classified their farts into 3 categories: Toby (for the noisy ones), Rose (sweet and sticky), and SBD (silent but deadly). Good thing they have their older sister around to remind them of the good old days.
  2625. moe99 on Evolution and solar radiation.
    March 16th, 2010  8:44 pm

  2626. My real name, Regina, always been pronounced with a long 'e' in place of the 'i'. So, even though if we were in Canada the name would rhyme with vagina, mine does not. Plus, I am not the queen, as much as I might like to be.
  2627. moe99 on You and you and you.
    March 17th, 2010  8:20 pm

  2628. I'm with you, crinoidgirl, John @7 was being facetious. Perhaps Joe K was too?
  2629. moe99 on Go Bobcats.
    March 20th, 2010  8:00 pm

  2630. I was reminded of a previous post from this week about the use and abuse of language by journalists when I read this NYT blog piece:
  2631. moe99 on Go Bobcats.
    March 22nd, 2010  7:27 am

  2632. Let's hope the neo cons don't go postal on us now. It's really too bad that I am too scared of their reaction to celebrate.
  2633. moe99 on Now we see what happens.
    March 23rd, 2010  1:23 am

  2634. Beck: "Jesus Martinez" might favor health bill, "[b]ut not the Jesus from Nazareth that I know"
  2635. moe99 on Now we see what happens.
    March 23rd, 2010  9:47 am

  2636. Let's help Rush make it to Costa Rica:
  2637. moe99 on Daddy's sleeping.
    March 24th, 2010  3:58 am

  2638. I got a sturdy little water bottle on a Delta flight from Ft. Lauderdale back in 1999. I still have it and wash it in the dishwasher to keep it going.
  2639. moe99 on Daddy's sleeping.
    March 24th, 2010  6:14 am

  2640. There you go, Joe. They say it happened to them. Unless you want to call those Congressmen liars.
  2641. moe99 on The way they did it.
    March 24th, 2010  6:22 pm

  2642. Julie, I can totally identify. The 80's for me were all about raising two kids and holding down a full time attorney job. I had time to celebrate C & E and that was about it.
  2643. moe99 on The way they did it.
    March 24th, 2010  10:35 pm

  2644. George W--still a real classy guy. And Joe K, this one is caught full on the video.
  2645. moe99 on The way they did it.
    March 25th, 2010  7:29 am

  2646. I'm stealing that line, alex, that was so good! And, in honor of the 80's I am rewatching the Big Chill tonight. My daughter was not impressed and left after dinner. Hmm...
  2647. moe99 on Let's try on rings.
    March 25th, 2010  9:58 pm

  2648. The thoughts about freaky dancing reminded me of gatoring, which was popular during my time in law school at the University of KY 1973-76. That involved two participants who got horizontal with each other (a close relation to Lucky Pierres back in college, but that's another story entirely) and lots of vigorous, rhythmic humping to the music. I recall much discussion of gatoring, but only seeing it done once by a young woman and a fellow law student, who is now a senior member of the Fayette County Bar Association in Lexington.
  2649. moe99 on Let's try on rings.
    March 25th, 2010  11:26 pm

  2650. Example A in why the present US health care system should not be allowed to continue:
  2651. moe99 on Let's try on rings.
    March 26th, 2010  1:50 am

  2652. Well Linda, the GOP and Heritage Foundation and AEI all appear to be subsidiaries of Fox News.
  2653. moe99 on My labor today is elsewhere.
    March 26th, 2010  7:34 pm

  2654. Julie, I didn't much care for the book either and I probably was the lone dissenter at my book club. More bloggage. Did you know that the teabagger Vanderboegh, the fellow who's been enciting his teabagger friends to violence, gets by on government disability? And he doesn't see the irony. At all.
  2655. moe99 on My labor today is elsewhere.
    March 26th, 2010  9:05 pm

  2656. Forgot my ps and qs. I, too love your column, Nancy. My youngest brother is gay and I've been extra sensitive to this issue since he told me back in 1983.
  2657. moe99 on My labor today is elsewhere.
    March 27th, 2010  6:21 pm

  2658. Alex, my grandfather owned a cottage on Hamilton Lake and I heard stories from my dad about memorable vacations there. They sold it in the midst of the Depression for $2,000.
  2659. moe99 on You don't have to be Jewish...
    March 29th, 2010  6:19 pm

  2660. I've just discovered and spent the weekend watching all the Doc Martin episodes that I could fit into my schedule. 30 Rock is next.
  2661. moe99 on You don't have to be Jewish...
    March 29th, 2010  7:15 pm

  2662. Maybe we should all sign up and then derail the cruise. Just daydreamin'
  2663. moe99 on You don't have to be Jewish...
    March 29th, 2010  11:59 pm

  2664. Glenn Reynolds, right wing law prof at TN, thinks the arrest of the Hutaree was somehow suspicious. In this same vein, I am waiting to hear condemnation of the Hutaree from Republican officials.
  2665. moe99 on You don't have to be Jewish...
    March 30th, 2010  2:06 am

  2666. Roy Edroso has several good finds here.
  2667. moe99 on Crazy in the hinterlands.
    March 30th, 2010  6:11 pm

  2668. ROgirl, that gives me chills. Especially as the anniversary is coming up.
  2669. moe99 on The bad duck.
    April 1st, 2010  4:37 pm

  2670. I remember as kids getting baby chicks for Easter. I think they were dyed. My mother says that she thinks she took them out to some farm. But she also once told me when our pet turtle went missing, that it had crawled into a wall outlet and electrocuted itself. But, of course, she can't remember that now. OT: Just caught this nugget about she who.... Fox News' Sarah Palin interview show features Palin interviewing celebrities using interviews of the celebrities that were made years ago. Nice work for the half term guv.
  2671. moe99 on The bad duck.
    April 1st, 2010  6:31 pm

  2672. Improve Everywhere improves on the "man goes into a bar" joke.
  2673. moe99 on The bad duck.
    April 1st, 2010  7:24 pm

  2674. Dorothy, yeah you're right. Need to edit better.
  2675. moe99 on The bad duck.
    April 1st, 2010  11:50 pm

  2676. Jeff B. When your show features the issue of pornography, will you be playing it on your pornograph?
  2677. moe99 on Happy Easter.
    April 2nd, 2010  6:25 pm

  2678. I remember the jasmine, LAMary. That made evenings in LA magical for me. Lately I've discovered the joys of and have fallen in love with Dr. Martin Ellingham of Doc Martin. Actually what I've fallen in love with is the coast of Cornwall. Doc Martin is a British version of House, MD and Martin Clunes, the actor who plays the title role, is superb. He was in a 90's British series titled, Men Behaving Badly, and Clunes' character there was the complete opposite of the incredibly repressed and incredibly plain spoken, Doc Martin. Highly recommend and since the first 3 seasons are on hulu, you can view them at your leisure. Youtube has the 4th season.
  2679. moe99 on Happy Easter.
    April 2nd, 2010  7:53 pm

  2680. Best smell of all is Daphne. Never knew about it til I moved to Seattle, and then one Feb/Mar stepped out of the house and sniffed, "What is THAT?" Ambrosia for the nose. Basset--prayers for the Mrs. from here.
  2681. moe99 on Happy Easter.
    April 2nd, 2010  11:46 pm

  2682. Bob (NG), I've seen some reports on the internet that Rep. Johnson is in the final stages of Hepatitis C which could explain his mental processing problems. He apparently was a successful attorney before going to the House. I, too, was aghast at his statements, however.
  2683. moe99 on Happy Easter.
    April 3rd, 2010  8:33 pm

  2684. Connie, Count me in the Butler cheering section! Defiance High School teams were the Bulldogs and their colors were blue and white. And Basset, so glad to hear that Mrs. B is not joining that club where no one wants to be a member.
  2685. moe99 on By any other name.
    April 6th, 2010  6:53 pm

  2686. I went back and read your article from 2008, Nance. It slightly predates my discovery of your site (thank you so much!) and discovered that everyone has gravatars! Even Ashley. How cool.
  2687. moe99 on Wow.
    April 7th, 2010  9:58 pm

  2688. Nancy, where do we go to register our incredulity and deep seated anger with Good Housekeeping? I'd really like to let one fly there.
  2689. moe99 on Wow.
    April 8th, 2010  5:52 am

  2690. I think that this FCC decision may have a silver lining--it will force Congress to legislate and actually give the FCC the powers they need to regulate this industry. I hope.
  2691. moe99 on Wow.
    April 8th, 2010  8:43 am

  2692. I've been refighting the Civil War all day with some attorneys who've taken the mcDonnell flap to proclaim tha the north was just as bad as the south because they had slaves too. Talk about a false equivalence argument. Luckily I found this to keep me amused. Although I may get accused of an antiCatholic bias now.
  2693. moe99 on We connect people.
    April 8th, 2010  7:31 pm

  2694. wrote to Good Housekeeping today: Dear Sir or Madam: Something that purports to be a photograph of Michelle Obama (I will not say 'graces' because it is too ugly for words), is affixed to the current cover of your monthly magazine. I think you owe the world a huge apology, especially those of us who have to look at that piece of crap as we wait in line to purchase our groceries. But more than us, you REALLY need to apologize to our lovely First Lady for using photoshop in such a crass and deeply insulting fashion. This has demeaned all of us. Your publication most of all. Sincerely, H. Regina Cullen ps: got an out of office reply from them.
  2695. moe99 on We connect people.
    April 8th, 2010  9:17 pm

  2696. The New Yorker's review of Treme.
  2697. moe99 on We connect people.
    April 9th, 2010  3:31 am

  2698. Deborah, I wonder if will be showing Treme? It may be a week later, but I can wait. HBO is not cheap these days. And I've got to take my 7 year old dachshund in to the vet tomorrow to get kidney stones removed. You don't want to know what that is going to cost....
  2699. moe99 on Where I'm blogging from.
    April 9th, 2010  6:31 pm

  2700. Why are you there? I recommend "O" at the Bellagio. Took my boys to see it. I assume it's still there because the stage was so expensive to build.
  2701. moe99 on Last day.
    April 13th, 2010  12:47 am

  2702. I would have chuckled, Connie. Must be my early onset aging, but do we know yet who are getting the awards, Nancy, or is that to be revealed tonight?
  2703. moe99 on Last day.
    April 14th, 2010  12:47 am

  2704. What about "Girls Just Want to have Fun?" Good luck tomorrow, John. And do report back.
  2705. moe99 on Tax day.
    April 16th, 2010  5:24 pm

  2706. Who here considers Fox news an actual news network? Think again: The video, unlike all their personnel, does not lie.
  2707. moe99 on In which we loaf.
    April 16th, 2010  6:48 pm

  2708. Actually, as a former SEC Enforcement attorney, I was greatly cheered this am by the news that Goldman finally got hit with a can of whupass. It's not much in light of their utter venality, but it's a start.
  2709. moe99 on Fail.
    April 21st, 2010  6:33 am

  2710. Veering wildly of topic (can that be done here?) I have to say Sen. Lindsay Graham's friends sound more like enemies these days. I wonder if this will get any traction?
  2711. moe99 on Curse you, Craig.
    April 22nd, 2010  4:11 am

  2712. Sitting in Ohare for 4 hrs waiting to fly to Lexington to see mom (86) because she can't travel and I can. This is the closest, physically, I am with the majority here, until I return in July to attend my 40th class reunion at Defiance High School.
  2713. moe99 on Caught some Zs.
    April 23rd, 2010  6:35 pm

  2714. Good thing I'm limited by my BB while on vacation, Cosmo, because otherwise you'd get an eyeful from me on what a foolyou are and how wrong you are wrt polanski and rothlisberger
  2715. moe99 on A dangerous man.
    April 28th, 2010  5:28 pm

  2716. Something more to cogitate on today. I'm off to my ct scans and results will be available when I meet w/ a new oncologist at 4pm PDT today. This is the hardest part.
  2717. moe99 on A dangerous man.
    April 28th, 2010  9:58 pm

  2718. Basset: My best to you and your wife. Here's something I found quite by accident about Kurt Cobain today, while noodling around waiting for the dr's appmt: Courtney Love sounds worse than a harridan. And Bill, best of luck to your wife and you too.
  2719. moe99 on The people parade.
    April 30th, 2010  6:01 pm

  2720. News was not so good from the ct scans. Neck tumors are quiet but the mediasitnal and lung tumors are growing and I've got on in the right lower lobe that I wasn't aware of, which bumps me into Stage IV. So, instead, following Nancy's lead, I'm concentrating on getting in shape and participating in the Lung Walk this Sunday (paleopeople, crinoidgirl). My team is named DeFeet Lung Cancer and with 14 or so of us there, we hope to put up a good fight. Here's hoping for good weather.
  2721. moe99 on The people parade.
    April 30th, 2010  9:36 pm

  2722. Crinoid girl the donation site for DeFeet Lung Cancer is I am pleased to report that my team is in the tops for donors, beating even corporate ones. It probably doesn't hurt that this walk appears to be one that is in its infancy. But we'll take the kudos wherever we can get 'em. Nancy, tell Alan that my brother, Mark, his former classmate at Spencer Elementary School in Defiance, is helping me out here. There was a trial done at UCLA two years ago that showed Celebrex used in conjunction with Tarceva increased the potency of the Tarceva. So if my oncologist turns me down, we're going guerrilla. What is there to lose at this point?
  2723. moe99 on Funny guy.
    May 3rd, 2010  9:19 pm

  2724. Oh, Basset, I do hope things are drying out for you. What a disaster. My mom's had a bit of it as well, up in Lexington and I gather Derby Day wasn't too much fun either. Just a quick report from yesterday. The Lung Walk 2010 was a great success. My youngest, son Matthew, even showed up and walked with me. We had 15 team members there, all in tshirts I had made for them--grey with red Gothic lettering: "DeFeet Lung Cancer." We were the 6th highest team in terms of money raised--over $2700 and I was the 2d highest individual. So thank you, thank you all for your good wishes and assistance. I have a second opinion consult set with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance this Friday at 10am so let's see if we can't learn something new. moe/Regina
  2725. moe99 on Funny guy.
    May 4th, 2010  2:12 am

  2726. Damn. Thanks for checking, Sue. I am so sorry. And, no, Nancy, you should not be kicking yourself.
  2727. moe99 on Funny guy.
    May 4th, 2010  9:44 am

  2728. Treme in 1836 by Barbara Hambly, a favorite author.
  2729. moe99 on Waist-deep.
    May 4th, 2010  8:53 pm

  2730. me three
  2731. moe99 on Waist-deep.
    May 5th, 2010  8:05 am

  2732. Basset, Is there anything we can do from long distance? Just say the word.... Moe
  2733. moe99 on Neck-deep.
    May 6th, 2010  7:12 am

  2734. Saw the first episode of Treme tonight, courtesy of a bootleg, and it was fabulous! A New Orleans funeral is quite an event! btw didn't take a day but now Focus on the Family (now known as the Family Research Council) is saying, "Rekers, who dat?"
  2735. moe99 on Drinking Miss Daisy.
    May 6th, 2010  10:19 pm

  2736. And now, courtesy of we have the news that in fact Dr. Rekers and "Lucien" engaged in sex. In particular, something called the 'long stroke.' What is that? Someone here must know .
  2737. moe99 on Drinking Miss Daisy.
    May 6th, 2010  11:12 pm

  2738. "There is a sound to silence..." Especially if you suffer, as I do, from tinnitus. Another danger to attending lots of concerts. And when I warned my son about possible negative consequences from his prolonged use of ear buds, he told me, "That's ok, mom, when I get to be your age, they'll have a cure for it." Kids.
  2739. moe99 on Drinking Miss Daisy.
    May 7th, 2010  2:49 am

  2740. My late dog, Sally Puddles Muttons, introduced me to coprophagia. According to my vet cats are poor digesters of all the protein they eat, so their you know whats are attractive to dogs. I had two cats at the time, Whimbeldon and Thurber, so Sally had a hey day, so to speak....
  2741. moe99 on One pill to change it all.
    May 8th, 2010  4:38 am

  2742. Back from my second opinion at Seattle Cancer Care. I love that oncologist. Anyone named Renato from Brazil is a god in my book. The fact that he's on top of his game, knows where the clinical trials are that I can participate in, if I get the tumor tested (which Group Health has been resisting all along) and it turns out ok. Well, this is far better than the handwringing I endured last week. At least this guy is aggressive and he has some ideas (not to mention a very lovely accent). But I digress....
  2743. moe99 on One pill to change it all.
    May 8th, 2010  6:53 am

  2744. Yes, thanks Sue. Group Health has agreed to get the tumor tested to see if it carries the EGFR mutation. If it doesn't, then I am halfway to being approved for a clinical trial of a drug designed to treat tumors that have something called an ALK mutation. I just have to show that the tumor is ALK positive. Group Health has been resisting testing my tumors in this fashion because of the cost (anywhere from $700 to thousands of dollars according to who you talk to). The drug I've been taking for the past five months was designed for tumors that are EGFR positive and it doesn't work. So in essence I've been getting all those zits all over my body for no reason. This also might lead one to conclude that my tumors are EGFR negative. But no, we have to do the test to get into the clinical trial. So now I just have to get GH revved up to scheduling the surgical procedure by which they remove the cancerous lymph node from my neck so they have enough tissue to test. Moving with glacial speed we are......
  2745. moe99 on One pill to change it all.
    May 8th, 2010  6:46 pm

  2746. Jeff tmmo, Which is why I wrote the doctors back yesterday after the second opinion consult with Dr. Martins at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. It is now memorialized and for use in the future. And of course there is an immediate issue. One of the GH doctors wrote back to warn me that it could be 2-3 weeks before the test results were back. I found a testing company online that promises a 5-7 day turnaround and this am just heard from Dr. Martins that UW can do it in 5 days. Hmmm...Guess I am going to have to transform into a cancer bitch around here to get anything done. So sad. A year ago I was a huge fan of Group Health. Not so much anymore.
  2747. moe99 on Coal miner's daughter revolts.
    May 9th, 2010  6:31 pm

  2748. Something to think about this Mother's Day. Do you get your hair cut regularly at a certain salon? Get your pet groomed? If so, might want to tell them about Matter of Trust, which takes the hair and makes oil spill matts and booms with it:
  2749. moe99 on Disaster.
    May 11th, 2010  7:15 pm

  2750. What you do is you go to via Nancy's kickback lounge and you get one of these: I use it all the time as the only one in the house who drinks coffee (the dogs don't care too much for it).
  2751. moe99 on Disaster.
    May 11th, 2010  9:54 pm

  2752. Warm fuzzies for Eli. Hope that all gets put back in place w/o surgery.
  2753. moe99 on Disaster.
    May 12th, 2010  2:18 am

  2754. My Max, the black lab, is 13 and also has a harder time getting around each day. Rimadyl seems to help his aches and pains. It's not cheap but it works. Don't know if you want to try to get some for Lexi or not, Alex.
  2755. moe99 on Swallowed.
    May 14th, 2010  2:24 am

  2756. Here's some fun. I'm specifically thinking about coozledad here...
  2757. moe99 on L&O.
    May 14th, 2010  10:05 pm

  2758. I too have to admit that I have never seen a full episode of L&O. I was saving all this tv for retirement at the old folks' home. Oh well....
  2759. moe99 on A tortured man.
    May 19th, 2010  8:28 am

  2760. It's late, so what the heck. You would just know that Terry Schiavo's wretched family is still profiting from her name--illegally.
  2761. moe99 on You won't be missed.
    May 19th, 2010  6:29 pm

  2762. Amen to that observation, Deborah. It's amazing how acquiring elective office can change one's personality. And now for something completely different, an interesting take on the question of 'whither journalism and whither the internet?'
  2763. moe99 on Odds and ends.
    May 20th, 2010  6:22 pm

  2764. Brian, my honors thesis was on historiography in college. Have you seen this site?
  2765. moe99 on Odds and ends.
    May 21st, 2010  4:11 am

  2766. Well, ever since the publication of Twilight, my last name has gotten way better known. I'm told it is as common in Ireland as Smith is here, but before the book, everyone thought I was Jewish and my last name was Cohen...
  2767. moe99 on Meanwhile, down Nashville way...
    May 21st, 2010  7:32 pm

  2768. Watched all 4, Bassett, and was very moved by the experience. Even more so when I saw this video that you put together back in 2008 about the Harpeth River:
  2769. moe99 on Be reasonable.
    May 24th, 2010  5:32 pm

  2770. Heart of Atlanta was a 1964 case, Jeff tmmo. The shock over the decision was done with by the time I entered law school in 1973. I can't believe that you are that old?
  2771. moe99 on Be reasonable.
    May 24th, 2010  7:23 pm

  2772. Corporations and other business entities are basically government creations, Jeff tmmo. They are not only created via government action, they are sustained through government action: roads, police, fire, utilities, all contribute to their upkeep and well-being. So to impose a nondiscrimination requirement on them if they serve the public, does not seem to be to great an imposition. Regardless of whether it is through the aegis of the commerce clause or otherwise. I wonder if the country club where Rand Paul held his victory party is integrated or not. Doesn't have to be if it is private. Look at that golf club that sponsors the Masters which still does not admit women and was only forced to deal with the black question when Tiger Woods won. So we don't have complete integration in our society yet.
  2773. moe99 on Who speaks for you?
    May 26th, 2010  2:25 am

  2774. My representative since about forever has been Jim McDermott, an out there liberal. But he's been something of a dilettante, never trying to rise through the hierarchy (or perhaps being blocked by those in power, who knows). I think it's time for someone new to get involved, however, I think he's there for the foreseeable future.
  2775. moe99 on Blotto.
    May 26th, 2010  7:39 pm

  2776. Julie, I think the point to be made from SP's hissy fit is how inappropriate the response is to the provocation. I can see mentioning it and saying how concerned you are about your privacy being invaded (even though as Jeff B points out she has brought this upon herself by her own behavior), but to basically accuse McGinniss of being a pedophile? It's striking how low they immediately take the discussion. And I think indicative of their trailer trash background.
  2777. moe99 on Oh, Larry.
    May 27th, 2010  7:45 pm

  2778. That's a great tshirt, Jason. I'm sending it to my son who already has a Transylvania University sweatshirt to shock the unitiated in Seattle, who've never heard of Jefferson Davis' alma mater.
  2779. moe99 on Oh, Larry.
    May 27th, 2010  9:36 pm

  2780. I love Robert Ebert.
  2781. moe99 on Oh, Larry.
    May 27th, 2010  10:02 pm

  2782. Nah, that's gravatar changing things around w/o being asked. Puppy came last summer. btw, guess who used to live in the house McGinniss is renting in Wasilla? Ex-cons. Used to be a halfway house until 2008. Just who did Sarah think was looking at her in her tank tops then?
  2783. moe99 on I miss the free toasters.
    May 28th, 2010  9:43 pm

  2784. Here's another subject to rant about today. Since it's raining and I'm going to a doctor's followup appointment from the surgery two weeks ago, I'm in a rant mode: The money quote: ...So, what are we left with? Perhaps the dullest, most inconsequential White House "controversy" in a very long time. The White House counsel's office prepared a memo, explaining the situation in a way that even Rep. Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) can understand: "There have been numerous, reported instances in the past when prior Administrations -- both Democratic and Republican, and motivated by the same goals -- discussed alternative paths to service for qualified individuals also considering campaigns for public office. Such discussions are fully consistent with the relevant law and ethical requirements." Obviously. When the Reagan White House offered Sen. S.I. Hayakawa (R) a job in 1981 in the hopes of convincing him to drop out of the Republican Senate primary race in California, no one cared. When George W. Bush's White House approached Rep. Ben Gilman (R-N.Y.) about a job in the hopes of convincing him not to run for re-election, no one cared. Mundane political efforts like these fail to raise an eyebrow because they're the very definition of routine. As Ron Kaufman, who served as President George H.W. Bush's White House political director, said this week, "Tell me a White House that didn't do this, back to George Washington." In this case, it's even thinner, since Sestak wasn't even offered a job, but rather an unpaid advisory position, which a) wasn't particularly enticing; and b) was quickly dismissed anyway...
  2785. moe99 on I miss the free toasters.
    May 30th, 2010  7:45 am

  2786. Nancy, I will have you know that I have a number of "BC" themed cereal bowls that my mother got for buying gas pre-1973 oil embargo. Those were the days, eh? I swear I'm not a hoarder (grin)
  2787. moe99 on I miss the free toasters.
    May 31st, 2010  12:36 am

  2788. 57 and rain in Seattle.
  2789. moe99 on Happy holiday.
    May 31st, 2010  10:53 pm

  2790. My father used to make rhubarb wine from a patch of rhubarb in the backyard in Defiance. I thought it was pretty good. It was quite sweet.
  2791. moe99 on Acting childishly.
    June 1st, 2010  11:37 pm

  2792. Might think twice about concealed carry laws.
  2793. moe99 on Out of gas.
    June 2nd, 2010  10:46 pm

  2794. Brian, I bet it doesn't take 40 years.
  2795. moe99 on Disaster, the sequel.
    June 4th, 2010  7:42 am

  2796. We had a senior skip day when I graduated from Lourdes High School in Rochester, MN (I grew up in Defiance but we moved to Rochester my senior year in high school). We were told that we had to make up the day after graduation, or we would be kicked out of National Honor Society. So, of course, I was one of those who meekly made up the day. Prospero, I bagged a political forum earlier this week after I suggested that given the way the Israelis handled the situation, any arms that they claimed were on the vessels they boarded, would be open to question. The pro-Israel harpies said I was anti-semitic and probably read The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in my spare time. They can go fuck themselves.
  2797. moe99 on Think of England.
    June 4th, 2010  6:47 pm

  2798. Another Rush in the news. Rand Paul told not to play Rush at his campaign gatherings:
  2799. moe99 on Think of England.
    June 6th, 2010  10:48 pm

  2800. LA Mary, what is the biggest oil spill in history if not this?
  2801. moe99 on Think of England.
    June 7th, 2010  5:56 pm

  2802. I googled Top Ten oil spills and got this: I just have a problem translating British tonnes into our gallons.
  2803. moe99 on Housecleaning.
    June 8th, 2010  9:03 am

  2804. How about if turn Detroit over to the Jews in Israel? Solves two problems. (only slightly tongue in cheek here)
  2805. moe99 on To the glue factory.
    June 8th, 2010  7:21 pm

  2806. The video of Helen Thomas is particularly interesting, as it was the statements made therein that got her fired.
  2807. moe99 on Stealin' it.
    June 9th, 2010  7:01 pm

  2808. "You are going through a very difficult and scary time of your life. We are there to support you through this, and will be thinking/praying for you as you endure what has to be done." And then call and ask what evening would be good to bring dinner. Or better yet, show up and do some weeding in her yard or mow her lawn for her. I received this advice from a breast cancer survivor in my office, who was quite empathetic with my situation. She told me to visualize all this care and prayers for me as a bright light that I can see in my mind, and call on to wrap its light and warmth around me in my deepest dark times. It has helped. But I'm not sure how you can put all that in a card without crowding everyone else out.
  2809. moe99 on A day away.
    June 15th, 2010  7:05 am

  2810. Michael G, Does Beaujolais Nouveau hold up over time? In Belgium they went wild at the stores when the new bottled stuff came out. Lots of posters and displays. I got the sense then that it was a wine to be drunk rather quickly.
  2811. moe99 on Bloomsday.
    June 16th, 2010  6:16 pm

  2812. I actually read Ulysses in high school but absorbed it better when it was part of the Firesign Theater schtick in Marx/Lennon.
  2813. moe99 on Bloomsday.
    June 16th, 2010  9:15 pm

  2814. Julie, have you read Megan Whalen Turner? She is a first rate YA author.
  2815. moe99 on Bloomsday.
    June 16th, 2010  10:15 pm

  2816. I read a lot of Madeline L'Engle, including her non fiction writing too. I understand her children said her fiction was closer to reality than her non fiction, after her death, which sort of put a pin in my balloon.
  2817. moe99 on Pound! Pound! Pound!
    June 17th, 2010  5:09 pm

  2818. Gorgeous, Mr. Mark. We in Seattle are facing a high of 64 degrees today. And grey at least in the am.
  2819. moe99 on Pound! Pound! Pound!
    June 17th, 2010  9:33 pm

  2820. Well, well, well.
  2821. moe99 on The cleanup.
    June 18th, 2010  7:10 pm

  2822. Hey mark, that worked out well for Exxon Valdez--how many decades were those injured by the tanker run aground in the courts trying to receive compensation?
  2823. moe99 on The cleanup.
    June 18th, 2010  8:42 pm

  2824. "...The oil emanating from the seafloor contains about 40 percent methane, compared with about 5 percent found in typical oil deposits, said John Kessler, a Texas A&M University oceanographer who is studying the impact of methane from the spill. That means huge quantities of methane have entered the Gulf, scientists say, potentially suffocating marine life and creating "dead zones" where oxygen is so depleted that nothing lives..."
  2825. moe99 on The cleanup.
    June 19th, 2010  3:41 am

  2826. The new gravatar is a color print my son did in his printmaking class. It's the Ice Palace festival in Beijing last winter. Gravatar cut out the sides. Thanks for asking. And Mark I don't subscribe to the notion that corporations are deserving of all the constitutional protections that actual US citizens enjoy. Particularly this one. YMMV of course.
  2827. moe99 on The cleanup.
    June 19th, 2010  9:28 pm

  2828. There's a new GOP meme about the BP fund: Yesterday, though, the Republican message seemed to shift a bit, at least in some corners. What was initially deemed an outrageous presidential abuse turned into a GOP idea that Obama shouldn’t take credit for. Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), for example, issued a statement yesterday implicitly arguing that there couldn’t have been a shakedown, since BP intended to put $20 billion into the escrow fund before the White House meeting. “The true outrage,” Franks said, “is that this was never the President’s idea at all.”
  2829. moe99 on The cleanup.
    June 20th, 2010  7:23 pm

  2830. high today 64. showers predicted.
  2831. moe99 on Happy solstice.
    June 22nd, 2010  11:11 am

  2832. Okay, I have to join the sun mourners club, abeit late. Add me to your list, Deborah, Sue, Coleen,Drothy, Julie and Dave's wife. Here in Seattle we have fabulously long summer days (though this year they've all been grey) and the winter sucks with the sun going down at 3:30 or so it seems. Julie, have you tried mega doses of Vitamin D? That seems to help me.
  2833. moe99 on The craft of assembly.
    June 23rd, 2010  4:03 am

  2834. I well remember staying up all Thurs night, trying to get the college newspaper, the Mac Weekly,(affectionately known as the Smack Weekly) put to bed. We had a machine that typed the columns and had a dedicated student who did most of the typing but come 1am Fri morning, it was a free for all. Wish I could remember the name. We had only two albums it seemed in the news room: "Marrying Maiden" and "Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen."
  2835. moe99 on The craft of assembly.
    June 23rd, 2010  10:58 pm

  2836. deb--this is the reverse FB where the kids show up AFTER the parents!
  2837. moe99 on Because you asked...
    June 25th, 2010  3:28 am

  2838. For my money, I will still go with Krugman and the example set in 1937 when FDR cut back spending. I think we can better direct spending, but I don't think cutting back will get us out of this and will instead extend the pain.
  2839. moe99 on Because you asked...
    June 26th, 2010  5:32 pm

  2840. Jeffrey Goldberg doing his part to also get rid of Ezra Klein at the WaPo
  2841. moe99 on Reconnaissance.
    June 28th, 2010  6:39 pm

  2842. I like mayo on my pommes frites! But only good, homemade mayo. I fought the red light cameras, MarkH and got my fine reduced. I was turning right at midnight and there were no cars anywhere else, so made a California stop. The judge had video too, so it was good that i was honest about it all but the ticket was reduced from 124 to 75 so I thought my time well spent. Oh, and Krugman is still beating the drum against cuts:
  2843. moe99 on Chainsaws and confusion.
    June 29th, 2010  5:58 pm

  2844. Tucker Carlson is the bad guy wrt the Weigel firing
  2845. moe99 on Eye-catching.
    June 30th, 2010  7:06 pm

  2846. Someone said that Sessions reminded them of the Keebler elf. Only grumpy. I can agree with that.
  2847. moe99 on Eye-catching.
    June 30th, 2010  7:29 pm

  2848. I thought this was an interesting take on finance: Plus this was in the comments: Bruce Sterling: Large financial centers in certain cities around the planet are certainly going to kill millions of us by destroying our social safety networks in the name of their imaginary financial efficiency. You're a thousand times more likely to die because of what some urban banker did in 2008 than from what some Afghan-based terrorist did in 2001. Financiers live in small, panicky urban cloisters, severely detached from the rest of mankind. They are living today in rich-guy ghetto cults. They are truly dangerous to our well-being, and they are getting worse and more extremist, not better and more reasonable. You're not gonna realize this havoc till you see your elderly Mom coughing in an emergency ward, but she's going there for a reason.
  2849. moe99 on G&B = good.
    July 1st, 2010  6:28 pm

  2850. Sorry to hear of the throat cancer diagnosis for Hitchens. Treatment will not be fun at all. And he should give up his smoking and drinking. But nicotine is the second most addictive substance next to heroin according to Dr. Weiss at UPA. Oh, Judybusy, Fran's Chocolates are also made here in Seattle from scratch and they are to die for as well. But for my money, Leonidas in Brussels is the tops. They have a mocha enrobed in white chocolate that is unequalled anywhere else. I used to treat myself to one after tough exams.
  2851. moe99 on G&B = good.
    July 1st, 2010  7:30 pm

  2852. Okay the Nashville attorney who sent this, swears it is true: Filed in federal court in Nashville: Bernard Madoff v. Dolly Parton dba Dollyworld; Jonathan Lee Riches 6/29/2010 3:10-cv-00631 Echols (Nashville) Civil rights action. Plaintiff Madoff used to date defendant Dolly Parton before he was convicted of financial fraud and is terrified of defendant "Theft Kingpin Jonathan Lee Riches", Parton's current boyfriend. He is scared because Riches "put a prison hit out on me to silence me from showing intimate pictures of me and Dolly Parton shaving each other at the Penthouse in Embassy Suites." Bernard Madoff Pro Se
  2853. moe99 on G&B = good.
    July 2nd, 2010  7:18 am

  2854. The smell of chocolate was the first smell I encountered when I got off the train in Brussels in 1978, somewhere south of the city center. It was a marvelous introduction to the place.
  2855. moe99 on In which I mutter.
    July 2nd, 2010  6:49 pm

  2856. Awesome Sue. I'm going to spread that around.
  2857. moe99 on In which I mutter.
    July 3rd, 2010  6:12 am

  2858. you left one out, prospero: Grace Slick.
  2859. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    July 5th, 2010  7:46 pm

  2860. In Seattle, the fog descended along with the cold wet weather yesterday, so gave up going to the fireworks. If you can't see them, why bother? Instead, curled up and read a book on my IPOD.
  2861. moe99 on Motown in Motown.
    July 6th, 2010  7:40 pm

  2862. Just to set the record straight, Bremerton is all the way across Puget Sound, to the west of Seattle, an hour by ferry or two hours around the Sound by car. It is perhaps something of a bedroom community (although the shipyards there employs many of its residents) but it is not a Seattle suburb. 27 years ago, I was in private practice, doing asbestos defense (the irony, it buurns) and we had quite a bit of business in the Bremerton area because the shipyards were going full tilt during WW2 and no one wore masks. The deposition I most remember was outside of Bremerton in this worker's house. Had to be because he was so sick and weak from mesothelioma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was on oxygen. The name of the game was to get the plaintiff to identify the types of asbestos insulation and blankets he worked with at the shipyards to assess liability. As a result there were always 12-15 attorneys at these things representing all the manufacturers. Well, the worker's house was very small and it was incredibly dirty. Not only were the sink and counters piled high with old dishes, the worker had cats that had sprayed indiscriminately throughout the house for several years. So put this together with a court reporter and 15 attorneys, you get the picture. It was perhaps, one of the shortest depositions ever taken. I was quite glad to be on the ferry going back to Seattle that afternoon.
  2863. moe99 on Motown in Motown.
    July 7th, 2010  8:38 am

  2864. Ok, here's a question for you Hoosiers. I remember that Indiana banned sales of the Kingsmen Louie Louie album because the song was judged to be indecent. My friend, Connie Zimmerman, swore she had to prove she was an Ohio resident when she purchase the album back in '66 in Fort Wayne.
  2865. moe99 on The motorcycle gang.
    July 7th, 2010  8:47 pm

  2866. I'm taking a body building substance called L-Glucamine. It helps prevent neuropathy which is a side effect of chemo. I can't tell you how odd I feel going into those Super supplement stores to buy this stuff. But it works which is a blessing. I have a friend who has neuropathy as a result of his chemo and this former college football player has to use a cane to help him when he walks. So I thank my lucky stars.
  2867. moe99 on The motorcycle gang.
    July 7th, 2010  9:30 pm

  2868. I don't think it is illogical to be intolerant of intolerance, mark. And ridicule is a proper weapon to be used wherever effective.
  2869. moe99 on The motorcycle gang.
    July 7th, 2010  10:24 pm

  2870. and Hattie, those Mormons also have well stocked basements when the anarchy comes. On another note, thought Roy Edroso was in fine form today:
  2871. moe99 on Dream houses.
    July 10th, 2010  9:52 am

  2872. Well, can I just complain about my baseball team? We have shit for pitching and not much talent aside from Ichiro for hitting. This is turning out to be a very crappy season. And we just traded Cliff Lee for no names from the Rangers....(can you tell I just went to two Mariners/Yankees games?) End of rant.
  2873. moe99 on Dream houses.
    July 11th, 2010  10:59 pm

  2874. Ok, I have to say that "Despicable Me" is the very best movie I have seen in a long time. Even though it is a cartoon. And I haven't checked what our favorite movie reviewer had to say yet about it either. So YMMV
  2875. moe99 on Exit at the courtroom.
    July 12th, 2010  6:09 pm

  2876. There was another artist who got his start doing graffiti. Was is Basquiat? I just remember that he turned into a conventional artist and eventually died of AIDS.
  2877. moe99 on Exit at the courtroom.
    July 13th, 2010  7:34 am

  2878. I've decided that the right wing/teabagger crap is a virus. I think it is spread by ear worms when listening to Rush Limbaugh and in another fashion when reading Michelle Malkin and others of her ilk. John Cole is on of the few who can speak to coming out from under its influence. Unfortunately, very few are cured but those who are, watch out!
  2879. moe99 on Second languages.
    July 14th, 2010  6:49 am

  2880. hair soaks up oil very well. I am donating my hair to since it all got shaved off this past weekend. I learned French quite well back in 78-79, when I lived in Belgium with a couple who didn't speak English, and dated a medical student from Lebanon who also didn't speak english. It was the latter more than the former that helped bigtime, although I suspect I speak French with a Belgian/Lebanese accent from time to time.
  2881. moe99 on Midsummer.
    July 16th, 2010  6:27 pm

  2882. Teresa Nielsen Hayden figured out the basis of the writing quiz:
  2883. moe99 on Different colors.
    July 19th, 2010  7:51 pm

  2884. Posted this on Nancy's FB site, but I think Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is a great group. New discovery for me.
  2885. moe99 on Plainly wrong.
    July 21st, 2010  7:42 am

  2886. Joe K, you sould go read some of Paul Krugman's columns. He's the Nobel Prize winning economist. And his point is that the stimulus was not large enough. that's why we're having the long drawn out recession. YOu only need to look back at the FDR administrations, particularly in 1937 to see the truth of what Krugman is saying. It's counterintuitive to some degree, but you need to spend sufficieint money to put more people back on their feet. Why, I wouldn't mind if later term unemployment required work with it. Sort of a revived Civilian Conservation Corps. And Crinoid Girl: congrats and best wishes on the new job. And Scout, here's hoping that your employment future turns rosy.
  2887. moe99 on Lifetime achievement.
    July 22nd, 2010  8:31 pm

  2888. Here is a fun site. Interpretation of catalogue pictures: Then this (courtesy of coozledad):
  2889. moe99 on They were holding his cell.
    July 23rd, 2010  7:29 pm

  2890. My friend, Anne, has a daughter who is working Comicon for her employer. I'll be sure to forward that link to her to make her day! Thanks, Sue!
  2891. moe99 on They were holding his cell.
    July 26th, 2010  12:35 am

  2892. I will be in Defiance this coming weekend for my 40th high school reunion. Anyone nearby?
  2893. moe99 on Hot time in the old town.
    July 27th, 2010  4:46 am

  2894. My son had my car all last week because he lost his key to his VW (they are specially made these days and take a week). Things could have been worse:
  2895. moe99 on Hot time in the old town.
    July 27th, 2010  5:48 am

  2896. Rana, consider this essay by Rachel Maddow from her June 25, 2010 broadcast:
    MADDOW: He signed a bill that gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants. He grew the size of the federal government and the budget, added a whole new cabinet level agency and added tens of thousands of government workers to the federal payroll. He tripled the deficit. He bailed out and expanded social security with a big fat tax increase. He raised corporate taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars. He raised taxes on gasoline. He, in fact, signed into law the largest tax increase in history. He supported federal handgun controls. He called for a world without nuclear weapons. He was Ronald Reagan. As a conservative saint, as the right-wing rock star, as king of the Republican prom in perpetuity, as a transformative figure for people who call themselves conservative, the facts of Ronald Reagan`s legislative record are awkward. Ronald Reagan`s record has in it a lot of things that would get him kicked out of today`s Republican Party, which is not to say that President Reagan was a secret liberal. He was not. What he was, was complex, but accomplished in his own way. With the passage of financial regulation in Washington today, President Obama took to the very un-momentous setting of "Twitters," as he called it yesterday, to say this, quote, "Last night`s House Senate agreement on Wall Street reform represents the toughest financial reform since the Great Depression." It turns out that a lot of things that have happened in the less than two years of this administration are the biggest or first or most important in generations. On the occasion of the Wall Street reform announcement today, Taegan Goddard at "CQ Politics" wrote, "Not since FDR has a president done so much to transform this country." Even before today`s historic Wall Street reform agreement, President Obama, of course, did what politicians have been trying to do for more than 60 years. He passed health reform, which, for the first time, establishes government responsibility for the health care of American citizens. Consider also the stimulus bill. It didn`t just throw a lasso around our entire economy and yank and yank it back from the brink. It also pumped about $100 billion into the crumbling embarrassment of our national infrastructure and transportation system. It was the largest investment in infrastructure since Ike. For solving our country`s energy problems, something Obama has compared to man walking on the moon, it contained about $60 billion in spending and tax incentives for renewable and clean energy, also a historic investment. It also included an unheralded but giant investment in science and tech, amping up the budgets at NASA, the National Science Foundation, and an experimental energy research agency that was created under President George W. Bush, but never funded until now. President Obama also expanded state kids` health insurance to cover another four million kids. He signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act amending the 1964 civil rights act for equal pay for equal work. He signed a nuclear arms deal with Russia that would reduce both countries` arsenals by a third. He created a new global nonproliferation initiative to keep nuclear materials out of the hands of terrorists. He set forth an international way forward on that radical left-wing proposition of Ronald Reagan, a world without nuclear weapons. Then there are the legislative and policy achievements that don`t just build on previously-set precedents, but set new ones. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known as the Matthew Shepard Act. It had languished in Congress for years. The Food and Drug Administration permitted for the first time to regulate tobacco. Better late than never, he dismantled the scandal-plagued Minerals Management Service, broke it into three parts so that the folks who collect money from oil leases aren`t the same ones regulating the industry. And now, it will actually investigate the industry that it was busy schtupping and doing drugs with during the last administration. Obama fired two wartime commanding generals in little over a year. He overhauled the astonishing stupidity of the student loan system in which banks were being subsidized to give loans that were guaranteed by the government anyway, a license to print money. That was ended in the savings put toward actual aid to students. He canceled a weapons program that was bloated, unnecessary and totally irrelevant to either of our current wars, the F-22. Why even mention the cancellation of a single weapons system? Because that never happens. Weapons systems never get canceled. The F-22 did, which is itself a miracle. In each of these achievements and in the list of things he has yet to do - "Don`t Ask, Don`t Tell," closing Guantanamo - in each of these things, there is room for liberal disappointment. I sing a bittersweet lullaby to the lost public option when I go to sleep at night. But presidential legacies are complex. Not even the Reagan administration`s legacy is pure as the conservative-driven snow. But Taegan Goddard at "CQ Politics" was right today about nothing this big happening since FDR. The list of legislative accomplishments of this president in half a term even before energy reform which he`s probably going to get to is, to quote the vice president, "a big freaking deal." Love this administration or hate it, this president is getting a lot done. The last time any president did this much in office, booze was illegal. If you believe in policy, if you believe in government that addresses problems, cheers to that. Good night.
  2897. moe99 on Hot and crushed.
    July 27th, 2010  7:37 pm

  2898. Remember when Justice Thomas complained of his 'high tech lynching' during his confirmation hearings? A master of hyperbole when contrasted to the present example.
  2899. moe99 on Ghetto economies.
    July 28th, 2010  7:09 pm

  2900. Nancy, I'll wave in your general direction when I'm landing at the Detroit airport Friday afternoon. Coming into Defiance for my 40th high school reunion this weekend. I'm having a darned hard time picking out what to pack. It's like I'm back in high school or something.....
  2901. moe99 on Ghetto economies.
    July 28th, 2010  9:40 pm

  2902. Looks like the Michigan AG has an exciting backstory here, perhaps....
  2903. moe99 on Copy, paste, taste.
    August 3rd, 2010  2:45 am

  2904. I'm waiting in the Cincy airport, returning from my 40th high school reunion in Defiance. Since I'm on my BB this will be a bit shorter than I would normally post. The sweet corn was absolutely fabulous! Loved seeing everybody (kisses to you Bill--he lurks here). One of the best stories was about my classmate, Rick, who is on his 4th marriage to a 26 year old w a tatoo. Rick says all 26 year olds have them. She's a year older than my daughter. He made this revelation late Sat nite otherwise I would have given him more shit than I did. I'm still flummoxed.
  2905. moe99 on Follow the bouncing ball.
    August 3rd, 2010  9:57 pm

  2906. My father, who was a Beta Theta Pi at Miami University, used to call SAE, "Sleep and Eat" or "Sigma Alpha Everybody." My mom was a Tri Delt from UMN. Poor folks, none of their five kids went greek. T'was the times...
  2907. moe99 on Spilled tea.
    August 4th, 2010  11:18 pm

  2908. Jolene and Nancy--thanks for the article. It had me in tears by the end, but it's extremely relevant to my situation. Sent it to my kids with ORDERS to read it.
  2909. moe99 on Spilled tea.
    August 5th, 2010  8:03 am

  2910. prospero, where did your dad practice pediatrics? My brother, Mark, who was the elementary school classmate of our proprietress' husband, had the same experience where the mother named her daughter Placenta because she heard the name during childbirth, when he was doing an anesthesia internship at George Washington in DC.
  2911. moe99 on Word by word.
    August 5th, 2010  7:21 pm

  2912. I'm flattered Sue. Thanks for making my morning! In the 6 degrees of separation category, the attorney quoted in the FB article, Parry Aftab, used to be a poster at an attorney web site named Counsel Connect set up by Stephen Brill (who founded American Lawyer). We were all newbies then, but she's gone off to fame and fortune with the internet as her client.
  2913. moe99 on Word by word.
    August 5th, 2010  9:55 pm

  2914. I'm watching the Blue Angels wrap themselves around the buildings downtown as they practice for the big SeaFair on Sunday. Any hydroplane fans here? I certainly can't figure out how those races work.
  2915. moe99 on Word by word.
    August 6th, 2010  12:20 am

  2916. Our dog, Mandy, went into heat while we were on vacation when I was in the 6th grade. We came back to a pile of neighborhood dogs lined up to service her. I remember watching the antics from the kitchen and turning to my mother in disgust, saying, "I'm sure glad humans don't do that." You would have thought that was a teachable moment but no. I had to wait til 7th grade when Julie and Holly set me straight as we were walking home from school. I was still disgusted.
  2917. moe99 on Mind-shopping.
    August 7th, 2010  12:59 am

  2918. women's shirts also cost more to have washed and pressed than men's do. even if they're the same cotton button down style.
  2919. moe99 on Mind-shopping.
    August 7th, 2010  11:51 pm

  2920. Oh, let's go back to talking about She Who. More fun.
  2921. moe99 on Screamin' memes.
    August 11th, 2010  8:58 pm

  2922. I still love Ballreich's potato chips, to the point that I order some every few months. Delivery costs are high, but it's worth it.
  2923. moe99 on Queuing in Purgatory.
    August 12th, 2010  10:32 pm

  2924. Dexter, most vodka these days is from grain not potatoes. Bought the extra large complete version of Calvin and Hobbes for my youngest at Xmas two years ago. It is a family favorite. And yes, I was aware that Watterson was a Kenyon grad given that oldest son went there a year. But didn't know about the artist.
  2925. moe99 on Queuing in Purgatory.
    August 12th, 2010  11:35 pm

  2926. one of my fave cartoons from a Seattle cartoonist, Lynda Barry:
  2927. Moe99 on Fly-by.
    August 16th, 2010  6:45 pm

  2928. I am number 97 on the Seattle Public library's wait list for Laura's book. It has four rave reviews already. Looking forward to it!
  2929. moe99 on Fly-by.
    August 17th, 2010  1:56 am

  2930. beb--I wrote my initial post while waiting for chemo at Seattle Cancer Care and didn't have the resources to check on the Seattle Public Library site, but since I've returned home, I discovered that the library (thank you so much) has ordered 31 copies so my wait should not be as bad as feared. Also a note about calling home. My parents moved from MN to KY end of my freshman year in college. I was signed up to share a dorm room with a girlfriend, but instead took the money and used it to rent an apt. w. my boyfriend and another couple at the college. You can bet that I kept all phone communications to a minimum that year!
  2931. moe99 on The old conservative.
    August 17th, 2010  9:52 pm

  2932. By remaining silent, Obama would have given the impression of consent (see "A Man for All Seasons"). I'm glad he spoke out but I am not surprised to see the media twisting his words and the conservatives coming unglued about it.
  2933. moe99 on The old conservative.
    August 18th, 2010  8:36 am

  2934. Brian, I've heard Rick Steves speak and he is great. Don't miss him. Sean Astin was Frodo's friend, Sam, in the movie, LOTR. He was great there, but I don't think he's made the transition forward very well.
  2935. moe99 on Daddy's girl.
    August 18th, 2010  10:48 pm

  2936. Nancy, a brilliant post and takedown of Dr. Laura. In my top ten faves of yours. Great work.
  2937. moe99 on Inappropriate anger.
    August 19th, 2010  8:05 pm

  2938. I saw a post on an outdoor church bulletin board yesterday that said: "The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion." Got that right.
  2939. moe99 on Lick and a promise.
    August 21st, 2010  2:39 am

  2940. Dexter, try pancake mix on your onions next....
  2941. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    August 21st, 2010  11:45 pm

  2942. How is that within the space of 6 hours the founder of Wikileaks can be charged w/ rape and assault by a Swedish prosecutor and then have the charges withdrawn? Could there be behind the scenes manuevers by a bumbling national security agency?
  2943. Moe99 on A millstone I call home.
    August 23rd, 2010  7:59 pm

  2944. Love the title of this post, Nance. OT but did anyone see the near mob violence yesterday at Ground Zero when the mob mistakenly thought they had a Muslim in its clutches?
  2945. moe99 on Baby let's cruise.
    August 25th, 2010  2:35 am

  2946. For me the original clown car was the AMC Pacer. I worked with a woman who had one. Roomy inside, but no get up and go. My paternal great grandfather (WH Cullen) and grandfather (Seth Cullen) sold Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles and Graham Brothers Trucks as the Armory Auto Co. in Paulding, OH in the 1920's. But I remember my grandmother, Helen, and Aunt Bebe driving Cadillacs when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's, those ones with the big fins and the multi textured horn sound. She and my Aunt loved to go for Sunday drives in the country around Paulding. I and my sister would sit in the back seat and fall asleep. Sometimes they'd stop for an ice cream at Charloe.
  2947. moe99 on Later.
    August 27th, 2010  8:31 pm

  2948. It was Alice. Dorothy Parker said, You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think. The only ism Hollywood believes in is plagiarism. Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common. If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.
  2949. moe99 on Later.
    August 27th, 2010  9:11 pm

  2950. Mark H, that was *ding, ding, ding* another Dorothy--this time a journalist--Dorothy Thompson.
  2951. moe99 on Saturday morning Milwaukee.
    August 28th, 2010  9:29 pm

  2952. Dexter, the best mayor that Cleveland ever had.
  2953. moe99 on Saturday morning Milwaukee.
    August 29th, 2010  12:11 pm

  2954. Bassett, that NBF statue is very, very weird. It does not give me a good feeling. I prefer the Seattle type of statutes. First one up, "Waiting for the Interurban." As originally installed: Then, all dressed up: Then the Fremont Troll:
  2955. moe99 on Saturday morning Milwaukee.
    August 30th, 2010  12:35 am

  2956. Ancient Greek statutes were painted.
  2957. moe99 on Salty.
    August 30th, 2010  6:42 pm

  2958. England has no problem with salmonella. They don't require the farmers to vaccinate their chickens for it, but for those who do, they give a big red imprimatur on the egg. Guess which eggs English consumers purchase? 90 percent of the eggs in Britain bear the mark.
  2959. moe99 on Salty.
    August 30th, 2010  9:25 pm

  2960. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, mark. What a tragedy.
  2961. moe99 on Upgrade.
    August 31st, 2010  11:04 pm

  2962. Maybe the airlines can just put us to sleep for the duration of the flight? I did this when flying to visit my mother in KY last spring, because I was taking some anti nausea drugs and it was so pleasant to nod off at the beginning of the flight and wake up at landing. I did fly business class from NYC to Seattle once when I was working for the SEC--it was quite random because we were never allowed to fly anything other than steerage. Happy Birthday, Dorothy! And many more.
  2963. moe99 on Whiny little babies.
    September 1st, 2010  7:04 pm

  2964. I'm in the midst of an argument with another attorney who contends that Clinton lying about his blow job was worse than the lies (he won't say that) told to get us into the Iraq war. There's absolutely no equivalence there as far as I'm concerned. But this is part and parcel with the effort to resurrect GWB's reputation. And yes, GWB was an idiot, Jen. When I was at the SEC, I was local counsel for the first jury trial involving insider trading. It was in Federal District Court in Seattle and two high powered attorneys from DC did the heavy lifting. They were in Seattle for two weeks for the trial and I had them to Easter dinner and we became friends. They told me details of the pending insider trading case that was going on against citizen GWB at the time, and based upon their personal experience, they didn't think much of his intelligence. It's amazing how elected office can add glamour to a person. Watched it with the ex.
  2965. moe99 on Whiny little babies.
    September 1st, 2010  8:55 pm

  2966. Why is it that Vanity Fair has the hard hitting journalism these days? Late add on: Tony Blair's self serving autobiography is out today and he describes Bush as a "true idealist" who displayed "genuine integrity and political courage" and had a world view of "immense simplicity," per CNN. Immense simplicity, eh? Just what we need in today's world.....
  2967. moe99 on Whiny little babies.
    September 1st, 2010  11:53 pm

  2968. Ah, yes, Dwight, because Nancy always has promoted violence and taking hostages? I don't think so. Troll.
  2969. moe99 on Whiny little babies.
    September 2nd, 2010  4:04 am

  2970. warning: profanity
  2971. moe99 on Whiny little babies.
    September 2nd, 2010  9:10 pm

  2972. Brian, the owner of the oil rig is Mariner Energy. No connection to BP that I can find, but note with interest that the CEO and the General Counsel and one other high ranking officer came from Enron:
  2973. moe99 on Good weekend, all.
    September 3rd, 2010  6:10 pm

  2974. Actually, I had a friend who took her family to Disneyland this summer and she said the tickets were $100 a person.
  2975. moe99 on Good weekend, all.
    September 4th, 2010  2:57 am

  2976. Alex, I do necks and backs as part of my current legal practice of workers' comp and let me tell you, you do not want to go under the knife. Surgery is forever. There's no going back. I've seen some studies that show that you get as much relief from good massage as you do from surgery. And if the surgery fails you are screwed big time. Just my 2 cents.
  2977. moe99 on Good weekend, all.
    September 4th, 2010  9:11 pm

  2978. basset, are you from Jasper? My sister's former husband grew up there.
  2979. moe99 on Making more time.
    September 7th, 2010  11:21 pm

  2980. Guess what, the tea party is merely the most recent iteration of the "Know Nothing" Party. Used to be that Catholics were filling the Muslim/hispanic roles of today. Read it and weep.
  2981. Moe99 on Making more time.
    September 8th, 2010  12:57 am

  2982. Catherine, have you read the next book by the author of Snowflower? Shanghai Girls. About escaping China and coming to CA during WW2. Shows the current fear and prejudice against immigrants has many historical antecedents.
  2983. moe99 on Making more time.
    September 8th, 2010  1:42 am

  2984. I guess the whole experience of history will shift profoundly thanks to the internet:
  2985. moe99 on Making more time.
    September 8th, 2010  7:16 am

  2986. Amazon question for you Nancy--if you are taken by Amazon to another site--for example I was looking for a flannel sheet and was taken to the LLBean site--do you stil get a kickback if we enter through your magic door?
  2987. moe99 on Making more time.
    September 8th, 2010  7:24 am

  2988. Oh, forgot, I am now 52 of 135 holds on Laura Lippman's book. They still have 32 copies in circulation so the wait should not be too long.
  2989. moe99 on Imperfect humans.
    September 9th, 2010  8:58 pm

  2990. Connie, I would say that it is not hypocritical to oppose "Burn a Koran" for the same reason that the First Amendment permits us to have opinions. But it would be a problem if we, via the government, somehow prohibited it. Same argument with building the mosque that is really a community center and two blocks from Ground Zero.
  2991. moe99 on Imperfect humans.
    September 9th, 2010  9:44 pm

  2992. Josh Marshall has a good take on this: For weeks the right wing has been stoking the fires of anti-Muslim rage. Now when the logical extension of that rage surfaces in FL, they try to say, "not me." It's a bit too late for that at this point.
  2993. moe99 on (more).
    September 10th, 2010  7:58 pm

  2994. Hats off to you, Sue! I am in awe.
  2995. moe99 on Old times there: Not forgotten.
    September 15th, 2010  7:46 pm

  2996. C'dad, is it polled cows that have the horns or don't have the horns? I get so confused on this point....
  2997. moe99 on Old times there: Not forgotten.
    September 15th, 2010  9:18 pm

  2998. Oh my C'dad. TMI. LoL!
  2999. moe99 on Old times there: Not forgotten.
    September 15th, 2010  11:36 pm

  3000. C'dad are you anywhere near Climax, North Carolina? There's a goat dairy whose cheeses sound quite appealing:
  3001. moe99 on Old times there: Not forgotten.
    September 16th, 2010  2:35 am

  3002. LA Mary: Just serendipity. Making Light has a wonderful post on cheese.
  3003. moe99 on Old times there: Not forgotten.
    September 16th, 2010  6:14 am

  3004. Michelle Bachmann's District has always been right wing Republican. My mother and her family hail from there. Charles Lindbergh's father was the US Representative and he's not got a very good reputation (which might explain ol' Charles'numerous affairs and illegitimate children disclosed after his death--like father, like son) father:
  3005. moe99 on Clone me next.
    September 16th, 2010  9:04 pm

  3006. O'Donnell and her ilk are just proving that sex sells--in a new way in political parties and races. These women are all capitalizing on Sarah Palin's huge success. And because the candidates are good looking, many voters are willing to overlook their more obvious mental lapses. I don't possess the time to really analyze it and this is still somewhat inchoate, but I think that the media with their Jon and Kate Gosselin sorts of reality crap have lowered the bar on what the public finds acceptable in all realms, including the political. If it looks good, it must be good.
  3007. moe99 on Clone me next.
    September 16th, 2010  9:36 pm

  3008. Sue--LOL!!! and then there is this, sigh, about why the american mainstream media is so fffed up:
  3009. moe99 on Kwazy.
    September 17th, 2010  6:38 pm

  3010. Oh, Nance, I hope the rest of your day is better. This falling stuff is scary.
  3011. moe99 on Kwazy.
    September 18th, 2010  1:02 am

  3012. Dorothy, Break a leg!!
  3013. moe99 on On the menu.
    September 22nd, 2010  7:53 pm

  3014. As long as we're talking about corruption, looks like ol' Joe Arpaio has a few problems himself. Got this from a friend in AZ today: Other shoe drops - after fighting over access to financial records from the sheriff's office for months, and threatening the sheriff with contempt, and finally getting a court involved, the county got the financial records from "America's Toughest Sheriff," Joe Arpaio. They've been going over the documents for a while, in an attempt to audit the sheriff's spending for a period of several year. And today's headline: Joe Arpaio's office misspent funds, analysis says The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office misused at least $50 million from a fund for jail operations, and county supervisors may have to use the general fund to repay the money, top county officials say. Findings by the county's Office of Management and Budget show the Sheriff's Office tapped the money to pay for functions not allowed under jail-fund rules, such as salaries for deputies who worked on public-corruption investigations into county supervisors and judges. $50 million. That's a lot of misspending for a sheriff's office, even in a very big county. But Separate investigations by The Republic have documented the questionable use of public funds by high-ranking sheriff's officials, who routinely used county-issued credit cards to charge expensive meals and stays at luxury hotels. The Republic also found that another fund meant to improve conditions in county jails was spent by sheriff's officialsspent by sheriff's officials on out-of-state training, stays at luxury hotels, a staff party at a local amusement park and a $456,000 bus to transport inmates to court. That bus remains parked in a county lot because supervisors have refused to license and insure it, claiming it was illegally purchased. Hard to see how all of that adds up to $50 millon, and I suspect that most of the problem is going to be found in a handful of other big-spending categories that have nothing to do with the jail or the permitted use of jail fund money, including Joe's so-called "public corruption" cases (every one of them dismissed and provoking claims against the county), and his pet "human-smuggling unit" which doesn't want to bother with actual human smugglers, because they might be dangerous, but likes to go after illegal immigrants for "smuggling themselves" into the country: • For years, it used detention-fund money to pay for employees to patrol Maricopa County, among other duties. • County human-resources data, information from a racial-profiling lawsuit and other documents show many Sheriff's Office employees were not working in the same job assignments recorded for them in county records. Money used to pay for staffers performing duties not allowed under the tax has to be paid back, county officials said. • In some instances, sheriff's administrators are believed to have used money from the agency's detention fund to pay for controversial public-corruption investigations and activities involving its human-smuggling unit and other units.
  3015. moe99 on The power of graphics.
    September 23rd, 2010  10:40 pm

  3016. Was Albom always this bad? I passed along the smackdown to another forum and now some spoilsport there is inferring that the author of the takedown is stupid because he doesn't like bunts. Well I don't care much for them either but I'm not very deeply educated in their pros and cons. Kirk?
  3017. moe99 on Hard times.
    September 24th, 2010  6:18 pm

  3018. I wish the article on the Detroit Wright house had the captions properly placed. Very poor editing.
  3019. moe99 on Hard times.
    September 24th, 2010  11:37 pm

  3020. Paddy'o, the AT&T Gateway Tower in Seattle, now owned by the City of Seattle, looks like a circumcised ....bldg, especially when you are taking a ferry from the peninsula back into downtown Seattle. We also have a Ban roll on Building, a Darth Vader Building and the Remington electric razor building. Tours on request.
  3021. moe99 on The power of graphics.
    September 25th, 2010  12:30 am

  3022. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't care for bunts. From a friend in MO: Nostalgia aside, sacrifice hits are down by 30% from 1975 levels, and more from the Rizzuto days. The reason is not fantasy, not a lack of attention to fundamentals, but sabremetrics. It is about twenty-five years ago that Bill James proved by the evidence that bunting costs teams more runs and more wins than it gains them. It's no accident that the bunt has passed out of favor since then. It's not that managers are overawed by statistics, but that James was right, and they do score more runs and win more games when they bunt less. Nothing sells like results.
  3023. moe99 on Invisible-hand jobs.
    September 27th, 2010  10:36 pm

  3024. Veering a bit from the subject matter, but since it's about journalism, I figure I'm ok, has a piece on the degradation of 60 Minutes which is a great rant but the comment from Prudence is well worth a visit: For the media insider's viewpoint on how one network (ABC) stopped having a news division when it started being run by Mean Girls, I give you the innocuous NY Observer article that sparked 6+ pages of searing smackdown by current and former ABC staffers. The comments are fascinating, by about page 6, you've got people who are/were high up and on the inside commenting. Law suits, revenge, the whole 9. The comments to the ABC story are wonderfully delish.
  3025. moe99 on Invisible-hand jobs.
    September 28th, 2010  7:43 am

  3026. mark, you've simply made a strawman to further your argument. The only point being made here is that government has its place as does business. One need not worship solely at the altar of profit, although it seems that you are a true believer. A friend of mine who quit his government job to be an ebay seller had a pertinent point on this: [E]very once in a while it would be good to pause and remind yourself that good government, and strong government, is what's responsible for the social and economic stability that makes operating a benign profit seeking entity even possible. By maintaining law and order, government creates an environment where a profit seeking entity isn't prey to criminal gangs and/or everyone with a bigger gun and lesser morals. By maintaining a regulated market, the government ensures (or attempts to ensure, at least) that new entrants to the market are not destroyed by unfair practices, and that the market does not devolve into monopolistic robber baron fiefdoms. Political/economic/social philosophy aside, "allowed" to make a profit is the realistic view. The investment and resources that go into creating a stable playing field for profit seeking behavior is enormous. Getting to play on that field is a privilege, and realistically, it's the entity that built and maintains the field that gets to say who plays on the field, and how the game is played. That's the way the world works. And, off topic, but I'm sure that you'd like to know, David Simon of The Wire and Treme has won a McArthur genius grant. I didn't know he was married to Laura Lippman. A much deserved award for him.
  3027. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 28th, 2010  7:44 pm

  3028. I will note for the record that I posted about Mr. Laura Lippman's award here first, yesterday.
  3029. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 28th, 2010  8:13 pm

  3030. Catherine, I've heard Sherman Alexie speak. They need to recruit him for TED pronto. He's an amazing speaker. This was for the annual meeting of the AGO attorneys, back when we had money for stuff like that. He had us laughing so hard we were in tears.
  3031. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 29th, 2010  7:29 pm

  3032. Matt Taibbi visits a Tea Party rally and lives to write about it: These folks define idiotocracy.
  3033. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 29th, 2010  7:48 pm

  3034. In a marvelous case of serendipity I found this on the web right after my post, where five scientists tell about the most accurate science fiction in their fields: My favorite along these lines is a classic, Cyril Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons." It's the original version of "Idiocracy" — the basic idea is that selection now favors the stupid, and so if we go forward in time, that's what we'll see. The concept is simple and well-drawn; the consequences unexpected.
  3035. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 30th, 2010  2:46 am

  3036. For C'dad especially.
  3037. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 30th, 2010  6:31 am

  3038. Prospero, my belief is that if you don't vote, you can't complain, so I always vote. I've only missed one election in over 35 years of voting now.
  3039. moe99 on Tedding tomorrow.
    September 30th, 2010  8:40 am

  3040. Thanks Michael for the inquiry. I'm making a long convalescence from the flu. I have a cough that sound like a walrus fart and I'm flat out tired by the end of the day, but other than that can't complain. You can always check on me at How are you? Heat levelling off?
  3041. moe99 on Shocked. Awed.
    October 1st, 2010  7:23 pm

  3042. speaking of crotch. I saw a young woman yesterday who had pair of very tight pants on that had something like a jewelry item (a pearl on a wire) dropping from the pants' crotch. Am I missing a new fad here?
  3043. moe99 on Shocked. Awed.
    October 1st, 2010  10:02 pm

  3044. Meg Whitman gets hoist by her own petard.
  3045. moe99 on Shocked. Awed.
    October 2nd, 2010  12:33 am

  3046. Deborah, this was on a long wire and was pointing out the back end. I didn't have the guts to ask her as I was walking around Greenlake w/ the two dachshunds last night. btw looks like the MI AAG is on leave:
  3047. moe99 on Shocked. Awed.
    October 4th, 2010  12:48 am

  3048. Prince Albert makes it to "The Social Network" as well.
  3049. Moe99 on That boy ain't right.
    October 4th, 2010  6:06 pm

  3050. Kathleen Parker, Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell. I sense a pattern here.
  3051. moe99 on That boy ain't right.
    October 5th, 2010  6:11 am

  3052. Anyone going to be in Seattle this Saturday? Want to go dancing for a good cause?!/event.php?eid=164994900184038
  3053. moe99 on That boy ain't right.
    October 5th, 2010  6:26 pm

  3054. Jeff tmmo, How many of those drug convictions are for marijuana? I would guess that the majority are for meth or oxycontin type substances.
  3055. moe99 on His ride's here.
    October 6th, 2010  4:27 am

  3056. Well, the Daily Beast has decided that all the Mama Grizzlies share a look with.....Monica Lewinsky!
  3057. moe99 on Deeds, good and otherwise.
    October 6th, 2010  8:24 pm

  3058. Glenn Beck is actually using dogwhistles to alert the Mormons the end times are coming.
  3059. moe99 on Deeds, good and otherwise.
    October 7th, 2010  1:04 am

  3060. Answering the question we already had figured out here....
  3061. moe99 on Deeds, good and otherwise.
    October 7th, 2010  7:35 am

  3062. You know, Joe, I'm just going to have to disagree with you there. I think Obama is far more intelligent and has a savvier political sense than most people, myself included. I would say the same about Winston Churchill, having just watched The Gathering Storm. I think that's who Cheney (and a large part of the W administration) modeled himself after. Only problem is Winston was right about Hitler and Cheney was wrong about Saddam Hussein.
  3063. moe99 on Bad boys.
    October 8th, 2010  1:51 am

  3064. Brian, specifically thought of you when I read this, but it's of general concern that this sort of stuff is being published in recognized military journals these days.
  3065. moe99 on Bad boys.
    October 8th, 2010  7:52 am

  3066. Hoo boy does the WaPo need a decent proof reader. See if you can spot the errors. And in a review of the Secretariat movie no less:,1158958/critic-review.html#reviewNum1
  3067. moe99 on Rough cuts.
    October 8th, 2010  6:10 pm

  3068. It's also my son Seth's birthday and that of his great grandfather, for whom he was named. Although I didn't know that when Seth was born. Found out later doing detective work on the family. Happy birthday to all!
  3069. moe99 on Rough cuts.
    October 9th, 2010  10:16 pm

  3070. George S. Kaufman was my favorite humorist and playright (or is it playwrite?). The comments recalling other quips are also worth it.
  3071. moe99 on Rough cuts.
    October 10th, 2010  12:22 am

  3072. Thanks, Jolene. Drew a blank on it today.
  3073. moe99 on Lost weekend.
    October 12th, 2010  5:28 am

  3074. Happy Birthday Deborah. We had a blast putting on a fundraiser for Saturday night. Dr. Jack West is a wonderful man for answering all these worried cancer sufferers and friends and family, all for free on the web to anyone who has questions. Pictures can be found here: I'm the pudgy woman with no hair.
  3075. moe99 on Fly away, bird.
    October 12th, 2010  8:15 pm

  3076. Cheney, I believe, saw himself as a latter day Winston Churchill, perceiving a true global threat while the rest of the world were miniature Neville Chamberlains. Unfortunately for him, he was very very wrong and we are all suffering the consequences.
  3077. moe99 on Make it un-snappy.
    October 13th, 2010  9:18 pm

  3078. No one has yet commented on the Chilean miner who has his wife and his girlfriend waiting for him to come up. I hope some news outlet covers that reunion.
  3079. moe99 on Make it un-snappy.
    October 13th, 2010  9:54 pm

  3080. Here it is.
  3081. moe99 on Make it un-snappy.
    October 14th, 2010  12:09 am

  3082. radio reports identified the woman greeting Barrios as his mistress.....Need to get the story straight here...
  3083. moe99 on I remember Mike.
    October 14th, 2010  6:44 pm

  3084. Another wonderful column, Nancy. Thank you.
  3085. moe99 on Families, feuding.
    October 15th, 2010  6:29 pm

  3086. Here's some family dysfunction bloggage from gin and tacos:
  3087. moe99 on Families, feuding.
    October 16th, 2010  3:02 am

  3088. Here's some fun my friend Candace at BGSU sent me: Laurel and Hardy and Santana
  3089. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    October 17th, 2010  1:43 am

  3090. C'dad, a friend of mine from college, Carl Lumbly, was in that movie. Didn't know it when we went so were vastly surprised and pleased to see him on screen.
  3091. moe99 on Saturday morning market.
    October 17th, 2010  11:13 pm

  3092. Happy party, Basset!!
  3093. moe99 on Bad goat.
    October 19th, 2010  8:00 pm

  3094. I watch only one show a week on commercial tv: House, MD. I was so pissed last night. There were 5 anti Patty Murray ads all in a row, only one of which had been paid for by her opponent. They were stupid and fact less. But they were very very negative. Then there were the initiatives. There are two on the ballot to commercialize liquor sales and keep the new liquor stores open til 2AM (you can buy beer and wine in grocery stores now but not the hard stuff). This, coming on top of the news about the banksters revving up to take over houses when folks default on property taxes, leads me to conclude that we are indeed living in Potterville. Then there is this: Glad to know that there are knucklehead assholes in every religion.
  3095. moe99 on Bad goat.
    October 20th, 2010  12:00 am

  3096. The $116B Obama tax cut that no one seems to recall: And we've all benefitted.
  3097. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 20th, 2010  7:10 pm

  3098. Anita Hill took and passed a polygraph test, Joe. Clarence Thomas refused to take one. I can tell you this much from personal experience. In 1989, I was selected by my then office (Seattle Regional office of the SEC) to be the EEO rep and traveled to San Diego for training in that. Our trainer was a black woman who had worked at the EEOC under Thomas and over the course of the three training days, she regaled us with a few stories of how stupid Thomas was. When he was nominated, and Hill became a target, I called her because I had her card and suggested that she speak up. She never called me back. Wonder why. And then there is this:
  3099. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 20th, 2010  7:24 pm

  3100. Joe, I'm sorry. You don't get it. from the WaPo article: But Lillian McEwen, a former Senate Judiciary Committee lawyer who said she dated Clarence Thomas from 1979 through the mid-1980s, told The Washington Post in an interview that Hill's long-ago description of Thomas's behavior resonated with her. "The Clarence I know was certainly capable not only of doing the things that Anita Hill said he did, but it would be totally consistent with the way he lived his personal life then," said McEwen, who is writing her own memoir but has never before publicly discussed her relationship with Clarence Thomas. McEwen also told the Post she was not surprised that Virginia Thomas would leave Hill a message, even after all these years. "In his autobiography, Clarence described himself as a person incapable of doing what Anita Hill said he did," McEwen said. "He is married to a woman who is loyal to him and religious in a way he would like to be. This combination of religiosity and loyalty and belief that he is really the kind of person who he describes in his book would just about compel her to do something like that."
  3101. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 20th, 2010  8:15 pm

  3102. Thank you Julie. Anyone who has watched episodes of Mad Men knows the truth. And given that sexual harassment is the sort that leaves no fingerprints, it will always be a 'he said, she said' sort of thing. Anita Hill was subpoenaed, she didn't volunteer to testify. She knew what would happen to her if she testified and yet she did. She spoke for all of us women who have been sexually harassed in the workplace (my account is in the post above, if you just click on it Joe). And given that over the years, she has not wavered, she has not sought out the limelight, she has merely persevered, her words still resonate. As opposed to Mr and Mrs Thomas who still harbor grudges, it seems.
  3103. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 20th, 2010  10:33 pm

  3104. Dexter--Anita Hill had several co workers who were willing to testify that at the time the harassment occurred she had talked with them about it and was very troubled. The investigators for the Senate also got Thomas' video rental history and he did rent a fair amount of pornography (Does "Long Dong Silver" ring a bell?)
  3105. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 21st, 2010  12:02 am

  3106. apples and oranges, Joe. One is not the other. Paula Jones wanted the notoriety but Anita Hill did not. She only appeared because she was subpoenaed. You don't see her on tv shows like "Dancing with the Stars" or whatever their ilk was back 19 years ago. Paula Jones would have killed to have as much publicity. Anita Hill has never wanted it.
  3107. moe99 on She wants what?
    October 21st, 2010  6:28 am

  3108. Joe, I think you can take up your GWB rant with prospero, it wasn't Bob not Greene afaik. And for all you know, which you don't, I wanted Clinton to resign at the time. I thought his behavior was execrable.
  3109. moe99 on Detroit, high and low.
    October 22nd, 2010  6:52 pm

  3110. OMG. The birth rate disparity means we're going to be overrun with bubbas in 20 years! Guess we better hang on to the Senate, as the House will be Tea Party Central. OT. I am an inveterate spell checker and reader. Yesterday I finished reading Lionel Shriver's latest, "So Much for That" because I've embarked on a mission to read all the fiction books nominated for the National Book award this year. I wasn't sure I could read or finish it because it dealt with a woman who was dying of cancer, but found I really enjoyed and related to a number of aspects of the book, except the ending (which isn't a bad idea). However, I was disgruntled to find the word "hued" used where what was meant was "hewed." So I looked up the internet address of the editor and sent her an email. Not only did I get a nice response from the editor, this morning I woke up to a nice email from Ms. Shriver! My day is made.
  3111. moe99 on Detroit, high and low.
    October 22nd, 2010  9:10 pm

  3112. Jolene, I've offered Yglesias at least four times to edit his work for free. And Coates is the other one. He had a great post on the culture of poverty but it's impact was severely tempered by a number of typos that were no brainers. In fact in my email to Ms. Shriver's editor, I mentioned Coates!
  3113. moe99 on Detroit, high and low.
    October 23rd, 2010  11:33 pm

  3114. My thoughts exactly JayZ!! Bet it is icy in the Thomas household these days...
  3115. moe99 on Consider yourself trolled.
    October 25th, 2010  11:28 pm

  3116. I read 20 Harlequin romances the summer of 1976 to relax while studying for the Kentucky bar. Never went back. My favorite cruise story (not mine--although I went on one in 1998 with my parents and siblings and all of our families--it was ok but I'd rather be on a beach. and I chaired a multi-state investigation of a cruise line in 1999 when I was in Consumer Protection--they used Robin Leach as their spokesperson and were very very unfair and deceptive in their practices)involved a college friend who became the medical director of a very large cruise line headquarted in Seattle in the 1980's. They were looking to upgrade their medical staff from retired doctors to those who still practiced medicine. His first night on the ship, he was dressing in his tux for dinner at the captain's table and he got a phone call that someone in the early meal service had suffered a heart attack or stroke or something else really major. Initially he had qualms about running to the dining room clad only in his pants, but pulled on a tshirt and ran. He found a vacationer on the floor, unable to breathe and the elderly attending doctor unable to perform an emergency tracheostomy. He did the tracheostomy but the patient died. He said the weirdest part was that the diners all around, ignored the hubbub and tucked into their Baked Alaska without so much as a notice. Then there was the problem when all the latex gloves went missing. Turns out they didn't stock smaller size condoms for the Phillipine wait staff. So there you go.
  3117. moe99 on Consider yourself trolled.
    October 25th, 2010  11:47 pm

  3118. Nancy, both anecdotes were told at a dinner for 4--me, my ex, the doc and his wife who is also a doc. We were all classmates at Macalester. Those facts plus the point that the dinner was in the early 1980's, argues for the glove story to be true. Carter is not someone who would embellish tales.
  3119. moe99 on Please, tread on me.
    October 27th, 2010  2:37 am

  3120. It's his Bourbon County chairman doing it. Nice work.
  3121. moe99 on Please, tread on me.
    October 27th, 2010  3:55 am

  3122. Richard Cohen just does not know when to shut up: Cohen, among other sexual indiscretions, had an affair with the Katie Marton, wife of Peter Jennings, in 1987 and Ben Bradlee found out, refused to lie and Jennings divorced her 5 months later.
  3123. moe99 on The Heartland speaks.
    October 28th, 2010  6:00 pm

  3124. My parents voted for Nixon over Kennedy in 1960, thereby putting politics over religion, which was not insignificant on my mother's side for the time. And I recall when JFK was shot in 1963, there were guys in my 6th grade class (Abby Stratton was the teacher, Alan) that cheered. As I had been raised to believe that FDR was a dirty word, I didn't realize the significance of the assassination or the cheering until much later. All I knew is that it ruined Sat. morning cartoons on my birthday, the 23d of Nov.
  3125. moe99 on The Heartland speaks.
    October 28th, 2010  6:36 pm

  3126. Let's talk about those hostages in Iran, mark and recall that the Reagan team negotiated with the Iranians to make sure that they weren't released until after the election. That was sure playin' by the rules, wasn't it?
  3127. moe99 on The Heartland speaks.
    October 29th, 2010  1:20 am

  3128. Goebel Brewing Company in Detroit 1905. Comments have a modern view of the site.
  3129. moe99 on Sic 'em again.
    November 1st, 2010  9:13 am

  3130. Why trickle down economics is a fraud:
  3131. Moe99 on The pumpkin debrief.
    November 1st, 2010  6:50 pm

  3132. Snarkworth, thanks for the laugh at chemo this am!
  3133. moe99 on The pumpkin debrief.
    November 2nd, 2010  7:49 am

  3134. RoGirl, if it's any consolation Tom and Lorenzo agree with you:
  3135. moe99 on Come wade in the sewer.
    November 2nd, 2010  8:54 pm

  3136. We vote by mail in Wa state for the most part. And the kids get their ballots delivered to my house because they change addresses so frequently. Threw out the one that came to Seth because he's registered to vote in MN now. But Sarah and Matt filled out their ballots along with me and we sent them in. Then Sarah gets a letter from the King County elections bureau. Her signature on her ballot does not match the signature on file. D'oh. She's in her 4th year of medical school and her signature has become a "doctor's" signature. Not sure if her ballot will be counted but she has three ways to fix it retroactively. She could go in to one of their offices (which of course she hasn't the time to do and they are all out in the boonies) or she can have two citizens attest that she is who her signature says she is or she can send in an attestation page with a copy of a picture id with a matching signature line. She chose door no. 2 but it will not get in til after the election. Which I hope is not another 24 vote cliffhanger, but with Dino Rossi involved it could be. Where are these idiot voters? And how can we reach them and change their minds? I don't think I've seen so much stupidity on display ever in my life.
  3137. moe99 on Come wade in the sewer.
    November 2nd, 2010  10:34 pm

  3138. dissection of the Tea Party meme.
  3139. moe99 on Come wade in the sewer.
    November 3rd, 2010  7:34 am

  3140. I have to say, with 8 years of Bush/Cheney under my belt, I'm more familiar with tearing down those in power than helping build them up. So perhaps there's a silver lining in this. /sarcasm.
  3141. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 3rd, 2010  6:05 pm

  3142. Dave Weigel had a good tweet about Evan Bayh's editorial. Something about "Shut up quitter." I can get behind that. Patty Murray is winning but the Seattle Times doesn't want to give up their wet dream of Dino Rossi taking it away from her. I didn't drink last night, probably just as well. A woman down the street from me committed suicide Sunday night. She'd been living with her mother, who went into a nursing home after a series of strokes rendered her incompetent and the other siblings were selling the house to pay for the care. This woman, who was in her late 40s early 50's, had been into drugs, in jail for a period of time, had no job and faced being homeless. She'd lived off the proceeds of the estate sale of the contents of the house from earlier this summer but the money had run out. An offer on the house was received Sunday and she hung herself in the basement several hours later. Right before trick or treating started in my neighborhood.
  3143. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 3rd, 2010  6:54 pm

  3145. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 3rd, 2010  9:55 pm

  3146. Catherine, Maybe when the glaucoma kicks in? (big grin)
  3147. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 4th, 2010  2:41 am

  3148. Well, Dexter, let's be all bipartisan and talk about Mark Kirk who lied just as much about his military record or more, and still got elected as the Republican Senator from IL. ps. I meant to tell Sue I loved her initial post. And Jeff Borden, I am stealing your summary of the GWB interview. Damn fine snark.
  3149. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 4th, 2010  3:06 am

  3150. The hits just keep coming. Erick Erickson of Redstate has a list of the next RINOs to be booted from the GOP Senate in 2012: John Barasso (WY) Scott Brown (MA) Bob Corker (TN) John Ensign (NV) Orrin Hatch (UT) Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) Jon Kyl (AZ) Richard Lugar (IN) Olympia Snowe (ME) Roger Wicker (MS)
  3151. moe99 on The mop-up.
    November 4th, 2010  9:31 am

  3152. Dexter, was the GI Bill gone by the time of VN?
  3153. moe99 on The hospital of you.
    November 5th, 2010  4:34 am

  3154. I've been paying for health insurance all the years I've been employed--33 of them and in the early days, I didn't use it. So I subsidized older, sicker folks' health care as a result. That's what insurance is: spreading the risk. And the best way to do that is to include every US citizen in the health insurance/health care pool.
  3155. moe99 on Life's rich banquet.
    November 5th, 2010  7:09 pm

  3156. When I lived in Lexington back in the late '70's, I had a boyfriend named Dave who was a rabid and vocal Pirates fan. Of course we would go to Cincinnati for the Pirates/Reds games but we'd have to move ever 2 or 3 innings because Dave was so obnoxious, it was that or get into fights. I still remember those times and Dave fondly.
  3157. moe99 on Life's rich banquet.
    November 6th, 2010  12:07 am

  3158. Just back from the American College of Physicians luncheon where my daughter was given the "Outstanding Medical student of the year" award.* Dr. Pauw, the presenter, said of her: "She has a heart of gold and the soul of a healer." I came close to tears. *this was for the 5 state region of Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
  3159. moe99 on Life's rich banquet.
    November 8th, 2010  12:23 am

  3160. Been having a debate on another forum about healthcare, and I learned something today. I thought 100 billion made a trillion. I was wrong. It is 1000 billion. So, if total health care costs in this country are 2.3 trillion and medical malpractice costs are 8.6 billion, that's .3 percent of the total. Amazing.
  3161. moe99 on One sweet hour.
    November 9th, 2010  3:33 am

  3162. I got that it was a joke, Joe. Kind of hard to have a sense of humor these days, isn't it? OT: conjoined twins share a brain.
  3163. moe99 on Calling in.
    November 9th, 2010  7:29 pm

  3164. There was a story out during the GWB presidency, where a woman who was driving in a car with Barbara out of the long Bush driveway, watched as GWB, riding a mountain bike ahead of the car, drove slowly swerving from side to side to make sure that his mother took the longest time possible to exit the property. The woman wrote that GWB was obviously pissed at his mom. And this was when he was 30-40 years old. I think putting tacky stories like this in his "memoir" are nothing more than that petulant adult, still trying to get back at his parents.
  3165. moe99 on Calling in.
    November 10th, 2010  4:20 am

  3166. Found the anecdote I remembered. Now, mind you, GWB maintains that the reason he put the fetus in the jar story in his autobiography was to show how he became closer to his mother. Really? What about the 20+ years afterwards, drinking, drugging and getting his girlfriend a Mexican abortion? He claims that it brough he and his mom closer together but frankly that's a lie. He was drunk and a troublemaker for more than 20 years after that, and if rumor is correct, at least one girlfriend went to Mexico for an abortion. This story, to me, is illustrative of what his real relationship with his mother was post-miscarriage: Around the same time, for the 1972 Christmas holiday, the Allisons met up with the Bushes on vacation in Hobe Sound, Fla. Tension was still evident between Bush and his parents. Linda was a passenger in a car driven by Barbara Bush as they headed to lunch at the local beach club. Bush, who was 26 years old, got on a bicycle and rode in front of the car in a slow, serpentine manner, forcing his mother to crawl along. "He rode so slowly that he kept having to put his foot down to get his balance, and he kept in a weaving pattern so we couldn't get past," Allison recalled. "He was obviously furious with his mother about something, and she was furious at him, too."
  3167. moe99 on Catching up.
    November 11th, 2010  2:14 am

  3168. I was not a Hillary supporter, but I thought that interview was great! She's someone I'd like to have a beer with.
  3169. moe99 on Self-destructing in 60 seconds.
    November 11th, 2010  10:16 pm

  3170. Michael G, I saw that same Shakespeare play on TV: A Midsummer Night's Dream. The cast, these days, sounds fantastic. I wonder if it can be purchased. Answering my own question:
  3171. moe99 on Self-destructing in 60 seconds.
    November 12th, 2010  12:16 am

  3172. Watched all three of the Sherlock episodes, Julie and loved 'em. Now have to wait almost a year for the next installments, assuming we get them at the same time as Britain does. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is quite fetching.
  3173. moe99 on Counts, recounts.
    November 12th, 2010  11:26 pm

  3174. alex, you need to give your audience more background. I am shocked, shocked, I tell you that Bush plagiarized from his subordinates' books!!!
  3175. moe99 on The senior portion.
    November 16th, 2010  4:10 am

  3176. I have to say reading your comments made the chemo pass that much faster today. Several times I laughed out loud then had to explain it to my friend, Anne, who was there with me. Thanks guys!
  3177. moe99 on Adults like to fret.
    November 17th, 2010  10:14 pm

  3178. Julie and LAMary: word.
  3179. moe99 on Dash out.
    November 19th, 2010  2:55 am

  3180. The ex gave me a vacuum cleaner our last Christmas together. It was a used one from his mother's 'estate' (to be honest she was quite poor when she died). Should have figured it out because that was the same Christmas he went out and bought himself nice, new fancy underwear.
  3181. moe99 on Worlds to conquer.
    November 19th, 2010  10:47 pm

  3182. It's a great day when I agree with mark and Rana and LAMary and Jolene. And for those of you who are out of ideas for Christmas gifts:
  3183. moe99 on Worlds to conquer.
    November 20th, 2010  3:26 am

  3184. What LA Mary said, Brian. Your intellectual curiosity, particularly about Lincoln and the Civil War, has made me think a few times. Thanks for that.
  3185. moe99 on Worlds to conquer.
    November 20th, 2010  8:38 pm

  3186. Thanks, Alex. I sent it to my brother Mark and his partner.
  3187. moe99 on Under the sink again.
    November 24th, 2010  2:50 am

  3188. Thanks all for the bday wishes. I got the day off from work, courtesy of a record snowfall. Got up and discovered that the cold had frozen my hot water tank. But not before Max, the 80 lb arthritic black lab had gone down to the basement and taken a dump and couldn't get back up the stairs. My back is killing me. So I was outside with my hair dryer and an extension cord for a half hour and my feet frozze. But once back inside it has been putter heaven. And I have to note that ever since the City of Seattle instituted free composting, I don't have a clogged kitchen sink. Oh, and in preparation for the new True Grit, I got the old one to show my 20 year old son. Half way through he turned to me and said, "This movie sucks, Mom." Just the sensibilities of the younger generation...But frankly, it was pretty bad. Even with all the star firepower.
  3189. moe99 on Under the sink again.
    November 24th, 2010  4:56 am

  3190. Present, Nancy.
  3191. moe99 on The countdown.
    November 24th, 2010  10:16 pm

  3192. Happy birthday November baby! Us Sagittarians must stick together!
  3193. moe99 on The countdown.
    November 25th, 2010  8:30 am

  3194. Actually, I was delighted to see Cohen at the top of the hack list. I've been fuming about him for years. And his affair with the wife of Peter Jennings, for which he was ratted out by none other than Ben Bradlee, put him on my list. This, together with Delay's convictions have made my Thanksgiving memorable.
  3195. moe99 on The countdown.
    November 27th, 2010  9:06 am

  3196. I stayed home and made turkey soup from the carcass and a crockpot. It goes into Max's dog food to soften it because of his laryngeal surgery--he has to have soft food. He's loving it! Oh, and I also washed windows. How's that for excitement? PS: Tim G has company--FOX News plagiarizes the Onion.
  3197. moe99 on On E.
    December 1st, 2010  2:29 am

  3198. Adrianne, Thanks for the review of "The Warmth of Other Sons" Need to put that on my TBR list.
  3199. moe99 on Who ARE these people?
    December 1st, 2010  11:41 pm

  3200. When you have one child, you can double team him or her. Two children? Man to man defense. Three? You move to (a very porous) zone defense. I have holes in my memory of those days, which is probably a good thing.
  3201. moe99 on Older and still dumb.
    December 3rd, 2010  2:29 am

  3202. Jeff tmmo, Kenneth Miller was a professor of my daughter's at Brown. She thought he was the best. She certainly got an excellent science education there. And at Garfield,her central Seattle public high school.
  3203. moe99 on Older and still dumb.
    December 3rd, 2010  10:29 am

  3204. Jeff tmmo. Unfortunately you are participating in the "if A then B is equal comparison." It's a logical argument fallacy. You cannot post a comparable number of numbnut Democrat sayings or philosophy to equal all the crap out there that the Republicans are swilling and spitting out into the public discourse. I triple dog dare you to do it. What you can find is numberless, craven Democrats without the spine to speak up and take these aholes down.
  3205. moe99 on Bad news on the doorstep.
    December 3rd, 2010  8:45 pm

  3206. I need levity today. Lots of it.
  3207. moe99 on Bad news on the doorstep.
    December 3rd, 2010  10:18 pm

  3208. A friend from Mpls must've read my mind. She sent me this today:
  3209. moe99 on Bad news on the doorstep.
    December 5th, 2010  12:56 am

  3210. I thought this was an interesting observation about Nate Silver and many currently practicing the craft of journalism (or as Atrios calls it, journanimalism :
  3211. moe99 on My virtual office.
    December 6th, 2010  7:21 pm

  3212. Jeff tmmo: It is far closer to that than you imagine. I received this analysis of the tax cuts from an attorney in AZ. Too bad the media can't take the time to understand it and write about it accurately. "...income over $250,000 will be taxed at a higher rate. But even those who make $1 million a year will see the first $200,000 (for single filers) or $250,000 (married filing jointly) taxed at the lower current rates, and the lines will be moved so that some income now taxed at 33% will go down to a 28% marginal rate. Everybody paying income taxes now would see the Bush income tax cuts extended at current rates, and people up around the top 3% (at ~$200,000) would see their marginal tax rates go down on part of that income. Under Obama's proposal, income approaching and then over $250,000, which is now taxed at 33 and 35% - the change from 33 to 35% is at $373,650 - will go down to 28% at the lower end of the range, and will go up to 36% at $250,000 (married filing jointly) or $200,000 (for single filers), and then to 39.6% at $375,700 and above (whether single or married filing jointly)."
  3213. moe99 on My virtual office.
    December 6th, 2010  10:31 pm

  3214. Part of the reason that I am so frustrated about this tax crap is that the media is NOT reporting what Democrats are saying. I hate to sound like prospero, but it seems that Sen. Kerry was dishing it out y'day but all we get in the intertubes is crickets:
  3215. moe99 on My virtual office.
    December 6th, 2010  11:38 pm

  3216. sigh
  3217. moe99 on My virtual office.
    December 7th, 2010  12:31 am

  3219. moe99 on The joker's smile.
    December 7th, 2010  7:08 pm

  3220. The Wikileaks story is starting to resemble the plot in the SF book, Neuromancer. William Gibson got it very right many years ago....
  3221. moe99 on The joker's smile.
    December 7th, 2010  8:54 pm

  3222. Well, Sully thinks that Obama is ahead of the curve.
  3223. moe99 on The joker's smile.
    December 8th, 2010  12:33 am

  3224. the dark side of cancer fundraising.
  3225. moe99 on Starbucks cracker barrel.
    December 10th, 2010  12:18 am

  3226. Kirk, we used the "between the sheets" line when we would read off titles from juke boxes in restaurants (when they still had them). And LA Mary, my two brothers classified and named farts. SBD was the most popular because of the surprise element, but then there was Toby, named for a loud rip roar and Rose which was a sweet and sticky fart. We had long conversations about these growing up but generally sotto voce because in our household we could not use the words 'pee' (dodo was the accepted term) and 'poop' (we had to say grunt instead). A Defiance, Ohio upbringing here.
  3227. moe99 on Starbucks cracker barrel.
    December 10th, 2010  10:06 am

  3228. Coozledad, will you make it to Elizabeth Edwards' funeral to block Westboro Baptist church from doing evil Saturday?
  3229. moe99 on Starbucks cracker barrel.
    December 10th, 2010  8:15 pm

  3230. In Kentucky, Versailles is pronounced "Ver-sales" and Athens, of course, has a long "a" with the emphasis on the first syllable. I also have a list of all the weird town names from that state/commonwealth:
  3231. moe99 on Your holiday DJ.
    December 10th, 2010  9:24 pm

  3232. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the proprietress and everyone here. It is always a day brightener to visit.
  3233. moe99 on Your holiday DJ.
    December 11th, 2010  10:22 pm

  3234. There's a reason Bea Arthur denied being in the Marines. I'm sorry she felt she had to do it, because it would not have mattered to me. But this was a while ago.
  3235. moe99 on Your holiday DJ.
    December 13th, 2010  9:42 am

  3236. well my basement flooded today. First time for me and I'm still up trenching and drying.
  3237. moe99 on Yo, snow.
    December 14th, 2010  1:56 am

  3238. Dorothy, just back from chemo and more trench digging so I too have joined your prayer tree for your husband. Might we know his first name, so I can offer it up at church on Sunday for the whole congregation to join in? They're good at this. edit: Ah, see his name is Mike by re-reading the comments. Speed, not comprehension was my strong suit. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way from the upper left hand corner of the map!
  3239. moe99 on Freedom.
    December 14th, 2010  9:10 pm

  3240. a draft would mean that draftees would come from all segments of society including the richest sectors, which is what put the brakes on the Vietnam war finally. I tend to believe that history would repeat itself here. And Jon Stewart pulls the mask off the sanctimony of the Republicant's (his word). As Ashley Morris would say, "fuck them fucking fuckmooks."
  3241. moe99 on Freedom.
    December 15th, 2010  1:15 am

  3242. There are a number of legal problems in Judge Hudson's decision invalidating part of the health care act as well. TPM has a good precis: And a friend of mine, who is a law school professor wrote this: I think [Judge] Hudson is wrong for reasons that go beyond his treatment of the N&P power, but I also acknowledge that the constitution eventually means whatever five justices say it means. I think he is wrong because Wickard v. Filburn decided that the government can compel participation in a market by forbidding you from feeding your cattle with grains you have grown for their consumption: "The effect of the statute before us is to restrict the amount which may be produced for market and the extent, as well, to which one may forestall resort to the market by producing to meet his own needs" (emphasis added). Raich more recently held Congress had the power to regulate home production of marijuana for home consumption, with no showing that anything -- not the seeds, not the dirt, not the pot, not the water -- came from outside CA. Beyond Wickard and Raich, the claim that the uninsured are not in the market is sheer fiction dressed up as formalism. As soon as they incur any serious illness or injury, they will show up in the emergency room or the Medicaid office and expect the rest of us to pay for their health care. People who can but choose not to buy health insurance are betting (with absolute confidence) that if anything bad does happen to them, government or government-mandated charity care will pick up the tab. The government does not have to keep taking that one-sided bet. Heads you win, tails we lose. It really does seem preposterous to claim that Congress lacks power to address such an obvious free-rider problem, in the context of an industry that is pervasively regulated, covers a large fraction of the economy, and buys and sells goods and services and financial obligations in interstate commerce every day. Perhaps Congress can also do this under the spending power. Once a society becomes sufficiently civilized that it pays for health care for those in need (which may be the real political debate here), it can enact rules to prevent that generosity from being abused. The enforcement mechanism can be characterized as a tax; that would also settle the question. Hudson (and Vinson in FL) seem to think that Congress has to call something a tax before it can be a tax, which is an odd way for one coordinate branch to treat another coordinate branch's enumerated powers, and to Romeo v. Juliet: "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." It should be an easy case based on the last seventy years of commerce clause, necessary and proper clause, tax and spending clause cases. But as I said, getting to five is what counts.
  3243. moe99 on Freedom.
    December 15th, 2010  9:41 am

  3244. Tim O'Brien is a graduate of my alma mater--Macalester College. He is a real treasure.
  3245. moe99 on How it's done.
    December 15th, 2010  7:37 pm

  3246. Do you want to be a journalist?
  3247. moe99 on How it's done.
    December 15th, 2010  9:08 pm

  3248. My ex's family is a long line of ministers, mostly German Reformed. My former brother in law is a fervent vegan who built his own house in Waldo, Maine and who does without electricity or hot water. And he only works (as a foreign car repairman) until he reaches the IRS minimum for tax purposes. I decided some time ago that he's the modern day manifestation of the Puritan mentality. ps. who's going to see Glenn Beck in Wilmington OH?
  3249. moe99 on How it's done.
    December 16th, 2010  2:40 am

  3250. Richard Cohen pens a Mitch Albomesque obit of Richard Holbrooke (whose 3d wife was Katie Marton):
  3251. moe99 on Gamesmanship, part 2.
    December 17th, 2010  11:47 pm

  3252. Oh, Dorothy, I am so happy to hear that! And thank you Bob, not Greene for the rousing defense of lawyers. We're not all like that.
  3253. moe99 on Gamesmanship, part 2.
    December 18th, 2010  1:53 am

  3254. Another note about drinking alcohol in cold weather. My dad did a 2 year residency at the Mayo Clinic in anesthesia when I was a senior in high school and a freshman in college. I remember one of his stories had to do with snowmobile riders who put their flasks in the back pockets of their snow suits then would take them out for a big ol' swig in the midst of nowhere after riding for an hour or two. Alcohol can go much lower than the freezing temp for water, and what they did was they froze the inside of their throats. Very dangerous stuff to hear my dad tell it.
  3255. moe99 on Gamesmanship, part 2.
    December 20th, 2010  3:22 am

  3256. The Secession Ball is tomorrow night in Charleston. Tickets are $100 per.
  3257. moe99 on Gamesmanship, part 2.
    December 20th, 2010  11:58 am

  3258. Louche is from the French word for squinting. Here are some definitions that include more than you thought:
  3259. Moe99 on Homewreckers.
    December 20th, 2010  7:20 pm

  3260. Am writing from chemo on my IPOd, so this may be sketchier than usual, but any time your spouse gives you a vacuum cleaner for Xmas should be the occasion for warning bells to start going off. Particularly if it's a used model from said spouse's impoverished mother's estate.
  3261. moe99 on It's just an expression.
    December 21st, 2010  9:25 pm

  3262. Steve Landesberg, of Barney Miller fame, has died of cancer at 65. I liked him. Jeff (tmmo) there was a New Yorker piece a number of years ago about a housing initiative that did not require you to be clean and sober before you were given a home. Can't find the article but did find this:
  3263. moe99 on It's just an expression.
    December 22nd, 2010  1:34 am

  3264. a fun detour:
  3265. moe99 on Days ahead: Merry, bright.
    December 27th, 2010  9:45 am

  3266. Shoot, Deborah, I thought grandkids were supposed to be great fun. Dang.
  3267. moe99 on Opened presents.
    December 28th, 2010  3:57 am

  3268. My son (whose self portrait is currently my gravatar) saw Black Swan and loved it. He now wants to go to ballets. So if that led him there, so much the better. Maybe he will develop an appreciation for the real thing.
  3269. moe99 on Silly season.
    December 28th, 2010  7:38 pm

  3270. Coozledad, I've always said that onanism is its own reward.
  3271. moe99 on Silly season.
    December 28th, 2010  9:24 pm

  3272. Coozledad, Here's Bernadette Peters on the Tonight Show:
  3273. moe99 on For auld lang syne.
    December 29th, 2010  7:42 pm

  3274. Oh, Scout, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. Such a bad time for this to happen. My 13 year old lab, Max, is having a very hard time walking down stairs. He still loves to run after his kong but it's not really a run, since the back legs don't work too well. He was our Christmas puppy back in '97 and it was my best Christmas ever. At least I don't get the official Christmas card from the ex, the state treasurer. I'm sure his letter is full of all sorts of fun things, like the 2 1/2 week trip to Corsica this fall and his wedding in August. Today he took our kids skiing. At least it's local, last year it was to an expensive resort in Utah, where his wife owns a condo.
  3275. moe99 on For auld lang syne.
    December 30th, 2010  10:17 am

  3276. God, I love you guys...
  3277. moe99 on For auld lang syne.
    December 30th, 2010  10:06 pm

  3278. Scout, I am so sorry to hear of Norman's passing. Max, Scooter, Truffle and I will say a prayer tonight for him.
  3279. moe99 on For auld lang syne.
    December 31st, 2010  3:53 am

  3280. My cats were Dorothy Parker, Whimbeldon, and Thurber.
  3281. moe99 on For auld lang syne.
    December 31st, 2010  8:47 am

  3282. David Sedaris on 6-8 Black Men:
  3283. moe99 on Movie nights.
    January 3rd, 2011  9:36 pm

  3284. Heard another term worth remembering over the holidays. You know what to call the ponytail hairstyle preferred by aging, balding hippie men? A skullet. That made my evening. ps. the health scammers are prevalent in the cancercare industry:
  3285. moe99 on That stinks.
    January 4th, 2011  9:03 pm

  3286. My favorite scent, Memoire Cherie, by Elizabeth Arden, was discontinued years ago when an ingredient became illegal. I've since found a place in TX that makes the perfume, but then I went into a period of not wearing anything as a member in my choir was allergic to perfumes, and I've just not gotten back into the habit. Have to say, I'd like to shake each and every on street smoker I walk past. Even outside, their stink cannot be avoided.
  3287. moe99 on That stinks.
    January 4th, 2011  10:34 pm

  3288. John, here are some leads for you:
  3289. moe99 on That stinks.
    January 5th, 2011  12:31 am

  3290. those performing the services as government employees are paid far in excess to those performing the same service in the private sector. That's a good one, mark. I have never been paid in excess of attorneys in private practice. I even took a pay cut to jump from the federal service to the state of Washington in 1994. At this point in time, I earn maybe, if I am lucky, one third of what attorneys with my years of experience earn in the private sector. I chose government work because I needed regular hours raising my kids, so I went into it eyes wide open. But when some yahoo like you tries to tell me that I earn more, after watching my former associates from private practice pay off the mortgages on their 3000 sq ft mansions by the lake and purchase vacation homes or travel abroad every year, that's so full of crap as to merit a diaper.
  3291. moe99 on That stinks.
    January 5th, 2011  8:29 am

  3292. Jolene, I read Drew Gilpin Faust's Republic of Suffering. It's a superb history book but you're right, a real downer. I don't know how she could have seen it through to the end. My book club read it and had a very interesting discussion as a result.
  3293. moe99 on Leave the lights.
    January 5th, 2011  7:24 pm

  3294. I had my son install my exterior light when he was home and then I fixed the jammed disposal on my own, by sticking a broomstick down it and manually turning the grinders. Out popped a piece of metal that had gotten stuck underneath. All this meant is that the $500 I would have spent there got spent on veterinary care for Scooter when he herniated two disks. Nothing like a credit card.
  3295. moe99 on What am I doing here?
    January 6th, 2011  10:00 pm

  3296. I dream of houses frequently, but they are all different kinds in different neighborhoods, but they are always my house, the one I own and live in. It's very perplexing when I wake up because I have to add a new type/style of house to the collection. As far as the autism/thimerosol fraud, that doctor is still proclaiming his innocence and CNN gave him a platform to do so without pointing out the lack of basis for his claims. I find that to be on a par with most of their shoddy reporting these days.
  3297. moe99 on What am I doing here?
    January 7th, 2011  8:49 am

  3298. Jolene, you are right, but what I did not know is that untaxed native Americans are still not counted as part of the population following the 14th amendment.
  3299. moe99 on A house for the girls.
    January 7th, 2011  7:11 pm

  3300. As someone who really didn't need a bra until late in life (thank you breast feeding!), I've always been hard to fit. Lately it's worse with the port installed directly below my right clavicle--I have to find bras with straps that don't rub and irritate it.
  3301. moe99 on A house for the girls.
    January 7th, 2011  10:48 pm

  3302. the error behind the assumption that government workers make lots of money
  3303. moe99 on A house for the girls.
    January 8th, 2011  3:01 am

  3304. prospero, here are the significant findings from the report you have cited: What are the major findings from this study? A total of 378 statistical tests were conducted. Each child was tested on 42 neuropsychological outcomes, 3 exposure periods and the full model plus gender specific analyses. Among the 42 outcomes measured, the study found that the majority of the outcomes had NO association with thimerosal exposure and most associations would be what is expected by chance alone. Only a few statistically significant associations or consistent patterns between exposure to thimerosal and neuropsychological functioning were found. •Among males, increased prenatal exposure was associated with significantly better performance in visual spatial ability (Stanford Binet Copying test), and poorer performance with attention and executive functioning (WISC III Digit Span Backward Recall test). There were no significant associations for females. •Increased exposure from birth to 7 months of age was associated with significantly better performance among males on achievement (WJ-III: Letter-Word Identification test) and among females on fine motor coordination (Grooved Peg Board Non-Dominant Hand test) and attention and executive functioning (WISC III Digit Span Backward Recall test). Among males, higher exposure was associated with poorer performance with attention and executive functioning (Brief Parent Rating of Behavioral Regulation test), and a higher likelihood of motor and phonic tics reported by the child assessor were observed. •Among males, higher exposures during the first 28 days of life had beneficial associations with improved performance on five motor coordination (Finger-Tapping-Dominant-Hand and the Finger-Tapping-Non-Dominant-Hand tests) and general intellectual functioning (WASI Performance IQ test). Among females, higher exposure was associated with poorer scores on one test of verbal intellectual functioning (WASI Verbal IQ) and a lower likelihood of motor tics reported by parents were observed. The weight of the evidence in this study does not support a causal association between early mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and/or immunoglobulins and neuropsychological functioning at ages 7 to 10 years. emphasis added
  3305. moe99 on A house for the girls.
    January 8th, 2011  9:30 am

  3306. This article indicates it is flushed out, albeit slowly. And at the risk of repeating myself, prospero, because I don't seem to be understood, the conclusion of the study seems to be that the exposure is not toxic: The weight of the evidence in this study does not support a causal association between early mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and/or immunoglobulins and neuropsychological functioning at ages 7 to 10 years.
  3307. moe99 on A house for the girls.
    January 9th, 2011  1:13 am

  3308. I am trying to approach this with an open and horrified mind, but the evidence so far is leading to the tea party: 5 dead thus far, including a 9 year old girl. The man in custody is 22 and has a very bizarre website: Her opponent in the last election: Palin's website may be taken down now, but here is a cached version: news about the judge killed:
  3309. moe99 on Gabrielle Giffords.
    January 9th, 2011  6:24 am

  3310. The other way the right wing puts it is that Rep. Giffords was a right wing leaning Dem and the Obama and left wings targeted her for assassination. Fox News talked about how this was hard for poor Gov. Brewer. As if. They can all go to hell.
  3311. moe99 on Gabrielle Giffords.
    January 10th, 2011  1:45 am

  3312. This Tweet from SP completely discounts her contention that the symbol used above was from surveying: "Remember months ago "bullseye" icon used 2 target the 20 Obamacare-lovin' incumbent seats? We won 18 out of 20 (90% success rate;T'aint bad) 8:43 AM Nov 4th, 2010 via Twitter for BlackBerry®"
  3313. moe99 on Fault lines.
    January 10th, 2011  9:33 pm

  3315. moe99 on Fault lines.
    January 11th, 2011  1:08 am

  3316. Tom Delay sentenced to 3 years:
  3317. moe99 on Fault lines.
    January 11th, 2011  4:23 am

  3318. Joe, Did you view the youtube I posted at #33 above? Please do so. Did you know that John Hinckley was trying to impress Jodie Foster when he shot Reagan? His parents were wealthy Republicans and donated to George HW Bush's campaign. In fact, another Hinckley son was supposed to have dinner the night of the assassination attempt with Neil Bush. For you to try to make the assassination attempts against two sitting presidents somehow equivalent to the present day horrors means you don't get it. They are all wrong. One does not excuse the other. We are a nation of laws, I hope. Not a nation of lynchers. Loghner will get his day in court, and hopefully a fair trial. Your comments about killing him now are intemperate.
  3319. moe99 on Fault lines.
    January 11th, 2011  6:42 am

  3320. John Hinckley was found not guilty by reaason of insanity. There is that possibility, especially given that the public defender assigned to him defended the unabomber and other violent individuals. I am still not convinced by your argument. There's a sort of "well the other side did it too" that totally beside the point.
  3321. moe99 on Mommy dearest.
    January 12th, 2011  1:57 am

  3322. Deborah, I file that Ailes statement under the heading, "who knew there was gambling going on?" I will believe it when I see it and Glenn Beck was not toned down yesterday. Ooh, and this from Rush Limbaugh via Andrew Sullivan:
  3323. moe99 on Mommy dearest.
    January 12th, 2011  10:05 am

  3324. Jolene, your link is weird. What am I not seeing?
  3325. moe99 on Kitchen purple hearts.
    January 12th, 2011  8:35 pm

  3326. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting still is full of Bush appointees. Which explains the rightward drift of their news in the past 4-5 years.
  3327. moe99 on Kitchen purple hearts.
    January 12th, 2011  10:45 pm

  3328. All but one of the current CPB board were appointed by Bush. One hopes that the conservative agenda at CPB has lightened since this: “In 2004 and 2005, there were complaints by people within PBS and NPR that the CPB was starting to push a conservative agenda [7][8], while board members counter that they are merely seeking balance. Polls of the PBS and NPR audiences in 2002 and 2003 indicated that few felt that the groups' news reports contained bias, and those that saw a slant were split as to which side they believed the reports favored. The president of CPB, Patricia Harrison, is a former co-chair of the Republican National Committee; between 2001-2010, its chair was a Republican. The charge of a conservative agenda reached a head in 2005. The point man of the controversy, Kenneth Tomlinson, was the chair of the CPB board from September 2003 until September 2005. During his time as Chair, he drew the anger of PBS and NPR supporters by unilaterally commissioning a study of alleged bias of the PBS show, NOW with Bill Moyers, conducted by a conservative colleague, and by appointing two conservatives as CPB Ombudsmen.[9] On November 3, 2005, Tomlinson resigned from the board in the face of allegations of scandal. A report of his tenure by the CPB Inspector General, Kenneth Konz, requested by House Democrats, prompted his resignation. On November 15, the report was made public. It found evidence that "the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) former Chairman violated statutory provisions and the Director’s Code of Ethics by dealing directly with one of the creators of a new public affairs program during negotiations with PBS and the CPB over creating the show." It also "found evidence that suggests “political tests” were a major criteria used by the former Chairman in recruiting a President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for CPB, which violated statutory prohibitions against such practices".[10]”
  3329. moe99 on Kitchen purple hearts.
    January 13th, 2011  12:40 am

  3330. mark, actually Obama's "bring a knife to a gunfight" was courtesy of a character in The Untouchables who was commenting on "the Chicago way." Obviously his saying this phrase once is completely comparable and much worse than the violent rhetorical excesses displayed by Limbaugh, Beck and Palin over the last few years (at least ten for the first two) or so. And Mark H, NPR still seems to me to be bending over backwards to make false equivalences in their news programs. I think it is a reaction to the constant attacks they are bombarded with by FOX news. So in that case, the FOX strategy seems to be working. I would agree that the NPR broadcasts are not as tilted as they were several years ago, but I still think that they are afraid.
  3331. moe99 on A dog's life.
    January 13th, 2011  8:37 pm

  3332. Looks like the GM bailout worked. Can't wait to see what the right wing hankie wringers have to say about this.
  3333. moe99 on A dog's life.
    January 14th, 2011  1:02 am

  3334. It appears that the Chinese Mommie Dearest story is more complex than the WSJ let on:
  3335. moe99 on A dog's life.
    January 14th, 2011  6:38 am

  3336. "were" or "weren't" Linda? I get confused easily.
  3337. moe99 on The bad penny.
    January 19th, 2011  12:37 am

  3338. That is great news, Dorothy! I'm pulling for Mike! Chemo is no fun and if he can avoid it, so much the better.
  3339. moe99 on The bad penny.
    January 19th, 2011  3:57 am

  3340. I realize that this may set off prospero, but I didn't know that Bush's cyber guru was killed in a plane crash 3 years ago:
  3341. moe99 on Tin for the 10th.
    January 19th, 2011  8:16 pm

  3342. Congratulations on the ten years, Nancy. I've been blogging for 7 but not so regularly as you. I've hit a rough patch where I'm trying to writing about my great aunt and my grandmother and the rest of their families but I have so much information from their estates with letters, newspaper clippings, antique photographs, that it is difficult to organize and present coherently. btw I have several issues of a Fort Wayne paper (the competiton to the Journal Gazette) that I took from the family home in Paulding that date the day after Pearl Harbor. I was wondering if you would like them, as I am sure my kids would not be interested. I found that all the extraneous things in the paper like the classifieds and the ads are really interesting.
  3343. moe99 on The First Closet.
    January 20th, 2011  10:08 pm

  3344. We had to destroy the village to save it. Shades of Vietnam coming back to haunt us:
  3345. moe99 on Venison stew.
    January 22nd, 2011  1:37 am

  3346. I don't have a dog in the current marital fidelity matters involving Sarah and the first Dude. But I will note that it was the National Enquirer that broke the John Edwards story. Now how many right wing pundits went on air to criticize them when they did that?
  3347. moe99 on Venison stew.
    January 22nd, 2011  2:22 am

  3348. Why Josh Marshall continues to pay attention to Sarah Palin. Makes sense to me.
  3349. moe99 on Venison stew.
    January 22nd, 2011  8:54 am

  3350. Anderson Cooper said it was the Comcast merger that gave the heave ho to Keith. I miss the old days when the govt was agin' media monopolies.
  3351. moe99 on Venison stew.
    January 23rd, 2011  11:18 pm

  3352. Brian, I too went to see True Grit last night. Wasn't looking forward to it because I didn't like the original very much (saw it 4 months ago to bone up for the new one and it just seemed wooden and not very real). But like you I came away very amazed at the powerful reaction it engendered in me. I wonder if it will beat The King's Speech out for Best Picture? A quintessentially American movie vs. a quintessentially British movie--the type of conflict that I like to see!
  3353. moe99 on Venison stew.
    January 24th, 2011  11:21 am

  3354. Hey, Nancy. Tell Alan that my brother, Mark, Alan's friend from Spencer School is doing good these days: I am so proud of him. He worked hard to raise the money and get the equipment.
  3355. moe99 on Strength and fitness.
    January 24th, 2011  9:29 pm

  3356. Cooze, at least some of the men from Galliano sported decent pants that fit right. Every single one of the pants on the models from this designer suck. And I mean that in a bad way...
  3357. moe99 on Down Downton way.
    January 26th, 2011  2:53 am

  3358. Christopher Hitchens is in high dudgeon about "The King's Speech." History may be 20/20 but living it at the time sure isn't.
  3359. Moe99 on A bigger page to write on.
    January 26th, 2011  9:31 pm

  3360. Louie Louie is Washington's state rock song because the Kingsmen hail from here. I remember when that song was banned in Indiana.
  3361. moe99 on Waiting for Oscar.
    January 27th, 2011  8:14 pm

  3362. My two older children did very well in the public school system. They went to Garfield, the high school in the worst part of town, but one that was a math/science magnet. My youngest didn't want to follow them so he wound up at the richest public high school and did rather poorly there. I was and remain extremely impressed with and grateful to the Garfield staff for giving my kids an education that has stood them in great stead in their lives. Elementary school was another story:
  3363. moe99 on Waiting for Oscar.
    January 27th, 2011  10:24 pm

  3364. Nancy, thank you. That is high praise.
  3365. moe99 on Caffeine and bloggage.
    January 28th, 2011  7:14 pm

  3366. I shared Hank's link with lots of folks yesterday. Combined with the other links supplied on the thread it gives me lots of ammo to refudiate some charter schools supporters that drive me crazy. Currently I am in a debate with some hoser about this sign: His riposte? Comparing Obama to Jesus? You libs need to get a grip. It gets worse from there....
  3367. moe99 on Caffeine and bloggage.
    January 28th, 2011  9:37 pm

  3368. Nancy, Laura Lippman has been nominated for an Edgar for her latest mystery! Let's break out the champagne and Cassis and make kir royales!
  3369. moe99 on Caffeine and bloggage.
    January 30th, 2011  8:06 am

  3370. For Brian, Lincoln's other Mother:
  3371. moe99 on Caffeine and bloggage.
    January 30th, 2011  9:16 pm

  3372. Bill Maher has some interesting comparisons to make between football and baseball:
  3373. moe99 on Snowpocalypse now. Er, Tuesday.
    February 1st, 2011  6:32 am

  3374. Rana, if the judicial decision in FL is upheld, there will be NO health care reform whatsoever. he threw out everythng.
  3375. moe99 on Won't get fooled again.
    February 2nd, 2011  2:43 am

  3376. Looks like Judge Vinson, the judge that struck down the Health Care Act yesterday, may have been caught Goeglein in his decision. He cribbed from a brief filed by the Family Research Council, an organization the Southern Poverty Law Center labelled a 'hate group' in 2010.
  3377. moe99 on Won't get fooled again.
    February 2nd, 2011  7:33 am

  3378. Jeff tmmo, when you mentioned LSD above, my first thought was, "who would be taking drugs at this time?" Sorry, long day.
  3379. moe99 on Won't get fooled again.
    February 2nd, 2011  9:43 am

  3380. Just be glad you aren't in Queensland.
  3381. moe99 on Disappointment of '11.
    February 2nd, 2011  11:51 pm

  3382. When I was living with a family in Offenbach Germany the summer of 69, I got into an argument with Marita, the daughter, about whether Bert Bachrach was a German or an American citizen. I'd grown up listening to Mr. McCarthy on the morning radio and he knew it all, so I wrote to him from Germany. Only I addressed it to Charlie McCarthy. However, he was kind enough to respond and tell me that Bachrach was indeed a German citizen at the time, so I lost the bet.
  3383. moe99 on Disappointment of '11.
    February 3rd, 2011  2:41 am

  3384. Dave, you're right. It WAS Bert Kaempfert. I just could not believe that the guy who wrote "Strangers in the Night" was not American
  3385. moe99 on Disappointment of '11.
    February 3rd, 2011  3:21 am

  3386. Ok, coozledad, that Virginia Woolf reference went right by me. I don't get it. Can you help, pls?
  3387. moe99 on Disappointment of '11.
    February 3rd, 2011  8:32 am

  3388. Frank Zappa: Don't eat that Yellow Snow
  3389. moe99 on Severe. Clear. Cold.
    February 3rd, 2011  8:29 pm

  3390. Coozledad, natural fertilizer is insufficient to create the amount of food that we need. At the turn of the last century, the world was facing a severe food shortage because of a lack of fertilizer. Islands filled with guana off the west coast of S. American had been denuded to try to keep up with demand. Fritz Haber, a Jewish German chemist, discovered how to separate nitrogen from the air and create fertilizer which actually saved us from famine. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for this. It also, ironically, became the basis for the creation of poison gas in WW1 Furthermore, Haber, a German patriot, who had served in the German military in WW1, had to flee for his life when Hitler came to power. He died a broken man in England. You can read a fascinating biography of him here:
  3391. moe99 on Severe. Clear. Cold.
    February 4th, 2011  6:04 am

  3392. Jolene, I have passed those photos on to everyone I can think of. Thanks so much. Speaking of Georgia, Mark P., is this your state legislator?
  3393. moe99 on She's got the look.
    February 5th, 2011  2:34 am

  3394. I have a Sabooroo too. That's how they pronounce the name in KY. It's a 2000 that leaks when it rains (not good in Seattle) and leaks oil, but it's been a great little car for me all these years.
  3395. moe99 on She's got the look.
    February 6th, 2011  2:59 am

  3396. Oh, beb, let us know the denouement. How tragic.
  3397. moe99 on She's got the look.
    February 7th, 2011  5:00 am

  3398. Brian, The Kids movie ran afoul of the the Who's song. Which was why it was titled the way it was. My pick for the Oscar is True Grit, anyway.
  3399. moe99 on Explication de texte.
    February 7th, 2011  8:06 pm

  3400. Seattle's been the Emerald City since 1985 and it's very well accepted around here. There was a contest and that appellation won. My submission was City of the Silver Linings.
  3401. moe99 on Explication de texte.
    February 8th, 2011  12:12 am

  3402. More on Ms. Trunk: she married a farmer back in April, except that it wasn't really a marriage because if it were the IRS would slap a lien on his farm because she owes taxes. She's got quite a following. Go figure.
  3403. moe99 on Explication de texte.
    February 8th, 2011  3:10 am

  3404. Here's someone who didn't like the Chrysler ad:
  3405. moe99 on Dull girl.
    February 10th, 2011  5:01 am

  3406. LA Mary, Rep. Chris Lee's resignation is either a sign that the GOP is going heavy, for now, on cheaters, or he does have more trash coming down the pike. I would note there are a number of GOP heavy weights who have suffered no consequences or did not resign for their transgressions, like John Ensign and David Vitter for starters.
  3407. moe99 on Harry Baals.
    February 11th, 2011  7:14 pm

  3408. In Seattle, they recently constructed a small trolley to go between the south end of Lake Union and the downtown. South Lake Union Trolley right? The tshirts (which are gone) are a hoot. It's been renamed but I can't remember the new one.
  3409. moe99 on Harry Baals.
    February 11th, 2011  9:20 pm

  3410. The stump of one of the apple trees Johnny Appleseed planted was part of a small park in Defiance, OH. I didn't know he was a Swedenborgian. Makes a weird sort of sense. Wonderful book that is tangentially about Swedenborgianism: The Chess Garden by Brooks Hansen. also, has anyone seen Mr. Deity and the scripts? Loved it.
  3411. moe99 on Harry Baals.
    February 12th, 2011  12:42 am

  3412. Best name I can come up with from Defiance was the Sticke and Frye funeral home.
  3413. moe99 on Harry Baals.
    February 12th, 2011  11:19 pm

  3414. One of the attorneys in my office, who is in a different division than me, is named Rusty Fallis. Then, I think it can be safely claimed that Kentucky has more weird town names than any other state:
  3415. moe99 on Harry Baals.
    February 13th, 2011  8:18 am

  3416. Something was done in 2010 with an actor re: Johnny Appleseed. Titled "Don't Call me Johnny"
  3417. moe99 on No toddling zone.
    February 15th, 2011  11:52 pm

  3418. well written, mark. Would have loved to see the race.
  3419. Moe99 on Fed up.
    February 19th, 2011  4:37 am

  3420. In Hawaii til next Thursday. Good time to let current events slide. Aloha
  3421. Moe99 on Fed up.
    February 20th, 2011  9:18 pm

  3422. The WI law kills collective bargaining rights which essentially neuters any union. As a state employee myself (albeit one who is not a union member --attorneys are exempt as 'professionals') I know that I make a third of what my counterparts in private practice do on average and 80% of what the county prosecutors make. The governor of WI is doing nothing less than breaking the state unions and anyone who says it's not that bad is seriously reality impaired.
  3423. Moe99 on Fed up.
    February 20th, 2011  10:32 pm

  3424. Yeah, del. I think the prosecutors are unionized. The Consumer Prptection Division in my office tried to unionize. They were litigated out of existence by the then Democratic AG who is now the hub of WA
  3425. Moe99 on Fed up.
    February 20th, 2011  11:39 pm

  3426. guv not hub. Typing on an iPod is a bitch.
  3427. Moe99 on In deep.
    February 22nd, 2011  7:56 am

  3428. Had a mai tai on the back porch tonight and watched the sun set into the Pacific ocean. I do not want to go home!
  3429. moe99 on Thousands strong.
    February 27th, 2011  9:06 am

  3430. Ok, it's been a roller coaster returning to the Emerald City. I fly back Wed night and as soon as the pilot announces the 27 degree temp in Seattle and we can see the snow falling from our plane windows, the folks in the airplane start the chant, "Turn around! Turn around!" Coldest weather on record for this month. If I could, I'd turn around right now, too. As it is we celebrated the miraculous return of my brother's and partner's dog today after 3 days missing in the south Seattle industrial area, after she was attacked by 2 big dogs in downtown Seattle. Truly a wonderful feeling for Mark and John as Lily, who originally was a rescue dog, is their child. So am most grateful for this particular gift of grace.
  3431. moe99 on Ruminations with eggs.
    March 1st, 2011  8:36 pm

  3432. Gawker must be overwhelmed. I can't raise the site.
  3433. moe99 on Ruminations with eggs.
    March 2nd, 2011  7:00 am

  3434. squid tattoo
  3435. moe99 on Wild man.
    March 2nd, 2011  10:31 pm

  3436. My youngest son frequented hookah lounges for a few years, even after I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Hopefully he's out of that sub genre now in rural Vermont.
  3437. moe99 on Wild man.
    March 3rd, 2011  3:55 am

  3438. I am 200 something in line at the library for Major Pettigrew. I sure wish they would get Kindle enabled. A friend who works at Amazon says that is possible. They already do e-books.
  3439. moe99 on Gov. Idiot.
    March 3rd, 2011  7:20 pm

  3440. Excuuse me but I seem to recall that we fought the Brits to gain our independence. Is Huckabee saying he would've been on the Redcoats side back then? Or is he just angling for an invite to the wedding? Edited to add these points about brain injuries in football. I wonder if the sport will survive?
  3441. moe99 on Pleased to meetcha.
    March 4th, 2011  10:38 pm

  3442. this is great news, Velvet. Ever since my brother's dog was found last Saturday, I've determined to 'pay it forward.' This morning, however, the guy I gave all my change to was pissed because it wasn't the $3 he was asking for. Love that gratitude!
  3443. moe99 on Pleased to meetcha.
    March 6th, 2011  10:21 am

  3444. Just saw the Oscar winning documentary, "Inside Job." I wish more people would go see it. Time to be demonstrating on Wall Street and time for some perp walks for fancy pants financial services CEOs. I wouldn't recommend to prospero though, because his heart might not be able to take it.
  3445. moe99 on Pleased to meetcha.
    March 7th, 2011  9:02 am

  3446. Oh, Dave. My favorite bumpersticker is, "I want to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am." I understand exactly what you are going through. Hugs and sympathy in abundance.
  3447. moe99 on A 24-hour fly-by.
    March 8th, 2011  12:44 am

  3448. A younger member of our church works at Amazon. He said that Kindles should be able to download books from the library, but the librarian I emailed wrote that it was not possible given the current state of technology from amazon. Wonder who is right here?
  3449. moe99 on The new ethicist.
    March 8th, 2011  11:34 pm

  3450. Guess it's not going so well for the Indiana Secretary of State:
  3451. moe99 on Ash Wednesday.
    March 9th, 2011  9:13 pm

  3452. What a great column and comments today! Here's my contribution, stolen from a friend's FB post:
  3453. moe99 on Ash Wednesday.
    March 10th, 2011  4:59 am

  3454. Looks like the WI GOP revealed their true hand and have decertified the public employees union. That's what it was all about, all the time.
  3455. moe99 on Swept away.
    March 11th, 2011  8:04 pm

  3456. Julie, Seattle is just a few hours away from Vancouver. (hint, hint)
  3457. moe99 on Swept away.
    March 12th, 2011  12:20 am

  3458. Michigan is screwed?
  3459. moe99 on Swept away.
    March 12th, 2011  7:55 am

  3460. Does anyone here have contacts in Japan that could be of use to a couple who is searching for their son who was teaching English in Sendai (the epicenter of the earthquake). His name is Aaron Strumwasser and they are frantic with worry. They've tried the State Dept and google and everything else they can think of, but no contacts yet. Thanks.
  3461. moe99 on Swept away.
    March 13th, 2011  12:17 am

  3462. Thanks Little Bird. btw on another topic entirely, I'm wondering if the folks here remember about tomorrow. No, not Daylight Savings Time, but the idiots who are going to pull to the side of the road and spend an hour honking against Obama cheered on by Sarah Palin. I fully expect most of us will see a fe