michaelj on The closet.
    October 6th, 2006  7:54 pm

  1. The money issue is interesting. For absolutely, on-record certain, Foley has passed on $550,000 to the Republican National Campaign Committee. Over the next few days, somebody is sure to keep a running talley of his further largesse as skittish individual GOP colleagues trip over their tongues to give money back or to sexual abuscharities or whatever. Meantime, $2.7mil sits in Maf54's coffers, and that must be driving the party money politburo slobbering crazy. (Aesop's fox and those grapes he lusts after but can't reach.) Metaphorically, this recalls R. Raygun and his wistful reminiscence about an America in his youth that simply wasn't aware there were Negroes. So now it's sexual preference Bantustans in Big Tent Country, and campaign loot serves for identification papers before curfew. One way or another, it's the cash, stupid. So after years of these bastard's making political headway excoriating Clinton's policies concerning gays and the armed forces,it seems that the Grand Old Prevaricators were past masters of don't ask/don't tell, praise the lord, and pass the contributions.
  2. michaelj on Soldiering on.
    January 5th, 2007  1:33 am

  3. I go to extravagant lengths to avoid New Years Rockin' (Chair) Eve, but somehow, it seems impossible without avoiding other people entirely. My immediate thought about Dick Clarke was "Holy sh*t, somebody damaged the painting."
  4. michaelj on Frozen, finally.
    January 24th, 2007  12:34 pm

  5. I knew if there is God in heaven and any shred of justice left in the world that the single most odious American had to be John McCain. On the money, so betting the farm on the Colts. McCain is a political hypocrite almost without equal. Is he4 still spending Keating money? But, you know, what separates this whited sepulcher from William Jefferson and Mark Foley are skin color and sexual predilection. The real deal is his absolute, abject failure to come to Kerry's side in the Swift Boat farrago. McCain hid behind Kerry in the effort to normalize diplomatic relations with VietNam, presumably to preserve reactionary bona fides. Kerry got that job done, and McCain took credit. This sanctimonious sonofabitch was a victim of the Atwater-Rove chickenhawk axis of slime. The half-black bastard campaign. So he keeps his mouth shut when Nixon's scumbag zombie rises from the grave to slander somebody that served in service to somebody that fell down on the job of keeping the O Club in booze because of a crank addiction. Stupidity, intolerance, drug addiction, avarice, mindless hatred--human failings. Self-congratulatory, self-aggrandizing hypocrisy--deadly sin. Oh, and speaking of onanism as worldview, how in the world does Ralph Nader not make this list?
  6. michaelj on Vote for mom.
    January 29th, 2007  10:35 pm

  7. Judy Dench did not have the nicest breasts in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Dianna Rigg did.
  8. michaelj on Writing good for TV.
    March 2nd, 2007  6:50 pm

  9. Here's the deal. Every single word he says about W is true. Information wasn't mistaken or mismanaged, these guys just lied their asses off. Do Americans seriously not understand that the Project for New American Centurions tried to talk Clinton into this misadventure in 1998? The problem seems to be that this is an apparently motiveless crime. Maybe they thought it was about the oil, but they've FUBARED that infrastructure along with everything else. So where does that leave us? Halliburton/KBR etc. profiteering? Can any human enterprise actually be that vile and that venal? My favorite thing in all of this is that the PNAC didn't ask W to join up, they asked Jeb. But then he got caught stealing Florida. And Dimes, Powell was involved in the coverup of My Lai, and Condi is the work-wife. W supposedly talked Congress into this mess. If anybody would take the time to read the legislation, it required the administration to come back with proof before invading Iraq. I don't think that happened.
  10. michaelj on Build some character.
    March 2nd, 2007  7:05 pm

  11. Grew up in Detroit. Lived in Boston in 1978. Detroit never, ever had a storm that came close, including the '65 ice-out. As for 3.2 brewskis, Nazis make that in Colorado, right? Or is it that Mexican stuff that requires citrus?
  12. michaelj on That puppy smell.
    March 10th, 2007  10:33 am

  13. This is distressing. I think you're a pretty good writer, Nancy Nall, keedo. I don't think I say that about very many people. For instance, there's Dan Froomkin, who's self-referential and not too suave. I grew up in Detroit. Not really. In the suburbs. But we had the bus-shaking by the Doughboy fans. And my friend was the ultimate hero, Bill Thigpen, who trashed the Tractors and outplayed Rudy T and the Tractors and Mass in Polish in Hamtramck. Best basketball player the city ever saw, inclkuding Spencer Heywood. You're not quite as old as I am. But I'd say, Bob Seger rules at the Birminghan Teen Cnter, if you're talking about Heavy Music and Ramblin' Gamblin Man. So, Nancy. I lived in cetrer field at Tigers games when the bottle got passed around, I got into the Chessmate when you had to do do the two-doors and I was just a kid. Not packing. Two doors. Detroit. John Lee. Anybody that was around for the real deal knows it was SRC and MC5, and SRC first. Iggy was a secomd thought. It was pretty much the equal to Boston music in the Seventies, and I don''t mean Boston, although More Than a Feeling was a mighty fine imitation of the Cars. There were so many better bands then. Private Lighetning, for instance. The Rings. Limbo Race
  14. michaelj on Scribble, scribble.
    March 11th, 2007  2:14 am

  15. Larry would have shot the lights out like Richard Thompson no matter what he was wearing, and if his daddy had gambling debts, Larry would have paid them before anybody got shot to death. As for pencils, it's still possible to buy mechanical Scriptos if you look hard, and that is the Lamborghini of pencils. With the .1 leads. And with all due respect or none at all, Big Chiefs should not be used, in remembrance of John Kennedy Toole, whose mom pestered Walker Percy into getting a book deal, but only after the kid she drove certifiable killed himself. Thanks mom. Gray-Saling is where Bilbo went when there were no more adventures, right? There's a conjoined lawyerly couplet in Savannah called the Dove-Barrs. And this ferret business reminds of these brawny alleged country alleged musicians that shoot penned animals. Ain't that a man. Pencils, Pilots, Logitech, doesn't matter Nancy. All take you wherever you didn't intend to go in the damned first place. I do remember this scrawny middle-aged guy scribbling on yellow legal pads with a Bic at the Birmingham Surf Club while we had swimming practice. We all figured he was a pervert. He was writing Get Shorty and escaping from J. Walter Whatever. Ya ta hey.
  16. michaelj on Scribble, scribble.
    March 11th, 2007  2:25 am

  17. Oh, and Larry still made Isiah look like the poseur he's always been, and DJ still layed that perfect pass in the bucket. And the world still owes a debt to the Chief for doing what everybody else wanted to do.
  18. michaelj on Selling papers.
    March 28th, 2007  11:43 pm

  19. Dentists aren't juicy as murder victims, but I think they rev up headlines when they commit mayhem. (We knew they were all former Nazi torturers; why would anyone want a career inflicting pain?) It's also interesting to me that professions and, particularly, vocations that extract the most empathy and bathos for victims evoke maximum prurient interest in murderers and molesters.
  20. michaelj on Selling papers.
    March 29th, 2007  12:00 am

  21. Now that I think about it, there's also a decided inverse value involved in this calculation. The less jazzy a headline murder victim your job or circumstance make you, the more likely it is that you make a fascinating murderer. Spinster Librarian Aunts in Bachelor Caller Serial Murders. Autopsy Finds Traces of Elderberry Wine and Arsenic.
  22. michaelj on A loss.
    April 5th, 2007  10:09 am

  23. Yeah. And there was Judge Crockett, and newspapers stood for something, and the guitar players were Sonic Smith and Brother Wayne, Brother Wayne Kramer, or, even better, Gary Quackenbush. Holy crap. People used to believe in principle, civil rights, Coleman Young, the AFL, George Meany and the Constitution. Nobody even thought it was quaint to not torture people. Not even the Giacolones, who could teach those sensitivity classes these aholes attempting very badly to run things seem to be in such remedial need of. And if Gaius Baltar is a noted criminal, you know fictionally, well, I'm just sayin'. We have met the weasel the Short Boat Folks prefer, and, unfortunately, he appears to be us. But there will be beer at the O Club in Fort Worth. I know Nancy's not old enough to remember the saga of George Crockett. But I'll say this. If you lived and breathed around 12th Street and Tuxedo and Tiger Stadium, somewhere around 1964-1969, Detroit was special. Ever get checked for weapons in the lockdown doors at the Chessmate to get in to see John Lee (There are other blues artists, but, then, again, there really aren't). I compare the manufactured hoopla of the net to the rumor mill bracing a real live city when Martin Luther King was shot and the ineffectual vice principal told us to head out to Seven Mile Road, because the 'motors are running'. Me and my brother left the car on Livernois, bought an irridescent paisley tie at Louis the Hatter and decided to go sip whiskey from a pint in dead center at Tiger Stadium with old black guys that are Tommy Lasorda in real life. Now Martin being shot was a terrible blow. But, you know, it was galvanizing. Bobby got shot, only thing I actually cared about was committing Sirhan's murder. Bobby had recently been at the Michigan Democratic Convention, and we met him. And he was a guy to believe in. What sort of character assassination would be levelled against him by golems these days? John Kerry may be wooden, although I fail to understand why being overtly intelligent is a political deficit. But goddamn. He drove the swift boats, and his crew says he was a hero. He didn't have to go. W didn't show up in Alabama. Is there actually any doubt about these facts, and why one guy is somebody to pay attention to and the other is the dictionary photo of an asshole?? What the fuck is wrong with people? I used to work in 1969 at the incinerator door, next to the ER drive in, at Metropolitan Hospital. Few blocks away, 13th and Indiandale, TMU cops and Panthers shot it out, regularly. The cops actually mobilized in our parking lot. I could stand on the loading dock, while diseased limbs and organs burned, and basically keep score of who was winning by the ER arrivals. Back then, people said the TMU ran Detroit in daytime and the Panthers ran it at night. Not a really salubrious situation, but a damn site better than what we've got now. As brutal as the TMU and the Panthers were, they were not the insane running the asylum.
  24. michaelj on A loss.
    April 5th, 2007  10:31 am

  25. Here‘s a fitting tribute to Neal Shine.
  26. michaelj on A loss.
    April 5th, 2007  10:36 am

  27. What the hell. When things actually meant...things. And Detroit had two newspapers, one of which was a racist rag.
  28. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 6th, 2007  8:56 pm

  29. In either 5th or 6th grade I informed a nun that, since I'd ransomed the little bastard, I could name my pagan baby anything I wanted, and I liked the sound of Lucifer. I pointed out, reasonably, I thought, that the fallen one had been an archangel, and his name was simply Latin for Bearer of Light. Just one in a long line of run-ins with the Sisters of St. Joseph. (This took place at the parochial school attached to St. Hugo of the Hills, in Bloomfield HIlls, the country bumpkin, J. Walter Thompson flogging, Pultey-sheltered, nouveau-riche poor relation to the various Grosses back in the 60s. The Church was supposedly dismantled and looted from somewhere in France and brought back to commemorate a beloved son lost on a WWI battlefield. It's an architectural gem, as I recall it, with an astounding pipe organ that evoked Bach. Worth a drive to see.) Interesting juxtaposition of this Pagan Baby piece with the discussion of repressed memories of sexual abuse. Restoring repressed memory in order to bring massive lawsuits was surely the psychotherapeutic cottage industry of choice for a lot of charlatans in the 80s and 90s, and a lot of clients were certainly highly suggestible (by choice or nervous temperament). I'm not saying that abuse wasn't all too common, but sometimes, I'm pretty sure I remember fondling at that Babdiss day camp when we moved to Memphis. Now there are some deep pockets. Any way, here's a well-footnoted article on the subject from a website that I don't really think has an axe to grind.
  30. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 7th, 2007  3:25 am

  31. Actually, y'all, there is such thing as beet pornography. Well, it's decidedly softcore and hipper than thou, and it's pretty funny, in a particularly smart-assed way: Jitterbug Perfume. Very enjoyable book. Though, since it's Easter, the more suitable Tom Robbins Coming about discovering Jesus' body is in some Vatican crypt catacombs and liberating it in a hot-air baloon with a shaman orang as a partner. Maybe I did abuse drugs and that's why I get a kick out of these Tom Robbins ditties. I know the guy's a guilty pleasure for an adult. But when I hear about Sanjaya I assume that's some Bangladeshi Pagan Baby adopted by a hermaphroditic dwarf team on Great Survivor Race, so I'm left with books I think critics dismiss Tom Robbins because he's cutesy, he's a hippy. But they're jealous of just how easy it comes to him to be funny, wise and well-written. Same critics won't say a word good about Tom McGuane. He's a smartass, a roughneck, and holy shit he lives in the wilderness (of course, so does Cormac McCarthy, and these jerks kiss his ass in their somnambulations.) Since this is, I'd like to point out that if there's a Great Michigan Novel, it is most assuredly and undeniably The Sporting Club
  32. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 8th, 2007  2:13 am

  33. velvet, if K23 were produced, wouldn't God's creation become horny minks? Personally, I LOVE THE BOOK BECAUSE pAN IS INVOLVED. I've never found any sort of musk to be remotely inspiring. Open fields, rain, saltwater. Saltwater and serious aloe. These things Jack Daniel. These things produce offspring. The Boss for three hours, that produces progeny.
  34. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 8th, 2007  2:42 am

  35. Way I see it, every other DNA bearing creature does this bizarre thing without embarrassment for some sort of genetic imperative. What makes us human is we really like it and it causes us endless pain ands happiness as almost equal parts, hypersensory perceptions, enduring attachments, kids we value more than ourselves. Anybody would be willing to do things during sex they'd rather not tell anybody else about. who call's the shots? What we've got is an obscene commentariat that have decided the Brit POWs (Look aholes, they invaded, they spied, if the Iranian Navy tried it in Urqharts's Bay, you know where we should be thankful Burt Lancaster believed in preserving wetlands.) The deqal is these are the most egregious chickenhawks that ever lived. Please, somebody confront the pitiful little shit psychiatrist that never knew shit about anything remotely related to foreign policy or anything but the AIPAC Party Line. Yeah, that asshole. Well he actually thought his mortal body might have served when he looked at the india rubber ball in his Commander in Thiefs announcement of Mission Accomplishe. Is there a tether? And Jerusalem? As I see things, what makes God God is that he really doesn't play sides. He think your all a bunch of idiots
  36. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 8th, 2007  2:53 am

  37. I need to move my sorry ass. I got on to this frequently too twee, actuallu rarely too, from Eric Zorn. Thinks he knows something about music. Here's what I think before anything else. The prayer to the blessed virgin makes more sense than anything else.
  38. michaelj on Rashomon in the kitchen.
    April 8th, 2007  4:00 pm

  39. OK, Nancy. Stop your whining about the weather. Isn’t it amazing that entirely insane politicians (and who elects wackjob’s like this?) cite totally bizarre weather occurrences to insist that mankind hasn’t completely FUBARED weatther in general? I made fun of Pagan Babies. There were probably nuns that were raped and murdered by Raygunistas because they felt a vocation. I apologize. In the long run, we Catholics, at present, aren't oppressors, we're a demonic sect. The Supreme court said so in Gore v. FLAPainted Lady.
  40. michaelj on High-def guilt.
    April 10th, 2007  8:11 pm

  41. Blessing or curse, I've no idea, but I spot typos and editing errors from across rooms. (I still make them, of course.) Even on my 15.1-in. computer screen. As yesterday, with annoy. Errors in online journals are almost always transparent as to intended meaning, but this one's a little baffling. Some are revelatory in scary Freudian implications, some are pretty funny. There's a question of etiquette involved in communal corrections of errors online. Sarcastic editing, casting aspersions on native intelligence and education, are the pointy sticks (not in civil conversation that takes place at Nancy Nall's inviting virtual kitchen table) when things get ugly on blogs, particularly when the attacker, or cornered victim, isn't checked out on more effective linguistic and rhetorical weapons. When the atmosphere is convivial, and there's something inherently funny about the error, I say edit away. Otherwise leave it to self-correction. That's my rule, unless the offender is just some ignoramus that really pisses me off with dumbass political or sports comments. The term public auction seems to take an inordinate number of beatings in print. An ad in the Savannah paper a few years ago had it in the morning edition sans 'l'. Frantic editing produced an amended version for the pm: no 'l' in public, no 'u' in auction. I believe this was somebody fired on a Friday at lunch that came back liquored up to wreak revenge, a kinder, gentler workplace shooting. When the College of Cardinals elected Karol Woytyla to serve as J2P2, the Athens (GA) Banner Herald ran about a 64 point headline announcing First Non-Catholic Pope. See, he was from Poland...
  42. michaelj on I love YouTube.
    April 11th, 2007  12:53 am

  43. God. Damn Nancy. There is certainly not such a thing as a good beer ad. Beer ads are about removing everything from beer that makes it beer. Beer's the closest thing that anybody's gotten to milk. Now beer in the late sixties in Detroit meant Ballantine, for $99 per six You're from what I'd never have called th Iles, if you hadn't said it.. I'm from the bloomfields. I'm at least ten years older than you are. If you want to have the slightest clue about Detroit music you hear SRC, but after that MC%. And all of these post-modernest critics that think Iggy is so fucking good. He didn't come into the same world as Bob Seger. Iggy is a jerk, Iggy isn't Detroit.
  44. michaelj on I love YouTube.
    April 11th, 2007  1:01 am

  45. I DON'T LET THIS CONTINUE OR LET THIS DROP. yOU'VE GOT TO CONSIDER WHAT SORT OF CREEPS ARE PEEKING IN. These bastards think you and I are nitwits. They are stupid beyond comprehension. Who's smarter here. Not that I care or think it makes a differencfe in a million years.
  46. michaelj on The very expensive trash can.
    April 13th, 2007  8:15 pm

  47. Village Voice, Adrianne? I think I(gnora)mus probably would not have multilayered the insult, so he probably would have said "buzz-cut dykes", and I don't think he'd have gotten out of Rockefeller Plaza in one piece. It's disheartening to see the twin Revs. Sharpton and Jackson as the banner-carriers for this cogent issue. Al's 15 minutes should have ended with Tawana Brawley's, and Jesse should have been way to busy falling all over himself apologizing in Durham to get involved. Could have been a twin bill with the kindly chuffy Coulter doppleganger Nancy Grace. Best thing that could come of this? Hair-trigger effect. Next time BabaLoofah O'Reilly says a kidnapped victim of child abuse was enjoying himself too much to escape; or Michael Savage characterizes the Voting Rights Act as 'a chad in every crack house'; or the fatass junkie identifies another Halfrican-American; or, whoever pictures Mrs. Clinton in cornrows and a grille--the noxious vermin is immediately virtually-exterminated by his employer. Or by Tom Delay, if he can remember where he put the malathion. Regarding the comments from a few days ago about Home Diamondvision Jumbotrons. Nancy: Zorn riff today about Jolly Green Giant reminded me of the night the Spirit of Detroit went out for a ramble.
  48. michaelj on The very expensive trash can.
    April 15th, 2007  12:56 am

  49. Nancey. Could up something that actullay has to do with your understanding of what was being offered you.
  50. michaelj on The theoretical lionheart.
    April 19th, 2007  3:54 am

  51. That well-regulated militia the NRA thinks justifies some New Wild West, let the aholes takes their asses to Baghdad and put down terrism before it follows us home. People don't think this self-grandioose bullshit connects with putting a sock in it and landing on an aircraft carrier, well, the Scottie dog might have pissed in their ear when the pretzel knocked their ass out. And we need to monitor library borrowing but the Tejas legislature thinks the identity of secret packers should be sacrosanct. I've got an idea that it's easier to ascribe evil to a venal invasion for profit than to some clearly nutso guy in Blacksburg. And to the wackjob lobbyists that didn't just arm him, they gave him a 31-shot clip. The 31-shot clip was a bouquet from the administration to the NRA, and a repudiation of the Brady Act. For what reason? Can some gun nut explain this? I suppose, if his fellow students had also had the banana clips...And if it takes 31 shots to bring down Bambi, should you be trusted with a gun? So we actually want you in our militia? But I suppose somebody pretty clearly nuts still has his Second Amendment Rights, even though they're about as real as the voices telling him to pull the trigger.
  52. michaelj on A day late, but...
    April 26th, 2007  1:17 am

  53. You can find politically non-inflecfted encomiums on th WaPo sit from Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon on the Washington Post site. These guys, very good writers, just thought that Halberstam was inspirational in his uncompromising dedication to ferreting (bullying? he was pretty big) out the truth. The idea that fundamental truth about a society could be found in sports culture wasn't original with him, but it was exceptionally insightful. Cf. his commentary on Bill Walton. If you're partiicularly gifted at sport, or crreativee endeavors, or acting, does that mean you cede your rights as a voter, a critic of your government, or to just have an opinion? President Bulworth would most certainly be running things more intelligently than circling the plutocratic wagons Idiotocracy based upon greed sure doesn't seem to be working. In the meantime, Laura Bush says nobody feels the agony nore than W and the Scottie dog. What about the families of the casualties, you idiot Stepford. If W actually got more votes than Kerry in Cuyahoga County (Which you basically have to be an idiot to believe) you have your bizarre Swift Boat slander slander from a guy that was Nixon's golden child. Progressive's claim this was all Kerry's fault. I think they were about as close to the war as the coke-head and Mr. five deferments. So -called progressives that find Kerry objectionable are nitwits, in my estimation. With regard to Sheryl Crow. If you don't get that the single-pane comment was a joke, you need a transplant, or you're some sort of luddite denier of scince. Sheryl Crow wrote or co-wrote the songs on her first album. Every guy imvolved thought he was getting in her pants. Every one pf them thought their best shot was the gorgeous chick. But then you could always consider Harrison Bergeron. What happened? They all got song-writing credits. And because tey all fibgred she was quite attractive, since most of them projected themselbes as her boyfriend, andd they were buddies in the first place. What I'd say is this. Every Say is a Winding Road is so much better than anything on the Music Club album, these jerks should just shut up. Marginal talent?Bob bob Dylan disagrees. He wrote Stayed in Mississippi speciffically for Snaron . She's an unusual female, the way people consider things, Brilliant bass, good finger'picker, spectacular songwriter. These peolpe that dislike Sheryl Crow bought this crap from somebody resembling Rush Limbaugh. You are not supposed to play stringed instruments if you're female. And if you actually have seem combat as opposed to avoiding it, you must be lying. If Pat Tilmann returned from the dead, and told the truth, about what he thought about th war on terr, these chickehhawk assholes wouldn't think twice about calling him a lliar. Do I read back, Nancy. Bob Seger annoyed you and Iggy rules. Those of us that lived here wouldn't have worried about song selection. MC5 and SRC were so much better . And as far as Seger is concerned, 2+2 is on my mind.I'm about 10 years older than you arer, I'd guess. In the 60's, SRC was incomparable. gor sheer talent, but I've got to tell you, MC5 had two machine gunner lead players that put the Stooges in the ground. Sonic Smith and Brother Wayne Kramer. You listen to Kick Out the Jms and listen to the Btooges and your tell me who knew what was goinhg on and who could play. And then listen to Milestones, by SRC. Lots of talent, but since I can play guitars--it's the Quackenbush. But Bob Seger wrote some brilliant songs:Noah.Persecution Smith. This idea about sharing movies. When my keedo was about that age, we loved Princess Bride, BraziL, for newer movies, for fact, Big Fish. And World Accrtding to Gatp (takes some splainin').
  54. michaelj on The silver-tongued devil.
    April 28th, 2007  10:54 am

  55. The pissing story wouldn't have phased Jack Valenti. That's Lydon Johnson personified. Backin the Seventies, JoeKennedy came to talk to the principals of the engineering firm I worked for in Boston, about his ideas regarding cheap hearing oil for people in need. Every woman in the company basically went nuts. My point about Cheryl Crow was this: claiming she hasn't talent is bogus. She's an accomplished bass player, a very good singer, a fairly accomplished piano player, and probably a decent guitar player. Running her down is probably some sort of misogyny. . She's written brilliant songs, that are far superior to anything that those boys got paid for on her first album. If you don't like 'Every Day Is a Winding Road' I guess you don't like music. If you think there's a song on the first album, for which those aholes got writing credits and lots of cash, that's as good as, for instance 'Steve McQueen' or 'Every Day is a Winding Road', you're lacking sense.
  56. michaelj on The silver-tongued devil.
    April 28th, 2007  11:00 am

  57. It's something that bugs me that people assume female musicians just get where they get because they're women. For instance, Georgia Hugley is one of the greatest drummers that ever lived, but I guess she's just a chick, like Cheryl Crow. And anybody that thinks Nancy Wilson did anything but strum chords doesn't really know much.
  58. michaelj on The silver-tongued devil.
    April 29th, 2007  12:33 am

  59. I had no intention of introducing rancor to sucn a copacetic website. Dreamboat (big as she wants to be) sure can sing. The band?.Lamo Led Zep wannabes. Fortunately, we've got Chrissie Hynde that brought rhythm to rock 'n' roll. I'm not denigrating the Wilson sisters, although I figure Dog and Butterfly is as close tas they got to a good song. But Nancy Wilson is a guitar player like John Cougar can play guitar. Or all of those country characters that sling one. This is somdthingthat gets my dander up. Joan Armatrading can play. Bonnie can play. Sinead couldn't if her life depended on it. Cheryl Crowe seems to be able, like Beck and Steve Stills, to play anything she picks up. Claiming she can't is an abject lesson in objectifying women. Oh, and what I said about the quality of the songs, every day is a winding road. And that's one of the truly great songs written in the last few years. (I get a little bit closer) That doesn't really add to the arugment unless you listen to the song and hear how downright cool that sort of voice-over is. Honest to God, I think people don't like her because she was born good-looking. It's a burden some of us have to carry. I wouldn't prolong this discussion but the idea of women rockars is compelling. There simply haven't been enough of them. Patti Smith. Chrissie Hynde. Martha Reeves.. Ronnie Spectorr. SISTER RE. Oh, my God, Merrie Clayton, who put Mick in the ground on the greatest Rolling Stones song ever made. But did any one of them play an instrument? Probably.
  60. michaelj on What a boob.
    May 5th, 2007  1:44 pm

  61. The idea that Mitt would like Battlefield Earth is sort of spectacular, but it's not really surprising. Joseph Smith. L. Ron. The difference, other than centuries? Do the temple u-trou interfere with the miraculous and mysterious workings of the e-meter? Are the Sons of Dan watching his back and running his campaign?If hip-hop nation is criticized for 'don't snitch', what about a latter day religion that insists on always snitching? Blaming bBattlefield Earth on science fiction is pretty base calumny. I suppose if Kurt Vonnegut was a science fiction writer, Tom Pynchon is too. I guess Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is period science fiction, and Lempriere's Dictionary. (H. G. Wells or Chas. Dickens--well, that's a very close call, and Dickens was obviously aching to write science fiction.) Every one a better writer than a hack like, say, Ernest Hemingway. Maybe not a good example since almost anybody writes better. Except William Faulkner. Who'd have thought the secret to longevity would be selling bras. As second careers go, this sounds interesting, sinced I've never really seen a bosom I didn't find attractive. But I've always been a fool for long legs, and I fear my good heart and naivete might be taken advantage of in this business. And my IRA won't make it to 95. As far as nursing in public, I get queasy thinking about what's going on in the minds of officious men that have a problem with that. Calling Mr. Tobias. Justice Thomas?
  62. michaelj on Lawng Island.
    May 6th, 2007  11:22 pm

  63. The Grosses don't have Libertarians, since the demise of the Giacalone family. They have Republicans in Libertarian clothing that want Fredo to read all your emails. Since the resident doyenne brought this up a few days ago, here‘s an appreciation of the man and the arms disguised as a review of the Warren Zevon book. The reference to Linda Ronstadt interested me, since I’ve always held a grudge against her for singing Poor Poor Pitiful Me. Sorry, but that’s a quintessentially male song. It’s like Joan Baez mutilating The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. Comparisons with Hemingway are also pretty annoying. I mean, Warren was a talented writer. Actually, comparisons of this guy to anybody are probably more odious than most comparisons are odious.
  64. michaelj on What a boob.
    May 7th, 2007  12:24 am

  65. America's mayor put the communications center for crises at the absolute most likely ground zero for a catastrophe. Really clever planning. And he put the noted mobster manque Bernard Kerik in charge of everything. The fact that Republican 'base' voters would support a guy with weirder than Hollywood (or Bollywood) private life after they spent $70 mil of our money on the voyeur pervert Ken Starr, just so they can win ought to make sane people question their motives.
  66. michaelj on What a boob.
    May 7th, 2007  9:26 am

  67. Gee, I don't know? Where could they have put that communications center? Cheney's bunker. And who would have thought, if they hadn't read the hair on fire PDB about flying airplanes into buildings>? Maybe the communications center for all of NYC's first responders needed to be located within walking distance of Kerik's lovenest. Then there's the matter of Rudeboy Giuliani managing to outrage even a staunch loyalist Bushie like Christine "Stop and Frisk" Todd Whitney by lying his ass off about air quality in the lower east side. Well, you know, those people didn't vote for him anyway. Maybe he'd like to be Pretzeldent to hold off the lawsuits for a few years with spurious claims of executive privilege. Being a whackjob is one thing. Being a politically corrupt malfeasor of a mayor of the biggest city in America is another. Anyway, if the so-called GOP base will support this guy, it pretty much proves there's no morality in the moral majority, just a mindless obsession with domination of other people's thoughts and actions. And shredding the American Constitution while they're at it. I'd vote for any decent dog of whatever color against any Republican so my opinion doesn't count for much, but if Hagel doesn't run, the Republicans don't seem to have a candidate worth anything more than derision, indictment, or bankruptcy by class action civil suit for wrongful death.
  68. michaelj on That's not funny.
    May 9th, 2007  11:12 pm

  69. I've never subjected myself to this Lileks levity for lucre, because I always figured from his inane political bile that he might cause me to feel compelled to break my lifelong abstinence from Pepto Bismol. If this is a fair and balanced representation of his attempts at humor, it's worse than I could have imagined. About as funny as Mallard Fillmore. Or a screen door in a submarine. Or (shudderput you in mind to beat the diarrhoea (if that's the correct perverse Brit spelling) out of his whinging arse if your too far into Pepto Bismol withdrawal. The best humorists in newspapers, at least those that make me laugh (ruefully), are political cartoonists, maybe because they can get away with anything but outright obscenity, and maybe because their happiness with depression is infectious. (Check No. 27 if you've got a sec.)
  70. michaelj on That's not funny.
    May 9th, 2007  11:16 pm

  71. Pleas indulge me. My previous that got lost in translation or the ozone, one: I've never subjected myself to this Lileks levity for lucre, because I always figured from his inane political bile that he might cause me to feel compelled to break my lifelong abstinence from Pepto Bismol. If this is a fair and balanced representation of his attempts at humor, it's worse than I could have imagined. About as funny as Mallard Fillmore. Or a screen door in a submarine. Or (shudder Andy Rooney, with whom Lilleks shares a remarkable capacity for whining and passive-aggressive public Onanism, probably for 10% of the cash the old fool gets for two minutes a week . I do like Pepto Bismol, though. Not that Jack Bauer could induce me to drink pink chalk from third grade New Math Class emulsified in weapons grade trans fat. This may sound snotty, but if you put this stuff in your digestive tract, you might be happier indulging your pica disorder married to your cousin down in Kaolin Kountry. What I like, for sure, is Pepto commercials. Mexican tourist who drank the water, not the cerveza; urban hipster Electric Slide white office worker rappers; Super Max Godzilla and Wonder Woman. Ultimate poop jokes for children of the Summer of Drugs. As for humor columnists, Mona Charren is hard to beat, especially that stock byline photo. Hitchens' bizarre denial of reality and his own past whoppers is funny if you're in the right mood. But his nasal, unadulterated, and entirely odious neurasthenia can just put you in mind to beat the diarrhoea (if that's the correct perverse Brit spelling) out of his whinging arse if your too far into Pepto Bismol withdrawal. The best humorists in newspapers, at least those that make me laugh (ruefully), are political cartoonists, maybe because they can get away with anything but outright obscenity, and maybe because their happiness with depression is infectious. (Check No. 27 if you've got a sec.)
  72. michaelj on Let us give thanks.
    May 12th, 2007  1:36 am

  73. My family ate dinner together. My dad, who's second-generation Norwegian and Irish, and who looked so Jewish he walked into ceremonies unchallenged said Grace. When I was a kid, I thought his rabbinical approach and his sort of priestly palms up , index fingers in was sort of silly. He was years ahead of the Catholic Church's ecumenical movement. When I was a little kid, we came upon the Slaters Branch Bridge. My dad was working at a hospital that gave free care to displaced miners. The Tug River was raging, we were driving the black and white ford wagon with the padded dashboard, that was eventually inhabited by a gnawing rat. The crossing was by way of the Slaters Branch Bridge over the Tug River. One lane,whinging bridge made with single cables and planks. My dad moved on to working at Metropolitan Hospital. 12th and Tuxedo. And the motor city was burning. Two missions: Universal health care for union workers. Protection of the disenfranchised. Well that's my mom and dad. FBI at the door. In Little Rock, with Fedoras and Overcoats. Latwe, more in the shadows. There was a movement called (Christian Family Movement), and it was the essence of the thinking of the last great Pope ( that would be John XXIV). I think it was based upon the idea that personal belief was sacrosanct but none of is an island. As Catholics, we're used to being considered non-Christians, satanic cult even, like the Mormons. Seems to me, if you're a Christian, you could make the argument that the Catholic Church goes back to Jesus, or at least Peter, the Protestant Church to the intestinally impacted Martin Luther, or to Joseph Smith, whose rapsheet ran on and on. I know, I'm extending my welcome. Newt Romney is totally disposable. Do any of you know about his dad? Who was an exceptionally honorable man and Governor of MI. You'd need high-tech equipment to discern Mitt from Newt. These guys are supposed to be thinkers but they're the worst forms of idealogue. Shouldn't they be paying more attention to actual threats, like Moe, Curley and Larry trying to pretend to be pizza guys at the gate at Ft. Dix? If there's somebdy that reads Nancy Nall that beleves thse bozos represented a threat, I'd like to hear it. How do the most recent threats differ from the whackjob that was going to cut down the Brooklyn Bridge with an acetylene torch in broad daylight? Kerry said this was a police operation. Mindless W ridiculed this idea. So far, so true. Google BCCI. Boy did that embarrass people that had airplanes standing in for them at the GOP gaggle. Maybe that plane was the one the August PDB was talking about. It flew right into the GOPlutocrat bunch. I grew up in Birmingham, more or less, and went to school in the city with Louis the Hatter and the Michigan Weekly, and deep center bleachers at Tiger Stadium. A classmate of mine, Bill Thigpen, was the best hoops player in the state, made Rudi T look pretty bad,, and when he brecame a victim of a gang-style murder, it was automatically ascribed to the Panthers, not the cops. Yeah, right. The Grosses just never got it. You had to row up in downtown Detroit to
  74. michaelj on Let us give thanks.
    May 12th, 2007  2:49 am

  75. john c: No proscription on humor at grace. Nor theology, nor atheism, nor abject Wonderful Life idiocy. It's what anybody chooses to believe at the moment. I'd say, it usually is thanksgiving for the people that are joining you around the table, and those you choose to remember. Some things are so important, there's pretty much nothing you can do but acknowledge the implicit humor, or they're too sad to bear, or both. People die and we all deal. Or not. How about grace where everybody acknowledges the short-comings of the departed, everybody forgives them, and all of us wonder what's next. Never happen? Or not. Well. anyway, I believe in the Teillhard version, though not as it took my mom away. I believe in imparted wisdom. I believe in somebody that has a clue. I belirve in somebody that knows Grosse Pointe is the anti- something. Let me put it this way, Nancy, if you grew up around here, Iggy was a grand jete, we thought he was an idiot. In retrospect, compare any of that iggy drivell with anything on 'Back in the USA'. No joke: that one-chord shit with the wah-wah doesn/. get the Ramones. And as as far as guitar playing was concerned, there's Sonic and Gary Quackenbush. I grew up with these guys. Iggy vs. SRC or MC5 was kind of a joke.
  76. michaelj on Let us give thanks.
    May 12th, 2007  2:57 am

  77. ashley: Dr. Scott? What about his Jezebel daghter? I went to Jesuit school, I think I know what they're talking about, I'm pretty sure its bullshit, but where's the scam? What's their hustle?
  78. michaelj on Happy Mother's Day!
    May 14th, 2007  1:05 am

  79. Making fun of Mommy Dearest is , aside from cripple shooting, seriously lame. She also made Bonnie and Clyde and played a memorable mother, sister, mother, sister in what may be the best movie ever made.
  80. michaelj on Cn u rd ths?
    May 15th, 2007  9:28 pm

  81. I'm annoyed by Falwell's just up and dying like that. He gets a pass on the temporal embarrassment of not being Rapturized. No public confessions of lust or crank, no 700-foot Jesus. Sur;y guilty of federal mail fraud to the tune of millions, but, like Kennyboy, beyond the retribution of the hoi polloi he swindled. In my pre-Cambrian J-School days, some newspaper chain actually tried the highlighting gimmick. My news writing professor said he thought it was a great idea, so long as the lede was red, and the rest of the piece descended through orange, yellow, etc. down to beige, gray and invisible. Imagine my amusement when Homeland Security Terrism Watch came along. Isn’t this really a case of an idea birthed before its time? Now we’ve got Power Point, the apparent operative mechanism for the entire federal bureaucracy and militaary-industrial menage. Doesn’t always work, sadly, as with the half -page, all-caps, hair-on-fire PDB regarding AIRPLANES! and BUILDINGS! Some people need Cliff’s Notes for their Cliff’s Notes, boiled down to the Masterplots version. Even with the neurotransmitter reinforcement, the message can still get jumbled by an old cocaine injury. Color coding couldn’t hurt. Maybe there’s some merit to the idea of amping the salient points, given the current state of journalism. The Washington Post ran a story today headed A Casualty Of War: MySpace. I’m all for MySpace going away, but DoD’s virtual phone-jamming of lines of communication for troops in Iraq is pretty infuriating. So some graphic equivalent of klaxons and alarums would be useful when this is buried in the 19th graf: The Defense Department barred access to the Web sites even as the military has stepped up its campaign to upload official videos to the Web, including on YouTube, to help portray U.S. combat efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan in a favorable light. So troops’ lifelines to families take up bandwidth needed for military propaganda. Some readers who might feel that’s the real story may well have quit reading in disgust long before arriving halfway down the jump. Scarlet letters would trummp piss-yellow journalism.
  82. michaelj on Taillight blues.
    May 17th, 2007  12:24 am

  83. Thanksgiving break, 1969, my freshman year at Holy Cross, a UDHS friend and I traveled 670 miles home to Detroit from Worcester. Joe lived in Gesu Parish around Six Mile, and at 2 am we were on the John Lodge about 500 ft. from our exit. Down in that infamous ditch (did I hear they raised it?), an extremely unfortunate snockered soul wandered into the path of the car directly in front of us, and set off a chain reaction crash that eventually ensnared 24 or 25 cars. The wayward vagrant catalyst somehow recovered, though I personally saw him airborne for about 30 ft. , and mounted some sort of absurd lawsuit in which I later testified by telephone deposition. Nothing came of it. We emerged unscathed despite riding in a '66 Corvair. The Corvair did not. Ten days later, we hitched a ride back to Massachusetts with a classmate from Toledo. 30 miles outside of Buffalo, on the backroad connection between Queens Highway 401 and the NYThruway, we skidded on black ice and rolled this guy's GTO convertible about five times, 30 ft. down a steep embankment and came to rest upright. Driver was white as the two feet of snow we landed in. My friend and I laughed our asses off. I think it was a sensible decision that that was the last road trip we ever made together. Here‘s a page of odious Falwellisms for anybody that doubts this whited sepulcher’s execrably black soul. I’m not in the Grave Dancers Union, but dying doesn’t give you a ticket out of jail when you’ve been a world class anti-Christian hypocrite your entire life.
  84. michaelj on Taillight blues.
    May 17th, 2007  1:33 am

  85. Ok, all you newspaper junkies and would-be copy editors, is this headline intentionally outrageous or outrageously unintentional? I was almost afraid to read the story--thought it might be some weird Prince of Wales-Camilla tampon thing only more beastly. I never had an opinion about Ralph's Corvair Crusade. Geetting Noxious W elected, that's another story. Our Corvair ended up looking like a discarded black PVC trash bag. Ralph Vader just ended up looking like the omphaloptic center of his own universe.
  86. michaelj on Bronzed.
    May 19th, 2007  1:56 pm

  87. Using ‘reply’ in a business setting can help keep important correspondence in a useful chronology, but…danger lurks. Forcing your self to type in a correct address on a fresh email in response can obviously prevent a lot of friction. Unless you're Kommissar Karl Rove, illegally using an RNC address. Then it's just lost in the ozone, or stuck in Lodi, again. I've never seen the problem with spam and mass redirection of idiotmail. Delete, delete, delete. Spam filters work pretty well. I guess I don't ever feel like 'I have to take this.' Maybe Jack Bauer does, but I'm not saving the world 48 times every 24 hours. I answer to one person alone on my cell phone (ringtone, Waterloo Sunset). Connected? World of Two suffices nicely. Simpler that's what, and simpler is good for not angrying up the blood, though I like fried food. But you know, if your stomach disputes you, lie down and pacify it with cool thoughts. Works with Cheney, too. My pitching philosophy is simple - keep the ball away from the bat. And everybody would do well to take Satchel Paige's advice, and 'dance like nobody's watching. '
  88. michaelj on Bronzed.
    May 19th, 2007  2:08 pm

  89. And MarkH, there's a great song by Soul Asylum on that particular subject: They say misery loves company We could start a company And make misery, Frustrated Incorporated
  90. michaelj on Trend story in the hole!
    May 21st, 2007  11:26 pm

  91. Laura says Cornhole is a game for the super white. I wonder if it started out in the black community as Downlow or something like that. Some sort of crackerization, like the way Electric Boogie became Electric Slide. Haven't seen The Queen, but it's hard to imagine bibulous, brilliant Inspector Jane Tennison transformed into the most socially proper human being on earth. Amazing dramatic range all the way back to Caligula.
  92. michaelj on Work the suit.
    May 24th, 2007  4:15 am

  93. You never get the Kinks out. You Really Got Me. On the other hand, Van Halen pretending to be Ray and Dave, seriously lame. And on the Shakespearean front, the 'sit upon the ground' speedch in Richard II is so great nobody but Derek Jacobi should ever say it. Unless they do a cross-dress veersion and then Inspector Tennison would be suitable. Shakespeare may be a dream we dream one afternoon, long ago. If you don't get it on some level, you're pretty much half a human. But anyway, regarding sleep, etc. Dreaming's a wonderful way to liive your life. You just have to know when it's time to wake up. Unreqyited dreams ar no fim, but I always talk some gullible prof into letting rmake it up. Michael Stipe who isn't a blowhard like Bono, said I don't sleep I dream. Boy, that boy was right. So back to the Bard. What Caliban, the anti-human, said about this subject is almosr unbearably gorgeous: Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices That, if I then had waked after long sleep, Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming, The clouds methought would open and show riches Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I cried to dream again. Twangling? Go to bed with the radio playing. It will do you both good. The world's a somewhat better place when people talk about Shakespeare in a glass snowball that Nancy Nall made up. I'm the only person I know that's never had a nightmare. If things look grim, I am always aware of how they 'turn out out for the better. Of course, I'm the protagonist, but frequemtly' everything goes to shit and the outcome is bittersweet. Am I missing something? I have dreams in which circumstances are dire. Imminent end of mankind, et cetera. And I might save it, or it's ineffably sad and I can't save anything. And I don't. And I wake up the next day. Now, I'm a fairly well-adjusted guy. But I have dreams exactly like this, and they progress from one sleeping moment to the next. This doesn't bother me, at all. I enjoy dreaming with plots. Oh, and I can wake up and go back iimediately to the sane dream. So, you know, what Caliban said you Shakespeare mongers, Devonian and otherwise, , and the lunatic is in the grass.
  94. michaelj on Work the suit.
    May 24th, 2007  7:53 am

  95. As is the case with pretty much anything that can happen to anybody, Ray Davies got the whole barfing on the costume thing down: Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star, And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are. There are stars in every city, In every house and on every street, And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard Their names are written in concrete!
  96. michaelj on Peanuts and Cracker Jack.
    May 25th, 2007  3:03 pm

  97. Tigers vs. Angels. You're getting a rare chance to see a truly badass great hitter. And an allaround good guy: Vladimir Guerrerro. Years from now, some talentless hack like Mark Fainaru-Wada will claim it was steroids, but this guy is an assassin at the plate. Comerica? No, Briggs. Earl Wilson and homie Bill Freehan. Earl Wilson was elegant and refined. 6-3 and 215. First black guy to pitch for America's designated racist city, in the days of Louise Day Hicks (Falwell's alter-ego). Pitched a no-hitter. But the one-hitter at Tiger Stadium stands out, because he jacked three homers. I was sitting in the center field bleachers, with the stumblebums passing a pint of Early Times and unadulterated baseball lore. Before the wuss rule that allows Clemens to throw at guys that tear him up, without getting thrown at. I know y'all aren't all hardcore Detroiters, but somebody's got to remember Ernie Harwell calling 'Norm Cash guarding the bag at first'. Norm Cash actually did guard the bag at first. He also hit 360 something one year. No apparent steroids. Kinda like the only time Barry hit more than 40 something homeruns. And Ernie Harwell was Red Barber's equal, but neither was Vin Scully, and all these guys were poets.
  98. michaelj on Peanuts and Cracker Jack.
    May 25th, 2007  3:13 pm

  99. Jon Carroll never met a homeless VietVet he could take advantage of. Like, you know, Mike Barnacle. Ahole went off on columnists that fudged, when all the while he was packing fudge like it was going out of style. And now he's getting the big bucks backing up Spinmaster O.
  100. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 25th, 2007  5:02 pm

  101. Brewer and Shipley? Watchu talkin' bout Willis? It's Jim Pepper, who apparently actually was an Indian, as Brewer and Shipley most certainly were not. It's a pretty good song. I'd say, if you love music, this theme is pretty much gorgeous. I know your not supposed to think that if your hip, but damn, it's gorgeous. I'm not big on chanting, but that's just gorgeous. Oh-ran-ikah.
  102. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 25th, 2007  5:07 pm

  103. What's this muslim-type families horsecrap? I figure I'm a muslim-type family member because I'll kill you if you f##k with my brother. Racist garbage.
  104. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 25th, 2007  5:28 pm

  105. Men You Should Avoid: Mr. Bad Example. Are we kidding? Warren invented this category, and I wasn't far behind, if I do say so myself. Roland the Thompson Gunner? Excitable Boy? And he did it with such style. Best piano player ever and a decent guitar player, but he's not Steven Stills, who's actually the best guitar player that ever lived. Apologies to Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, that played on Steven's record. He's just better. Only a little better than Jimi. Way better than Eric. That one's not even close. Go and Say Goodbye.
  106. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 25th, 2007  11:38 pm

  107. Guys somebody should have avoided: the bastards that signed that PNACenturions letter to Clinton back in '98. Marcia, please excuse my intemperance. I blame the lawless times we're living in. Everybody's suspect when, as Garrison Keillor says, The party of Lincoln and Liberty has been transmogrified into the party of hairy-backed swamp developers and corporate shills, faith-based economists, fundamentalist bullies with Bibles, Christians of convenience, freelance racists, misanthropic frat boys, shrieking midgets of AM radio, tax cheats, nihilists in golf pants, brownshirts in pinstripes, sweatshop tycoons, hacks, fakirs, aggressive dorks, Lamborghini libertarians, people who believe Neil Armstrong's moonwalk was filmed in Roswell, New Mexico, little honkers out to diminish the rest of us, Newt's evil spawn and their Etch-A-Sketch president, a dull and rigid man suspicious of the free flow of information and of secular institutions, whose philosophy is a jumble of badly sutured body parts trying to walk. Well, the moonwalk probably did get shot in a studio. But President Segway has to report to Congress July 15. The infamous enabling legislation for the invasion had a whole section called Reports to Congress. Can they just throw his ass out if he blows this one off too? As far as saving radio is concerned, how 'bout all Norman Greenbaum, all the time? Steve Howe's mighty good, he just tends to doodle a lot, and cute can take you only so far. Stills is like the hoops player that makes everybody else better, including Neil. Listen to any live version of Bluebird.
  108. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 27th, 2007  5:17 am

  109. Mark Fainaru-Wada is one bd facial hair piece of crap. If he knows something about Barry Bonds, let him prove it. As things stand, he's got all the credibility of Rick Reilley. Meaning, None whatsoevever, He apparently invaded a grand jury. That doesn't prove shit burtt that he groke the law. This i s all so tedious. How would steroid abuse affect hitting home runs? Well, it wouldn't. Askany scientist. It might make you more likely to come back quickly from rapid muscle abuse, like pitching. It sure as hell has nothing to do with hitting baseballs. That's hand-eye coordination. Sterpods don't get that. Just nonsense. What is it with this crap? One season, bonds hit a ton of homers, Other than that, he never hit more than 49,. He's just a great hitter, and a great base runner and a great teammate, and a very great fielder I rhink he's just a great baseball player I think anybody that would argue with that assertion just doesn't know much about baseball.. Jeez, I wish I could have been as good a ballplayer as Barry Bonds. Hall of famer, bud. If cutesies keep you out, Rick Reilley and Fainaru are on the outside, looking in. I was only a decent high school athlete.Ran a sub five minute mile once. Fainaru-wada wasn't either, so he's got to make some shit up to tear somebody down? Randy Newman said this best. Jesus, what a jerk. And shield laws ntwithstanding, the bastard broke the law. But what the hell's the law in the Goodling era?.
  110. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 29th, 2007  3:27 am

  111. Michael G. I used to be a pretty good middle distance runner in High School. In those days, we ran yards, not meters. I ran a 1:54 something 880. I ran under five minute mile. I couldn't keep those times up, and I think it was because of swimming. These sports don't lend themselves to each other. Anyway, I love middle distance running. My dad used to take me to the NCAAs at I think Ford Auditorium. We saw Mohinder Gil, a triple-jumper, the best that ever lived. He made a jump that exceded the world record by several feet but officials claimed he fouled when he clearly had not. He broke the record bya proverbial mile. Around midnight and time to clear out. My dad saud it was time to go. Wvewrybody in the place started chanting "Mohinder'. He'd taken off his turban and leaped, and everybody in the place knew he was better by three feet than the world record. The chanting went on. My dad relented. A Sikh? Nope. They moved us out. They didn't count his jump, but it would be an unassailable record today. You know, he pulled a Bob Beamon. You couldn't go 29 ft. He was my hero. Like Tommy Jones. Those guys on the stage? Those were my heroes. Pure balls. And I was some dumbass white kid that knew what I knew about race and heroes. I was a kid in '68. And I was white and lived in Birmingham Michigan. Almost as white as Grosse Pointe. But I knew. I was born lonely down by the riverside, learned to spin fortune wheels and roll dice, I was just fourteen. when I knew I had to leave home, knew I couldn't stick around, I had to roam.
  112. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 29th, 2007  4:44 am

  113. So Michael G. IG. I want this kid to run like hell, and win. Running middle distance is strange. When I did this, it was hard for 660, you stay even, and run like hell for the rest. You either burned them on the last turn or you got burned. Strange races. No strategy. No sprints. Middle distance comes down to one thing. Who gives up. Running out the end. Somebody gives up when they know they're beat. These are the hardest races anybody runs. You celebrate your finisher wherever they finish, because it's just really hard.. Nobody that hasn't ever done this has a clue. Not like sprints, not like miles and longer. It's just incredibly difficult. You trash yourself for a while and then you try to run as fast as you can next time. I apologize for sounding like an idiot. I think running in competition doesn't change by your gender. You run against your competition. Trying to run faster than everybody else is just hard. I couldn't run faster than my little brother (had a tryout with the jets, and if you think I'm lying, he had 12 interceptions and 18 tackles for loss in his college career with Princeton), and it drove me nuts, until I realized if you stretched it out, over several hundred feet, like 440, and 880 and a mile, he couldn't touch my ass. I could outrun him forever. Not that I'd want to. He's my best friend and he's my little brother.
  114. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 29th, 2007  11:05 am

  115. Kim, in this case it came a year later. Met somebody at the Michigan State Fair. 14. I was caught and brought back. All-state and National honor society following. I'd say it was an aberration, but things went from bad to worse, and it seems to have become a life's work. Underwhelming expectations at every opportunity. If underwhelming can be a verb. The two greatest Detroit bands at that time were MC5 and SRC. SRC was Yes before there was such a thing, I guess. They made a song about an angel that gives up being one to have a dream. Sounds cheesy, but it isn't. I don't know any of y'all, but if you like something with science fiction lyrics and insanely great guitar playing, backed by little brother's B3 Hammond (and the Hammond organ is a mighty instrument) , SRC is worth checking. For the most part the songs are stories. I know this sounds lame but I'll tell you what, this is some of the greatest guitar playing and singing you might ever hear. You know Beck's Bolero, these boys put it to shame, and they introduce it with about five minutes of "In the Hall of the Mountain King". An exceptionally talented band. I know. If you like the song Citadel by the Stones. Or if you like the Call or Screaming Blue Messiahs. MC5 is another whole story entirely. Iggy's cool these days. Those boys couldn't play a lick. We all thought they were a joke, and yeah we were jocks, but in those days, in Detroit, if you were swimmer jocks you were very cool and you most certainly had the best drugs. Anyway. Other than SRC, MC5 basically ruled. You had two guitar players that could play better than anybody, almost. Better than Clapton, not Jimi, quite. They played insane leads apart from each other that seemed to come together. They had a song called "Come Together" and at the end they'd say "and I hope you all did-- come together".Which of course, adolescently, we thought was the height of cool. These guys were alleged revolutionary types. And their manager, John Sinclair got put away. I don't know about that. I do know they were spectacular rockers. "Kick Out the Jams" is one of the most astounding live albums ever made. This is not yer Lynnyrd Skynnyrd. More like Alvin Lee and Alvin Lee's clone. All these metal bands? Metallica? Gimme a break. I should be a big fan of triples. I'm a huge fan of players that hit triples because it means they're fast. My possible favorite player that ever lived kind of specialed in triples That would be Kirk Gibson, but he used to be a Tiger. I used to sit in center field with old me that would pass a pint of Ancient Age and tell stories about age-old Tigers legends.I used to listen to the Tigers on TV and even on the radio. George Kell and Ernie Harwell. If you love baseball and you can't tune in Vin, this is as good as you can get. Tiges had a truly great first baseman named Norm Cash. He wasn't Gil Hodges, who was such a man he only wore a glove because everybody else did, but he was hellaciuos, and he hit 361 one year, which is just amazing whatever sort of rube he may have been. . But Norm Cash had a peculiarity. With every pitched ball, he grabbed a sac, and it wasn't first base. Seemingly incomprehensibly, he'd cup his non-glove hand over his nads. And George Kell, I think, would start the call of every play by saying, Norm Cash, guarding the bag at first. Tigers had a guy with what I think may be the greatest baseball name ever. Purnal Goldie. He homered his first at bat in the majors. And sank like a stone thereafter. An object lesson in why baseball is the greatest game. We were just kids. We thought this was the funniest thing we ever heard. Every time.
  116. michaelj on Blowout, and blowoff.
    May 29th, 2007  8:48 pm

  117. Did Norm cash cork the bag he was guarding at first?
  118. michaelj on Holiday weekend.
    May 29th, 2007  10:46 pm

  119. In the end, nothing, and nobody, 'escapes the screws'. What happens after that? I've got a pretty good idea, and you don't meet five tedious people, and for almost everybody, there are no televangelists or smarmy Sports Reporters. I think it's either Pop Staples or Curtis Mayfield, although George Burns would please me just as well. Grand jete or grand bouffe. Groucho or George Harrison would also be acceptable. There's there there, one way or another.
  120. michaelj on Holiday weekend.
    May 29th, 2007  11:14 pm

  121. Why, in the movies, do white folks find it so comforting to discover God is in fact black, Jack, and was just slumming when He was driving Miss Daisy? Hell, maybe He's Anthony Hopkins or Ralph Richardson. Those of us that aren't going to be rapturized have ample, too much, time to consider this biblical question, but maybe if you're rapturized, you meet up with Fred G. Sanford and he's really pissed off. If you go straight to hell, it's the Cos, and I don't mean the Cap'n Sitting Bull or Ralph Jameison Cos, I mean the jello and Ghost Dad, eternally, Cos. Shivers up me timbers.
  122. michaelj on Holiday weekend.
    May 29th, 2007  11:58 pm

  123. OK, shooting fish in a barrel. But these nitwits send this stuff through the tubes: Can you keep a secret? OK, there are no secrets on the Internet. But I am excited to divulge to you the first word of an intellectual explosion that The New Republic cases in our June 4 issue. Paul Berman has written a 28,000 word essay--an incendiary pamphlet, really--about the extraordinary -though exemplary- case of the Islamicist thinker Tariq Ramadan, who has become the darling of liberal commentators in Europe and increasingly also in the United States. Berman's essay is a detailed examination of not only of Ramadan's thought, but more generally of Islamicist thought since the 1920s--and more, of the bizarrely cordial reception that certain strands of Islamicist thought have recently found in the West. Berman's essay is erudite and vivid, a model of the history of contemporary ideas. And a model also of the battle of ideas: Berman has written a stirring defense of the liberal ideal against its enemies (and even against some of its friends)--an unforgettable call to intellectual responsibility. People will be arguing about it for a very long time. Subscribe today for only redacted to read this first-rate essay and the rest of our June 4 issue. You may recall Berman's 2004 book, Terror and Liberalism, which was on the serious best-seller lists for months and months, and began the intellectual debate in which we are all, willy-nilly, now unavoidably ensnared. Reading his essay will be both a responsibility and an opportunity. From Martin Peretz, Editor in chief of New Republic. Did he put it on MySpace first? Fer sher. The serious best seller lists for months and months? I know this guy is the nepotism-run-amok poster child, but did it never dawn on him that Islamicist is a synonym for Wahabist, as in Ole Dirty Bin, and their families are business partners with Prescott's spawn? The magazine's a post Cold War freakshow, but they're entitled to an opinion. But does anybody proofread? Edit? He's the freaking editor in chief. I guess they couldn't figure out a way to get the smileys in the i-dots through email. This is the single worst attempt at writing in English I've seen in a long time. And this is the apotheosis of neocon thought. Can anybody discern a point, other than begging for a subscription, much less a point of view? Cooler heads should have prevailed before hitting send. But this is so hilarious. He didn't actually say internets, but that was probably spell-check. No political statement intended but if you can't write, at all, spam and fodder are pretty much separated at birth. As I imagine the old man wishes he had been. instead of letting Tommy-boy run the magazine.
  124. michaelj on Another sleepy, dusty day.
    June 3rd, 2007  6:07 pm

  125. I guess I was in the 99th %tile, but, in my defense, I'm sure I heard the song 250,000 times on WXYZ and WKNR (Detroit) in the space of three months. Really liked the first several thousand. I noticed about five years ago I'd started to appreciate it again. I've always wondered whether the song had some basis in real events. Sure seems possible these people were the Choctaw Ridge branch of the Bundren family, and Lucinda Williams may have been acquainted with some kin over to Pineola.
  126. michaelj on Another sleepy, dusty day.
    June 4th, 2007  4:14 am

  127. Donn't have a clue who reads back this far on a Nancy post. I just took time to watch that video. Now this woman could really sing. She's obviously listened to somebody like Nina Simone. (Well, there is nobody like Nina Simone. Those chocalat and creme jazz singers, most of whom seem to be surnamed McCrae?) May sound stupid, but Cher had this sort of voice before she became a baritone, and if I were her lawyer, I'd be looking at a suit against somebody involved in her thoracic plastic surgery. I suppose my point is this. I've always succumbed to the idea that singer's were either guys that stood out or women that sang good songs but but, with few exceptions, didn't really stand out singing guy's songs. I know, that's benighted. I've got a podner that keeps telling me this for a fact. Obviously great and unmistakably great male voices in rock 'n' roll are unmistakeable, and I guess that's the yardstick. Who's unmistakable? For guys, the list seems inexhaustible, for women, not so much, but at champeenship levels, nah. It seems to me that the one person to be beyond this is Van. The guy singer, for me in yearrs, is David Hidalgo. Obviously, this has to do with the songs and the sides. How many women in the past 30 or forty years are so obviously recognizable as Greg Allman? Drugs dvision: In this corner (and these are little league matchups-everybody gets a trophy) , Mick vs. Marrianne. Well, the girl's version of "It Is the Evenig of the Day" is way better. But Mick is Mick. But Marianne produces "Broken English", so is it raw and emotional or cool. The nub: She claims she wrote Sister Morrphine, and Stones did a harrowing version with a truly haunting vocal. Verdict: I own both. When I feel inclined to listen to something I'd rather put behind me, I listen to both of those and then put headphones on for Moonlight Mile Moonlight Mile wins, but it might have been even better in broken English. USA,USA: Well, you have the Mell, you know ROCK. What a jackass. For the girls, I'm going with Joan Baez. As odious as her taking on a character of the male persuasion is, I guess she didn't trash the song. And she clearly meant the best about perseverance, and this isn't that other conversation about gendER. verdict: She always meant well. He's always Cougar. So this could go on and on. But where it should stop is obvious. We have the song "Poor, poor Pitiful Me'. I'd say it's a great song but if there was ever a gender-based song. 'Put me through changes, lord. , like a waring blender. Women do that to men, not vice versa. I'd like it too be pointed out. Joan baez can sing "Nicola y Bart. The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down is Levon Helm's song and she had no business singing it. Ie's abominable. and Poor, Poor Pitiful Me has to do with what women do to men. You could try writing your own songs., ladies Butt they aren't likely to be that good. Then we have the mope ballad. Has She Got a Friend. We've got Richard Thompson, that wrote the song. If girls think this way, On the other hand, weve got Maria McKee, that used to be in an awesome that lived up to it's name. Don't know about anybody else, but I'd like to deal with the idea of lone justice with US Grade A certified torturers that never freaking served. How about waterbarding for the names of the Enron shills that Dickless won't identify? Maria McKee has a great voice. Better than Anne Richmond Boston? I think not. Girl singers? No. Brownups that can really sing. So, so much for my opinions. Here's what I'd like to know. What are intelligent peoples' opinions about modern female pop stars? Way I see it, used to be you had to have a good voice. No lack-of-breath sopranobuys enhancement. Real singers didn't need this crap. Top range: well that would be Judy Collins and Sandy Denny. Down hear with the rest of us: well Chrissie Maria Mkee, Aimee Mann, Xene, omen that didn't need some sort of overdub for they're nonexistent vocals. People still think Madonna can sing. I'd go back to a woman singing a woman's song, Or, since it's not suppsed to only Lysistrata and supposed to be collaborating, a John Pryne song and, who, Rita Coolidge? 'Send me am angel; that flies from Montgomery'. Which woman understood that old woman's state of mind as well as John Prine did? So anyway. I don't know how many of you re Michigan types. I wouldn't know what that means. Nancy's a bery good writer, sort of sliding in. I grew in Detroit. Sort of. It wasn't remotely like the way Nancy sees Detroit., and maybe she got here for the bad stuff, she might have a clue. I umderstand Nancy wants to see some cultural understanding of Detroit. She thinks Iggy meant dick to anybody. No, he didn't. Know what Robyn Hytchcock says about this sort of gu"? He was an idiot. Her was a fool. Aslobbering fool with a speech defect.: and I saw his name------he's called Ray. Iggy was a perceivedl ooney Politics was MC5. Alternative politics was SRC. Eweteman was SegerKind of like today. 2+2. . Bac in the datt, in Detroit, when W was bolting and Cheney was excersising more important comemtments, my dad was picking me up at my date's Lake St. Clair lakefront. We went to the draft board. I had the most bizarre draftboard on the face of the earth, because it was Fr.. Coughlin's. I was just supposed to go. Numbers didn't work out, Kerry went. And og cout That's not my Catholicism. I believe in liberation theology, but more, I'm a Theilhardist. That would be the anti-Raygun.We're seriously on the side of retting ahold of weapons to defend ourselves. Jesuits of this persuasion tend to get shot/ killed andburied in shallow graves when Ws claim they're running things. Seems safer than when its the Raygunites. More than anything. We are all part of God becoming This males sens in physics, actually becomind God. As this turns out, it all becomes quite clear why there are idiot savants that could quote you the lyrics of, I guess something as dense as Bob Dylan would would fit the bill. Billie Joe McAllister? I know the words to Bob Dylan's Dream, and Desolation Row, and the Gates of Eden. It's kind of an idiot savant thing, remembering lyrics. I can look at the Jumble Puzzle and I know the words, immediately. I mean, am I supposed to expect something to ignite? WEverybody sybsumes the idiot savantism. I'm a high acchiever in real life. I ett good grades, whaatever. I'm sure a large number of y'all have never tried hallucinogens. You probably should find some safe haven and give it a try. So,what I was saying about Men and Women and vocals. When you get right down to it. Men are more notable singer, mainly because they break conventions.s. When you get right down to it Merrie Clayton Gimme Shelter Way more frightening, and that's the point of the song. It's supposed to scare the shit out of you. Mick sounds kike this is more of this, Merrie Clayton sounds like Hair on Fire. Al Quaeda intent on inside the US. This had no effect on the Presiudent. O8/01. Yeah he's almost terminally stupid and he needs hair on fire. But this wasn't good enough. It was hair on fire. How's anybody that brain-dead So what I started talking about? We've got btrathless popstrs now. They seem to need all sorts of electronic boosts. Nsdonna does. Jewell can just sing. More than that, did Nancy Wilson need overdubing? I don't think so. Who are all these people? People used to have their owbb voices and they could sing. Joni, for sure. Does it take much of a man to see his whole life go down, To look up on the world from a hole in the ground, To wait for your future like a horse that's gone lame, To lie in the gutter and die with no name? Only a hobo, but one more is gone Leavin' nobody to sing his sad song Leavin' nobody to carry him home Only a hobo, but one more is gone
  128. michaelj on Hand upon the plow.
    June 4th, 2007  8:55 pm

  129. Respect is, after all, an Otis Redding song, and Sister Re's version is very good, but the Otis at Monterrey (with the shout out--I thought Run invented that) is far better. Aretha's finest, I think, are Chain of Fools and I Never Loved a an (the Way That I Love You). An estimate is an implied contract. It can be exceeded reasonably without consultation, but not trebled. Unethical, like Dick Cheney, most likely illegal, like Dick Cheney. I'd write a check for the estimate plus maybe 50%, and copy the BBB. They will not go to court. Otherwise, starting a job is a contractor's license to larceny.
  130. michaelj on Hand upon the plow.
    June 4th, 2007  9:17 pm

  131. Of course, Aretha never loved a Man, not a definite article. It’s hard to type in Hurricane Season, with nothing but the Uninterruptiple Power Supply and the monitor for light. Far as Dickless, I meant to include this. Is there a Nobel for arrogance? We're not supposed to have fire season on the barrier islands, but, day to day, everything here smells like burned wet dog thanks to the Okefenokee immolation. Maybe 40 mph wind will alleviate the annoyance.
  132. michaelj on Hand upon the plow.
    June 5th, 2007  3:01 pm

  133. LA Mary. It's criminal to name any dog Smokey. Like branding him (I'm assuming) with the effulgent crimes of Phillip (Can't Fool the Fatman) Fulmer. As far as Silvio is concerned, the great moment was his dream about the missing cheese. I think this was an inside joke. There was never any cheese missing on The Sopranos. There was The Godfather and then everything else, including Goodfellas that was purely the crappiest movie critics went nuts over that wasn't called Raging Bull. Really asinine, by Rocky standards. Sopranos is undeinably entertaining, but when people start in on "morally ambiguous", well so's Karl Rove. Jesus, creeps are creeps. Lee Atwater wouldn't tolerate Karl Rove. It's the HBO flagship, but one. That would be Deadwood. Can Robert Altman sue these people? We'd rather watch McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and the outright theft of intellectual property is stunning. They couldn't duplicate the incandescence of Julie Christie, or Senator Bulworth, for that matter. Actually, and I'm certain about this, the quintessential mob movie is Atlantic City. Elmer Gantry a tired old oil tycoon at the beach. We'd all have been a whole lot better off if he'd been president. Or Atticus. Instead we got the guy that wished he was Charlton Heston, and thought Grover Cleveland had been president.
  134. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  3:45 pm

  135. I know people think Darker Than Amber is great, but I think Dreadful Lemon Sky. As great as he was, this guy couldn't touch James Lee Burke. Even in a battle of titles, Dave Robicheaux kicks Travis's ass. Then there's Easy Rawlins. I think, how to write. But you know, in this discussion, I feel like the cocktail onion on a babana split, and I figure you know who made that up. But, duty calls.
  136. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  4:13 pm

  137. Alex: When Christians ululate, in my vicinity, it sounds like 'How 'bout them Dawgs'. If Christians would get around to playing instead of practicing, this would be good, Overall..
  138. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  4:52 pm

  139. MichaelG: I think Dave Robicheaux appeals to me because he's Catholic, and it seems to have failed him, but he takes in strays. Or, he's failed that too. I think he's like Travis McGee in stern morality and thinking lyrically. If you like investigations, I'd commend >i>Smilla's Sense of Snow, by Peter Hoeg. And I'm not joking about Walter Mosley. Just brilliant writing. Easy Rawlins' sidekick is an absolutely amoral mofo more dangerous than Hawk, called Mouse. Easy leaves him with a prisoner, and tells Mouse not to shoot him. Easy returns and finds the prisoner strangled . Mouse says, 'You told me not to shoot him." Then he adds, 'If you ain't want him dead, why'd you leave him with me?'
  140. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  11:12 pm

  141. LAMary: Whatever his real name is, and this could be forthcoming as Scooter nears the slammer, John Le Carre is one great writer. The Spy Who Came In From the Cold was my introduction. Seems to me that The Constant Gardener is his finest work. The touchstone, the grail of the genre, is Graham Greene. As wonderful as Graham Greene's novels are, particularly The Quiet American, Getting To Know the General is easily the best thing he ever published. Couldn't HW have just put Torrijos in Country Club Prison with Pineappleface instead of blowing up his plane? Watch your back, Scooter.
  142. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  11:21 pm

  143. Everything that's so totally wrong with James Lileks: A Children’s Museum, however, is more of a Funatorium. You are encouraged to touch things, which is poor training for subsequent museum visitation. The Bleat, 03-20-2006. He wrote 'talkers' names on the blackboard when Sister was out of the room. If he played rugby, he would have punched opponents in the nads.
  144. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  11:29 pm

  145. And for y'all that like Elmore Leonard, get a copy, or a tape, of The Friends of Eddie Coyle by the estimable newspaperman George V. Higgins. Or rent the movie, in which Smirnoff School of Acting alum Robert Mitchum is riveting.
  146. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  11:36 pm

  147. The Moviegoer is great. Sort of hard to read, because there's a too much Binx Bolling in my own personality. The Second Coming is my favorite from Walker Percy. Everybody that falls down needs to find someone that picks things up.
  148. michaelj on Crabby.
    June 5th, 2007  11:44 pm

  149. For sure, Lileks wouldn't have played rugby, but he would have cheered W on from the sidelines. Funny how the Praetorian Press goes nuts over this photo but buys the Swiftboat calumny whole hog.
  150. michaelj on Hey, Martha.
    June 8th, 2007  2:16 am

  151. My arthritic knees make me think everyday I might a wheelchair. Betwen Kevoorkian and J and J, I guess I know what model and make. I looked for Kem Nunn at the library today, so no luck. Read something a month or so ago about this guy. Guess I'll try the bookstore, amd T.J. Parker will haveto do for now. What's noir, after all? Dark? Is Walter Mosely noir? Is mixing noir with social commentary noir? Or is mixing the detective genre with intelligent social commentary noir? Social commentary? Easy's commentary on bklack and white in America is spectacular. I think it's mixing up really good writing with social commeniyaary and detective plots. James Lee Burke has a guy that seems to believe in the finality of personal brutality, when it comes right down to it. So is it Phillip Marlowe, is it Travis McGee, is it Easy Rawlins? Is it Raymond 'Mouse' Alexander'? It's not any surfer. Boyo, I love these books. I love these books, but when it comes down to the nub, I love the truth. I don't want to think the truth is Mouse. Mouse said 'If you didn't wan't him dead, why'd you leave him with me?' Our heroes spare villains. That HBO Western, well that was obviously stolen from McCabe and Mrs. Miller and the TV version doesn't come close. Not even close. As far as obscenity, I'm only seeing Sopranos on A and E, but I don't see how I'm missing anything. Just saw Paully Nuts and Christopher in the snow-covered Jersey badlands. Morons. Bobby Baccala is not only a better person, he's a smarter guy. Orange vest, hunting rifle, spotlight. He's way smarter than the captains, he's smarter than Tony, and he's just a better guy. When it all comes down to it, it's habeus corpus. Every right somebody wants to claim, these asshoes have taken away. If you disagree, you're a Guantanamo ready danger to democracy.
  152. michaelj on Nobody asked me.
    June 9th, 2007  12:36 pm

  153. I despise the term blog. It‘s just ugly and stupid and truncated to be uglier and more stupid. But I start every day by checking one, and it isn‘t Nancy Nall, though I read this every day, because Nancy is a very good writer and a halfway decent editor, and it‘s endearing that somebody thinks Iggy was Detroit music when there was MC5. The one I check is River. This is a young Iraqi woman. I guess English is her second language, but she’s absolutely eloquent, and elegant, in English, unlike, well, you know, anybody appointed to the executive by himself or the Supreme Court. Shadow government isn't ever easy, just ask Larry Macdonald. So anyway, I’ve been reading her dispatches since around 2003, and when there’s nothing new, I worry that something’s happened to her. There’s a litany of anti-Constitutional offenses perpetrated in the name of PNACenturions, but if they’ve managed to harm this beacon of intelligence and peace and universal harmony, there’s no ring of hell they’re worthy of. No torment that can match their crime. I know this isn't a political forum, but I think y'all stand for honest journalism. River's that, in spades.
  154. michaelj on Nobody asked me.
    June 9th, 2007  2:58 pm

  155. Oh, and 'monkeywrenchers'. Interesting application, but any acknowledgment of one of the world's greatest writers is welcome. We think of monkeywrenching as physical acts of discomfiture against machines like bulldozers, and we know they'll win in the end, but Hayduke lives.
  156. michaelj on Hey, Martha.
    June 10th, 2007  1:14 am

  157. Hey Martha, why didn't Peter Pace and Henry Kissinger write tget out of jail free note?s.
  158. michaelj on Weekend of disappointment.
    July 31st, 2007  10:59 pm

  159. On the other hand, Spike Lee did Inside Man, which was an excellent movie. If I'm allergic to anything about movies, it's definitely Kevin Spacey.
  160. michaelj on How insensitive.
    August 4th, 2007  10:11 pm

  161. The goat that ought to be led to the ALTER is the neo-federal regime that's ignored a litany of annual reports from the American Society of Civil Engineers on infrastructure issues, particullarly urgent bridge reconstruction. According to ASCE (all the way back to the 80s), somewhere between 80 and 90% of bridges are in need of repair, the majority drastically so. The most recent estimate for bringing all US bridges up to safety performance standards is$190 billion. I guess I'd be a Noxious-Weed-hating partisan trying to coddle and encourage evil-doers that hate are (sic) freedom if I pointed out that the invasion and occupation have burned $500 billion on the books so far (Lord knows what mare in accounts for slushy days and unavoidable future outlays). Anyway, since I'm picturing a surgical grade gonad guillotine, perhaps "alter" is a fortuitous solecism. Remove these dumbasses from the ongoing propagation of the human genome.
  162. michaelj on Ouch.
    November 11th, 2007  8:25 pm

  163. Christopher Hitchens onanistic porn strikes me as the equivalent of Republican chickenhawkism. Never used it and still didn't lose it. This guy scores about 15 on the O'Reilley Disgustometer, but now he's acting like the gross fat guy on CSI that wanted to suckle and be spanked for pooping his gigantic diapers. Intelligent design? Yeah, right.
  164. michaelj on Ouch.
    November 12th, 2007  5:24 am

  165. Wee Tucker is the allegorical tampon Prince Charles wished he were, except it's only the bowtie that would lead anybody to believe he'd been there. Olbermann is actually on at 8p. He certainly gets a kick out of mocking FauxNews, but these are the aholes that ran the Swiftboat slander about 300 times a day and claimed it was news and not slander. Unfortunately, there are about a tenth of a billion people that view Fox as religious divination. By the vagaries of our Constitution, these idiots get to vote. It'd be wonderful were H.L. Mencken around to offer observations on his putative booboisee. Spinmaster O touts his own veracity when he lies, lies, lies. An accurate account of his mendacity would use up NancyNalls' bandwidth. Keith may be smug, but calling Shrub and the party organ (so to speak, I mean, they are certainly dickheads) liars isn't onanistic so much as it's flogging a a falafel.
  166. michaelj on Ouch.
    November 12th, 2007  5:35 am

  167. As far as Worst Person, there are so many aholes and so few days in the week. Mr. Diebold that guaranteed a Shrub win in Ohio and then saw 25thou votes from Sandusky Co. vanish into the ether wasn't ever a winner, but I'd imagine Olbermann thinks he registers way below despicable. At least once, Olbermann named himself a Worst Person, when he'd gotten some insignificant facts wrong in the Worst Person sweeps. He's really not the guy taking himself too seriously. There are sexual offenders and hillbilly-heroin junkies spouting a corrupt party line on airwaves that y'all own. It's nice when someone poindts it out.
  168. michaelj on One more.
    November 16th, 2007  3:51 pm

  169. My opinion, that's a great photograph. If I hung it on my wall, I could regale myself with my buddy Jack, watching my brother David trying to level it without actually reaching for his pocket laser level. In other news. Barry Bonds faces thirty years in prison for perjury because the sleaziest 'journalist' not connected to Brittany released Grand Jury testimony? In the first place, anybody with a modicum of information and intelligence realizes steroids wouldn't improve hand-eye coordination. And even journalists would have to figure Mark Fainaru-Wada and his partner ceased to be journalists when they gave those Snickers to the Grand Jury member to cash in for the big bucks. I don't like to judge, but I believe I've seen this guy with a suitcase and a deck of cards near Times Square. How is it that, these days, anybody can accuse anybody of anything? Evidence be damned. On the other hand, if I accuse the pretzeldent (and I actually invented that patronym) of making shite up, I hate America? Well, I don't hate America, and I sure as hell don't hate W, who's so far beneath hatred he only comes up as necessary to comment on his shitheel behavior. Whoda thought a coalition of astoundingly amoral and greedy businesspeople could find common ground with an astoundingly amoral and greedy bunch of 'Christians' to fund an invasion and illegal (officially,now, under Iraqi law) occupation? Government by Blackwater? Anyway. Whether or not she ever intended to, NancyNalls writes a superbly written web log (she never intended to write well, she's incapable of not writing well; as she says she didn't intend this sort of web journal.). Careful writer. Decent contributors, too. So I ask you. Have all these years of Lee Atwater and Karl Rove made truth relative? Ronald Raygun said that in his youth "who knew black people" existed. Then, he launched his presidential campaign nearly on the spot where Schwerner and Cheney and Goodman disappeared before they were lynched. But anyway, best apartment I ever had was two floors, upstairs from Leon of Italy, in Belmont Square, Massachusetts, down the street from the Fire Department and around the corner from the HQ of the John Birch Society. Leon of Italy for a Reveah Beach goombah ranks with legendary names for beauty parlors. Another good one: Crown of Glory. I think they meant Crowning Glory. Maybe not. Votin' fer that fella from Law & Order this year. Or the one that married his cousin and anulled it cuz she was his cuz, and had his mob boss watch over the pile from the apartment donated for NYC's finest to get some sleep. Guess I'll vote for Huckaby of Mayberry. The truth? Depends on what your definition...
  170. michaelj on Seeing the sights.
    November 17th, 2007  3:40 am

  171. I grew up in Bloomfield Hills. I went to school on Seven Mile. UDHigh. We wemt down to Cass, this was in '68, after Martin was shot. We were thinking about James Brown. It was pretty normal. We were just kids. We liked each other or we didn't get along. Just kids. I kinda fell in love. Big deal. We were just kids at the Michigan State Fair. Honest to God the Supremes were playing Reflections. Anti miscegenationists, Michigan's got a milliion rednecks. They attacked, we ran. To the MC5 house on Cass. I know Nancy likes Iggy. In the day, MC5 was the obliviator, SRC was the best band without question in Detroit. Seger, with himself playing lead guitar,and Pep Perrine on drums, was three. Thaatshow things were in Detroit. I suppose this is boring, but Nancy reaches out. Seedy Detroit? My very good friend Bill Thigpen, he humiliated (strike that) outplayed Coach Rudy Tomjanovich, later to gain fame by running directly at a gigantic guy about to throw a punch. Dumbest white brother ever. But James said, Dooley's Junkyard Dogs. Dooley's Junkyard Dogs. Streetscapes I'll watch Spenser reruns to see the finest city God ever put on the face of the earth. Of course, Robert Urich and his costars were quite good anyway. BOSTON DOES RULE.
  172. michaelj on Seeing the sights.
    November 17th, 2007  4:44 am

  173. Dorothy says Barry looks bigger. Magic looks like he's put on 100, easy. My brother Mark was a 150 lb. distance swimmer in college, he's about 240 now. Is this proof he usd steroids? Well, he got older. This whole thing has to do with personal animus In my mind what matters is he would most certainly have hit those homeruns. Nitpicking about steroids should focus on pitchers. Who was clean? Clemons (and we don't mean the agricultural school), or Bonds. The pitchers cheated, and anybody that doesn't realize that is a moron. Know something else? Hank Aaron in the Launching Pad doesn't enter the equation with Barry and the Babe. Not close.
  174. michaelj on One more.
    November 17th, 2007  8:27 am

  175. How can anybody write about Joe Nuxhall without referring to David Clyde? Tell y'all what, if W keeps getting kids killed, American Legion might end up Triple A. Of course, in a world where anybody knew better, W wouldn't emerge from the bushes. I know this isn't a political forum. The ascendency of this character is an affront to people of decidecly mediocre intelligence and accomplishments. Every one of them could do better without slandering another guy for being brave enough, several times, to do more than guard the liquor cabinet at the OClub, in Texas, or Alabama, whatever. And for Brian: I love baseball. I went to Dodgertown at seven months gestation and my mom played catch with Carl Furillo and Roy Campanella. But when an owner masquerading as commish gave home field in the world series to the winner of the all star game, I had a sort of seismic sense of trouble like Smilla's sense of snow. Bad shit was afoot. I believe Barry Bonds is one of the best that ever played. Five tools. In that regard, he's better than everybody but Roberto Clemente and Fred Lynn. Anybody that thinks the cream or the clear made a difference is either an idiot or a sleazy sportswriter looking for bucks. I think Freddy Lynn sans pot and bad weather was the Natural. Oh, and that idea he could run into walls forever. But that's why we played 'neat falls' when we were kids. It's supposed to hurt. And we roll with it.
  176. michaelj on Seeing the sights.
    November 17th, 2007  8:42 am

  177. Message to Micheal Heaton: Have ya read the books by Adrian McKinty, ya wee sleekit bastard? It's not The Dalkey Archive, and it's not JC von Damme. Little of both. Actually, Adrian McKinty is probably not for some tastes. If you like John D. (Warren's Best Friend) McDonald, or BladeRunner, you'd find this engaging.
  178. michaelj on Seeing the sights.
    November 17th, 2007  9:13 am

  179. LAMary. Youve fot a Springsteen name. If you live on Avenida anything, Lou Dobbs may come creeping behind heavily armed agents of Blackwater, all of them so scared they don't know whether to piss themselves or murder an innocent onlooker. Thanks to the Tough Guy in Charge, who understands combat, having played an electronic game, these guys will go entirely free if they shot you full of holes. As John Cougar says when he's not plagiarizing the Kinks, the Beatles or any other number of bands, ain't that America.
  180. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    November 20th, 2007  2:09 pm

  181. That Packard building looks like a backdrop in 12 Monkeys, a seriously underrated movie, but, hell, if you've got a job as a critic, I suppose admitting that Bruce Willis was seriously good in something Quentin Tarrantino didn't do feels like it's beneath you. Does anybody really believe Reservoir Dogs was a good movie? Mediocre gag drawn out waaaaay looong, I think. Not as good as A Boy and His Dog, for a one-off based on an old joke. Movies take time. Blade Runner was trashed, but it's brilliant. There's Chinatown</i. There's </iBlade Rummer Treasure of the Sierra Madre and everything else. I'd like to see Waterworld on IMAX. Kevin Costner's ego? I'd say Costner sublimated his alleged ego and provided ahtleticism Errol Flynn wouldn't have put down a smoke for. Anybody that doesn't think that the way that catamaran works is genius is a sol-free idiot. I say it's a great movie, and not just because Dennis Hopper is <insanely funny and the kid <isn't cute. In the long run, for lifelong swimmers like me, maybe this was another sports movie. He didn't get baseball as well as R. Redford, but he got as close as you could without bringing in J. Henry Waugh. He nailed golf, to the wall, with the help of tremendous performances performances friom both Don Johnson and Cheech Marin (only Jack Nicklaus comes close, and I'm part of Arnie's Army. I'd go in there, in the haunted building, because it's haunted for sure. I grew up in Detroit. We went all sorts of places not safe for white boys, and didn't think much about it. I find it amazing, and sort of depressing, that car theft and burglary count against my city as violent crimes. Stealing am Escalade off the street is violent crime? Burglary, done right, is obviously non-violent. Violence against Beemers, unless its carjacking, hardly seems to fit this racially tinged 'study'l. I can hear the lambs crying. One thing the social engineers seem to miss entirely is violence committed by people drawn to the city but not from the city. I understand not going in that Packard building alone, but I don't think I buy fear of a broken leg. You were skeert. Detroit's dangerous and always has been. Even around the edges. One thing left out by the alleged study is who comes to the city and commits crimes. I realize that doesn't take the city off the hook for where things happen, but I'd say the source is more important, even in such a poorly framed study. When I was 17, I had a girlfriend who lived in Rapid City. Rapid, to the cognoscenti. She had a very fine 442 and we drove up into the Black Hills and found an abandoned mine that this picture of the remains of riches and gigantic Packers reminds me of. There was actually a table set out with a ledger book, where they'd apparently been paying the miners. Maybr they died Ithere. It was too creepy to spend much time. and I think I may have been reading The Stand at the time. Spooked us both, and that was in the widerness, not in the most damgerpuscity where there were wild blackberries and water to drink from gelid streams. Like breaking a spell. Well. As usual, there's room for thought here. I doubt Detroit's so dangerous. I may prove it by taking a walk down Woodward through numbered streets, and getting filled, next time I'm staying at the Pontchartrain. I once got manhandled by Detroit's finest here. Up against the glass after hectoring Geoge Corley Wallace. He seems to have proliferated like roaches, but at the time, we seemed to be the dangerous citizens somebody was warning you people in the Grosses about. It was dangerous. in those days. The photo is stunning. Ozymandias comes to mind, but it's like slouching toward Bethlehem. Which makes me wonder. Does Nancy Nall have a favorite poet? In her serious, or not so serious moments? If the notable drug addict Percy Shelley wrote Ozymandias, does that mean maybe still-cocaine-addled W has intimations of mortality? Well, on the subject of his presidential legacy, he told Bob Woodward (and you could trust that fly on the wall far as you could swat him), We'll all be dead. So who is the Nancy Nall poet laureate? Ogden Nash? Well, she's quick and witty. Mordant? William Butler Yeats (Cast a cold eye). Iggy? Ray Davies? I kind of wish Christina Rossetti. I think, in the end it's somebody with snow on woolen shoulders and a forward attitude, like Robert Frost or Auden. Like Ray Davies, actually. Those ratings are based on vocabulary. Bloggers (oh,I hate that faux-logism) that seem to need ill-used big words are loneilier than the number one, and more ubiquitous than Daughtry. The rating system doesn't take into account misusing those words, even after spellchecking (gnarrh). That's the emoticon for me grinding my teeth. Nancy writes well. Other b loggrers cant' claim the same. In the end, there is much to be said for grammar, logic and diction. (And don't look for that comma before and diction; it doesn't belong there.)
  182. michaelj on What I'm thankful for.
    November 24th, 2007  9:31 pm

  183. I'd have to say that as far as live albums are concerned, Kick Out the Jams beats the Who and Silver Bullet. But maybe you had to experience MC5 in person. And Bob Seger in '67 at the Birmingham Teen Center was the best Bob Seger. Too bad nobody thought to tape that. If y'all go to South Dakota, just drive up into the Black Hills. Clean streams, wild blackberries, abandoned mines that look as though they'd been populated until yesterday. Stunning.
  184. michaelj on Type A, positive.
    November 27th, 2007  7:41 am

  185. Could somebody explain to me what the J. Geils conection is to actual Detroit music? I hate to come across as some elitist, but I grew up going to the Motown Revue and the Michigan State Fair. We had SRC and MC5 and Bob Seger System. And we had Motown. We didn't lack for musical talent. I know Hideout was before Nancy's time, but, for instance, Pep Perrine on drums behind Seger on lead on Ramblin' Gamblin' was nonpareil, and Heavy Music, those were better than all of the other regional records of that time in space, including Geils. Actually, SRC was as good as MC5, maybe better. I went to school in New England (at Holy Cross) about that same time, and there were Bary and the Remains, James Montgomery etc. Those Boston bands put Giles in the also-ran, but Detroit ruled. Good grief, Amboy Dukes were actually better. I know none of you ever heard Detroit music first hand in the late 60s. If you think "Somebody Help Me" exists in the same universe as "Shakin' Street", well that's the same sort of mindset that leads to voting Republican. Listen to the Sonic and Brother Wayne Kramer twin guitars on any song on "Kick Out the Jams" and you see where Skynyrd got the idea. Anyway, I don't understand J. Geils hagiography on an allegedly Detroit website. I did kinda get the drinking with Magic Dick reference. I was in Jack's on Mass Ave. with Peter Wolfe when Reggie Jackson actually cheated in the '77 World Series. The wooma-gooma voice of the J. Geils Band was outraged about the obvious cheating. Amazingly, the only other time I ever saw the guy was the night Isiah threw the inbound pass rightto Larry. Who hit DJ for the game winner. We were on the sidewalk. On Massachusetts Ave. Outside Jack's, home away fromhome of Bonny, the crazy redhead, Raitt. The club where they both became famous. About 200 back from the TV. He was a DJ before he ever got to sing "Love Stinks". Good guy. Boston guy. Anyway, that was the night Isiah became a legendary asshole pariah by attempting to denigrate Larry when Larry punked him on the court. "If he (WAS) black, he'd just be another player". Try the subjunctive, moron. Worse than Matt Millen's ouvre. We went home and played "Tales of Lucy Blue" aka, "Ramblin''Gamblin Man". Of course, if you love Detroit music, and you've got a brain these days, Edwin Starr was clairvoyant, except that it was "war" and not "occupation" he thought was patently useless. Two plus two is on my mind.
  186. michaelj on Type A, positive.
    November 27th, 2007  10:40 am

  187. Would everybody agree that Warren's Werewolf is the greatest werewolf song? But of course, he also wrote the great "lawyer" song. Did any of y'all ever see Warren in person? I can play a 12-string pretty well. This guy was ridiculously good. But he wrote condensed versions of history, world and personal. "I heard Woodrow Wilson's guns I heard Maria calling Saying, "Veracruz is dying And Cuernavaca's falling" Cuernevaca was a bad place to get caught up in historic moments. Apparently, Warren's best friend in his later years was John D. McDonald. Surprising he didn't seek out his fellow LA curmudgeon Walter Moseley, who carries the John D. McDonald flame. Walter Moseley wrote this: "You said don't shoot him, right? Well I didn't. I choked him. If you didn't want him killed, Easy, why'd you leave him with me?" Raymond "Mouse" Alexander. The definitive Don Cheadle role.
  188. michaelj on Martha and the Mustangs.
    November 29th, 2007  1:27 am

  189. I worked on the line one summer, courtesy of a UDHigh classmate's dad. I threaded nuts onto bolts for autpmatic transmission assemblies. Next guy on the line bolted them down with a pneumatic wrench. After two weeks, I couldn't stand it and switched to a janitorial job paying about $3 less per hour, and eventually just went back to minimum wage washing ORs with Wescodyne at Metropolitan Hospital. Is it still there? I don't think there was a woman on the line at the time. At the risk of being accused of descending into Sour mash woolgathering, this reminds me of the finest Detroit movie, and it neither involves (past tense or present in discussing movies?) Eminem nor Michael Keaton ( great movie). That would be Richard Prior, Harvey Keitel, Yaphet Kotto and Paul Scrader: Blue Collar. As a conspiracy idea, this movie was at least as good as The Parallax View. I wish Warren Beatty had put Bulworth in the original tinderbox ghetto. I'd never seen this video, but it's impressive. Martha is exceptionally attractive here. This song is better than any Supremes song. So's Dancing in the Streets; I saw both groups at the Michigan State Fair. Martha and the Vandellas ripped it up. Supremes played Reflections, and it was outstanding. I know this predates Nancy as a Detroit denizen. Used to be, we had the Motown Revue between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two days for about $6. Temps, Tops, Steveland, Marvin and Tami, Supremes, Smokey, Martha & the Vandellas. White kids, black kids, no borders, music only. And really, identifying Iggy with late 60s Detroit rock is understandable. If you weren't there, you wouldn't know about SRC, though MC5 should have registered. We may have been drug-addled, but we thought Iggy was nuts, seger ruled, and the Quackenbush brothers were close to subway Gods. We didn't have a subway, but the reference should be obvious. Actually, the apex of rock in SE Michigan in 1968 was Procol Harum playing songs from Salty Dog at the Birmingham teen center before the album came out.
  190. michaelj on Martha and the Mustangs.
    November 29th, 2007  2:03 am

  191. If Martha had shown up in that get-up, I might have bobbled my assignment.
  192. michaelj on Martha and the Mustangs.
    November 29th, 2007  4:41 am

  193. oHow do we say? how do you heel
  194. michaelj on Martha and the Mustangs.
    November 29th, 2007  4:42 am

  195. oHow do we say? how do you feel
  196. michaelj on Martha and the Mustangs.
    November 29th, 2007  7:36 am

  197. In the day, we didn't live in the Grosses. We lived in Birmingham. Or Bloomfield Hills. We lived at Tiger Stadium. Nancy doesn't get it when she embraces Iggy. SRC was the band. . She's right but for all the wrong reasons. If you know anything about Detroit, tell me where Louis the Hatter and the Chessmate were. One street, actually.
  198. michaelj on The natural diuretic.
    December 1st, 2007  2:26 am

  199. Isn't it strange what triggers memories, as Marcel Prousst might say about madeleines, or onion bagels, if he's grown up near the Fabulous Modern Bakery on 7Mile. In this case, vaulting a table in a single bound. My brother Chris was the singular athlete in a family of good athletes. Two of four played college football. Three of us were All-State in HS. My dad was a protege of Albert Sabin, who, family lore says fed me (God knows what) some sort of babyfood in my high chair (I know I would have preferred coffee black.) So anyway, we were getting the vaccine, like it or not. Chris bolted down a hospital corridor in abject horror at being stuck with a needle. Alert orderlies wheeled a gurney into his path, but Chris cleared it with no problem. He can't have been more than four. Now he's an incredibly highly paid corporate lawyer in Phoenix. What fueled his leap? He might claim some sort of inciipient Libertarianism (although he grew up with a giant Bobby Kennedy poster over his bed.) And although he knows you can't let everybody go packing. I asked him this specifically, and he agrees with me that it would take a dangerously out-of-control society to agree that Bob Knight should ever be allowed to get within miles of a gun. But anyway, he jumped the table. In his Senior HS year, at 5-11 tops, he cleared 6-7 in the Michigan State Meet, having never high jumped in competition, and also went something around 25 ft. in long jump. I suppose this is related to the Urban Legend about picking up a jeep and turning it around on a narrow jungle track. So anyway, Nancy, I think you were provoked, and you made a leap. We do things in unusual circumstances. I think you 've got an accurate memory. I wish you'd been blessed with something more benign. Like breakfast pastry. There's something abot this site. We have Bobby Riggs. Negotiated rules said Bobby was giving doubles lines to w
  200. michaelj on The natural diuretic.
    December 1st, 2007  3:46 am

  201. Nancy Nall seems to understand what made Detroit speciaL, but she she never lived in the city. I lived in a suburb, too. Birmingham. I did go to school inside7Mile. Earlier today, I heard Persecution Smith on the MIT (wmbr, and download Winamp) radio station. Persecution Smith is what Detroit was about in the late Sixties. We knew you couldn't trust the government. It's definitive about why some time in history in Detroit was just better, and more instructive about politics Civics class. I used to trust the pledge of allegiance, until they beat me bloody down at the station. They haven't fot a word out of me since I goy a million years probation. When did doggerel written by a devoted Socialist become the fold standard for patriotism? Tomorrow, those wackjob homeless guys in Miami face life. They were supposedly committed to Al Quaeda. There oath of alliegance was administered by an FBI agent that promised them cash and shoes. I'm shaking in my boots. What's wrong with this country? Are we, is this country, joking? Like Jose Padilla, the famous 'dirty bomber'. The guy's IQ is approximately 70. Actually, Billie was given the doubles lines against a really old guy. If she wanted to prove something, she could have played Johnny Mac with the same rules. Or some other old guy. Game over. But she would have played him.49 vs. 70 is kinda stupid.
  202. michaelj on The natural diuretic.
    December 1st, 2007  9:08 am

  203. Kill bill isn't Kill bill if it doesn't have Kwai Chang Cain. Old fool with eyerows,simply tedious. Attempt at Braid Lunner. Not even close. Blaid Lunner did a man's work.
  204. michaelj on Call it, friend-o.
    December 4th, 2007  3:18 am

  205. Painterly? I think I actually know what this means. I mean, I took a film course in jschool, supposedly for the easy A. Ahole didn't think anybody deserved an A Jack Nicholson, my dear, was never inestimable, and I thought criticism in Departed is a reversion to form. You know, Jack just plays Jack. This is such patent pap, I suppose there's no sense listening to anything that follows. Nancy, how much of your opinion, on both these movies, is based upon horrendous violence that's really hard for a human being to watch. I find it fascinating that so many Tarrantino acolyte critics criticize violence in The Departed, etc. Apparently they're Busheviks and believe Reservoir Dogs depicted tough interrogation rather than outright violence. Cutting up your face might make you give up the location of the putative suitcase, but why would you think your torturer would be about to kill you? And apropos of important things: gutdom Michigan, how did you lose to some team as immobile and unimaginative as Big Farm, and inflict Buckeyes on the football nation? When LSU smokes those guys, will the Big Ten admit playing Youngstown, Kent and Akron makes your record a sham? Rose Bowl takes Illinois. Yeah, well, tradition. Illinois? Tradition is camouflage for protecting the Ur-bowl from playoffs. If they wanted a midwestern conection, Mizzou beat Kansas convincingly. If there were playoffs, it's the #1 and #2 pretenders against Georgia and USC, and USC meets Georgia in the championship. Georgia and USC are the best teams now. The business about LSU only lost in overtime is spectacularly stupid. Overtime was instituted to do away with ties. So losing is like kind of a tie? There are all sorts of ideas about why the Big doesn't have a League Championship. They don't have enough good teams. Anyway. Today we have the release of the NIE concerning Iran and nukes. And not only was Iran not trying to make weapons since 2003, they couldn't until 2015. Weren't we getting ramped up by Wolfowitz (who's working for W again) to shock and awe?The idea that Iran wouldn't be interested in nuclear power because they're sitting on the ocean of oil is bittersweet. Oil? Nah? What sort of idiots would do that? Something that bothers me is the idea that Congress approved Shock and Awe. This is even more revoltingwith the passel-tongue Bush brain claiming it wasn't their idea. Google the so-called authorization that Hillary takes so much grief for. Read it. It didn't approve any invasion. What it said, is that W was supposed to try talking Saddam out of a confrontation. The Pope knew what the plan was, and it's a good bet Democrat's should have to. The old Polish guy said he'd go to Bagdhad to protect innocents. What a jerk. Two days later, the US launched several 500-lb. bombs on residential neighborhoods, and originally announced they'd killed Saddam. Mainly they killed kids at some regional version of MacDonalds. People that have run things for W are considered sensible. They blew up a country, on the basis of entirely bogus testimony they blamed on somebody else, but which history will prove they just made up. People these days wan't to talk about why these soldiers have died, and why thousands of soldiers have been left where they're getting no benefits. Greatest Generation? Kiss my ass. These aholes that other considerations screwed over VietVets. They're doing this same thing with the war they chose. They skate. Geez, W said he was in Texas, then he said he was in Bama. Everybody else is chattel. Deal isW was protecting the O club. Kerry was sneaking up some river. Everybody in the world knows this is absolutely true. But somehow there are voters that say it isn't? What is wrong with people? Or maybe the machines were just hijacked. In Sandusky County? Yeah. Maybe. We Sandusky County, we had the President, well the gut I said I'd make the president These dickheads chose not to believe but to promote bogus shit from a guy so whack the CIA called him curveball. I think they meant screwball. Nobody's seen him since. I think it was Chalabi.
  206. michaelj on Call it, friend-o.
    December 4th, 2007  3:48 pm

  207. An SEC. A Southeastern Conference. And love may fail, but courtesy will prevail. So will the Southeastern Conference. Football's for dummies, of course. Not like soccer, where strategy is crucial and the plays amount to passing downfield or across the field. But there's college soccer thanks to real football. (The Georgia football team goes to the line with two plays and the QB calls it with the snap count, or he changes the play altogether. I guess you can be dumb and still know what you're supposed to do.) Football conferences fund research, and every other intercollegiate sport and activity, along with college newspapers. Football funds Title IX, for that matter (which is so number-befuddled it wiped out sporting opportunities for both women and men). So long as people buy into the myth of advertising and pay cash for watching talented and intelligent athletes play a very complicated sport, it's doing more good than most politicians. Every pulling guard puts a swimmer in the Olympics. Some of them go to med school. Of course jocks are a drain on society. W wishes he had an old Big Ten lineman to pardon him, instead of a bunch of political vampires who had other priorities and chose not to serve in any sense but service to cocaine (while slandering John Kerry--and that was slander. legally) . They sure loved Pat Tillman, of the Pathetic AC 10, when he used to be a hero. Now his family is aiding and abetting terris. Of course, if you think college sports don't contribute to campus life and American society, you probably still insist that Iran is building bombs, there were WMDs, Congress approved the invasion, and W giving Wolfowitz a new job are all good things.
  208. michaelj on Call it, friend-o.
    December 4th, 2007  6:32 pm

  209. I apologize for spouting opinions. I apologize for running on too long. Hell, it's only bandwidth and I'm not taking up all that much. NancyNall is a seriously good writer. She almost never makes grammatic errors. No, she's exceptionally funny, class sarcastic and just really well written. And she abides speech, no matter if its Stellazine induced (I don't take it, my pard does, so I drink to keep back.) I would say if you want to talk about Detroit music, it pretty much starts with John Lee and ends with SRC and MC5 and Bob Seger and Hideout, not Iggy. And Marvin and the Supremes. We loved Motown. Why not? It was brilliant, Smokey, particuarly. But if I'm not primetime, if I worked for National Media, I'd hire NancyNall. Girl is a very fine writer. See y'all.
  210. michaelj on Call it, friend-o.
    December 4th, 2007  6:42 pm

  211. Sorry. I won't intrude again
  212. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  3:05 am

  213. Mindy. Ronettes rule. I say this as somebody that was a teenager when Ronny(i?) was a teenager herself. In pop music, it seems to me that originals are memorable. I wish the Boss would write a Christmas song, or let Clarence write one and immortalize it. Lord knows what it says for my self esteem that I've a weakness for tough girls. When I was nineteen and I went to Holy Cross, some friends and I were hitchhiking tothe Drumshambo Pub. (The Irish implications are imponderable.) Three girls clearly tougher than any of us (Two of their names were Whitey, Angel and Blackie. I took them at their word. We were hitching, and some guys pulled up. The ensuing conversation revealed that they'd welcome the companionship of the young ladies, and, as a gentleman, I objected on the ladies' part. One of the thugs in the Dodge Hornet objected (nice name for a muscle car--sounds like Georgia Tech). He took a swing, I nailed him in the jaw, my friends lit out. Last I remember. Next thing, Sunday morning, and it turns out Blackie knocked the guy out for hitting me. I can attest to the fact these were actual young women. Somehow they got me to my dorm room. Since that day I've thought, isn't that sort of experience what college is all about? And a couple of years later, I heard Warren for the first time, and 'Poor, Poor Pitiful Me resonated. For Christmas rock 'n' roll music, 'Father Christmas' fits my Jesuit liberation theology ass better than anything else. It amuses me that Shane McGowan's down and out (and spectacularly heartbreakingly gorgeous) Christmas melody and narrative shows up on Christmas cover albums. 'It was Christmas eve, babe, in the drunk tank'. KT Tunstall does a wonderfully exuberant version of what I think is a Christmas Classic on 2000 Miles. Scott Richardson and SRC, for those of y'all that remember late 60's Detroit music, used to do that 'Bells' song, in the manner of 'Hall of the Mountain King'. Actually, aside from all of the wonderful Motown original Christmas songs, and 'Christmas in Hollis" for the hip hop kid Nancynall readers who don't know how imaginative rap used to be, 'Merry Christmas Baby, by Otis, is probably nonpareil, so to speak. You either get Otis or you don't. Michael Bolton, John Bolton less a finger in the eye. Rod Stewart, much less so: Rod made a couple of disgraceful recordings, and unfortunately they get played on the radio. 'Maggie Mae' kind of sucked, after a while. Like 'Ode to Billy Joe'. Great songs overdone. But, oh my God, if you listen to Faces albums, brilliant. Anyway, there's the whole idea of Bob Dylan covers, and 'Only a Hobo' is so much better than 'All Along the Watchtower' it's not close. 'Three-button Hand-Me-Down'. (Did you ever stand and shiver, while lookin' at a frozen river--not a bad couplet.) In the long run, maybe Rod did his best on 'Ol' Man River' with Jeff Beck. I've always thought of this as a Christmas song: And then there's Keith Emerson's, Greg Lake's and Carl Palmer's Christmas idea, which seems quite current when the architects of Armageddon are running things. 'The Christmas we get we deserve.' Of course the ultimate chickenhawk doesn't get his apparent Christmas. Nobody's going to die in Tehran from Mothers of all Bombs. I was present at Michigan Dem Party conventions when I was a kid. Every time I hear something about the Republican Party being the party of Lincoln, I get a chill when Abe rolls over in his mouldering grave. Republicans are the party of racial divisiveness in America, and have been since the Southern Strategy was devised for Tricky Dick. Lee Atwater said so on his deathbed. When campaigns are launched at Bob Jones U (I'm Catholic, and when some mail fraud criminal several centuries down the road tries to manipulate Constitutional government and calls my religion a Satanic cult I'd like to beat up his no'count children when he's endorsed by the First Republican) and Arkadelphia (was Raygun's Oldtimers so advanced even then he didn't know about the three guys buried and unearthed there?) and butter wouldn't melt in these assholes mouths, my question is how stupid is the electorate? Of course, maybe the dope is that there's no hope. Democracy is the form of government in which the people know what what they want and they get it good and hard.
  214. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  4:44 am

  215. James. You might wait until the devil rises up and drags Cheney into hell before you here Inagadadavida by Ella. Now, Pearli might accommodate you, and that would be just about as good, wouldn't it. I heard Odetta and Nina Simone sing Bob Dylan songs, in person. Saw Iron Butterfly in person do Innagadavida live in Ford Auditorium in Detroit, but they were overshadowed by billmates Sly and the Family Stone and , the scenestealing Chambers Bros. For ridiculously long songs from the late 60s, Time beat Inna buy a mile. And please, don't take me the wrong way. Innagaddadavida (and I no longer have my album to check spell) was a terrific song. But the lyrics of 'Time Has Come' are pretty amazing. Apocalyptic, actually. 'I'm thinking about the subway' and 'the rules have changed today'. I'm not sure which Chambers Bro wrote the lyrics, and I'm not sure whether or not 'the rules have changed' had to do with the death sentence the Nixon administration called the draft lottery for those that didn't have other priorities, and what that meant back then. These days, nobody worries about that, since the chickenhawks have created an underclass they can convince there's something like the GI Bill and the finest generation backwash of gratitude. Check out Lt. Whiteside: In my generation, and I studiously avoided Viet Nam participation, nobody was taken care of when they got home. Well they were. By people like me that were probably on the enemies list. For taaking care of veterans. I didn't get privileged admission to the Nar Guard and ignore duties, nor did I just make shit up like Cheney. What I did was to prepare for leaving the country to go to college in Montreal, with no guarantee I'd ever be able to return to the USA. These chickenhawk bastards have wasted so much cash on Blackwater and Cheney's portfolio, actually caring for damaged soldiers challenges their bottom lines. When you came home from WWII, you got a house for next to nothing and went to school for zip. When you came out there was a job. Could somebody explain to me how W hasn't lied his ass off about the NIE? Well, no. He may be stupid. But we're left with two ways of seeing things. He's either lying his ass off, becaues we'll all be dead, and we got away with lying our asses off before, edging toward endtimes. Or he's entirely, a moron, like when he just didn't get a clue from the 9/11 warning about Al Quaeda. I don't expect anything better from this heinous war-profiteers. I know this isn't a political site. But holy shit, you people seem to be intelligent commentators on language (maybe), but certainly on calling assholes on just lying. I don't think anybody's said this. This all makes it clear the administration lied, like flying carpets, to Congress and to the American people about Iraq. Beyond all comprehension, they thought they could get away with it again. I know nobody thought any of the neocons were cool, but these assholes need a whirlie. They tried to pull the same shit twice, who's dumb enough to buy it? People have been buying Cheney's shit for years. Romney trying on JFK? Sorry bud. Where's Loyd Bentsen when the country really needs him? I'm not big on requiring religios bona is based upon a scam separating secularism from politics. If you're religion all comes down to the underpants, shut the hell up.
  216. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  5:05 am

  217. Something came to me in a dream. Actually two things. Shouldn't everybody be seriously woried about this bisarre Wizard of Os, and that Jerk behind the curtain, nonsense regarding what the President knows? Trying to develop, trying to pursue? WTF and all the way to something like they might have thought about. What the definition of is is? What do you think? Blowing up Iraqis for no good reason? Haven't these chickenhawk assholes exposed their modus from Iraq. What's the other argument? There isn't one remoteley sensible. They lied their asses off and they did it for cash. I'm willing to listen to arguments, but you'll lose.
  218. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  6:22 am

  219. del Well maybe if they think this happens, God meant it to.. This is not reality based.
  220. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  7:59 am

  221. del, how the hell do they continue to just lie and get away? With the NIE and the CiA not backing them up don't they look kike lying shits for years? I mean, were lhey lying their lying asses off about Saddam begore they blew up all those innocent people? Ehen they said they had the slightst clue they knew where he was? Or did they just murder those people? For no reason whatsoever? Wouldn't that make them war criminals? These chickenhawk can't just make up the rules. They killed people for no reason. Could somebody esplain to me how that isn't patently obvious? Who dropped the bombs for entirely fabricated reasons, If you think there's a difference from Nazis and Guernica, show me. The US bovernment commidtted war crimes they'll never admit to. But they comitted them and continue to.
  222. michaelj on MAKE IT STOP!
    December 7th, 2007  8:14 am

  223. I never wrote dick been alleged to me, Somebody busted in here and caused intercessions, Assholes, Why s anybody bothering with me? Let him face a man. I'll kill him with my bare hands. What sort of dickheads are bothering with my stuff. Why wouldn't be doing this on the net but it apparently is some sort of internet creep. No balls.
  224. michaelj on Film at 11, eventually.
    December 9th, 2007  1:25 am

  225. If you (and I'm talking about Ron Paul) claim to be a Libertarian, how do you not tout your posiition on legalizing drugs? This guy mails me cardboard slick pamphets daily. They're as full of abuse of the English language as the are of non-English speakers, like illegals flaunt US law. They may flout the law, but, please, they don't flaunt the law. You flaunt that big diamond or your Bat Mitzvah spread. When the Lou Dobbs candidate can't speak English, and spends a fortune to flaunt in direct mail. how am I supposed to feel? Actually, having been raised by intelligent people, and having been predisposed to loving language, I know how to feel. And loving musical satire as I do, Randy Newman has this one. 'Jesus what a jerk, you're tripping over your own self now'. Every cReepub is a total asshole. Any one of the Democratic combatants is perfectly acceptable as a sane aternative. Sorry Nancy. I konw this isn't political. When things get to blowing off the Constitutiom in the interest of Cheney's cash from Halliburton, things have gotten out of hand. There's a pretty good question of good citizenship here. Beyonce is Diana lite? Reporters are standing up, for a change. The administration tried the same lies they used about Iraq. That's obvious. World War III, you asshole? We already heard that.
  226. michaelj on What I saw at the execution.
    December 11th, 2007  9:16 am

  227. What in the world made you subject yourself to this? If you're bound and determined, as they say, to be evil enough to be put away by the state, I suppose you should do it in Utah. Pretty clear these days that lethal injection is cruel and unusual. Catholic Church may, or may not, be benighted about abortion. Far as killing grownups for revenge, or politics, pretty clear. The late Pope was a willing shield before Shock and Awe. Didn't see Jerry Falwell volunteering. Mosaic law. Whose oxen are taking the horns? I witnessed somebody being killed by gunshot in Worcester, Mass, I think on Sept. 5, 1969. Not something I'd ever want to see again.
  228. michaelj on Cancel my subscription.
    December 28th, 2007  1:36 am

  229. Merry Christmas, y'all. I'm inclined to God Rest Ye. Saw MJQ on the old Today Show do that very merry carol when I was a kid, and those guys could play. Of course, its a drinking song, and somewhat cynical. Newspaper typos are something thoughtful people should cherish. They tend inadvertantly to communicate national angst If you apply 'peddling' to the invasion and occupation, you end up with Cheney's war profiteering. Republicans love Musharraf, who is the patron saint of A.Q. the H.R. Macy of the nuclear bazaar. Our great anti-terriss pal seems to actually make things easy for Al Quaeda, and then his nemesis is murdered. One way or another, this is all money for Vice Presidents with stock holdings. Shiite Iraq is Iran West without moderates, Kurdistanis a powerful rogue state, and the Sunnis willnever give up. Anyboddy with n internet connection could have seen this exactly before the invasion. We spent a bunch on Doctors Without Borders, for Christmas and for tax season. Mostly my idea, picturing biplanes and silk scarves We build Jimma houses and makethe food runs. We don't think we do enough
  230. michaelj on Cancel my subscription.
    December 28th, 2007  9:44 am

  231. Cosmo. Dubya got reelected, if you could call it that, on the basis of the Swift Boat slander and the Ohio vote hijack (announced ahead of time). His 'reelection' was about as legitimate as Putin's or Musharraf's. Please cf Mencken's opinion about democracy, stupidity, and deserving to get it good and hard.. If Musharaf didn't have Bennazir Bhutto killed, they certainly looked the other way. If it was Al Quaeda, why didn't they kill the US great ally in the war against global terrism (no typo)? Inesplicable. As in, Lucy can't splain. Anyway, there's no such thing as worst typo. They're all wonderful. The Athens (GA) Banner Herald 48 point headline for J2P2: First Non-Catholic Pope, surely rules.
  232. michaelj on The last word in 2007.
    December 30th, 2007  11:36 am

  233. Carry on, Nicola y Bart. I thought the world ended when my mom died. But it didn't. It was only less excellent. She loved Warren Zevon but she loved James Taylor even better. My dad loves James Taylor, I'm pretty sure because my mom did. And Rhymin'. And there's the 'Mother and Child Reunion' business. Fairly awesome song. My dad went to law school when he got bored with emergency medicine. I'm pretty sure he likes 'Lawyers, Guns and Money'. Me, I'm partial to 'When the Levee Breaks'.
  234. michaelj on Kilroy was here.
    January 1st, 2008  9:15 pm

  235. Considerably better than The Five People, right from the getgo. Really, don't you think most people have stories like this in their family histories? As much as this might sound like Mitch Albom, people do rise to greatness. No telling if they had it in them in the first place. Maybe there's a certitude of moral fiber genetically endowed. Was John Brown a driven moral actor or a maniac? My dad's 89 and he's undertaking an autobiography. He taught at the University of Arkansas Med School when the first female, black sudent, Edith Irby Jones, attended. A few years later, he encountered her in her final stages of a life-threatening pregnancy, when she'd been denied treatment at an all-white hospital. Things turned out well, eventually. My dad raised hell, got her medical attention from a superb (white) obstetrician. Dr. Jones suffered post-Caesarean complications and was unable to nurse. My mom had recently produced me, so she nursed the baby. My dad was a little late for WWII (served in the Philipines, but hell, sounds like MASH to me, I mean they were doctors), but I think he acted heroically when confronted with racism. I think my mother did too. Anyway, I see a connection between the unassuming war hero and the unassuming civil rights hero. I saw that connection with Kerry, but what in the world would I know about being a true American ensuring the bourbon supply at the Tejas National Guard OClub iinstead of cruising the Me Kong when Nixon decided to invade Cambodia? Happy New Year, y'all, the year before President Richardson extracts the troops and welcomes the Other America that does the dirty work.
  236. michaelj on And sometimes, just drunks.
    January 4th, 2008  12:56 pm

  237. Architects know how to do renderings. Pictures of how the results will appear. If they really want to tell you how a building will turn out, they'd let you talk to a spec writer that knows what materials can be used, and how they're applied, how they can be used, and to their junior associate designers that know how things can actually be built. Architects, in general, know nothing about either, and don't care. In larger firms, guys that might once have known something about building real buildings that real people might inhabit drink coffee around fax machines and dream up ways to market their practices, to enhance their partner disbursments. Partnerships are earned by landing big fish with pretty pictures, drawn by somebody making dick. When architects get to court, as they usually do on large projects, it's everybody else's fault. In fact, it's usually the fault of moronic and greedy owners and contractors, but the blame almost always devolves to subcontractors that did what they were told by architects, usually against their own warnings and advice. Everything lands in court, and everybody eventually splits the cash. Except the little guys. So, since the boomtime Raygun years the money has been changing hands but never stopping with the people who do the work or the people who know how it ought to be done. It's interesting, it's all about language. Architects use the word 'involved' all of the time. As opposed to 'I decided'. Instead of saying 'I think' or 'I believe' or 'I know', Architects (pardon the capitalization, that's the way we do it in AIA documentation) seem to have been trained at RISDee or Penn State or whatever to say I suppose, you know if you did that , well, maybe. Oh, and I may have been asked to consult on that. The people that do the real work, and still know what they're doing, aren't payed well at all, but they know design and figure partnership and bucks are only a kiss away. Sleaze factor. I don't think most of these people succumb, because they've grown up seeing their designs usurped by the very guys they've seen usurp their ideas to land the bigger bucks for other office plums and those dinner dates and marketeering. Modern architecture is exactly like MadMen on HBO, without the Scotch. Mies van de Roh sold people on the beauty of faceless and indifferentiable steel boxes with vaguely green glass. But as usual I'm beside the point. The point is that art is art and, by its essence and nature is impractical (beside the point). Architects are for people to whom price is unimportant, and they sure as hell know nothing about wiring and plumbing. If you're Mad Ludwig and you don't care what it costs, hire an architect. If you live in the real world of cash on the barrel head, if you need advice about a house you own, or that you're thinking about acquiring, get a licensed home inspector, for all the good that that will do (they'll be working with the real estate lady, and probably having an affair with her). Or, you could get a plumber and an electrician or a construction spec writer. Architects (like advertising) would cease to exist without somebody telling them what was possible and how to do it, and that it actually mattered. My apologies to Deborah. Not all architects are poseurs with no societal value. Just most of them when they hit the big time and turn into showmen and Mickeymarketeers. Ever hear of those panes of glass showering down on people walking near the Hancock and the Copley T stop in Boston? IM Pei designed the Hancock with apparently no consideration for the wind tunnel effect of an insular city with higher winds than Chicago built an airplane wing tower of glass along the lines of cowpaths, on backfill. Because he could. Mr. Pei graduated from MIT and the Harvard School of Design. The building looked cool and actually mirrored the eights practicing on the Charles. Some engineer (a few million bucks and several 4bys of plywood in) finally figured out how to make it work. They put in sensors that tell the automatic temperature control system to suck in when the wind sucks out. Mostly, architects know nothing about materials and applications in my experience, and, in my experience, they care less about their lack of knowledge, the building should be what it wants to be. I once had an argument about wood for carels in a public library. The designer said 'they want to be Pau lope'. I said he should use red oak, which is endangered, but at least it's farmed, and the cost difference was monumental. Mortally stupid idea. Pau lobe is a gorgeous and incredibly hard (think drill press through iron bars, and everything pre-drilled, like a prefab metal building) wood, that costs a fortune and does cause Brazillian farmers to cut vast tracts of rain forest land to get at. This was a public project, so it required public hearings. When this subject and its cost came up, I pointed out that pau lope was endangered in the rain forest. Far as I know, it wasn't, but it was a liberal town in Massachusetts and the deal was done. Case closed, but my architect said, 'OK, red oak, but it wanted to be pau lope'. And I thought I did a good thing stiemying a visionary's conversation with the wood. It wasn't like calling Pablo Picasso an asshole, which nobody ever did, more like saying three noses was one to many. But I had to interrupt what seemed to me udtter nonsense. That's architecture. I understand his artistic instincts and those carels would have been beautiful and jackknife-proof, but, give me a break. Now maybe somebody will find her initials carved inside a prepubescent heart of love, sometime in the future, no thanks to the thoughtless architect. And those people in Newton saved a bunch of cash. Architects are artists thrust into the real world, and they get corrupted by the need for money. Whoever designed the top of the Chrysler Building (and I'll guarantee it wasn't who got the credit for it) was, in my mind, a more brilliant artist than, say, somebody that dripped paint on a large canvas. More like somebody that did Nighthawks at the Diner.
  238. michaelj on And sometimes, just drunks.
    January 4th, 2008  1:57 pm

  239. Oh, and the drunk guy? Let him kill himself however he chooses, because that's probably the way he feels now. Bet he wouldn't write it off as inevitable. Carbon monoxide poisoning is apparently painless. None of the state offered options are. If people want to support the current death penalty options, make them say it's for revenge, not deserved punishment. This wasn't an offense against humanity compared to the invasion of Iraq, and the defender of the NatGuard Oclub walks free. The judge and the jury make up a social sampling that have surely driven a car with an illegal blood alcohol level. As have most of the people calling for this guy's head on a pillory. There but for the grace of God. Maybe W can be on hand to mimic the condemned. It's a lonely nation. Will the real Martian please stand up. No, that's privileged. And he stopped cocaine some unspecified time ago. And we don't torture. Isn't torture a transitive verb that requires an object, or a human being?
  240. michaelj on Give Iowa a try.
    January 5th, 2008  3:14 am

  241. Chris Matthews elides by more syllables than Lou Holtz, but if he isn't talking about Notre Dame, South Carolina or Georgia Bulldogs, the Really Old Ball Coach generally has some vague idea what he's talking about. The Swollen Head is rarely coherent, much less rational. Straight out of the W School of Communications. And then there are those creepy man-crushes: "Does [Fred Thompson] have sex appeal? … Gene, do you think there’s a sex appeal for this guy, this sort of mature, older man, you know? … Can you smell the English leather on this guy, the Aqua Velva, the sort of mature man’s shaving cream, or whatever, you know, after he shaved? Do you smell that sort of — a little bit of cigar smoke? You know, whatever." Holy crap, Tweety, get the loofah and order some falafel from the Persian takeout. And this about Rudy, "I think we want a president -- like, we grew up in a big city, you know, I grew up near Boston -- four-alarm fire, the police commissioner's there, the police, the fire commissioner's there, the mayor's there. They're standing on the street corner telling us what's going on as they look up at the fire." Actually, Rudy was trying to reach his safe room in the Command Center. Oops, put that sucker in the WTC after the Blind Mullah Bombing. Dang, I hate when that happens. I wonder if the NYPD was trying to deliver Judith to the bunker with the phenobarb and a copy of My Pet Goat. What sort of panic must have ensued when Rudy only had the Fire Department radio and his Valentine was trying to reach him on the Police band? The prospective Republican candidates are hilarious. I feel safe in saying that because there is no way in the world any of them can get elected (otherwise, it wouldn't be funny at all). I seriously hope they settle on the guy that believes Our Lord walked with the dinosaurs descendants of the pair Noah took on the Ark. And when he opens his Walmart Campaign Wedding Registry, I'll be sure he gets a case of SlimFast in the camo edition cans. Anyway, Ron Paul has already killed entire rain forests with the campaign tripe he's sent to our address alone. Nothing will stop him from running, and I don't see Democratic voters going for the guy that mails out facsimile Social Security cards in the name of Juan Doe. For the Greedy Old Plutocrats, this election could be a defenestration of McGovern proportions. And I'll laugh my ass off. Lee Atwater repented suborning the Constitution, on his deathbed, and this will be his Revenge from Beyond the Grave on the obscene spawn of his star pupil's one-party revolution. What's going to be left of the Gigantic Oil Purveyors will, in fact, be three parties scrabbling for meager attention: the Norquist Party, the Antediluvianist Rapturites, and the PNACenturions.
  242. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 6th, 2008  2:41 am

  243. So there is an American Taliban. Are these people wackjobs capable of suicide bombings. Yeah probably, and dis they hide the murderer Rudolph in the NC badlands for years. Yep. My ex-wife and I went through the horrible experience of an abortion, back when we were too young to assume the responsibility of raising a child. If you asked either of us now, since we have a perfect child, we'd both have the baby. At least I knew she'd be treated well and the procedure would be aseptic. Holier than thou assholes ought to shut the hell up. They condone shooting doctors with rapid-repeaters and scopes. They insist celibacy advice convinces kids not to have sex. Anybody with a sort-of intact cerebral cortex knows this is just made up shit. Are these assholes nuts? Kids will have sex because its normal, and a biological imperative. And, it's fun. And some Bush hag told them it would make their palms gtow hair. Where do they come from? Bosnia? Al Quaeda in Iraq, as if that's an actual terriss group instead of Iraquis opposed to shock and awe, and the occupation.? That would be W's conservativism. These people are terriss a whole lot more threatening than the retard Jose Padilla.
  244. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 6th, 2008  3:49 am

  245. Whatever happened to Hells Angels showing up to shut these shickenshit mofos mouths/
  246. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 6th, 2008  4:25 am

  247. These are the same jackasses that bought into the Short Boat calumny. Where, to this day, is John Edwards? Any doubt Kerry's boat was in Laos, or Cambodia, or both is pretty much hilarious. We know for a fact that W was well in to his coke-inducd defense of the O Club at that time. These are pretty much facts in had. W avoided the flight surgeon, Kerry pulled guys out of dange while taking wounds himself. This didn't happen? These decorated heros are lying? It must be nice to be a chickenhawk. I didn't go to Vietnam. I was 18 in the lottery in 1970. At the time, I was IA. Then I went to college. 4H. Then, my dad told me they'd never reach my number. My second number was 86. Its complicated but I'm out of it. I'm not scared. What's revolting is that anybody brings this shit up. Trying to make something out of nothing,
  248. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 6th, 2008  4:48 am

  249. Nancy, that's almost, close as anybody'ss gonna get, to another Bronte sister. Shit, I saw Heathcliff walking the moors. I'm not joking.
  250. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 6th, 2008  5:05 am

  251. Nancy. No joke. I thought it was excellent. You know the Merle Oberon and Sir Whatsis version that's supposed to be definitive? How does Hollywood decide there's a happy ending to this story? There obviously isn't. And once again I've managed to be a jerk to a really nice girl. Story of my sorry life.
  252. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  12:45 am

  253. Uh, what were y'all doing this morning when you rooted out the multefareous garbage from your newspapers and really woke up, when you saw that Parade magazine had a live interview with Benazir Bhutto? More lives than a cat or Generalissimo Franco? Sadly, I believe she's still, and quite, dead. I'd say this was a day nose-trick with Maxwell's House was in order. Sometime back when Nancy was talking about superbly absurd typos, I shared the 'Pubic auction" (amended in later edition to announce 'Pubic action"), and the truly immortal Athens Banner Herald WWIII headline about the first non''Catholic Pope. I really wish they had a photo-op picture of her with W, because he's lunch too. On the side of Syrianness, I mean seriousness, this woman seemed to embody a love of country and intellect Pakistan and the world were in dire need of. The idea of personal corruption that's connected to her, and to her family, like rosy-fingered is connected with dawn, is pretty much a manufacture of the bastards that strung up her dad to take power and dthe omnipresent American World Dirty Tricks apparat. Her transgressions, if they existed, were in the range of less than $10mil. In other words, what it cost for one of AQ Khan's government-built bidets. If the USA insists on setting up tinhorns like Musharraf, shit will definitely flow downhill. Raygunism at its finest, unintended consequences included, because these people wer nitwits, blind ideologues or maneuvering for cash. The same people that produced the Taliban brought us the Nuclear Bazaar, and God knows who's been shopping there. Anyway. How could Parade publish this? They didn't know about the banana peel left by a security guard that caused her to fracture her skull on the sunroof knob? They had since 12/27/07 to amend this. I mean, obviously this isn't actual journalism, but is Walter Scott running things? She was killed two weeks ago. Even Dana Perino knows that, and she only knows what she's been told. W probably got in today's Presidential Daily Brief and sent a sympathy note to Beavis. There's what's perfectly strange, and then there's what's just inexplicable.
  254. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  3:03 am

  255. These fools actually cited a Pakistani election, day after tomorrow. This is FUBAR beyond the capability of... well, Little Miss Runamok, Alberto Gonzalez, or Harriet Miers could pull this off. Heckuva Brownie, for sure. And a majority of Americans still believe the WTC bombers were Iraqis carrying out a plan masterminded by Saddam. For a long time, I've believed the Florida Election Board and the Supreme Court had put Americans in Bizarro World. Now they'll believe Benazir Bhutto isn't dead. It's a lonely nation because the real Martian wouldn't be caught dead here, much less please stand up. Parade would say, the real Martian, she's still alive.
  256. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  3:51 am

  257. Nancy, you're being gracious. This was positively inexcusable. I know what it would have cost, and when this turns into some hand-wringing about seemliness I will vomit. She wasn't light or breaking news. She was the face of a world neocons don't want to face up to. I understand the economics. So do they. They had to have a backup. They sure as hell didn't print this before she died. NFW. Whatever history says, Musharraf killed her and he did it for whatever AQKhan passes his way. That's what I think. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm not. Shipping this when the only guy in the world, who's a catspaw for AQ Khan, that wanted her murdered, that's Bushian.
  258. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  4:45 am

  259. It's not rotogravure, it's digital. They could have inserted more photos of little blonde kids petting lions. The press run these days takes about an hour and a half. They could have inserted some acknowledgment the woman is assassinated. The more this story gets jerked around, the more it sounds like Michael Palin insisting the parrot is dead and John Cleese telling him it isn't. But when you're talking about sitting on nukes, maybe it's not so funny. (Which was probably Terry Gilliam's point in the first place.) Aside from anything else, everybody involved swore there was nothing racial about the pursuit like a rabid dog of Barry Bonds (including reproters never prosecuted that leaked sequestered Grand Jury testimony) , but Roger Clemens, the Roid-Rage poster-child gets his day in court with 60 Minutes. Steroids can make you able to pitch when you're hurt. Steroids never added an inch to a homerun. These are medical facts. So for the Michelin man white pitcher rthe jury's out and for the black guy that looks just like Magic at the same age, he cheateId. I guess it was Barry that threw the splintered bat at Mike Piazza after almost killing him with a 97mph fastball about a week earlier. It's your country. It doesn't exactly suck, but it sure as shit is not what anybody expected. if they actually read the Constitution. I'll explain,, if you like.
  260. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  8:16 am

  261. All I ever meant to say in the first place is that these Fred Phelps people are trashing funerals, figuratively walking on gravestones. Down south, that amounts to fightin' words. I do admit I figure what they do is the next thing to condoning or paying for swiftboating, and I think if they find a voting booth they're voting for W or Huckabee. Once you disrespect gravesites there's no going back. Saddam: seriously long purgatory where he has to be towell-clad with Ron Raygun. Gerry Ford? Holy shit, he pardoned the spawnof Satan to be President. Well no hedidn't actually The current sad excuse putsNixon to shame. Nixon never thought of signing orders. Actually, these chickenhawk assholes never gave a shit for the Constitution, American Government, or a single US citizen. If nobody's watching, they probably intend taking over. They do have it all in place. Or they're actually even too stupid for that. But they did pull the short boat thing. And Americans were that guttdom stupid.
  262. michaelj on The crashers.
    January 7th, 2008  10:55 pm

  263. Bassett: Exactly.
  264. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 7th, 2008  11:25 pm

  265. Looks pretty much like an assisted suicide setting, but you can't hear the Smiths album. Apropos of nothing, here's something even stranger: Ted Stevens thinks money's being wasted. Or not. And wasn't it natural gas that did the real damage back in Aught6?
  266. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  12:38 am

  267. The glass of wine in the photo brings up something that's been interfering with my normally straightforward thought processes. An ancien amour (she's not ancien, the amour is, mostly) sent me an album by Jay Farrar for Christmas. Called Terroir Blues. Jay Farrar used to be Jeff Tweedy's partner in Uncle Tupelo before Jay became entirely obscure and Jeff became Wilco, an excellent band when he's not in rehab. Mr. Farrar is capable of playing guitars well enough that sometimes he sounds like Stephen Stills and sometimes he sounds like Richard Thompson. Either is impressive, both superb. I know terroir has something to do with growing grapes, but not what it means exactly, nor how to pronounce it if I decided to recommend the record. Which I heartily do. It's brilliant. An actual album, download-unfriendly and endlessly surprising, like a Beatles record or Electric Ladyland. Or Astral Weeks or Frank's Wild Years, or Arthur. Gratuitous loosely-rhymed couplet from Jay Farrar inserted to forestall fulminations about shuffling songs: Call me on the telephone tell me what a fool feels like/you've been pushed before push back with all your might. But, really. We've got Shuffles for our bikes and our kayaks, but the best music of the last 40 years was made into albums carefully conceived and ordered. Any song made between 1966 and about 1990, no matter how individually compelling, is better in the album setting. Marvin Gaye made brilliant singles. I've got the MP3s. But Ain't No Mountain doesn't come close to What's Goin' On? Put Satanic Majesty's Request or Magical Mystery Tour out of order. Everybody's heard Jesse Colin Young sing Get Together on the radio. Would be less cloying if the next song was Darkness, Darkness. Would any of these people go onstage and play songs at random? Well, some of them might, but the point's clear.
  268. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  1:20 am

  269. Where is it written? And this is pretty funny: Neither can write his way out of the plastic bag they're clawing each other in, but one's just a harmless nerd and the other's a vile slug. But what in the world is a real conservative these days. Safire? Bey Buchanan? Michelle Malkin? Jeb? They'd better figure this out. I'm putting my money on Richard Viguerie and Grover Norquist. Permanent feudalism was always what conservatives intended. But how do they deal with Huckabee? This is a stupidity revolution on a roll. A letter to the editor in today's Seattle Times called the "fair tax" national sales tax "progressive". Now, "Orwellian" has been battered into meaninglessness by the current administration and the people disgusted with it. But calling a presale tax on food and clothing "progressive", and using the "presale" feature to claim the tax is 23% instead of 30%, put the ratcage on my head. Even W wouldn't spout this crap. Well, yeah, if he thought he could get away with it, and somebody could teach him the elementary math, l'etat ces moi. Should be a pretty simple signing statement. All of that aside, when a prospective candidate comes out with something so nuts as to be, seemingly, immediately disqualifying, how does he remain a viable candidate. Huckabee's tax proposal is pretty close to pulling down his pants and waving his weenie in a school zone. One of my homestate Senators is Jim Deminted, who also believes in a national sales tax. He's there to make Lindsay Graham seem human.
  270. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  1:22 am

  271. Danny, is it possible to waste bandwidth? If it runs out, there are always the other internets.
  272. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  1:55 am

  273. "But there is absolutely no way that Barry did not do steroids and there is absolutely no way that it did not help his home run hitting." That's rational? You know this because Rick Reilley and Jim Rome said so? How about your assumption, with no evidence, that I'm white, or ever felt guilty about anything? In track and field, steroids have been used for a single purpose, to quicken recovery and allow more intensive training schedules. Steroids don't build muscles, they allow muscle-building, and they sure have nothing to do with hand-eye coordination and bat speed. The idea that muscular strength actually has much to do with hitting homeruns is pretty silly. Watch a Mariners game. The premier singles hitter (probably, hitter period) in the history of the game can jack one pretty much when he decides to. Ichiro's about a buck50. That a substance that facilitates quick recovery from exertion would help aging pitchers, well a moron could see that. And then there's Roger's insane onfield behavior to account for. Unless Fred Phelps told him Mike Piazza is in fact gay and that offended his Christian soul. Far as OJ is concerned, found not guilty in LA, more or less guilty in Simi Valley. Evidence against him is less compelling than the single-bullet theory, and his Javert should be in prison for falsifying evidence instead of playing militia in Idaho. People in Simi Valley would vote for a cop videotaped beating the snot out of a black guy who wasn't resisting. Oh, wait. Something like that actually happened. I do believe the Aryan Brotherhood not only uses but traffics in anabolic steroids.
  274. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  2:08 am

  275. OK MichaelG, what about plastic containers? No way there's an easy IKEA solution to keeping bottoms with tops. You'd think after all this time the Tupperware people would have produced a handi solution. We've got pushpins in the walls above the sink and the stove, Bentham utilitarianism, but I can never remember what goes where. (And I'll mail a candy cane to anybody that explicates that gratuitous literary allusion, unless there are too many of you.) I do all the cooking 'round here, and my secret to some semblance of simplicity is use only one knife.
  276. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 8th, 2008  4:29 am

  277. I refuse to pay good money for freezer bags, which actually cost twice what they're alleged to because you have to double them. And freezing mason jars would be a problem. I cook for two, and spaghetti sauce made with fresh tomatoes is our staple. Buy all the marked down produce and make it in a gigantic batch once a month. Containers for the freezer are a necessity. I've got a major league collection of Helluva Good Bacon Horseradish tubs, each of which holds a perfect portion for two, and it's plastic not headed to landfill.
  278. michaelj on Michael's world.
    January 9th, 2008  1:44 am

  279. Connie. It's an interesting idea. If it's true, it begs the question of why Jeremy Bentham actually wrote pretty good poetry. Oh damn. You mean he was being ironic? Both Emerson and Thoreau characterized themselves as poets. Thoreau was capable of a decent effort. Emerson was execrable, period. There's the bee poem: BURLY, dozing humble-bee, Where thou art is clime for me. Let them sail for Porto Rique, Far-off heats through seas to seek; I will follow thee alone, 5 Thou animated torrid-zone! Zigzag steerer, desert cheerer, Let me chase thy waving lines; Keep me nearer, me thy hearer, Singing over shrubs and vines. Holy crap, that makes Styx sound profound, like poets.
  280. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  3:22 am

  281. There's no place but one where pasta should meet potatoes, minestrone. Regarding my opinions about Roger Clemens and the obvious racial divide: he taped a private phone conversation without telling his corespondent he was taping it. Unless there's some signing statement of which I'm not aware, this is a direct violation of federal eavesdropping laws. And if this didn't amount to suborning a potential witness, by threat of force and other extortion, I'm Greta Van Susteren, before or after the fair and balanced makeover. But he get's the benefit of the doubt? Because he's not a jerk? Barry never dreamed of being such a monsstrous jerk. Actually, when Roger says he didn't play his career for the Hall of Fame? Well, I believe he's done idt for the cash, so I guess he doesn't lie all the time. Piazza is a surefire Haller. No catcher ever hit like that. His caught-stealing is qestionable, but anybody knows anything about baseball would know Nomo's delivery would make things impossible. So Clemens' assaults by intentional beanball and throwing the bat shards is almost inexplicable. Well, there's roid rage. I apologize for bringing this up again, but this jerk questioned my commitments to my beliefs, my knowledge and racial equlity in the face of a bunch of decent people whose opinion I think is kinda valuable. You know, the utterly estimable Randy Newman, who I think is a son of the Middlewrs had a comment on this sort of garbage in the song Mr. Sheep. That would be Jesus, what a jerk. I may not be black, but I just might strike a match for freedom myself. On the subject of steroids, he's incredibly ignorant, and he was exceptionally insulting on the subject of race. So anyway, cooking. Potatoes are the ultimate, actually perfect, thickening agent that doesn't involve just cooking for hours and hours. You can't make chowder without redskins, in my opinion. Maybe this is my unadulterated Irishness. The potato is the perfect food. But it does better on it's own with condiments and bacon bits, odr sliced up pepperoni. Let me ask you this;' You all think ifyou jack steroids you get dytong, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzznoy om s nbillion yrstd And I graduated from the Henry Grady School of Journalism. What I loved more than anything was the newspaper room, where we had the Louisville and Sacramento papers when they were awe-inspiring. Nancy might be able to enlighten y'all about Henry Grady. Ralph McGill risked his life, and so did Reg Murphy. And there were Crawford Long and Henry W. Grady. I think these were all white guys lacking white guilt. Jesus, what a jerk. Sorry for these preoccupations. I graduated from a Southern school, but I was around Boston for Louise Daye Hicks. It's kind of amazing that Manifest Destiny in all of its manifest ugliness isn't the mortal stain, but it's slavery. Of course now it's the willingness to commit torture, and run secret prisons. Not my values. Not my country. If you think the voter suppression and fraud in Volusia County, and Diebold's CEO vowing W would win '04 in Sanduskuy County no matter what it takes If you're so teisted you think Kerry was a traitor rather than a hero. Buy that, W. Horseshit. It's not a willing suspension of disbelief, it's a willing suspension of reality. Dodging the draft in '68 wasn't cowardice, it was intelligence. Unless you were just a chickenshit.
  282. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  3:26 am

  283. If you think you use steroids, you get strong? Man, I've beentaken to the cleaners,Jammed once and for all.
  284. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  3:43 am

  285. Buy what? What Terroir Blues? The rest of what anybody says. This is so good its ridiculous
  286. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  8:08 am

  287. There’s no fighting in Why not? Bandwidth? None of this had to do with records. That's just stupid. Only time I ever thought I was on a roll was somewhere around 1500 yards in a 1750 season. People that dislike this woman want to talk about her nearly perfect plan for providing health care to almost every American. Why are there Americans that don't think Americans should have health care, and if if a woman proposed it it's particularly odious? Give me a Godamm break, you troglodytes, aholes. Jesus what a jerk. What I think is if you flat-out lie, they ought to kick your ass out. Anybody claiming Roger is telling the truth, they're making Barry look like a big-time truth-teller. Anybody that instinctively believes Roger is telling truth does so because he's white. Fact, jack. And he's a major league liar. I seriously doubt it's ever been convenient for Barry to be black. If you've the unmitigated gall and the racist intent to actually claim this, you're a racist pig that obviously hates Bonds because of his skin color. Why not just admit it? You might feel better?
  288. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  6:52 pm

  289. Pete broke the law, and there was no position on the field at which his ineptitude could be hidden. Maybe he belongs in the HOF of baseball, but only as the inspiration for the designated hitter position. Bad infielder, woeful outfielder, ludicrous first baseman. Meanwhile, Goose goes in, Jim Ed doesn't, Hillary rules, and nobody even considers Freddy Lynn, who was a better ballplayer than all of them put together. Weren't Hillary's speech and Barrack's concession enough to put Republicanism to bed permanently. Not Bobby, but it's encouraging to see there's some there there. I'd love to see how the two comments are rendered in PowerPoint in today's Presidential Brief. And the look on W's face as he tries to figure out where it all went wrong. Far as I know, Sammy didn't break any laws. Of course, far as juries of his peers are concerned, neither did OJ Simpson. Neither did Detective Fuhrman. Selective prosecution and conviction in the Court of Public Opinion seem to be an unfortunately enduring aspect of the great American experiment in democracy, which, of course is barely a Republic, and more like monarchy, what with signing statements and illegal pocket vetoes and all. Does the USA have a Runnymede? Right in our backyard, here in Hilton Head. Drag his sorry ass down here and he'll get a fair trial before admitting to trashing the Constitution. These things are all connected. Bonds will be exonerated and everybody will still believe him guilty. If Clemens is so mind-numbed by injections he lies under oath to Congress, he'll probably get away with that, too. And Mark Fainaru-Wada, the astoundingly slovenly alleged journalist, won't ever be prosecuted for quite obviously breaking the law to make a slew of cash. If only Mark Twain and HL Mencken were here to comment on the grand nature of American Democracy in action. That would be some kinda web log.
  290. michaelj on The puzzling dinner.
    January 9th, 2008  6:59 pm

  291. What exactly is potted meat as opposed to canned? Or spam? How is this subfood group related to scrapple, and to head cheese? It would take more than sixteen slugs from a thirty aught six to get me to taste test any of this stuff. Who eats this offal anyway? Now, Slim Jims are a whole 'nother story. Upton Sinclair, in his dreams.
  292. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 12th, 2008  4:28 am

  293. Jack was in the best movie anybody ever made, and the portrayal of Jake Gittes is just as good as at it gets in movies, and that would be Chinatown. The point of movies is is to fool you. Maybe rosebud fooled you. Maybe the story of Ilse and Rick fooled you. Maybe those photos in Blowup fooled you. If you say Jake Gittes and Mrs. Mulray didn't fool you, you didn't ever like movies in the first place. If you say that's not true, I'd say you're lying, or you don't know what you're talking about. There is no way there's a better movie. Aside from Bladerunner. Best movie ever made.
  294. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 12th, 2008  8:05 am

  295. Oh, god. Breaker Morant broke my heart. But in that vein, there are Paths of Glory and Gallipoli. One with the most gorgeous song. The other so morally frightening it should have put an end to chickenhawks waging war with other people's lives. And this brings up Edward Woodward, the poor man's Michael Caine? Yeah, but he was "The Equalizer". I love shows too smart to survive. Especially if the so-called high concept is involved. What ever happened to Miss Parker and Jared? Sex and the City? Under inducement. And bored to tears. Pure vengeance with a superbly deserving targeted villain?. Brilliant TV. Especially when the hero is in love with the seeming villain. I'm thinking about Fraser and the woman he brought back from the wilds of the Northeast Territory, with words and music by Sarah MacLachlan. And a deaf wolf named Diefenbaker.
  296. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 13th, 2008  1:07 am

  297. Julie Robertson, I'm not sure about a national treasure. I think Roger Ebert writes very well while never showing an iota of effort, and if he likes a movie, I know I'll like it. One of my brothers thinks that music critics should say 'If you like Kiss, you'll like this', and leave it at that. I fet his point which seems to be a variation of 'Those that can't'. Bit I think artistic expression precludes that view. Carlos Santana says everything is everything. No it isn't. Some of it's dross. Like teaming up with Rob Thomas. We're listening to Arthur. Now I'd say that's as good as anybody's offered since the British Invasion (including Seargent Pepper and Satanic Majesties. It's particularly informative since the PNACenturions have acted it out for real on the world stage. On the other hand, Dave Davies' guitar estravaganza at the second half of Australia would mean if you're a deadhead, you'll this album. Critical writing is just writing. It's either good or it isn't. By nature, it's sort of second-hand. Somebody that couldn't imagine something questioning somebody else's powers of imparting imagination. About Arthur. If you've never heard this, you should. But that's just my opinion, casting a cold eye on Oh, and Julie, Roger Ebert wrote the funnest worst movie of all time, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. 'You've been a man all along, and a Godammed ugly one.' And Roger Ebert proved he could write a script and bring Tab Hunter out of the closet.
  298. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 13th, 2008  1:10 am

  299. Bassett. The choice is between Maureen Dowd and Anne Coulter. I'd take the one with a brain and no racial animus.
  300. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 13th, 2008  1:30 am

  301. Actually, modern readers consider the architect McCauley a great writer. Mainly, he critisized the work of his friend Thomas Carlyle. We hold our friends close. We hold our enemies closer. Other than that, Carlyle wrote drivel and just about nothing else. And in an ague of envy, he burned Carlyle's manuscript for The French Revolution, claimed it was an accident, and stewed when Carlyle reproduced it verbatim. The French Revolution, it's brilliant.
  302. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 13th, 2008  3:50 am

  303. I don't think so. One's got great legs, the other's anorexic. Bob le Flambeur isn't as good as Pepe le Moke, much les Chinatown. And what wrong attribution? I know. McCuauley burnt Carlyle's papers. As we say, my bad. No attribution. I know the difference whether or not anybody else does. It's the glory of these internets to be nearly right and to be right almost simultaneously.
  304. michaelj on Wire-y linkage.
    January 16th, 2008  3:06 am

  305. How bout them naval threats. Ahole created shock and awe out of nothing at all. Gulf of Hormuz, Gulf of Tomkin. If my country is willing to subborn te Constitution for an inveterate idiot, they're too goddam stupid to care about the rule of law.. If I'm a I'm a traitor, Yep, I never even thought about a signing statement. You give up your freedom, for some Neocon shit, you're a traitor. This is too bizarre. Naval threats? You looney tunes.
  306. michaelj on Mitt's mitten.
    January 17th, 2008  2:15 am

  307. How ‘bout that Michigan 4th Congressional District? This is the guy that replaced the legendary David Stockman, who I think is probably the last honest Republican. Stockman famously told an Atlantic Monthly interviewer: "I mean, Kemp-Roth [Reagan's 1981 tax cut] was always a Trojan horse to bring down the top rate.... It's kind of hard to sell 'trickle down.' I don’t know anything about Siljander, other than that he’s a publicly born again Falwell acolyte and once called the Koran ‘the devil’s book‘, but I do know the group he aided and abetted is associated with another Muslim charity for which Richard Perle hosted a benefit a few years ago. Next thing you know, a GOP president will be giving Saudi Arabia smart bombs to trickle down to Wahabist maniacs while simultaneously telling Olmert he feels Israel’s need to blow up Iran. Nah, couldn’t happen. Unrelated: A Piggly-Wiggly (that’s a grocery y’all) flyer in our local paper is advertising Wild Caught Large Sea Scallops. You’ve got to move pretty fast to catch those suckers, I bet. I know I’m too old to be running down those marine mollusks. We do manage to catch oysters every once in a while, but scallops, way too quick. Tim Russert? Separated at birth from Jimmy Johnson. Putting a somewhat human face on 'the other white meat'. Old Major and Napoleon.
  308. michaelj on Mitt's mitten.
    January 17th, 2008  2:19 am

  309. Oops. Sorry about the italics.
  310. michaelj on Is anybody there?
    January 18th, 2008  12:31 am

  311. Years ago, there was a guy that practiced a particularly flamboyant, and wildly successful, style of criminal defense in Georgia. He was the guy you got if you were caught standing over the body with a smoking over-under. He also had impeccably clean and conditioned hair that literally reached the small of his back. My brother was in the courtroom with a client waiting for her case to be called, an elderly black woman accused of bootlegging, which at that time in GA meant she supplemented Social Security by selling half-pints of Ancient Age on Sundays to her neighbors. When the big-time mouthpiece approached the bench, she said, in awestruck stage whisper: “I di’n’t know they was lawyers looked just like Jesus.” General hilarity ensued, although the judge was not amused and my brother’s client was mystified at the uproar. This sartorial showdown may end up producing new case law. Personally, I think wearing an ascot is a crime of aggravated pomposity and offense against the sensibilities of humanity. Unless it’s just intended to piss off an insufferable prig of a judge, in which case I applaud the ingenious affront.
  312. michaelj on The cold is coming.
    January 19th, 2008  1:33 am

  313. It's not so much the cold, its the astounding weather that it engenders. In '64, Detroit had a kind of balmy wave. It melted a pile of snow, and suburban lanes and downtown streets were turned into lakes. A few night before I was supposed to get downtown from Bloomfield Township to take the entrance exam for the Jesuit prep school U of D High, the Siberian Express blew through and all of that standing water turned to glacier about 10 in. thick. Jebbies weren't making exceptions for impassable conditions. We were all playing street hockey on ice skates. My mom and dad were thinking about the private school equivalent of Cass Tech. (Everybody in the neighborhood but my dad probably worked for a car company, or J Walter Thompson.) Our neighbor, Dick Homchick (and I'm not making that up, but Dickensian, no?), had a new Chevy that featured front-wheel drive, revolutionary at the time. Put his kids in the trunk and hauled ass around the subdivision with some of us in the trunk, broadcasting Halite donated by every household. So we got passable streets. I got to Seven Mile, nailing the entrance test, and going to UD High. Always wondered what would have happened if I'd had to go to Southfield and ended up at Michigan instead of Holy Cross, and, eventually, Georgia, where I met my match, married, had one perfect child, and run into a roadblock. Weft and warp. Nature weaving. Hot cold, sunny penumbrous, it seems to me scientifacilly based. Weather is something to be absorbed and reveled in, including frigid air. Like what CS Lewis thought about rain. Nancy and her pals didn't consider the temperature when they ventured out without hats. (The admonishment from a neighbor about wearing hats sounds precious, but I choose to think it was just human concern.) So, it's not the cold, it's the humanity. Is the're a way forward? W. told 'mission etc. Squirrely little piece of shit. So, Nancy This is cold? . Of course it's cold. It's not that cold Nance.
  314. michaelj on The cold is coming.
    January 19th, 2008  3:51 am

  315. I went with my best friend Nancy to buy tickets at the Orpheum in Boston. We actually skied in, but the wind was astounding. For the Kinks. We found a homeless guy frozen at the theater entrance. I don't think we could have saved him, but we tried. That's what cold does to compassionate conservatism. Not a chance.
  316. michaelj on The un-election.
    January 19th, 2008  4:18 am

  317. Brilliant movies? Chinatown and Blade Runner, and everything else. I'm willing to listen, but once there's been Shock and Awe, and that many people die, you can say what you like but slaughteringl innocents is acceptable. Officially.
  318. michaelj on Live capability all over the place.
    January 21st, 2008  3:41 am

  319. loaded for winter driving. Damn, that's seriously irresponsible Jeff. I admit it helps to be loaded when gravity fails and negativity won't pull you through. Pot's better than brewskis, though. It's all in slo-mo and it seems like you're on the side of the angels. I'm doomed or blessed ("it's a blessing and a curse, you'll thank me later", A. Monk), to never take inclement weather news (both weather and news) with more than a moue. We lived in a Boston satellite town (there are no suburbs) through the blizzard of '78. I was managing a solid waste transfer station (garbage truck dump on the way to the landfill). We served most of metropolitan Boston, and we couldn't close until the last of the 40 yd. trucks dumped their loads. You can't leave a compacted load of garbage on a truck. Methane forms, spontaneous combustion is inevitable, the first thing that burns is the hydraulic lines, and a $125k truck is toast. So I watched the snow mount, for hours. We had a Triumph Spitfire, wonderful roadster, but it cleared clear ground by about 8 in. By the time I got out of there, accumulation was around 24 in. It took me three hours to get home, maybe 3.5 miles from work. When I got home, I poured a large Lynchburg elixir, and after one sip, the phone rang. My brother Mark was calling from somewhere he could "see the Citgo sign". I had thought he was safe in Georgia. I went out to find him. Mark had a very large Chrysler. We learned to drive doing donuts after dates in the Motor City, both of us could handle the weather. I got him safely back to our apartment in Watertown. Then we thought about the ramifications of the storm and realized a heroic effort was necessary. We went back out, but this time in the Chrysler tank, with a toboggan. We bought several cases of Molson's Golden (and it's OK, but I sure wish they had Sam back in the day.) We bought several cases of DeKuper cherry brandy half-pints. We loaded what we could in the trunk of the beast and the rest lashed to the toboggan. Got home safely, unloaded our cache, and put on Back in '72. Around 6am, I was wide awake and realized we had neglected food. Wind was 45-50 mph, but I put on wondrous new Thinsulate boots and about half the clothing I owned and headed out. Chest high drifts in open spaces, but somehow reached a local mom and pop. I despise ski-mobiles, but I was ecstatic to see one parked in front of whatever the Italian version of a bodega is, with vapor clouds coming from the boiler stack. So I bought about 15 lbs. of cappacola, mortadella and Old-World hard salami, and all the provolone in sight. And all the day old bread. Slogged it home in a big trash bag, in the pillion seat of a Ski-Doo. When I got home, the storm had cleared, there were 48 in. of snow, and people had awakened and ventured out. I was personally iced in. I mean, my face, my beard, my clothes. We fed and watered the community. After a day or two, the landscape was pristine, gorgeous, and the sun broke through. Our street was a glacier about three feet thick, until emergency workers showed up with heavy equioment. The first few assaultsn the icepak by backhoe were hilarious. The Caterpillars bounced off. Much-maligned Michael Dukakis managed this pretty well, even if his ubiquitous TV presence in the infuriating crew-neck sweaters infuriated everyone. (Probably deserved a Presidential Medal of Freedom for a 'good job'.) Nonetheless, cabin fever set in, despite the alcohol and the great sandwiches. On the fourth day, the sun began to melt our icy bars. We went out en masse, everybody on foot, and laid waste to the frozen bread dough section at the supermarket. It was like 28 Days Later without the zombies. So I say: Lake Effect? Try the Atlantic. Cruel mistress. If Gordon Lightfoot thinks there's something about the Lake that comes close to the wave that cleared the lighthouse in Boston's inner harbour, his idea of a real storm is pretty wimpy. And I grew up with ice-storms in Detroit. Yep, Michigan's colder than New England in Winter. But the pure whim and inchoate violent urge of North Atlantic weather make those Detroit ice storms seem trivial. Cold is something with which modern man can deal. Being buried in precipitation isn't, especially when the wind conspires. Maybe Michigan is headed for turning arctic. Maybe not. I sure don't know. I'm not a scientist. Anybody stupid enough to claim human behavior has no effect on global climate is either a sophist ahole, or a wackjob, or both. Claiming these things have happened before is the saddest refuge of ideocrats, and, logically, makes the opposition case. Why now? When it happened before, did Manhattan rule the world below the new sea level?
  320. michaelj on Live capability all over the place.
    January 21st, 2008  5:08 am

  321. And I don't mean to interject something as mundane as football, but refs stepped in to make these games today ridiculous, and they made things a Pats game and they're doing their best to screw up the other. It doesn't matter the sport. Refs are aholes that wished they could but couldn't play. They screw everything up. On crucial calls, they're wrong more than they're right, and they do it on purpose. They're jealous.
  322. michaelj on Live capability all over the place.
    January 21st, 2008  2:37 pm

  323. Well, Danny, condolences. Chargers had the misfortune of relying on Philip Rivers, the one QB that's a more insufferable, self-important prick than Tom Brady. Didn't have to be that way. Drew Brees would have won that game. Of course, had Ladainian Thompson played, quarterback position would have been rendered moot. And you're right, it's not really the game officials. Belichek lobbied the league to change the holding rules all last offseason. And he had a plan. Pats were called exactly 11 times on the entire season. Now, there's almost no such thing as offensive holding against a Pats lineman. Rooting for Eli ought to be the new national pastime. As he sinks he rises. I don't necessarily think NYC is the belly of the beast, but it spawned Rudy 911, and without Brooklyn, it's got no soul. If you root for the Pats, it's like rooting for W. You deny the Constitution and the laws of physics when it suits your greedy needs. People in New England wouldn't like the comparison, but the Pats are the epitome of the Wadministration. You change the rules in your favor and tell everybody else to including Congress to f**k off if they object. And then you eavesdrop. But, it's only football.
  324. michaelj on Bare knuckles.
    January 23rd, 2008  6:13 am

  325. Is it possible that anybody didn't see Reggie Jackson cheat like a bastard by sticking his ass in the way, in the outfield, in the 1977 World Series? He cheated his ass off. Game over. If you cheat, you win. That'd be the Yankee's way.
  326. michaelj on Bare knuckles.
    January 23rd, 2008  6:41 am

  327. All holding, all the time. That would be the Pats. Some of us actually played football. What's going on here is strange. What I think is Pat's japped on Robert Edwards. He was franchise running back, and they bailed when he got hurt. They claimed they'd stand behind him. They stabbed him in the back. The Pat's are revolting.
  328. michaelj on Bare knuckles.
    January 23rd, 2008  8:47 am

  329. So Rudy's an unmitigated thug and a creep. He thinks Bernie Kerik will keep us safe. Hucksterbee thinks we should alter the Constitution to make it more like what, I don't know, Kit Marlowe thought it ought to be like. Who wrote the King James, you dumbass?
  330. michaelj on Half a day to do it.
    January 23rd, 2008  1:45 pm

  331. Witness is a great movie. It's not Blade Runner, but as Gaff would say, what is? I believe Harrison Ford made his living as a carpenter before he was Indiana. Pegs instead of nails? I know how that's done. Bet he does too. Danny Glover in the granary, Arthur Hitchcock, eat your heart out.
  332. michaelj on Half a day to do it.
    January 23rd, 2008  2:22 pm

  333. Fearless Leader: Having protected the OClub Jack Daniel stash, W knows what it is to put his life on the line. Well, mission accomplished, ahole. Good luck in Cambodia, or Syria or whatever, you fraud. Chickenhawk, extraordinaire. He did actually enter the militarywhen Dheney had other priorities. My hero Does John Edwards get itchy when people in the press talk about Bill doing the pit bull that NP candidates are supposed to do? Somehow, I missed his attack on the neo-Nixon Raygunian Short Boat liars back in '04. As Randy Newman says, Jesus, what a jerk. That was his job. Yeah, he didn't drive a boat into Cambodia, but his boss sure as hell did, and the opposition had other priorities, like destroying his septum searching for coot in Alabama..
  334. michaelj on Bare knuckles.
    January 23rd, 2008  3:14 pm

  335. Who let the dog's out. It takes a village of idiots to consider what the GOP has to offer. When five minutes of moderately contentious debate causes the NYT to call it a racial catfight when the other hour and 55 minutes dealt with issues, Ko,,issar Karl would seem to have won. But, you know, John McCain has a black lovechild, and the Southern strategy isn't the foundation of Republican politics, and Hucksterbee didn't talkabout the battle flag in glowing terms. u I live in South Carolina, and this flag crap pisses me off big time. Who's this born-again jagoff to come down here and try to start some crap up he knows nothing about? He thinks he's Ron Raygun, and my whole state is Neshoba County, Missippii. Heritage? Try the actual Stars and Bars, instead of the Battle flag ya'll let be coopted by skinheads and hoodlums. These people are racist numbnuts, and that seems to characterise Republican voters in general, along with their full slate of pretzeldential hopefuls. Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Kucinich. Damn sight better than the wackjobs and dangerous little Mussolinis the Republican Party proposes.
  336. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  1:29 am

  337. I suppose the jackass has nothing really threatening to worry about until next Devil's Night, when the bullets simply fall from the sky, like Billy Graham's perfectly fitteth $5grand bespoke suits. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Ms. Nall is assiduous and more than deliberate in avoiding Roger 'Poster Child for 'Roid Rage' Clemens. I hesitate momentarily to bring this up, but something's always struck me as supremely odd about baseball and performance enhancing drugs. On the off chance that there's a fan of this journal that's actually an endocrinologist (or whatever may be the appropriate medical specialty), I've got a question about steroid use. People seem to believe that injecting steroids builds muscles. This is obviously erroneous. As I understand it, steroids allow a brutal training regime by cutting out the recovery time. I'm pretty sure that's true, and if there's any sporting endeavor for which this would be more useful than pitching in the majors, I'm Marion Jones. All of this is fraught with other bizarre complications. Alert readers might wonder why Dan 'Scumbag' Burton and his fellow Republicans were so knee-jerkedly solicitous and protective of Roger. (And think of the absolute wonder of being called 'disgusting' by somebody that disgusting.) Well, jeez, Roger's not glib like Curt Schilling but these turds stick together no matter what sort of floculator is applied. That one's easy. But what in the world are sportswriters thinking, who should know better, when they imply that hitting homeruns has much to do with bulk? I'd say Ichiro goes about 140, but he can pretty much jack one whenever he feels like it. It's the pure beauty of the homerun--hand-eye coordination. So we're left with the Bubba vs. Barry scenario. Anti-Barry Jeremiahs point out swiftboatedly that, well, he's personally prickly. Sorry, Roger Clemens is an even bigger asshole than Michael Jordan, and MJ only cheated (repeatedly and egregiously) on the court. Has Barry Bonds committed obvious blackmail, and tampered with witnesses. Nope. So there must be some sort of difference in the two cases. One's slightly more chocolate? Of course, in politics, the mirror image is in play. If race was injected in the Democratic Party nomination fracas, Barrack's side manufactured it out of whole cloth, and they've goosed it to great effect. This does me great psychic harm. I was on this guy's bandwagon from the jump. But, really, trying to make Bill Clinton out to be a closet racist is pretty much like trying to say that that foul sonofabitch Nixon never sent any Swift Boats into Cambodia. Why are Americans willing to hear some moronic talking point and proceed as if manufactured garbage is the Rosetta Stone for figuring out what to do next. Saddam blew up the WTC. W's still getting away with this shit. I think it's because Americans are still convinced they have some sort of control. The Constitution's been hijacked, and there is a self-righteous multitude of progressives telling me I'm less liberal-than-thou because I don't find Obama's claims to having opposed Shock and Awe very convincing. He wasn't voting and he wasn't presented with the fraudulent evidence. Aside from that, Congress never authorized the bombing and invasion. Try reading it. The Scalia Appointees believe they can do anything they please, having been appointed unitary executives. Walter Scott's got his annual dictator issue in today's paper. Putin's not there. Neither is his soul mate. Hillary? Barrack? He's not JFK, mostly. He's not Bobby, by any stretch of the imagination, but nobody is. Bobby might have been the last chance at something permanently good. They should both be on the ticket, in whatever order, and it would go a long way toward setting things straight. Actually, probably better if Hillary is the VP ramrod. The fact that the USA had it's most recent elections with less credibility than Ratznestistan and included unconscionable slander against an actual war hero vs. a piece of shit frat boy asshole that no-joke dodged the draft, if people vote for a Republican, I'm giving up any hope for the human race. And on the subject of bourbon, it's alright but it's not sour mash. Invariably tastes like silage. But the Saint James is good. I always thought that Sister Morphine was a superb rewrite or reimagining of St. James Infimary, whoever may have written it, and my sentimental favorite is Ms. Faithful.
  338. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  7:19 am

  339. But Mark, it's only bourbon. As I said, bourbon isn't sour mash. If the difference escapes you, I'll buy the drinks. Furthermore, good as I was at football (and track), I'm a swimmer to the core, and anything that would bulk up is non grata. I was entirely open to response in my questions about steroids. I wouldn't be doggone, I'd be long gone if somebody could actually explain to me how roids could cause somebody to hit home runs. I was not attempting to be cute. I read this log because nobody gets away with being cute. It seems to me that there are a surprising number of people both erudite and recondite that contribute to Ms. Nall's amusement, and I'd really like to know from a professional. Wouldn't steroids be perfect for a pitcher and no help whatever to a hitter? I guess, in general, my question has to do with normally intelligent people's perfect willingness to buy into whatever. I don't know, I see Barry with his kids and I see the Bush misAdministration vs. Barry Bonds, with echoes of that Nancy Reagan harpy and just say yo, er no, and I see Dan Frigging Burton joining in, and I see the conspiracy raising it's ugly head. And, boy oh boy, it's racist to the core. Now it's my opinion that if you took back every hoop on which he traveled, Michael might not even be Isiah, and I know for a fact that if you called the proper offensive foul whenever he won a championship by cheating, he'd just be another good black player, but you know, Isiah is never going to get closer to dealing with throwing the ball to Larry than he is to spelling his name right. To this day, people act like MJ made some amazing dunk. J did that you idiots. J took off from the top of the key. So there's the NBA and politics. Michael Jordan said that Republicans watch basketball too. Guess so Mike. How many of them live in the Ninth Ward? Charles Barkeley seemed to be a Republican back in the day. These days, he seems pretty sure the Pretzeldent is shit on a stick. Take your hoops legends as you will, I go with Round Mound, not the ultimate shill. Would you go into battle with Charles or Mike? That's easy for me. How often can you flat out lie? How often can you subborn the Constitution? How often can you get appointed in dodgy circumstances and claim a right to just say Congress is full of shit because your signing statement is law? How can you sustain the stink of Swift Boat bullshit when the astounding lie is compounded by your own cowardice in the face of service? Do you people, who I think of as fairly enlightened and well-informed, actually think shock and awe was authorized in some fashion by Congress? Bullshit. Read the Act. Asshole was supposed to come back with some sort of evidence, after listening to the UN and al Baradei. Fat chance. Not something either Shrubs or Obama wants you to think about. What the hell, it's only a fact. Could there ever be a more embarrassing episode in American history than letting the shrub underground get away with SwiftBoating? They practiced on McCain in 2000 in Soudth Carolina. McCain stood up to torture, though he now supports it's use wholeheartedly. C'est la vie, or le guerre. The Bush campaign called my home to tell us that McCain had a bastard black child. Should you be allowed to be Pretzeldent if you did that? Could you be a more despicable asshole? You wouldn't think so. But SwiftBoat broke new ground. That guy that said Kerry pulled him onto the boat from the Mekong, well he just made that up because he didn't like Republicans listening with impunity to anything he ever said about anything whatever. So, you know, he must be a liar. And MarkH, there's no bourbon/sour mash mashup. If you like bourbon, you don't actually appreciate uisqebaugh. Some things can't be sorted out. If you don't reinvigorate with the sour mash, you get an inferior and somewhat insipid product. That's why they called bourbon something French. Some uneducated fools think it has to do with scotch. And is there an America? Is there a functioning brain? How have things gotten so bad?
  340. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  9:19 am

  341. Anybody that describes himself as invidious and is talking about something as important as old newspaper names is a champion. My particular school of J was named after Henry W. Grady, and his heir was Ralph McGill. Serious names they couldn't conjure in Missouri. This was a formidable journalist. Took no shit from anyone. About anything. The finest old newspaper names, brilliant names and even better papers, are the Courant (Hartford? I think), a truly great paper, the Plain Dealer, the Sacramento Bee. If you want to get right down to it, the most audacious paper was Colonel Lebbeus Zevely's The Unterrified Democrat published in Linn, Missouri, in 1866, and the newspaper is still published under that peculiar name. Ironically, it now supports the Republicans. Kiss my ass. Then there's the absolute best, the Tombstone Epitaph. Are you kidding? That's gold. Nancy might have some idea about the Birmingham Eccentric. That's where we lived if we were part of the city's lifeblood, were upwardly mobile, but couldn't afford the various Grosses. I think they still publish, and it used to be a pretty good weekly. Whatever they're thinkin' in N'awlins these days, I vote for any newspaper name that includes Picayune. I mean, it's just a totally sublime word, and doesn't this shout out that there's nothing too silly for us to cover it. Like Dubya showing up several days late and billions already in Halliburtons' hands for those trailers no human hand will ever make bacon and scrambled in. Maybe that's the problem, Picayune as opposed to humongous. What's the origin of Plain Dealer? In JSchool, we had a (world-class, I'd guess) reading room, with every important paper. Now I thought at the time the Plain Dealer and the Bee and the Courant were the important papers because I'd heard of them and my classmates hadn't, and gottdom, I knew they were liberal. I thought they provided editorial insight, because they weren't the NYT. Jesus, we're dumb in school when we really need to be smart. So now I'm old and I know they all waver. But now I know what I know. When these papers trash this simian usurper of the constitution, I know they're right. When they seem to give him a pass, they're sniveling. If there's a citizen that would stand up and be counted in favor of 'signing statements' let's see him or her, and we'll send you to either Guantanamo or Mariel, your choice, asshole. I doubt you could find such an abject groveler in the entire populace of the USA. I still love everything about the idea of newspapers. I used to think they made some real sort of difference. I don't think it's a failing on the part of the papers. I'm afraid it's people that have failed. We've got a wonderful local here called The Island Packet. How cool is that for a newspaper name? I'm not jumping the rails, but humanity's in a pretty sad state. How are newsmongers supposed to deal with mindless death and destruction like what's gone on in the last week, when the commander in chimp tells us we've all got to be terrified, all the time, or our patriotic resolve is questionable? Nobody can get away with the big lie as long as we've got the Bee and the Plain Dealer. Well, yeah they can. To this day, Americans are so stupid that 40% of us actually believe Saddam and not our Saudi friends were responsible for the WTC towers being knocked down. And W will trot this shit out and get away with it. What the hell is the matter with people?
  342. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  9:36 am

  343. Scotch is basically scotch. And of course, it's spelt without the e. It all tastes the same.There's always that ineffable taint of ...Scotland. There's Jack, brought to America by Irishmen, and there's the rest of the world of paudeen whiskey. And the typical wee dram is a fairly large dose, because it simply doesn't taste very good, so you have to make the most if it.
  344. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  10:37 am

  345. Alas, my only professional writing, if you don't count two books nobody knows about but me, has all been technical and legal, and had to do with owners suing Architects and vice versa, and how to build gabelled roofs. They do this at every juncture, the owners and architects, and it's always the English language that saves the day, and my paltry bank account, because judges and arbiters (who insist on being called arbitrators, as if they need to orientate themselves) couldn't read blueprints with Remingtons to their frizzy heads. I think I write pretty well, at times, , and it's the dark art of weblogs that makes me get flippant and somewhat untidy. Otherwise, I'd say I was a model of editorial decorum. Tell you what. Take a read in Rolling Stone of this guy trying to be Hunter Thompson and Ralph Nader at the same time. That would be Matt Taibbi.He won't like it. He hates everything. I can tell those spirits one from another blindfolded, and I've tended bar too. And if I moved too fast and loose, which I doubt I did, glad to see you're keeping me up to standards. I seriously doubt there's a cultural or political connection I made that's very difficult to follow. If you've made even the slightest effort, I appreciate that, and you're decidedly welcome to point out at any time how insufferable an asshole I am. And, Dexter, birding on the Platte, tremendous. Only thing better would be crashing around like an idiot in gaiters with a fly-cast hookup, and soaking up the birds' disdain, to reinforce my indelible human-ness.
  346. michaelj on Oh, it's on.
    February 18th, 2008  11:28 am

  347. Wolf Blitzer vs. the Round Mound? In Valhalla, baby. With Dickie V. The most singularly English-challenged neocon not named Bush against somebody that always says exactly what he thinks, and generally humorously. Well it's the Lethal Weapon against the unarmed man. Wasn't it Wolf that cowered and wet his pants when Arthur Kent stood up on the Baghdad rooftop? What a sorry excuse for a human being. And now he's going to take on Charles Barkley? Could we get the Ann Coulter installment? The perfect anti-Clemens, and Chuck used to be a Republican.
  348. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    February 20th, 2008  2:13 am

  349. Back in those waning of the 70's and the 80s, which had some seriously good music against all odds, and the 90s, my least favirite for being linked to hippies though they were pretty much better than the poseurs and salsemen that followed, Boston was the car theft capital of the world. Different altogether than treating the SUV like Travolta's bouncing bull. In those days, the victim knew in that dark midnight of the soul's whatever it was Hades, the carnapping was arranged by a phone call to the ragtags of Whitey Bulger's minions, the car was in Fort Point Channel or a Blue Hills quarry in Canton, and the insurance check was on the way. I guess there's greed and then theirs homicidal psycopathy. Detroit used to have bosses, mostly surnamed Giacalone, and those good fellas lived in what passed for some gorgeous Grosse Pointe mansions. Boston was the Wild West end of Somerville. No more threatening yo the average citizen, but surely more entertaining. The boss was, after all, the blood on blood brother of the unlikely little dictator that Newt moved in for as the more telegenic Little Hitler in the Revolution. Joyriding would have been cleaned up with some ultimately inconsequential physical harm, and the boys would have promised never to repeat their transgressions. In Detroit, they would more likely have been floating in Lake Ste. Claire for the sin of independent behavior. Brothers Bulger is a wonderful story of American politics. Whitey's still at large, far as I know, but he'd be creakin'. Billy ought to come clean about his nefarious attacks on, oh, Universal Health Care. But anyway, why do people steal cars? Chop 'em and sell the parts? Put the primos in containers and send 'em to Europe. Ride around like Cody Jarret and crash and burn in glory? Perhaps when you're faced with a political monolith entirely lacking in a human component, you just have to say "Fuckit". And I sure as shit don't mean that weasle Tom Cruise. I mean Bulworth. In my estimation, being pretty old here, and having told the Kicking Ass DNC blog after his convention speech that Obama was inevitable, He might be getting JFK right. JFK never got RFK right, and Obama's not Bobby by any means. Neither's Hilary. This great divide is manufactured. Obama doesn't no dick comparedwith Ms. Clinton as far as health care is concerned, and it's the most important subject as faras the general economy is concerned. Didn't FDR put everybody to work, including artists and glib sonsabitches? I'll take one of those second jobs. ThinkI'm qualified. Didn't the Republicans descend into heinous Reconstruction practice? The Republican Party did one good thing and descended into odious self-interest 150 years ago. It's a recent topic, editors. There are all sorts of editors. I can turn engineer's gibberish and architect's CYA crap into something that moves projects foreward, gets buildings built, and minimizes post-construction lawsuits so things get built that ought to. Then there are literary editors, and even more interesting, translators. Was Maxwell Thomas Wolfe's editor or his collaborator? How important to the American legacy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is Gregory Rabassa? When it comes to poets, I'm at a total loss on this subject, but I think I need a second language. Now there is the subject of newspaper editors. In Jschool, I edited a one-off campus paper (caper), for a 101 sort of class. I took this seriously, but always felt loath to stymie the initial impulses of the writers. Didn't see how it could hurt back in those days to just let the budding writers just let it rip. Nancy has brought up the idea of keeping you're ass from getting sued. I wrote a column about an annoying campuus revolutionary I thought of as particularly self-aggrandizing. I was the editor, so there was nobody to edit my copy. I'd say I tore him a brand new one in the instance of his spectacular self-importance, his denigration of women's opinions, and his overall weenie appearance and intellect. There was no editorial control. I was the editor. Everything in the column was sourced. The guy was spectacularly a jerk, and he was in it more to get laid than anything else. But, you know, I just found him such a despicable toad, I couldn't help myself. And this jerk threatened the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism with a lawsuit. This scummy jackass said I'd defamed him in the name of the UGA, and it was that cash his idiot claim was entitled to. Jackas. Now, I sure as shit didn't defame this jerk. But I found myself threatened with expulsion by my Dean, who was somebody I revered. Welll or maybe. If it had been Ralph McGill, maybe. Now, what are newspaper editors supposed to do. First place do no harm, kind of like doctors. You know, first place I've always thought is to keep anybody without a lot of experience from embarrasing herself.
  350. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    February 20th, 2008  4:02 am

  351. What are newspaper editor's ? So so we do no harm? supposed we do do? So I ask the sonehow slightly cleverer than I. How do we put up with editors? I tell you, I'm such a good editor you'd just go along with whatever I said. no, it'd just kind of scary. Supposed to think everything is scary. Guess its not. ia everrything seriously weird? Supposed to make things things come up all right. Here's where we get into this. I know it's supposed to be stupid. I .THINKS EVERYTHINGS NUTW
  352. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    February 20th, 2008  9:46 am

  353. 0h. I think the idea was simultaneous. Which happens occasionally and serindipitously. I think it happens when you've been practicing. The rapacious trial liars are much like claiming there are lions on the American savanahs, munching on otherwise benificent companies like Walmart, that want nothing but the best things for consumers, and there are sharp lawyers trying to take advantage of these honest consumers. I'd say, that's Bungle in the Jungle. These assholes are after your cash. That's what they do. Hillary? Barack? Both are trying to make everything better for everybody. Republicans, well somebodys going to be saved, shether it's rich people or rich people that buy into the rapture. If the voting populace screws this up, the way they they did with the creepy draft-dodger vs. the actual war hero, (if they actually did, because anybody not a moron knows Kerry won Ohio) well fuck this country. Seriously, everything out of the mouth of the president shits on the Constitution. Does a single American elieve in a single signing statement. Was George III nuts? How does this shit go on? He hasn't been running anything for years, and Cheney is so clearly certifiable, it just seems like he needs to find some sort of Geli to go in the bunker. But it doesn't seem like there's a female on the face of the earth that would go anywhere with Cheney. And I seem loony? These assholes are running the country, and they're spending $10bil a month without it showing up in the budget. That WMD shit? They made that up. They made it up in 1998 and tried to talk Clinton into it. It's difficult to understand how what seems to be a good people could be led so wrong. It seems to me this is all the logical conclusion of Newt and the 1994 Republican Revolution. Newt is awesome. He served his wife with divorce papers while she was taking cancer news. They despised Health Care Change. It doesn't take a genius to understand that the Clinton Health Care Plan would have put the country on path that would have cut off the current economic black hole. The problem seems to have been been that it was proposed by a Democrat. If you can't see that you're an idiot. If some sort of the Clinton plan had been put in place, things would be spectacularly better. But she was just a woman. And those are facts jack. And if her ideas don't count because shes a woman, well I'd say this. There is no single issue other than health care that bears on the the overall economy of this country. Anybody that doesn't doesn't understand this is an idiot. Or at least somebody without a clue. The economy of health care includes something like $80bil. Are you nuts? Wheres that money going? You Asshole? Down a gottdum hole, you stupid insensitive piece o shit. There's a guy that's supposed to be the commander in chief. Does he know where this money is going? Well he has no clue. You gonna put this on? Pure stupidity on the part of the pretzeldenet. Look assholes he's dummer than grunt. You cant get stupider than this asshole. Oh, excuse me. I was thinking about the Pretzeldent. In my world, this asshole pulled the black bastard ao McCcain which McCain seems to have written off as just a good joke about darkeyism. / oh
  354. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    February 20th, 2008  9:47 am

  355. Could I make a comment?
  356. michaelj on It's a tough town.
    February 20th, 2008  9:54 am

  357. No joke. Look, most of y'all are are democrats. Most of y'all made up your minds. First thing I've got to to say, if you think you're gonna pull that john mccain bullshit your an asshole.
  358. michaelj on Five minutes in movie heaven.
    February 21st, 2008  2:02 am

  359. Hillary actually seems to know what to do. How important this might be and how it makes any difference is cloudy at best. Since Obama is so clearly JFK, not my characterization but apparently the public's, let the metaphor stand and make her the barracuda VP. I was an early supporter of Barrack (rhymes with Jack). Back in the day, the comparisons were with the more estimable Kennedy brother. I've no problem with Obama. I could do that job and so could most of you. Can he get anything done? Well there's where he seems most like Jack. LBJ could accomplish anything he wanted. He actually went from your typically racist Tejas representive in the world's greatest deliberative body to the guy that ensured voting rights for black Americans. Maybe Jack could have gotten that done, but he didn't. Bobby could have done everything by the force of his personality, but the country jumped the shark. The spectacular difference in how Americans act and think engendered by this one guy's assassination is positively stunning. Would we have bought lies made up years before? That were peddled to a previous President? That took a mannikin with Cheney's arm up his back? I don't think any of this really bad stuff would have happened. And Obama might be JFK, if John Kerry hadn't already nailed that. But he sure as hell isn't Bobby, at least yet. And his followers sure need to back off the more "progressive" than thou. What's 'Progressive"? We beep if we find your Thunderbird annoying. Far as I can see, calling oneself 'progressive' means you're such dumbasses you voted for Nader and can't understand how things went so wrong. Oh and I find Michelle Obama the most smarmy, obnoxious political wife since Quaker Oats. Geez, Bar Bush again? Lyndon Johnson would love Barack Obama if he weren't running against him. And if Deanie Babies weren't so hyped to take on the party, I might take a caucus result seriously. Barrack's navel as the center of the universe seems to fascinate him slightly too much. But God, vote for the Democratic ticket. One way or another. Anything's better than some chimp pulling his pud and accompishing nothing better than killing more people. This guy might be alright. What he says about the war is bullshit. Read the so-called enabling act. It told W to listen to al Baradei, not to do anything else. Claiming that isn't true isn't plagiarism, it's just outright lying. But you know, he's a politician, so he'll say anything. You know what Charles Barkeley said" Wolf Blitzer vs. the Round Mound? In Valhalla, baby. You all do realize you're talking in a wotrd that barely exists where somebody is listening to everysinglething you say/
  360. michaelj on Five minutes in movie heaven.
    February 21st, 2008  2:41 am

  361. If ya'll want to investigate, I'd suggest Teillhard. He seemed to know what he was talking about. You're phones are being listened to. I'm guessing you aren't talking to terrorists.
  362. michaelj on You shoulda been there, Brian.
    February 24th, 2008  3:43 am

  363. NYT is just right. Story only tried to claim some Republican trying to claim one of those youtfulul indiscretions. Should a normally intelligently dumbass believe Mr. Keating isn't lying his ass off. All of this comes from McCains own whackoff people. Wat we're supposed to believe, according from Rove in 2000, he's gay and he has a black love child. That was the push poll I got and I've never voted for a republican in my life. So if somebody did that to you, why would you buy the surge which is such a crock?
  364. michaelj on Anyone going my way?
    February 24th, 2008  11:45 am

  365. So Nancy is Franka Potente and Tom Tykwer at the same time. Nice, nice very nice. And the moon is racing through some impossibly German city to save some boneheaded nordic lover from his idiotic romantic self. Bokonon knows. It's not for everyone to know. As my own movie critic, I know, matt Damon makes a great spy, but most especially with Franka. There are Bond Girls and there are exceptionally intelligent women caught up in spy plots. And who's responsible for the music on Darkside of the Moon? Roger Waters would have the world believe he made it all up. He should be happy Sting and Bono came along so he's maybe not the biggest unfounded egoist. The synth parts are stolen in large part from Hawkwind. But the guitars are entirely originally Gilmour, Sid's true friend and companion. And therein lies the rub that chaos Roger Waters' arse.
  366. michaelj on You shoulda been there, Brian.
    February 24th, 2008  12:34 pm

  367. Y'all should remember Like Romeo Said to Juliet by the Chambers Brothers.The other side from Time, which I assume inspired the 'cowbell' line and was, if you listen to the lyrics, not just brilliant but prescient in the most disturbing way. Pythons? They make boots, right? Which lead to dromodrosis, known to you ordinary people as stinkfoot. But I can see a good time was had by all. And what the hey. As for the Times and John 'Keating' Macdonalds, or whatever, Jesus would like people to actually read the story. They didn't allege an affair, and the whole story was about his saying one thing and doing another. And once you've dumped a wife for an extremely rich trophy, the youthful indiscretions card is no longer trump. If you're a dog, idt's probably easier the second time. But who cares. How did this ahole skate through Keating, in the first place, and how does he explain Paxson? Making this into something about something the NYT is supposed to have done is pure, unadulterated bull. If there's a media issue, it's entirely in how the media eats up what comes out of the Bevo. McCain isn't an idiot like Dan Burton. (Aren't you people proud to keep electing the scumbag? Sweet home Indiana) But if he says torture just doesn't work and then tells W it's OK to torture a functional retarded guy like Jose Padilla (and if you think he hasn't been tortured into a vegetable, I've got a Brooklyn Bridge I could take down with an acetylene torch for you), well, does he possess morals or is he a sociopath that just wants to win the next election? Pete Davies and Bad Monkies. Send the big snakes to the Naval Observatory. That's one gigantic head needs to be crushed. I know it isn't a political forum, but if it's Detroit, it can't help it. What the hell is wrong with people?
  368. michaelj on Anyone going my way?
    February 25th, 2008  6:17 am

  369. My kid grew up listening to her parents' music, which is all over the map. The Boss and the Detroit Boss, but also Tom Waits an REM. When she picked me up at the airport recently, Making Plans for Nigel came on the CD player when she started the car. Good taste for 27. She did go through a Backstreet Boys phase when she was about eight, but she met them backstage and decided they were obnoxious.
  370. michaelj on Anyone going my way?
    February 25th, 2008  6:22 am

  371. Brian, Sting is a Francis of Assisi model of humility compared with Bono. I expect young Paul Hewson will become a Yank soon so he'll be available to take on the solipsistic Savior role when Ralph f**ing Nader gives up his Holy Ghost. I mean, the guy named himself Vox Bono, which, but for the grace of God would probably have been Vox Populi.
  372. michaelj on Anyone going my way?
    February 25th, 2008  8:07 am

  373. Damn Nancy, I guess those Thin Mints are going in the freezer until after Lent. Can they survive the trip from the front door? Caveat emptor. You could damn a pagan baby to eternal hellfire. They seem to have changed the names and the results are about as pleasing as that old consultant-generated NBC logo. When everything's Wonder Bread, everything's white bread. Caramel DeLites?
  374. michaelj on Burned up.
    February 28th, 2008  12:36 am

  375. Well damn, Alex, Buckley actually called Gore a "goddamn queer" and threatened to punch him in the face, but only after being called a "crypto-Nazi" at least twice by Mr. Vidal. This all somehow happened with no tape delay on live TV. I was watching (and I think I've got the slurs right). Wait, here it is. The funniest thing about it was hearing that sanctimonious dickhead Howard K Smith (who evidently came back as Wolf Blitzer and Brit Hume) swallowing his tongue and gurgling "gentlemen, gentlemen, there's no need to resort to name-calling". I truly despised Howard K. at the time, because about two months earlier, he'd anchored coverage of the California primary, and spent the evening denigrating Bobby Kennedy, right up until the time Sirhan pulled the trigger. I was hoping Vidal and Buckley would jump the moderator and beat him to a pulp. Buckley ended up suing Vidal and being counter-sued. It's interesting that both guys were founders of magazines at radical poles of the political spectrum, but Vidal had it all over Buckley by virtue of his participation in the infamous Bob Guccione production of Caligula. The exchange was part of my formative years, maybe the Yorick scene to add irony to two assassinations, and avid personal participation at the Chicago convention. (Very nice, Nancy.) By the way, If any of you are fans of John Doe, Wilco, or both, npr has both streaming live from some club in Washington tonight at 8p est.
  376. michaelj on Burned up.
    February 28th, 2008  12:54 am

  377. William Frank Buckley, Jr. Requiescat in pace Superciliously Sesquipidalian to the Denouement I believe that middle name must have caused him borborygmus, which is what you live with when you're a scion of that privileged class that's never afflicted with actual flatulence.
  378. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  4:51 pm

  379. Nancy Nall in the LAT.
  380. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  4:54 pm

  381. As for any scruples or feelings of regret about exposing this guy, he's a Kommissar Karl acolyte and they all deserve exactly what they get.
  382. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  5:24 pm

  383. And in the NYT, with a working link. Oh shit. Batten down the hatches. I don't know how this works, but does this shake out some sort of financial windfall?
  384. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  6:22 pm

  385. I'd like to ask William Walters one question: Had this been handled privately, would Mr. Goeglein have behaved honorably in acknowledging his dishonorable behavior, with the identical result concerning his employment?
  386. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  6:27 pm

  387. Most likely, if you're an infamous white plagiarist, rather than Jayson Blair or Janet Cooke, you've already got an offer at Faux News to play Mike Barnicle Junior on TV.
  388. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  6:52 pm

  389. Here‘s a piece from the Columbia JR with a useful discussion about some cases of plagiarism, and the ethics involved with in dealing with this thought crime. Full disclosure: In third grade, I handed in a Robert Service poem with some artful disguise and claimed authorship, because I was too lazy to write something original. I hardly think it likely that professionals cheat out of lassitude. It seems in some cases to be a product of self-destructive urges. The pressure excuse seems pretty lame. In most cases the motivation is both murky and mysterious.
  390. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  7:15 pm

  391. Actual criminality aside, how is this significantly different from the ethical transgressions of Claude Allen, the White House shoplifter? Both pale in comparison to shitcanning a million emails, but the smaller the fish, the faster they get caught and fry. And both seem compulsively self-destructive.
  392. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  7:48 pm

  393. Seriously extensive coverage of l’Affaire Goeglin. (Over/under on elapsed time to “Copygate”?)
  394. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  8:05 pm

  395. Jeff, So, when the most egregious Constitutional Criminals in American History leave office, you'll be there with the classic and obligatory torches and pitchforks? Right? Yeah, right. Now that's hypocrisy worthy of enshrinement in the Hypocrisy Hall of Fame at SMU.
  396. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  8:30 pm

  397. Wench? What a jerk. Given his age at the time, shouldn't Clinton really be given the benefit of the youthful transgressions doubt, like his chief persecutors Dan 'Scumbag' Burton, St. Henry Hyde, and Newt? Seems only fair.
  398. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  8:51 pm

  399. Ashley: Or perhaps a partner in crime? OK, that's intentionally trying to cause trouble. When self-proclaimed Conservatives assert that the other side engages in smears against the pure of heart, I hear Lee Atwater rolling over in his grave, and it's time to head out, crank up the kayak, and go looking for the first blackberry patches until these stale conversational winds change. In 2000, ahead of the SC primary, we got calls indicating that, not only was John McCain the father of a bastard black child, he was gay. (And we're registered Democrats.) I'd say it was a safe bet that tis calumny was directly traceable to Rove. Now McCain happily embraces W's support. It's encouraging that Republicans and Conservatives (whatever that means in the New American Century) have retreated from eating their own to a siege mentality under which even the most scurrilous must be defended. Did they kick Larry Craig out of Congress yet. Now there was a victim of the "drive-by" liberal press. Move along folks, nothing to see hear.
  400. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  8:55 pm

  401. William Walters Says: March 1st, 2008 at 12:39 pm Citation? (So, yeah, it's about CSM, but who the hell said it?)
  402. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 1st, 2008  9:14 pm

  403. Mr. Walters. OK. I was kind of kidding. Seems this subject has been done in, and rational discussion is teetering on the precipice of invective (if it didn't go over the edge some time ago). I'm never the voice of reason, but this is starting to resemble the Great Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919.
  404. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  12:48 am

  405. Rheinhard Says: March 1st, 2008 at 3:33 pm I understand how Nancy might not just cut this short. She actedaccordingto professional ethics, for all the good that's ever going to do when the people that own the world are entirely unethical. But couldn't somebody just open another thread more felicitous and salubrious? This is taking on a seriously pale and foetid cast. Look aholes, she was right. The nut of the offense is his embedment with the holier than thou and the Rovian seat of power. But how in the world do the Republicans get to be the Holier than thou? Look at their heroes and their heroes' lame excuses. I think these things play out regularly in fringe and mainstream churches in the interest of the Republican Party every Sunday. Fact is, Shock and Awe wasn't ever authorized. If you think it was, please read the Authorization. These people were lied to at the top. They required a return with evidence. True, right? Who approved anything at all? Congress told the seedy little asshole he'd better come back with proof. But what does this all mean? This a revoting development. Nobody ever actually approved the invasion. Obama sure as shit didn't object in public. One thing, nobody ever approved the invasion without it going through el Baradei, and the moron press, and the idiots that serve as gatekeepers. Read what that shit said. Now I figure Barrack is entirely aware of this. So is he lying his ass off? Fact is, for a fact, claiming Congress approved the invasion is ridiculous. Barrack didn't have a vote. Had he, he would have been absent. Well anyway, this forum needs a sharp slap. nn.c isn't political place, although she's a fine writer and no matter what she's talking about an intelligent reader gets an idea. I guess if you favor Bob Seger you must be un-American. For a Detroit kid, there's Hideout Bob, and SRC and MC5 (and Third Power and any number of other good bands.). Somewhere at some mansion long torn down I think on Gratiot, there was a house.
  406. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  12:59 am

  407. Nancy: If it's worth a turd. Back when I was the smartest print guy in jrl 101, at the Henry Grady School. I was the editor of a one-off paper, a class project. In 1970, I think. We ran a clearly fabricated interview that was clearly true and got sued. Now, if you want to be from Detroit and include music, SRC is inestimable. So I was the
  408. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  1:23 am

  409. Apprentice to Darth Holden Says: March 1st, 2008 at 4:56 pm Are you comparing W to Churchill? Odious. Intellectually stultifying. W is a pre-junvenile that was told he could preempt congressional restraints on whatever he did about Iraq. He chose the infantile Shock and Awe. If you read the alleged enabling legislation, he basically blew the binders on his actions out. It's fine to say Congress approved his actions. Could somebody assess the Congressional requirements he was suposed to meet? This is no shit. But let me get back. When I was a kid, I fell in with a very beautiful kid, and we'd been separated by circumstance. Her name was Shirley, and this was in the Bahamas. Intelligence. I'm not joking about reading the so-called enabing legislation. Nobody enabled shit.
  410. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  1:27 am

  411. William Walters Says: March 1st, 2008 at 5:12 pm You mean 'Grasshoppa', right? When you set out on the big lie, the big lie starts to turn on you and eat you alive.
  412. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  5:31 am

  413. Nancy. If you decamp because this is insufferable. Well. I'm figuring you do something like I do and rered Count Zero. No but what the hell. I'd like to wake to something more salubrious. Or more interesting: Palate Cleanser:This is fascinating, I think, and very well-written. To me, Wikipedia is sort of a guilty pleasure and the lazy way out if you're trying to find out about something. But it's a hoot, and I figure I'm well-informed enough to take some of it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, some vestige of some sort of intelligence. This is a long national nightmare. You can't be more ignorant than Bush. Sorry, You can't be more ignorant. It's actually impossible.
  414. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  5:43 am

  415. Is Fort Worth supposed to be Ground Zero. These assholes have trashed the Constitution of the United States. Nobody in the heartland seems to understand. Look. if y'all are willing to put up with signing statements, y'all are assholes and idiots.
  416. michaelj on Five minutes in movie heaven.
    March 2nd, 2008  7:27 am

  417. Hillary actually knows what she's talking about. Obama is pretending to be Bobby. Pretending to be Bobby is pretty annoying to anybody that actually went on the line. "We'll have problems, we'll have bigger ones.'. We do have Hillary's comment about after the contest. Obama didn't know who his supporters would vote for. McCain? What an asshole. If the guy can claim the Clintons are racists, I guess he's capable of just about anything. But they're guilty of smears.
  418. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  10:13 am

  419. Please stop. There's no way in the world the right wing apologist's can take the high road. They invented the low road, and Lee Atwater admitted it on his deathbed. They ran with Swiftboat, when Kerry was an unadulterated war hero and W guarded the bar at the OClub and actually remembers part of it. Conservatives, if there are any, are tinhorn turds that couldn't fight their way out of an Iraqi paper bag, and they've been subsumed by New American Centurions. The Shortboat smear of John Kerry exposed the immortal stupidity of American voters. But, so what. Now that the assholes elected the worst Pretzeldent ever, have they learned a lesson? Probably not. Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. Either I made that up or HL Mencken did. But these recriminations have got to stop. It's not Nancy Nall's fault some Rove acolyte chose to plagiarize his ass off. You can't divide it any way but one. It's like Cheney and Halliburton. Crooks. All that aside, this guy has some serious psychological problems. Made it really easy to get caught. And as for the holier than thou Conservatives: Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.. HL Mencken said that, and sadly, these lemmings prove his point every day. Honor? Running with the Swiftboat aholes, when you didn't just dodge the draft, you skipped on the National Guard, that defines the opposite of honor. Pretty much defines the New American Centurions, whose idea of honor is filling mercenary coffers an torturing retarded guys like Jose Padilla. Meantime, and at the risk of sounding like a YouTube whack, just leave Nancy alone. Let her get a good night's sleep and write something in the morning about Kwame Kilpatrick that won't get everybody's underoos in a bunch. One thing broached earlier that I'd like to see pursued: In your concern for Keep on Goeglein's career and his family, do you still support the conspiracy in the heart of the administration to expose the covert CIA agent Valerie Plame. Simple question. Only simple answer required.
  420. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  11:22 am

  421. At this point, this discussion is running in quicksand. I guess Ms. Nall is fairly traumatized and undoubtedly exhausted. Could try the Beatles: Good night Sleep tight Dream sweet dreams for me Dream sweet dreams for you. Close your eyes and I'll close mine Good night Sleep tight Now the sun turns out his light Good night Sleep tight Dream sweet dreams for me Dream sweet dreams for you. Good night Good night Everybody Everybody everywhere Good night. But you really need the music. Or, you could try the Beatles: Tomorrow Never Knows, though I’d recommend closing your eyes and listening, instead of the video. The main chord in this song is just a perfectly tuned guitar with no left hand. Or, you know, there's All Things Must Pass. At the end of the incredibly quotidian day, this thieving jackass will show up on Faux News to get paid for telling America why the Clintons and Obamas are despicable. How they do.
  422. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  11:33 am

  423. And this is who this dickhead really is, before anybody feels sorry for him. Kommissar Karl's right nut.
  424. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  5:33 pm

  425. Cats are doused with lighter fluid and set ablaze by sociopaths, because they can, and by psychopaths, because they must. Oscar Wilde and Ambrose Bierce and Dennis Leary are 'mean-spirited'. Jeffrey Dahmer and Bill Frist tortured animals. Nice leap of illogic. Where do you place Ann 'Rode Hard and Put Up Wet' Coulter (not to be mean-spirited about it) on your compressed-to-the-point-of-unintelligibility scale of human behavior? How about George W's mocking portrayal of Karla Faye Tucker? Finally, do you really think your bud Goeglein is Candide buffeted by a cruel world? Let the jackass defend himself if he can. He's a grown man. He knew he was doing something despicable and apparently didn't care. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I think that's a pretty good working description of a sociopath. Which explains a lot about his political associations.
  426. michaelj on Copycat.
    March 2nd, 2008  6:23 pm

  427. Gee whiz, Wally. I'm not a baker or a mechanic or a hack writer representing the most corrupt bunch of Constitutional arbatageurs ever seen in North America, either. You can take that comment accordingly, but if his plagiarism wasn't sociopathic, your pal probably needs help to steer him away from self-destructive behavior. Then again, maybe he's just a True Believer in the New American Century and the philosophical motto of the Centurians: Rapio ergo sum.
  428. michaelj on Notes from the crater.
    March 2nd, 2008  7:16 pm

  429. I thought Mike Barnicle was incompetent, brazen and pretty much an idiot for plagiarizing George Carlin. But looting the Pope is shameless, and reinforces the sense I have that once he'd gotten away with it the first time, proselifting became a self-destructive compulsion like smoking crank. And damn, I thought you'd at least make some money for the drama and trauma.
  430. michaelj on Closing time.
    March 3rd, 2008  8:19 pm

  431. Funny you should say that, Nancy. I wrote this Saturday, when the blizzard had still not reached it's height: Palate Cleanser:This is fascinating and, I think, very well-written. To me, Wikipedia is sort of a guilty pleasure and the lazy way out if you're trying to find out about something. But it's a hoot, and I figure I'm well-informed enough to take some of it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, some vestige of some sort of intelligence. They should probably make this the official Wikipedia entry for Wikipedia.
  432. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  3:16 am

  433. So SRC is the greatest Detroit band. Even better than MC5. I guess you could look at this however you'd like, but Bob wasn't the best singer and he was a great guitar player but not the best by a mile. Nancy comes lately, but hell, nobody got William Butler Yeats. He wrote two tremendous anti-war anthems, he always had his mot heartfeld self at heart. He wrote Mpak. If you don't get that song, you aren't from Detroit. Can't cpnceive So whatever I think? Bogus. Can't conceive. Whatever. whatver you think, ahole.
  434. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  3:44 am

  435. Damn. Dis anybody in Congress sign on with W? Here's the deql on NaFTA. Clinton did the tight thing. Obama made shit about, and thats a fact jack,ahole he had to to deal with the U N. Is Obama lying his ass off? For sure.
  436. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  4:13 am

  437. Damn. Dis anybody in Congress sign on with W? Here's the deql on NaFTA. Clinton did the right thing. Obama made shit about, and thats a fact jack,ahole he had to to deal with the U N. Is Obama lying his ass off? For sure.
  438. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  4:54 am

  439. How does ny corn make my celery cost so absurdly much? How des this have to do with with my price for vegetables? Americans are dumber than grunt.
  440. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  8:52 am

  441. So SRC is the greatest Detroit band. Even better than MC5. I guess you could look at this however you'd like, but Bob wasn't the best singer and he was a great guitar player but not the best by a mile. There were the Quacknbush brothers and there was Detroit rock. Nancy comes lately, but hell, nobody got William Butler Yeats immediatley either. He wrote two tremendous anti-war anthems, he always had his mot heartfelt self at heart. He wrote Two +two. but asshp;es pursue other idiotic wars. Hillaary voted to make the asshole stand up to UN inspection. I DO'T AWW HOQ RHDid he do that? Well, no. How the hell do people get away with claiming that was a vote for shock and awe. When all gets settled. Seems you disliked this guy with good reason.
  442. michaelj on The count is now...
    March 4th, 2008  10:02 pm

  443. So Harl Delos, you're one of those Raygunites voting for Barrack, right?
  444. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 4th, 2008  10:26 pm

  445. Frot Wayne. Secret code for Fort Wayne, where the women are stealthy and the fellas all look like the well known dentist Dr. John Patterson. I never got On the Road. It always reminded me of somebody that thought getting high was better than being high. I have come within about 25 pages of finishing it, but there are Joseph Heller, Ken Kesey and V to reread. Not to mention McGuane. The big stomp on the carbon footprint would be Archer Daniel, and all those Bob Dole plane-rides paid off. The ethanol carbon footprint is around -7:1, and if you shop for vegetables, the impact is already clear. Starving the masses will most likely be more effective than making it expensive for them to drive.
  446. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 4th, 2008  10:46 pm

  447. Dexter, Travels With Charley is one superb book, in my estimation. I always thought David Byrne was talking about the midwest when he sang "I wouldn't live there if you paid me", but otherwise sounded nostalgic in The Big Country. Of course, the real Big Country was a way better band than Talking Heads.
  448. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 5th, 2008  12:53 am

  449. Nancy, you take a brilliant guitar player that can make the box sound like bagpipes, mix in some Cinnamon Girl and Shane McGowan Celtic sensibility, you get Stuart Adamson. With the notable exception of Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads never came close to this sort of inspiration. Big Country is like the Call, Screaming Blue Messiahs, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Tonio K. Nonpareil and sui generis. And not only was the real Big Country a better band than Talking Heads, they blow U2 all to hell. Of course, so does REM and Mike Stipe isn't a pompous ass. LAMary: What makes the subway great is that nobody can stop anybody from doing anything. Humanity uninterrupted. Actually, the real subway in Boston is far more interesting than it's younger cuz in NYC. Don't make eye contact.
  450. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 5th, 2008  1:24 am

  451. No joke, I like Talking Heads. And as for Radiohead, they do to, since they plagiarized the name for their band from a David Byrne song. And, Once in a Lifetime segues fairly perfectly into There, There. "You may ask yourself, how did I get here?" and "just because you feel it doesn't mean it's there". And giving the album away was brilliant. It's like the Motown Revue for five bucks for two days.
  452. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 5th, 2008  2:03 am

  453. Ach, the Proclaimers. I get it when they haver. a word for a celtic style of rhythmic music that tends towards repetition and crescendo That's Gaelic, and it's Ravellian. O'Bolero. I'm thinking of the Pogues and Black 47, who do this well, but are also great at just bashing away from the getgo, like Bottle of Smoke and Maria‘s Wedding</a.
  454. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 5th, 2008  3:02 am

  455. Dexter: If I had the price of a token for every ride I've taken on the T, I'd still be living on Hilton Head but I wouldn't be suffering fool clients gladly. The T is wickid cool, and provides an alternate life separate from home, work, friends and family. I was riding the Mass Ave. bus one time. (Generally, the bus is a lot more potentially interactive than the train, and you really need to avoid eye contact.) Some old black guy decided to regale a group of black kids with guesses about their African origins, based on his interpretations of their facial features vis a' vis tribal characteristics. (I couldn't make this up.) The kids weren't taking Pops seriously, but they were good-natured. Eventually one of the kids pointed at me, the token caucasian, and said "Where in Africa he from?" I couldn't help myself. I said "South Africa". This was considered pretty hilarious. When you're on the T, it can seem like normal life is in complete abeyance, and the travel time is a distinctly other, separate existence. Like Benny Profane yo-yoing. "The division of the world into two domains, one containing all that is sacred and the other all that is profane—such is the distinctive trait of religious thought." (Citation: Emile Durkheim.) I don't think mon ami was talking about public transportation, but I swear most times it was as weird as Mitch Albom running into whackjobs in dyspeptic heaven. Plagiarism? Well it’s kinda connected to running America by Pretzeldential Daily Briefs for Dummies.
  456. michaelj on Take the keys.
    March 5th, 2008  3:25 am

  457. Y'all on Nall are mostly about the written word, but if your cable company has Turner Classic, The President's Analyst is on tonight at 10p est. This is one of the most sublimely caustic and hilarious movies ever made. It's almost never on TV. I have to wonder whether this programming has anything to do with retroactive immunity. James Coburn is incomparable, even better than the Fllint movies, and Godfrey Cambridge used to be a national treasure. This is a great movie.
  458. michaelj on My pups.
    March 5th, 2008  3:53 am

  459. That bit of Johnny Rivers made my day.
  460. michaelj on A house divided.
    March 5th, 2008  8:58 pm

  461. Good grief, how's it feel to be virtually hobnobbing with self-proclaimed electronic big boys in the rarefied atmosphere of Slate? I've got to know: Just how effete is Michael Kinsley? Is Mickey Kauss really a consummate horse's ass, or does the internet add 15 lbs. of fatuity? What's the deal with Christopher Hitchens' adenoidal whine and chronic neurasthenia? Did both get worse when he became an American citizen? (And who's to blame for letting that unfortunate naturalization come to pass?) Is Dahlia Lithwick gorgeous, to match her verbal talent, rapier wit, and towering intellect?
  462. michaelj on A house divided.
    March 6th, 2008  1:29 am

  463. Perhaps Abe Lincoln is just embarrassing to the GOP in an election year. They claim him as a patron saint, but Lee Atwater killed the myth of the party of Lincoln (and tried to apologize on his deathbed, and for that, I hope and believe he made the saved varsity. It's the party of Nixon and Strom Thhuhhhmond, Delay and Trent Lott. What's amazing is that anybody without an ideological or financial axe to grind sticks with them. How is it they're convinced their redneck asses have a stake? I'd like some enterprising reporter to ask McCain if he intends to pardon the neocons when they're convicted of lying their asses off. I wasn't trying to be sarcastic about Slate. Well, not entirely, and your response was typically and deftly sardonic. I assume, I hope, you actually got paid for your excellent piece. I most certainly think Ms. Lithwick must be, how the kids say, hot, if she can write so felicitously about complex legal issues and, you know, explain it all. On the other hand, Kinsley is wimpy, Kaus obnoxious and Hitchens entirely insufferable. Not good dinner party fodder. I've been thinking about the Talking Heads. In actuality, I read that David Byrne plagiarized Once in a Lifetime from some real estate company's training documents. Sounds spurious, but he's awfully, in the sense of scary, eccentric. Stuart Adamson ripped And the Walls Came Down from the headlines. It’s also true that this greatest song, by a mile, by Talking Heads is elevated by the crashing major guitar chords towards the end. How about Train in Vain. I contend punk started in Detroit. It started with MC5. But SRC were the more impressive musicians and Seger was everyman. Critics dismiss Quackenbush as relying of sustain, but nobody ever came close to that sound. Like the Stones, the Beatles and Credence. Sex Pistols and the Clash and the Jam? Maybe so. All lost in the supermarket. MC5 was the musical equivalent of a putative revolution, which is all Sonic and Rob Tyner, and John Sinclair ever hoped. Brilliant music and revolution on the side. This banner was taken up by Michael Bean and Bill Anderson. How do the Butthole surfers have a song called Jet Fighter? Thren there's Ray Davies taking up this hopeless cause. Ray Davies took up this lost cause, and that's Ray. Guy played like Dave, pretty much, but Raymond wasn't buying . It seems kind of obvious that it's all about the guitar playing. Why the Georgia Satellites are soooo much better than say, the Black Crowes. Way back in the day, Bob Seger played the lead parts. Of course, in that band, as in the Who, it was the bass player that took the foremost part. Or the singer. If you listen to Cream, Clapton's amazing but Jack Bruce is mesmerizing. Best vocals that weren't Stevie Winwood. And when the Who needed a solo, we got the Ox on My Generation. Played the Precision faster than Pete could play the strat, or whatever. But anyway, when it comes down to what's denigrated as post-Punk, who ever wrote better lyrics than Shane McGowan? William Butler Yeats? Well yeah, but he's the finest poet ever lived. Well, nobody did. Only the absolute best Beatles songs came close to Ray Davies. And he tossed them off like it was nothing So if you're a Democrat, isn't the idea of eight with Hillary and eight more with seasoned Barrack an attractive scenario? Just to leave y'all with a little something, how spectacularly excellent are the Georgia Satellites. "Her skirt rolled up and I could see she was French. And I said toujours l'amour, avec mon amour" That's rock 'n' roll, I guess. My, my,my mon cheri, baby I sure would be delighted in your company anytime that is good for you would be convenient with me." There are great bands that never get recognized. Georgia Satellites are surely one. How did anybody catch onto Heavy Music? Or Ramblin Gamglin. Truly great songs. SRC wrote and played Paragon's Council. Ir sure sounded like Cheney running things. And holy shit, that's a frightening mpnster. You seem like somebody that means the best, Nancy. And you get the idea that Bob Seger used to be special. And Iggy They were very good.. Back in say '67 Bob was amazing and Iggy was strange, but attractive. he Seger song we loved was Noah . If you want to get in touch with your inner Detroit, it's MC5 and SRC you want to listen to. MC5 and SRC ruled.
  464. michaelj on A house divided.
    March 6th, 2008  4:29 am

  465. i remember an ice storm back in '63. I needed to get downtown to take the UDHigh exam. Our neighbor had a front-wheel chevy because he was a Chevy exec. He rode us around on our sleds to wear down the ice. Got me to the test on time. Those were the days in Detroit. Community, even in the suburbs. We stood up for one another. In Pulte enclaves. Lamplighter Lane. Now, Pulte builds Sun Cities, and claims they're Hilton Head. With tax breaks. Jesus what a jerk. Mr. Sheep, as Randy Newman might say.
  466. michaelj on A house divided.
    March 6th, 2008  7:26 am

  467. Del, I'd say best Seger song had to do with fortune wheels and roll dice. But I was there, when he used to play lead guitar. 2+2 yeah, unfortunate days. Too bad the Pretzleldent didn't see that up close, since he was so sure it was right when he skipped. I figure John Kerry probably buys into your take, since he was there. He saved guys lives. What in God's name could have clouded Americans' minds, to buy into the short boat assholes? I had friends that met their maker at Hue. I didn't go, and I don't regret my refusal to participate. I wouldn't go. I objected wholeheartedly. It was unadulterated bullshit, same as now. But I wonder to this day, might I have kept somebody from getting killed? This shit now, stop-loss and endless deployments. Fuck the Masters of War. They haven't got a clue, and they never sacrificed. New American Centurions. Kerry knows the sacrifice. All along the Mekong Delta and into Laos without a doubt Mcsain doesn't and the dumbshit is on board the waterboard express, even though his personal bopgraphy is based on the idea it doesn't work. What a scumbag. It'sincumbent upon American voters to actually read the alleged authorization. The law required W to let Al Baradei complete inspections and the Pretzledent report back to Congress. He did no such thing, he just went ahead with Shock and Awe. Asshole lied his ass off to Congress and invaded. It's spectacular how the MSM blames this on Congress. Defies reality. Blaming Congress is a canard. Neocons wanted to invade and they diIt's like the whole running NAFTA charade. Story after story with no mention of the environmental and labor agreements put in place by Clinton that W just abrogated. These aholes rewrite history and get away with it.
  468. michaelj on A house divided.
    March 6th, 2008  10:39 am

  469. Jesus Dexter. Way I heard that it was "doan mean shit". I was accepted at McAlester, short hop, and at McGill, in Montreal. I didn't buy it and I wasn't going. Grace of God. When they ran the first lottery, a friend of mine from High School came up six. He was actually ROTC, so I guess the number wasn't so threatening, but I wasn't buying that shit. Nobody was taking my friend for something that stupid. I'd been to Chicago for the convention. Gave some, took some. But this seemed more serious to me. Lord help me, I suppose I was anti-American if you looked at it in a Nixonian kind of way. This guy wasn't really even my friend, in High School. Uber-Jock. A Wizard and true star. In college, I realized he was a really good guy. Against all odds, the Student Center had a bowling alley in its basement. It was supposed to be a pool, God know's what happened. So I'm sitting with this guy and I'm tripping, and he looks at the bowlers and says 'Pyramus, New Jersey, make that spare.' You had to be there. So, we're UDHigh lettermen contemplating eternity, and I'm thinking 'Shit, this is Joe Hart'. This guy played hoops lefty with a cast on his right wrist and crushed Brother Rice. (You have to know about Detroit high school to understand the importance.) So, tripping my brains out, knowing about the bad lottery call, I said "Joe, you going?" He said, 'Pyramus ,Nj, male that spare.' Way cool. I was all-state in two sports, but this guy was a legend. I have to think, he could have done anything. Might have pulled some guy out of a river. That's what Kerry did and that's what the shortboaters denigrated. How the hell did these assholes get away with this? W flew security for the O-club, except they wouldn't let him fly because he was cocaine-dependent. So anyway, here's my new-found friend, who actually lived in my dorm room the year before, and we're UDHigh (it's a Setroit thing, though they may have missed it in the Grosses) (We're Catholic as opposed to Anglican). And I can't see Nixon sending this guy to war. In fact, I can't see anybody being sacrificced for any war that scurvy brarded slome had promised to end but was still listening to Curtis LerMay. This was just a few months abyer that ahole shot Bobby Kennedy, and I was in an upstart frame of mind. I made up my mind that Joe Hart was my friend, and he was not going to get killed for no reason in VietNam. So, I launched a tirade. I committed any number of physical acts of civil disobedience and I launched myself into the anti-war movement. It's notable that there was a campus uprising at the same time that involved the Black Student Union. Clarence Thomas claims to have taken part, but I don't thinkhe did. This was at the College of the Holy Cross, an exceptional liberal arts school at the time, with one of the finest English Departments ever assembled. I managed decent grades. So the lottery came atround again and I was 115. Not good. But my draft board was Royal Oak, Fr. Coughlin's territory. I dropped my student deferment because a friend of my dad's on the draft board said volunteers would keep the number down. Reclassified 1H. I have to say, Dexter, I don't think I should have gone. I believed, and I believe now, for sure, it was just wrong. You did what you had no choice about. I wish you'd had a choice. I wish you hadn't had to to go through that. I got beaten by Chicago police trying to stop the war. Beat some up too. All in all, we're both still alive, against any sane odds. I guess that's something. Oh, and my pal Joe. Last play, last game, playing linebacker, and damn he was good. Trashed his knee making a tackle. Army had no use for his damaged ass. Isn't that a perfect outcome. the student Center
  470. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  6:46 pm

  471. I have to admit, liberal and surrenderist (and if America buys this sack of shite from John McCain, HL will throw up but otherwise lie peacefully in his grave, knowing he was right about getting it good and hard) and friend to terriss that I am, I cheered for killing those commies in Red Dawn. I think it's about internal logic, and it all made some perverted form of sense. Patrick Swayze? It's like what John Hiatt said about Billy Ray Cyrus: "But, oh how that man could dance." The best movie he made was Steel Dawn. With the absolutely incomparable Brion "Time to Die" James, with the inimitable Anthony Zerbe as the completely despicable villain when Alan Rickman was still just a glint in critics' eyes. Next of Kin is primordial. You f**k with my brother, I f**k you over big time. If it's got Liam Neeson, I'm in. He's just excellent. Hell, I liked Darkman and Nell. I've been watching movies a long time, and I wouldn't venture a guess at what's a 'bad' movie. Leave that to the Mystery Science Theater guys and robots. I believe Chinatown is surely the best movie anybody ever made, followed closely by McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Get right down to it, movies are just great, period. There are movies like Shoot Loud and Cry Uncle and Bucket of Blood nobody ever heard of that reward the two-hour investment of nothing but time. Evil Roy Slade, the brilliant John Astin's most brilliant moment. And sometimes we watch those Seagall potboilers, and we like them. We'd like to turn the Muscles from Brussels loose on any reality show of your choice. Imagination, even hackneyed, violent imagination, trumps total aholes acting like aholes while camera-preening on "reality" that are so scripted they make my molars ache. Michael J. Pollard is just too strange to be human, but, you know, Little Fauss and Big Halsey. They had to get a shrimp to make Robert Redford big. My female BF and I took a different route. We went to see Blade Runner about 50 times, on the last of the big screens at Coolidge Corner in Brookline. New stuff all the time.
  472. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  6:59 pm

  473. Dorothy, <iThe Blob, with its inherent message that, you old farts, the kids may have a point, was a terrific movie. i wonder when somebody will take movies seriously enough to immortalize Thomas Pynchon. And TC Boyle. and William Gibson. Paranoia as a normal state of mind is underrated. The Blob was anti-McCarthyism, but you know, It was just a movie, Ingrid.
  474. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  7:09 pm

  475. Steven Seagall made a movie called The Glimmer Man, with, I think, Marlon Wayans, maybe Damon, that was pretty good. This all comes down to William Faulkner and willing suspension. You just buy the absurd premise and the result is satisfying. Somebody makes an effort to make something up, I'm on board. Creative alternatives are crucial to human existence. How we know we're actually alive. Otherwise, you've got Donald Trump and his improbable hair masquerading as the real world.
  476. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  7:35 pm

  477. Brian, Tremors is exceptionally entertaining. Class by itself, actually. Set out to make a ludicrous horror movie and succeeded on all counts. Ken Russell did the same thing, with The Lair of the White Worm but he couldn't condtain his artistic impulses. He did make The Devils. Good bad, and evil, at the same time. Are there actors and actresses that just guarantee people will trash a movie because they're in it? From my point of view, you've got the totally insufferable Will Farrell and Adam Sandler. The latter is naturally funny, the former more obnoxious than Chris Farley and David Spade mashed up. How is it that nobody gives any credit to Kevin Bacon? He plays everything well, including truly slimy villains. The River Wild. Now that's a movie I could see in this discussion. I think Meryl Streep is at her best in this movie, David Strathairn too. And, damn, Kevin Bacon is superbly villainous. I suppose this is another bad movie. But I really like it. And I'm right.
  478. michaelj on Good career move.
    March 6th, 2008  8:09 pm

  479. Please tell me you got paid for the Slate piece. KStreet? Probly Faux News.
  480. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  8:41 pm

  481. But Jim Carrey made The Truman Show, which is quite affecting (although Ed Harris steals the show). And there's the phony Capra The Majestic in which Carrey played Mr. Smith bludgeoning Congress a lot better, more convincingly, and more understatedly than Jimmy Stewart was ever capable of. Bad movies? The iconic, beyond criticism. It's a Wonderful Life. An atrocity. Raging Bull, how many times can you say f**k and punch a woman in one minute on screen? Moronic, Neanderthal. Planet of the Apes. Yeah, right, right wing nutjob and values of free human expression. You know he wanted to say "filthy N****r" when he said "filthy ape". That was kind of the point of that movie, wasn't it? Adam Sandler's probably an acquired taste, but if he didn't look so odd, he's actually capable of being a decent actor. I mean, he always looks like a Beastie Boy. Will Farrell, on the other hand, plays straight up same, all the time, and he's inexcusable. It wasn't funny on SNL, it's not funny now. I've been forced to sit through Will Farrell movies, and this guy is a jerk.
  482. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  9:18 pm

  483. I liked The Pelican Brief best of any Julia Roberts role. If Hugh Grant's in a movie, I'm not watching. God, what an insufferable twit. I mean, it's bad enough to be caught in a car, in drag, with former As pitcher Dave Stewart, you know... I did watch Bridget Jones, because I liked th book, sort of, and because my companion made me, and, really, because I hoped Colin Firth would beat the snot out of that metro twat. Ms. Roberts best role was probably the amoral, duplicitous fundraising ho that tried and failed to seduce Rey Curtis, and then hung him out to dry in court anyway on Law and Order. Really Bad Movie: Sleepless in Seattle. Spare me the labored, winsome dramaturgy.
  484. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  10:02 pm

  485. Patch Adams was berry berry bad. That's a function of Robin Williams. When he's good he's great. When he's overindulged by the script and the director, he's unbearable. Doesn't anybody else get this feeling of ichoate rage watching Dr. House kill the patient 10 times in an hour and then get lucky, while eating vicodin like popcorn and professionalizing being an ass? Critics have long knives out for Robin Williams and sometimes he richly deserves it (one of my brothers went to private school with him, at Detroit Country Day). Death to Smoochy? On the other hand, he's capable of excellence and nuance. Insomnia, Garp, Good Morning Vietnam. He (under)played the diametric opposite of the obnoxious Patch Adams character in Awakenings, and he was superb. Hardly anybody ever saw it, but Robin Williams made a movie called Moscow On the Hudson, that could have starred Tom Hanks but thank God didn't. Truly fine movie. There's a disconnect in this argument. I think Nancy's talking about so bad they're good movies to some extent. Mystery Science. In my estimation, Don "Sonny Crockett" Johnson put this category away with A Boy and His Dog, although Lori Petty and Ice Cube and Malcolm McDowell might have outdone him in Tank Girl.
  486. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  10:09 pm

  487. Far and Away. As bad an overblown epic as Gone With the Wind. Only some 5-7 Scientologist dumbass could make Nicole Kidman look bad. As for GWTW, I guess the movie wasn't all that terrible compared with the unreadable potboiler it was made from. Danielle Steele, her previous life cut short by an Atlanta taxi cab.
  488. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  10:42 pm

  489. Jenny Garp is the great feminist character of the 20th Century. 19th, Anna Karenina or Hedda. Nah, Hester Prynne. Elizabethan? Katherina, although Helena (Oh, spite, oh hell.) gives her a run, but that might be my Diana Rigg infatuation. Did you actually read The Women's Room? Don't think I've ever met anybody that made it through. Bad angry writing with no appreciable point of view, lacking Erica Jong's resolute Yiddishness and dubious sense of humor. Marilyn French was a poorly regarded English prof at Holy Cross when my brother went there.
  490. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 6th, 2008  10:50 pm

  491. How about turning Bobby Gentry into drivel, with Robby Benson, for execrable movies?
  492. michaelj on Good career move.
    March 7th, 2008  1:22 am

  493. Guy's an asshole. BFD. Everybody connected to Q has lied their ass off. It's what these dunbasses do for a living Ifr you'w cit tge niat bogus Kennyboy lyibf sack of shit ever appointed, what do you do? You lie your ass off.
  494. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 7th, 2008  2:00 am

  495. The anti-Hillary has been staggering. Or at least it might be if you hadn't lived through the Deanie-Babies. When di d Bubba say anything that could remotely be considered racist? When was the last time you heard a potential nominee say "I know her supporters will vote for me. I don't know if mine will vote for her."? Who they voting for Barack? McCain? What an asshole. Very poor cgoice of words, and tgoughts. We went for a bile ride and thought about Nancy's comment on Scarlet and feminism. A book we both read, Alias Grace, seems to fit. This book is so good, I'd actually recommend it. And Oryx and Crake. I'm not really thrilled with most women recording artists. Joni, Maria McKee, Alanis (going on in a nude bodysuit in the gtermath of Janet jacksin was so damn funny, Aimee Mann, Joan Armatrading, Judy Collins (who was blessed with a perfect voice, and knows how to bend it, if you're looking to get silly. Nobody on the face of the earth sings like this). But maybe Steve Stills or Jack Bruce. I take endless domestic grief over this, but Margaret Atwood is the only consitsently excellent woman writer in this century. The Brontes, well yeah. Jane Austen? Wake me when it's over.Well. there's Gaye Weldon, but she's so mean-spirited,
  496. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 7th, 2008  2:06 am

  497. Hwre's the deal: Now consider how the Commander in Chief just lied to Congress. How would you have voted?href="">This is the so-called authorization. Does this say the asshole can institute shock and awe? Nppe. They did it because they could. Nobody in Congress ever voted for the Invasion.
  498. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 7th, 2008  2:30 am

  499. Nobody authorized the invasion and nobodddddddddy sure as shit authorized the occupation, W is out on a limb with Cheney and Perle and those aholes that signed the PNAC letters One thing's for sure, nobody in Congess ever signed on for either the invasion or theo ccupation. Read the law.
  500. michaelj on I'll miss the guy.
    March 7th, 2008  3:42 am

  501. Scarlet, a feminist ? You have to do better than that. Margaret Atwood is so good she can write rings around anybody you bring up. .nk pu [ k' pp Wow, Feminism in movies, hard '
  502. michaelj on Good career move.
    March 7th, 2008  12:17 pm

  503. There‘s so much Anti-feminism to go around. Why is it usually women on the drive-by?
  504. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  12:56 am

  505. Something Else. Fine writing about a not-well-enough-respected man. Actually, the word John Nance Garner used was piss. I think you still can't print that in papers of record. If hawks are threatening the tufted titmice, call Tripp Isenhour. Randy Johnson atomized a seagull and nobody charged him with anything. A Tin Cup moment.
  506. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  2:31 am

  507. We used to have a gigantic jade, which became infected with spider mites. A mild solution of water and dishwashing liquid did the bastards in. When we owned a farmhouse in Brockton, MA, our trees, including pear and apple, were beset with tent caterpillars. You could actually hear them chomping. I truly lost my senses, and declared a borderline psychotically obsessive war on the bastards. Crushed them with hammers, burnt them with smoldering cigars. Bacillus thuringiensis proved effective. McCain? Straight talk? If Americans vote for this mumbling equivocator against anybody we deserve what we get, and we'll get it, good and hard. Everything with this guy is a youthful indiscretion, or, even better, a lapse in judgment that led to the appearance of impropriety. Should have spent time in Club Fed for Keating Five. His abject fawning over W goes way beyond gag reflex. Shrubco and Bush's brain slandered McCain unmercifully in 2000, and now they're best buds. Obama is dissembling about what he did on his Canadian vacation, and Hillary's guilty of some double-talk on NAFTA, but how is it that nobody in the press mentions how W came in and simply abrogated the Environmental and Labor agreements B. Clinton grafted onto the unadulterated Free Greed situation left by Bush pere, who proved unequivocally that getting shot down doesn't prepare you to be President? (HW did something similar with Somalia, spitefully leaving a no-win briar patch for his successor. Probably BaBar's idea.) Any problems with party message and party unity for Democrats are the daily newspaper landing with a thud on Dr. Dean's doormat. Obama's positions on issues differ from Clinton's about as much as Clarence Thomas doesn't judge cases Scalia-free. What's going on is liberaller-than-thou Deany Babies have their guy and that's about that. It doesn't help when the hope candidate spouts Raygun hagiography and says he knows his opponent's supporters will vote for him, but he's not sure his will vote for her. As for the invasion and McCain's vision of endless occupation, it would be nice to think American voters had a clue about Public Law HJ 114. The so-called authorization required the Pretzeldent to allow the UN and el Baradei to proceed, and to return to Congress with additional evidence before taking action against Iraq. (The incredible campaign of disinformation by the misAdministration is actually beside the point, though it's not far-fetched to think Congresspeople just wouldn't believe a President would flat-out lie his ass off to Constitutional deliberators and law-makers.) Inconvenient for the Obama troops slagging Hillary's vote, but, then again, he wasn't there. Nobody voted for the invasion, and Barrack will persist in misrepresenting the facts of this matter.
  508. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  2:44 am

  509. This is what Hillary Clinton said on the Senate floor when she cast her Iraq vote: Because bipartisan support for this resolution makes success in the United Nations more likely and war less likely, and because a good faith effort by the United States, even if it fails, will bring more allies and legitimacy to our cause, I have concluded, after careful and serious consideration, that a vote for the resolution best serves the security of our Nation. If we were to defeat this resolution or pass it with only a few Democrats, I am concerned that those who want to pretend this problem will go way with delay will oppose any United Nations resolution calling for unrestricted inspections. This is a difficult vote. This is probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make. Any vote that may lead to war should be hard, but I cast it with conviction. Perhaps my decision is influenced by my 8 years of experience on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House watching my husband deal with serious challenges to our Nation. I want this President, or any future President, to be in the strongest possible position to lead our country in the United Nations or in war . Secondly, I want to ensure that Saddam Hussein makes no mistake about our national unity and support for the President's efforts to wage America's war against terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. Thirdly, I want the men and women in our Armed Forces to know that if they should be called upon to act against Iraq our country will stand resolutely behind them. My vote is not, however, a vote for any new doctrine of preemption or for unilateralism or for the arrogance of American power or purpose, all of which carry grave dangers for our Nation, the rule of international law, and the peace and security of people throughout the world. Sounds considered and statesmanlike.
  510. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  4:00 am

  511. Hawks (mostly redtails), ospreys, eagles (bald and golden), feral chickens and occasional peacocks (God knows where they came from). We have them all on our barrier island. Herons (Great Blues, many of whom are snow white), egrets (Peter Matthiessen's plume birds), kingfisher (once), cormorants, anhingas (snakebirds!), turnstones, skimmers, all sorts of gulls. The most impressive, easily, in grace and almost prehistoric magisterial presence, is the brown pelican. Seen from the right perspective, late on hot summer beach days after some Sam Adams, they strongly resemble pterodactyls, and can glide from out of, to into to out of sight without appearing to move a muscle, inches off the water. We also have a pileated woodpecker that's the bane of our early mornings. And all sorts of songbirds. Congresses of crows. Turkey vultures with 8-ft. wingspans. Redwing blackbirds and wood storks. And gators and dolphins that pace our kayaks in the estuaries. Dolphins are shameless about mating. Libertines. Gators, more fastidious. We have signs that warn "Do not feed or molest the alligators." Isn't a human being dumb enough to "molest" an alligator somebody that 's swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool? And we've got snakes, copperheads that swim in our pool but no water moccasins (which is fortunate, because they scare the shit out of me), small timber rattlers, much larger king snakes that supposedly eat rattlers. A friend claims to have seen a coral snake. A very large, non-venomous constrictor called a pine snake is pretty common and they keep the rabbits in check. And we have deer, but they eat rich peoples' azaleas, so they're endangered by Homeowners Associations. People have "Save the Sea Pines Deer" bumper stickers to protest "culling" (foul euphemism for slaughter, try hand to hoof, you cowards). W have TShirts that say "Arm the Sea Pines Deer". There is nothing much more funny than some dumbass hunter falling out of a deerstand and breaking his inebriated ass. I imagine somewhere 'Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole', but they live underground so they're hard to spot. It's all Bungle in the Jungle, and we never take it for granted.
  512. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  4:24 am

  513. Possums are one of those creations God should apologize for. Incredibly nasty animals, and they don't smile, they smirk. Like raccoons without brains and a nice Ivy League coat. Wily and innately evil. Born to be roadkill, armadillos without the half-shell.
  514. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 8th, 2008  5:44 am

  515. It's like Art Linkletter said, "People eat the damnedest things. Or something like that. I'm sure I've eaten both squirrel and possum, disguised as Brunswick stew on blue Sundays at the bootlegger's in Athens. Why do people eat rodents with bushy or cottontails but would be hohorrified by rat cassoulet? Who were the intrepid gastronomes that first braved things as revolting looking as squid, or conch or Quahogs, or snails? (I'm partial to all four, but slugs and gastropoda are still slugs and gastropoda.) Brains? Tripe? Sweetbreads? Giblets? There's a word for that stuff, and it's offal, but I guess it's all protein.
  516. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 9th, 2008  10:47 pm

  517. Could somebody just phone in where and how Clinton went so negative on Barrack. Just one comment. Anything? Didn't happen. I just don't see that having happened. Basically, utter bullshit. Or maybe udder since W tried to milk bulls on more than one occasion, and boy I thinkthis is Rovian. All hat ring a bell? MMMoron. Maybe he thought that was Kennyboy whose teats he was yanking.. You couldn't in a zillion years hit a bird with a golf shot. Even if you really wanted to. And I love watching hawks circle. They're going to eat the tufted titmouse that's just been blathering on our balcony, Kafkaz, second or third best poem, But who cares? Houseman, Gerard Manley Hopkins, William Blake, Christina Rosetti?. Everybody's second to Yeats in channeling something mystical, or nystifying. Well, there's Under Ben Bulben which puts most other attempts at poetry to abject shame. Think about Yeats' contemporaries. I think hawks concatenate. I don't think ospreys do. They just choose to dine, rapaciously. Awesome sight. Raptors only eat things still alive. Neocons regulalary dine on the dead. If you live in what passes for the country, but it's really the city, you probably think the brother was the poet. I'd say Christina ate his lunch.
  518. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  3:46 am

  519. McCain's worse than W. He believes he's honest. And worse than that shitheel isn't a good idea.
  520. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  5:13 am

  521. Yeah, del, but some of us just have an aversion to lying. Barrack says "trust me" but as far as the invasion and NAFTA are concerned, he's not only lied his ass off, he's accused his opponent of lying, when she was telling the truth. That's news that will not appear on MSNBC. Keith will stick with the lie and slag Hillary. I swear, this is Deanie Babies gone wild. People with no idea of the process, that think Kucinich is cute. And never bothered reading Public Law HJ 114. And the guy gets all hagiographical and post-climactic about Raygun. Did Ronny open a big tent for black people? Does Barrack think Raygun did, when he waxes poetic? The worst bullshit is Kennedy comparisons. Ms. Obama sure as hell hasn't got Jackie's class. More like L'il Kim or Courtney Love. And Jackie wasn't Ethel, either. But I'm sure that's inserting the race card. What's stupid is, these people are talking about Jack when they're dying to mean Bob, but they're too dense to get it.
  522. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  5:20 am

  523. Do y'all think bumrushing caucuses is remotely democratic? Caucuses, by definition, are exclusionary. It's Deany Baby heaven. We're more liberal than thou. Which makes us, ta-da, progressive, so we get to tell the whole state how to vote.
  524. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  6:55 am

  525. Seating Michigan delegates makes more sense than awarding delegates by caucus states. And those folks aren't more liberal. They seem to believe in election by anointment. These people stabbed Kerry in the back, and let Kenneth Blackwell do the dirty work. Obama may think he's Bono, but Michael Stipe mumbles more effectively than Bono over-emoting to truly obnoxious effect. NAFTA? Well he told a foreign government that was just window-dressing. And the Authorization? He's about as familiar with what that said as Rush Limbaugh is. Nobody in Congress authorized Shock and Awe. Not Kerry, not Hillary, not anybody but Cheney and Rummy and the aholes that tried talking Clinton intoNeocons this stupidity in 1998. Thanks to later signees Rummy and Cheney, they just went ahead and did it. And then, with Ken Blackwell’s help in Cuyahoga and other Ohio counties, Americans were stupid enough to re-elect thesejerks that figure they can whipe their pimply white asses with the Constitution, or maybe just do that Grover thing and drown the government like unwanted kittens. Invading Iraq was just the ultimate signing statement. Almost half of American voters voted for this war crimina, after his crimes were painfully apparent. We live in a country where people let Swift Boaters decide their votes. And re-elect Stalinists to export democracy by force. If he had a clue, Johnny Cougar would say "Ain't that America." Real Americans are waiting for Independence Day.
  526. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  7:06 am

  527. Once it was engrossed HJ 114 became a Public Law. What it said, in part, was that W had to allow el Baradei's investigations, and consult Congress before proceeding in any fashion. If you say that's not so, you dissemble in a Barrackian fashion. Obma knows what the bill said, and he's admitted that he'd have voted for it given the manufactured evidence. When you write your own myth, you're probably too close in time to clean up all the inconvenient details.
  528. michaelj on Phoned-in Phriday.
    March 10th, 2008  7:15 am

  529. It's revolting that Americans and Iraqis got killed because some idiot draft dodger was the perfect brain-dead tool for bastards that want to make America a one-party state with no government but Kennyboy's elect.
  530. michaelj on A little interlude.
    March 13th, 2008  2:15 am

  531. MSNBC: I can honestly say, I talked the Kicking Ass blog into tuning into Keith Olberman every night back in '04, but in the last several months, he's made every effort to portray Hillary as nuts and Obama the voice of reason. I believe both candidates are, in general, and it's not just anybody but Bush. Clinton's health carelan is more solid, and well-conceived economically, and more likely to start an economic turnaround than Obama's. I understand both pretty well, and they don't differ greatly, but the latters is a rehash lacking crucial elements of the former's. On the Iraq invasion, well, if W and the Stovepipe gang booted Al Baradei, they broke the Public Law. You can parse the language of the Authorization however you want and claim Shock and Awe-shit was 'authorized, but the troop invasion circumvented what the lying assholes had talked Congress into by pure subterfuge. I know for a fact Obama wasn't there and had no access to the manufactured 'intelligence' presented to sitting members of Congress. I figure the House and the Senate were presented with bogus evidence none of them were prepared to think involved the President just lying his ass off, or the President of Vice moving his lips to say the same. How's Congress supposed to judge, in that situation, the President capable of monstrous duplicity? When LBJ foisted Tonkin Gulf on America's legislative bodies, dthe die was cast. In the current case, PNACenturion's appeals to President Clinton notwithstanding, every single thing they were told was a carefully-woven tissue of lies to hoodwink them I was surely following it closely. I didn't know dick about the whole thing, but what I could find out in a moment's Google about Saddam's capabilities, intentions, plans and thinking, anymore than Obama could in the Illinois House. But Hillary Clinton should have had some sort of premonition about Doug Feith so they'd no more about what Obama didn't know?? This criticism is a deliberately nonsensical crock of shit. And if you never heard the spectacularly well-planted and designed information, you didn't know shit to make a judgement, but you could sure lick the frosting on the other end, when you had no vote, and what the hey. Tell you what. I figured one way or another all of this was Sunni vs. Shia. vs Kurds and American troops signed on for one, tops two. Now I was right about that. Don't think Obama was. If you didn't see Turks vs Kurds, how do you claim prescience. Prescience seems to be Obama's claim to fame. How did he miss Kurdistan? Domestically. I said the caucuses were anti-democratic. In Dem caucus states: 6% of Democrats took part. Total dems in states: 2.35mil in Michigan and Florida. In all the caucus states that expressed their superiority, because they bum-rushed caucuse, 1.2mil. Somebody's screwing with the process. These voter registration numbers can be jacked around hoowever anybody likes. Hillary sai in January these delegates should be seated The argument that nobody got to run adds. Well I dom't think anything precluded running ads. Obama's full of shit, and seems to be disenfranchising voters. But I'm supposing that's somehow racist. I know this is silly. The Obama campaign says Bill Clinton is some sort of racist. Yeah, right. What kind of idiocy are you. Please explain how anything Bill Clinton said was racist. Please explain his Obama's campaign said it was racist? Well, you can't. The race card is being wielded like the hammer of the Gods. Accusing Hillary's campaign of racism is so lame, it's kind of like claiming Hillary supported the war. You make do with the lies presented? Racism brought by the Clinton campaign? Well, anything critical. Seriously lame, but that's the whole deal. Do Americans flinch more from a woman or from a manly black guy? I do know this and I don't really care about that. Americans would like to reinstate the Constitution. In the long run, I don't care. I just don't want to see some whackjob insisting we've got no rights of privacy, assembly, or to think what we like. My opinion? McCains about as insane as Ronald Raygun, and he's entirely for full-on Bush KBR-Blackwater traitor for cash. Barak said the most obnoxiouslyi nadmissable thing. Her supporters would supporters would support me but mine wouldn't support her. They support removing the troops but not if I don't do it? Is he that self-messianic? If he thinks this way, is it surprising he sucks up to Raygun? Cu.t of Personality It's a fact. I don't favor lne over the other. But If you try to go all Ralph. You're an asshole. I'm old enough to believe nobody meant anything but Bobby. Truth? That was John KERRy. Given pre-announcded cheating in Ohio, he got cheated. They ate Ohio alive and they cheated like bastards. They said they would and they did. So Hillary and Obama? John Kerry would have been better. But you assholes let him get slimed, and somehow that was his fault. DNC, progressives, how wasn't that trainwreck your fault? How wasn't John Kerry your candidate? Not heroic? Not patriotic enough> ?Here's the deal lWhat I was going to say. It's hard to explain.The President of the United States just chose to liehis ass off toComgress to make cash, and the Congress was supposed to assume he was a monster. They didn't want to believe the President was a monster that would lie his ass off. So he just lied. And Congress was supposed to think the President was such a scumbag he'd lie about everyrhing he said? He still stilld't. If you say he co
  532. michaelj on That word.
    March 13th, 2008  3:55 am

  533. The C word is , and there is only one, in england, and I'm american so you can take this howevever . Christoher Hitchens is a cunt In England I believe this is a guy with no vonceivable excuse. And I think thats why you would use that * Nancy. Way into. If you want neurashenic , post, drip asshole. look no further. You claim to Bob Seger. I wasn't born lonely. Wasn't born down by the riverside. I saw Bob Seger when he played guitar. In those days, Bob Seger ripped. If you knew anything about this, there was SRC and there was MC5. If you dont get that you have no clue. Good luck , I hope I just.evaporate/
  534. michaelj on That word.
    March 13th, 2008  3:59 am

  535. Is it possible Christopher Hitchens isn' a cunt? No, h's a cunt no matter how you look at it. He kind of defines this expletibe.
  536. michaelj on A little interlude.
    March 13th, 2008  12:41 pm

  537. Men aren't pigs. DNA says pretty close, and women pretty much piglets with saucy trotters too. Older than the Bible. Women will eternally act like they don't bother, moron guys will zoom in on tits. I've never seen the attraction. Legs. Maybe. Maybe. How 'bout intelligence that shines through. John Steed and Mrs. Peel. If there are avatars. Steed is a perfect gentleman, with brains. Mrs. Peel is gorgeous, and smarter than everybody, and she can kick about anybody's ass. Steeds reserved, but he can kick everybody's ass when Mrs. Peel is done with them. So, she's pretty much my ex-wife, who wouldn't take shit from anybody, and I loved her for it even when it was definitely not convenient. But, I think my point is: If you don't think misogyny trumps racism, listen to Olbermann playing the hysteria card. Holy shit, Keith, what woman hurt you so badly. Aside from that, McCain is nuts about Iraq. What he says, you vote for this idiot, you deserve to be disenfranchised. He's looney. No matter how anybody wants to put it, this isn't anybody but W. Although McCain, that was egregiously slandered in 2000 by W, but now they're buds. So now nobody wants to come back on the so-called authorisation. Nobody authoriized the invasion. You read it. Nnobodyauthorised the invasion, did they? That just happrned. Did they find Bin Laden there? The worst thing is so-called progessives that harp on this vote without a clue what it actually said. These assholes didn't stand with Jphn Kerry. Holier-than-thou? Vote Nader, you assholes. Dante's waiting. There's no circle of hell not prepared for somebody that votes for McCain. who's appantley insane. Shat vou;d Tell you what. Last time we we had an Oldtimers guy, we fucked over the Constitution and funded the most despicable scumbags you could ever hope to find. Iran-Contra? Please? Who wasn't a criminal? But this is the thing. When people pull this sort of shit, they claim it was for the greater good. This was all for the greater greed.
  538. michaelj on A little interlude.
    March 13th, 2008  1:04 pm

  539. Tell you what. I said caucus states are more dogass and anti-democratic,. My opinion was greeted as we would expect. I'll say this once and future. Bussssssh 2.0 Caucas States Votes: 1.9 mil Michigan and Florida votes: 2.4mil. So how are the caucuses represetative
  540. michaelj on The whore's look.
    March 13th, 2008  8:16 pm

  541. Connie, Did you burst into the shower with that request? Was anybody with you? Musical instruments? If you need an answer about physiology, Dr. Laura's your man (and maybe Ann Coulter's), but you might want a second opinion from Doctor Mike Marshall (kinesiology). Tracking down Spitzer was pure payback. Dumbass was dumbass enough, but he screwed with the wrong people. The investigation was run by a loyal Bushie from the USAttorney firing days, and was based on bogus warnings to the USAtty's office from Wall Street bankers about 'structuring'--that thing drug dealers do to keep transactions under FBI radar. Unadulterated witchhunt. Done in by bizarre sexual compulsions, but I'd say busting pension fund rapists was worth the peccadilloes. And the Mann Act charges? Not in billions of years. Just move along here. Nothing to see but misdemeanor soliciting. Meanwhile, Larry Craig still has a congressional office in Washington. Hookers may have been travelling business class, but, you know, it was just business, and nobody was transporting them anywhere but overpaid USAir. Lady and crapper? Maybe she was thinking about the King, and I don’t mean Mitch Ryder. And isn't Spitzer young enough to get the GOP youthful indiscretion mulligan? I mean, he's not old as McCain, who's clearly working on his second trophy wife but wants to try the President thing first. What's the matter with his staff that they don't make the obvious infidelity link with Raygun? Even Barack loves Ronnie.
  542. michaelj on The whore's look.
    March 13th, 2008  9:32 pm

  543. Oh. And has everybody forgotten Ollie North's bimbo, Fawn Hall, who stuffed shredded Iran-Contra evidence in her (apparently) Granny panties. Maybe it's quibbling, but I think there are politicians that get in trouble over sex, and there are politicians that get in trouble over sex while criticizing another politician for getting in trouble over sex, or, say, shredding the Constitution. The latter couple get radio shows and Faux News facetime, and, I'd hope, a more desperate and painful circle in hell.
  544. michaelj on The whore's look.
    March 13th, 2008  9:43 pm

  545. Emperors Club? Spitzer's Client 9. Does the buck stop there? I doubt they had nine clients. Who might Messrs One through Eight be? How did one name get out? Doesn't the "strategic" leak make it reasonable to speculate about other clients, and their identities?
  546. michaelj on The whore's look.
    March 13th, 2008  10:32 pm

  547. Were y'all aware that John D. MacDonald was a good friend of Warren Zevon's? It may be heretical to say this, but great as Travis McGee is, I think the character has been perfected in Dave Robicheaux. Ezekiel Rawlins is better than both, and he's got the best sidekick, Raymond "Mouse" Alexander who famously said: You said don't shoot him, right? Well I didn't. I choked him. You didn't want him dead Easy, why you leave him with me? There's a pretty good version of Darker than Amber that was made in the late 60s (I think), with Rod Taylor and the immortal Theodore Bikel as "Meyer". Writing detective books must be daunting when Raymond Chandler's been, gone and done that. I like the one-offs about people given a moral push into reluctant and doomed investigation, like Smilla's Sense of Snow and Cutter and Bone. Both were made into decent movies, and Gary Sinise playing Captain Dan in the wheelchair plagiarized John Heard's portrayal of Alex Cutter.
  548. michaelj on The whore's look.
    March 14th, 2008  12:30 am

  549. I have never understood the allure of strip clubs, or "tittie bars" as we call 'em down South. When I worked in Boston, clients would invariably suggest a lunch break at 11:30, and, just as invariably, suggest going around the corner to the Combat Zone. My partner at the time (and my best friend to this day) is a very beautiful woman, and you could have bet successfully they'd been ogling her all morning, and were getting some sort of pocket pool self-gratification by suggesting she go to the strip club with the boyos. We'd tell them we had other plans but they should help themselves, and we knew the day was shot. Going to strip clubs is one of those things, like cannibalism and premeditated murder that mammals eschew, other than humans and rats. What's the point? I did skip school once in Detroit to go see Lottie the Body, but that was old-school burlesque house ecdysiasm. Lottie was pretty amazing but she was preceded by a woman who went about a buck ten eighty, and a working mom with a Caesarean scar. Vaudeville comic too, and that was seriously ugly. This was something suburban kids going to school on 7 Mile did, like drinking Ancient Age with the 12th Street oldtimers in the bleachers at Tiger Stadium. Brian Stouder: I don't care who wins them, caucuses are bumrush affairs run by intimidation, by people who've decided to appoint themselves arbiters of correctness. You know, middle school imposed on the political process, in the Biergarten. Democracy is never an option, and some pigs just know they're more equal than others.
  550. michaelj on My inner Communist.
    March 15th, 2008  12:11 am

  551. I don't support either, but I. This is great journalistic sport. I support both. W is an inconceivable greedy moron thathas not l the nations indterests at heart. His administration is more concerned with Halliburton Needs to have his ass disposed of. Did Geraldine Ferraro say something impolitic? Maybe. If Obama had been Joe Biden. Did Bll Clinton make some sort of racist comments? Not in a billion years. The Obama people are so full of shit on this they should be gagging. But you know, they were dumb enough to say so. There aren't any racists involved, and Barrack apologitzes. What Ferraro said was one true fact. If Barrack wasn't a black gur, if he was your typical white interlocutor, the women vote would would would rule. That is what she said, as a matter of fact. Apparent;ly there are ways and ways of playing the race card might be beneath Obama. it's pretty clearly something his opponent never considered. If somebody could point out how Bill Clinton said anything remotely racist, I'll kiss Keith Olbermann's ass. Just never happened, If it's about Shock and Awe, and the invasion and occupation, if you think Congress authorized thi, you're an idiot with an agenda. Intelligent people in Congree were presented with evidence. Should they have assumed the president was just lying his ass off? Well, how. Lyndon lied, if your old enough to remember. This was so far more massive lying, you'd have to expect prescience. I didn't believea word. On the other hand, it's easy to see how Members pf Congress would believe th CommanderinChief wouldn't just lie and muder people with th initial shock ans awe. Murdering iraqis? I truly belive this asshole thinks , whaever they're just
  552. michaelj on Mark's moment.
    March 15th, 2008  4:04 am

  553. How did Bill Clinton raise race in anything he said? This is idiotic. Obama's campaign I know her supporters will vote for for me. That is so dogass, it's beyond comprehension. He figures his supporters will back McCain against Clinton? That is what the anointed said. He's enamored of Raygun. That's how he'd vote? It's a reasonable question. Hillary would vote for Barrack. Would barracck vote for some looney toon like McCain? What the hellishetalking about? He thinks Rpn Raygun made sense? Well, he said so.
  554. michaelj on Mark's moment.
    March 15th, 2008  5:03 am

  555. Unless I miss my mark, most of y'all think the Constitutioin means deliberatiioive, and three branches. Signing statements are kinda, obviously bullsjhit. It 's a declaration of rights and hpw we state them. So he's an insufferabe asshole. Point that out. And esplain Obama's earmarks with his wife salary boosts. This is werd, because this is exactly what rpub.ivans dp fptr a ;obong. Some voyeur already spent nearly $100 mil slaggng the Clintons tands t thelargesse of the Republican Party. They got nowhere.
  556. michaelj on Mark's moment.
    March 15th, 2008  7:24 am

  557. two birds, at swim.
  558. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 16th, 2008  1:31 am

  559. John C. was pretty much a major conman, and the Freeway is tres bizarre. But that's Detroit. That is most certainly the worst stretch of road going through Southfield, other than Woodward Avenue.
  560. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 16th, 2008  9:37 pm

  561. Ms. Nall: Riding while impaired is an actual crime. All over the road. Do you ride one of those bikes with one really gigantic wheel in front and a tiny one in back? This was after beverages with lunch, right? And how about Freddy Mercury for the soundtrack? Nah, Syd Barret would be better. Harl: I live in SC. Nobody here thought what the ex-Pres said was remotely racist, just an accurate assessment of how voting gets done here. When Jim Clyburn bailed on Hillary, that was all she, or he, wrote. One way or another, this state will remain polarized. Black people will vote for Obama in November and the state will be a landslide for McCain. I'm a caucasian Democrat, which is rarer here than the Lord God woodpecker, but South Carolina black voters vote as a bloc, and I regularly vote with them. And white dumbasses throughout the state will continue to elect hypocrites like Lindsey Graham and full goose loonies like Jim Demented. Acknowledging the effect of racial voting patterns is not racism. It's anybody's prerogative to vote for a black guy because the voter is black, and it's certainly understandable in the land of Strom. For all anybody knows, Ferraro was sundowning, because she always seemed like a pretty astute politician. Maybe it was the lingering effects of the concussion from when HW supposedly "kicked a little ass." But claiming anything Bill Clinton said was racist is a purposeful and egregious injection of race by the campaign of the black candidate. I assume you have a hard time with execrable sexism in coverage of Clinton, and you expect a sincere apology from Barrack for his "claws come out" catfight allusion. And Harl, if it's Obama vs. Mccain, I'd bet my '69 Cougar Hillary will vote for Barrack. If it's Clinton vs. McCain, there will be malcontents voting for Ralph Vader, and screwing the country over for another few years.
  562. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 16th, 2008  10:26 pm

  563. As far as Obama and Raygun are concerned, I guess Adolf Hitler was "transformational". R. Reagan was a stone racist, and racism was the kernel of his appeal and political career. Incredibly bizarre reference for the "hope" candidate. How about Stalin, or Ghengis Khan, or Oliver Cromwell, but no, those guys were monsters. If another Democrat said that, she'd get reamed.
  564. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 16th, 2008  10:50 pm

  565. This is a perfect summing of what I think about President Gumby. And what’s Obama’s point? Hands across the aisle? What if they tend to greed and racial insensitivity, and some doctrinaire and obscene parody of Christianity that would make Jesus weep, on the other side. Make nice? I don’t think so.
  566. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  12:34 am

  567. Nancy, please be careful on the bike. Lack of your presence by stupid driver would be difficult to bear, and put a horrible dent in my internet experience. Common sense, serious style and EB White. What a woman. And for basketball fans, how bout them Dawgs? Astounding.
  568. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  12:56 am

  569. Dexter. I just insist my dog never shat in anybody's lawn. Isn't the past tense of shit a hoot. I always clean up, but this discussion is sort of asinine. And isn't Tiger rolling one in the exact opposite of them Dawgs? I am sort of thinking about the bubble whiners. Win three in less than 24 hours and then complain. But really, Nancy, take care on the bike, and on the Google, and on the internets. Just take care, OK? I value your persistent existence, and talent. It's consistently good writing, which you normally have to go to fiction for.
  570. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  1:31 am

  571. I've never been here in March, if I'm still welcome. Is basketball Kosher? Way fun.
  572. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  4:49 am

  573. Is basketball Kosher? Not good ones. NBA basketballs are covered with pig leather. Cheap basketballs are made of rubber, though, so they’d be pareve. Perhaps I should have said hoops. Reggie Miller said the composite ball was OK. Larry could have shot anything they put on the floor from behind the backboard. That's why Larry was Larry and not just another white guy. Actually, the NCAA basketballs are made of some composite Halliburton probably thinks is safe in drinking water they don't have to drink themselves. So, I guess that's kosher in the Wolfowitz and Cheney households, anyway. Dogs? They're all close to perfect. Stupid owners get in the way.
  574. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  5:57 am

  575. Dexter, we played Cooley in hoops. Cody was on Cathedral Street. We never played them in anything, but my first real girlfriend went there. Annette, and I'll be eternally Goddamned because I can't think of her last name. Oh, Fillion, her last name, that is, and I awear I'd forgotten. Football, only Catholic League, but nobody else could play worth a damn . Very late sixties and very trying times. Our star basketball player was a seriously gigantic guy called Bill Thigpen. 6-6 or 6-7 about 250. Great brain and huge heart. He shredded Rudy T when we played Hamtramck (believe me, that's how you spell it.). He took a job as a reporter for I think, the Michigan Citizen, and was murdered when he got too close to some drug scum in Wayne County. I'd love to hear the true story of Bill Thigpen if Nancy Nall could get to it. I always wanted justice, just couldn't get there. I'd flatter myself to say he was my friend, but he was sort of a hero of mine. Cody High. Gutdom, Dexter. Makes me think of the greatest song Steveland Morris ever wrote. "I believe when I fall in love, this time it will be forever." I believe that melody is better than the Beatles or the Stones ever managed.
  576. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  6:53 am

  577. Jeez Harl, I never said sporting goods are food. I think you did. My diet's mostly vegetarian. And if I chose to eat NCAA basketballs, they're rubber, not traif. But there I go with that anti-semitism. I don't know how I live with myself. The Bill Clinton racism crap is still crap, unadulterated, and any claim it wasn't something induced into the race for divisive purposes by Obama people is pretty much ridiculous. I'm not arguing with you about anything important. Hillary's being pilloried by Olbermann, and that's seriously pissing me off, I don't care one way or another, if we just have no more Bush. But the coverage and the Deanie-Baby possibilities are exceptionally unfair and have me worried. Taken at his own word, Barrack's gonna vote for Vader. What sort of shit is that?
  578. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  7:09 am

  579. And an American that votes for McCain, who sucked up to Bush after the massive telephone slander by Rove in 2000 SC, well, probably ought to be disenfranchised for terminal stupidity. I'm on your side. I'm voting Barrack if he's nominated. You voting Ralph? Deanie babies did, out of spite, and look what that inflicted on us.
  580. michaelj on Technical difficulties.
    March 17th, 2008  7:38 am

  581. Kafkaz For one thing, I think moving to Harvard from MIT is probably evolution, in the forward sense. But why are serviceable words called 'curse' words? If I'm watching a basketball game and inveigh against the f@#@ing refs, I'm not cursing them. I might want to, but there's no curse applied. Is damn a curseword? Well, literally, yeah. Is fuck a curseword? Nope. So when you trample on the language, what does any of that mean? There's actually a single curseword. That would be damn, or damned. Anything else might be offensive, or anathema in polite conversation, but it sure as shit isn't a curseword. This subject is abused further with the term expletive. "Rosy-fingered"? I think down south in our benighted nature, we may have figured this out. It's cussing, y'all
  582. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  8:38 am

  583. Gangs of New York is a spectularly great movie, I think. I don't know what movie people call it, photography, but the settings are astounding, and every one of the principal actors is excellent. The establishing shots from above of the Four Corners are stunning. I know that sounds trite, but I can't think of a better word. It kncks you for a loop. I think it's very like The Godfather for creating a time in a scene. Leo was supposed to be some dumbass heartthrob. Pretty good actor. Daniel Day Lewis, mighty good. I mean, I thought it was us against the Brits when I saw My Left Foot. Positiveley terrifying amoral villain. I love the Coen Bros. but once they made Raising Arizona, it seems like an uphill struggle. That movie is about as good as Brazil and Blade Runner. But actually, nothing's nearly as good as Blade Runner. But I've got no taste in movies. I love Princess Bride. My name is Inigo Montoya, and Wallace Shawn was awesome, as was Count Ruger. Try to ride your bike upright. You're sort of an almost national treasure. I don't know how you'd take this, but there used to be Fannie Flagg. I know that's not your persuasion, but you might have a book as good as that in you. Sure would beat Five People.
  584. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  8:56 am

  585. If I could be an actor I'd like to be the infuriating, logical villain. Or Harrison Ford. Or somebody totally jaded that understands logic just don't get it , like Jake Gittes. Movies, where we'd live if we could.
  586. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  9:29 am

  587. Dexter. That's obey the Dawg. My horse won. Inquisitions and suppositions. It‘s St Patrick‘s day. And Shane McGowan said: There was half a million people there of all denominations The Catholic, the Protestant, the Jew, the Presbyterian Yet there was no animosity, no matter what persuasion But failte hospitality inducing fresh acquaintance With me wack fol the do fol the diddle de idle day Failte translated from Irish, not Gaelic, means welcome. So Happy St. Patrick's day to y'all.
  588. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  9:40 am

  589. Oh Dexter. There is really no way to conceive of the evil that's Noah Cross. When he's staggering down the street in Chinatown, he has no idea he's ever done anything wrong. But if anybody's confronting evil, I'll take Jack. Maybe what makes the movie so good is that the good guy is Jake Gittes, whose kinda slimy. And he doesn't rely on morals, but he sure as hell has a personal code he won't violate.
  590. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  9:48 am

  591. Who's cooler? Bobby Dupea, Jake Gittes, or Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise as anybody?
  592. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  10:00 am

  593. Nancy. I hope I didn't offend you with that reference to Fanny Flagg. But, Fried Green Tomatoes is pretty much what the dickhead Mitch Albom always wanted to write and was incapable of. And it made a superb movie. With the woman I don't live with but I'm crazy about.
  594. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  10:01 am

  595. Oh, shit. Is dickhead a curseword?
  596. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  10:12 am

  597. And it's not Kathy Bates. it's the tomboy. But, I've said too much already.
  598. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  10:18 am

  599. Get some sleep.
  600. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 17th, 2008  11:33 pm

  601. Touche, Miss Crabtree. There's something heavy on my heart. It's just that framing and rebranding as "Progressives" gnaws at my soul. The self-serving grandiosity, the lock-step correctness implied, the unadulterated sanctimoniousness all have, kind of shallow, roots in the Dr. Dean candidacy. Anything promoted by self-proclaimed Progressives has been the aim of old-fashioned liberal Democrats for, well, decades. Why we went to Chicago, for instance. But it's your journal, and we weren't getting anywhere anyway. No more from me but movies and music and popular culture. I hope the inherent racism in bringing up Little Rascals didn't offend anybody progressive. This is something well worth reading. Patriot games. Never having to risk your life if you’re born wealthy (and keeping the 111th Fighter Squadron OClub safe for Jack Daniel's deliveries.). Makes me think of an old-school liberal on the subject of required national service.
  602. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  1:12 am

  603. It's possible the Glass Steagle Act might have mitigated the mess, but when you have an administration radically, and I think, unreasonably, opposed to any federal regulatory action, it's pretty hard to see how it would have made any difference. Bankers and stock market cowboys were cut loose by W. Gramm Leach Billey contained tools that could have prevented the looting, but the Pretzeldent was more interested in establishing the financial Wild West, where Kenny-Boy and other GOP financiers could skate out of town with other people's cash. Lot's of which funded his campaigns.
  604. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  1:30 am

  605. Gena, Shock and Awe has never been on the books officially, doesn't even count against the federal deficit, and it's hard to see when that will ever be paid for. The bastards that engineered this had no interest in America or prosperity, or the commonweal. But hell, it‘s not all bad news.
  606. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  1:55 am

  607. We buy books, and music, and occasionally Jack and pot. Two I-pods, a desk'top and a laptop. Six year-old Mazda convertible and an ancient F-150. We work hard doing real jobs very well. I don't think we could be considered part of any consumer society. We never spent beyond our means. Bear Stearns sure as shit did, and they're bailed out before folks in the Ninth Ward. We went to school and prospered more or less. Why should our futures be threatened by an institution of criminals making signing statements? Liberals are regularly accused of engaging in class warfare. Seems to me that most of us that actually think no man is an island are looking up at Shock and Awe crashing down. The situation seems to be some manipulated peristalsis, and the money's migrating north. We'll be fine. We have oysters, potable water and blackberry's in abundance. And the most abhorrent version of the federal government won't make it across the bridge. OK to talk politics when everybody else is?
  608. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  2:23 am

  609. Gena. Praying. I do. I've read Teillhard front to back, and it kind of convinced me my ridiculously devout childhood Catholicism makes sense. I'd like to see the world overtaken by liberation theology with RPGs,though. But praying might help. So I say prayers. I figure you can't pray for personal enhancements. That's counterintuitive to the whole idea. I guess I pray people would grasp that idea that forms the idea of every religion. We're supposed to take care of each other. Love may fail (though I don't think that's possible, I pray that's impossible) but courtesy will prevail. That's Nancy Nall's responsibility. Nobody's called me a gentleman since Cissy Erwin at the Athens Academy prom.
  610. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  3:12 am

  611. That's a nice thing to say Gena. I'm 56, and fairly handsome, I suppose. I mean, people have said so. How do you sort these things about yourself. How you look?How you think? I'd say I'm pretty decent looking and I'm smarter than just about anybody. That's what I think about myself. What a crock. Or not.
  612. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  3:28 am

  613. Why's that exactly? Why's that
  614. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  4:05 am

  615. Actually, I think Rosanne said nevermind.
  616. michaelj on The first ladies.
    March 18th, 2008  4:10 am

  617. And that's clever?
  618. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  5:00 am

  619. I do attempt to be a gentlema., I was reared that way. Eagle scout, but you know, so was that guy on the Texas Tower. But there's whack and then there's whack.
  620. michaelj on We drink the milkshake.
    March 18th, 2008  1:57 pm

  621. Meaningless point of style. If it were up to me, I’d insist on moustachios. And on which syl-la’-ble are you placing the accent. Years ago, I went with my erstwhile wife and our best friends to see Raging Bull. They thought it was great. I thought it revolting, in the way of glorifying a despicable pig. To this day, I don’t get it. I’ve got no problem with violence in movies, but that seemed entirely gratuitous, and the dialogue seemed to be more or less improvisations on the F word. I’ve got a Leonard Maltin movie guide (really handy for crosswords, and free from the discard bin at the library). That prig consistently underrates movies because he’s put off by explicit violence, but he loves Raging Bull and slags Taxi Driver. Incomprehensible. I think the murder of Mr. Tyrell by Roy Batty may be the most cinematically perfect act of violence, although retiring Zhora through all that plate glass and Leon beating the shit out of Deckard give a run for the money. "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!". Harm no humans, but where's the dramatic tension in that?
  622. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  5:05 pm

  623. It seems to me a good reading strategy is to alternate big books (frequently reread, in our case) with detective stories and science fiction. This can lead to obsessive compulsive behavior. My clients thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth when I was engrossed in Jonathan Strange and Mr.Norrell, and when it's time to revisit V or Lemprierre, I'm dead to the world for a couple of days. If I've got a lot to do, better to stick to Walter Moseley and James Lee Burke. What the Dead Know is excellent. I've never read anything else by Laura Lippman, but Tess Monaghan sounds like worth a shot. The idea of transcending genres is interesting. William Gibson used to be a science fiction writer back when he invented cyberspace, but Pattern Recognition and Spook Country are social and political commentary, and eschatology, along the lines of DeLillo and Walker Percy. And just as beautifully written. The Spenser books are favorites, because he spells it with an "s" and because Parker gets Boston perfectly. And Tony Hillerman, because Coyote's always lurking. The idea that characters take over from writers must be true, because Kurt Vonnegut said that Kilgore Trout dictated much of his work. Of course, that's a character that's an invented author, and a hack writer at that. Christopher Hitchens needs an ENT more than he ever ever needed a dentist, unless he's just faking that neuralgic drip business to sound like Bill Buckley.
  624. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  5:20 pm

  625. Danny, John McCain will kiss Shrub's butt cheeks after Rove savaged him in 2000. He'll do anything whatsoever for political expediency. That's a mitigating factor in your opinion? Meanwhile, who was the editorial genius that decided on these bozos for the five year anniversary retrospective on Shock and Awe in Week in Review? McCain was too busy? Maybe he was having drinks with Little Miss Runamuck. I guess they're never going to admit they flat f**ked up.
  626. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  5:35 pm

  627. Costs of the thrift failures. McCain should have been duplicating his Hanoi Hilton time at Club Fed somewhere. Thing about McCain is, he’s never done anything wrong, he’s just given the appearance of wrongdoing. Wide stances and youthful indiscretions--last refuges of scoundrels.
  628. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  8:00 pm

  629. Aside from saying Goddamn America, and his insane personal attack on Hillary Clinton for the temerity to be born a white woman, and saying Jesus was black, and insisting during his rant that he wouldn't stoop to divisiveness, what's the problem with Reverend Wright? When he insinuated that implicit US support for state terrorism may have contributed to unrest in the so-called Arab world, he was closer to the mark than fundamentalist whackos that attribute the WTC destruction to God's vengeance for, what, the US becoming the whore of Babylon. And when did this become a Catholic country, Bishop Hagee? If the US is the sole support of the Israeli state and the Israeli government picks Summer '06 to blow up most of Lebanon in two or three days, people will get pissed off, and if that wasn't state terrorism, I guess state terrorism doesn't exist. The guy's still psychotic, and you'd hope somebody that wants to run the country would have seen signs that counseling was in order for his mentor. But Wright's statement about state terrorism is nothing like Farrahkan's anti-Semitism. If you Google back at Ha'aretz, you can read Jewish people saying the same things about Gaza and the West Bank and Lebanon. The idea that finding the Israeli government's behavior reprehensible is the same thing as anti-Semitism is a transparent intellectual canard The Arab world is the Thirld World, sheiks excepted, and foreign workers chattel. In some convoluted way, this guy thinks black people in America are part of the same Third World. He's about as graceless as Geraldine Ferraro.but he's not AIPAC. The American government doesn't act in the world as an agent of pure beneficence, no matter how many lapel pins, and screwing people over will bring retribution. There are equal and opposite reactions. Raygun bonded with DeKlerk, like Shrub looked in Putin's eyes. How's that working out, you pisant? There is nothing in the world an American Republican loves more than an Autocrat not named Castro. If it's capitalism we're stuck with, that's not Adam Smith's version with the sugar coating. No invisible hand of divine guidance. Dog eating dog. China eats America but dies of smog before enjoying the repast. That might sound pessimistic, but maybe there's a chance human beings will remember why they're human. It's not the opposable thumb, it's the intrinsic value of every human life
  630. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  8:54 pm

  631. Brian. Frightened you a bit. They destroyed every bridge, dam and major roadway in the entire country. The Hezbollah kidnapping of Israeli soldiers was entirely likely a response to an Israeli incursion into Lebanon. It's halfway understandable to think Israelis life in constant danger. But with American firepower, everybody that lives next to Israel lives in constant danger, and if you llive in Gaza, or the West Bank, Israelis can blow you up or starve you to death, with impunity. What's really strange is that Israel pulls this shit no matter the makeup of the government. I doubt there's any good will on either side, and seven and a half years of neglect from the US hasn't helped. Characterizing the Israeli actions in July, 2006 as defending themselves seems ludicrous to me. They tried to pull a fast one, got embarassed, and then decided it was time to level Lebanon's infrastrictire. It's also worth considering that Israel interfered intentionally with the Lebanese government's attempts to deal with Hezbollah's actions in the South of Lebanon. If the Lebanese army came any closer to the border, the results would have been identical. How many members of Hezbollah were in Beirut and Tripoli. None, but that's where the damage was done. But, if your sponsor can wage an outright war of choice and aggression, and you've got the same airplanes and depleted uranium and weaponized white phosphorus, what's to stop you from trashing another countr and innocent people?
  632. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  9:22 pm

  633. Harl: Beatle Paul has written some pretty dumbass lyrics: "Sister Susie, brother John Martin Luther, Phil 'n' Don Brother Michael, Auntie Gin Open the door, let 'em in, yeah" Ridiculously, I think I might know what he's talking about, in this case. But: "Hand Across The Water (Water) Heads Across The Sky Hand Across The Water (Water) Heads Across The Sky Admiral Halsey Notified Me He Had To Have A Berth Or He Couldn't Get To Sea I Had Another Look And I Had A Cup Of Tea And Butter Pie" Maybe more dumbass than marrying Heather Mills. But, shoot, I doubt brains, or cleverness, or forethought, or even money have much to do with getting married, or who you decide to do it with. I think this is as good a Beatles webpage as I’ve come across. If you go to individual songs, this guy has all sorts of fascinating comments about weird production things. My favorite Beatles lines almost, and I'd guess John Lennon wrote them: "How does it feel to be One of the beautiful people Tuned to a natural E happy to be that way Now that you've found another key What are you going to play ." My favorite Beatles lines for sure, and I know John Lennon wrote them: "Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream It is not dying It is not dying"
  634. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  10:18 pm

  635. There are 499.000 hits on Google for Catholic Church cult. Hagee's responsible for a few. As a Catholic I'd find this mildly offensive if it weren't for the abject stupidity and arrant bullshit involved. My question: If you're church came 16 century's later and was founded on the idea you were making corrections to take the church in the "right" direction, isn't your theological foundation a cult? But, I'm a deluded cult member. Hagee? Wright? I'd pick the guy that dislikes a manufactured State over the unreconstructed, unmitigated bigot. Neither associated Presidential candidate has a decent leg to stand on, though. They knew and didn't care, or they didn't know. Which is worse? Doan mean much. Being an out and out bigot doesn‘t prevent you from being President, it‘s a jumpstart. Hell, it's positively transformational.
  636. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  10:28 pm

  637. Connie, my apologies. I actually like both those songs, and we play the Wingspan album regularly. Jet is a great song and so are Band on the Run and Venus and Mars. Oh, and especially Junior's Farm. But Admiral Halsey and the little farting noises, and Mademoiselle Kitty, I think he was trying to piss John off.
  638. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  10:32 pm

  639. One thing is for sure, Jolene. Tonight at 8p est Minister of Information Keith Olbermann will proclaim it the greatest political speech in the history of political speeches and possibly greater than the entire works of W Shakespear.
  640. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  11:19 pm

  641. OJ was tried twice, for all practical purposes. In the criminal trial, the case was so lame, the alleged evidence so obviously manufactured by a guy that could have founded Aryan Nation, and the prosecution so inept there was nothing to do but acquit. Then they went to Simi Valley, where you can't get a verdict against white cops, two of whom admitted they were guilty, for beating the absolute shit out of some guy with about a 70 IQ for no apparent reason. Score one for the ubiquitous and incredibly obnoxious Mr. Goldman. Justice surely wasn't served. Whatever OJ did or didn't do, he was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in proceedings that looked like a lot more legitimate trial than the utterly ludicrous civil trial. I don't know, so I wouldn't say Nicole Brown was an unfit mother, but unapt, yeah. Out clubbing until dawn with a seedy personal trainer or whatever, it always seemed completely plausible she was the victim of a coke deal rip. Marsha and Chris and the State of California presented no evidence whatever that OJ killed her. The second, civil suit for wrongful death seems like a fairly grotesque loophole in the legal system that let's somebody be convicted after they've been found not guilty in a criminal trial in which the state's evidence was depantsed. Fuhrman should have gone to jail, for sure, for perjury and manufacturing evidence. If you actually paid attention to the prosecution case, it seemed to exonerate the defendant by basing arguments on a timeline Spiderman could't have managed.
  642. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  11:41 pm

  643. The thing Paul did about rearranging the credits bugged me. I figured Lennon, McCartney was alphabetical, and trying to figure out who was responsible for what was a large part of the immense allure of Beatles music. And, then, Beatle George wrote Frank Sinatra's favorite Paul McCartney song. The first John album, pretty great. "But you're still f**king peasants as far as I can see." Yow. I like the gorgeous song he wrote for his son, Beautiful Boy: "Before you cross the street, Take my hand, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans." But, the more often I hear Maybe I‘m Amazed, on which Paul plays piano and scorching guitar, and sings better than just about anybody, the more I think it's a masterpiece. Wings, lots of nonsense, but Jet and Junior's Farm are superb. I don't know, it's like Steven Stills and Neil Young. Really good, better together. Can't live with 'em...never mind.
  644. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 18th, 2008  11:52 pm

  645. Jolene: Would that be the colossal head Chris Matthews that once said "We're all neocons now", and gets wet over John McCain because he smells like Old Spice? Why isn't his voice squeaky from the helium. He'd break tethers and rip out light poles on Thanksgiving Day. Olbermann makes no attempt at pretense of objectivity any more. He tries to badger Rachel Maddow and Dana Milbanks and his other guests into alternately mocking and painting fangs on Clinton. It's revolting. We skip the first 15 minutes and tune in for Oddball, which is occasionally the funniest thing on TV, and then come back for Worst Person in the World.
  646. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 19th, 2008  12:37 am

  647. There's a George Harrison song called Dream Away that plays over the credits in the Terry Gilliam movie Time Bandits. Great movie, great song, and some day I'll find out what the opening verse means. George was also the writer and director of Magical Mystery Tour, which might require pot and a certain sarcastic sensibility, but it's pretty entertaining, and actually had the Bonzo Dog Band in it.
  648. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 19th, 2008  1:43 am

  649. joodyb, Yeah, but what was Tasmanian Devil playing? This has been driving me crazy. Viv Stanshall was just getting warmed up to do the career-defining vocal on Tubular Bells, natural born Master of Ceremonies. You know that Neil Innes and Eric Idle are taking The Rutles to Broadway, right.
  650. michaelj on Ripped from the headlines.
    March 19th, 2008  2:02 am

  651. DooDah. Funniest band ever that didn’t include Fee Waybill, Mark Motherspaugh, or either of the Mael bros. Not politically correct, either.
  652. michaelj on Vanity plate: TITANIC.
    March 21st, 2008  3:55 am

  653. So is change a groundswell for acting in the interest of all our fellow citizens, or something we're supposed to embrace for the poltical sake of people offended by the DNC configuration of 2004? I'm offended by the DNC configuration of 2008, not because I prefer one candidate over the other. I think anybody that votes for McCain instead of either maybe shouldn't be locked up or sent off to the Outback, but should at least be disenfranchsed. The way Obama is like Jack is an anomaly. Back in 1960, you'd do better to have had a black guy for president as a papist, except Catholics were supposed to have secret arsenals buried beneath churches in Memphis and Birmingham. Based on the inevitable and instant apotheosization of Barrack's speech It was not JFK's inaugural. It wasn't by a mile "I have a dream." It was literate, and given the spectuclar dyslalia of public discourse, it was admirable. Maybe I went to see the Davies Bros. and the Boss too many times, but I didn't hear the change part. Maybe if every single person in the USA had been afforded seriously good health care in 1993 before the Contract On America put it out, think that have caused Americans to fell like race didn't matter and we worked and spent for the common good? Maybe Hillary didn't have it perfectly tuned back then. If she didn't, she knew what the single most important social and economic issue was. Still is. Anybody want to dispute that if even some of her reforms had been implemented and massaged for 15 years we might not have 50mil innocents that can't defend, protect, or find treatment for themselves, and their independent parents So anyway. I said I wouldn't clog the bandwidth. And the only political thing important now, McCain's more nuts than anybody thinks. But some things I think are fascinating: DNC was the villain that did in Dr. Dean. Dr. Dean didn't invent reinsurance in the Carribean to protect Enron? Right. Kerry didn't stand up for himself against the ShortBoaters, and should have supported Edwards. Too much cutthroat. Best president? That's Kerry, without a question of a doubt. (Think about that when you compare Obama with JFK.) The coverage off this competition is so unfair, it drives me nuts. I figure, Anybody thinking more clearly than Joe McCarthy understands that discussions in exceptionall badly-writen novels are sort of beside the point. Didn't somebody already usurp the government after lying to a monster they couldn't be remotely considered just flat out lying his ass off for corporate greed that never had anything to do with anything good or well-intentioned whatsoever? A day of poisonous water was another few$mil. For Perle, moreMuslims blown up. Does Perle, does Shrub (I' Kidding He Doesn't Know When That Rat Dog Pisses On Him). These idiots are big on talking about al Quaeda. They make this shit up. Al Qaeda in Iraq? Anybody ever hear about such an obviously hokes I figure on this site you people actually know that the idea of Al-Qaeda in Iraq is totally made up horsecrap. Mark Fuhrman could say he was Al Quaeda and none of te idiots would have aclue But who are the imperialists? Who reigned down shock and awe and for what entirely invented reason. War criminals, if I'm not mistaken. These people are the scumb of of the earth. My idea about moral guidance? Well sort of obvious. If it's funny,l it's road warrior, if it isn't, it's Tank Girl But seriously. How does this work? Al-Qaeda in Iraq is some totally made dumbshit Is anybody not aware of this? I had a '72 VW Camper and fixed all sorts of things I had no reason but some mild mechanical inclination to understand. I had to fix it once, in Pittsfield, MA. Took the canoe down and hiked to the Autozone, canoed with spectacular expertise, you know a j-stroke you go anywhere (hell fuck, I was a genius eagle scout and how the hell do you ever get ove that? societal debris. Fixed and we saw Ian Humter, the flawless straight guy everybody thought was gay, Mick Ronson, or that may have been Raymond douglas Davies and his beloved brother Dave.
  654. michaelj on Vanity plate: TITANIC.
    March 21st, 2008  7:31 am

  655. I don't know about any of you else, but I'd like to know if anybody knows about River. You know Baghdad Burning Blog. She's been out of transmission since fall of 'O7. Truly brilliant diarist, and its always entertaining to read a foreigner who's English and insights are better and more clever than the entire Executive Branch. A gifted writer, in horrible circumstances. I can't believe none of y'all ever came across her. Read back. She's way too good to have been ignored. Maybe this is some sort of liberal guilt for not blowing up the assholes before shock and awe, but this young woman wrote brilliant dispatches throughout and now seems to have disappeared. I hope she's all right and her extended family too. I know she won't, but I wish she'd see this ad it's Easter and I hope she's well. Fish and freshwater, if it's not trout, it's inedible. I suppose people find ways to eat pike and musky, but I suppose people get seriously hungry and will eat anything. Big enough bluegill filleted is decent garlic butter with scramled and Texas Pete. Yeah. 'm an entirely incompetent novice about the Koran, but I came across this: In Surah 19, Maryam, verse 33, Jesus said shortly after his birth: "So Peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die, and the day that I shall be raised up to life (again)" . The scriptural convergence, whether you think it real or mythical is pretty impressive and it sure makes fundamentalist war mongers, Washington assholes, and W, with no intention of risking their own lives and limbs, look like motel cowboys. Just my opinion, but whited sepulchers are whited sepulchres, however you spell it.
  656. michaelj on Friday talkies.
    March 22nd, 2008  1:29 am

  657. Music? Seems to me there's a lot to be said for selecting intentional context. Sometimes, we do the lazy thing and hit shuffle, and marvel when something perfect for our moods comes on. Frequently, the shuffle produces something on the next cut that's perfect. That said, don't people understand that arranging albums used to be part of an artistic process? Albums beat sound bites, all to hell. I'd suggest Shine on Brightly by Procul Harum as a perfect example. Every song builds towards the musical intention of making a point with In Held Twas in I.. In the PowerPoint for idiots version, does somebody think A Day In the Life ended last because they tacked it on? How long do movements in spectacular music by Mozart, or Beethoven, or Eric Satie, or Ravel (These are just personal favorites, amd I know they just sound like some fratboy choice, but it's what I like). How long do they last? Do you pluck them out of the air compared with what they're implicit in? Is artistic elitism something we insist upon because we know the artist was right, or at least had the right to claim how to judge? Nobody on the face of the earth could convince me that When the Levee Breaks shouldn't have come last. I suppose I'm saying these guys thought these things through. You take these things as you find them. If you move the movements <rroica around on your Ipod, you may think you've rearranged. You've trashed it. I'm not saying idiot disconnected hook-ups are useless. The idea that ALBUMS are passe is not a good indicator for the future of mankind. Being controlled one moment at a time. If you like albums with plots, try Gary McFarland America the Beautiful, or any album by the Kinks. No joke nancy Do you get Ray, or are you dumb? You're call. Holy shit I care about this place. I wouldn't intrude.
  658. michaelj on Friday talkies.
    March 22nd, 2008  3:58 am

  659. And I'm long gone. Mostly, because the attacks on Hillary's campaign are orchestrated. It's my personal belief most of this is Gov. Dean's revenge on the DNC. Now he's the DNC. So he causes trouble. And who let this ahole loose? Progressives. What's the deal with Hillary's phone reord's? How ' bout Rove,s if you care? Asshole did away with something like drbrtsl million. How 'bout Obama's with Reznick? Who the hell cares, in the long run, let's have Kommisr Karls's records, amd his emils, but he deleted them. The deal with about investigating Clintons, first Robert Fiske did. He said there was nothing there. Voyeur Ken Starr spent another $60 mil. Nothing. Tell you what. Is Obama claiming Hillaty had Bince Foster killed? I doubt it, but his campaign is certainly tryingto bring this shit up. It's a grossly unfair canvass on which this campaign is being waged. If a reasonable wuestion about anything Barrack says is raised, it must be racism. If you raise racism at the drop of a hat, as with the former President, who obviously isn't a racist, shouldn't you have to deal with it? So there's a speech that Olbermann thinks is more affecting than either Jack or Bobby, and approaches MLK. Jeez Keith. Jack maybe, MLK in a milliion years, Bobby, I know you're not a self-aggrandizing tool. Keith, when did you become Goerring for the cult of personality? Excuse me? What he said is that there's a racial divide. No shit asshole. That's revelatory? How stupid are Americans? Raygun went to Philadelphia, MS and talked bout states rights. That's as divisve, and nd that's as disgusting as you get. It's OK for Barrack to channel that but Ferraro is offemsive. I think Barracks campaign has been spectacularly misogynistic. And opportunistic. They make up attacks that probably weren't ever coming and screw over attackers that never existed. And they're allowed to get away with these attacks scot-free. Let's here Barrack on the subject of the three guys in the bayou. Raygun is a transitional figure. No. Barrack. We was a racist SOB. I know that there are a gigatic number of Catholics in this country. We don't take wackjobs like like Rev. Hagee seriously But wjat about Bob Jones and other nutcase purveyors of hatred that nitwit jerks like McCain suck up to for cash? Are comparisons between Ferraro and Hagee even anything but stupid? All dreck and the architects get away scot-free. I wouldn't go on so long, but I know you've all packed it in. It may sound silly, but seems like a more intelligent group as far as getting allusions, etc., so it's sort of fun. Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail. I'll let that be my guiding light, since I've intruded importunely.
  660. michaelj on Friday talkies.
    March 22nd, 2008  4:18 am

  661. Buying the lies? Everybody thought Ollie North was a patriot and not a war criminal. C'set la vie. I aways thought he was a war criminal.
  662. michaelj on Friday talkies.
    March 22nd, 2008  9:27 am

  663. A friend of mine has a more or less political blog. She's got an underdevolpped attitude, she seems tp me tp have excellent visual taste, keen eye for the news. So it struck me that there are sidebars and politics that clog Nancy's suburban byways (if you could actually call the Grosses suburbs) Well , what I thought was that some of the political nonsense, of which I've never taken part, well, gentlemen could remove to that site for philosophical and political discussions and leave more bandwidth (whatever circle of hell accounts for that) for Nancy's estimable musings, especcialy since it's spring and all. I don't know if this is OK. Is there a something I need to get John Yoo to sign off on? Old-time Nancy Nall folks seem to have gotten kind of uncomfortable with the traffic. And being the pompous bore I'm inclined to when confronted with the internets, I thought of this. My friend Jen has a gorgeous website, and she loves to talk politics. She also thinks Raymond Douglas Davies rules, has an absurd memory for music trivia (that doesn't remotely touch my own) and has a photo of herself with Johnny Thunders ( and she looks like a babe). I'd pick Sonic Smith, but most of y'all may be hardcore Fort Wayne and never heard of anybody but Ian Hunter, who definitely said Cleveland Rocks, (but where do you go in Indiana?) I saw plaintive posts about when this used to be easy to read through. I thought, apparently foolishly, that Nancy made money for how many people visited. But so I thought, take some of these discussions elsewhere than email. I don't know if this is kosher. Visit my girl's website (Well not my girl, my actual girl would be annoyed at that charaterization, and could I sound like a more pompous ass?). You'll find her intelligent and quick. Probably more of both than you are. Is this alright Nancy? It just struck me as a good idea. Or, I'm a dumbass. Qwell surprise. French, what a halfway great language. (But Stendahl managed, well, and so did Victor Hugo and Voltaire. A function of editing? How many words did Tom Wolfe send to Maxwell Perkins, and where the hell did Max get off? I sort of get the idea you think editing is slash and burn. How about translating? Like Gregory Rabassa?) Total number of words en francais, 40thou: en englais, 200thou and counting, and nobody was counting pneumoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis I enjoy editing, except editing myself. If I wrote the word, I must have meant something, and if I edit properly, I end with nothing but stray verbs. Rendering unreadable and incomprehensible drivel concise and instructive. Does Gregory Rabassa edi when h's translating Autumn Comes to the Patriarch. Yata hey.
  664. michaelj on Have at it, you vultures.
    March 23rd, 2008  1:09 am

  665. Chelsea's really smart and she's fairly attractive. Some disgusting bastard like Rush could make a joke while rubbing himself, but he couldn't get laid unless about $5grand and some oxycontin turned up in his size 52 tightie whitey u'trou. That might be so horrifying ClarenceThonas might speak up, If he can still speak. All thse years, NANCY drama? Torn from the headlines. No totally spectacular and luminescent gorgeous ADA with perfect cheekbones announcing she's gay and exits stage right. This would have been a stilted Angie Harmon episode, I guess. (An aside: who was the best female ADA? I'd say it's a no-brainer: Claire Kincaid, who left the series by being killed by a DUI driver while saving Lennie Briscoe's soul. It wasn't Survivor, but it was pretty dramatic, and actually intelligent, and the characterization so popular with TV critics that the writers avoided characterization should have been 86ed about then. Actually, criticism of the entire Law and Order franchise by people that devote their lives to spouting about who Simon Cowell likes is depressing, lame, and dumbing down. But in the eternal interest of dumbing down, y'all aren't abut to listen to Russell Mael, so we have John Mellencamp. So he turned down Raygun. BFD. The Boss had already done that and there was no comparison. ). Wait. Was it supposed to be The Wire? What The Wire tried to do more than anything was recreate Pembleton, Bayliss, Moses Gunn as the Araber, the Box, and the corpse of Adena Watson. Nothing on cable, maybe nothing in movies, ever got closer to parsing evil. I think The Wire is great. Moral ambiguity? Alright. How about moral certitude? Saw and Order got that sometimes. So did The Wire. The unsolved case of Adena Watson is the best thing, for acting and writing, that's ever been on TV. Mild-mannered Jeff. When I was a kid, living on the banks of the Tug River in Kentucky, there was a pretty lady that lived on a hill in a mansion and she had an egg hunt every Easter. I'm not making this up. I found the prize basket, including Eisenhower silver dollars in a decrepit outbuilding. A month later, the shed was torn down and there was a nest of copperheads. Shit, that would have put a damper. But why wasn't I bitten? Chosen? Doubt that seriously. Pure luck? I doubt luck is ever pure. So I don't think there are chosen ones. I'd like to have been. Muad Dhib, you know? Meantime, I think John Donne pretty much got things right, and nobody's in this alone. Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes adults (or arely formed idiots) make them happen. And they meant to get rich, or somehow aggrandize and falsify their roles in history. Or both. Well, I mean Cheney. Is there a conceivable excuse for the six deferment piece of shit that questioned Kerry's patriotism over several decades? weSe wWhf
  666. michaelj on Friday talkies.
    March 23rd, 2008  5:41 am

  667. Ricardo: HIGH FIDELITY is pretty much a myth. The song remains the same.
  668. michaelj on Family duty.
    March 26th, 2008  12:25 am

  669. Hillarys an asshole and Obamas God. If you believe his Grandma called somebody a nigger. You're almost too stupid too breath. He made this shit up.
  670. michaelj on Family duty.
    March 26th, 2008  2:24 am

  671. Eric Zorn's used to be fair. The opportunity to trash Hillary even when you make an ass of yourself, that's hard to avoid. He can't make an asshole of himselve relative to common sense the way Keith does, but he's a partishanshit heal bastard. If you don't thing so, you're a artisan shitheel bastard/?? . There's nothing makes Barackthe second coming, but when it seems all about race, its all mpre abpout gender, I think that that that really dislike is more about gender. So, what I started out to say abuopt Warren. If it makes you sad to liisten to The Wind., lieten to Eccitable Boy. Listen to it. Then listen to The Wind again. Then listen to Meuteneer. Thou, streneer: I think you'r missing the point. I think you can claim to be a derivative poet. I think you can nail it. I think you can say "Cast a cold eye", and nobody's going to touch that in about a gillion years. So anyway, about Warren. It's said, but I'll tell you what. He wrote someaid songs back in the day. Warren understood recriminations better than I could admit to. Sad songs, too, But maybe alright? My back turned, looking down the path. And as dark as possible. Warren was a warrior. I think he wasn't a captive of any of these. I'mpretty much sure he could just make this up. But what I meant to say. Warren devoured the language like W.H. Auden, in my opinion. Slightlessly less mundnd, slightly more clever. He was almost A. E. Housman, and almost Lou Reed. Almost Ray Davies. Morobs
  672. michaelj on Family duty.
    March 26th, 2008  2:48 am

  673. One I ever meant about the the windThuu Aind<i
  674. michaelj on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  1:55 am

  675. Anybody of you heard of BCCI? You've got te internet, so look it up. How to derail the banking avenues of Al Quaeda. John Kerry actually started the process, but HW Bush put the kibosh. W nailed it to the wall and enabled the resurgence in Afghanistan. Somebody want's to say that's not true, let's hear your lame shit. Here's the deal. Iran-Contra was spectacularly illegal. The assholes screwed with the election. They promised weapons if the Irani government would hold on to the hostages. This is so obviously true, the peroretrators actually went there. .If your such an idiot you don't think Raygun was a party, you think he was a moron. If you buy this shit, ypiu're an idiot. So, you're a richer idiot. Trickle down. Anybody believe that horseshit?
  676. michaelj on Fruit salad, anyone?
    March 28th, 2008  5:29 am

  677. There's Bob Seger and there's Persecution Smith , and if you have some question about stop-loss and how GIs are being fucked over, you have Two+two. And th commander in chief is a draaft dodger. Don't think so? Conoare his record with the guy that ran against him. Read that bullshit from the Swiftboaters. Cowards defending a nonentity by siming a hero. Ain't that a Republican.
  678. michaelj on My Madonna problem.
    April 2nd, 2008  2:01 am

  679. Madonna: Cyndi Lauper wrote several better songs, and she's a far better singer. In that vast wasteland, Time After Time, vs. Like a Virgin. No shame? Any taste? And, if you don't like Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun, you need some sort of transplant. Anything approaching rock 'n roll songs, there are few women that aren't in some Pantheon that are good rock singers. Dreamboat Annie? The Robert Plant imitation? Fairly impressive. Yeah. Merry Clayton? Incomparable. Joni? No rock. Judy Collins? Listen to Pretty Polly with her ex-boyfriend. But can a voice so impossibly pure be a rocker? Please tell me I'm not just some lowbrow dumbass. So how does this gender separation come about? We've got Excene. Look up Lone Justice. Listen to Koko Taylor sing Whang Dang Doodle. Metal? Metal vocals are hilarious. So actually, 'm interested in who's the best girl drummer. I apologize for saying girl, but I thought they sort of said that first. Well, there's Mo. Baseline. I'd say that 's Georgia Hubley next. But what woman is a great rock singer? PJ So all of y'all following the NCAAs. Who cares. Georgia outplayed Xavier by miles and got screwed over by the refs. I wouldn't havn't caught that. Harridan, better word virago. Lamaseries? Feudalism, Human sacrifice. They didn't do this in this last Century? Is somebody joking? There was no feudalism? How dummnb and whatever are these morons that have the monks innocent.? They ran a feudal society. If you believe the lamas , I sure as shit don't. What they did to they're , peasabts. They practiced a particulaurly particuliarlialy odius brand of brand of feudalism.
  680. michaelj on My Madonna problem.
    April 2nd, 2008  2:07 am

  681. I'm not abought here to make a cckaun abiut a singer. And . I swear i
  682. michaelj on Excitable boy.
    April 4th, 2008  1:54 am

  683. Dorothy, they're having a throat warming Irish with a brew back. Since God possesses the spectacular and universal intelligence to provide for the invention of these balms and truth sera to go along with intellectual evolution of humans toward cetacean levels, take it to the bank. Warren's inexplicable. To me, the first deal is his facility with employing (exploiting) the English language. Made fun of manipulation, and I know this sounds like some dumbass How does the guy that wrote Jungle Work and Roland write Looking Down the Path and Keep Me In Your Heart? He knew everything he was taking about. I tried to say this before but messed up. I don't really understand choking up bout listening to Warren. I can understand feeling sad. I feel that way about what wouln't Jimi have done. Jimi would have advanced music tonally and melodically, like John Coltrane. Warren would have advanced literature, culture, and perfect irony. What do the fans get out of Boom Boom Mancini. I know, lot's of y'all think you love Warren. Well, you do. And you're right. Y'all that are such big Warren afficiandos: How brilliant is he playing the twelve-string? Ferocious, and in and almost as good as richard thompson. What I think about Warren, and I'm just catching up, because I've been buying since about 1975. I love it when people get it. I can't figure out how nobody ever got Nils Lofgren. He's so good this seems like a joke. Warren made songs where he indicted himself as some sort of a jerk. But he made brilliant shit up. Roland. Or he created his only inexcusable persona: Mr. Bad Example. Do y'all know everything this guy was thinking about. My idea is the best song Warren made was Poor Pitiful Me. Women rule. and warren never thought so. Jeff, choose the olives carefully, and leave in the pimientos, and add some Balsamic.
  684. michaelj on Excitable boy.
    April 4th, 2008  2:50 am

  685. Didn't know the guy. Saw the picture. Had some idea. I'd say try this: Nor dread nor hope attend A dying animal; A man awaits his end Dreading and hoping all; Many times he died, Many times rose again. A great man in his pride Confronting murderous men Casts derision upon Supersession of breath; He knows death to the bone -- Man has created death. Everybody's a great man. I doubt everybody's murderous. As I said, I didn't know the guy, but Yeats on death and desiderata, well, we could all do worse, but it doan mean shit. Things are frightening. I couldn't sleep at all for days. Not to this day. That's just me, but I expect y'all are intelligent to understand the problem. If it's not interesting, no sweat, and the mob interests in Grosse Pointe, well, I was an idiot to get involved in a high school production with mob ties.
  686. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  12:50 am

  687. So sad about Ree. It's difficult to think this isn't intentional. Yea, the mayor's a jerk, but the neglect is ractionary reaction to Chocolate City. Don't you find it odious when people say white people are intrinsically racist? Even MLK said so, and there are commentators on the anniversary of his assassination that say the same thing. I'm not, and I'm sure nobody in my family is. But the federal government, as it's currently constituted, sure is. Homes will be rebuilt, with no questions asked, in the Sierra Nevada before they're rebuilt in the Ninth Ward. If there's prosecutorial energy and exuberance that needs expending, why aren't they all going after the greatest war criminals and human rights violators since the guy that only had one? Anyway, I love Detroit, and looking like the West Bank is pretty hard to take. This is why the GOP opposes sampling for the census, even though there's no scientific doubt that scientific sampling is hundreds of times more accurate. Racially condensed inner cities vote in large numbers for Democratic candidates for anything. The Gross Oil Purveyors would rather they ceased to be, or, better yet, festered and provided cannon fodder A more (though I'm still so pissed about the rape of Detroit I'm not fit for human company) felicitous subject: Go immediately to and type in the name of your favorite band. I know lot's of you have already done so, but it's way too good not to share. One of my brothers said music critics should just shut up and tell you, if you like this you probably like The Pogues, so you'll like this album. That's sort of what Pandora does. It's free, streaming, and endlessly entertaining. Maybe Hillary should move to someplace on 6 mile, in Jesu parish, and run for mayor. Free wireless for everybody and a laptop in every home with a subscription to Pandora and noted frequent-nonflyer political prisoner James Brown on the box. Say it loud.
  688. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  1:21 am

  689. Brian, I 'd say if I won $60mil I'd be torn between Detroit and Boston. For vibrant music, it would have to be Boston in the 80s and 90s, although when I was a kid you could go to the Chessmate on 6th and Livernois, stand in the lockbox to prove you weren't carrying, and see guest bows with John Lee by Buddy Guy and Memphis Slim and Pinetop Perkins, inter alia. But I guess if I had $60mil, I could drop in wherever I pleased. Chicago may be hog butcher, but Detroit made Cadillacs and the rides for 20th Century Manifest Destiny (albeit American home grown genocide. Indians have cars, they're just sitting in yards on blocks, like the couches and washing machines on Appalachian porches). A great American city left to turn into Megacity 1. I don't believe the decline of Detroit into the American West Bank is any coincidence. It's like denying representation to the residents of DC. In the word's of an astounding MC5 song, it's the American Ruse.
  690. michaelj on Don't hate me for this.
    April 5th, 2008  1:58 am

  691. There are perils deeper than Davey Jones' locker from watching Monty too much. Also, jugs are one thing, but didn't y'all ever go to a Polynesian themed restaurant where they had the nets and blown-glass floats. Given viral nature, somebody's going to desecrate an AC/DC classic with a pirate video, and it won't be Gilbert and Sullivan. What'll be next, amphorae? And how will men respond? Test tubes, beakers, retorts? I guess that'll depend on the level of confidence. But, I mean, even asscrack plumbers know their are male and female fittings. But I'm all for 'answer songs'. Otherwise we'd never have heard Queen of the House.
  692. michaelj on Don't hate me for this.
    April 5th, 2008  2:29 am

  693. And aside from anthropologically, how did huge jugs get to be obsessively sexually attractive? Large external mammaries=fecundity and successful continuance of a genetic line. Pretty unevolved. But anybody with a brain knows the mammalian antecedent is nonsense. So is this some brain-dead and drooling male infantilism? Champagne glass, sounds good. Flutes perfectly delectable. Hardly any at all? No problem, looks like an athlete. Gigunda, okay. Never met a pair I didn't like if I liked the woman attached to them. Whence this idiotic obsession. I hope this isn't offensive, but I've seen lots, and none was like any other, and when I saw them, I liked every single one, or (more properly) both. Good grief. What's the basis of the obsession? I guess this could get me thrown out of the He-Man Woman Haters Clubhouse. Legs are a different story entirely.
  694. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  2:39 am

  695. Jim, Isn't collecting and recycling obsolete computer paraphernalia a function that ought to be taken up by the Federal government? There's more than enough mercury and lead being ingested without jumking computers in landfills where the access to groundwater is virtually instant. It doesn't carry the immediacy, but how is the threat morally seperable from the War on Terr (sorry, but as long as the Pretzeldent can't enunciate since Barney pissed on his head after the pretzel took him down, this is Shrub English 101)?
  696. michaelj on Don't hate me for this.
    April 5th, 2008  5:29 am

  697. I'd like to amend my statement. Rechere, I've never seen gigundas in real life, only in photos. Not so hot. But it's like what Wyclef says, shake what yo mama gave you. I still don't get the entire idea. I've seen girls victimized with taunts and inuendoe for having big boobs in 5th grade. And of course, for not having discernible boobs. I thought it unfair to the girls and spectacularly stupid for the boys. So there's disfiguring surgery. Or normal beauties with normal breasts. I just figure the other half of the human race is mostly glgdeous, one way or another. What the hell? So now, Keith Olbermann militates, humiliates, invents, badgers, etc. (and then he's so disconnected he makes fun of Rendell claiming Fox has been balanced when he hasn't, remotely.) I've got to think this has more to do with what's swingin' in the u-trou, or some ur-myth about the bitch that needs dominating. Anyway, y'all hurry to and tell them your favorite band. Nothing in the history of the internets, has ever been so fun, and it's free. Told me almost immediately after I said Led, I'd like Highway to Hell. Well, I do, but what was that connection? On the other hand, I said Van Morrison and I got back Rain Street (so gorgeos it'sheartbreakibd) and the Dropkick Murphsy. Brilliant concatenation. Squeeze gives you XTC and Nick Lowe, so I guess they're onto something. I'm going to try Hasil Atkins.
  698. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  7:35 am

  699. Holy shit Dexter. Raising questions about all of those records required to be maintained going up in smoke? You could dissappear into a secret prison in Ratznestistan. This is howthese assholes have conducted themselves as the (il)legally constituted government. They robbed voters in Florida in 2000, including physical intimidation of Black voters. In 2004, Ken Blackwell just jobbed the machines. Blackwell actually said ahead of time he'd do it. I'm not personally comfortable with a nitwit ventiloquist dummy defending the decisions of psychopaths. But, you know, that's what you've got at the moment. Thank moron voters. Thank the despicable Swift Boat liars (this calumny ought to be prosecuted as treason). Thanks indicted asshole Ken Blackwell, and he'll have presidential pardon fast as W can spit out. Those extra few days will do him good. In the last week the misAdministration was whining about not being able to track terriss fundraising. Kerry figured this shit out in 1988, but the culprits were the Saudis and their girlfriends in the Bush family, and I don't mean Quaker Oats. Kerry had the goods on funding al Quaeda, Saudi compliance, and Bush subservience. Lopk up BCCI. I'm sure y'all remember when the dickhead draftdodger mocked the actual war heroe's ideas about battling al Qaeda. Well Stephen Adler. the New Centurion, says Kerry was right, but they don't know how to do it without offending the House of Saud. I'd say the PNACenturions are assholes, but that would obscure the unmitigated traitorous behavior. In a fair world, Rummy, Cheney and all of their stovepipe accomplices should be in Guantanamo, and I'd suspend the rule of law a little bit longer. Had Kerry's investigation been pursued initially, it's entirely likely there'd be a way of following, and stymying terrorist cash flow. But it embarrased Raygun and Bush, who'd used BCCI to fund al Qaeda. One way or another, had Kerry been running anti-terrorism for the last four years, we would have been shutting down money trails instead of committing atrocities with no results besides the most despicable single document in the history of this country. I'd say, they stand up, we lock their asses up. They've trashed US and international law, with malice aforethought. They've a single excuse for their malfeasance: If the president did it it's legal. OK. I think I heard this before.
  700. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  7:41 am

  701. nancy says: April 4th, 2008 at 4:48 pm It's entirely likely those components were obso;ete brfore they got there. Why leave profiteering to thr actual imaginary war?
  702. michaelj on No comment.
    April 5th, 2008  11:54 am

  703. Wow, Dexter. I'm cynical, but the idea of the American voting popilace being stupid enough to vote for incurious George three times is hard to comprehend. Oh wait. They didn't vote for nim the first time. That was the Scalia election where Cheney appointed himself Mr. Interlocotur. And damn, they didn't vote for him the second time when Kenny-boy Blackwell hijacked Cuyahoga County. So there's been a coup. Snouldn't concerned citizens have exercised their actual 2nd Amendment rights and raised armed rebellion against the clear usurpation of the government and subsequent serial subornation of the Constitution? And if Ken Blackwell wants to shoot skeet, couldn't he stand in front of Cheney's lady 20 gauge gun and save taxpayers money? Alan Drury was making stuff up, but these bastards have stolen the government. Their guiding principle is, if the Pretzeldent does it it's legal, a syllogism so plainly illogical and undemocratic that representative democratic systems would abhor it more than nature abhors a vacuum. (And I swear that's exactly what Dick Nixon said.) But you're right. People are nothing but reliable. Confronted with self-government, they appoint themselves and choose democracy, because they know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. Worst? Sure. When Dante makes another round, he might find a 10th circle.
  704. michaelj on The late-Scorsese Pulitzer.
    April 10th, 2008  9:29 am

  705. There's Raging Bull' It's repugnant. Violence in movies is acceptable. Beating up women isn't. If there was a word aside from f**ck in Raging Bull, well, yeah, guess I missed it and the wife beating was odious. Did I mention this monosyllabic asshole brutalizing his family wasn't worth making any more than a few mimutes of a documentary? It's just not a good movie. Auteur, auteur. I thought New York Stories was good. Gutdom, he made The Last Waltz so I know he's got soul. Look how he get's Ringo when the estimable drummer hits a fill. Goodfellas? That's all how Shoeless Joe plays it, and thr women. The Departed? now there's when the director made a director's movie. I don't know what you think about the great American novel, but I know, Nancy, ypu've given it some thought. I thought that was Look Homeward Angeland I know it's Hucklebery Finn, and why doesn't the Second Coming know this?doesn't poll well? and it was his editor we should thank. It's possible that jottings from Kurt Vonnegut about spoonfuls of syrup, with no editor, might fit the bill. Or bushwhacking a piano, or Easy Rawlins walking mean streets he knows by heart. I just read Cosmopolis. It's not good (well, it's good, but it's kinda like Grand Street but not goof) and I cherish Don deLillo. This book seems like he's trying to catch up to William Gibson, who didn't invent the internet, but cyberspace, yeah he did. Invent that idea of cyberspace. Wipe a third time. We have al lof you infornation and if its unconstitutional, so what, your pretzeldent is protecting you against terriss. If the prezeldent does it it's legal.
  706. michaelj on The soft belly of Hardball.
    April 11th, 2008  7:44 am

  707. Hint of the north wind? Been reading John Crowlley? I think it's fairly obvious that the 'authorization' required Shrub to return to Congress with some kind of proof before acting, and to allow el Baradei to provide whatever proof might be available. Given that Obama has voted Dem the way Clarence Thomas affirms Scalia, he's full of shit on this issue. When you get right down to it, I think it comes down to people in Congress just not considering the idea that a President of the Nunined Snakes (no typos, that's how W says it) would flat out lie his ass off. Despite the popular huzzah, it's only partially about oil, in the grand scheme of war profiteering.
  708. michaelj on The soft belly of Hardball.
    April 11th, 2008  8:40 am

  709. And Olbermann is relentless in his dislike of Hillary. He actually badgers his guests when they don't buy into his attacks on her. But, I have to admit, unlike the Gigantic Head, Keith hasn't waxed stupid on McCain's Old Spice. Nothing to do with anything, but does anybody actually buy Barack's story about his Granny and the N word? Stilted delivery, lame prose, unadulterated bullshit. There's a real difference, though. Hillary and Barack might produce tall tales under campaign pressure. BFD (aside from the fact that Keith Olbermann will crucify Hillary days in a row and ignore Obama's liberties). McCain, on the other hand can be told ad infinitum that al Quaeda are Sunni and Iran is the Shia heart, and he still convolutes the two. Next thing, he was riding that tank as a liberator at Auswich with Ron Raygun. This is bizarre on so many levels. Anybody that thinks al Quaeda in Mesopotamia has anything to do with Osama, or predates the US invasion, is delusional. Anybody that thinks the Shia we're supposed to like, as opposed to that loose cannon al Sadr, didn't spend years drooling on Kahmeini's slippers in Teheran instead of, oh, I don't know, fighting an insurgency against Saddam, well Doug Feith has a research job for you. Classified, though, but you get to meet Rumsfeld, that sexy man. The greatest draft dodgers the world has ever known are screwing with the lives of a volunteer army for personal profit. They're making every effort to leave a Democrat with a briar patch, the way HW left Somalia and NAFTA for Clinton. (Clinton forged the labor and environment side agreements to NAFTA, but W abrogated both, something that seems to have evaded the conciousness of David Sirota and all of the mainstream press.) Dexter, I remember Joe Pyne. True whackjob. Hell, I heard Father Coughlin in person at the Shrine. Both guys were superior anti-semites, so it's probably good their days are gone. These days, supporting the Badr Corps makes you a friend of Iraqi freedom (nurtured in Iran) and, I suppose, a friend of Israel. Mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.
  710. michaelj on The soft belly of Hardball.
    April 11th, 2008  9:19 am

  711. Chris Matthews? Can't he afford a speech therapist? Elides half the syllables. Randy Newman has him pegged. "Jesus, what a jerk." Mr. Sheep.
  712. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  2:27 am

  713. I used to have a patch madras jacket. I thought it seriously cool. Back around '68. Stolen from the family wagon, along with all of our clothes, at a Hamtramck motel during a total family breakdown that had been coming on for years since the death of my little brother Matt. We left Detroit and moved to Memphis, and moved back again a week or so later. Dysfunctional doesn't come close. But anyway, I like that jacket, and I could get away with wearing it to Sunday Brunch at Cracker Barrel on Hilton Head Island. There is certainly such a thing as being hipper than thou, and mockery is short surfeit when you have every reason to be ridiculed for your own fashion choices. These days, I'm partial to a Herschel Walker jersey dressed up with a black linen blazer. With tasteful pleated khakis. De gustibus and plus ca change. And I'd like my jacket back. And my brother, too.
  714. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  3:36 am

  715. WTF is a Richard? I assure you, I'm not, whatever it may be. I like to think of myself, as I'm sure all of you do, as uncategorizable. Tall and handsome? Check. Aryan as hell? Check. Inquisitive? Intelligent? Teillhardian? Yup. If /richard has to do with Kings of England , I'm of the II variety, not IIIrd. For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground And tell sad stories of the death of kings. (I think this is the greatest speech Shakespear wrote. It might be bizarre I have an opinion. While I'm at it, the decond soliloquy is a whole lot better than To be, or not to be.) More Caliban, less Prospero, aside from wishing something true. But Caliban has the second best speech Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices That, if I then had waked after long sleep, Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming, The clouds methought would open and show riches Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked, I cried to dream again. Laura: Isn't pastel impossible for real madras? How would it bleed effectively?
  716. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  5:24 am

  717. Seriously Dave, I couldn't be bothered.
  718. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  5:36 am

  719. Seriously. A Richard? You mean a dick? How clever. There is no possibility of a lamer piece of shit bit of cell-phone garbage, Chad. Seriously sorry. Hilarious, though. What is the result when dickheads call people dicks? Too dumb for words.
  720. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  6:02 am

  721. So how does that ahole get off calling me a dick and left free to gaze longingly into his own fundament?? If I'm pricked do I not bleed? Who exactly did I offend?
  722. michaelj on Forget it, Jake.
    April 12th, 2008  6:06 am

  723. What exactly is the 'plant-wide PA system'?
  724. richard on Oh, totally.
    April 18th, 2008  1:36 am

  725. Hillary :sexism::Barack:racism. I know this was dealt with and summarily concluded a couple of days ago. I think it begs the question of what I think is a healthy competition. I couldn't guess about the variegated nefarious and ignorant opinions from Republicans, abut I think I see an undercurrent in th Waterworld-vast ocean of hardcore Democrats, old-school liberals, "Independents", and hardline Progressives. (And Lord forgive me, but I believe the "independents' think iit's cool to be self-styled iconoclasts and the "Progressives" are are Deanie babies, and not much of this has to do with any ur-culture at all) In '04, when the Enron governor self-destructed, the HoDean faithful latched onto the DNC and the press as villains. Fact is, now Howard Enron Dean is the DNC, and whatever these people thought was the establishment is mounted and ready to ride against Hillary, the Mendacious. If Barack wants to talk about his well-educated and accomplished Granny and throw her under the 18-wheeler wheels, well, that lie is more monstrous than than anything about Bosnia? The old lady never called anybody anything that made the kid cringe. But David Sirota, Keith Olbermann, HuffPost and any number of outposts that pick like turkey vultures on one claw and broadcast spin on the other. Their in-knd contributions should be listed as campaign contributions. I wouldn't say either campaign has digressed into racism and sexism attacks except in spin. (If you think anything Bill Clinton has said indicates racism, raise your hand so the Asshole Patrol can throw a net over you.)Progressives hated Kerry, because of perceived NDC slights, and enough of these idiot idealogues voted for Nader to give Kenneth Blackwell all the room he needed to cheat like a bastard. Now it seems they've grabbed control and everybody, including their sanctimonious asses might pay. There has been some commentary about Hillary losing and having to make amends. Why? Barack already said it. He said he knew that Hillary's supporters would support him but he didn't know if his would support her. Dean's supporters didn't support John Kerry. How'd that turn out? Kinda like Bolsheviks taking over. It get‘s down to who knows what he‘s talking about. I don't have a horse in this race, except that I know for a fact the Republicans are intellectually devoid of intellectual substance, because ... well because, since 1960 they're the party of getting Time Magazine to hype racial differences. Way I see it: Clinton campaign has never once raised any race card; Obama's campaign has seriously brought in gender. In the campaign, Hillary has embraced Obama's campaign and his has treated her like some leper clone of McCain. Governor Dean was an offshore tool of Enron. Why's he running the DNC? And why is the mainstream "progressive media" slandering Hillary? I don't care, one way or another, I want Republicans gone, and not because of their policies but because their policies change day to day with the self-serving bull from Dana Petrino. I do not wan't self-appointed "Progressives" to think they can dictate to attempt a hijack of liberal politics. Here's the deal. Hillary knows what she's talking about, Obama regurgitates her ideas in some hazy fashion. That's an undeniable pattern. If Americans are really worried about security, how'd everybody miss how Kerry shut down Osama in the 80sKerry shut down Osama in the 80s? Oh, it embarrassed the House of Faud? House of Bush? The Oldtimer and the Freedom Fighters? HW bailed on his crewmembers. W couldn't make any of his appointments, but that was Dan Rathers' fault. Kerry performed heroically but some Nixon retread played on Faux News four times an hour slandering an actual war hero. People bought this shit. Hillary was never under fire (at least not dangerously) and Barack's Granny sure as shit never used the N word in his presence (was he so attuned as a kid but didn't know anything about the times?). I don't care. Hillary's made her support clear. Barack says if your not on his side you should compound the astounding error and vote for onanism. Kerry should have been the President. Osama would be history or last gulp penury. Even the mis Administration says they've fallen down on the banking police aspect that W mocked. Kerry exposed the unitary presidency as an out and out coup by Ollie and the Old Timer, and they reamed him for his efforts, but the effect persevered. The hideous excesses of Iran-Contra were shut down and Raygun had to disgrace himself by pardoning traitors. So, as far as patriotism is concerned, since the 80s, the Republicans and the neocons are the traitors. Democrats and liberals bear the flag with or without flag lapel pins. "Progressives" live in some sort of bitter limbo, where they've every right to express opinions, but they damage their credibility eith blind support of some guy that's promising but he's not, by any any stretch, Bobby. It would be a Godsend if the "Progressive " spinmeisters would back off this astounding horseshit and admit that most of the anti-Clinton crap was their own imaginative spin. If it gets right down to it, Hillary has made it clear she supports an Obama candicay. Far as I know from the public record, Obama might vote for Ralph (his partner in Onanism and omphalaikos-gazing, I am, so the Universe revolves around me), or himself, or a write-in for Reagan. It might be a good idea if statements along these lines were made a little clearear. Anyway, the hardcore HoDean DNC types that deplored the DNC lockstep that didn't exist in '04 but most certainly rules in '08 ought to think about the consequences of their behavior.
  726. richard on Oh, totally.
    April 18th, 2008  3:58 am

  727. Making things ain't pretty, Nancy? But what's pretty? Diego Rivera murals? i>Metrp[olis? Maybe there's pretty and there's what's beautiful and the one doesn't exist without the other. And perhaps the pretty doesn't exist without the beautiful in the first place. Frank Loyd Wright. It's all pretty when the water falls and the Inn is available to art critics. I think the designer was keen on the muscle, skin and bone necessary to put all those things in place.
  728. richard on Oh, totally.
    April 18th, 2008  6:45 am

  729. Awesome? Well, at least its not a complete perversion of the actual meaning, just foolish hyperbole. The one that gets me is nauseous. If you insist on being nauseous, it's everybody around you that's ralphing. You may well be, but what you really mean is you're nauseated (of course, if you pretend to be nauseated, like Chunk in the theater balcony, you might be nauseous). And is there a human bodily function with more, and more inspired, colloquiallisms attached than barfing? Are barf and fart onomotopoetical?
  730. richard on Oh, totally.
    April 18th, 2008  6:59 am

  731. Dexter: You know the story of John Kennedy Toole's mom haunting Walker Percy, I guess. Good book, kind of derivative of Mott the Hoople by Willard Manus. Even Walker Percy liked it though, or the old lady impinged on his southern gentleman noblesse. On the other hand, there are Love Among the Ruins, The Thanatos Syndrome, and, most of all, The Second Coming, by the master. Particularly good while the Pope is in town.
  732. richard on To the plastic mattresses.
    April 22nd, 2008  12:38 am

  733. My senior prom was at Deerfield Village. My mom was a chaperone. I helped pick out her dress. Second floor of some mansion. What do y'all think about Danica? Just another Kuornikova.? Well she started racing open wheel when she was 16 and she was very good with sorry ass cars. So what's the point? She just races smarter?
  734. richard on To the plastic mattresses.
    April 22nd, 2008  12:45 am

  735. Kiss my ass. Richard? Moron.Whay to go moron. The clue you think you have, not in this lifetime.
  736. caliban on Busy busy busy.
    April 22nd, 2008  9:09 pm

  737. Why is it that Barack can make stuff up like his Granny and the N word, and Hillary is still accused of murdering Vince Foster? Are Americans just stupid? If Barack thinks McCain would be an improvement, or even the most remote departure, he needs to ride the short bus for remedial ed. Hasn't Keith Olbermann become the Goering of the Obama movement? He badgers guests that aren't properly anti-Hillary. Would it be too much to expect anybody in the news bidness actually understood that Republican state legislatures in Florida and Michigan set the primary dates? Did they do this on purpose? I'd hate to ascribe that level of intelligence to people I despise. But the most bitter man in America, you know him, you find him whack, Howard Dean, chose this as his opportunity to strike back at the DNC. Of course, he is the DNC now. So Deanie-baabies screwed Kerry over because the off-shore guy made an ass of himself. Isn't it fascinating how the Barack people squealed like stuck pigs after the last debate? Fair should be fair. Right? The guy's not Jack and he sure as hell isn't Bobby. He's a decent candidate with a misogynistic mean streak. He lies at the drop of a hat about his own grandmother. Hillary Clinton didn't make him do this. If I didn't know better, I'd swear Barack thinks Hillary ought to stifle herself. John McCain, on the other hand wants this to be Bush land in perpetuity. (This hasn't resonated with young Barack yet, but it might still.) Perpetuity. 100s of years. Question: Does Barack actually think McCain would be better than Shrub?
  738. caliban on The naughty bits.
    May 1st, 2008  3:24 pm

  739. I always thought Me and Mrs. Jones was the perfect embodiment of insincere, sleazy, adulterous braggadocio from a smirking, egocentric Lothario with no real interest in the object of his lust. So, I suppose, it’s the perfect soundtrack for the unbridled id of Kwame “Je t’aime--moi non plus” Kilpatrick. For some reason, this put me in mind of Clarence Carter, the anguish of love bordering on obsession, and heartbreaking Stax/Volt guitars (courtesy of the singer himself). So, thanks for making my day. Of course, Clarence was not immune to the concupiscent angle on this sort of arrangement. (Neither of these ‘videos’ is remotely watchable, but for sincerity and salaciousness, the two songs are wonderful. I seriously doubt that Strokin’ ever got any air play.)
  740. caliban on Scowly.
    May 3rd, 2008  7:19 pm

  741. John McCain's middle name may be Dubya, but he show's here he's capable of disernment far beyond the Pretzeldent's capabilities. Takes of man of refined sensibilities to smoothly parse the nuances of appropriateness of his own application of the C word to his trophy wife and a Sun City Harridan calling Clinton the B word.
  742. caliban on Scowly.
    May 4th, 2008  6:22 am

  743. Ah, in much of Appalachia. who's really good? Matt Damon is. If you saw Basketball Diaries, or <iGangs of New York, you know Leo is. What's the best Robert DeNiro? I'd say it's <b<Midnight Run</b<. Hands down. What's the best Johnny Depp movie? Hard to say.Scissotkands? Briilliant. Benny and Joon? Well, it's got the most gorgreous woman. But then, there's Don Juan de Marco. Purely brilliant.
  744. caliban on Scowly.
    May 4th, 2008  11:08 pm

  745. World Press Freedom Day. And in Appalachia, fat people are considered 'kindly chuffy' and Santy Claus comes down the chimley. And Brian, little Alan Price probably had it right: i When there's a bluebird singing by your window pane And the sun shines bright all day through Don't forget boy Look over your shoulder 'Cause there's always someone coming after you (la la la la) When everything in life seems just as it should be At last success seems just around the door Don't forget boy Look over your shoulder 'Cause things don't stay the same forever more (la la la la) Hope springs eternal in a young man's breast And he dreams of a better life ahead Without that dream you are nothing, nothing, nothing You have to find out for yourself that dream is dead (la la la la)
  746. caliban on Scowly.
    May 4th, 2008  11:20 pm

  747. If that link didn‘t work, this one should.
  748. caliban on Not again.
    May 6th, 2008  9:51 am

  749. Is it a tragedy when a thouroughbred dies? I‘m a confirmed Teillhardian, so yeah, I think it is.. There‘s something extremely perverse in mankind‘s breeding skinny legs into horses so they can run very fast. If you‘re going to screw with genetics, and you claim to love horses, wouldn’t you try to make them stronger so things like this wouldn’t happen? This is a stark, conflicted and painful commentary. The Janjaweed ride horses. They don‘t break down in the backstretch.. Ethnic cleansing? Perversion of language. Like breeding thoroughbreds. They don't call it Messenger DNA for nothing. Given the unholy blessing of drone bombers, couldn't W just blow these assholes up? But they're in his side of the gene pool where oil is concerned. Recent efforts to sock in the government in Iraq are fascinating. Get your ass humiliated and leave the briar patch for the next guy. That is what HW did with Somalia. Bailed out.
  750. caliban on Not again.
    May 6th, 2008  9:54 am

  751. Princess Anne is a gender unto herself.
  752. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 6th, 2008  11:58 pm

  753. Stateitude? I grew up, in more ways than one, in Detroit, lived 20 years in Greater Boston (and it is greater), and spent the last ten wastrel years on the beach in South Carolina. But, hard-pressed, I'd say I'm from Georgia. And if a state ever needed to cede property to another, we'd gladly give South Georgia to Florida. ButFlorida strange. Hiassenn is a very good writer. Went to the Grady School, and Athens is Ralph McGill territory, Reg Murphy, Max Cleland, too. And Joel Chandler Harris, maligned second-hand for tar-baby when the briar patch is the perfect metaphor for what Presidents Bush leave their replacements, on purpose, with piss-poor bad will, Yalie cowardice and unresolved rancor at their own venality, cowardice and incompetence. Itg's the mantra, stupid. Bail out or get way loaded. It's the briar patch, stupid. These days, Bush and McCain don't favor a GI Bill. How hypocritical do you have to be to get no votes from anybody? I diaagree with you Nancy, about where the best writers will end up. The best writers love books. But, I don't actually care. Thomas Gibson knows how things will turn out, and until Tom McGaune weighs in, that's the best we can do. Tom McGuane is the best wrter going, or it's Roddy Doyle, or Lawrence Noroflk or Susanna Clarke (and gutdom, Mr. Norrell is awe=-inspiring). Then you have, I don't know, John Gardner, and Stanley Elkin. And Robert Coover. I love newspapers almost more than anybody does. NancyNall doesn't love newspapers for writing. It's writing on deadline. A uniqe talent.
  754. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 7th, 2008  7:47 am

  755. And isn't Detroit part of Ontario? I mean in the Windsor Raceway heist kinda way? Or Justice in Ontario? Me and my brother stole gasoline from an Ontario quickie on the same night those guys used masks to rob the raceway. We lived in fear till we made it through the Windsor tunnel. Cops were crawling all over the place, and we thought we were the perpetrators they were after. It was a blue Ford, not a "'57 Biscayne" We had a little money once They were pushing through a four lane highway Government gave us three thousand dollars You should have seen it fly away First he bought a '57 Biscayne He put it in the ditch He drunk up all the rest That son of a bitch His blood's bad whiskey I was raised on robbery. And if Massachusetts could claim the Kancamagus highway and the Swift River, Im all for stateitude. And Georgia could claim Point Clear, and Biloxi. And the storms will blow from off towards New Orleans. I was born in Cinncinati. It's really part of Kentucky, slave trade and all. And boy, they didn't like Jackie Robinson. But a Kentucky Colonel put his arm around him. All in all, this is an interesting idea. When I was gestating, my mom was playing catch with Roy Campanella,. So Brooklyn and LA are immortally intertwined. It's a small world after all. But it isn't. We, as a nation,torture people, for no good reason and with no results. We've got a niggling pervert for a president that thinks this is all right because nobody's doing it to him. Asshole should have served on a Swift Boat instead of Bummingham coot patrol.. We've got a judicial system that believe's torture is hunky-dory, and you can just dick around with the election process. Scalia can say get over it but does anybody with a brain think they didn't rof that shit? And what happened? Shock and Awe. You let things get out of hand when you let lunatics run the Supreme Court, and Dickless Cheney appoint himself VP when the pretzeldent is a pretzeldent.
  756. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 7th, 2008  8:39 am

  757. Republican aholes set the primary dates in Michigan and Florida. Count the votes. HoDean, take a short hike off a short pier. Who appointed you emperor? You lost fair and square becuise you're an asshole that got in bed with Enron. It's the reinsurance, asshole.
  758. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 7th, 2008  9:29 am

  759. And that statetricty in Lake County. Read Cuyahoga.
  760. caliban on Um, I forgot.
    May 7th, 2008  11:56 pm

  761. Brian Stouder: You and Allison Dubois. Now we've got a Republican that sits in opposition of a GI Bill that Viet Vets never got. And the bill's opposed by the administration that Scalia and Kenneth Blackwell foisted on a supposedly free Republic, not to be mistaken with the Free Republic that chose the defender of the Austin OClub over the actual war hero. If this level of hypocrisy doesn't rise to the necessity of total repudiation, what does this say about the idea of voting? Mencken was an unreconstructed genius, but "getting it good and hard" has gotten pretty old. It's very difficult to comprehend a voterin compos mentis voting for a Republican. We're supposed to believe Democrats are damaging their chances with a prolonged nomination fight. Why? McCain wants to let capitalists run free in the lland of health care only for the wealthy. This is actually the most crucial economic issue in this campaign. Hillary owns this debate, but Obama's within the realm of sense and sensibility. McCain isn't. When McCain said 100 more years in Iraq, what he was really saying was eight more years of corruption, cronyism and abject stupidity. No less stupid is the Enron reinsurance creature Howard Dean. He got played by Republican majority Statehouses in Michigan and Florida, and he's too damn stubborn and outright stupid to admit it. Obama wasn't on the ticket in Michigan? Why? Nobody campaigned in Florida. Maybe a good thing. She beat his ass by slightly more than the NC returns. I don't care any more. What's crucial is doing away with McCain. But the Democratic Party would do well to ditch Governor Little Hitler that Feels Aggrieved (and all of the hagiographic bad sports that love him) and acknowledge the votes in Michigan and Florida. Kerry wasn't strong enough in replying to the Short Boat slander? What did HoDean ever say? Where was John Edwards? Additional deferments, I guess. Jackasses enabled Blackwell to steal the election, recalcitrant, and it all comes down to ego versus patriotism and the interests of aactual Americans. We don't grow bananas, but the election process has been pure banana republic lately. And, you know, conservatives tried to impeach William O. Douglas, and Michigan's own Whizzer White. Scalia should go, for legal incompetence, if not for appointing an incompetent President. Eight years with Ratznestistan elections, and it's made the idea of representative Democracy a mockery.
  762. caliban on Um, I forgot.
    May 8th, 2008  1:16 am

  763. And dentists are in crisis. John Patterson is leaving the fold. But at least he's not offing himself. I don't know about y'all but I like Cecil. Suicide rates are a fairly depressing subject, and dentists may not lead the category, but they seem more homicidally despondent than members of most other professions. I don't mean to be flip about this, but I can understand deciding to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or even a CPA if there's nothing else professional available to you. But, a dentist? You really identified with Dr. Christian Szell in Marathon Man? Where do people get off assigning values to career choices? But still, I wouldn't be a dentist rather than homeless. A failing of ambition on my part. But, thank God for those that choose torture. And they employ all of those gorgeous assistants. There's a paucity of great dentist literature, but the everlastingly estimable Gunther Grass fills in the details in Local Anesthetic. This isn't surprising, since he stunts his greatest hero's growth by plunging him down the steps of a root cellar and later treats readers to self-induced tears in the Onion Cellar. Maybe someday we'll get the Walker Percy version. Or John Kennedy Toole's. What we are left with is the best book anybody ever wrote. That would be V, by the greatest living author not named Thomas Gibson or Tom McGuane. He's on about reconstuctive dentistry. And precious metals and jewels. Funny how all these guys are named Tom. Doubting pays off. And I can read both Latin and Greek and translate what the hell they meant to say. Leonardo could do that backwards thing, but if you're seriously right-wing, you would have burned his ass. So much for the great generation. The great generation got fried in Viet Nam so a bunch of greedy old farts could claim to be the great generation. Been IIraq/Afghjanistan troops are being screwed by pompous aholes like McCain. These are the same scmucks that pulled the swift-boat lie. GHard to believe Americans are that frigging stupid. I mean WTF?
  764. caliban on Um, I forgot.
    May 8th, 2008  1:22 am

  765. Do you vote in a country where you're you're viote counts? Do you believe Scalia should vote for you? Do you believe the Swift-doat bullshit, or dpo you believe W japped on service and Kerry did what was right, and he wasn't just honorable, he was awesome.
  766. caliban on Um, I forgot.
    May 8th, 2008  4:07 am

  767. Whitebeard. What about your dawber? Why do we have so many names. You'd think Americans had a bad time getting it up. I saw "Wanda", and a spectacularly good movie it is, so I think Brits are more conflicted, and I think it's such a male thing, nature takes it's course, and women tend to be gentle and forgiving.
  768. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  3:48 am

  769. Plantar fascitis is the singularly most painful and inexplicable affliction there is. Well. Maybe not. But it hurts like hell. Jeezus, Nancy. It even hurts when pedalling my bike. I deal with this , and godamighty, it hurts. It's got a real morphogenesis. But it's one of those things people don't believe is real. They should try it, I've got spurs on my arches, and on the back of my palms. Contact of any sort is excruciating. Sometimes it goes away, and comes back, which is exceptionally depressing. My dad's a doctor, and he's told me you might could just whack the lesions and they'd go away. Like crush them. I dont think he believes it. I mean, he's a doctor. Something about ganglions. Tried it once on the back of my hand. Put the book on the back of my hand where the growth was and just whacked the shit out of it.. Hurt ike hell. The book was The American Language by you know who. No Shit. I think I knew something about the American Language. I know you do too. Were you always good at it? Did you understand it was a gift. Did tyou practice? What books did Whadtd you read when you were a kid? When I was four, or so, I read the Mytserious Island. When I was five, I read The Cloister and the Hearth, and I love that gook to this day. When I was six, I knew Pooh by heart. Oh hell. My childhood reading was just bizarre. I read Sherlock Holmes and Fu ManChu. But you can't tell me you didn' t read well ahead of your grade. Ms. Nall. What did you read? You read Ursala K LeGuin. Damn. Great writer. If you didn't, why not? In Detroit, there's a kernel of learning. Most ridiculously excellent high school, and Latin and Greek. Not Cass Tech, but they were black and they were proud. Always mixed with the best looking girls from Grosse Pointe and they were always the mafia girrrls. And looking back, we loved them.
  770. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  4:18 am

  771. Aha!! Jonah Goldberg (a heel if there ever was one) was right!. Jonah Golldberg is a part of the human body.It blows wind and defecates. But its the one from which a fart emits. He's surely a fart and not even a full-blown turd. Half-baled, half-baked.. Jonah Goldgdrg is a fucking moron, and that's all she wrote. He writes tripe. He's a moron
  772. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  4:52 am

  773. There's no doubt, the government creeps in Myanmar are blocking humanitarian aid. When the government creeps in the USA object, they have no moral leg to stand on. The Shrub Administration turned aside more than $400,0000,000 worth of aid for Katrina victims. Hevkuva job, assholes. Fact. jack. What is wrong with these dickheads? /
  774. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  5:55 am

  775. Myanmar aid? There's about $400million never got to New Orleans because it was blocked by the Bush misadministration. That's a fact they dont want tyou to know about. They buggered this deal beyond belief. Myanmar does it on purpose, W did it by utter incompetence. They werenen't the gang that couldn't shoot straigt. They couldn't find the trigger. They were positivelely incompetent. .
  776. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  6:05 am

  777. Look. Can't somebody bring these assholes to trial. They would not have ignored things had it been rich mormons and movie wstars in the Sierras. Pure fact. The aid pledged was several hundred million. The aid deployed was less than $40mil. Soo W didn;t wan;t to take aid from China. So he screwsed Nawlins over to look cool? Asshole.
  778. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  6:11 am

  779. No joke. Bush administration turned down hundreds of millions in aid for Katrina but their dogging a regime they back behind eveybody's back when it comes to torture??
  780. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  6:26 am

  781. I got The Skids best CD in the mail today. The Skids was Stuart Adamson's band. You may know him as the guy that did the bagpipes guitar trick and made the positivelely brillant song "In A Big Country". It wasn't a trick. He just knew how to make it cry and sing. Ray Davies thought Stuart was a worthy collaborator. So, in my opinion, there you have it. Shane McGowan and Richard Thompson did him the honor, too. Mighty good. He wrote incredibly gorgeous songs, that had to do with Scotland, freedom, fucking the Brits, and what the Brits did to womankind in shackling the Celtic lands, which demeaned the Brits more than their victims. I think you'll all like Stuarts's songs. They're really amazing.I'd say excuse me, but I wouldn't really mean it. Listen to what the boyo did. You'll really like it. Apparently he killed himself. God knows why
  782. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  12:07 pm

  783. I don‘t thinkpolar bears are in any way cute. I saw a polar bear act in Boston Garden one year when it was the year off for Gunther Gebel Williams and the Big Cats. Huge and terrifying, and spectacular, and my then seven year old daughter said they looked more intelligent than we all did watching them. I don’t know what I think about the ethics of command performances by positively magnificent predators that could woof their ‘tamers’ on a dime. I guess I don’t really like it, but when it’s RBB&B and little kids and adults are shrieking, and I get a glow in the dark polar bear T-shirt, I turn into a dumbfounded dumbass. Hell, I eat meat occasionally, but if cows got hold of bolt-guns and started nailing slaughterhouse employees, I’m fine with Brussels sprouts and good for the cows. My favorite cartoon is Gahan Wilson’s, with frogs standing over those petroleum encrusted lab trays and humans pinned down ready for pithing. Serves us right. But Roy Innes claiming Black Americans are being disadvantaged by protecting Polar Bears from having to swim thousands of miles for a meal and keeping from drowning? That is one seriously coopted black man, and an idiot. The idea that the inevitable demise of any species of God’s creation for the comfort and convenience of mankind is acceptable amounts basically to a sort of defeatism that Ralph Innes may not realize is the slippery slope to terminal racism. There’s Alpha and Omega, and noogenesis, according to the greatest biologist of the Twentieth Century, whose also the greatest theologian of the Twentieth Century. It’s spectacularly infuriating that the propagators of intelligent design as an alternative ‘theory’ support killing off entire species in the name of the God we’re supposed to all be becoming. Of course, ‘intelligent design’ posits as its basic beliefs that God wasn’t smart enough to design natural selection and evolution into the equation, but She was boneheaded enough to intend we all end up born-again white men with beholden females. Racial divisions by skin color and physical features amount to an exceptionally phony ploy in the grand scheme of biology, with no basis in any sort of science. Exaltation of one species over another is just about as stupid. If you make the rules, you find yourself superior. Opposable thumbs? Masturbation. Language? Blogs. Bigger brains? Duplicity, cowardice, addictions, delusions of grandeur, people that think William Faulkner wasn’t a jerk that wrote impenetrable and entirely indefensible crap for whiskey money. So we get Thomas Mann, but we’re plagued with Hermann Hesse. William Gibson, Tim LeHaye. It’s like Adrian Monk says, a blessing and a curse. Good Steven King, bad Steven King. Language may be something we do because it entertains us. I’m open to the idea that whacking sea lions is just as entertaining, but I don’t have the genes for it. Clive Cussler, for Christ's sake, who’d be a good excuse for cutting off all human typing digits and feeding them to starving polar bears. I don't know if there's anybody good enough to balance how horrendous this guy is, and millions of allegedly evolved humans read this drivel. People actually recommended The Davinci Code to friends. What sort of species is it that resorts to such wanton cruelty not in the interest of survival? (And I apologize to everyone that just thought it hilariously ...atrocious just doesn't get it, but there must be a word...abysmal? No. Brainless? Closer.) If Roy Innes finds himself on an ice floe with a starving polar bear, who’s superior? The bear, and the black guy’s lunch, same as some bona fide racist like Trent Lott would be. All tastes like blubber. But shoot, science is the devil’s work, and there‘s always the rapcha. When it comes, and I’m still here, I want a baby-blue T-Bird, with the top down and the keys in the ignition, a working debit card with Warren Buffet‘s account number, and a ferocious 14-foot tall furry white bearish guy for my sidekick, and bandoleros wouldn‘t hurt.
  784. caliban on The red... doormat, maybe.
    May 10th, 2008  2:05 pm

  785. Ohhhhkkkay. McCain is slightly less lucid than Ron Raygun sundowning.
  786. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 10th, 2008  8:30 pm

  787. Mr. Ryder (as we‘d say in the NYT) has chosen to open his website to Devil With a Blue Dress On. What caused kids to go actually berserk back at the Birmingham Teen Center when Mitch was young and I was younger. (He's only 62, but those knee drops and subsequent surgeries have to have taken a toll, and I bet at least one of his knees is stainless steel.) was Jenny Take a Ride. It's been most of a lifetime, but I'd pay to see him do that song. The version of Rock 'n' Roll on the Michigan Rocks album is very good, but I don't think anybody but REM and Yo La Tengo can really do Lou Reed just right. Although, I'd imagine Lou wouldn't mind waking up one day with Solomon Burke's style, Wilson Pickett's voice and James Brown's death-defying stage show. Which about sums up Mitch Ryder. Michigan Rocks is a very low budget sort of compilation that probably never made it to modern audio media like tapes and those disks, but if you can find it (and play it) on vinyl, it's pretty great. On the Seeds and Stems label, but of course. MC-5 (unbowdlerized on my copy), Dick Wagner and Frost, Scotty Morgan (who wore an ascot, somewhat unforgiveable in those days, but he sang white boy soul like Michael Hutchence)and the Rationals doing the Otis and Sister Re song, Stooges (1969), Journey to the Center of the Mind (when Ted Nugent wasn't, ahem, ingesting hallucinogens), Ramblin' Gamblin Man!!!, an amazing version of I'm So Glad by SRC. Soundtrack of my wasted youth. I bought this album at a Goodwill Thrift in Brockton MA. As for Rock 'n' Roll, the definitive version (my choice) is on the amazing live Rock 'n' Roll Animal album with Frost and Alice Cooper alum Dick Wagner (not to be confused with the Nazi composer that Robert Duvall likes).
  788. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 10th, 2008  10:58 pm

  789. I was thinking about Lou Reed covers and a href="">Cowboy Junkies< comes to mind. A good friend of mine said that when REM covers the Velvets, they’re reverent. Much as I think Margo Timmins has a gorgeous voice, she seems “reverent” to the point of somnolence, except on the lala bridge. She’s a beautiful woman, but on this, she sounds like, and she seems to be trying to look like, a character in a Lou Reed Song: A junkie ran down a lady a pregnant dancer She’ll never dance but the baby was saved He shot up some china white and nodded out at the wheel And he doesn?t remember a thing Maybe it was that NYT fashion mag heroin chic thing. But slap a little Maria Mckee into that delivery. I do think Mitch and Detroit (great name for a band, balls got some heft) banged it out. But the urgency of the vocals was always driven percussively by the staccato chords, and the vocals are what some people call bad singing and I say is nearly perfect espression.. None of the Velvet songs by Lou Reed were anything but settings for plays,probably., but once he blew through them, there was less of a need to act them out.. Listen. Laurie Anderson didn’t just latch onto some schlub with a …schlub or Chris Noth. Nancy. Were you always an original Detroit riotttgrrl. Back in ’69, it was a boys club, to our chagrin. Or did you find your way there through Silver Bullet? What’s the greatest song Seger ever made? And you can’t say Ramblin. And you can’t say Heavy Music. Noah? You know that one? Brilliant but no. I mean, I’m not trying to be a jerk. You think Bob and Iggy rule. They were really good, but SRC and MC5 were so much better. First Family wedding? First snout out of the cockpit. These aholes bail.
  790. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 10th, 2008  11:26 pm

  791. Oh sorry Nancy. Didn't mean to impugn your Detroit credenetials. I understand why you've taken to the motor city. I mean, if you come from Ft. Worth, anything looks good. This is a lamo battle. I assume you agree that Curtis Mayfield is so far superior to Marvin Gaye this ones beyond question. But gutdom. If you don't know Curtis is betterturn it in..OK, I've had it.. Obama wins wecause HoDean ws so pissed off. That's why immense numbers of voters don't count. Thet probably equal the morons that voted for nader. Howard Dean is an idiot with an axe to grind. He fucked over Kerrywhen Kerry was the actual hero. If you don't understand this your fucking dumber than Georfe Bush. Nobody's that fucking stupid. Not possible
  792. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 11th, 2008  5:41 am

  793. Keith also said: “I've never had a problem with drugs. I've had problems with the police.” So Moe 99. Mick is OK, Keith is definitely not. Talking about kids here. My kid can take "Until They Make Me Run", but she's a grownup young woman of fairly spectacular accomplishment. I figure she takes Mick and Keef the way she takes her dad. Mostly lying, but pretty messed up. Is he a liar? I don't think so'. But I'm not lying about those encounters at the Birmingham Teen Center. Procol, Salty Dog, through the roof. Teagrden and Van Winkle, who said Seeger had feet of clay.. Played ping-pong with Skip. And Gary Brooker bought me a coke. Co-cola. And they didn't just play Salty Dog with our friend Danny Harteau on Bill Scollins shoulders. Then they played Whiskey Train and Power Fused. Chopped up churned out weeks of greasy, spark plug burned out powerfused. We were kids. This was inspiring. Actually, I never lie about anything. Most definitely about Detroit.
  794. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 11th, 2008  6:51 am

  795. What do you think about Margaret Atwood? Alias Grace might be the great American novel if Angle of Repose isn't. Both are better by miles than F. Scott. Isn't Oryx and Crace better than The Road? Without a doubt. I'm pretty much committed to the idea that Don GeLillo has kumped the shark (though Great Jones Street is astounding) and Tom McGuane won't actually write any more. TC Boyle may erupt at any minute, just after Martin Amis makes an ass of himself. So who do you think is going to write something really good? Maybe Walter Moseley. Certainly, James Lee Burke, but nobody's considering him for being seriously, like Elmore Leonard and other guys that can't carry his jock. I think it's time for Thomas Pynchon. Mason & Dixon was Jonathan Strange before anybody heard of that book. That's a fact, jack. Jonathan Strange was superb, but it wasn't actually as good as Lemprierre's Dictionary. But anyway, get and read a copy of Oryx and Crake. Brilliant
  796. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 11th, 2008  10:28 am

  797. Howard Dean? Enron reinsurance. Patron saint of...patronage? Vermont the New Bermuda. Meanwhile, How does the 50 state plan let Republican statehouses disenfranchise 3 mill voters while bizarre caucus states skate? What a self-serving jackass. And this is Howard's revenge on the Democratic Party. Very petty little man that challenges Ralph Nader in the belly-button gazing contest to see whose umbilicus rules the world by virtue of its owner gazing at it. Could Howard at least be honest enough to start his interminable money-grubbing emails to me with the thrilling idea of the 48 state strategy? Rewards for lawlessness? Republicans set those primary dates, and the little pitbull that couldn't ate it alive. He's a virtual Republican. And that's not progress. He might be a master of internet money scrounging and obscuring his unseemly ties to guys like Kennyboy, but that's not hardly progressive. Oh, I forgot the stupid obscenities. Blast. Jehosaphat! And we like rolling in the dirt but no Sherman tanks please. I don't think they're still clanking along except when the generals drive to MSNBC to make Keith look like he's not a pouf with incredibly bad Brylcreem.
  798. caliban on Are you OK?
    May 11th, 2008  11:20 am

  799. The Grande was a ridiculously cool building. Like the Bradbury in LA. I‘m So Glad. I saw Cream there. And wasn't that Jack Bruce's band?
  800. caliban on Marital aids.
    May 13th, 2008  2:34 am

  801. My better angels say leave ajenna Bush alone. But, I think, let her deal with crap like Chelsea Clinton had to. I think on of them has more resources, but I don't know that, and they're both kids. Modern weddings are archaic gatherings of people harboring internecine jealousies, familial devotion dislikes that may rise to hatred , like the Thane and Mrs. NacReth getting hitched. Something obscene always happens. I was boxed in and made to marry the mother of my child in a parodic double ceremony with a sister in law and her beax that my father-in-lawdespised so much I had to take my wife's sister out of the home after she'd been tied to a Lally column to keep her from the worthless jackass. Some dumbass ideation of some dumbass Sicilian form of honor about the eldest daughter required to get hitched first. At one early point of the reception, in as tony aa place as Boston offers, and Boston is tony, other groom's brother reported to the head table that "Ma fell down." During the dancing, I guess, and I guess she was lit. Both marriages ended in divorce. Quelle surprise. Whatever. Many weddings are atrocities that the crucial participants either live through or they don't. My ex-wife lived on through. and she's happy and I'm not unhappy and we had a perfect child. We should probably have had the sense to run like hell I tend to avoid weddings. I've a (I guess) second cousin (my cousin's adopted daughter) that's so gorgeous she was a born degas model, and she's smart and strong. She married a guy I thought pretty shady, and I thought about how my daughter idolized her cousin. They're doing fine, and my keed has found a guy she thinks is fine, and he's given her a chunky diamond. Funny how things turn out. I owe an apology. Whitebeard: Mine’s gray and red these days, so no matter how much I despise shaving, I’m forbidden to let nature take its course. Fortunately, I’m encouraged in other matters of nature and even sometimes the unnatural. I apologize for being snide, but I won’t get over Guv Dean’s abandonment of Kerry when the lying jackal Swiftboaters struck. Seriously, how does anybody with a brain and a cinscience let this swift boat sit go on? His response was a guerilla raid on Democrat central with the implied message that the Presidential race didn’t really matter all that much. Edwards was no better. Isn’t the job description for a VP nominee pitbull, to eat purveyors of scurrilous attacks alive? And wasn’t Kenneth Blackwell empowered to game Cuyahoga County by the retreat to Naderist omphaloskopsis by lots of the same people that have gotten holier than thou these days and rebranded as “progressives”? Everybody abandoned Kerry. From the point of view of someone that battled in Grant Park, you can all just shut up about liberal being a dirty word. Fact jack. Kerry was a hero no matter what whores like Brent Bozell say. W protected and stocked the O club. Kerry was way up the MeKong, and he got shot and he did what he had to do. The SwiftBoat attack on Kerry had less to do with 2004 than it had to do with how much they hated Kerry for the BCCI investigation, and exposing Nixon years before that. Raygun unwitting criminal., no shit, he pardoned all the criminals. Kerry embarrassed these asshole criminals, if Americans weren;t morons and they held a grudge. And since they were terrorists of a state variety, they held a grudge like Chiggurh. I just watched No Contry for Old Men. John Kerry is Lewellyn Moss. Soebody want to tell me Kerry wasn't screwed over by the true believers?Baileded and voted for Dean and Nader'
  802. caliban on Lightning strikes twice.
    May 13th, 2008  2:51 am

  803. Whitebeard. Mine’s gray and red these days, so no matter how much I despise shaving, I’m forbidden to let nature take its course. Fortunately, I’m encouraged in other matters of nature, and even sometimes the unnatural. I apologize for being snide, but I won’t get over Guv Dean’s abandonment of Kerry when the lying jackal Swiftboaters struck. His response was a guerilla raid on Democrat central with the implied message that the Presidential race didn’t really matter all that much. Edwards was no better. Isn’t the job description for a VP nominee pitbull, to eat purveyors of scurrilous attacks alive? And wasn’t Kenneth Blackwell empowered to game Cuyahoga County by the retreat to Naderist omphaloskopsis by lots of the same people that have gotten holier than thou these days and rebranded as “progressives”? Know what, if you won't stand up to these bullys, you're just one of them.
  804. caliban on Lightning strikes twice.
    May 13th, 2008  2:55 am

  805. Seriously. What is this progressive horsheshit, These people are maling up crap.
  806. caliban on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 16th, 2008  3:38 am

  807. bEANS AND RICE, You di jasmine rice about one ride to onae and a half. You never make rice with water, you use stock. You soak one pond of dry beans, and progagly you soak the beans with dried gatlid, frsh parsley etc, because you intend to just pour the rice in. Let it go about 7/6 hour
  808. caliban on Today, I'm Pat Parsley.*
    May 16th, 2008  9:50 am

  809. Go to the store. Buy a couple of lbs of jasmine rice, costs a little more, tastes better. Use about 5 cups of stock per pound of rice (the package directions will give you mush). Once it's rice, throw in about half a cup of chopped fresh coriander or cilantro. Same thing, but one's Spanglish. Just let it wilt into the hot rice. Boil a lb of Black beans with some roasted garlic cloves for about five minutes and then let them sit for a long time. Several hours is good. s Mix the beans and rice, while roasting all sorts of peppers, including anaheims and other hots to taste, celery, thinly sliced carrots, sweet onions, some sweet peppers Shut it down while the peppers are crisp. The onions will be perfect. Sizzle some hocks and the meatier the better and toss in whatever greens the market was throwing out. Mix this up with everything else, put in salvaged margarine containers (damn bisphenol) and freeze. Do not measure. Use you head. And your tastebuds. Chicken, barbecud and shredded is good. I've been talked into soy chorizo, and it's OK. I don't know what Nancy thinks, but beans and rice with little chunks of flesh is just tastier, especially when the flesh is pork variety. Fried rice or pork fried rice, and I'd rest my case. Toast some bread that you simply dipped in the olive oil on sale (unless Nancy hooked you up with the good stuff, and she' right, but what;s on sale is still is still tasyty.) but what I'm talking about is throwing slices of day old into a vegeble bag with decent oil, a tad of balsamic and dry spices and herbs of your choice that have been cooking in the oil and vinegar. You slice the bread ang soak the top in a dinner plate of the good stuff and put it under the broiler for a minuteor two. If you aren't facing a drug test, sprinklings of poppy seeds made everythting better. We cook gigantic amounts monthly, at the same time we roast and sauce the tomatoes on sale. Everything freezes quite well, but the rice is less on the tooth. If American assholes are going to turn corn into fuel for Urban Assault Vehicles, with no green benefit (and corn fo fuel is stupid---try sugar you nitwits) and drive up the cost of basics globally with mindless (well, the cash is lining campaign pockets, even for the holier-than-thou) subsidies, buying the throwaways makes economic and gatronomic good sense.
  810. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 16th, 2008  11:15 pm

  811. Colleen: My cowardly employers made me tell somebody she was fired once. There was really no reason for her termination, and I had no explanations to offer. She said "I thought we were all friends." This was pretty close to devastating because it was true. Only close because I understood the politics and realized I'd be severing my connections with my employers before long. It was a privately held engineering company that got out of the control of the brothers that owned it and into the hands of corporate bureaucrats Name was Marge and she looked, dressed and purported herself like Nancy Carmichael. She was sort of obsessed with Tom Selleck, or more specifically, his legs. Her job was to turn engineers' heiroglyphs and stupidity intoEnglish and something a typist could understand. She brought nasturtium petals to the office, to put on her salad. She was good at her job. What I think was remarkable, or what had a lasting effect on me anyway, is that she took it personally. I mean, in her consideration, against rationality, it was my fault. I thought it was too, however irrationally. Might be trite, might tend toward Albomism (for which a vaccine is needed urgently), but it seems more like the bosses and workers and who takes responsibility for disrupting the lives of human beings have higher powers that face neither recriminations nor repercussion. Me, I wish I could explain to my friend Marge.
  812. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 17th, 2008  1:50 am

  813. Gutdom. I've heard of Kevin James, but I had no idea. He probably wouldn't like this, but I'd nominate him for Human Being Best Disproving Intelligent Design Single-Handedly. And beating Big Head Odd on his own show for ranting in a high-pitched tone of voice. I hope Kevin's mom was watching. What Chamberlain did was to sign the Munich Agreements, that ceded some nondescript and otherwise unimportant part of Czechoslovakia called (inexplicably, since it's not in Africa) the Sudetenland to Germany. How this led to Nazis overrunning Benlux is anybody's guess, but I suspect the whole theory reeks of dominoes. And we know how that works. Corrupt Reaganistas mate unnaturally with Central American neo-Nazis and, next thing you know, our borders are breached, G. Gordon Liddy is making millions being born-again, and Ollie North is a bigger dickhead on radio than Kevin James. Tweety can look smug as he wants but Sylvester says, this happened in 1938, not 1939. Sometimes, a little knowledge is better than nothing at all. The point is that W hasn't got a damn clue about any of this, either, and his response to the same question would have been more hilarious (if not identical). Or not, depending on the Horace Walpole index. But doesn't Hardball have a tranquilizer gun sharpshooter? This yahoo is the put him out of his own misery poster child. Brian, you don't do crosswords? Dell is de rigeur. If it were a Big Valley, Barbara Stanwyck would blow your nuts off with a scatter-gun, tell Heath to get you into the bunkhouse and have Jarrod defend you on the trespassing charge, but you'd soon find your lucky head in the lap of Linda Evans. Sue. There is a wonderful kettle moraine spot in Washington GA called Shakin' Rock Park, so I guess the glaciers or their kin made it farther south. One of the boulders is triangular on the bottom and as unbalanced as the proverbial stool or Dickless Cheney. It's got to weigh several tons, but my daughter could move it with a touch when she was little, and I don't want to think about what she was considering about her potential to wreak havoc.
  814. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 17th, 2008  2:19 am

  815. Nancy, None of the kids liked Menlo Park best? This reminds me that we used to take our lightbulbs to the Detroit Edison shop on Main Street in Birmingham and get free replacements. That was an eco-friendly utility. Gog and Magog?
  816. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 17th, 2008  5:46 pm

  817. Think McCain isn’t really McBush? Try a comparative reading of this column by Gail Collins and this one by Fred Kaplan. Barring some insidious plot from the vast left-wing conspiracy, sounds like time to hit the theramin. Dexter: There's a pretty great song by Screaming Blue Messiah's called Big Big Sky, about honeymooning in Ocean City, Mary-land. I spent a summer hiding from Athens, GA cops and irate parents in Ocean City once, but my Ocean was in NJ. Saw the Boss before I'd ever heard of him at a club in Cape May.
  818. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 18th, 2008  2:07 am

  819. It's a beautiful world we live in. It's OK to talk about hyseria if your Keith Olbermann. Whho would suggest you despised Hillary Clinton and usds a national bully pulpit to undermine her. Brian. Old Orchard Beach is probably a better intoduction to east coast, but you'd probably better be a strong swimmer. I used regularly to argue with lifeguards about going in the water. I could swim better. Of course, I can wim better than almost anybody, or at least I think so. Old Orchard is tourister's delight. The sea crashes on the rocks while you have your lobster roll with cliquot. with undescovered . What I said to Dexter was kinda made up. That Messiahs song wasn't actually about a wedding or a honeymoon. It was about considering both, either, years later. My bad. There's Stuart Adamson and there's Bill Carter, that both found some reason to trust Ray Davies. I'd imagine their suicides had some setious effect on Ray. How about Waterloo Sunset. which is clerly the most gorgeous song anybody in the Invasion ever made. People are inclined to blame John Kerry for the Swift Boat damage. Shouldn't HoDean have trashed it? Shouldn't Edwards have attacked? They didn't and ego is the only conceivable expanation. And they opened the wy for omphaleksis and personal invective. Was this about Kerry's service in Viet Nam? No. It was about Nixon sending swift boats into Laos so.illegally it had to be secret. Kerry saved a crewmembers life. So according to this turd Paul O'Meill he was making something up. Of course, thirty years later, Americans buy some horseshit from a brushcut Nixon surrogate that hated John Kerry beyond comprehension. Never let it be said that American voters are stupider than grunt. Kerry did a JFK in saving his buddy out of the Mekong.Jesus, what a jerk, should have let the guy drown so right-wingers couldn't accuse nim of trying to promote his political career. Anybody listening? has no idea where he was at that time. Kenneth Blackwell just rousted and made up the Cuyahoga County returns. While the Constitution was being jacked, these aholes stole itr in the first place. Look, if a brain, would you be better off had Kerry been President? Of course you would. Godamighty, W's a ninny, he's been jerrymandered by exceptionally evil bastards like rumsfeld and cheney and Daniel Pipes. These truly evil bastards hide behind crap like Heritage Foundation and Cato. While your all eating this up, I'd like to consider Bobby Kennedy. I went to the wall at Chicago. I know none of you have a clue.I wouldn;t have taken beating for Eugene McCarthy. Bobby, they could have beaten me to death. You're backing a horse. He's not Bobby. But nobody i None of you are old enough to remember Bobby. You've got no reason to expect anything better. The best of humankind hs been and gone, We shouldn't give up. .
  820. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 18th, 2008  2:15 am

  821. But you can't stay here when every single hope you had is shattered. In a big country. Stay alive.
  822. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 18th, 2008  4:08 am

  823. I say, leave Sean Penn alone. If asholes invaded like the paparrazi does his, I'd kick ass too.Bottom feeders. You're rihht Terry. If Kenneth didn't steal all those votes why can't I to this day not type in those votes? Was this ever investigated? Did Reaganistas set out against Kerry because he prosecuted BCCI, which embarrassed and held the Raygun bunch accountable for xibiartibg with criminals and terrorists? Can't be. They were, they did, they'll get way with it. Johc Kerry was ridiculed by W when he said that police work would solve Anybody thats not a nitwit knows hes right. That leaves G. Bush out of th eqyation
  824. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 18th, 2008  4:24 am

  825. Anybody stupid enough to claim police work wouldnt be the most intelligent approach? Hands?
  826. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 18th, 2008  5:40 am

  827. I don' really care. If you put in with self-proclaimed moron, good luck. But he's a moron, and just as we reap shall we sow. It was big news about Einstein's letters mocking God. But he said god does not play dice. Kins os dVW IR qY HQ < I wouldn't think this is a big deal. But I'm a Teillhardian and everythings a big deal of of some sort.So what's it with Albert dismisding God when he said God doesnt play dice with the universe? There's alway what Oppenheimer said. See, you have made me , Siva, the destroyer. But we can choose the Van instead. Or octopus grigori
  828. caliban on Ready for your closeup?
    May 18th, 2008  5:56 am

  829. Holy shit. I didn't send that. I meant to make fun of Hucdabee, if it's possible to make fun of Elmer Fudd making a jgun joke bout a balck guy thinking he was a target at an NRA meeting. Thank you, Gov. Hucckabee. Nobody could make that up.
  830. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 18th, 2008  9:19 am

  831. Jeff. Amen. I've read Greeks , mostly playwrights in the original. I was a soldier for Bobby the way some people have soldiered for Dean since 2003 and beyond. We wouldn't give up on anybody and we sure as hell would never give in. I'm old school liberal and don't take kindly to rebranding and holier than thou 'progressives that have bought into that Lakoff bullshit. Here's my problem. A few years ago I helped start the Obama bandwagon on the DNC blog. I still like the guy, though he can be cringe-inducing. What's up with wearing a fucking lapel pin. His campaign has injected race where race was not in play, over and over, and overt misogyny has been their stock and trade. But since that water's been carried by Keith and Dana, I guess it's alright. In the long run, I want Republican hypocrites groveling. Vast right-wing conspiracy, no joke, and I'd like to see see Scaife and the ShortBoat assholes squealing like piggies with their cash sticking out of every hole. My take, as an unreconstructed Bobby Kennedy liberal, Dean and all of these latter-day progressives sold Kerry out for the asinine 50-state crap, in service to a guy that was happy to get in the sack with Enron on reinsurance and lucky to duck the consequences. God. It's virtually identical to McCain and the S&Ls. Did Dean ever say a word about the disgusting slander? This shit ran constantly on Fox. And it was swill and easily dismissed. Did Dean say a word? Moguls must have interjected themselves in the discourse. W spent the Vietnam years in a coke and Jack Daniels haze. Kerry led men after volunteering, performed heroically, saved some of his men from sure death, but he was villified for his service when the cretin from tejas was bailing for bama, and when Nixon's handpicked little buzzcut asshole Paul O'Neill was slandering a war hero (and we know how he considered that designation), HoDean and the vp nominee that had opted out sat on their hands. Not counting Michigan and Florida (particlarly Florida) is spectacularly elitist, and I'd love for somebody to attempt to convince me this isn't HoDean's intentional affront to the DNC, which these days he actually is. Anybody with a brain knows the dates were set by Republican legislatures. If anybody believes caucus states represented real voters in those states I'd say you believe that truck driver was going to cut down the Brooklyn Bridge in broad daylight with an acetylene torch. I thought knowing something about health care instead of spouting pabulum that was your opponent's plan regurgitated but watered down almost to McSheep level ought to count for something. So far, on this subject, and on Iraq getaway, it's hard to tell the difference between McBush and Obama. Hillary panders? Why is that guy sporting the flag pin? It's a smaller thing than anything, but has she put one of those on? Every objection raised by progressives, and I have no idea what that means, aside from voting for Nader in the last two elections and giving opportunity to Blackwell to cheat his ass off in the last election and Scalia to steal one from the bench in the previous. And the elitism seems to be who's more liberal than whom, or who liked Howard more than whom. If it's terrism floats your boat, the Raygun administration wrote the playbook for state-sponsored terr. (That's the way the twit pronounces it.) These PNAC assholes hate Kerry more than anybody on earth. He exposed the Raygun ventriloquists for the state terrorists they were. He also exhibited exactly how to shut down terrorists, Either the remains of the PNAC don’t actually want to shut down terrorisrs, or they won’t admit some soft on crime liberal exposed the Great Prevaricator and showe their ignorant asses how to do it.
  832. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 18th, 2008  9:23 am

  833. Dexter: You seem to know about these things. Don't four-year old horses run faster than two-year olds? Across the board?
  834. caliban on Listen and learn.
    May 18th, 2008  11:27 am

  835. Well, or threes? Isn't this inbreeding exactly the same hubris that means that most goldens will suffer with hip dysplasia when they're six? The tired trainers' explanation is that the horses are athletes and they just want to run. Au naturel, horses are about as likely to run as cows are. Truth is, horses are beautiful to human eyes and cows aren't. And they can run fast. Hell, man up and try breeding cheetahs for two-year old speed. Horses don't take much offence, cheetahs might kill your ass. I believe that all of creation is creation in the process of becoming God, and it's a joint effort. It's a philosophy I espouse, a theosophy, I guess, and I'm sure as shit not preaching. I suppose it's difficult to understand. Harder to explain. If your inclined to physical science, I'd say it's like red shift. Matter in the universe is accelerating outward from some unidentified point. If acceleration is constant, eventually matter becomes energy. E=mcsquared. That's God, and I know that might sound loony but anyway, I think of this in terms of biology rather than physics. I know this is not how one species treats another because it can: Sheiks and oilmen. Kind of like carving the turkey Kind of like mowing the lawn Everything get's to this certain dimension Winds up on a cutomer's plate And it's gone. How's this really different from swimming dads or obsessed soccer moms? Mr. Marinovich and his boy Todd? I don't think it is. One thing's almost for sure. Surrogates will break down. If they're thoroughbred horses, it's a bolt to the forehead in the backstretch. Kids? Just permanently fucked up.
  836. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  12:28 am

  837. What Nancy says rings true. Personally, Ive no doubt that Health Care is the single most important thing You can look at it two ways. Economically, this is gigunda dollars. Should we spend them to make sure every person is a person? My answer, as a Catholic, is yes, unquestionably. I'd argue this is a religious imperative and an economic one. We also buy into the last Pope, who probably had all the intel, saying that Bush was full of shit and offering to be a shield. The last and current Pope were Hitler's victims, when they were kids. although he's been made out as some nascent pubescent Nazi. Well of course he was. His family was on a short line. Read Babi Yar. So, anyway. Yeah I'd vote for any democrat in the election approaching. Not because they couldn, but, because they offer intelligence compared to the horrible result of ideological stupidity of the previous administration that guaranteed no attention to domestic problems. These morons talked about drowning the federal government in a sink, and they bragged they'd do just that. It wasn't ever that Mr. Bones bullshit W, it was those guys like Daniel Pipes and Cheney, the PNACenturions. A vote for any Democrat at all is a vote against the shadow government that made a fortne for Cheney. A vote for McCain is a vote for allowing Cheney to make more money on stop-loss GIs of one sort or another. Who supports the troops? One thing about the more progressive than thou. Those of us who are lifelong liberals, we find this bemusing. We did the work. Obama's OK. Hillary knows what she's talking about. Any Obamaniac that wants to tell me Hillary is old politics, well Howard Dean made a fortune through the re-insurance scam he devised. If that isn't old politics and graft, I don't know what might be. I do know Howard avoided Vietnam by mogul injuries while Kerry was saving his crewmen in Laos. Is ignoring the Swiftboat slander worse than letting it ride when you're running things or ignoring it when your the VP nominee? I'd say its a reasonable suggestion that Ho Dean didn't make the slightest effort to support the guy that was clearly a better presidential candidate , and he made the way clear for Kenneth Blackwell to rob the election in Cuyahoga County. And the same guy dismisses Florida and Michigan? Caucuses are the singularly most anti-democratic devices in American politics. Bum-rush themm abd you make it seem a state has voted for you democratically. A joke. Well. it's the rules. But who made the rules? Who said Michigan and Florida don't count? I can't imagine that two huge states that would vote for Clinton disappear from consideration because Republican legislatures in both states changed the Primary dates, to grease one candidate's path to the nomination. If you think back to the beginning of the primaries, I'd vote for Gravel before McCain and and other asshole that was still in the competition. Anyway, It's Barack and McCain. Denigrationand criticism, two obviously different things. Bill Clinton was accused of racist comments. What a joke. The press accused of anti-feminism? Olbermann and Tweetie? No doubt. On issues if you pay attention, Hillary know's what she's talking about and Barack triangulates. Bottom line is Republicans are greedy ac what is.
  838. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  12:30 am

  839. What Nancy says rings true. Personally, Ive no doubt that Health Care is the single most important thing You can look at it two ways. Economically, this is gigunda dollars. Should we spend them to make sure every person is a person? My answer, as a Catholic, is yes, unquestionably. I'd argue this is a religious imperative and an economic one. We also buy into the last Pope, who probably had all the intel, saying that Bush was full of shit and offering to be a shield. The last and current Pope were Hitler's victims, when they were kids. although he's been made out as some nascent pubescent Nazi. Well of course he was. His family was on a short line. Read Babi Yar. So, anyway. Yeah I'd vote for any democrat in the election approaching. Not because they couldn, but, because they offer intelligence compared to the horrible result of ideological stupidity of the previous administration that guaranteed no attention to domestic problems. These morons talked about drowning the federal government in a sink, and they bragged they'd do just that. It wasn't ever that Mr. Bones bullshit W, it was those guys like Daniel Pipes and Cheney, the PNACenturions. A vote for any Democrat at all is a vote against the shadow government that made a fortne for Cheney. A vote for McCain is a vote for allowing Cheney to make more money on stop-loss GIs of one sort or another. Who supports the troops? One thing about the more progressive than thou. Those of us who are lifelong liberals, we find this bemusing. We did the work. Obama's OK. Hillary knows what she's talking about. Any Obamaniac that wants to tell me Hillary is old politics, well Howard Dean made a fortune through the re-insurance scam he devised. If that isn't old politics and graft, I don't know what might be. I do know Howard avoided Vietnam by mogul injuries while Kerry was saving his crewmen in Laos. Is ignoring the Swiftboat slander worse than letting it ride when you're running things or ignoring it when your the VP nominee? I'd say its a reasonable suggestion that Ho Dean didn't make the slightest effort to support the guy that was clearly a better presidential candidate , and he made the way clear for Kenneth Blackwell to rob the election in Cuyahoga County. And the same guy dismisses Florida and Michigan? Caucuses are the singularly most anti-democratic devices in American politics. Bum-rush themm abd you make it seem a state has voted for you democratically. A joke. Well. it's the rules. But who made the rules? Who said Michigan and Florida don't count? I can't imagine that two huge states that would vote for Clinton disappear from consideration because Republican legislatures in both states changed the Primary dates, to grease one candidate's path to the nomination. If you think back to the beginning of the primaries, I'd vote for Gravel before McCain and and other asshole that was still in the competition. Anyway, It's Barack and McCain. Denigrationand criticism, two obviously different things. Bill Clinton was accused of racist comments. What a joke. The press accused of anti-feminism? Olbermann and Tweetie? No doubt. On issues if you pay attention, Hillary know's what she's talking about and Barack triangulates. Bottom line is Republicans are greedy acuisitors. For years, people have voted for Republicans against their interests. Time to stop. what is.
  840. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  1:14 am

  841. Record Recommendation: The Ray Davies record Other Peoples Lives. If you like the Kinks. This record got mediocre reviews. Don't know why. In the first place, people claimed in print it was retread Kinks. That's like saying The Old Man Down the Road stole from Run Through the Jungle. If you buy that your Zaentz. Ray Davies has written gorgeous melodies: Waterloo Sunset, Oklahoma, USA Some mother's Son for example. These things seem to come to him as easily as AC/DC riffs. I love AC/DC, but as spectacular as those riffs are, what comes close to You Really Got Me? When he wasn't Mick or Paul or John or Pete, he was better and ahead of them all in both lyrics and melodies. If there was a genius in th Brit invasion, it was Ray and the Kinks. So, Ray invented Punk on th melodic side, and if you listen to guitars., Dave is ridiculously good. Throwaway, anything on any album. This is the great band nobody ever said so. As Justin Wilson said, I guatontee.
  842. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  2:25 am

  843. Dexter, Who is Steve Shine? My names John Lee Pettimore. Bloggage, is two lbs enough? Reasonable? McCain is snake oil y'all. Does he disttance himself by not being an asshole but stifking with efery idiotic policy?Y'all ever listen to Steve Earle? Any given occasion he makes an ass of himself. Iran is funding Al Q in Iraq. What an idiot. That would be a moron.
  844. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  2:40 am

  845. How do you laugh at anything with catafalques involved? Don't bother. What a mindless jerk. I could tell you it was my best friend. Wasn't. My brother's best friend. And he was with him. Al Q in Iraq never existed before the invasion and has nothing to do with AQ. That's made up. AQ in Iraq has nothing to do with AQ and Osama. Claiming anything different is just lying.
  846. caliban on You guys can drive.
    May 22nd, 2008  6:47 am

  847. R. Emmett Tyrell?? That's recalling the evil undead. Does somebody still publish that ash? Anyway. Nancy claims Detroit. As a gentleman, I'll grant her that, even though the Grosses are a long way from Briggs, and 'sportsmen' from those parts used to mean something more like pugs from Joliet and less like home-grown thugs. I've been a Celtics fan since I was little. I believed Bill Russell was the incarnation of black Jesus, and I had fistfights with my brother who thought Wilt ruled. ( We were sort of obsessive. We replayed Yankees-Dodgers by box-scores, rightie-leftie, including pitchers, with whiffle balls and we didn't just keep score, we kept box-scores). In the modern era, we have Isiah, who thought Larry was just another player, whose mother couldn't spell his name. And the twit threw the inbounds and the Hick just knew where he was inbounding, and so did DJ, and I was standing outside a Cambridge Bar because we were so blue collar we didn't have cable. And Larry caught and threw it to Denis. F**k you Isiah. Maybe people think that's the hick from Frebch Lick. He went to the small city and ate it alive. Now he is the soul of Indianapolis, but, you know, there's Peyton. If the Pats didn't cheat, who knows. . All Grown up, and cosmopolitan. Piston's, not so much. Cheat (see Rasheed bumping with Garnett, offensive fouls moron) . I don't know. I shouldn't consider betting, but I put money on the Celtics. For purists, Garnett buries Rasheed, Rondo outplays Chauncey. Paul Pierce is just too good. He was better than LeBron and these guys don't have LeBron. My appologies, Ms. Nancy Nall, but it would seem to be the only thing important in the Motor City. Interesting, isn't it, that the City loves its nickname. If you say Beantown to somebody from Boston, they look at you like you come from Area 51. Celts in six, and I'll put money on it. Could they bring back Laimnbeer and let the Chief nail his ass? Pistons still play cheap-shot, like the Spurs, but real basketball will beat David Stern eventually.
  848. caliban on It's just fun to say: Mulch.
    May 23rd, 2008  3:54 am

  849. A remarkable letter from an SI writer to Jon Lester on the occasion of his pitching a no-hitter. This is not just for Red Sox fanatics. Not even just for sports fans. PETA people take an unerringly overly-optimistic view of their effect on the larger world, but maybe this is an authentic ray of hope in the brutish sphere of thoroughlyoverbredbred racing. NN‘s comments about fashion and Rachel Maddow reminded me of the OJ-trial makeovers. Greta seemed to make out better than Marsha, but she also seemed more competent during the TV ordeal. Maddow is very smart, and she‘s funny by way of sarcasm leavened with good nature. Here‘s an interesting bit of analysis regarding the Dem nominaqtion race.
  850. caliban on Amateur radiology, anyone?
    May 25th, 2008  10:13 pm

  851. “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.” So, Kerry said that four years ago, and despite the fact that any functional literate could read it in context and know he was calling W an obtuse asshole, he was victimized by willful misrepresentation. And now, Clinton said something equally as clumsy and vulnerable to intentional inference absent implication, once again, for political purposes. Actually, her intention and meaning were as clear as Kerry’s had been. Maureen Dowd says Hillary’s attitude is “[shit] happens“; Other opinionates have characterized the verbal blunder as “wishful thinking“ (what was she thinking?). Keith Olbermann did his highest moral dudgeon church lady to date, and I’d have to say, after all these months of making Sen. Clinton out to be (code word) hysterical, Keith came off as downright menopausal psycho. People that see this as nefarious or proof that Hillary’s got 666 tattooed on her scalp, I figure they fall into three groups: gullible consumers of campaign spin; people that see “old-guard” liberal Democrats (circa the olden days of 2000) as inherently evil; and people that also gave vent to previously repressed inappropriate and impure thoughts about Miley Cyrus when they saw the Annie Liebovitz pics. Meanwhile, RFK, Jr. provides the voice of reason. It’s still depressing that people make voting decisions this way. Obama's the candidate, fait accompli, and his own comments in this matter were sensible and balanced, while his campaign crew and supporters came across like Swift Boaters. Wouldn't it make more sense at this point to ignore Hillary instead of going into Rove overdrive with an intentionally misrepresented statement that doan mean shit? It's like they all think they're trying to kill Rasputin. Get a grip, y'all.
  852. caliban on Who wins the pot?
    May 28th, 2008  1:48 am

  853. Stubby index finger. Jeez. You don't remember Evil Roy Slade>? John Astin was one brilliant actor. Or Paths of Glory. Chickenhawl shit. Coul'd the country admit to lying its ass off? W.Not even funny. Kweet, he nailed those assholes. Con't think so? Look at the ovcious criminals. Ollie North skates? Morons.
  854. caliban on Who wins the pot?
    May 28th, 2008  2:05 am

  855. Me and my partner Steve can play better hoops than Obama. We'd kick they'te ass., I guess somebody at the NSA should start investigaring us. The sesxism is so obviously real. The racism is so obviously manufctured.
  856. caliban on Who wins the pot?
    May 28th, 2008  5:39 am

  857. We've all got messed up knees. Donkey wash. Things we used to do without thinking, like roaming the outfield, waiting until the bsll was almost on the ground before scooping it. Ice cream. I know what Bob Marley said: My feet is my only carriage, and I've just got to push on through. Hillary's the Terry McCaulliffe evil empire Nd Gov. Dean did't fry his own ss. Now he's opted dacswly fo reverybody in FLA and Mic higan. This little slime is too close to Kenny-boy and reinsurance. Progressives, you didn't invent the idea or the movement. Some of us have been on the line, like in Chicago. Talk big talk, but the Obama campaign hs introdced race where it simply did not exist. And not by accident. It's positivele hilarious thatwe're supposed to think ill of Hillary becaue shemay have said this before. Where, exactly, ws the outrage the first time?
  858. caliban on Who wins the pot?
    May 28th, 2008  7:10 am

  859. I used to be a fan of Keith Olbermann's show.He's mace her out to be a psycopath, but guttdom Keith your obsession is tres bissare. Everything he says about Hillary is something demeanin g about her gender. Hia comments on Clinton are vituperative when there's mp apparent reason. It's pretty clear that in Keith's mind she's an ornery bitch that ought to lay back and enjoy. Hia commentary on Clinton has gottem to a point of ohsessive hatred where the FBI pughtto be following him. And for such a large guy, what a wimp. I figure he's never done anything like that, but he'd sure as shit accused somebody with no evidence. Here's the deal. Hillary wants to be VP so she can sneak up and murder the Pres. Like she murdered Vince Foster. But this controbedjoyshit isn't comomg from the freeper insane, it's coming from those assholes that believe in Chairman Dean. Hillary said something, and he said it clumsily. Her voters will vote fot me but I don't know if mine will vote for her (and this was a serial comment that's the injection of race into the campaign), and, if you have the brains to understand McCain is same old, Obama's President. He'ddp qwll to listen to Mrs. Clinton on policy, because je's clueless and she kmpws what she's doind.
  860. caliban on Less pump pain.
    May 28th, 2008  11:46 pm

  861. Lecturing young folks? Say it ain't so. (And it wasn't, Shoeless hit .375 in that series). I once drove a Z-28 about 150 mph on Woodward Avenue. In the late Sixties, the Big Three made their cars in popular opinion and folklore on that straight shot. We ride our bikes in the rain. Proper dress and an umbrella help, but it is freezing at the frocery store when you're soaked. I don't think it's passed the legislature, and Lindsay Graham might be offended, but I believe Yuengling is the SC state beer. I was at the rollout for Sam Adams at the Durgin Park Oyster Bar, and we took the teeshirts, made fun of the tags on the bottlenecks, and said, damn, that's good beer. We used to get six-packs of Ballantyne for $.99 at the drugstore in Birmingham back in the day. Whippersnappers don't know what they're missing, what with texting and worrying about the next fill-up.
  862. caliban on Less pump pain.
    May 29th, 2008  2:28 am

  863. Workin' for the Yankee dollar.
  864. caliban on Less pump pain.
    May 29th, 2008  6:06 am

  865. /I'm not expecting to grow flowers in the desert. Waiting on the fulminations over Barack's imaginary uncle that rode into Auswitch on the same tank as carried R. Raygun. Whose ox is gored? Had Hillary said this, we'd be hearing from Olbermann about how she's' a natural born liar, shot Vince Foster in some hysterical, menopausal rage. That is Keith's point, isn't it? She doesn't smell like Aqua Velva or Old Spice. All of the intentionally imagined racism is actually sexism, Mi and FLA doan mean spit, because HoDean ate Republican pie to satisfy his own immense ego. on-Amefocan ceeps And really, does anybody believe Granny denigrated black people to the nappy-headed boy? On the other hand, getting shot down and incarceated for raining down napalm doesn't make you a war hero. Slightly better than bailing out on your best friends and letting them die in the Sea of Japan. Not nearly as cool as bolting Tejas armory wen it looked like your sorry ass might have to serve. You might ask John Kerry about that. He did serve. With distinction. Saved guys lives. You payed for a 24/7 horsrshit slur on the man's reputation, and, really, it's prertty hard to see this as anything but personal cowardice and persobal greed. For the last nearly eight years, the US has been dominated by an asshole appointed by the ultimate asshol Scalia, and both these jerks believe the Constitution doan mean dick. W has invaded your privacy for no other reason than he could, He's willingly tortured his fellow human beings and got nothing from it but porn material. Enriched
  866. caliban on The long drive.
    May 31st, 2008  12:15 am

  867. According to Fox News, the Scott McClellan book was ghost written, possibly by George Soros. This is why the anti-Hillary vituperation from self appointed ‘progressives’, who are more liberal than thou, is disturbing. Pat Oliphant is, OMG, mainstream media. Does he buy into the Vince Foster fantasy? Does he believe the Clinton’s are hillbillies and his intellectuall inferiors? (Fat chance cartoon-boy.) Is he suggesting seriously that Barack is in mortal danger from a Clinton assassination attempt? It’s just about as reasonable to figure some progressive martyr needs to take peremptory action. Bull goose loony, but, maybe like Nurse Ratchford they think buzzing and fuzzing would do the trick. I mean, after all, a woman President? I guess it’s within legal purveyance for any political party to shitcan actual voters and delegates, especially when your 50 state strategy didn’t account for letting Republicans set primary calendars, and the Chairman was so misused by the Terry McAuliffe politburo. But suggesting the Clintons are some inbred, morally reprehensible trailer trash and voters fron two immense states with serious electoral votes don’t count is irresponsible and fuels the ego of a little man that made a total ass of himself on a world stage. Did it ever dawn on anyone that Obama recused because he was going to get his ass kicked in Michigan? Sure did in Florida. OK, this is from the Freepers, but even blithering idiots stumble on the truth occasionally, like anosmic hogs stumble onto truffles sometimes. Best Paper in the Country, that would be the Boston Globe, nailed his mogul-jumping, sore-coccyx ass to the wall on this one. Snatched from his grasp when it was so close it might have been a Quarter-Pounder about to slide down the cheese-hole.. I know Barack’s the nominee. I think the extended battle is salubrious. McCain’s abandonment of vets is so heinous it’s hard to imagine anybody but that solid 30% buying a word he’s said. But, you know, these are American voters, and, eith this bunch, stupidity knows no bounds. When did getting shot down while raining shock and awe make you a war hero? How is Poppy a war hero for bailing on his two best friends? So he had balls flying at his age. He chickened out. And whatever brass he showed doesn’t rub off on W and the enhanced flight suit. What seems to be the problem with letting it go to delegates and seating all of them? Back in the day when I used to be a regular on the Kicking Ass democrat blog, I listened to Obama speak at the ‘04 convention. I thought he was special. He’s not Bobby. Just another politician that leans toward decency and intelligence. Hasn’t a clue about policy the way Hillary does, and when he wins, he’d better listen to her on health care and NAFTA. The NAFTA debate is fascinating. Are American voters so gd stupid they don’t know about the side agreements? That W abrogated immediately? Monumental debases. Conservativeslayt this all off on Clinton. They do understand it was a fait accompli, based on fast=track authority.. How can anybody be this stupid. War on Terr (look, that’s how the asshole pronounces it, not my fault). John Kerry figured this all out years ag0. It’s the banking. Republicans hate him more for this than being a bonafide hero in Southeast Asia. He exposed Reagan and Ollie North. Every single one of those assholes should still be in jail, including R Raygun in absentia..Kerry’s a hero. If we are no longer graced with Teddy (and, if you aren‘t some knee-jerk conservative, we were graced with Ted ), well, it’s Kerry. Actual war hero. The United Snakes, oops, States, faces monumental economic problems. Chief, by a mile, because conservative aholes haven’t considered long-range ramifications, is health care. These people claim to be Christian. What would Jesus say about health care? Is there some sort of question? Would He say its for rich people? What should Allah say? I believe in the idea of liberation theology. Jesus meant to pass itaround. Maybe that's radical Catholicism. Ibbicents died, frequently raped by US PRproxies. Tell you what, nuns weren't If he were still alive, I’d say you’d have to incarcerate in Guanantanamo.even thoughgh he wanted everyone saved.. Shiva? Destrroyer of Worlds? Not a Christian. They did theit best and robbed him of his security clearance. Of his life. And hanged the Rosenbergs. Nuns were Catholics, so despite the fact there was Catholicism before Martin Luther got constipated, we can do away with Catholicism.
  868. caliban on The long drive.
    May 31st, 2008  1:13 am

  869. According to Fox News, the Scott McClellan book was ghost written, possibly by George Soros. This is why the anti-Hillary vituperation from self appointed ‘progressives’, who are more liberal than thou, is disturbing. Pat Oliphant is, OMG, mainstream media. Does he buy into the Vince Foster fantasy? Does he believe the Clinton’s are hillbillies and his intellectuall inferiors? (Fat chance cartoon-boy.) Is he suggesting seriously that Barack is in mortal danger from a Clinton assassination attempt? It’s just about as reasonable to figure some progressive martyr needs to take peremptory action. Bull goose loony, but, maybe like Nurse Ratchford they think buzzing and fuzzing would do the trick. I mean, after all, a woman President? I guess it’s within legal purveyance for any political party to shitcan actual voters and delegates, especially when your 50 state strategy didn’t account for letting Republicans set primary calendars, and the Chairman was so misused by the Terry McAuliffe politburo. But suggesting the Clintons are some inbred, morally reprehensible trailer trash and voters fron two immense states with serious electoral votes don’t count is irresponsible and fuels the ego of a little man that made a total ass of himself on a world stage. Did it ever dawn on anyone that Obama recused because he was going to get his ass kicked in Michigan? Sure did in Florida. OK, this is from the Freepers, but even blithering idiots stumble on the truth occasionally, like anosmic hogs stumble onto truffles sometimes. Best Paper in the Country, that would be the Boston Globe, nailed his mogul-jumping, sore-coccyx ass to the wall on this one. Snatched from his grasp when it was so close it might have been a Quarter-Pounder about to slide down the cheese-hole.. I know Barack’s the nominee. I think the extended battle is salubrious. McCain’s abandonment of vets is so heinous it’s hard to imagine anybody but that solid 30% buying a word he’s said. But, you know, these are American voters, and, eith this bunch, stupidity knows no bounds. When did getting shot down while raining shock and awe make you a war hero? How is Poppy a war hero for bailing on his two best friends? So he had balls flying at his age. He chickened out. And whatever brass he showed doesn’t rub off on W and the enhanced flight suit. What seems to be the problem with letting it go to delegates and seating all of them? Back in the day when I used to be a regular on the Kicking Ass democrat blog, I listened to Obama speak at the ‘04 convention. I thought he was special. He’s not Bobby. Just another politician that leans toward decency and intelligence. Hasn’t a clue about policy the way Hillary does, and when he wins, he’d better listen to her on health care and NAFTA. The NAFTA debate is fascinating. Are American voters so gd stupid they don’t know about the side agreements? That W abrogated immediately? Monumental debases. Conservativeslayt this all off on Clinton. They do understand it was a fait accompli, based on fast=track authority.. How can anybody be this stupid. War on Terr (look, that’s how the asshole pronounces it, not my fault). John Kerry figured this all out years ag0. It’s the banking. Republicans hate him more for this than being a bonafide hero in Southeast Asia. He exposed Reagan and Ollie North. Every single one of those assholes should still be in jail, including R Raygun in absentia..Kerry’s a hero. If we are no longer graced with Teddy (and, if you aren‘t some knee-jerk conservative, we were graced with Ted ), well, it’s Kerry. Actual war hero. The United Snakes, oops, States, faces monumental economic problems. Chief, by a mile, because conservative aholes haven’t considered long-range ramifications, is health care. These people claim to be Christian. What would Jesus say about health care? Is there some sort of question? Would He say its for rich people? What should Allah say? I believe in the idea of liberation theology. Jesus meant to pass itaround. Maybe that's radical Catholicism. Ibbicents died, frequently raped by US PRproxies. Tell you what, nuns weren't If he were still alive, I’d say you’d have to incarcerate in Guanantanamo.even thoughgh he wanted everyone saved.. Shiva? Destrroyer of Worlds? Not a Christian. They did theit best and robbed him of his security clearance. Of his life. And hanged the Rosenbergs. Nuns were Catholics, so despite the fact there was Catholicism before Martin Luther got constipated, we can do about Catholicism. No fucking clue. Give it a break. You havene't a clue.
  870. caliban on The long drive.
    May 31st, 2008  8:39 am

  871. I'd say this was Indy's best moment. Roy Batty was an enemy that put Nazis to shame. A perfect human being. Roy could say "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die. " And he meant it My shooting skills are excellent. I do not chose to shoot anything but targets. Shooting anything that lumbers, or runs faster or jumps higher than Champ Bailey, or stands upright in your sights to protect its young, well that just doesn't seem sporting. Give them guns, you manly assholes.. They might learn to shoot at you morons. And for God's sake, let them aim back and shoot you in your lame fat asses. Lame fat asses that wouldn't survive, much less feel manly without guns. Sorry sacks of shit. Let's plug wolves from several hundred yards with high powered rifles and dead on sights. And tell ourselves we're real men. Viagra's not good enough? Jerks.
  872. caliban on The long drive.
    May 31st, 2008  11:13 am

  873. I wouldn't be too quick,editorially, to jump on reflexive pronouns. They're used correctly so infrequentlly. Myself, I.. oh what the hell. As long as Kobe talks about Kobe like he was watching it instead of draining the three, we're all buried in ungrammatical English. If everybody had taken Latin, this might not be so vexing. There is certainly something something to be said for languge itself, and itself's various parts. Mostly, you can just dele the self part. It's ill-advised adverbs and adjectives used as adverbs that really piss me off. But myself lets it ride, noamigh sayin? Ourselves are going over to 278 to pick up roadkill, 'cause Clinton's their ownselves might be coming for supper. We're rednecks no matter how much schoolin' we get, and we don't know our ass from a hole in the ground. We do know that if you use a reflexive pronoun as the subject of a sentence referring to yourSELF, you sound like you took English at University of Michigan. Or Florida. Cutoffs remain the same. Or, you're a Republican. Cutoffs remain the same.
  874. caliban on The long drive.
    May 31st, 2008  11:59 am

  875. Why would anybody drive to Dearborn? Thousands of miles, nothing to show. Airport assembly line used to be there, where they turned out B-25s like clockwork. But it's some sad remnant of what America used to be about. Workers making living wages with serious health care and rock-solid pensions. Now it's museum town, and golden parachutes for inept CEOs.
  876. caliban on The long drive.
    June 1st, 2008  12:14 am

  877. '54 Buick,eh? a Boat, a tank. We had a '59 Checker and my dad thought nobody could possibly get hurt in that car. Some drunken Southfield yahoo ran a red light coming from a bar on 11 Mile and split my little brother's head wide open. I ran to the bar and called the cops and an ambulance, and ran to Mark and did boy scout training--applied direct pressure with my brand new suede jacket. All survived, but it was a memorable night. They took us to Botsford Hospital, an Osteopathic Hospital. I told the ambulance drivers to take us to Beaumont. Physician's child, and I knew my dad would be pissed off about the osteopath business. They insisted on x-raying his leg when it was obvious his head had been whacked. My dad took us out of there, and I sat in the backseat and tried to get Mark to talk to me. He drifted in and out of consciousness, and I thought he'd died, and I'd already had a little brother die of leukemia, and, for a fact, I would have given my life, on the spot. He didn't die. Grew up to be a champion long distance swimmer and an expert on Stratfordian Shakespeare, and the best man I know. Funny how things work out. He despises Hillary. I can't figure out why anybody does unless they buy some Karl Rove bullshit. I think she knows what she's talking about and Obama's going to end up listening to her. How do you know your dad is a hero? Well, he's your dad, so of course he is. When he hounds you about vital signs while driving like a maniac, rings true, and I've never been more scared in my life. Made it to Beaumont, got major league surgery, you can barely see the scar. But I saw the blood and his skull.
  878. caliban on The long drive.
    June 1st, 2008  12:25 am

  879. Everybody with a brain know the difference, unless they're Bushco, between enormity and enormousness. Are you nauseous or nauseated? Or just inducing nausea? The lies these assholes have spread are enormous. They constitute an enormity. Hitler without the brains. Just greed. But Cheney had other interests.
  880. caliban on The long drive.
    June 1st, 2008  12:30 am

  881. So he didn't choose to serve. Way I look at this, my friend Randall Gillis died so Cheney could get rich off his bones.
  882. caliban on The long drive.
    June 1st, 2008  1:31 am

  883. Randy didn't choose to. Cheney chos not to and he's spent his rebolting life trying to make John Kerry look bad. If you were about to be killed, which guy would you rather have show up tp save your ass. Cheney, you're a war profiteer. John Kerry is a hero, even if you 'orgressives' don't want to admit it. Saved guys lives. What the hell is wrong with you? Hodean? Bullshit.
  884. caliban on Do not want.
    June 1st, 2008  5:04 am

  885. That's Leslie Caron. And she's more attractive than Cary, at least in my opinion.
  886. caliban on Do not want.
    June 1st, 2008  5:25 am

  887. Tell you what Nancy. Dow sucked, serious assholes. Dow still sucks. 'you know this as well as I do. Jesus what a jerk. Jesus what a jerk.
  888. caliban on The long drive.
    June 1st, 2008  2:25 pm

  889. Who said what, Church Lady Olbermann notwithstanding? It might be helpful if sensible voters would acknowledge that bum-rushing caucuses is just about as undemocratic as electoral politics is capable of getting. Lee Atwater? That would be trying to make the former President out as a closet racist based on cowardly spin worthy of Atwater himself. When it all comes down, who played the race card and who flung mud? Even the Church Lady seems to get that. One thing is important. No more Cheney. No more government by Blackwater and Halliburton. And holy shit, trying to paint the Clintons as Militia fellow travelers ain’t the way. That's just bogus. Wolves are more or less better than humans. Humans shooting wolves for sport are somewhat less than human. Prokovief had this right. Wolves do what they must, and they swallow ducks. ("What kind of bird are you if you can't fly?" - "What kind of bird are you if you can't swim?").
  890. caliban on Sunday fried fish.
    June 3rd, 2008  1:23 am

  891. David Sirota is a progressive saint. So's Matt Taibbi. They despise Hillary because of her 'ambition'. This is pretty hilarious. Anybody ever run fir President without being ambitious? So Obama's a patron saint and some bastard that just cares about the little people and nit his political career. Sure thing. Both those assholes have intimated she killed Vince Foster. How is that progressive? And what the hell is progressive? Holier than thou. Progessive/ I'd say Bobby. Obama isn't Bobby any consiederation. if you think so, you're an idiot. Deafeatist , and oh,. we're jokes. The most despicable piece of shit in the history of the Presidency. What a fucking mook. Waht a scumbag. He bagged VietNam and . trashed Kerry/ You couldn't possibly be a bigger assh0le. It's actually not possibleto Be a more disdisring piece of shit. I may be a jerk, but I'm bit that big a jerk. If we consider issues, a Hilllary has it all over health, the environment. There isn't anything more important than health care. This woman ha it down better than anybody. .
  892. caliban on Sunday fried fish.
    June 3rd, 2008  1:42 am

  893. David Sirota is a progressive saint. So's Matt Taibbi. They despise Hillary because of her 'ambition'. This is pretty hilarious. Anybody ever run fir President without being ambitious? So Obama's a patron saint and some bastard that just cares about the little people and nit his political career. Sure thing. Both those assholes have intimated she killed Vince Foster. How is that progressive? And what the hell is progressive? Holier than thou. Progessive/ I'd say Bobby. Obama isn't Bobby any consiederation. if you think so, you're an idiot. Hillary is self-arandizing,, obama ism't. If that's progressive , You' an idiot. you think sof some such such shit.'. .
  894. caliban on Sunday fried fish.
    June 3rd, 2008  1:54 am

  895. Never let anybody we care about screw with our emotions, somebody we care about. i, do dare. It's ridiculous , Who's to say..
  896. caliban on The end, finally.
    June 6th, 2008  1:49 am

  897. In the Summer of '68, it was down to Bobby if you weren't some effete jackass that was Clean for Gene. If you had a brain, you were for Bobby. I don't mean this culturally, and I don't mean that had something to do with my genes. When Bobby was shot, I was staying up late, watching California primary election returns. I was making a pineapple upside down cake for an English class celebration with a weird character named Fr. Polakowski, SJ. My parents were out at some Mich. Dem fundraiser. I watched that faux-Brit twat Howard K. Smith say that the other networks had declared Bobby the winner in CA, but that his recalitrant ass wasn't throwing in the towel. Like he had an axe to grind and anybody cared what his pompous ass thought. Bobby was shot, and I couldn't believe it, but I'd seen the same thing happen to his brother Jack, and my whole family had watched spellbound while Oswald was murdered on live TV. I woke up my brother, same as I'd done when Bob Beamon exceeded 29 feet. Chris had a Tennyson quote of Bobby poster over his bed. Our parents had been quintessential Kennedy people since '63. .Gorgeus mom that made her own style in the midst of Memphis Bevo-impersonators and was there every step of the way as my dad defied defied convention and treated, well, black people, as people, and wasn't above just bullying when it came down to it. I suppose there's something like a Bush dynasty, but if anybody wants to put those war profiteers, bailers and draft-dodging coke hos in the same breath as the Kennedy's, I'd be obliged to kick their greedy, cowardly asses. It's just so shabby and money-grubbing. I was on the Obama bandwagon after his '04 convention speech. You could look back to the day after the convention on the DNC blog I said he was a candidate with no need of a second name. Maybe he's not. NcCain is so purely Bush, it's just not worth considering. When Poppy got shot down, he left his two best friends to drown or get blown up. War Hero? McCain, shot down and incarcerated? War hero? If you had been Vietnamese and he was raining down death indiscriminately, would you have thought he was a war hero or a criminal? When W absconded to Alabama from the Tejas O Club, was he a hero? But 'Bring it on" when somebody else got blown up or committed suicide because it was too expensive to treat traumatic stress disorder. Piece of shit, most Lynnyrd fans would say. So he runs against a hero that is so much smarter, and braver, than his sorry ass is he can't comprehend. So he gets wackos from Nixons world to make up shit. And then. And then. It's a done deal, and Kerry actually beats this little scumbag. But Kenneth Blackwell, the Secratary of State, bags Cuyahoga County that is so Democrat historically, and we have an idiot instead of a hero? It was robbed without a doubt. When Republicans rob votes, they attack African American voters, by telling them they might be investigated if they vote at all. In the last 20 years, there have been exactly 4 episodes of deliberate lying at polls. This is like what Republicans say about welfare fraud. There isn't any, you scumbags. There was a guy that made all this shit up. His name was Lee Atwater. When he was dying from an inoperable brain tumor, He said it was bullshit. What I do have to say: Progressive. Kiss my ass. We invented this long before your beady eyes invented yourselves to make out like we didn't understand issues. We understand issues. If you look at what the candidates have said, the only place Obama comes close to getting an issue is when he plagiarises from some hillary site. What's he say about health care So I'm undesirable. If you say so, could you coment on National Health Care? No you can't Neither can Obama. Asshole's not Bobby by any stretch. How about global warming. Obama got a clue? Spouts some lame imitation of hillary. Not made up, moron. She knows what shes talking about, you have no clue.
  898. caliban on The end, finally.
    June 6th, 2008  3:34 am

  899. When Barack gave his stemwinder, I could have been the first onboard. I commented on the DNC Kicking Ass that this was a presidential candidate and only one name would be necessary. Like Bob. Crakshaft needs to consider the Up Your Bunghole Prostae Exam cavity search. I don't mean to inject anything like seriousness (or, as a disdictional friend of mine in college said, sort of to the point, Syrianly; the guy once said all pandonian was breaking loose, and, when he asked me to edit a paper, I found he had littered it with "for all intensive purposes"). but Richard Reid was a full-goose looney incapable of harming anybody Syrianly but himself. The Cuyahoga Line truckdriver that was going to cut down the Brooklyn Bridge cables (1000s of strands of wire wound into 29 or so 2 inch cables, wrapped around each other to make 39-1/2 inch support cables) in broad daylight with an acetylene torch. The Liberty City Desperadoes that were scamming a guiding light FBI plant they thought was Al Quaeda into trying to scam some Desert Storm boots, I-Pods and $50 grand. Don't know about y'all, but when every leading political cartoonist other than Ann Telnaes runs some horseshit about Hillary's bunker mentality , and every one of them makes an ass of himself, by mysoginistic vituperation aimed at Phantoms not wearing sttriped birth control panties, maybe ole' Crank's got a point. It's all a crock. I mean, might terriss (sorry, that's the way Mr. Inter-Coke-aTur's puppet says it) just be a, gasp, boogeyman? Like really black OJ and cafe-au-laity OJ, and Willie Horton In the meantime, if Hillary Clinton points out that Lyndon Johnson's legendary vast incriminating files were'nt 'called in, there would have been no civil rights Act of 1965. that's somehow like Nixon and the Southern Strategy. And if Bill points out his wife knows more about health care in the USA, than anybody, that's racist.? Don't care now. Every important world government (well every one is important, I mean the one's that can do anything) has adopted the tactics of John Kerry, which ought to tell Mark Trail and RexMorgan and maybe Margo Magee, we hit these aholes in the bank account. Kerry did that to the Raygunistas and they had to shut down. They still sleazed by and managed to blight the country and advance some perverted Malthusian agenda based on the idea they were intellectually superior, and they got over on greedy preachers that never believed for a minute that 'Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do it to me.' Can't comics heroes be Christ figures? Naah. The idea there's some global struggle over right and wrong is just totally belied by Commandant Mission Accomplished crawling to kiss the shit-whiping hand of Saudis and administration officials that know where Bin Laden is because they send him money at the drop box. So assholes steal Cuyahoga County and the ultimate draft dodger (and I don't see anything wrong with dodging the draft.) I guess, neither do the champions of the New American Century, that made it into an art-form. I doubt there was a racist component to opposition to Obama. I decided I supported Clinton when Obama said repeatedly, something like: Her supporters will vote for her. I don't know if mine will vote for her. Who was slagging party unity? Y'all have time to read their competing platform-style statements about energy and health care. Obama's vague, sometimes he plagiarizes, Clinton knows exactly what she'd try to do. Hillary's ought to make the Democratic Platform. She knows what she's talking about and he mostly is speaking in platitudes. Please tell me people that find daily newspaper cartoons diverting actually care about politics too. There's a spectacularly wonderful word for what Obama online has unleashed toward a good woman that just started out to ensure that every American get's good health care. Vituperation. Did Obama attempt to coopt Hillary's statements on health care and the environment? Yeah, he doesn't know so much, she does, and what the hey. Are these the two issues that mean more in some ongoing economy? Well Hillary knows that for a fact and Barack's guessing
  900. caliban on No more pencils.
    June 12th, 2008  5:12 am

  901. Untwisted paperclips (hyphenated?)? We used to bend them till they broke, Jumbos, and fire them with spectacular force with doubled-up rubber bands. This actually was a second generation transmogrification of sticking each other in one extremely southern glute with hat pins. God knows where we got hatpins. This permutation of mortally embarrassing combat peaked in 7th Grade at St. Hugo. (It's in Bloomfield Hills, and if you've never seen the church, it's like the Detroit version of the Cloisters, and if you haven't been to the Cloisters, please visit it first when you get to NYC, because anybody with the concatenation of cynicism, skeptitude, imagination and appetite for wonder to frequent this spot will be spellbound.) Anyway, we shot twisted paperclips. I'm sniffing the air. We did every foul thing we could think of . But the Sisters of St. Joseph were wily. They actually infiltrated with young nuns with visible hair and recognizable names. Meanwhile, Sister Melita laughed like Satan when Tom Sansone stumbled two flights down to the cafeteria on marble flights. Look. If you were a girl, this was negligible, and if you didn't have self-esteem and you were a guy, it was negligible. If you'd read "Penrod and Sam" and "Huck", you knew this was Aunt Polly. So anyway, the paperclips. I shot a broken clip at a guy that since became a courageous Fransiscan and offered his life with his twin sister in Guatamala. It didn't do to be thoughtful or intelligent in those days, so I mocked them to try to stick with whoever was thoughtful. I hit the flat plane of Sr. Aurelia's snood, the twisted clip broke a statue of Mary, the class went numb like lightning had struck. Clip hit Mary, clattered broken to floor. Aurelia, a nice nun, for all her age, swept the books from her desk when she reeled and said "Oh, Shit." Woman in her Seventies. Mortified. Never saw her again. Where in the world do peoples' ideas about Catholicism come from? Last two centuries, we've got John XXIV, we've got J2P2 who told the raisin smuggler he'd camp in Baghdad shortly before the nadless shit landed on the Lincoln, and we've got Teillhard. Really reactionary. And I'll tell you he'll guarantee W is despicable. Some idea Catholics are dangerous. Babdiss? Nah. Catholics think things through, and if you want to consider what people think in the last two decades, here's the deal: There are some 3mil whack job Catholics. There's everybody else. Those aholes made kerry out to be persona non grata. They were bought and paid for scum and that's a fact that might take 15 seconds to prove. Know something? Kerry wasn't worthy of the Governor's backing? Not good enough for his VP? These assholes climbed in bed with Nader. Who was responsible? Progressives. There is no other way to look at this. My thirty years of beating at Chicago and dying when Bobby died, and I'm supposed to think Obama means a shit? Howard Dean is a canker. Howard Dean believes he's a hero and John Kerry isn't. Even Obamaniacs with no brainstem understand why this is horseshit.
  902. caliban on No more pencils.
    June 12th, 2008  5:30 am

  903. Dow isn't the dap. Back in 1998, all those whack jobs like Daniel Perle and you know those scum like Rummy and Heart-Attack Man tried to talk Clinton into invading Iraq. These bizarre piece of shit misanthropes were called the PNAC. They had always had more important priorities. It was pretty important to them that other people might die so they sure as shit didn't have to. How does anybody get off. These assholes are murderers, and they aren't committing murder for any reason but some some vile political enhancement.
  904. caliban on Brief hiatus.
    June 14th, 2008  2:11 am

  905. Most obvious thing: If you go into a clean room, that's what you wear. If you go into a clean room, you're a moron without a clue. You stick a sock in it and act like you have a big dick when it's more or less run of the mill. How stupid are voters? So stupid its beyond comprehension.
  906. caliban on Five hours to go.
    June 23rd, 2008  7:18 am

  907. ELP made the great miscue; the greatest song most people ever heard was the first, and everything but "Welcome back my friends" was kind of anticlimactic. Oh what a lucky man was about John Kerry, right, before 527 villains and Diebold laid him low. When the Levee Breaks is totemic. Listened before I went to bed, for years, full volume on earphones. I would have thought Nancy was a faux Fleetwood fan. There's ripping and tearing, and there's Yankees and Dodgers, and there's Peter Green and Lindsay Buckingham-Nicks. I dunno. What's the best Sex Pistols' song Bod Save the Queen. What's the best Foreigner song? A conundrum. Now, Arcade Fire. A very good band. Echoing U2, not hardly. (If you know how to play guitar, the Edge is guitar techs and tunings.) The Boss, maybe. Big Country, sure as shit. Peachy held Danny's hand: I find it hard to believe, Nancy, that you didn't fly a flag of some sort on the limo. If you're so caught up in the cinema, how about Zero de conduit? There's something so obvious its's ridiculous. We wake up andit wa all a bad dream.
  908. caliban on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  12:33 am

  909. Why does some media whore like Huffenpuff continue to rag on Kerry? The deal is pretty obvious, Kerry risked his life and served, W snuck out the back door. Shitheads raising this crap are a bunch of Cheney's that had other priorities. You can lie your ass off, Kerry's a hero Baracjk never imagined. Raygunistas hated Kerry because he exposed them. If you don't understand this, you're a moron.
  910. caliban on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  1:44 am

  911. So-called progressives that japped on Kerry, how do you feel when barack starts backtracking? Here's the real deal. Kerry couldn;t believe a president would flat out lie his ass off Kerry is a hero. Getting shot down doesn;t make you a hero. Avoiding the draft on Daddy.s dime. The entire idea that bailing makes you a hero is repugnant.Blavkwell's obscene intercention in Ohio is enough to convict the asshole of treason.Anybody that voted for ralpmh is a moron. and elected a war criminal.So much for progressive. Kerry won, if this scumbag didn;t cheat in Cuhahroga county,.
  912. caliban on A little levity.
    July 1st, 2008  4:07 am

  913. Peace. Take a kook at this website, As I've said. So-called prgroessieves are turning on Barack. Holier than tho. Kerry was a spetacular patriot, running a Swift Boat and testifying as a Winter Patriot. Swift Boat aholes seem to believe W's non involvement was excusable.. Well, objecting and turning up as torturer in chief are two entirely different things. How do lying to Congress and lying about Texas national Guard equal anything but mendacity? Employ common sense. Kerry foresaw a political career, or Nixon's pet slanders Kerry. The internet is supposed to turn out the whole truth. Who's a liar about what what he did during VietNam? That would be W., and McCain has jumped on the lying bandwagon. How does getting shot down make anybody a hero> It doesn't. Wesley Clark left VietNam on a stretcher. W exited Vietnam with a tequila shot. Poppy left WWII a scared teenager that bailed out. W avoided Vietmam coked to the bills while Kerry served and W's surrogates maligned him. This is quintessentially Republican. Party of Dickless Cheney and other priorities. Party of Jack Bauer when you've got nothing to lose. Party of torturing the family of Sheik Khalid Mohammed when you couldn't prove he had anything to do with anything but being an ass kisser to the same Saudis whose ass you were kissing. Weley Clark s a traitor? Colin Powell is a traitor for covering up war crimes, and furthering the Shock and Awe agenda of the midget that benefitted from American stupidity. Does anybody still think Rudi is an American hero? No, he's a piece of dreck. W? Jesus. Piece of shit that jawboned tax cuts that screwed over taxpayers. Anybody sticking with this ahole is some bizarre shit that still belirves he's Cheney.. Randy Newman had words for this. Jesus, what a jerk.
  914. caliban on We can do it.
    July 1st, 2008  8:57 pm

  915. Hillary had the idea. Tip O'Neill didn't like it. There's nothing wrong with Canada's health care system, other than that ghouls like the Frist family aren't raking in big bucks. Cuba has a better health care system, with no money. Granted, boob jobs may require a wait. Privatizers will pay mucho dineiro to so-called experts to 'splain this crap, but that sure as hell won't make it true. Check out recidivism rates from the Erlichman school of free enterprise Christian prison reform. Why are there more contractors than soldiers in Iraq? Somebody's making a pile and nobody's getting a bang for the bucks. With regard to healthcare, seems to me it's everybody's duty as a human being. Commonweal. That's why we agree to pay taxes, and Grover Norquist should die a painful death in an ER waiting room. But no. He's got the best coverage rich asshole's money can buy.
  916. caliban on Where I'm calling from.
    July 1st, 2008  9:19 pm

  917. City Lights Bookstore? Yeah, sort of. Lawrernce Ferlinghetti? Bukowski with a wryly arched pinkie avoiding the shift key. Aquarius Records? Absolutely. I've been to San Franciscoand actually rode the elevator in the Francis with Edward G. Robinson. A gentleman, and a true star. And Kayak Woman. At least nobody dumped jet fuel in your lake. We live in fear that something like that might happen in Port Royal Sound, what with the marines at Parris Island. We invade their shores occasionally by kayak, and always get off with stern warnings.
  918. caliban on Where I'm calling from.
    July 1st, 2008  10:22 pm

  919. Lombard Street isn't supposed to be, but for the non-jaded tourist, it is pretty amazing. In a day and age when people drive Rovers half a mile an hour over speed bumps, like those Olive Oil muscles will take out the tranny, the ultimate is worth driving, or biking, down. And the landscaping is exceptional. I think it's extremely funny that the Wikipedia entry for Lombard Street describes it as 'east-west'. Mostly, it is, but sorry, its most famous stretch throws passes to itself like Crazy Legs Hirsch, who shoulda played for the Niners. Or at least Vince Lombard-i.
  920. caliban on Where I'm calling from.
    July 1st, 2008  10:41 pm

  921. I've got no problem at all with dumping fuel if it saves passengers lives. I'd imagine the ecological damage of the plane's crashing for having the fuel burden would be a whole lot worse. I suppose, at any given moment, somebody is performing excretory functions in most of the bodies of water on the face of the earth. Doesn't mean I have to like the idea.
  922. caliban on Where I'm calling from.
    July 2nd, 2008  1:58 am

  923. Watching the Dodgers beat the Giants would be good, but they don't play at Candlestick anymore, and juan Marichal would be incarcerated. I rode a bike over the bridge, Jennie. I don't often admit it, but heights spook me, mostly when people in movies are threatened. In real life, and what seems a former existence, I was a competitive diver and threw ridiculous tricks off 10 meter platforms, occasionally with very bad results in training. Pressure blisters and welts. Water is hard as concrete when you're traveling per second, per second. Suicide by bridge is undoubtedly possible, but don't you have to have the talent to hit just right? Scariest bridge is over the Savannah River. (I love Boston, and I think bridges amd not meaningless McDonalds arches are architecture's crowning achiements, but why did they just copy the design?) The GW is spectacularly windy, all the time, and when they put up 'windy' signs, have to think they mean business. Drove over in a Wagoneer towing an 18-foot trailer with a Suzuki 750 strapped in. HAIR-RAISING. The most beautiful bridge ever built is the Tappan Zee (and the Brooklyn a close second.) Of all the despicable horsecrap foisted on gullible Americans by W, the guy that was going to burn down th Brooklyn Bridge in plain sight with an acetylene torch is probably the most ludicrous. The cables are 16 inches thick and each contains 19 strands, containing 2381 wires at a total of 21,432 wires in each cable. Good luck wacko trucker from Toledo. There are actually people in the Nunined States (That's actually how the Ninny in Chief pronounces it) that believe this sort of stupidity, and they believe W served and John Kerry shot himself to get a Purple Heart. Gates of Eden, y'all.
  924. caliban on Where I'm calling from.
    July 2nd, 2008  5:48 am

  925. San Framcisco in the movies: I think Clint is brilliant. I think he's often spoken truth to power he doesn't trust as far as Shane could throw 'em. Joey Wales would spit tobacco juice on W's faux cowboy boots. I also figure he'd know a Swift Boat LT from some fullofshit Republican operative. I don't think he believes people of color are evil or that bona fide wack jobs like Elmer Fudd Scalia should be walking around with assault weapons. I think he's made some great movies. "A Perfect World" was among them.
  926. caliban on Mixed grill on Wednesday.
    July 3rd, 2008  12:05 am

  927. My dad owns a 15 year old house on Sea Pines Plantation (that's actual Hilton Head, unlike the Sun City at Hilton Head which is actually Bluffton. ) It's a wonderful, sprawling place my parents bought for a relative song from some Cindy McClain clone that bought it to stage a wedding. It's housed some massive family reunions to effects both wonderful and horrendous. He also owns what's called a 'patio' lot. We've proposed several home designs, every one of which meets the published requirements, and been turned down. Numerous and only marginally onerous homeowners restrictions apply, but these seem to be honored in the breech. People buy 'teardowns' and put up unsightly mausoleums seemingly at will, and they violate height and massing regulations like its's going out of style. If someone killed my birch trees to erect some Bush era cathedral of excess, I'd consider taking Scalia at his word and bear arms. Seemingly, this sort of thing is cash and carry. Way back in the day, my brother Chris and I transplanted birches from the woods behind Lamplighter Lane, in a Pulte subdivision. I'd say the tree-killers are terriss. No habeas. Nuke 'em. Birches are so purely beautiful, they had a semi-great poem written by a semi-great poet. Did Nancy's husband plant those trees to memorialize a birth? Was there reckless disregard. Ridiculously awesome lawsuit. I'm open to other opinions on "Birches" Having tried poetry, it's kinda hard to be judgemental. At least he wasn't Joyce Kilmer, Since is a national brand, with a Michigan connotation, who's the best Michigan band (it isn't the Stooges, and it's a tossup between SRC and MC5). Whose the best Michigan writer? That would be Tom McGuane. Best Blogger (though I despise the term), that little old second coming of HL Mencken in Grosse Pointe, though the Grpsses aren't actually Detroit. Having transported to Georgia, I feel qualified to say, Margaret Mitchell couldn't write her way out of a paper bag. Gone With the Wind is horrible. Hemingwayesque in it's literary turpitude.
  928. caliban on Mixed grill on Wednesday.
    July 3rd, 2008  6:42 am

  929. If Detroit wants to invade, maybe Windsor. But probably Birmingham. Or the Bloomfields. Kinda like the Grosses, but more nouveau.
  930. caliban on Two from the road.
    July 4th, 2008  9:39 pm

  931. When I was fifteen, I knew all the words to Bob Dylan's 115th St. Dream, Hattie Carrol, Gates of Eden (a particular favorite), and the tablature, and a reasonably good impression of the prophet. And I also knew Teillhard's cosmology inside out. Both have stuc llike epoxy, which was Superglue before idiots decided epoxy blending of resin and hardener and polymers were just too difficult for humans to grasp and aproduct was required that could bond skin better than any other substance. So if Bob Dylan says Barry (?!?) Obama is some form of human communication to important to ignore, and very smart and caring people like the Boss and Mike Stipe agree, I guess I'm captivated. Is he preferable to a tired warhorse like McCain that actually disgraced his service in the military by buying into Swiftboat bullshit qnd bridling at perfectly reasonable comments by Wes Clark obvious campaign bullcrap?? Duh, and even Doh. After all, not even getting shot down but bailing on your best friends made HW a war hero, and this seems especially specious. W flew containment around the O Club.The big campaign initiative seems to be offshore drilling, and holy shit, that takes a village of morons. They don't drill where they're allowed, no reserves would be tapped for years and years, and the tipping point has likely been reached.Impact on pump prices is quite obviously zero. In many ways, Obama's a jerk. Claiming attacks by Obama and by surrogates weren't sexist is so disingenuous, they reek of hypocrisy. It's interesting to me because I keep track of Talmuddic arguments. Whose ox is gored is the prime consideration. It's always Hillary and the goring is pointed and calculated. The abject failure of Gore, Edwards and Obama to defend Kerry was pointed and obvious The guy was a hero and these heroes abandonded him. Not their finest moments. They acted like assholes. The national record says John Kerry was a hero. Well he was. Obama wasn't, I don't suppose. Kerry pulled a guy out of he drink. The guy says John Kerry pulled him out of the drink. I think he was a hero whether or not Obama think's he was. Obama can kiss ny ass in this one. So can McCain. The guy that was saved probably knew what he was talking about. And Karl Rove that orchestrated this bullcrap is the biggest liar in the history of the USA. Does anybody think he ever told the truth? He's the most egregious liar that ever lived. He lies. That's what he does.
  932. caliban on Two from the road.
    July 4th, 2008  9:50 pm

  933. Thecenti. i, i DIDNT CARE.
  934. caliban on Two from the road.
    July 4th, 2008  9:54 pm

  936. caliban on Two from the road.
    July 5th, 2008  5:49 pm

  937. Alt-Christian? Being Jesuitically educated (like Alfred Hitchcock), and steeped in Teillhard like it's Tolkien, I always figured I'm alt-Catholic. But since the president of the Uninuhd States (that is how the jerk pronounces it) endorses the opinion that we're not actual Christians but members of a 'cult' (don't cults come after, splintering from the one true branch?). Anyway. Bob Jones. Falwell. Pastor Hagee. Franklin Graham. Carl Sandburg would like a word with you. Ole Strom was one duplicitous piece of turd. Anybody that would actually call himself a Dixiecrat puts aeons of evolution into question.I wouldn't usually be glad somebody's dead, but this uber-bigot's descent into eternal damnation might spare an American city some sort of pissed-off God natural catastrophe. Fittingly, since Strom was enamored of Brown Sugar and so prolific, the Williams sisters are currently taking the penultimate white sport to a seriously higher level. Penultimate, if you think golf's a sport, but a black guy put that argument in abeyance when he did a Kellen Winslow at the US Open.
  938. caliban on Two from the road.
    July 6th, 2008  1:53 am

  939. Jesse Helms was an aider and abettor in two murders. One took place at a Communion rail. How in the world does an alleged and self-proclaimed religious leader call a vile and outright bigot "my friend and long-time senator from my home state of North Carolina, was a man of consistent conviction to conservative ideals and courage to faithfully serve God and country based on principle, not popularity or politics." Says more about "Reverend" Graham than it does about Helms. (Maybe says more about the scum Franklin, whose putting words in his father's mouth to enrich himself with earmarked tax money.) On a different subject, anybody ever notice the remarkable physical similarity between Helms, Elmer Fudd, Phil Gramm, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney? Misanthropes and Racists Anonymous, all cloned from Jesse hisownself. Professional con-artist religionists that espouse bigotry should be headed for some lower circle of hell than Dante imagined. Helms thought delusionally that he ran the CIA, and he was responsible for the murder of Jose Napoleon Duarte in support of fascists that murdered priests and nuns. But what the hey, they were cultists. Romero's murder was engineered and financed by Americans, including, with no doubt whatsoever, Jesse Helms. Most likely, Salvatore Allende and most likely Orlando Letelier. Co-conspirator Henry Kissinger is still walking around and if God rains down hell for sins, his continued existence is remarkable. John Kerry exposed much of this extreme moral turpitude in the Iran-Contra hearings. American "Conservatives" aren't conservatives. They favor and pursue radical measures like murdering good men and manufacturing base slander when murder isn't convenient. Claiming you want to shrink government to the size of a kitten so you can drown it in a bathtub isn't Conservative. It's radical, and it's aimed at the heart of political freedom, free speech, human rights, equality, teachings of Jesus, and pretty much anything else decent produced in human discourse since that last New American Centurion Hamurabai. And they can't get that right. Lock up a few hapless guys and claim they're evil and torture their ass. Works for Rove. Wouldn't have worked for GW. What George (widely regarded as a good president) said was: “Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any [prisoner]. . . I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require. Should it extend to death itself, it will not be disproportional to its guilt at such a time and in such a cause… for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country.” - George Washington, charge to the Northern Expeditionary Force, Sept. 14, 1775 So, murdering, or torturing, foreign leaders , or their soldiers, or anybody schmuck trapped inside 'enemy' lines means you ought to be tortured and murdered, not necessarily in that order. This should actually be the case, although I wouldn't say death is an option. I've watched Paths of Glory about 13 times. People kill people when they were just fucking wrong, and you can't take that thut who are these bombastic assholes that claim American values don't mean Dick since Dick scared the bejeezus out of the terrified? Habeas corpus rights threaten your life? No, asshole, they protect you. Rhese people love the death penalty Cheney. He's an ass asshle wants tpotale your moneys to take your money
  940. caliban on Solitary man.
    July 14th, 2008  3:08 am

  941. There once was a guy called William Carlton Orto.. He loved beer. He made beer and he loved beer, and he could wax eloquent. He knew about hops etc. He also knew more about music than anybody that ever lived. Actual music. Like why I Cover the Waterfront was John Lee's fines hour, and Koko Taylor's apotheosis. That would be talking about Raxor-totin' Kim on Wang-Dang-Doodle. Ort loved some gitl that loved tje Wwatern Movies Legend has it he excised his own balls with a rusty pair of scissors in a church. Maybe so. One odd fellow. My friend. Detroit msic? It's not all Nog Sehrt. It's MC6 and the Rationals, amd SRC. Wish you'd been there for the Holden Agee, Nancy. I saw Procul at the Birmingham Teen Center. They played Devil Came From Kansas. Don't beg for silver paper, when I'm trying o sell ypu cheap. I'm not sure what that means,, but if you listen to the astounding guitar, I guess Ort knew. Procul played awesome shows in Detroit. They played Salty Dawg at the Teen Center in Birmingham when nobody had ever heard it. My brother's best friend, Danny Harteau was a keyboard match for Gary Brooker amd Matthew Fisher. Who's tp say?
  942. caliban on On hiatus.
    July 14th, 2008  3:41 am

  943. Anything you say. Can't say, What you say.
  944. caliban on On hiatus.
    July 14th, 2008  3:42 am

  945. Before and after
  946. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 17th, 2008  10:09 pm

  947. Just back from the market. The unintended consequence of turning things over to ADM is that any sort of American-pr0edued cheese is so expensibe it makes me gogIle. I mean goggle, you know, with disnebelef. Anybody with a brain knows that corn is a net loser if you haven't pegged your future on corn futures. Less than 1:1. Misadministration and and oil field services companies know for a fact that off-shore might mean six months 15 years down the line, Isn't that worth embarrassing Democrats with bullshit with a sadly stupid electorate. Oil companies have no reasonable expectation of pipeline oil. In fact, oil companies have no expectation of any oil beofre 2028. If you're confribted with people offering pie in the sky, Could you act intelligently? We always get oil from offshore drilling. It floats up. If people are this goddam dumn, If you believe the solitary executive can can the Constitution, What country do you you live in. Executive privilege for Karl Rove? Are you joking. He's a disgusting personal and political piese of shit. He never had anyything to to do with anything that wasn't purely political .. His claim is so rediculous. What we'be bot isKarl Rove is the most outrageous liar. ge's an amazing lirs/.
  948. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 18th, 2008  8:10 pm

  949. With regard to war crimes, DU is the new cluster. And anybody thinks they're smart is a moron. These are weapons of mass destruction. Using this shit kills American soldiers, and it will be killing the newly-Democratized for years. Everything Dan Rather said is true. Everything the Swift Boat Liars said was a fabrication. These are facts. Murricans still believe the latter and discount the former. So goddam stupid it's painful. And these idiots vote. How does dropping bombs from 20,000 feet and killing people indiscrimantly, and getting shot down make you a hero? Wesley Clarke had this right. Being the guiding hand in Keting Five, that's priceless. But really, if he'd met the cunt first, he wouldn't have had to nail all of those creepy financiers. The heiress should fear for her life.
  950. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 19th, 2008  1:32 am

  951. Serios question. Should some guy that said (then) 16 year old Chelsea Clinton was ugly because Janet Reno was her father be in the running for President? Aside from the facts extant, which would be that Chelsea's fairly attractive, earns a living and knows more about economics, the internets and just about anything than John McCain does. I take Obama with a large grain of salt. I doubt he'd make high-profile fun of an insecure teenager in an untenable position to raise funds from similarly sexist sympathists. Sexism? Obviously on par with Rush. Creepy? You be the judge. Demographics suggest he skews younger and richer. Homophobia? Holy crap. If not for his legacy status, W wouldn't have been flying surveillance for the OClub. If not for his legacy, McCain would have washed out for crashing so many planes. Incompetent pilot. As for W. Pick his ass up on January 21, 2009, and make the little snot serve out his National Guard term. There have been mediocre, maybe bad, presidents before, but none of them has been pusillanimous, false, intentionally stupid and obtuse. Nor so anti-democratic. Nor such a willing tool of people that don't believe in anything in the Constitution. McCain's Bush again alright. With Oldtimers. Some bastard shot Bobby, this is as close as we're going to get. Not close enough, but consider the options. Four more years? Your internet service will either be shut down or delayed while the Pretzeldent reads your email.
  952. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 19th, 2008  1:50 am

  953. Profiling is vile. In the first place, it reinforces the idea that cops are seriously stupid white guys. Would a caucasion star of the Dallas Cowboys ever have been arrested? (I know Michael Irvin, but he let them share the blow and the hos.) I really meant Dee Brown: What a heinous criminal. That's the USA, to this day. Apartheid is a thing of the past, if Israe says so. But it's condoned, and it's practiced.
  954. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 19th, 2008  11:49 pm

  955. Is the rejuvenation attributable to Chrissie? They let me go they were very paranoid. Hey Mr. Tambourine man. If this guy could win this, Tiger would be happy. That's got to be one of his heroes. Yes to dance between the diamond sky with one hand waving free. Of war and truth, the tryth just twists. These bastards are liars.
  956. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 20th, 2008  12:00 am

  957. What we think. It's all right ma. You don't get that you're a moron. Though the masters make the rules for the wise men and the fools, I've got nothing to to live up to. It's alright ma.
  958. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 20th, 2008  10:21 am

  959. Food should nourish. Food should enhance. Cooking well is a pleasure. If somebody can tell me how organic makes food better, I'd like to hear it. Any idiot knows Archer Daniel has created a black hole in the Gulf, with chemical runoff. And now, they're hitting the jackpot with corn ethanol. That sits at a 7:1 on the energy expended, energy produced scorecard. Meanwhile, cheese, a WIC staple, goes through the roof. Why feed those cows when you can run those seven or eight SUVs that take Cheney to lie to the House of Representatives. If we're going along like lemmings on offshore drilling, his profits on oil field services ought to be paying the bill. These people are dreeps and concessionires. They've raped the government for eight years. Four more with Mr. Keating Five would seem a little excessive, even for these pirates.
  960. caliban on Postcard II.
    July 21st, 2008  1:21 am

  961. Maliki is no great shakes, but he’s not a murderer like Allawi, nor an outright fraud like Chalabi, the bsaefaced liar only W could love. But, you know, he’s the priminster (that’s a Riddley Walker reference, and if you haven’t read it, hasten to, it fits Iraq so well, what with mining DU and all.) So if he thinks Obama is making sense about getting the hell out of Dodge, he’s apparently got no problems with the Demo nominee’s national security bona fides. He may not want it to sound like an endorsement, but he didn’t say anything good about 100 years and permanent bases. Maybe Iraq blows up into three countries, one at permanent war with Turkey and the other two permanent Irani puppet states. If McCain knew the difference between Shia and Sunni, he might realize that wouldn’t be so terrible. Brits and the US created Iraq from disparate and antagonistic groups for the sake of Big Oil, and these things don’t ever work out well. In 2004 I thought American voters weren’t a class of morons. It seemed incomprehensible that enfranchised citizens could be gulled by unmitigated crap like W as not a draft dodger and Kerry as some sort of poseur elitist dilletante.This is so nuts, so patently phony, I figured The Bard of Baltimore would be proved wrong. But no, got it good and hard. Contemplating McCain‘s four more wars, um, years, the first thing that comes to mind is the truly revolting slagging he got in our home state of SC from Rove and his vile henchmen. These days, I have to wonder what sort of manly man brownnoses a pure bastard that had push-robo-calls about your totally imaginary bastard black child. Grovelling isn’t presidential. Nutless. Wesley Clark got shot four times and directed his men to a temporary victory. McCain rained down death and got shot down, probably disobeying orders. Which one’s a more credible war hero. Kerry pulled a wounded comrade out of the MeKong, W made sure the Oclub was well-stocked. Where do these jerks get off? McCain’s whining (thank you Rove clone Phil Gramm) about Obama and international stature is pitiful. Obam's bot the endorsement of the Prime Minister of our great ally in the battle to spread democracy. If W could get Saudis to buy in, it might be more convincingg. But there is no underestimating the stupidity of American voters. Getting what you deserve can be brutal.
  962. caliban on Parasites.
    July 25th, 2008  2:14 pm

  963. When you ride a bike instead of driving, it's amazing what sorts of mayhem occur fairly regularly. We generally leave the car parked until it's time to make the 211 mile trek to see them Dawgs kick somebody's ass in Athens. I do the groceries by bike with my surplus Norvegian Army backpack that I got for $19.95 online from Quartermaster, that specializes in tactical underwear and killing tools. A missing manhole cover, say one of the fine products from Neenah Foundry (and I know, because I specify them for construction projects), is not quite deadly but very problematic for bikers. I imagine it could be a matter of life and death if I hit one of those open storm drains or sewers when I'm riding my Triumph. It leaks oil but goes fast, and I'm thinking of ditching it for a Vincent if I can find one. (Good enough for Richard Thompson, good enough for me, and Brit bikes rule, Harley's not withstandin'.) But anyway, what sort of world, exactly, are we living in when people feel the need to rob manhole covers for scrap value? Did the apocalypse come without a bang and such a sigh we didn't notice? No joke. Mad Max? William Gibson world? Stainless Steel Rat? How did things come to such a sorry state while Democracy was being outsourced by force? We've got a government that says that CO2 is several things beyond simple elemental atoms and covalent bonds. Now that's creationism at a whole new level. And manhole covers are currency. Not a pretty picture. Jeff is right about non-voters, I suppose, but I'm more worried about idiots that have that franchise. One thing to think about Kerry. What dredged up the intense hatred that produced the feloniously fabricated, basically moronic Short-boat slander (that was bought hook, line and sinker after Fox ran it 24/7)? BCCI investigation that exposed Great Communicator as greater Constitutional criminal. But people still buy that crap and if they don't, aholes like Ken Blackwell make sure their votes never get counted. This election, they will come out of the woodwork. You know, the minimal, woefully uncritical coverage of McCain's reinvention of the surge is hilarious, but it's not funny. Surge didn't do dick. First Sadr called off the dogs. Second, Iraq became an unseemly network of racially cleansed neighborhoods separated by US-built walls (while millions became emigres). Then, there was the Awakening, which, when you get right to it, was handing over palletfuls of cash to tribal leaders to cease being members of the fabricated Al Qaida in Iraq. Then there was the 'surge', which was supposed to buy time for forming some sort of Iraqi governmental consensus. That hasn't happened. The only thing Iraqis agree on is that they want America gone.
  964. caliban on Parasites.
    July 25th, 2008  4:24 pm

  965. Have y'all had the pleasure of visiting Cocktail Party Physics? I took Latin and Greek, German and Russian, and have grown to an overripe upper middle age sorry that science other than biology completely escaped me, as did any sort of math that didn't involve Archimides and the 2,3,4 rule that rules carpentry. I rue the lacunae in my education, but I guess the more you are educated, the less you know. My knowledge of physics is limited to a nebulous understanding of the fascinating phenomenon (and isn't alliteration without repeating consonants something to consider, and does it exist outside of English, where ghoti spells fish?) of red shift. As I understand it, this proves that all matter is moving away from some central point (Bang!) and accelerates as it moves away. If E equals MC squared, doesn't that mean that matter must reach a point where it goes so fast it all becomes energy? That would be intelligent design, I'd say, and maybe the point of Kurt Vonnegut, other than that love may fail but courtesy will prevail. Anyway, Cocktail Party Physics is a wonderful contribution to the internets Al Gore invented after John Kerry didn't really get wounded pulling him out of the Mekong, and some of you might enjoy it. And Jeff, Berliners are more like crullers, or even Napoleons, than doughnuts. Re voting: Part pf the problem is the intensely ignorant that vote religiously and the informed that give the fundamental right a pass.
  966. caliban on Open primaries.
    July 27th, 2008  7:48 am

  967. Anybody that came from MA would embrace the Pixies as a prety good bamn. They're not the Lyres, who were much better, Their no Barrece and and the Savanes, who could really rip it. Not Limbo Race, nor the Zulus. Now we've got Birdsongs, and, holy crap, Burma. I grew up in Detroit. I used to sit in center field and dtalk to a bunch of huys that could have been Joghn Kee Hooker. I have to listen to morons rgaarding Detroit music. Now We have to deal with trashing Boston music at the same time? I'd say you'd have to remit to Barry and the Remains. 'Truth is the light, light is the day, more folks know, less they have to say. Tell you what. I could decide a death penalty case, but I've got to tell you right now, No way is it right to take anybody's life, no matter what you thought he did.
  968. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  2:50 am

  969. <a One of the things I do everyday when I get up is to check the Bartleby word page. I’ve no idea who’s responsible these days, but when I first encountered it, when I found you could open a browser and several search engines, I thought it was amazing. I went immediately to newspapers, because I'd spent my undergrad years reading legendary papers . Now it doesn't matter because you've got Dana Milbanks whoring? I was stunned that it was a product of Matt Drudge’s old man. You know who it was named after, and as far as I know, the scribbler still refuses to take part or to take responsibility. This is spectacular irony. Like John kerry saying that terr was something for police. He did say that, and the Rand folks said so. Right? Do Tom Ridge was a patsy/buffon and everything the misadministrtioon was a boondoggle, and people that fell for that Swift-Boat shit were idiots. Bartleby is a wonder and what I think is an attitude adjuster before diving into the alimentary tubes of the mysterious internets. The half-gainer is called a reverse dive and involves leaving a 17 ft. Duraflex board front ways and directing your body back toward the end of the board., which 99.44% of humankind wouldn’t have the wherewithal to try, and they shouldn’t try it, and every competitive diver hates. It’s a required dive; foreward, back, inward, reverse. Some meets, you don’t have to even try it. In diving, you try to take the dive straight up and straight down. IgCogonoscenti know that vertical and no splash are de rigeur. You come up straight of the end of the board with maximum force and do the dive in the air. And then you stop your movement. You do it all at the apex of your physical projection of the board. Rudimentary physics would indicate this isn’t possible, but I’ve missed kids diving off the side when I was in the late stages of a double-twister two-and-a-half off a three-meter. It hurt. Meantime, you live in the land of propagandists. I personally don’t see anything Hitlerian. Subborning and purloining the Constitution and the only international treaties that ever made men look like more than acquisitive hominids, what’s that compared to the legal brilliance of John Woo? So anyway, when I greeted the day, after my companion, who believes it’s just the two of us in the long run, and we’re getting on old, there must be a baby, I was confronted with some WWI apologist that sounded like the damnation of the neocons. The Bartleby poem of the day for today: The entire collection (did you know about Google books?):,M1 If you look at even just the T of C, it's pretty obvious this was meant as anti-German propaganda, which I guess makes it worse that it fits the NACenturions so well. Click on the Sir Owen Seaman entry. I think Wilfred Owen had a specific jingoist ahole in mind. Regarding drilling: “There are some instances [that] within a matter of months they could be getting additional oil. In some cases, it would be a matter of a year. In some cases it could take longer than that, depending on the location and whether you use existing rigs or you have to install new rigs, but there’s abundant resources in the view of the people who are in the business that could be exploited within a period of months.” Drilling to affect gas prices is a flatout lie. Maybe a nickel a gallon 15 years out. This is a fact. How is anybody in a better situation by lying about this? Anybody with a brain knows this. With regard to McCain's campaign, I'd like to ask a question. On the issues, in which case has he told the truth? Regarding his opponent, in which case has he even considered the truth? It's not purely political, and I've been an asshole, but, but economically, the most important thing is health care. Hillary knows this hands down. ObamaHas a clue. McCain, he thinks everybody get's his coverage. He's a health Care elitist and he's been absent whenever this subject has come to the Senate. He's a lying snake. His laughter is exceptionally innapropriate. This war hero business makes me think of Poppy bailing. Aside from all of that, McCain is acting like the most constipated idiot the world has ever seen And the most connected with Rove. Lee Atwater made a death-bed confession.
  970. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  4:51 am

  971. Bd for the Graasse. What the hell is wrong with you?Havw noxkuw
  972. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  4:52 am

  973. Trrying to out somebocy
  974. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  4:55 am

  975. mjdawg
  976. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  4:57 am

  977. mjdawg, mjdawd
  978. caliban on What election?
    August 1st, 2008  4:58 am

  979. mjdawg, mjdawg
  980. caliban on Whose bitch are you?
    August 8th, 2008  2:32 am

  981. Any of y'all believe anything about Cipro-Man? If he despised the sorrority girls, wjhy didn't he send them the weaponized Anthrax he was incapapable of sending? He had some connection to some sort of liquid. How did he weaponize?? When the eidence is bogus. The evicence means this bastard was framed. Handan. well He said he took the job to make a living, and he couldn;t have cared less whose river he was. So we got him. We tortured him and what we got was his admission was what he said in the first place. He was the driver.Whoopee. I'm a patriot. This was some bastard trying to make a living. Torture him? Not my country. Make up swiftboat? Same thing's going on right now. There is not a single thing McCain has said is remotely true, and he'll just lie his ass off. If the electorate is so stupid, dmaybe there's no hope. Kerry was the best. They took him down. Mayfe, there's nobody else.
  982. caliban on Whose bitch are you?
    August 8th, 2008  6:31 am

  983. Whose bitch? Well, if Paris Hilton made you a bitch when you're campaign thought you were being cute, you're just a crypt-keeperfool. For a fact, in the time it would get to foul the ANWR offshore, proper tire inflation would save 1o times more oil than might ever be pumped a few years from now. What a maroon. Not quite as smart as Paris Hilton, and we thought she was an idiot and not particularly attractive. Holy shit Paris, if nanny told yoeu back in the day you were hot, whatever that moronic crap means, she was lying. On the other hand, if you can read a sensible energy policy of a teleprompter, you're smarter than yoda. What we know for a fact is McCain campaign lies. Making conservation out to be a joke is ridiculous: proper tire inflation between now and when anybody would pump ANWR and offshore Florida is something like 15:1. These are facts. According to the American Petroleum Institute, you know, Exxon, Mobil, those guys. If theya aren't lying, they're spectacularly stupid. Now if somebody want's to claim there's an immediate impact on fuel prices from drilling, well then I'd guess they'd have to admit that the hedge fund investors are jacking current prices, but McCain and his oil buds insist those guys have nothing to do with current pump prices. If they can have it both ways, then rev those Harleys and threaten sensibilities with Cindy unclad. Botox never did wonders, and it sure wouldn't work on saddlebags. And his abandoned first wife would probably look just as attractive. As far as some unrealized oil bonanza is concerned, outside chance it would produce something like a tenth what proper tire inflation would realize in the next 15 years. So is the old fool lying or is he just deluded? With regard to the tire guages, does he believe that's Obama's energy plan or is he an abject liar? Or is he a tool of oil companies? Or is he an idiot that can't even read a teleprompter without a Karl Rove implant on his back? WaPo and NYT, supposedly countering lies by pointing out that GOP lies means wading into the muck. If people that vote buy that shit, sems like there ought to be a bullshit and an intelliogence test at the polls, and most Murricans wouldn't get past either. They already proved they couldn't tell shit smeared on the Constitution from shinola. Choose your issue. McCains taken both sides, and not only dan he not get either side right with a telestrator, his fist aligns perfectly with anti-American cash influxesd to his campaign. Who makes money from offshore drilling, right now? Oil companies? Some. Oil consumers? (That would be ifiot voters) Not likely. Oil field services companies that have been serving tainted water and food to UStroops in Iraq and Afghanistan on no-fid contracts? Bingo Like Halliburton. Who gets rich? That obscene mole in undisclosed bunkers. In all likelihood, Mayor Kilpatrick is an arrogant asshole that will get what's coming to him. Bush and Cheney invented shit, attacked the Constitution , subborned the Constitution, lied their asses off, ruined people that actually hoped to serve for not being willing to serve, and they did it in service to AIPAC, the PNAC, Republican Party nihilism, stupidity, partisanship, anti-Americanism, in thrall to misanthropic creeps like Grover Norquist and Wayne Connerley. They don't like people that believe in accountability and they believe in some sort of unaccounatable monarchy, and it's pretty clear they stooped to forgery and condoned murders committed by their predecessors: Orlando Letelier, Omar Torrijos, Pineapple Face that undoubtedly has the goods on HW and so survived in some ultimate Club Fed. These are a bunch of assholes that let Chalabi run free in the world and willingly suspended disbelief to belive every lie he told and promulgate it like it was truth from some victim of Saddam instead of some international crook that embezzled $50mil from international banks. Banking is where this sleaze takes place, and Kerry caught the Raygunistas at it, in the Iran-Contra contretemps. Bush family had been running the scam for years, all the way back to Prescott. Why they hated him so much they pulled Swiftboat. Here's the deal. If Americans can buy Swiftboat when it was such a load of crap, and they can ignore the proof that W was in Bummingham whuffing coke while Kerry was pulling a bud out of the Mekong under fire, and both of these circumstances are supported by credible witnesses, what makes anybody think electing a president is rational or beneficial to the general good? I'd really like to hear from anybody that would try to claim the bastards didn't slander Kerry. That immense lies weren't percolated and told through the stovepipe, that Kenneth Blackwell and Diebold didn't rob the election, and that things wouldm't be better if the imp hadn't been impacted for his second four years.Tell it to vets on their fourth tour and the familes of those who died for no reason but PMACenturion , chickenhawk bloodlust when those aholes had nothing personal to lose. Kwame Kilpatrick, Randy Newman's got you covered (trippin' all over your ownsel now). Bush and Cheney, and your Screwtape minions that parsed torture and shitcanned the Constitution, our side (I mean me and my scary companion from whom I have to hide the knives) , we'd leave you to Tom Waits, 'way down in the hole'. If any of you think McCain is the maverick, guess again. Anybody that gets slimed the way McCain was in SC in 2000 and then licks the boots of the slimers isn't somebofy that's telling the truth, and sure as hell isn't anybofy to trust. But he's busy with the image of his beauty queen and her millions taking off her top to flash bikers, who famously love it when they sag below the horizon. Horizon, you know. That imaginary point nobody ever gets to. Like the surge, you know, that increases on the beach and recedes. The surge troop levels increased but now they're 15.000 more kids in harms way for no good reason than homeland politics. And as far as bending the English language is concerned, what about that they stand up, we'll stand down crap? Not in Kirkuk, not ever. Aside from paying millions in American taxpayers money in actual cash with no accounting involved, are the Sons, and the Daughters, of Iraq anything but a mirage, and wasn't that the surge success, along with Sadr melting into the woodwork? Along with massive numbers of people leaving the country and ethnic cleansing of neighborhoods? With apharteid walls preventing people that enjoyed their neighbors in better times from simply going to work. W is lecturing Chinese about human rights. Can some Chinese spokesperson say Guantanamo?
  984. caliban on Still reeling.
    August 8th, 2008  9:38 pm

  985. I had a lesson in journalistic restraint when a great JSchool professor named Charlie Kopp told a newswriting class I could always be counted upon to be colorful. I was suitably abashed, I guess, but I also sensed approbation from somebody I admired. To this day, I still believe in writing simple as a precept, but one to be smashed to bits, because, writers, like girls, just want to have fun, and because we can. In the particular instance, my argument with 'reeling' would concern accuracy. While a reeling Kwame would be a thing to reckon with, I doubt he reels except after a few fifths of Cristal at the Love Shack (somewhere around 13th and Indiandale). 'Seething' was probably more like it, a 'churning urn of burning funk', and I'll bet 'homicidally enraged' wouldn't have been entirely innacurate. All in all, had editors allowed the reporter to describe Mayor Kilpatrick as 'supremely pissed off and looking for revenge with murder in his heart for the police', journalistic objectivity, accuracy, and readers would have been well served. Detroit politics has always been down and dirty, and Chicago lays claim to roughhouse, but y'all are pikers. Mayor Curley ran Boston from inside, when he was away. Will Dee-troit step up. Don't free Kwame. (Why is it that you can't find an interested American that won't claim her own homies produce the most despicable, crooked politicians?)
  986. caliban on Still reeling.
    August 9th, 2008  1:01 am

  987. He is still the mayor, right? Somebody wallowing in the same trough got him into trouble in the first place. The idea of the jacket emblazoned with the political honorific puts me in mind of Joe Ely, a great (if that's not overreaching diction) Texas singer, songwriter and guitar-slinger. Joe's got a Nudie suit we've seen him perform in with kingsnakes embroidered on the lapels. (Red touch yellow, and etc.) I'm all for reporters just stating the facts. W lied his ass off and fabricated evidence. Dick Cheney would kick the Constitution's ass beyond the Magna Carta. Nobody wants to just admit to facts. Read that stifled hysterical schoolmarm Howard Kurtz, who regularly equates legitimate criticism with outright lies and rounds them up under the banner of 'going negative. People like that with good jobs on papers of record said that pointing out lies and dealing with facts about W's lack of service (well, technically, it was actually desertion) was somehow the same thing as some Nixon psychophant making up alternative reality about Kerry's service in both VietNam and across a couple of borders. These things aren't commensurate. It seems the basic problem is the inability of Americans to confront reality, read English, separate truth from bullshit, consider the welfare of others, sniff out liars, act like the Christians they claim to be in overwhelming numbers, think, I guess. And there's the rub. Words are code agreed upon, and pictures are easily manipulated code. In my opinion, the description of Kwame Kilpatrick's clothing was fairly obviously trying to portray him as Shug. You can fall all over yourselves insisting that the Skinny Guy, phallic symbol, Brittany, phallic symbol, Paris ad cocntained no racial intent. Same guy made that ad made the Tennessee ad about the Playboy Mansion and 'Call me Harold'. They're coming for our women. My companion says they may be coming for her, and while those black bucks are alluring, I'm still OK. A lot to consider. Who changes your copy and should anybody, ever? No. who writes the misleading heads? Nobody's going to admit to it. Every paper in the world had heads insisting that the 'terriss' Hamdan was found guilty. No he wasn't. Before he took the horrible tour and was subjected to torture, the Yemeni guy with a grade-school education said he took a job driving Osama, to pay his bills. He was convicted of driving not ms. Daisy but it might as well have been. Let's get KennyBoy Lay's driver to Gitmo. And these assholes will insist on keeping this guy forever like he's dangerous, instead of just like every poor bastard trying to find a job because the moron fried the economy. So if you are ndeed irony-proof, and not inquisitive at all, I guess you're a Lucky Man. People make fun of jackasses like you. You know, that's how things stand. Nobody talks about Keating 5, but I guess if you languished, you must be telling the truth. Way I see it, dropping bombs from about a mile and getting shot down seems either incompetent or detached. How about this? I didn't know McCain but I heard he was an ignorant cowboy with eyes on the prize. He made up those purple hearts. No wait, he didn't have any. But he must be a hero because he was a POW. Kerry actually saved guys he cared about from being hurt or captured. So, what are these idiots carrying over to some old white-haired fool that never had anything to do with VietNam but killing civilians at the safe remove of several thousand feet? And he was such a fucking maroon he got shot down. Holy shit, he went through hell. In the first place, the Bush eternal campaigners denigrated this argument, and they're right. Being a POW doesn't make you either a war hero or a leader. NFW. Tell you what. Let's bring up the W anti-McCain ads from SC. Seems fair, since this ahole is W incarnate. Bring those on. Actually, bith these idiots ckaim tp have seen service. This goes back and wy back. These two nitwits dishonored vets. Seems to be a Republican thing. Kerry wasn't a hero. Kiss Nixon on the cheek goodnight and remember, there ws Eliot Richardson, who just was not buying the moral turpitude. Those were crooks. These assholes tried to destroy the Constitution. They ought to fry.
  988. caliban on Still reeling.
    August 9th, 2008  1:15 am

  989. This business about Hamdan found guilty is revolting. He was found guilty of being the driver. He admitted to that a long time ago. He took the job to provide for a wife and a kid. The guy has been globetrotted and anybody purporting to be American is a war criminal with a hand in slicing and dicing and terrorizing people that had no closer connection to terr than that they had Arabic names. That's a fact.
  990. caliban on Still reeling.
    August 9th, 2008  6:05 am

  991. I was thinking about the term 'reeling'. Lo and behold, we have Steely Dan, a song so great it needs no introduction. these guys paid some literary ante up. Now if anyobdy wrote better lyrics: I remember the thirty-five sweet goodbyes When you put me on the Wolverine Up to Annandale It was still September When your daddy was quite surprised To find you with the working girls In the county jail I was smoking with the boys upstairs When I heard about the whole affair I said oh no William and Mary won't do Well, yeah lot's of people did. Sue me. Still pretty excellent. I assume she's got legs. W & M is sort of below our social class., and if Liberty is what we aspire to for law school, we've been hoist by our own petard. It's an interesting question, whose bitch are you? Obvious answer. Not one you meant to antagonize. Who brought up this odious subject? Old white-haired dude that seriously looks like the crypt-keeper. No other way ou could cut it, He should have shut the hell up. All of this is mind-bogglnmg. Paris Hilton is smarter and reads a teleprompter so much better than McCain, he comes across like Barney Fife on meth. And on energy, McCain's campaign says, what she said. That is what they said, right?
  992. caliban on What gets left.
    August 14th, 2008  12:59 am

  993. Any of y'all that receive VH1 Classic: The great music documentary Wattstax is showing at 8p est tonight. Haven't seen it in years, but it's in the pantheon, with Last Waltz, Gimme Shelter Monterey Pop. Cultural dysphasia precludes inclusion of Woodstock. Hippies. As I recall, Bad Moth... real life alter ego Isaac Hayes is in it, and great footage of Sly.
  994. caliban on Gemini.
    August 15th, 2008  2:08 am

  995. Old times, in Detroit, there was Lakeside, with a wooden coaster and an extremely scary Wild Mouse. There are also carney rides to consider, like the Zipper. My kid, Emily, knew no fear. Neither did I but for her safety. I mean she had to outlive me. Nasncy loves Detroit I wouldn't say a thing about wierd priests, but we had Fr. Flannacan. So, these places are hotbeds for wierdos? I'm stymied here And it comes to me. Nancy's an ocassionalyl brilliant writer.Nancy thinks shes a clue about detroit music. Thinks she has it wrapped. Musically, those days, you had SRC and MC5. In the late 60s Wverybody decided Eric was God. Notwithstanfing Jimi, that could put him in the ground, and Neil and Steven. It's always astounded me that people would listen to the little stingers on For What It's Worth. The whole thingk is the rhythm guitar and Steven's vocal But every one of you gets to bote. Anybody doesn't feel diminished and sullied by what the Lerry identified everything as a police matter, Su wasn't rigtht? Fact is, W and the PMAC turned out to be idiots
  996. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 17th, 2008  1:45 am

  997. Coasterpalooza was pretty entertaining. Why do people like 'em? Double shot of adrenaline with endorphins chaser. Or maybe it's the human compulsion to make metaphor the massage. Everybody know's life's a roller coaster, ad nauseam generally. Life is a carnival, if you ask Robbie and Levon, and my personal favorite is "Life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?" from Keith Reed and Procol Harum. When the conversation gravitated toward coaster maintenance, I started to feel queasy, and I never feel that way hurtling upside down at high speeds. It was the proximity of heaven in facing death-defying amusement park 'attractions' (they make 'beverages' more 'appetizing'), where you might be importuned by stereotypical aholes including a plagiarizing Detroit sportswriter. But then, life as ride on roller coaster made a perfect penultimate scene in Steve Martin's masterpiece Parenthood. And just ask the Ohio Players about love and roller coasters. The American economy has been up and down, but if somebody wants to make Alan Greenspan and Bernanke the kindly Capraesque maintenance guys, I'm gonna hope that most of the time a roller coaster is just a thrill ride, because they seem more like that gremlin on the wing in the Twilight Zone
  998. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 17th, 2008  7:45 pm

  999. I think this is a reliable link to the transcript: Jeff, turns out that, for some reason, we recorded it. My opinion: Obama was thoughtful, which quality will be mildly denigrated in press analysis as 'nuanced'. McCain seemed rehearsed to the point of being canned. OF course, Obama went first, and it's entirely likely that McCain's handlers employed some electronic sur4veillance skullduggery and just cut and pasted from the old fart's stump speech. Most inane question from Ranger, I mean Reverend Rick: What level of income constitutes being rich. McCain actually put the figure at $5mil, which should strike anlysts as tone deaf at the Roseanne National Anthem level. Interesting theological note: Preacher asked both candidates "Does evil exist, and if so, do we ignore it, do we negotiate with it, do we contain it, or do we defeat it?" Their responses: One of these answers is theologically sound, in line with Augustine and Thomas Aquinas and Reinhold Niebuhr. One seems perilously close to embodying the cardinal sin of pride. Fathers of modern Christian thinking or deposed archangel. You be the judge. Of course, we watch with our biases and antipathies intact.
  1000. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  3:16 am

  1001. Jeff, I was heartened to discern direct echoes of Jimma Ed's favorite philosopher priest in Obama's suggestion we can all be soldiers in creation's movement to defeat evil. This is a unifying thread of refined and annealed gold in the works of Paul Tillich and the Process theologians. Teillhard too, although he sees it more as imperfection to be made ultimately perfect. These guys are theologians by trade and critical acclaim, but I always figured they were really philosophers with a particular point of view and intellectual foundation. I suppose that's nuance, but I can't comprehend any way that's a weakness and not a prerequisite for valid investigation of human essence, soul, condition, or the institutions and social constructs those real considerations that sentience and self-awareness render inevitable. The soldier metaphor stirs my Jesuit soul, and I think it's instructive that Black Liberation Theology is a tactical target for the disciples of Rove, after the Reagan administration attempted to murder the Jesuit and Maryknoll white liberation theologians in the 80s. Now, the purveyors of Iran-Contra were evil, bankers for murderers and dope cartels, assassins in their own right. Until it ceased to serve his purposes in hard-core neicin circles, McCain clutched Kerry's coattails (how's that for inspired alliteration?). When that became a liability, it hit the rubbish pile like the corpse of a raped nun in Guatemala. In this way, I 'm standing on solid rock (petros) when I insist on being both pro-life and pro-choice, and a devout Catholic. (And gutdom, I take a load of grief and derision, but if to deny the coexistence of these two imperatives seems to me the height of intellectual indolence. Christ's teachings found politically inconvenient and not tried.) At Saddleback, McCain told the story of the closeted Christian Vietnamese Guard at Hua Lo Prison, on Christmas Day. I'll tell you, I believe in David Bowie and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence more than I believe in this. Maybe it happened, but I'm genetically predisposed to believe he's lying his ass off. In the modern world, manufactured perception trumps reality. As the great nuanced Armenian folk artist Tonio K says: but love got twisted and the streets got mean now everybody's got their secret as the night comes down like a guillotine. So it's August and we count down to "ecstacy, when sympathy is all the situation wants". In 2004, when I heard Obama's stemwinder (a linguistically gorgeous term that should have been retired to the political Hall of Fame with Teddy's plaque, but voters in democracies know what they want, and they've got glass jaws). Somehow John Edwards' infidelity is supposed by "pundits" (or "pundints" as the pretzledent of the Nunined Sates likes to say--can't this ahole speak reasonable English?--, well, what's he got to do with anything, and how 'bout Dan 'Scumbag' Burton. The Youthful Indsicretion thing for Republicans is like eating dirt in public. Maybe, Republicans love the Edwards story because there's a cancer connection to Newt's biography. But Edwards didn't abandon his wife and present her with divorce papers while she was receiving chemo Anyway, Jeff, McCain has no theological leg to stand on as I see things. He's made an ass of himself by targeting Osama. 9 aND GOOD GRIEF, w SAID HE COULDN'T CARE LESS==what is wrong with the idiots?In the 21st Century, nations don't invade Pakistan, they threaten Russia for doing exactly the same thing Bush and the New Centurions did invading Iraq. It doesn't take a nuanced analysis to figure this was the idea when Reagan and his henchmen decided to trash elected governments in Central America. It's not really difficult to understand that Kerry became Target 1 for his skill and dogged pursuit of truth. Now, if really dumb American voters weren't abject sheep, and if Americans in general didn't cower in fear, how could the little turd that declared "Mission Accomplished" have snaked 2004. It's entirely possible he didn't and Diebold made it happen, but if that's the case, Why Is America Sleeping. Americans like the idea of war heroes being elected. McCain rained down terror, and somehow managed to get his ass shot down. If I were Pastor Rick, I'd ask John McCain if he ever dropped napalm and he be foregiven? Would you take a courts-marshall, see your career come to an end, to avoid responsibility for incinerating and maiming innocents? Kerry's well out of this. His heroic behavior and his service is obvious. Anybody interested in disputing this, I'll give you ciirdinates abd U wukk kick your ass.He ran an honorable and truthful campaign. Jobbed by scum like Karl Rove, a draft dodger, and Cheney, a draft dodger extraordinaire. So what does that mean about the efficacy of voting in America? Voter's are so fucking stupid it's mind-numbing. Now. For anybody still reading and believes reading on the net is reading. Kerry absolutely nailed the Raygunista bastards. His work if you choose to explore it , exposed corruption Nixon never dreamed of. It exposed INSLAw, and the murder of a family friend of mine. The 'October Surprise' was a gven for these traitors. They most assuredly made sure the Great Communicator was inhogurated, for cash and weapons. Deal is, Kweey caught thir anti-American asses. Cod awmighty, they hated him and there was no slime that couldb't be considered. Here's the deal. Kenneth Blackwell fucked with the manikis or people believed Kerry wasn't in fact a hero. What exactly is wrong with the idea that Kerry was a hero? His cimpatriots say he waded into danger. Are those guys left-wing liars? Assholes. He was a hero, he saved guy's lives. How 'bout W's VietNam experience. There's no way of comparing in real time. Know why? W was always out of the mix. I wouldn't say he's a coward. I never had any idea of going anywhere. The idea was heinous, the war was just wrong. The little shit thought it was right but somebody else ought to take it to the enemy. Same as his dad, when he bailed out on his best friend, same as W when it seemed to threaten the O'Clubs stock.
  1002. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  3:47 am

  1003. Jeff, I was heartened to discern direct echoes of Jimma Ed's favorite philosopher priest in Obama's suggestion we can all be soldiers in creation's movement to defeat evil. This is a unifying thread of refined and annealed gold in the works of Paul Tillich and the Process theologians. Teillhard too, although he sees it more as imperfection to be made ultimately perfect. These guys are theologians by trade and critical acclaim, but I always figured they were really philosophers with a particular point of view and intellectual foundation. I suppose that's nuance, but I can't comprehend any way that's a weakness and not a prerequisite for valid investigation of human essence, soul, condition, or the institutions and social constructs those real considerations that sentience and self-awareness render inevitable. The soldier metaphor stirs my Jesuit soul, and I think it's instructive that Black Liberation Theology is a tactical target for the disciples of Rove, after the Reagan administration attempted to murder the Jesuit and Maryknoll white liberation theologians in the 80s. Now, the purveyors of Iran-Contra were evil, bankers for murderers and dope cartels, assassins in their own right. Until it ceased to serve his purposes in hard-core neicin circles, McCain clutched Kerry's coattails (how's that for inspired alliteration?). When that became a liability, it hit the rubbish pile like the corpse of a raped nun in Guatemala. In this way, I 'm standing on solid rock (petros) when I insist on being both pro-life and pro-choice, and a devout Catholic. (And gutdom, I take a load of grief and derision, but if to deny the coexistence of these two imperatives seems to me the height of intellectual indolence. Christ's teachings found politically inconvenient and not tried.) At Saddleback, McCain told the story of the closeted Christian Vietnamese Guard at Hua Lo Prison, on Christmas Day. I'll tell you, I believe in David Bowie and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence more than I believe in this. Maybe it happened, but I'm genetically predisposed to believe he's lying his ass off. In the modern world, manufactured perception trumps reality. As the great nuanced Armenian folk artist Tonio K says: but love got twisted and the streets got mean now everybody's got their secret as the night comes down like a guillotine. So it's August and we count down to "ecstacy, when sympathy is all the situation wants". In 2004, when I heard Obama's stemwinder (a linguistically gorgeous term that should have been retired to the political Hall of Fame with Teddy's plaque, but voters in democracies know what they want, and they've got glass jaws). Somehow John Edwards' infidelity is supposed by "pundits" (or "pundints" as the pretzledent of the Nunined Sates likes to say--can't this ahole speak reasonable English?--, well, what's he got to do with anything, and how 'bout Dan 'Scumbag' Burton. The Youthful Indsicretion thing for Republicans is like eating dirt in public. Maybe, Republicans love the Edwards story because there's a cancer connection to Newt's biography. But Edwards didn't abandon his wife and present her with divorce papers while she was receiving chemo Anyway, Jeff, McCain has no theological leg to stand on as I see things. He's made an ass of himself by targeting Osama. 9 aND GOOD GRIEF, w SAID HE COULDN'T CARE LESS==what is wrong with the idiots?In the 21st Century, nations don't invade Pakistan, they threaten Russia for doing exactly the same thing Bush and the New Centurions did invading Iraq. It doesn't take a nuanced analysis to figure this was the idea when Reagan and his henchmen decided to trash elected governments in Central America. It's not really difficult to understand that Kerry became Target 1 for his skill and dogged pursuit of truth. Now, if really dumb American voters weren't abject sheep, and if Americans in general didn't cower in fear, how could the little turd that declared "Mission Accomplished" have snaked 2004. It's entirely possible he didn't and Diebold made it happen, but if that's the case, Why Is America Sleeping. Americans like the idea of war heroes being elected. McCain rained down terror, and somehow managed to get his ass shot down. If I were Pastor Rick, I'd ask John McCain if he ever dropped napalm and he be foregiven? Would you take a courts-marshall, see your career come to an end, to avoid responsibility for incinerating and maiming innocents? Kerry's well out of this. His heroic behavior and his service is obvious. Anybody interested in disputing this, I'll give you ciirdinates abd U wukk kick your ass.He ran an honorable and truthful campaign. Jobbed by scum like Karl Rove, a draft dodger, and Cheney, a draft dodger extraordinaire. So what does that mean about the efficacy of voting in America? Voter's are so fucking stupid it's mind-numbing. Now. For anybody still reading and believes reading on the net is reading. Kerry absolutely nailed the Raygunista bastards. His work if you choose to explore it , exposed corruption Nixon never dreamed of. It exposed INSLAw, and the murder of a family friend of mine. The 'October Surprise' was a gven for these traitors. They most assuredly made sure the Great Communicator was inhogurated, for cash and weapons. Deal is, Kweey caught thir anti-American asses. Cod awmighty, they hated him and there was no slime that couldb't be considered. Here's the deal. Kenneth Blackwell fucked with the manikis or people believed Kerry wasn't in fact a hero. What exactly is wrong with the idea that Kerry was a hero? His cimpatriots say he waded into danger. Are those guys left-wing liars? Assholes. He was a hero, he saved guy's lives. How 'bout W's VietNam experience. There's no way of comparing in real time. Know why? W was always out of the mix. I wouldn't say he's a coward. I never had any idea of going anywhere. The idea was heinous, the war was just wrong. The little shit thought it was right but somebody else ought to take it to the enemy. Same as his dad, when he bailed out on his best friend, same as W when it seemed to threaten the O'Clubs stock. Waht the hey.
  1004. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  5:19 am

  1005. So what's the deal Nancy? Genteel d'ont get it. It does not behoobe you to stand apart when one patyy reaches out and the other talks like wormtongue. I know where I stand. It's with telling the truth. Do you think the bastards told the truth about Kerry;s war record? ? And know what I say, W is so despicable a coward, let the little shit compare his Viet record with Kerry's. Ptoblem is voters are so damed stupid. So is there some way the Agora can come through and name the democratic choice? Not in eight billion years. But there are people that make us embrace the future. Michael Phelps in that one you thought he lost. In swimming, fetting touched out happens all the time. The second made a bad decission. He goy youched out. These things happen. If you'd ever been a swimmer, you'd know. Glide vs, chop, not even close. I thought I understood this. 't get it.
  1006. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  5:27 am

  1007. Don't know what to say@kat i bleyve. All of creation is God becoming God.
  1008. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  10:20 am

  1009. Yoh, Jeff, and against all odds, I remain Catholic and Teillhardian in a sort of windhover sort of way. We did'nt think much about Edna St, Millay. Until recntly, when this idea about holding chaos to 14 linwa caaaaame to our attention. I know it sounds ridiculous, but we are plural . Let me say this as a former swimmer, Michael Phelps owes one relay to Lezak. The other, he swam a 50.15 fly , and Jason lost .05 on that lead. Acting like Phelps was somehow Spitzian demeans our sport. Nobody cheats nobody on water except in diving. The .01? Every swimmer knows you take it to the wall. This happens frequently, and getting touched out is not uncommon. You come in lazy, you lose, and talk big in the aftermath. . What Phelps did is how you win. What anybody else did is how you lose, and recriminations are ludicrous. Try those races when Phelps was rested, you jerks. Ass handed to you, monsieur. Jason Lezak won the one. Phelps won the other. Fifty almost flat? Ask an actual swimmer. That's in another world, and in that relay, Phelp's won the gold for his teammates.
  1010. caliban on Saturday sailbloggimg.
    August 18th, 2008  10:45 am

  1011. I'm rereading the Rings, Jeff. I aaalways thought Keith Reid had this perfectly: You'd better listen anybody, 'cos I'm gonna make it clear that my life is unimportant; what I've done I did through fear There's a river running through me: on its tide I tried to hide nonetheless I could not shake it, and in the end it swept aside all my feeble unimportance. I can't say it, never mind Can't you hear me mother calling you? I'm cold, I'm deaf, I'm blind And if only 'cos you're lucky, we both know that's no find I did think I'd be an actor. What I am I'll leave behind You'd better listen anybody, 'cos it's me and you --that's it and in case you find your maker perhaps you'll plead for us a bit All my sick is in my stomach, all my sweat is clearly fear and if you could see inside me I don't think you'd have me here Tell the helmsman veer to starboard, bring this ship around to port and if the sea was not so salty I could sink instead of walk And in case of passing strangers who are standing where I fell tell the truth: you never knew me, and in truth it's just as well Could be Jesus. Mission in transition, Mission accomplished, that's Boromir's call, and pride comes before a fall. Interesting that McCain iwll hunt evil down, swear I've heard that before, dur W lost interest.
  1012. caliban on The local wildlife.
    August 29th, 2008  4:59 pm

  1013. Corvettes didn't ever live in the same universe as Z-Cars. And I despsise Chevys in general. . The Stingray is an abomination. Actually, there are Corvettes and there are Stingrays. Tod and Buz drove a Corvette, but a Shelby ustang would have been better. Comparisons with Jack are wonderful because they remind Americans that excellence might defeat stupidity. I think, Bobby's the touchstone. Republicans will claim that piss won't trickle down, but if American voters are so stupid they can't see wealth being consolidated in the few, so much for American democracy. There's something seriously to be said for the idea that patriotism means concern for the commonweal. You know, McCains embrace of Rove's and the little pisant's politics ought to stick in people's craw. We get battered with what Hillary said about Barack, in the heat of a campaign that excluded Michigan and Florida. In 2000, the Bush campaign said John McCain was nucking futs. What sort of blind ambition causes you to embrace inept policies cobbled together by total wack-jobs from the New American Century and Kommissar Karl, after they came up with that push-phone crap om South Carolina about you'r black love-child? Have you no shame? People are so stupid, they buy Jerome Corsi. Facts are, W was a coke-snorting weasel and Kerry was an actual hero. That's whar happened. It's also a sure thing that Kenneth Blackwell and his pals at Dibeold stole Cuyahoga County, same as Republicans jobbed Volusia in 2000.
  1014. caliban on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 29th, 2008  8:45 pm

  1015. Palmer Woods? Almost Oak Park. Right next to Ferndale. Time back way back I came within an inch of a hole in one on the 14th hole at Palmer Park. Politics? Does raining down bombs make you a war hero instead of the guy that pulled buddies out of firefights? Did McCain ever stand up against the Swift Boaters? There is no question that was the saddest episode in the history of American politics, and it surely proved voters are just as stupid as HL ever impugned. (I know, impugn is a transitive verb, but so is torture.) McCain stands for torture, and he took credit for Kerry's accomplishments in recognizing Viet Nam and returning vets' remains to the US. Here's the deal as I see it on the McCain gravitas. His so-called maverick status came mostly from Kerry's aggressive prosecution of the Raygun gang. Before that, McCain was best known nationally for being in bed with a savings and loan rapist. If John McCain had a remote understanding of honor, he wouldn't suck up to people that slandered him in disgusting racist fashion, and he would have stood up to his Millionaire Partay when they slandered an actual war hero. Now McCain's got the gun-mom, PTA-toting mayor of Cicely for a running mate. If she had money and peroxide, I'd say Cindy should worry. She is younger. I suppose her qualifications for the VP job are baby factory, PTA and gunshow credibility. Having a bunch of kids is a decidedly good thing. My mom had five. But she was too smart for charlatan's like the Arizona beer baronette. She is undoubtedly connected to Ted Stevens. She's also an idiot that thinks the six months worth of oil in the North Slope is worth trashing the Bay of Alaska.
  1016. caliban on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 29th, 2008  10:58 pm

  1017. Brooks & Dunn? I would have preferred Wycleff or Willie. But if the Gross Old Petroleums trot out Lee Greenwood again, the deal would be done if American voters weren't so damn stupid. Babbling heads are bloviating (isn't that a superb word? I don't think it actually has any etymology, kinda like the NRA lady that is supposed to draw Hillary bitter-enders.) about John McCain's newest younger woman. First impression, wow, if you're not looking at the TV screen, you'd expect the Flying Nun. First thing, after killing the lawyers (thank you Dick the Butcher), ask her about kits for making weapons full auto, and how she spells potato. We felt dreadful and perilous, in the true Tolkien sense of those words, when Blackwell stole Ohio. And it may not be Mordor, but gutdom the Republicans have come close. The fact that they've couched upward migration of wealth and ease into a shrinking percentage is disturbing enough, but do they have to denigrate and insult the intelligence of the bottom 99 by hijacking the idea of Christianity? Peggy Noonan, Camille Paglia, Jean Schmidt, not available, I guess. Really, this choice is so cynical and transparent, it's kind of amazing the nation doesn't barf in unison. Sarah Palin believes a woman's place is biscuits in the oven, in a tree stand, standing by a man that calls his wife a c#nt (could somebody ask her opinion on that choice of words?). But Ted Nugent is whacking off. If McCain's strategists think this Stepford Wife is going to attract disgruntled female Hillary proponents, they're dumber than McBane is senile. Michaela and LAMary, Hillary supporters that held a grudge had a point. The garbage alleging racism about the Clintons was crap, and she was denigrated for being a woman. I don't think they care, because the Clintons care about the direction of the USA. One way or another, voters have to consider who it is they'll be comfortable with running the country. Obama? Sure, he's Jack all over. Biden? You know that Kinnock speech, well he quoted it 12 times and attributed it 12 times. So that's kinda bullshit and it sure doesn't get to Keating Five territory. McCain? Republican neocon base hates him (which is a benefit). Phalin? GOP woman. Intelligent women would never vote for Republicans because that party is malignant toward women.
  1018. caliban on Whew. I need a cigarette.
    August 29th, 2008  11:13 pm

  1019. LAMary: I supported Hillary, never held animus for Barack. She knows what to do about health care, and in the long run, she'll make Barack listen. I've always thought the idea of feminism was less compelling than equal rights. It's a single human race. I kind of think that idiotic foriegn policy isn't the province of guys. Margaret Thatcher was a true asshole, and although she wasn't tested, we're all supposed to assume she was female. Anyway, this idiot has brought out McCain's military service. He was a pilot. He rained down death. John Kerry pulled wounded buddies out of the MeKong. Who's a war hero? When they got home, Kerry questioned the government, McCain stood with the Swift Boat Liars. Who's a hero? If you don't get this, you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  1020. caliban on Who made thee?
    August 29th, 2008  11:40 pm

  1021. We had a very large rabbit named Hoppy. I had a dog called Sandy that was an awesome collie that weighed about 75 lbs. My brother Chris had a Dachsund named Baron, and that was Sandy's best friend. DThe dogs were protective of the rabbit and each other. Baron was run over, by a neighbor that never got over it. Sandy pined (a truly great dog, and no joke, a collie and a dachsund)). The rabbit didn't give a shit. Did it occur to anybody that McCain pulled this out of his ass. And really, how did Governor Palin oppose the Alaskan scumbags? Well she didn't, or she wouldn't have been elected.
  1022. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  12:16 am

  1023. I believe that's about John McCain. I find it exceptionally difficult to believe women would vote for some ahole that called his wife a c#@nt, instead of the pickaninny. That is the characterization the ahole chose in both cases. This is Rovian. Whatever it takes. If you had brains, the alleged Temple is actually more like a theater, but, you know, what the hey, we can lie one way or another. W had columns in the background. Pat Buchanon says the VP nominee is a beauty queen. Andrea Mitchell says John McCain is a foreign policy guru. Apparently she didn't get the deal on Georgia. Moron. Is she not a fucking moron? Holy crap?
  1024. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  12:51 am

  1025. Sorry, I think she's a joke. I think McCadaver is Bush warmed over. Nobody needs this shit anymore. I thought in 2004 that my fellow Americans couldn't possibly be that stupid. I knew for a fact Kenneth Blackwell would steal votes in Cuyahoga County. Why that asshole isn't in jail, well that's beyomd me.
  1026. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  3:05 am

  1027. World Assemblies of God Fellowship is a cult. I say this as member of what the Republican Party has called a "demonic cult". You know, Catholics. I thought it would be hilarious if McCain chose the Holy Underpants. This woman believes every criminal has a right to an AK until some jack-booted thug from ATF pries it from her cold dead hands. She is Jeanne Schmidt, but better looking, or at least not zombified. The insult to women's intelligence in general goes right along with the troglodyte's comment on his own wife, however correct he may have been.
  1028. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  3:21 am

  1029. But you know, the baby murderer, drill, drill, drill female vote is probably huge. These people also think home schooling is peachy keen. And the Constitution is flypaper we need to get rid of, because it doesn't really let moral arbiters like her and W screw your lives over. And guess what. She supported the Bridge to Nowhere in 2006 before she thought it wasn't such a good idea. How's that ofr moving out from under the Feds?. Oh, and she said Hillary Clinton was an "insufferable whiner". That ought to go over big time with disaffected voters. No joke, she is Camille Paglia with a lobotomy. But, you know, W knows Alaska is right next to Russia.
  1030. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  3:50 am

  1031. Voters are spectacularly stupid. People believe W served in the Texas National Guard, even though he was criminally AWOL. And people believe John Kerry somehow staged getting shot and pulling his buddy out of the Mekong. What I'd like to know is what the hell is wrong with people? You know what fueled the Republican vitriol against Kerry? He exposed the patron saint when he investigated the patron saint: I believe Cheney was involved in that too. These people are sorry excuses for actual people. Lee Atwater took it all back when he was dying.
  1032. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  3:59 am

  1033. What the hell does it mean when it's a jest to say some psychopath like Karl Rove is controlling elections? I guess if you're the moral equivalent of Enron, that's all probably fine. Oil company executives eat salade nicoise with VP Elmer Fudd, and they take home 35 times the cash that rig workers clear. I'm sure they all get a big kick out of that, but I'd like to see the oil rig guys beat shit out of the Republicans..
  1034. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  4:26 am

  1035. The surge is fascinating. What it actually was is monster cash to warlords and Shia militias choosing not to fight, and US will abandon those guys like stink removing from shit, and all hell will break out. That's McCain's wisdom. McBane was slandered by Karl Rove in South Carolina in 20000. Apparently, he thinks those tactics are perfectly fine when Democratic candidates are targets. Maverick? Horseshit. High road campaigning? He's a scumbag that was fine with Swift Boat. What a hero.
  1036. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  4:35 am

  1037. Coozle: Did you know that the infamous SKM never said a word to his captors until it was proved to him that his family was in the same boat he was? If Americans really wanted to track down the 911 murderers, torturing the Saudi royal family might have been more effective. Fact is, top-down, these people are war criminals.
  1038. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  5:19 am

  1039. Do you support aholes with am agenda that torture people and claim it's to protect you? Do people understand the fact that the New American Centurions tried to talk Clinton into this shit, but he refused to have anything to do with it? There really is no excuse for immoral behavior, no matter what some tortured legalistic piece of shit like John Yoo might fabricate. That's the kind of legal advice you get when you rely on Fundy diploma mills. But hey, it's a republic. Each and every one of us is responsible for the inhuman and illegal behavior of these aholes. And they've invaded a country that was a key ally of Raygun, they've tortured people, they've screwed over Americans that needed health care for the $4billion a week, including wounded vets. There is basically no way in the English language to express or describe the moral turpitude of the current administration. And John McCain wants four more years. Know what? Bullshit. And the hockey mom thinks the Constitution guarantees a right to sell cop-killer ammo at "gun shows". Great Murrican. Long national nightmare from which we all need to wake up. Stolen in 2000, stolen in 2004. Brownshirts lose this time. Assholes.
  1040. caliban on What a weasel wants.
    August 30th, 2008  5:50 am

  1041. You got your basic choice between that asshole hack that cut and pasted The DaVinci Code or Will Shakes, who was actually responsible, along with the catamite Kit Marlowe, for the Bible those anti-Christians like to beat. Me, I'll take twangling: Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs that give delight, and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices, That, if I then had wak'd after long sleep, Will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming, The clouds methought would open and show riches Ready to drop upon me, that, when I wak'd, I cried to dream again.
  1042. caliban on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  10:57 pm

  1043. I would gladly forfeit our lifelong dream of winning Powerball, buying an island and declaring an independent monarchy if I could infiltrate one of those faux town meetings and ask McCain "How do we beat the bitch?" And what does the bitch think about Keating Five? There is so much of this that assaults common decency and intelligence. Women will vote kneejerk for a woman that thinks carbon dating is voodoo, Creationism should be nationally mandated science teaching, interfering in tawdry small-town romance, low rent rendevous need a governor's interference, and the Constitution guarantees a right to untrammeled gun-show dealing in assault weapons. The love of my life is spitting bullets over this travesty. but I think she's missing the greatest insult. It's the name. Michael Palin may be a lesser light in the Monty Pantheon, b-b-b-but he's a pescophile that truly loves a Fish Called Wanda. Sarah Palin does disservice to his name. This c*nt believes in slaughtering fishes for her livelihood. Well, no she doesn't, and anybody that has some idea about her husband Fabio reeling in the Great White Salmon is an idiot. Quite a stutter. God's second blunder was Republicans. First was probably not Michael Palin.. It's an agreeably arguable contention that Kevin Klein's character is basically Dickless Cheney. Is it possible somebody could discern a more despicable piece of shit? Now there's the subject of how she's damaged his name. Michael Palin is a clown, because it dawned on him one day. His pal, John Cleese, is the comic rendition of the sun setting on the empire. He's not Ray Davies, but he's close, and who is? Their compatriot Terry Gilliam understood a Stalinist turd like W years ago. Gun-mom is not remotely funny, and if she believes the world is 5000 something years old, she's an idiot, or a liar, or a Pharisee. We figure she's a "mean girl".
  1044. caliban on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  11:07 pm

  1045. Some asshole prayed that God would rain on Obama. God seems to have made his choice. Heckuva job. Fucking morons. god
  1046. caliban on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  11:11 pm

  1047. They don't want the human tragedy connected with Katrina. Of course they don't. They don't give a shit, but they're afraid it will look bad, These people are aholes.
  1048. caliban on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  11:17 pm

  1049. OK. Does anybody in their wildest imagination think this idiot is Hillary? She doesn't believe in universal healthcare. She believes Creationism is equal to actual science. She's a Republican Stepford idiot.
  1050. caliban on A small rant.
    August 30th, 2008  11:42 pm

  1051. Ladies, Sorry , Bitches, Whoa, we meant cumts. John McCain thinks women are dumb. I don't claim to understand women. It's my firm belief that women represent the best the human race has to offer. Here's the deal. This idiot believes everybody ought to be armed with an assault weapon. She's a jerk. She's basically a moron bevo-hair Repiblican lady. She has no clue but Miss Congeniality. She's basically Lindsey Lohan sans brains. And when Gustav hits, these pep[le dom't care about human beings. Why would they? They're Republicans, abd there isn't any cash there. .
  1052. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:01 am

  1053. Suzi, She seems like the mean girl. But you know what, McCain is the mean gitl. He seemed to sign on with the Swift Boaters. McCain latched on to Kerry's senate investigations. And kept arms length. Ahole. Do you believe Bush lied his ass off about WMD? You know he lied his ass off. These people subborned the Constitution. They lied, she lied, do we vote for assholes that lie their asses off? Sorry, but these are dickheads. She believes real science is made up. She's a moron. And McCain is contemplating his nexr trophy wufe if she'll bleach her hair.
  1054. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:27 am

  1055. McCain rode Kerry's idea that there was something to be said for law enforcement. Where the hell does some nitwit like W get off. What an asshole. He made his way on tha, but Kerry tiook down Raygm for anybidy with a brain. Gustav is about to nail Mawleans. Tjese aholes fucked that up beyond belief. I'd ask intelligent people to consider. Ix the USA in some lonh war? An intelligent person would decide it's something for law enforcement. It asure as shit doesm't mean some Stralinist whack-jobs ought to trash thee Constitution. It is fairly clear Republicans buy into Grover, and they think the Pretzeldent is supposed to be king. Holy shit, not these assholles. Rovian is 666.
  1056. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:37 am

  1057. So, she's OK. She believes creaiinonsm is science. Shes a moron.
  1058. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:41 am

  1059. Holy shit. She believes. What a mpprn. This cunt is a flaming ashole
  1060. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  12:42 am

  1061. Ehat I'd say
  1062. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  3:26 am

  1063. She also believes Catholics are devil's spawn. I dont' think we're some sort of cult. I'm pretty sure we predated Martin Luther's bad bowel movements. If there's a Twentieth Century philosopher more prescient than Teillhard, lets hear it from W's brand of rich asshole self absorption. Bring the asshole on and mission accomplished. Kiss my ass, Ms Point Guard, and welcome to the occupation. Rabid anti-Catholics are basically whack jobs. She is a bigot, and sitting in that gunstand and shooting at papists is seriously heinous. Shooting immobile moose is another story. What Randy Newman said. Jesus, what a jerk. You shoot some mammal that doesn't move. Ahole.
  1064. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  3:38 am

  1065. My dad is a pediatrician. He loves kids. This was bull, and anybody thinks this had to do with anything but bullshit is an idiot.. You despicable piece of shit.
  1066. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  4:03 am

  1067. She's an idiot. She believes Creationism is science and should be taught in school. You can' get stupider than that.
  1068. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  10:47 am

  1069. Sarah Palin may not be a total bimbette, and pretty soon, she might be suffering from the Truman Syndrome. Me, I'd prefer Mick Travis if I had to take on some movie character psychosis, or normality in the face of lunacy and abject criminality. But criminality and being a Republican is kind of au naturel, like Nixon, and that's a vision nobody wants to live with. Or Jack Lint. Michael Palin in the role of a lifetime. I've always found it exhilarating that the best Monty was the American. It's possible American voters are so purely blood simple stupid they might select the grimacing, lecherous oldtimer and his high school fantasy VP pick. It's going to be difficult with Kenneth Blackwell on his way to prison. He's not? Quelle surprise. But Ohio knows how to do it right: Seems old after a while, but there was never anybody other than Evelyn Waugh and Eric Blair that exposed the total self-righteous sense of entitlement that nitwits like the Bush family exude. Not superior to me. Not superior to the average NancyNall contributor. Sure as shit not superior to the Constitution, even if mom is the Quaker Oats guy. Anyway, HL said Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard. I love that guy, but I prefer H. I. (You know, Raising Arizona.). Actually, the entire chase scene after the Huggies with a panty on his head is pretty much a perfect metaphor for Junior's idiotic invasion of Iraq. And if somebody wants to bring up psychosis, there was Desert Storm, and this little pisant couldn't ever outdo Daddy. Mission fucking accomplished. I want Barack to be President. I want my country cleansed of crooks and unmitigated creeps like Karl Rove and the McCarthy stooge Ronald Raygun.. Lee Atwater damned these jerks on his deathbed. Bush One bailed out of a plane. Bush More Important said Mission Accomplished. Flaming asshole. McCain said all of that was alright, and he threw Kerry under a Short Bus to do so. Slandered by these subhuman scum, but he sucks up to them. Randy Newman has this right. Jesus, what a jerk. Ms. Palin sullies her surname. Bad joke, and I believe evangelicals are Actually Americans and they don't buy this gun-mom bullshit.
  1070. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  11:05 am

  1071. Mona Charen seems to be having some sort of triangular love affair with Maureen Dowd and Hillary Clinton. Hillary is not in the mix except for campaigning for Obama. These ladies can't write their ways out of bags. Mona Charen's byline photo is basically straight out of Oscar Wilde, and Dorian Gray would like his picture back. There are "national" columnists that are inexcusable. Mona's right up there with David Broder. Maureen Dowd's obscene obsession with what a cunt Hillary is is gaining all the time. Fine. OK. You made your asinine point. Shut the hell up. She's not running anymore. God, what a conflicted moron, that's too cute by miles to be a decent writer. Meow, dumbass.
  1072. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  2:02 pm

  1073. Can America screw the pooch on this one? You've got a guy and cheerleader, and he's an angry old fart that claims to be a war hero because he dropped bombs and got shot down. You'vw got a bunch of idiots tha think they proved their manhood by dropping hose bombs on VietNam. Viva Viagra. You've got, in the other corner, the first black man to make it this far, possessed of actual intelligence. I figure, if capability for nuanced thinking is bad, why not elect one of those guys from Blue Collar Comedy? But please make it Tater Salad. What the hell, vote Sarah Palin and make America's streets safe for Streetsweepers from the gunshow. It's interesting. Did the crabby oldtimer think this was going to energize Hillary supporters? Probably did, but not in the right way. Honestly, McCain used to seem like he thought of women as second class citizens. Now he's proved he thinks women are idiots. Or bitches, or cunts, or whatever. How is it possible that America contemplates electing somebody that called his wife a cunt in front of a bunch of reporters? He's marginally more intelligent than W, but that's not saying a whole lot. Americans, ask yourselves, are base stupidity amd abject sexist inanity the criteria? For deciding on a Comander in Chief? Demonstarable stupidity doesn't make somebody a man, and a man doesn't denigrate women. We've been down that road, and it defined failure on the decks of aircraft carriers. Unless you think trashing the Constitution is a good thing, this election is strictly no-brain. This manly men crap is simply a load of Rush Limbaugh crap. Weasels that couldn't stand up in a fistfight. You know Rush. Resembles Jabba. Made fun of Chelsea Clinton. Well, she's gorgeous and he continues to be a truly revolting mound of blubber. How the hell did voters buy W as the defender of the OClub and Nixon's boy could slander Kerry. American voters are stupid. I always wanted my country to be more intelligent, It's really a drag to find out that intelligence and compassion are detrimental to political success. Alan Price had something to say on this subject: Poor people are poor people - And they don't understand A man's got to make whatever he wants- And take it with his own hands. Poor people stay poor people - And they never get to see Someone's got to win in the human race- If it isn't you, then it has to be me. So smile while you're makin' it- Laugh while you're takin' it- Even though you're fakin' it- Nobody's gonna know. Nobody's gonna know. It's no use mumbling. It's no use grumbling. Life just isn't fair- There's no easy days There's no easy ways Just get out there and do it! And sing and they'll sing your song- Laugh while you're getting on- Smile and they'll string along- And nobody's gonna know. Nobody's gonna know. Nobody's gonna know. And nobody's gonna know. He also had this to say: When there's a bluebird singing by your window pane And the sun shines bright all day through Don't forget boy Look over your shoulder 'Cause there's always someone coming after you (la la la la) When everything in life seems just as it should be At last success seems just around the door Don't forget boy Look over your shoulder 'Cause things don't stay the same forever more (la la la la) Hope springs eternal in a young man's breast And he dreams of a better life ahead Without that dream you are nothing, nothing, nothing You have to find out for yourself that dream is dead (la la la la) Dead (la la la la) repeat to fade
  1074. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  9:21 pm

  1075. Somebody should ask Mrs. Palin about selectivity of cold dead hands and gun ownership: Republicans do believe in Cheney's idea of unitary executive. That is, unquestionably, monarchy, old style. I expect we'll be handcuffed and detained for calling Dickless Dickless and suggesting King George is pretty much an idiot. Our mayor down here in Beaufort County is a verically challenged liittle Napoleon that went to the Citadel. All sorts of delusions, and marshall law is probably not out of the question. Please consider the fact that if Shrubs had the long war suspension of habeas corpus and every human right civilized people don't even need to discuss, those people in Twin Cities would probably be on their way to Guantanamo, with stops in Morocco and Egypt. Republicans have made it clear they stand for mindless uniformity of sanitized thought. They aren't Luddites, because they did know how to make all of the incriminating emails disappear. But inveighing against intelligence, the GOP stock in trade, seems demonic. CS Lewis had never heard of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist when he invented Screwtape and Wormwood, but if the shoe fits Cheney and W, they wear it. How does a moderately intelligent human being buy this "at war" with Al Quaeda bullshit? There is actually a country that makes Al Quaeda possible, and that's Saudi Arabia. Do the New American Centurions want to go to war against them? Hand-holding among Cheney, Rummy and various Ayatollahs got Raygun elected while keeping hostages imprisoned. Republicans in office have murdered foreign leaders, moved guns and drugs to support brutal fascists, and lied their asses off about all of it to Congress. And they continue to lie.
  1076. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  9:39 pm

  1077. If you believe global warming doesn't exist, and you aren't buying some version of evolution, are you a dumbass, cute, somebody it gives most people the creeps to see embraced by McCain, Republican woman? It doesn't require a global renaissance but imposed stupidity as a prerequisite for citizenship and patriotism seems kind of counter-productive. And she could be blond in the drop of a bottle of peroxide, and she's younger than Cindy. There is the problem about the cash. And how does this greedy wrasrl skate on Keating? Keating was Nationwide before Rosemary gave birth to Nationwide. And McCain was grubbing money from middle-class Americans' hopes and dreams. Terr isn't a new concept, and the Republican Party is well practiced.
  1078. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  10:03 pm

  1079. I wouldn't go so far as admitting the Lords of New Feudalism were human, because, being one, which I can't do anything about, I hope humans have some redeemable characteristics, but there's always Calvin and Hobbes: Come to think of it, love may fail, courtesy will prevail. Kerry was Harrison Bergeron, and we're all supposed to think being stupid and thuggish, and a bully that's actually a cringing wimp is a standard to be achieved.
  1080. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  10:10 pm

  1081. McCain in a nutshell: Noun, verb, adjective, adverb.
  1082. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  10:53 pm

  1083. Actually, this looks more potentially like "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" If I were Superman, I'd have a hard time deciding whether the Shrubs or the Pattersons needed annihilating first. But I guess however I decided, I'd be handcuffed and detained. Derwood. Trains are a soundtrack. Mystery Train, Train Time, Train to Nowhere, Train Kept Rollin, It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train To Cry, Orange Blossom Special, Wabash Cannonball, Last Train to Clarksville, Midnight Special, the spectacular Train in Vain, Nighttime in the Switching Yard, Folsom Prison Blues, Casey Jones, Smokestack Lightning, oh, and Love in Vain, and the Rolling Stones did a decent rendition of the song from the Devil at the Crossroads. And People Get Ready. So gorgeous it breaks your heart. I heard Curtis sing it at a Bobby Kennedy rally on Tuxedo Street in downtown Detroit, and it may sound corny, but that does seem to me to be what America's about. Hate to beat a dead horse, but we'd still have viable trains in the USA if Dwight Eisenhower didn't build the interstate system for Jimmy Hoffa.
  1084. caliban on A small rant.
    August 31st, 2008  11:06 pm

  1085. Here ya go: Fact is it wouldn't make a noticeable change.
  1086. caliban on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  6:58 am

  1087. Who held the gates. I'd say it was Who held the gates? I'd say it was Ray Nagin. Not any Republican.onfusion in the Heron House. If there wasn;t great damage, ot was becaise great ddamage was done on the Republican watch a few years ago, they can kiss the Ninth wards' ass. I doubt there was ever a possum in the Grosses, but there was surely a possum in Bloomfield Hills. Mean bitch, and my mom took her on. We knew about that from growing up in West Virginia on the banks of the Tug Rive in abject West Virginia. I'd say it was more gnarly but hot half as trailer park. A political announcement followed me home today. Please don't take my picicture. I had a bad day. There was a disturbance in the Herron House. Morons think Sting and Bono sing truth. The little pimple faced boy that tried to buy beers at Ted Hardy's salloon did. Standing on the shoulders of giants leaves me cold. lLeaves me cold. is so much better than making it up on the fly with Kyrie. The little turd wasn't even Shane McGowan. And anybody would be goddamned to try to find a melody in the pretuned guitars and the pompus nonsense of U2. But we could make up something about anybody. We don't like somebody, he's a monster. We did make it up and he's just a sad guy that you're family hated because he was a moron that loved your sister. You stalked this guy. You ruined his life. Because you could. What's the evidence abainst the guy? You say so? You're a stalker. It is impossible for you to deny this. You're the governor and you're a stalker. Holy shit, you idiot, you stalked the guy. The chief is a spectacularly good person. Not true? Well she is. She wouldn't lie to anybody and she wouldn't lie to anybody. She might fudge the truth. She believes criminals shorld get convicted. Who doesn't? ray NagiWho held the gatesW
  1088. caliban on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  7:16 am

  1089. Ray Nagin isn't a crimnal and karl Rove is responsible? Despicable pieces of shit. Sarah doesn't lie. If you believe that horseshit you could not be stupider. Holy shit, what an idiot. What the hell is wrong with people? They're so goddam stupid it's frightening. People can't be that fucking stupid, can they?
  1090. caliban on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  3:12 pm

  1091. How is it that anybody in good conscience supports a political party that engineered the Swiftboat crap. All's fair? Including lying your ass off in service to a weasel that bailed on the Tejas National Guard and then did the same thing to Alabama? Those are not allegations, they're facts. What is wrong with people? The current administration actually told y'all that Saddam blew up the WTC. What sort of cognitive dissonance is involved in not calling these assholes liars? I think it's fairly certain American troops committed atrocities and war crimes in VietNam. Lieutenant Calley said so, and we support our troops. Does pointing this out make you un-American? Well, no, it makes you American, if you aren't some scum-sucking Nixon toady in white bucks like Paul O'Neill. The point is just that the Republican Party lies, cheats and steals American souls if it means resorting to racism or questioning an opponent's patriotism. Why does anybody put up with this garbage? Maybe I'm naive, but I don't get it. Mass hypnosis? Facts of this matter are clear and undeniable. They lie. They malign and slander American citizens that have served the country honorably, they promote sleazy bastards that never did any such thing. Which part of this canard do voters not get? Is it about 'framing'? Sorry, I think a rational human being's reaction to the idea that 'framing' works is launching from a tall building. There isn't a human race just so we could be manipulated by so many Screwtapes. Funny, if you believe that's wrong, you believe the TV preachers and the Bushes have been lying all along, and the assholes are working for Randall Flagg. Dan Quaill made W look like a warrior. His wife made Mrs. Cheney look like a hack pornographer by writing hack PNAC spy pornography. Reagan was a sad case. Poppy bailed on his buddies. Ollie North was a whole lot more American terrorist than Johnny Taliban. Henry Kissinger murdered Allende and installed Pinochet, a butcher, a true star. If there's a country worth saving, it's worth saving from Mr. Keating Five. How does he skate on that monstrous criminality. Oh. He's a Republican.
  1092. caliban on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  3:44 pm

  1093. Know what's the funniest thing about the flying nun pick? Conservative columnists went full goose loony over the idea that the Obama campaign didn't 'vet' Hillary, as if that were necessary. Harry and Louise made their bogus case a couple of decades ago. Believes in universal health care. What a jerk. Seems like McCain looked at Sarah's tits and the campaign called that vetting, because, after all, that would get those Hillary die-hards. Ya know, cleavage. If she takes off her glasses does she become miraculously ravishing? Did y'all know that 'vetting' actually means having a veterinarian check out a horse to make sure it's up to a race? With no snowmobiles. Is there anything more foul, Republican and Mordor-like than a Snowmobile. Well actually, Ski-Doos. Nowhere. Nohow.
  1094. caliban on Labor Day parade.
    September 2nd, 2008  4:10 pm

  1095. Oh wait. Here's how he gets away with everything:
  1096. caliban on Solidarity eventually.
    September 2nd, 2008  6:59 pm

  1097. Nancy. Nothing would appall the cruelest robber baron, although that's a nice turn of a phrase. They are a class simply incapable of being appalled by their own porcine behavior. Death to the labor movement in America was more about the UAW' partnership with Big Auto and the Partnership of the Traveling Annual Strike Threats than anything else. This year it's Chrysler, and we're all agreed on the terms, so where's that Canadian Club? Then Dwight Eisenhower created the Teamsters Golem, but Jimmy Hoffa wasn't Walter Reuther. The problem is that somehow corrupt Detroit auto workers unions became the face of labor. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought it was Bobby Kennedy and Cesar Chavez. Or trying to force management not to lock fire doors in chicken factories that go up in smoke with workers as tinder. Or Walmart threatening a significant number of Americans with loss of their soul-killing jobs if they vote incorrectly. Back in the day, I made a chunk of cash threading nuts onto transmissions in Ann Arbor. And I still have my lapsed UAW card, parked next to my 1969 draft card. I'd say the best question to ask about the labor movement is: Why does the US have a minimum wage that guarantees living in poverty without recourse to medical care? Well, and how much profit is obscene? And why should nitwits that lunch with Cheney make 350 times as much as the people that buy their golden parachutes when they run companies into the ground and invariably start with raping pension plans? Last thing I'll ever have to say about Sarah Palin: Her dad is famously an ex high school Science teacher. Was that Creation Science or does the old man believe in carbon dating? Plumbing the depths of Republican hypocrisy is like dropping a rapacious and toothy old fool off the edge of the Flat World. Coozledad: My everlasting problem with groups that identify themselves as Christian is that they invariably define Catholics as unChristian. Even if it's just an intellectual quibble, I can't figure out how we're the cult when we were there first. Then, there is the fact that for the most part, the Christian Identity Movement is some bad-mullet, trucker-hat attempt to sanitize the Klan. Tell you what, anybody that would consider voting for anybody with even the remotest aroma of wackos like that, they need to be disenfranchised immediately, and probably chemically castrated. And if this is all about post-denominational Christianity, that's all fine but she couldn't explain Teillhard and these people are more concerned with handling rattlers and which pigs are really more equal.
  1098. caliban on Solidarity eventually.
    September 2nd, 2008  8:52 pm

  1099. Jeff: NAFTA is a puzzle. Everything that so-called progressives hate about it, and blame Bill Clinton for, has to do with issues that were addressed in the inaptly named Side Agreements, which actually made up the beef of NAFTA and were the heart of Clinton"s international trade agenda. But you won't hear about this from ideologue nitwits like David Sirota, whose obsession with this subject is almost as unhealthy as Pat Oliphant's insane insistence that Bill and Hill are racists out to get Obama. (That guy needs a vacation and a sanatorium.) The Side Agreements imposed labor, environmental, wage, insurance and other requirements, with means and methods to enforce them. Of course, W shitcanned the Side Agreements within about a week of his illegal investiture, and set across-the-border corporations loose to plunder at will. Which, of course, they did. Unions sort of made an unholy alliance with Moloch when they could have used the terms of the agreements to modify corporate predator behavior. Seems like a gross miscalculation, but maybe. like PeeWee, they meant to do that.
  1100. caliban on Solidarity eventually.
    September 2nd, 2008  9:50 pm

  1101. Danny: If you think Teillhard was worried about being excommunicated, well he was a Jesuit and they weren't going to kick anybody out for untraditional opinions. Shoot, Jesuits invented, and were killed by Republican lackeys for, liberation theology. Noogenesis makes more sense than Creation Science, and is a useful way to understand 'evolution'. It's pretty ignorant of his work to discount Teillhard's use of the term Christogenesis, and asserting he was a 'theist' is just saying he believed in a God that breathes soul into creation. Maybe you meant deist, because he did seem at times to think dolphins were getting to Omega faster. It would be a simple intellectual exercise to attribute the origin of any 20th Century idea about post-denominational Christianity to Teillhard's 'musings'. In this and the previous centuries, there hasn't been a philosopher worth a pillar of salt that wasn't a theologian. Shit, Nietzsche was a theologian. It makes eminently good sense to approach creation as process, if you give anything beyond reptilian acquisition and self-protection a thought. If you don't buy that, fine. What that leaves you with is Hobbes, Freud, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short, and a political party you can't trust as far as you could throw all their fat asses at the same time. Of course, reasonable doubt is essential to faith and the Constitution, but unfortunately, it's got no place in fundamentalism, most flavors of evangelical doctrine, charismatic or Pentecostal christianity, or the Republican Party. So, who are the True Believers? Doubt is the hope of certitude (so I guess Rene the Dirty Old Fart was a theologian too--Cogito, um cogito pretty sure--ergo sum..) Certitude without doubt, well that's how ant colonies survive, and if there's hell below, the road's paved with some sanctioned version of true belief.
  1102. caliban on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  3:16 am

  1103. Palin's speech was written by Matthew Scully, whose job was to provide a veneer of openness and moderation to ideologues. As with McCain, God knows what he believes. Of course, the implicit convolutions and contradictions inherent in the message are as convoluted as a patch of wisteria, which Southerners know is the only thing so primally self-preserving a force of nature it can devour kudzu alive. Invasions of privacy by the media are emanations of dlite attacks, but conservatives are free to attack the idea of any Constitutional right to privacy as nonexistent. I'd like to believe that if Chelsea Clinton turned up pregnant in '96, Republicans would have said that was a family matter, but an idiot could see that was a fat chance. And the Clinton's are smart enough to understand that educating kids about contraception is an intelligent choice, both life-affirming and protective of family. It would also be consistent with the Democratic platform that lines up with the American Council of Catholic Bishops' idea about making abortion as rare as possible. The Republicans excised that idea from their platform. She will apparently continue to claim she opposed the bridge to nowhere. In this instance, she's not a hypocrite. She's a liar. (Too harsh? Prefabricator? Executive experince at fudging?) She woofed it at the trough, and when the Bridge became an object of ridicule, she took the money and ran to other programs she claimed were more important for her state. No doubt, they were. They couldn't be less important. Is it to much to ask that Americans have the hindsight to understand that Congressional didn't think even Bushco could lie with such abandon? Why is it that there are still Americans so dumb or recalcitrant they won't admit that the case for the invasion was compelling and that it was a soggy tissue of lies at the same time? If the President tells you something, is it your sworn duty to question his honesty? His judgement, yeah. Alegedly incontrovertible evidence in an emergent situation? There was a difference at the time that people seem to have forgotten. the Democrat's that voted with W believed he was telling the truth about some sort of imminent threat. Republicans were voting a Party line. In the first place, there's the original invasion of Iraq by W's dad. Kuwait was slant drilling and stealing oil. There's the historical consideration that Kuwait was just made up. Somebody in the previous Bush administration sent an emissary to Saddam and said that's your oil, they're stealing it, and we don't care what you do about it. Slassic Cartwright moveto induce an excuse. where is April Glaspie these days? The invasion is not a topic of conversation for Republican conventioneers. Sarah Solipsist thought it was all about oil, but now she doesn't It was. Like the abject spectacle of the USA sucking up to a bunch of Stans to run pipelines. Like Palin and Alaskastan. Lexisnexis doesn't show a hit for Afghanistan and terr. My bad, terrorism. Let's try Could somebody from the National press ask the Great Moose Hunter if she's ever even this the slightest the slightest consideration. When Republicans bring up the proximity of Russia and Alaska, sorry, that's to dumb to consider, if you don't mean a Ceilei, with the resident Russian sub skiipper., and Mark Knoppler providing perfect music. My ex and I have experience with employees and fiscal responsibility. W don't think that qualifies us for anything. It doesn't have a whole lot to do with raising a perfect daughter. Sarah Palin questioning Barack's agility to lead is really something , ludicrous. It's not impossible American voters are dumb enough to buy this. W was a draft dodger. Clinton wasn't. Kerry pulled comrades out of the Mekong under fire. There is proof these things happened. Getting shot down doesn't make you a hero when what you were doing in the first place was a war crime. John McCain backed Kerry's investigations. Including everything to do with the Reagan Gang. Including Ollie North, Cheney, Rummy, etc. McCain bailed for political purposes. Kerry thought McCain was his ally. McCain slunk off. Then there was the investigation of bcci. McCain started out hot on that one too. Kerry nailed these miscrants too. McCain bailed again. What says more about the maverick bullshit and McCain's character is how the little bastard hid behind his across the line colleague. He let Kerry take the lead in everything and McCai cclaimed to be a maverick. Then he stabbed Kerry in the back. All anybidy with a brain needs to know about John McCain is that most of what he claims in the senate, John Kerry accomplishe, And when Jerome Corsi and Swift-boat came around, McCain bailed like Poppy Bush. He'res a question or two Did you think it was fine when Raygunistas raped and murdered Maryknoll mums because they were freedom fighters. Kerry exposed these asholes. None of this may be important. but if you don't think you're civil liverties have been trashed in the interest of people we sure as shit don't want to run our government. Kerry's story. We were floating along and all hell blew up. W's: We were running low on Maker's Mark. Kerry was heroic in battle. That's what everybody there says happened. John McCain claimed he had Kerry's back. He proved to be the most bask-stabbing peece of shit ever hit the face of America. McCain isgned on to Kerry prosecutor mode and he just fucking abandoned him. McCain knows Kerry was a war hero if that's possible. More than being a sky pilot. He ought to say so. He ought to admit to what W did was runningfromservice like a chickenshit chickenhawk. When did Sarah Pali n express an idea that wasn't horseshit She geliebes her family is should be entitled to privacy. She doesnt beliebe anybody els ise is entitled to privacy. She believes it's the absolut right for everybody to hound another kid id the same situation about their choice? No, she things she knows better. Bridge to Nowhere , she lied her ass about that. Way I see Republicans will lie their ass about anything. Biggest lie, this revolting bitch claimed she opposed the bridge to nowhere. No she didn't. She can take this to nowhere but if she does shes a fucking liar. Kerry wa sesented with somebody ckaiming to be the president. Was he supposed to find out he was a baldfaced liar? Bush II and Bush I they simply lied. Blaming their perfidy on Democrats is unjust.
  1104. caliban on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  3:33 am

  1105. t I remember of the Grande. Arthur Browne fire. I never saw any of the great Detroit Bands at the Grande. Creme, but Procol at the teen center playibbd SAalty Dawd, scr, mc5, basically fuck evereybody else, not even close.
  1106. caliban on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  7:54 am

  1107. How does getting your ass shot down He clawed his way out of his Keating ignominy and he did it over Kerry's back make you a war hero? Waht make's McCains story more conpelling and more credigle than Kerry's And diddn't mcCain jap on Kerry, whose investigative excellence expose Republicans as creeps that would do anything and debigrate any war heros actions if they thought it might mean some genefit with a moronic electoratee? What a hero. Why the hell doesn't he just shut up? He betrayed Kerry, when Kerry exposed corruption. He's not a hero. He clawed his way to respectability, he did it on Kerry's back, and he stabbed Kerry in the back by not repudiating the Swift Boat liars when he knew they were lying thehit asses off. Kerry exposed Republicans as frauds and murderers, so they hated him and sank to previous levels of abject character assassination. Even so, they still had to cheat at the ballot box, and if you don't think Ohio was roffed in 2004, well you're an idiot. Now things are all good? Cheney is so rich he could fuck up American politics for years to come if somebody doesn't put his profiteering ass in jail. Far as profiteering, there's that Alaska pipeline. and that was a bigger earmark than the Bridge that Sarah thought was hunky dory until it was ridiculed and she doled out the cash. These people are the biggest liars in history. I'm a Catholic and I can honestly say we would have spent the money to better effect for more poor people. Actually, in the last and the first part of the new Centuries, Catholics got killed by American conservatives and their Central American sssurrogates trying to get social justice for oppressed people. In the aftermath of Raygunism, the Jebbies and the Maryknoll nuns seemed to be Commonists that needed raping and slaughtering, and mass graves. This is the sort of foriegn policy Neocon goverment supports, so respect for lige and parading Terry Schiavvo is'n't surprising. These bastards are shameless and you can't underestimate the stupidity of Anericans. Saudis blew up the WTC, you idiots. This was made up shit. Oeople in America believe Saddam was connected with th attack. This is insne.
  1108. caliban on The end of everything.
    September 5th, 2008  12:11 pm

  1109. She's affiliated with the Assembly of God. She's affiliated with nutcases connected to secessionist bastards thad think Tim McVeigh is a martyr. She spoke at their convention in this year. She ought to be on a no fly list because of her associations. Why isn't she? No shit, she looks a whole lot more like Tonya Harding than some terris. I sppose.But who actually looks like a terriss and how does that protect anybody. I took a flight that waited forever, recently. It couldn't be me. I've got blond hair and very blue eyes. My favorite thing about my own appearance is that my eyes are a near purple blue that is a lot like Lix Taylor's. Shouldn't I have been a suspect? When these scurrilous assholes mounted their assalt on the Cibstutution, they called it degending the Honeland. I'be alwys thought they favored Stalinism, buy its pretty amazing they didn't go straight for Vaterland. Aren't you scared? Wow. The huns are t the door. Actually, they're in Pakistan but the midget that declared mission accomplished with that sock stuffed in hisflightsuit said "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care." So why is the country acting like bunch of pussies and cowering when these assholes manipulate the Terr rating. Lipstick Pitbull is holding down the Russian front on the Berring Strait, so what is there to worry about" Morons voting? Well, there's that. Does it dawn on anybody the Republican speechwriters added a single line to a speech they already wrote for Mitt? Or that this bimbette trailer trash believes creationism should be taught in schools, along with tellin teenagers just say no to sex. Anybody ever been a teenager? Even Murricans are not that fucking stupid. What were the books this idiotthought should be remkoved from the Public Libraries? If John McCain is a war hero and a mavericck, how;d he let Kerry take the heat on BCCI, Iran Contra. for which Republicans hated him so much personally they brought back ghosts of Nixon past to make up lies. Where was McCain then? He knew swigtboat was pure bullshit. He knew for a fact W went awol. Where was Mr. Straight Talk? McCain latched on toKerry to pull his sorry ass out of the moral morrass of Keating Five when he was in it up to his neck, for cash. The facr that this political phony just stood by and let Cheney and Rummy get away with every heinous act Kerry proved against then, and let Regan skate, maverick? Bo along to get along until you can put your trophy wife;s cashinto play, and bail on Kerry like HW bailing out of that bomber. Abd don't stand by your pal that saved your asswhen the slime machine goes to work. Aside from anything else, how the hell did anybody buy that Jerome Corsi bullshit about what Kerry did in Viet Nam, and, with no doubt, in Laos.Assholes went to the Republican Convention with purple bandaids. Were any of them ever there? No. A theory. These assholes so wanted to love the little pretzeldent, they had to believe Kerry was fraudulent. For purposes of their own belieg in their pindick manhood, they had to believe this big guy didn' perform acts of heroism. Clearly, he did. He doesn't seem proud and doesn't like to talk about it. What W did: He went to Texas. He parited. Tjey were going to kick his ass out of Texas, so he webt to Alabama, where he never showed up. He collected a check and partied some more. Kerry ran a Swift River Boat. We was engaged in numeous firefights. In one of the firefights he pulled a mate to safety after charging the enemy to provide cover. This account is from the guy Kerry saved. Republicans say Kerry somehow staged this to win a Purple eart so he could use it in 2004 to try to get elected President. Republicans weren't there. Guy Kerry saved was. Americans believed Republicans that this was all staged. W served, Kerry didn't What is wrong with American voters? This is mind-boggling. Kerry could have been out of this but chode to go. W weaseled his way into guarding the Mexican border and the liqupr supply at the OClub. Kerry could have done his time. So could W, I guess. Kerry took lives nd sved lives. W cranked and whined. Kerry decided the war was bullshit. W decided this whole thing s burden and he could pary harder if they'd float his ass to Birmingham. Where he just blew off the guard, because the coke would prevent him from getting in a plane. Kerry had the brains to know the war was Nixon bullshit, and he tossed the medals. He also decided he'd ry to make sure nobody else died for nothing. W Kept going to bats and getting coked up because he knew if somebody else was etting killed, at least it wasn't h Twent years later, or so. Am election. And people sort of decide but the gix is most certainly in in Cuyahoga County. B;ackwell's got tjhs nailed for serious bucks So idiots think W is the war hero and some scumbags makr it out like the real hero made it up. And people are fucking idiodts It's temptied to say "What fools these mortals be". But given four years of hindsight, and to this day I think the shitheels stole the election, and I'm sure Diebold is criminal in the actuality. But fuck. How does the so-called and self-proclaimed greatest nation in the world end up with Tonya Harding running for Vice President abainst Joe Biden. We are supposed to forget McCain is a whacko jerk devoid of principles. he wouldn't shitcan at a momemts notice if it served his bizarre hunger. You see this asshhole's face? Fee Fi Fo Fum. Assholes an ogre. What I really think about McCain. I live in South Carolina. Back in 2000, I got push poll calls from the bushes about McCain's illegitemate black kid. Kinda disturbing but Rove? Not human. But how in the world do you vote all of the time that is wrong on every issue, and suck up to him wheen he's gone all Willie Horton on you? All's forgiven? Maybe if you've got some overweening, obscene ambition to command the miliatry like your dad never did, McCain makes sense. This ahole wants to blow up the world ober Souyt Ossettia. He's nuts, amd a paroxysm makes a bimbette that believes Creatiunismand abstinence should be taught in school as facts. These are not rational people.
  1110. caliban on Quel fromage.*
    September 5th, 2008  8:29 pm

  1111. In real life, the z-virus is spread through political reporting. From Jim Vandehei: "Tom DeLay, the former House majority leader, told us this week that his wife, who is even more conservative than he is, doesn’t think much of McCain. But she loves Palin, perhaps enough to get her to now back the GOP ticket. He said he was astonished how Palin has woken “the sleeping giant: Republican women.” I've never had a nightmare. Bevo-hived hordes may do it. Detroit has had statesmen for mayors. John C. Lodge, back when Republicans had souls, noblesse oblige, and the white man's burden, the sort of good Republican that seems to be extinct. And Coleman Young, who was canned from a job with Ford for fomenting labor activity and having the unmitigated gall (a phrase that will never go out of style when used sarcastically) to think black people are citizens. McCain still thinks Saddam teamed up with the Ayatollahs to destroy the WTC. But if he really wanted to pound this into the heads of the moron portion of America, why didn't he choose Rudi. Now there's a philandering mayor. It could have been 9/11 and "I was tortured" alternating 24/7. McCain claims he could have gotten medical help if he gave up information. What exactly did he think the Viet Cong could do with any information he could fess up? I wasn't there, but how does this make him a hero, except in some Hollywood Dream? When the political game got rough, he japped (yeah, yeah, I know) on his buddy John Kerry. Sort of, let's him and you fight. And now he's built a political campaign around getting shot down and having the courage of his maverick convictions until things got hairy. Grimacing poseur and a great candidate for Batman villain. Me and my 'gal' (and that's the politically correct term now, right, and she'd kick Sarah's ass in a heartbeat, and she'd try to kick mine for calling her a gal, thank God) always take a vacation for Halloween. We watch Under the Volcano, take a slurp every time Albert Finney does, and pretend it's the Day of the Dead. Anyway, in Detroit, Halloween's for suckers. It's Devil's Night when things get serious and the ammo hits the fan.
  1112. caliban on Quel fromage.*
    September 5th, 2008  9:34 pm

  1113. Best line on the internets today is from Joel Achenbach's blog on the WaPo site: My favorite Tweeter: Thomas Pynchon writing "Isn't that Salinger?". Being read by Michael Moorcock, I hope.
  1114. caliban on Quel fromage.*
    September 5th, 2008  10:30 pm

  1115. Colossal Heads: Chris Matthews is on Jay Leno tonight. Gargantuan battle of fatuous assness. Who gets a thrill going up his leg first. Both will trash Hillary, because no two guys ever making obsc3ene amounts of moneyy for no apparent reason ever feared emasculation more. Well, there's Rush, but he's been singing in the Vienna Boy's Choir for a while. Sometimes a cigar is not a cigar, but wouldn't he have made a triumverate of blather? Jay Leno used to be, long ago and far away, a decent standup comic. Warmed up for Steven Wright and Denis Leary and Paula Poundstone. Who actually watches these shows anymore. None of these guys conjure up a Dan'l Boone axe to the crotch or a "pet my pussy" moment. There was one foot in the grave Warren on Letterman. And Craig Ferguson's monologues are insane and sometimes they're really funny. Steve Earle is on Letterman tonight, and he ought to do Snake Oil, for the GOP, or A bible and a Gun, or America V. 6.0, or Ellis Unit One for the pro-life hypocrites that believe in ultimate vengeance.
  1116. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  1:26 am

  1117. John McCain riding in like Lochinvar is enough to make you puke. The lipstick disturbance is beyond asinine for obvious reasons. But, whoa. McCain's offended by what he perceives as sexist commentary? Didn't he tell people in public that Chelsea Clinton was homely because Janet Reno was her dad? I think the asshole said that. Didn't he talk about lipstick and pigs and Hillary Clinton so many times they'll never all be accounted for? Didn't he call the treasure-chest wife he ditched his maimed ex-wife for a trollop and a cunt? Yeah, but, he's a maverick. Right. After Keating, he had to do something. He latched onto Kerry and let him do all the heavy lifting. Kerry pursued Iran-Contra criminality, exposed spectacular Constitutional malfeasance for cash, and years later when Swift Boat vengeance came around, McCain was as detached as he was bombing Hanoi. What makes a war hero? Getting shot down and recreating your own narrative ad nauseam ad alia, or ahving your crewmates relate acts of heroism? Invading Iraq was a foregone conclusion when the 2000 election was purloined. Project for the New American Century tried to talk Clinton into it in '98. Meanwhile, I'm bemused by all of the lists being proffered of questions to ask Gidget Goes to Cheney's Bunker. I'd ask just one. "Is there anything you've told the truth about in the last three weeks?" There is a sense of regressing past adolescent to childish to infantile in repeating the same asinine lies over and over. Somebody needs to stick a wad of Dubble-Bubble in her mouth next time the Gov to Nowhere brings up the Bridge without acknowledging the access road. Sadly, I believe Americans are such supremely inept participants (consumers) in faux democracy that charlatan savants can have them hoodwinked. Get it good and hard.
  1118. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  1:34 am

  1119. Any discussion of invasion justification brings up W's Daddy. Poppy actually sent a diplomatic envoy to Saddam to basically encourage him to redress the gross injury of 20 years worth of slant drilling of Iraqi oil by the Kuwaitis. Her name was April Glaspie. Nobody's heard of her since. When it comes down to face to face, in politics, in illegitimate wars, in honest intellectual debate, Shrubs and McCain have a lot in common. Always the sleaze that says "Let's you and him fight."
  1120. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  3:09 am

  1121. Brian, I'd wonder more about the over under on transformers in their morte form as oil rigs washing up like horseshoe crab shells on my beach in Hilton Head. But maybe they aren't actually there: Drilling is the perfect nexus for degenerative American politics. It obviously doesn't make a lick of sense. Meantime, drilling is not quite so dangerous as storing nuclear power biproducts, which can't be stored. Best slution so far: concrete. Plytobuum devours concrete. Before the cement trucks have finished dumping at the top of the decomissionning ramps, the trucks are degrading. You could try to explain this to McCain until hell froze. Anyway. The problem with what passes for political discourse is this spineless genetic moral decrepitude that causes otherwise decent reporters to handcuff an outright campaign lie to a mild defense and claim balance. Assholes. Pointing out that in the long run maybe Kerry pulled his crewmates out of harm's way but some white buck seersucker Nixon buttboy made a bunch of bullshit up, and that was fair trade for W just japped on his Guard Commitment, well how was any of that fair, or balanced, or reality-based? Of course, at this point, chief Repubs have said "This isn't about issues". What's it about, you assholes, mind control? I'd contend that American voters shat the bed in 2000 and 2004, but I don't believe the majority did. Anybody that believes W won in Volusia County without blocking roadways, activating RR crossings, etc., and anybody that believes Scalia and his homunculus Clarence had no axe to grind, or knew what was going to happen ahead of time. How seriously do you take your vote for President? In 2004, voting irreguoarities in Cuyahoga County, after most of the votes were counted, lasted hours after the voting booths closed. Anybody that doesn't thing that idiot psychophant Blackwell cheated is an idiot. I suppose that even though McCain is a ghoulish mindless hack, h get's away with murder. In the area of Congressional investigations, McCain embraced Kerry, who really knows what he's doing, prosecuting. Look. If you're talking about inexcusable behavior, Raygun adnministration murdered priests, nuns, diplomats. They manipulated international markets and the ub=nternal oerations of actual governments. An aside: Boy in Reagan years, murdering nuns was just oneof those things. Here's a deal. Well, Catholic They killed great men. They thought, I don't know, they were greater? Actually, I doubt they thought they were greater. They killed Ateler. They blew up Omar Torrijos's helicopter. I'd say. If you died in the wool conservatives had admitted W was a full-of-shit golem set forth by Project for the New American Century. Well Fuck You. Daniel Pipes? Cheney Pipeline? Ypu could all be gunned down for treason.
  1122. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  3:29 am

  1123. So blow up sitting out there in the Gulf? Where do blind assholes like that get off?
  1124. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  3:45 am

  1125. She doesn'thave a resume. She falls short of Shelley Vincoueur. She is inexcusable. Dumbass piece of shit. If you want to consider looking across, I'd suggest Local Hero. This nitwitwouldn't get it. Most of you actually believe in , I don't know. I sure as shit don't. You think Americans have brains? I sure as hell don't. I think they're so goddamn stupid it's hard to understand.
  1126. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  3:48 am

  1127. Look, you idiots. Do we believe
  1128. caliban on The squared circle.
    September 13th, 2008  6:11 am

  1129. Palin is inexcusable. Why does Charley Gibson buy into this absurd bullshit about deference? She has got to be kidding. You can't make this up. Look. It's one thing when she lied. Then she lied again. Then she lied her ass off. Like Happy Jack. Lied, lied, lied, lied, lied. It's how they do. Liars. Bigtime liars. Revolting pieces of shit.
  1130. caliban on Saturday morning market.
    September 14th, 2008  9:37 am

  1131. Americans are just so stupid there isn't any hope. The abject calumny directed at Kerry, well you would have thought nobody could be that fucking stupid. How many times can we hear that . How do we beat the bitch? Does somebody actualy believe getting your ass shot down makes you a hero? Here's the deal. Kerry was a war hero. Neither McCain nor Poppy was a war hero. Fact, Jack. You can make shit up until the cows come home. But, Kerry pulled the guy out of the Mekong, W lit up another. Whatever.
  1132. caliban on Thanks, Ted.
    September 15th, 2008  8:45 pm

  1133. Paul Theroux' take on Thoreau's disgust with moose hunters:,0,1809784.story?track=ntothtml In the actuality, people don't hunt Bullwinkle, they just gun him down. (Man, that possessive looks strange, but I swear it's correct.) Regarding Mr. Nugent's claims to have never ingested drugs---Ha, Ha, Ha. I saw him. The great moose-skinner seems to have made a serious error in blithely quoting the McCarthyite psychopath Westwood Pegler. You can lead the governor to the teleprompter, but you can't make her think:,0,1809784.story?track=ntothtml Some commenter on this Huffpost actually asks if this is really more outrageous than Reverend Wright Gutdomming America. Well, yeah.
  1134. caliban on Thanks, Ted.
    September 15th, 2008  9:01 pm

  1135. I don't suppose anybody's got time for all 1070-something pages of "Infinite Jest" today, but here's a David Foster Wallace Atlantic artricle that comes in under 10 pp. (He left out the footnotes in favor of an inspired, color-coded interactive alternative, so the digressions are less lengthy.) It's an interestingly skewed commentary on what passes for American political discourse in dark times. "Infinite Jest" is worth the effort, for readers that have read "Gravity's Rainbow" at least twice.
  1136. caliban on "Mad Men" love.
    September 17th, 2008  3:07 pm

  1137. We lived in Bloomfield Hills when I was a kid, and half the neighborhood were J. Walter Thompson families. Madison Avenue? The real advertising was in Detroit, and the drama took place in Pulte subdivisions. The problem with Mad Men is that every single character older than ten is despicable, except, perhaps, Peggy, who is played by the same actress that used to regularly say "penis" as a precocious tyke on Picket Fences, which was actually better than Mad Men or the Sopranos. And, The Wire, good, but not even close to the Adena Watson story on Homicide. Here in Hilton Head Island, the hurricanes just pass us by, thanks to God's general disgust with Myrtle Beach. With regard to Pink Floyd, David Gilmour is the genius player (guitar and sax) and the best singer, and he was the only one that remained Syd Barret's friend, through thick and thin.
  1138. caliban on "Mad Men" love.
    September 17th, 2008  3:22 pm

  1139. So much for free markets and the benevolent hand: When the Republican Party decides to pay for Golden Parachutes for corporate malfeasors with somebody else's money (well, mine, in fact,, and yours), I guess the dream is dead.
  1140. caliban on The house with the tarp.
    September 17th, 2008  8:56 pm

  1141. How's everybody feeling about privatizing social security about now? You know, let Lehman Bros. gamble with the future. What could go wrong? AIG's got your back, at no cost to taxpayers. Not long ago, this was the cornerstone of W's second term legacy, and McCain was his chief legislative cheerleader. Biden voted for the morally bankrupt bankruptcy bill, and should be ashamed of himself. As should every single Republican member of Congress, which corrupt bunch voted for it unanimously, and W, who couldn't wait to sign it with nary a signing statement after Clinton vetoed it twice. What this has to do with the current sinking ship is a little beyond me, and trying to blame the economic wasteland on anybody but greedy and manipulative Republicans, serial deregulators like Phil Gramm (McCain's Brain) appear to be Oxycontin-based, not reality-based. Actually, where this all started was the raging desire to let the Smartest Guys in the Room establish hedgeHog heaven with neither control nor oversight as the 21st Century paradigm for capitalism run amok. True to expectations, they've eaten their own. Anybody stupid enough to believe a word out of McCain (R., Keating) on this subject deserves whatever she gets.
  1142. caliban on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  2:45 am

  1143. This Mary Tyler Moore item? We saw it coming. Why should Mary Richards give a shit about anything but Joker makeup and a Jack Nicholson brestionnaire when Phyllis walks with the living dead? So dressing absurdly in domino may make sense. Was it really any worse than poncho and flung tam? We saw this coming. Couple days ago, the Red Carpet michigass sneaked through my filters and my love won’t let me use the mute. (The TV program channel brought to us by Time Warner out of the goodness of their adamantine corporate oxygen pumps demands attention to Botox bimbos and Joey Fat One, and Sharlie has got to hear what they’re saying, the better to sink her sardonic teeth into like Dorothy Parker. She‘s funny off her meds and acquiescence beats an argument every time.) So anyway, one of those trout-lips says here’s Cloris Leachman. Okay, I think, she’ll make a mockery. But they ask her about Dancing With the Stars. Holy crap, seems she’s a contestant. Nobody asks her who she’s wearing. She appears to be shorter than Madeleine Albright, and looks like a dead ringer for Billy Crystal as Miracle Max. Horror rises like bile, and these harpies treat her as an insane vestige of a once-fine actress. So Cloris exudes dysphoria and her lack of balance and I want this to end. And talks about wetting her pants doing the first number, and I’m looking for sarcasm, but she’s vacant. She discusses adult diapers. Surely Lars is still Nordic man enough to forestall this ignominy. No relief in sight, and I think Sharlie went off her medicine, because she‘s got nothing vituperative to say. Just saying, if Mary saw this, she may have thrown vanity to the wind. What the hell does she care? Mary and Phyllis and Rhoda, it’s not Danny and Peachy but it’s close to Butch and Sundance, which wasn‘t close to Danny and Peachy either. I’m forever surprised and disappointed by cattiness, and still find it funny. I think, to my chagrin, that Cathy Ggriffin is funny, sometimes. Upper arm wattles? Shit, it’s her world, she was a spectacular talent, now she’s old. Her best friend is paraded like the blind elephant, and if she wants to wear a dress with no sleeves, y’all are being catty and self-referential. My pard who’s heading to 50 but still looks a perpetual 39, she’s not talking on this subject, except to say it wasn’t the sleeves, it was the rose. We saw Dracula with the Edward Gorey staging, way back in the 70’s. Everything black and white. Mary’s 72.and in full possession of her faculties There with the grace of God you might go. This idea about sleeves sounds like Burka to me. Exactly whose standards is she failing to meet.? Michelle Obama has been criticized aboutsleeveless dresses. She seems toned like Tweetee. (If you don’t know who that is, she’s a born assassin named Deanna Nolan that plays for the Detroit Shock in the captivating WNBA. If you think you’re a sports fan and don’t follow the WNBA, you’re a poseur. We’re a household sort of divided. Sharlie loves the Shock. Me? That jerk Laimbeer traded Tasha Humphrey, and when the Chief cold-cocked his cheating ass, it was the finest NBA moment since Havlicek stole the ball. Sports fanaticism. I know for a fact that Frenchy Fuqua deflected the ball on the Immaculate Reception. I used to despise the Steelers for this. Now I love the Steelers because Hines Ward is the smiling face of that team. And because he plays con brio and blocks better downfield than any receiver in the history of the NFL. Pats this week? Smallest violin in the world. Is it elitism that so many of these opinions are based on alma maters? The two best players on the Pats are Ben Watson and Richard Seymour. I want them t do wel, I want the Pats to be humiliated. Zombie movie? If it's set in Detroit, there's got to be a place for Human Being Lawn-Mower. I always thought the song was about Fahrenheit 451. If a potential president thinks books should be banned, shouldn't that be a deal breaker? But, if people want to knuckle under to Cheney's energy tea party, and creeps get to install unitary presidency because Cheney thought Nixon was treated poorly, who's anybody to object? NancyNall participants seem fairly informed. Does anybody believe W didn't bolt and Kerry saved crewmates under fire at risk of his life? Republicans committed crimes to steal the last two presidential elections. Their campaign didn't just make Lee Atwater roll over, it made him puke and drown in his effluvia. Where do these assholes get off? WP takes exception to Obama's characterization of McCain's stance as 100 years of war. How is that an exaggeration? If we sray, there will be retalition. That would seem fairly obvious to anybody that understood the difference between Sunni and Shia an US hegemony. They're modus operandi was based in abject racism. Prevent black people from voting, Somebodyt want to tell me that's not what these bastards did. The idea that Kerry was somehow lacking is so lame it's infuriating. He won and the Republicans and Diebold did what they could to usher in the nitwit. McCain claims credit for everything Kerry accomplished. He vanished and let Kerry take the heat,. On MIAs, on dealing with VietNam. McCain was a total asshole on these subjects. Kerry drove them home. These are facts. McCain bailed in every circumstance and tried to piggy-back on Kerry. The deal: Nobdy would have thought the Pretzeldent would just lie his ass off to impose some absurd bunch of lies. It was a crock. If you htink Daniel Pipes ought to be running your country, Well Pakistan and Israel, and both countries are nuts, are sitting on bombs and it would seem they're unstable. We're supposed to worry about Iran, that actually signed the NPT. Did India? Did Israel? Absurd. I don't realy think this, but no future. Zombies in the MC. I grew up in the Motor City. We sell Four Roses over the counter if you can reach the counter. And I wanna be Anarchy. I wonder what Catholics think? I know for a fact that Bishops that have interfered are an extremely small bunch of assholes. Blaming thiis on Catholics is such an immense lie it amoumns to Catholics believe in human rights. The US bovernment thinks that's passe. They think beating the shit out of anybody is acceptable .
  1144. caliban on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  3:59 am

  1145. Here's the deal. If you believe in that little shit Nixon lved, you believe W wasn;t a lying asshole. These assholes wouldn't know a hero if he smaclrf his ass in ther face
  1146. caliban on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  9:17 am

  1147. Waht is Henry Kissinger going to say about seeing Russia from Alaska on a clear day? I can see Parris Island everyday and invade it frequently by ocean kayak. Bet I know know more about defense of this country than Sarah Palin does, I just read The Yiddish Policeman's Union, so I.d bet I know everything you need to know about Alaska. But you might not be able to get the book in Wasila. Would people get a grip? Dude says Alaska should secede. Does Sarah stand by her man. She believes Alaska is the repository for righteous folks when the rapture comes. FBI is wripping up peoples' homes to try to catch the Palin email infiltrator. I assume they're just strolling past the law-breaking involved in wholesale avoidance of Public Records laws. Unitary presidency in defence of unitary Vice Presidency is bad enough. Unitary Alaskan Governship? The moral outrage about invading the privacy of the greatBullwinkle hunter is relatively hilarious next to the clear estra-legal attempt to obfuscate public records. With no real knowledge of the situation, it seems to me the First Dude hasn't the balls to take on the First Brother in Law man to man. The guy Monegan is telling truth while the Dude is sullying the idea of the Dude, who will abide, and tacking that wanigan on the gubernatorial double-wide for the skinhead, the out-of-control kid and the neo-naxi new shotgun son in law.. I guess he might not be a neo-Nazi, but I'm willing to take him at his word he's a redneck. If you live in a WaPo world where mild exageration is identical to outright lies, who's to say. According to Papers of Record, it's the same thing to say McCain stands for 100 years war and to claim Obama standfs for virulent and intrusive sex education for Kinderhatyners. What sort of objective reporter equates these things? The liberal press posed clearly bogus questions about Kerry's war record against the undeniable evidence that W just bailed, and they acted like this was fair and balanced. Is John McCain a war hero for being shot down? Tell you what. Look at the record in the senate. McCain has insulated himself from criticism and piggybacked on brilliant Senatorial behavior by Kerry. Fact, jack.And McCain's hung Kerry out to dry. In my home state, South Carolina, (well, it's not, I grew to 18 in Detroit, and after that, I'm a proud citizen of Georgia). Lindsay Graham represents me as a senator. My Senator was against torturing the wayward detained before John McCain convinced him that torture was legitimate. Now they're both assholes, and potential war criminals. Way to go, tortured moral conscience. Is it difficult to undestand that residents of North Viet Nam were ill-disposed to a jet jockey that had been killing people indiscriminately from 50.000 feet? Hero? I don't get it? Bombing isn't heroic, by any stretch of the imagination. Getting shot down isn't heroic. Seems like smart bombs blow up Afghan brides and grooms, regularly, and aren't we proud? If Afgjams comgregate, Al Quaeda must be there. Morons. Next it'll be Athens GA. A veritable hot-bed. Code Orange? Assholes.
  1148. caliban on Don't look there.
    September 23rd, 2008  5:16 pm

  1149. This is the best use of the internet tubes I've come across maybe ever: Please type in 1952 Vincent Black Lightning and hit play. It will make your day. Like Bonnie and Clyde in slightly less than five minutes. Or Screaming Blue Messiahs playing Wild Blue Yonder live. Try Flat Duo Jets version of Harlem Nocturne. Topically, Legal Tender by B52s. The Winterland live version of Chest Fever is amazing. Superfly live. A site this good makes me think I might be being invaded by mortal viruses, but the music is so excellent.
  1150. caliban on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  1:32 am

  1151. Bullshit. These ashole believe they somehow believe they're masters of the universe. They rob all of us blind. If you believe in a golden parachute, it is physically impossible to be a bigger fucking moron. Paulson? Well there was a spectacularly good movie. The hero said Mom Dad don't touch it. Bushenomics, kiss my ass.
  1152. caliban on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  1:34 am

  1153. Are we joking? Asshole.
  1154. caliban on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  2:46 pm

  1155. Good news: 300 home runs, 500 doubles, a career batting average higher than .300, a career on-base percentage higher than .400 and a career slugging percentage higher than .500. It's astonishing nobody talks to John Kerry about being left high and dry by the Straight Talker. To this day, that ahole is making claims about normalizing relations with Viet Nam and getting POW information. Kerry did. McCain didn't. Facts, Jack. But every single day, Gidget, becoming Roseanne as we watch, without a clue, other than sucking on the federal teat more than anybody else in history and repeating the same old lie every single day. Since 2002, Obama has played some part in getting nearly a $billion in earmarks for Illinois. In that same amount of time, Palin has accounted for $half a billion for Alaska, including the road to the bridge to nowhere (this repetitive lie has got to be some sort of Tourette). Population of Illinois: around 15 million. Population of Alaska: 670,000. Neither a pig nor a pitbull, she's Cheney with lipstick, and if you read Sisters, Vice President Elmer Fudd probably had to put on rouge to allegedly father children. Two despicable PsOS. Between them, they went to 13 schools before getting degrees by default. I don't suppose there's anything wrong with that, but it's interesting both arrived at the same preoccupations: lying their asses off, Stalinesque secrecy, evasive and illegal email behavior, stonewalling subpoenas. The question is: Are Americans that stupid?
  1156. caliban on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  3:04 pm

  1157. Riverside Park stirs memories, but Edgewater Park, that's almost as good as Tiger Stadium:
  1158. caliban on Clogged.
    September 25th, 2008  3:30 pm

  1159. If the bailout doesn't bail out mortgagees, isn't it really throwing good money after bad and nationalizing golden parachutes? I mean, haven't the markets corrected themselves? Life, according to the Smartest Guys in the Room and the New American Centurions, is supposed to be Hobbesian, nasty, brutish and short, and they're supposed to end up with the swag and the most toys. Paulson wants to make sure the robber barons retain their yachts. Barney Frank should go Savonarola on their porky asses. If the assholes are being bailed out, they should also be reduced to penury, and their bank accounts should be seized to replenish the pension funds they raped.
  1160. caliban on Saturday afternoon market.
    September 27th, 2008  10:27 pm

  1161. It's at once melancholy, ironic and nauseating hearing Darth Nader talk about winning the popular election and losing in the electoral college: Is it possible this omphaloptic onanist reprobate has forgotten his own part in the 2000 presidential heist? But that's water under the bridge. The really interesting question is what is Sarah Palin doing narrating videos for a Moscow newspaper? Maybe maybe Mat-Su Valley Girl's more experienced with Russia than she can express in coherent English in the face of an intimidating elitist media beast interviewer like Katie Couric.
  1162. caliban on Send caffeine.
    September 30th, 2008  1:59 am

  1163. Not Motown, Stax via Jerry Wexler. This + caffeine can part the Wide Sargasso Sea speed you through the Horse Latitudes: In all of the Paul Newman hagiography, where's a discussion of the fascinating 'competition with Steve McQueen? Marlon Brando was another planet, and odius comparisons probably existed only in the mind of Josh Randall (on TV, Mcqueen ruled), but this was a celebrity meme in the good old days before before memes were invented. The same thing could have happened with MM and Liz Taylor (and, believe it or not, Shelley Winters, who I once saw launch herself naked and plowed into a HoJo's pool in Athens, GA during shooting of the cult classic Poor Pretty Eddy, and Joan "British Open" Collins, the more talented writer of the Collins siblings). Is it possible that 'girl' roles were considered interchangeable? Could Taylor have played Cherrie, Monroe Maggie the Cat? (Could either have been so good in "Come Back, Little Sheba"?) Newman and McQueen made made dueling movies. "Secret War of Harry Frigg" and "Soldier in the Rain" provided one degree of separation from Jackie Gleason, and both are superb. "LeMans" and "Winning", Neman's performance a tad better, McQueen's movie considerably. There's a long list of parts for which both must have been considered, and dumbass, clueless self-styled film historians like Leonard Maltin would have it that McQueen got sloppy seconds. Mythically (if there's a difference from truth other than human filters, ask Joseph Cambell or Sigmund Freud), McQ was supposed to be in Butch Cassidy": Paul Newman got the better movies, maybe, but maybe not the better parts. Interesting but dumb debate. In the end, signature roles in comparable films--Cool Hand Luke and Pappilon provided breathtaking, heartbreaking, soul-shaking performances. Boys Republic and the Marines vs. Shaker Heights and Yale. Both made the Milhous enemies list. Newman earned it the old-fashioned way. McQueen was a political conservative, so apparently he was just the sort of person with values and an iconoclastic streak the vengeful Quaker couldn't abide. Shared scenes in Towering Inferno were striking (and why it's the only disaster movie ever worth watching.) On the roof, ready to blow the water tower? Two ultimate cool heroes that should have had more self-preserving smarts than to get themselves into such a fine mess (and distinctly like the Butch and Sundance 'the fall will kill you' and the final charge scene). Paul Newman great movies missing from the obits: Hombre: Proverbial coiled spring. Hunsucker Proxy: Diabollically funny viscerating of everything he hated about corporate culture. Judge Roy Bean: What he thought of runamuck politicians. Mr. and Mrs. Bridge: American's get quiet desperation as well as the First World. Sometimes a Great Notion (best of best), and directed by Hank Stamper aka Paul Newman: I don't know anybody that ever saw this movie before it was butchered for TV and renamed "Never Give an Inch", other than me, my ex-wife, and my parents. Made from Ken Kesey's novel that was better than "Cuckoo's Nest" . An Epic of the American West. To my mind, it's a terrific adaptation of a very good novel that comes close to the pinpoint scintillation of Wallace Stegner. This movie is a lot like Cool Hand Luke, with its famous set-pieces: eggs, broken aviator shades and hard-boiled eggs, which scene ends with Luke crucified like Jesus and Sgt. Elias Grodin (the one nobody talks about is the psychological brutality of the washing the car scene. In Sometimes a Great Notion, the Moviegoer gets: Hank trying to save his brother from drowning when a chainsaw accident pins him against a creek bank with the creek rising. It's Paul Newman, Breath of Life has to work, but it doesn't. Hank revving up the biggest chainsaw God ever wrought to saw a desk in half in front of a weasel union man worried his balls were inline. Might seem playing against political type, but by this point the unions were a branch of the Republican political establishment ("Blue Collar" is pertinent). Stampers float several acres of logs to market. On the top of the tugboat's cabin is the patriarch's severed arm and hand, middle finger extended. If you like Paul Newman and literate movies, this is a good one. Sprawling scenes of a Great Northwest assholes are trying to obliterate, in spectacular splendour (the rafting scenes) mixed with claustrophobic family head-butting. Republicans tried to make regulation of logging a wedge issue in the last several decades by talking about shutting sawmills down. Abject lying. The logs were being rafted and sent to Japan. They were never being milled in the USA. Meantime, if this isn't a McCain photoshoot, what is: Finally. I'd like to ask a question. Ms. Palin is Sally Field without the intelligence or acting chops. Shouldn't she go on SNL and say 'ever mind'? And McCain? I'd like for this to be about the fact he's not got a clue. Racism intervenes. How is it possible with all the tubes and the several internets nobody has identified McCain with that Ghostbusters' nemesis Slimer? Identical. Everything they say and everything they said. Republican candidates will damage America. Next debate question: What does McCain think about Bobby Kennedy? Before we lost track, Bobby was the gold standard. Who do American's beleve is better for them" In a time warp, I'd take Bobby. We're supposed to think that the Constitution produces the best for the Commonweal, the best for everybody that signed on. Bpth a christian and a Muslim point of view. Actually, is that pOS joking? He japped on Kerry so many times in the Senate and claimed credit, it's enough to make you puke. McCain has taken some sort of credit for the BCCI investigation. He impeded the investigation. He will say anything The idea there are MIAs? Kerru proved this was wrong. McCain made a bunch of shit up. He went out of his way to hang Kerry with himk with him because he didn't believe Mc'Caain was a lying scumbag.out to dry whan he knew he was just lying his ass off. Kerry stuc
  1164. caliban on Send caffeine.
    September 30th, 2008  2:07 am

  1165. Stupider than Spiro, and that's saying a lot. Some republican asshole is going to try to make it out like she was ambushed. She is a nit. She's so dumb it' hard to think what McCain might have been thinking.
  1166. caliban on Send caffeine.
    September 30th, 2008  3:14 am

  1167. nobody can be this stupid. She's an idiot. Somebody want to say she isn't? Dumber than Katie Couric. Evertyhing ia a crock.
  1168. caliban on Just doing our part.
    October 7th, 2008  1:08 am

  1169. Damn. I thought I suggested that NPR link, like last Thursday, you betcha. Must have thought the inclination was entirely too proximate to my most recent making an ass of myself. I'd say I'm one of those that thinks the commingling of Greed and Cheney Repulidanitis is attributable to me. The piece is so objective it's almost a shock to the system that calls the Palin arround comments a 'distortion' when it actually constitutes actionable libel in civilized countries. So if you went to JSchool and esteem American English, you're appalled and wish H. L. was around. How about Ralph McGill (for whom my school is named), who would have been appalled and incensed at the "not one of us" slander rendered in insidious pastel through bloodthirsty lipstick the color of raw liver? So much of this is seedy. Rich Lowry? Yeah, well Pat Buchanan (who doesn't even know how to spell his own surname, or he's trying to make sure he's identified with anti-Republican interlopers). Politoporn? If this phony frontier diva is what Republicans have to hold onto aside from their joysticks, this just seems like moral bankruptcy. William Ayres was never accused with bombings until the FBI tried to scare him into testifying against Berardine Dohrn. He didn't know dick except he was keen to get into her pants. I was there, and sex raised it's head in the airspace. Weathermen blew up a bomb that killed a policeman. First time out. They never injured another human being. Blowing up things without hurting anybody seems to me like throwing tea of a wharf. So anyway. Connecting Obama with terrorism is so bizarre, the question becomes: Are American's morons? Second: are we all chickenshit jerks? Three: Is any american safer since W ifnored the Presidential Daily Brief that said Obam, planes? And how much money did Cheney make? War criminalal bout to bolt. When these ahole conservatives pull this shit, WTH? Voters are idiots?
  1170. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 7th, 2008  8:55 pm

  1171. John McCain rictus: The likeness is remarkable n'est ce pas?
  1172. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 7th, 2008  9:04 pm

  1173. And ya know, goshdarnit, if Palin's a hockey mom, her favorite player is Claude Lemieux: I grew up with Gordie, a truly dirty cheater, but a piker compared with Lemieux and Ulf Samuelson. Cowards.
  1174. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 8th, 2008  2:29 am

  1175. Having lived through the assassinations in short order, I was numb to the WTC. Somebody that died might have made a difference. Actually, everybody that died would have made a difference, Families, history, who knows. If Bobby had been president emeritus, the USA might be a shining city on a hill instead of a pariah state that operates a gulag cum torture. Boffy would robably would have talked about 'death be not proud'. Needing leaders but get gamblers instead. It's incomprehensible that Americans don't see this as logical comeuppance, and the grandiosity of American exceptionalism was the cause of the tragedy. We export democracy, brutally, and ignore or hold hands with Saudi Arabia and Wahabbism. We don 't put Cheney in jail, we coddle a pretzledent that was warned in no uncertain, hell, hair on fire, terms this was going to happen, we support Shock and Awe. WTC is what the Project for the New American Century wanted to happen. Venal idiots in charge of the government. These aholes believe bunkers will save them, and they'll go to Sitka in the sky. They're better than we are, and if these jerks are better than I am at anything other than stealing Cuyahoba County in 2004, I'd say wipe it and start over. If we're a democracy, we need to think about the Rosenbergs railroaded and J. Robert Oppenheimer: If there's an artistic punctuation point, I guess it's 'O, Brother, Where Art Thou'. The 9/11 message: Dumbasses should have voted for the war hero and not the idiot that can't tell a cow from a bull:
  1176. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 8th, 2008  5:38 am

  1177. Actually, there's a movie that could dispel bad feelings, that is roundly ridiculed, and stars Scout's dad, who could be president in a perfect world. Amazing Grace and Chuck. Plots sort of silly. Utopian? Sports star and a statesman president. The believable part is a Little Leaguer that doesn't think people and countries ought to be in the business of blowing anybody up. This movie stars Alex English. He went to a school that couldn't spell basketball if you spotted them everything but the ultimate l, and he played nba for a bunch of bad teams. In the '80s, he scored more points than J or Larry or Michael. Like J and Larry and Magic, he was a consummate team player, and never got the absurd benefit of dogass refs the way Jordan did. Anyway, if Sarah is anything but a masturbatory right-wing totem, and a transgender hero(ine), peace on earth might come to mind when she can't speak English and the questions are too specific for her notes. It's a strange brand of Chrisitianity that dwellls on endtimes and identifying the saved as Alaskan separatists. If intelligent theology involves hope, where does that leave the theological elitists? I just finished (and highly recommend, along with Kavalier Klay) The Yiddish Policeman's Union, so I betcha, I know everything about Alaska. Delaware 870thou, Alaska 670. Snide dumbass Spiro wannabe, accomplished at local graft and bullying, not quite as clever. The election is a referendum on the stupidity and gullibility of American voters. Anybody that believes McCain suspended his campaign should be disenfranchised for being a moron. As far as Michigan is concerned, Fait accompli, and they forgot to tell Ulf Samuelson. Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin--blue, blue, blue. Milhous hated John Kerry. So do Republicans in general. Had Kerry been elected, would the economy reached dire streaits, would Osama roam, not bloody likely. And Americans were so fucking stupid they allowed Ken Blackwell to rob the election, and pretend W didn't bail for a couple of lines. There's a great Christmas tune by ELP. About believing and being disabused of belief. It holds true. The Christmas we get we deserve. Contract ON America. Know what we want and get it good and hard. McCain, incompetent asshole: More than anything, McCain was a target of Karl Rove. Black love child. Now the shitheel embraces the architects and the authors of that campaign to produce bullcrap against Obama. It's like W;s Vietnam record. Lying sack-o-shit. Died-in-the-wool conservatives? Vote for Ron Paul. McCain is devoid of principles, personality, humor, judgement, template for a new Cheney, if that's who you want running the country. Cheney started the Century by ensuring his Halliburton nestegg and insisting on no oversight. Palin> Same old. I don't know. Is there somebody so beknighted they think drill baby drill has anything to do with energy indepemdence? The argument is much like the Weyerhaouser consideration. Renewable. Like scrub pine planted in rows replaces hardwood forests. But Palin thinks there were dinosaurs and giant ferns 5000 years ago, and God put them here, and will do it again, to provide gas for snow machines. She actually has said so. And W made the OClub safe for democracy. Past is cetainly prologue.
  1178. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 8th, 2008  6:54 am

  1179. "That one"??? Sounds like the little brown one. Look, the guy is beholden to the mob and wants to hang this on Ayres. Who did not bomb the Pentagon, aside what Freepers might say. Actually, Ayres was only ewver accused of anything to try to force him to implicate Bernardine Dohrn, who he was in love with. Evidence? Well, none whatsoever. Other than Cointelpro agents testimony. Biggest liars until the Bush administration. Anybody buying this is an idiot. Kinda like calling Obama Boy. Incontinent, closet racist (this close to saying boy vs. thoughtful and gracious. Is America comfortable with a closet racist? Who understands foreign policy? The surge is hilarious. Surge means increase and decrease. Palin says troop numbers are lower when it's plus 17,000. And anubody that wants to talk about the surge wants to ignore the millions paid with no oversight to the Awakening. W's stated margin of victory for the surge is Political stability. Yeah, ypu idiots, right. They don't understand to this day the pure-D influence of Iran. They do not understand the popular support for Turkistan. They don't seem to understand anything to do with politics in Iraq. Mainstream media? Supposedly it's a wash on lying. Not in a million years. This shit started with Swiftboat pure bullshit being played off against W and his Guard Duty. W ditched to avoid a positive coke test. Kerry was pulling a wounded buddy out of the Mekong. McCain economic message: pay those 300 to 1 golden parachutes and make sure those poor damaged CEOs don't have to suffer paying taxes. That is his plan and he can't get around it.
  1180. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 8th, 2008  7:26 am

  1181. Maybe McCain isn't a total scumbag. He knows for a fact that negative crap is crap.He doesn't seem willing to go with the Hussein garbage. Bill Ayres is a bagatelle. On the economy, McCain couldn't actually say his only choice is Phil fucking Graham, who thinks Americans are whiners, It's entirely likely that Gramm's riches have elevated right alongside Cheney's, and McCain trust is profiting. You betcha. Grotesque wink, wink. If people are so stupid they elect McCain, Puil Gramm is the Treasury Secretary, and we're all screwed.Earmarls? Vast majority are reasonable expenditures. It is worth considering that Alaska ate that shit alive and built the road to the bridge to nowhere. What are these nitwits talking about? Thanks but no thanks? Has that woman ever told the truth about anything? No.
  1182. caliban on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  11:34 pm

  1183. 'That one' sounds like the 'little brown ones'. Privilege in American culture produces the Manchurian Bush. When moms is Quaker Oats or that deceased white man on the dollar bill, and the family Sopranoed their current candidate of choice, who fathered an illegitimate black baby, but all is forgiven, well, sure, you betcha. This raised it's head like Putin menacing Alaska in 2004. Intelligence, sophistication, reading, apparently those things are anti-American. For a fact, terrorist interdiction is all about law enforcement. It works. Invasions don't, except to enrich Cheney. Is it too much to expect that voters understand that Kerry was slimed and the Sanduskuy results were hijacked? County after county in Ohio and Florida were just robbed. Now you clever people that like reading Nancy Nall. Know anything about magicJack? Seems to good to be true.
  1184. caliban on Advantage: That one.
    October 8th, 2008  11:42 pm

  1185. If you were libeled, would you champion the lies used against you? Wouldn't that make you a jerk? John McCain couldn't figure out how to fly a plane without getting shot down. The moron W didn't get shot dowm so repeatedly. John Kerry saved guys lives. Who's the hero? Kerry is. McCain is bullshit.
  1186. caliban on What are the odds?
    October 9th, 2008  3:11 pm

  1187. Prosciutto is one of God's gifts to humanity, along with cappacola and Genoese salami, by way of Italy, which has France beat four ways to Sunday for real food. French people think guts are comestibles if you apply enough beurre. Six yokes in three eggs is serendipitous. I'd say Nancy Nall for Treasury and USA just might make it out of this mess. You really should buy a Powerball ticket today. But aren't the yolks the part that's bad for you? I mean, that's about 1250 mgs of cholesterol. Well, yeah, but they taste so good and contain vitamins, riboflavin and niacin. And all the rest is just albumen, which just sounds disgusting Egg whites can be combined with whiskey, but are better known as a constituent of gin fizzes: but mixing them with sour mash is anathema and seriously non-kosher. Thomas Friedman is tops in inanity and a poster child for pure bonehead, but blind pigs locate truffles: Dan Quayle can officially consider himself removed from his title as emptiest head ever nominated for national office. You really wouldn't think glossolalia was a qualifier for high office, but As we know, There are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know There are known unknowns. That is to say We know there are some things We do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns, The ones we don't know We don't know. And the Pretzeldents dad once said he'd had sex with Ronald Reagan. Possibly less disgusting and more believable than his marital alternative, Quaker Oats.
  1188. caliban on What are the odds?
    October 9th, 2008  3:30 pm

  1189. And just when she seemed to have descended into the wastebin of I'm the Cutest Mean Girl irrelevancy, Maureen Dowd engages in righteous indignation: The connection between Obama and Ayres doesn't rise to tenuous. If Americans find Reverend Wright more worrisome than Pastor Hagee, I fear for the body politic, and not just because Catholics are seriously tired of whack-jobs calling us a non-Christian sect and Satan's spawn. It's the inherent sense of being chosen, for the rapcha or whatever. If you feel the need to presume to moral superiority, you're neither moral nor superior. And you probably should be disenfranchised.
  1190. caliban on A few words about moose.
    October 9th, 2008  7:11 pm

  1191. Miss Sarah junts moose from an airplane. Another circle in hell for unmitigated yahoos that pull that sort of merde and act like it makes them the one with the nads in the family. And how many times can McCain have TIA's and claim that's what he meant in the first place? And if you can look at the accompanying photograph and claim he isn't a dead ringer for the gluttonous green ghost at the Hotel Sedgewick, you may be having a sundowner moment of your own. Screw the Scary black man meme. How about the terminally dyspeptic rictus?
  1192. caliban on A few words about moose.
    October 9th, 2008  8:56 pm

  1193. Thanks to HL, we don't call them strippers. They're ecdysiasts. Baltimore Bard had a word for those voters Jolene is worried about, too. Booboisee. The astonishing thing is that they think they're in on the joke. My fellow prisoners?!?! Gidge thinks "He meant to say that." It really is reasonable to wonder whether McCain is suffering transient ischemic events, or if he's terminally woolgathering. Alzheimers presidents let Ollie North run the country and the Constitution gets trampled. I've got a friend that's a neurologist, and when she saw this she said "TIE". Perhaps the tragic moose hunting accident won't be necessary. Despite his closet racism (howzabout palling around with Evan "Pickaninny" Mecham?) and the apparent honorectomy, I don't wish McCain ill. (Smirking W, another story.) But a McCain vote seems a likely Palin vote. She believes God told her Alaska is bigger than Biden's Congressional district, and the anointed last refuge in end times. McCain's old, these things happen. His running mate's a nitwit, who exceeds debate expectations by not pulling a Freddie Rumsen on TV.
  1194. caliban on A few words about moose.
    October 9th, 2008  10:00 pm

  1195. "That one" sounded distressingly like Poppy assuring the nation that he loved all his grandchildren, including "the little brown ones". Yup, outdated link, but germain. If this were Miller Analogies, I'd say Republicans:clueless racism::shit:stink.
  1196. caliban on Make up your mind.
    October 12th, 2008  2:36 am

  1197. Sarah told Bill Kristol she couldn't understand why Mc'Cain didn't bring up the pastor. Ahem. Well, there's Pastor Hagee: This guy's a world-class anti-semite. More than that, this guy call's my church the Whore of Babylon. If you live in the unined states (Can the whiney little ahole speak English or only whine? Or talk like Gidget?) Then there's Ms. Palins pastor, who probably believes in female circumcision. The board on which Obama served with ayres was selected by th Annenberg Foundation. Big time terriss. Well, no, so Republican it could make you gag. So what is the woman that sleeps with the Alaskan separatist trying to pull? She sleeps with the asshole. If there's something mor tenuuous than non-esistent, I'd like to hear the word. Now, om the other hand, 'Kill Obama'. 'Bomb Abama'. These assholes never heard of the little firls in Birmingham. What I'd like to know for a fact, how do you say 'Kill Obama' in a nest of Special Agents and not get arrested? If somebody said kill McCain, they would have been pummeled, beaten, detained. How do people deal with unlatching from relity? Sarah can't talk about a pasoor. Her's is insane. MccCain can't talk about pastors. Republicans cant deal with cheating. In 2004, Diebold's CEO said he'd do whatever it took fo W to win. Anybody that doesn't think Republicans didn't counter in Cuyahoga County is an idiot. And we've got ACPRN and their maybe 3.000 votes that don't count. Between 19975 and 2007, know how many fraudulent botes GOP identified? Fewer than 2000. In the country. Doesn't quite get the Deibold bullshit in Ohio. Democrats dont cheat, Republicans cheat their asses off. But you people that read Nancy Nall. So you buy raicism I xan't believe that. . Obama is dangerous? Yeah. He's a wilding nutcase.So aside from footbaL How does the lying ass Tenness ee GOP claim they aren't dogass pass ibterference. Tennesse could go 0-1 9n the Pac PAC-TEN Regarding Sarah: Does this bimbo want to bring up pastors with hers in the windand entirely a nutcase? and Pstor Hagee? How do Americans take on racists? If you just decide Obama's un-presidential and scary, . You are a racist piece of shit that really ought to be disenfrannchised. You people go to McCain ralless and say Kill Obama. And Bomb Obama. Are you so dense, or such unrecalcitrant racists you don't know agout the bombing of little girls in Birmingham? What conceivable argument could you present to the disgusting shit you fomented? Bomb Obama? You peo[le are so despicable, it's difficult to comprehend. My feeling about Sarah? Spiro. I know you all appreciate the language, is there somethingmore tenuouis than tenuous trhatding Ayres?Muons? Doesn't come dowm to sleeping with and giving the you'vetcha to a bunch of Alaska whacks tha have their terroris bonafides on the wall. But those people are right? If you believe in the Constitution, you sure as shit don't buy unitary presidency. Tell you what. Unitary Presidency means W should jave been king. Mc'Cain is an idiot, but he thinks this is right.YOU BUY THAT SHIT? i T
  1198. caliban on A few words about moose.
    October 12th, 2008  2:57 am

  1199. The war in Iraq isn'nt going abnywhere. FUBAR You'd have to be a fucking idiot. The war in Afghanistan, that's just FUAR? Bush administration is such a spectacular liar, they make this shit up fpr the get go. If somebodedy cab tell they weren't lyinf their ass off, they're a serious lyar. If you say I'm bot telling the truth, you'r a liar.
  1200. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  4:33 am

  1201. OK. So we think bombings are acceptable speech? I mean little girls in Birmingham. What the hell is wrong with these wackjobs and how did some scumbag that ought to be hunted down by wolves turn Americans bloodthirsty. Everything that came out of Sarah's mouth frothed the lunatic fringe. If somebody at a McCain rally or a Palin ralluy says 'kill him' how the hell does a sea of Secre Service not descend? Cpi;d somebody explain hoew a deat threat doesnt result in some fat-ass whack job npt being tasered and taken into custpdy? This is the secret service and a presidential , the mosy likely presidential, next president of the US. They didn't find this threatening.. They caught Rudolph? There was a terrorist.. McCains connection with this guy was palpablr. This is something that is spectacularly obvious, but it's not some made up idiotiotic sort of connection like 8 year old Obama and Ayres. Nobody sane would make that connection. Nobody would try to connect the eight year old kid with somebody you needto kill for a terriss connection. Nobody that wasn't entirely nuts. What the hell is wrong with these people? They caught the assasin of the abortion doctors? Rusolph Secret Service and people eliciit bodily threats against obama, don't you arrest their asses? If he's smart and inconvenient, well, you'd tell the Decret Service to back off. I'm not saying anybody that believed in Reaganism despised Bob Kennedy. But they did. I was never thrilled with quoting the right poets from wrong poems Actually, everything his sister said was better, and then we gpt real poets..
  1202. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  4:48 am

  1203. So, anybody. Does anything about the terrorist Palling around make the remotest asmount of truth? It doesnt. If you don't think trashing the Constitution is terrorism, Especially when putting a total puto moron in charge might make things worse. You're on tape, the truth will come out. You buy despicable jerks, mariecela. You can convince yourselves of your whatever. everybody has you cold. You have no clue. AThere is always someone comeing after you, you son of a bitch. You're fucked.
  1204. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  4:59 am

  1205. Back in the day, I used to walk in a neighborhood in Hrosse Pointe. We thought the next door neighbor was witch Haighieh. We stood ar the propertyline. You are witch Haigheigh. Were we nuts? Well, I know we weren't. Obvious question: Were you ever scared of a house? If you were scared of a house. Why?
  1206. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  8:55 am

  1207. But here's the deal. These bastards set this up years ago. Nixon put his favorite whiteshoe in play. These assholes can bring up the 2000 or so votes that might have been jiggered by ACORN morons. How about most of Ohio and all of Volusia County. These assholes didn't pull that? Yeah, they did. W flew the O club, but mainly the little prick went AWOL .Kerry pulled guys out of the Mekong. Things that actually happened. If you don't think so, you probably think McCain is a hero for crashing planes. What sort of disconnect with reality is at work? I'm not joking. If some fatass citiizen at a McCain rally says 'kill Obama', and you're a fed, how do you not arrest his grotesque ass? Never heard of Medgar Evars? How about those little girls that haunt Condi Rice when some ahole says Bomb Obam? When Obama met William Ayres, Ayres was Reagan youth. Annenburg Foundation. If there's a MSM in the bag, why don't we get the tortured associations of McCain and the totally insane preachers that believe Catholics are demonic and don't even speak in tongues. Here's my favorite thing. Or things. Catholics are a demonic sect. But Catholics produce Aqinas, and if you think you can get to the death penalty from Aquinas, you're a mail criminal asshole trying to convince somebody you'll deak with a tumor over the phone. Why haven't TV preachers been prosecuted.? If the FCC Caharter means the people own the airwaves, How does that obscene Australian purport bullshit and own a single broadcasting license? I am not joking. These assholes ran Swiftboat 24-7. It was an unadulterated lie. How did they get away with this? And the revolting piece of shit is not even an Americian. So there's some idea that the airwaves belong to the people. And anybody with access is supposed to serve the publid good. And Rupert buys everything and purports to be fair and balanced. So he owns mosssssssssst of it and he's dspicable. Guy's such ab asshole nobody could trust him. Ever. Airwaves belong to the people. Not to Fox. Those people are assholes. We're all smrater than those aholes are.
  1208. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  7:08 pm

  1209. Is there anything quite as politically obscene as Republicans scouring foreclosure listings to disqualify voters while using ACORN as a straw to incite people thankfully too sclerotic and obese to act on their violent urges. Vote fraud is virtually non-existent in the USA. Josh Marshall isn't non-partisan, but fair's fair and this is dispassionate: If Republicans are keen on disenfranchisement, they should probably put lipstick on the obvious racism involved: On the other hand, if you call Barack Obama an Arab at a McCain event, you probably should have your voter registration and your drivers license lifted.
  1210. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  7:22 pm

  1211. Undecided? Nitwit.,0,6236237.story?track=ntothtml
  1212. caliban on Detroitywood.
    October 12th, 2008  7:53 pm

  1213. Leonard Pitts is a gas: "First, let's concede the obvious: Every politician wants to be seen as Everyman or woman. That's why every primary season brings the curious sight of millionaires in plaid shirts wandering through county fairs eating fried things on sticks. It's why Hillary Clinton hit that bar and Barack Obama went bowling, badly. In that sense, Sarah Six Pack is nothing new. The "g" droppin', moose shootin', eye-winkin' hockey mom has plenty of antecedents. But there's a difference. Those antecedents were smart, wonkish people pretending to be one of us. Sarah Palin "is" one of us. And by 'us,' I don't mean you, necessarily, or me. I mean the lowest common denominator us, the us of myth and narrative, the us of simple mind, the reactionary, ill-informed, impatient with complexity, utterly shallow us." The racist, in other words. I'm betting I'm not the only one that thinks 'hockey mom' is a misprint with 'c' for 'n'. There is still time for W to actually say this.
  1214. caliban on Bye.
    October 14th, 2008  11:37 pm

  1215. A great Tejas double feature for free on Hulu: Iraq wasn't the only victim of obscenely cynical invasion and irresponsible indifference to the damage of occupation. But, sure as hell, there's an exit strategy for Crawford.
  1216. caliban on Bye.
    October 14th, 2008  11:59 pm

  1217. So, one of McCain's keepers was in bed for cash with Saddam between the father and son Iraqi expeditions: This would be shocking if there hadn't been strong evidence for years, which Dickless Cheney and Rummy were too contemptuous of American citizens to be bothered withh denying, that the dastardly duo could see Iraq from their backyards and were pulling the same crap. Sure put's a crimp in Ms. Alaska Independence's all-Ayres strategy. And now what' McOldFart supposed to talk about at the debate?
  1218. caliban on Don't light a match.
    October 15th, 2008  8:50 pm

  1219. I remember vividly seeing scenes like that flying into Detroit in 1967 after a family vacation in Freeport GB, while being told by our pilot that the city was about to be put under martial law and that we'd better get our baggage and get our white asses the hell out of Dodge, out Woodward Avenue to Birmingham and the Bloomfields. Still smoldering, with troops and tanks too, when I went to Metropolitan Hospital (12th Street and Tuxedo, hard by the John Lodge, couple blocks from the Ground Zero blind pig)) with my dad. He had a Public Safety Physician's pass through checkpoints and 24-hour curfew, and the rest of us didn't think he should make the drive solo. Human agents for the conflagrations, for sure in Detroit, most likely in California (subprime arson?). Different tinder--slumlord deathtraps in the ghet-toe, redwood and glass greed cathedrals in mismanaged forests.
  1220. caliban on Don't light a match.
    October 16th, 2008  6:00 am

  1221. Pat Buchanon and the other GOP talking heads insisting (again) that McCain won the debate and will get a bump. First thing everybodyy's going to see tomorrow is what McOldFart has in common with Ted Stevens: And the story makes it look like Cindy has the First Dudes in that family.
  1222. caliban on Caught up.
    October 16th, 2008  8:11 pm

  1223. So, Joe was dissembling his unsightly Plumber asscrack off: Think he was a plant?
  1224. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  1:28 am

  1225. Is it possible to be a bigger asshole than to claim you can't be a racist because you voted for Alan Keys? I don't think anybody's pointed it out, but W push-polled MCain in 2000. Illegitimate black kid. How does a candidate respond to scurrilous lies? W never showed up in Alabama. That is a fact. McCain: they did that lying shit to me and it was heinous, but if they do it to my opponent that's reasonable. Straight-Talk? Tortured. Waterbparded. McCain and W are lockstep. Say that ain't so, Joe. Well, you lie. Joe the Plumber? Thing nobody seems to point out: Carefully crafted, moronic question. Just like Jeff Guckert. Remember Guckert" This was a plant. Inept and insidious. Made up financial situation. Ambush situation. Guy that looks like WWF reject. How about somebody in smoking rags asking Poppy "Why did you bail, you phony war hero"? McCain was a very bad pilot. Crashed and crashed and crashed. Like Happy Jack, sans brains. This war hero shit is just a chancre. Kerry is, but he knows it doan mean shit other than saving compadres. Republicans guarded OClubs. Voters are such dumbasses they buy this bullshit? McCain was an incompetent pilot bound to get shot down, couldn't fly to save his life. If somebody's looking fo a Vietnam hero, we have John Kerry. Knew it was wrong put his ass on the line. Where did W measure up? Look into McCain and how he japped on Kerry and claimed authorship.
  1226. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  1:47 am

  1227. Do any of you think there's an ounce of sincerity in anything fromSllimer McCain. Does anybody think the Big 10 is better than the Mac? Nobody thinks those things are funny. They're racist aholes. How bout those Republicans? We don't act like racist Had it but Penn State vs. Mississippippi xouldn't
  1228. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  3:47 am

  1229. Who's the best girl drummer in all of music?
  1230. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  3:18 pm

  1231. What the surge accomplished: And River doesn't grace the internet any more. This is the last thing she posted: The surge amounted to handing out millions sans receipts and accountability to Sons of Iraq thugs and putting 30,000 more US troops in danger for no reason but to advance Cheney's assaults on the Constitution, rule of law, human rights, decency, humanity. Those troops are still there. And, of course, Sadr went along with all of this out of the goodness of his heart and no cash changed hands. Nearly eight years of stolen election hubris, and more than 20 years since Newt Gingrich hijacked America's collective brain and soul. They set out to steal Iraqi oil, like so many devious Kuwaitis, and they failed. They set out to suborn the Constitution, with the astoundingly odious David Addington, that makes Jabba look like Fat Albert. Conservatives are left holding a bag of steaming PNAC anti-American shit. And they don't like it. But WTF did they think would happen? Racism? How do we live in a country populated with nitwits that teeter on buying each new version of trickle down (i.e. being pissed on)?
  1232. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  3:31 pm

  1233. What makes the voting fandango in Ohio so infuriating is that Ken Blackwell got away with fraud in 2004. In Cuyahoga County, Republicans engaged in caging and other nefarious voter suppression techniques. The Chairman of the state's Republican Party said he'd deliver: Yup. Disenfranchised thousands to elect the odious little piece of shit draft dodger cocaine addict. Well, he proved malleable. Dumber than grunt, yet people believe signing statements sugsume law, because, you know, the pretzeldent is wise. Shit.
  1234. caliban on In the manure lagoon.
    October 19th, 2008  4:55 pm

  1235. If John McCain knows how to get Osama Bin Laden, but he won't tell anybody, shouldn't he be turned over to the CIA for enhanced techniques? Nazareth was a Slade tribute band right? Noddy Holder! Oi! Oi! They did strangle a marginally decent song by the astoundingly overrated Graham Parsons.
  1236. caliban on But,'s organic!
    October 21st, 2008  5:48 pm

  1237. There will always be an England: If Brits can learn to turn out palatable food after all these centuries since Runnymede or whatever, so can Americans. Alton Brown is the Renaissance Man for a Department of Food.
  1238. caliban on But,'s organic!
    October 21st, 2008  6:14 pm

  1239. By some editorial oversight, this feature omits the classic "The Cemetery Precincts":
  1240. caliban on Old man smell.
    October 23rd, 2008  9:16 pm

  1241. This mailer from the RNC goes beyond muck to tar pit:
  1242. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  12:10 am

  1243. I‘m trying HTML here so excuse me if it doesn‘t work. Sarah Palin says she‘s hardcore pro-life. I’m happy that she sees the moral and scientific bankruptcy of the death penalty and wars of choice on innocent bystanders. As a Catholic , this is important to me. I believe, like the Democratic Party and the American Council of Bishops (aside from the two-hand count of bad papal choices that choose self-aggrandizement in suggesting John Kerry shouldn‘t go to Communion; is he beyond Extreme Unction if he mortally wounds himself skiing in Colorado?), that abortion is an indicator of serious societal bad Karma, and if people could be convinced to take part in fostering social jusssstice and equity, and concern for the common weal demanded by Jesus of Christians,, the practice would become rare. As George Clinton said, ‘If you dance to the music, you got to pay it to the piper. ‘ These are bedrock philosophical tenets of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. I’m not sure about other religions, great and small. The acceptance that seems to be inherent in Buddhism is difficult for me to get my brain around. The idea that Sister left a pet in charge when she left the room and your checkmarks determine where you stand after summer vacation is disconcerting. How bad were the thoughtless things I‘ve done? Do I keep doing things, like Bill Murray, until I get it right?. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, and reincarnation sounds both Teillhardian and something like William Jennings Bryant. So there’s Sarah. If she could be spirited away on a snow machine and replaced with a Renaissance woman like Tina Fey, you know, the one without the lantern jaw pre-op look, I’d go for that, maybe. Still, how is it that everybody’s concerned about Palin’s ability when McCain is a very bad pilot that that thinks he’s entitled? I would like to have been in the room when the anti=matter Mary Tyler Moore announced herself ‘pro-life’. I would have asked her what she thought about the shitheel draft-dodger W mocking , mocking Karla Faye Tucker. How did GOP voter suppression thugs and imaginary voters in Florida, and Ken Blackwell , and W’s suitably mindless Ohio Campaign Chair square queering Cuyahoga County with their Lord and Personal Savior? Whatever it takes. It's pretty easy to claim you're a Christian. Despite having been brought up in a family that goes to church at an outpost of what Falwell and his pals call a demonic cult, I went to Jesuit School, I believe no man is an island, I believe we're all responsible for what happens to all of us. I think that's hard-core pro-life. The evidence against Troy Davis is running out with the tide, same as his time on earth. If cops hadn't muscled and misled alleged witnesses, there'd be no evidence. And now, the rush to judgement is fading down a moonlight mile. But the United States of America is still going to kill him. Maybe he did it, but it seems the only witness against him was the perpetrator. The death penalty is monstrously expensive, and it's just monstrous. If you go along with this, you're the same sort of asshole that buys Scalia embedding W, Ohio being blat out robbed in 2004, and Hammurhabi being a Christian forefather.
  1244. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  12:38 am

  1245. Sorry for running on. There is just something about claiming Christianity that fries my ass. The socialism business. Jesus didn't believe in Ada Smith's benevolent hand. People that claim to be Christians would invariably tell you that Catholics are some sort of bizarre cult. Excuse me, we were there first. As I understand it, you're not a Christian unless you choose the Lord Your God as your personal savior. I kinda boughtr it from the getgo. So. Do You believe in God? Personal question. Do you believe some scumbag corporate Republican can guarantee Ohio when he's sitting on all the eminently fuckable voting machines? Gore won. Kerry won. W is McCain light. W said McCain had a lovechild that was dusky. W's dad bailed out of a plane. He was scared. W fled to Alabama. John Kerry was a man. There is a lot to be said for bashing Creepupublicans for the revoting shit they pulled on Kerry when his opponent was a chickenshit ahole. Latr refuge. Republicans including Cheney are Nixon=era draft-dodgers. If American voters had an ounce of decency, W with no clue vs. Kerry? Dive me a break. AThis starts with the booboisee. People are so fucking dumb they think they're Republicans? Morons.
  1246. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  1:05 am

  1247. That young girl is a brain-washed idiot. I lived in Boston when Chuck Stewart had the BPD stop and search every black man period, Her black eye? Not swollen. 6'4". Horseshit. Why didn't they just track down some Celtics player? Racist assholes. If any of you knew about Boston, you'd be asking about Levi Hart. In Boston, if a murderer says it must have been a black guy, we invade Roxbury and make every 'Nuck' take dpwn his pats. The kid is a whackjob. She needs help. I'd like some consideration. How the fuck is Matt Drudge anything but a butthole? I've had it with Obamaniacs, Here's the deal. This whole idea about taxes. Soes anybody thing inheriting wealth trickles down? Cutting tazes on beanie babies means rich people get richer.
  1248. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  1:55 am

  1249. Here's the deal. These assholes think they've been rubbing dthe country and they thought Kommissar Karl was somehow in chage. If you dthink doing dthat fade with Max Cleland and Sackless wasn;t despicable enough to beat these ASSHOLES TO A PULP. Look at the way these aholes behaved. They think voters are morons. They think there's no way voters have the brains to understand that the last two elections were pure bullshit. Know What? Mccain can whine about John Lewis. Fucking joking? These aholes have have done evertthing to act like they aren't a bunch of racists bastards. When you get right down to it, in 2000, these assholes stole Volusia County. In 2004, they stole Cuyahoga County. The Republican Party cheated their ass off. They lose.Despicable pieces of shit.
  1250. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  3:10 am

  1251. My family is from Georgia. They lived through the Sackless Chambliss obscenity. Saxby ran ads where he morped the face of Max Cleland with the face of osama. Saxbu didn't serve. Max did. You know, John Kerry did, with honor. This is what the GOP does. They really amount to scum and liars. Saxby denigrates a Viet Vet when he had other things to attend to. W denigrates Kerry. When Kerry was a combat hero and W was making sure the OClub had Wild Turkey. Greenspan is just shocked that the hand isn't benevolent. Holy shit. This seemed sort of obvious to me when I first heatd about Adam Smith. Benevolent hand? Let's just put a sales tax on necessities and call idt a fair tax. If you're rich, a national salestax might be an inconvenience. If you live from paycheck to paycheck, you are croaked. This is loony. Fair Tax taxes the poor. 23% on milk is not the same as 23% on buying a really big boat. Here's the deal. People that inherit wealth don'dt create jobs or wealth. Nothing ever trickled down except piss. The idea that inherited wealth produces jobs when its untaxed is a lie beyond comprehension. We're Americans. We're supposed to think that we care about every American. That's actually Christian. Americans are actuually so stupid they don'trealize that the invaison and occupation of Iraq are being funded off the books by the biggest earmark ever invented. Saxby is the Republican Party, and he believes in trickle down. Repulicans apparently believe that insurance company bean counters will provide some sort of reasonable health care. Anybody that believes this is an idiot or a yhrall to whack job liars like people in thr pocket of theFrist Family. If the country had signed on with Hillarys's plan, back inthe nineties, We'd be in a much better state. Whar I'm saying. If you care about your fellow citizens, if you care about human beings, you couldn't possibly believe McCain isn't a piece of crap. He's a liar. Everythg comes out of his mouth.
  1252. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  7:05 am

  1253. "So despite Sen. Kerry’s apparent inside track to victory" Despite a moral certitude that his opponent was a petty, mindless twit. Ohio was still there for stealing. Despite the fact that W was a malleable piece of stupidity, nothing could stand in the way of stealing Ohio. Brian, don't go gentle. There's a Constitution, and signing statements are bullshit. Who do Cheney and this pissant draft dodger think they're for aanti-Americans, she could investigate herselg and Dickless Cheney. What the hell is wrong with this anti-American scum? McCain has embraced the foul tactics he reviled when they were used against him. We;ve suffered through a campaign based on outrageous slander against Kerry, whose apparent sin was serving and saving lives, and not getting loaded at the O Club. Perhaps, America has moved past the stupidity. If Americans still believe what trickles down isn't piss, they could vote like sheep for another pilot that didn't know how to fly the plane. MxXain couldn't 'slip the surly bonds of earth'. He's not a tougf guy, he made a career out of hiding behind Kerry's courage. You could look it up on the Google Barack's not Bobby. Nobody is, but he's not a nitwit run by amoral and venal bastards, so things would have to be looking up.
  1254. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  7:35 am

  1255. When you get punched, your eye swells. Go to the polls Glasshoppa, but if this isn't race-baiting, I'm Barney Fife. Everybody knew from the get-fo the girl was lying. The obscene jumping on the story is the story. The McCain campaign and its minions, and their immediate willingness to go all Chuck Stewart is the only story. The 'B' was gone during her frofmarch. Old news? Nooooope. Injecting the racist card never gets old. Nothing Joe said had any connection with reality. This assault was a fabrication with a racial twist. Lee Atwater is rolling in his grave. If they steal it or they simply act like you never voted, it must have been meant to be. Like you lived in Ohio, or Volusia County. If you're black, stay back. If you're brown stick around, Ed Rollins has a chicken bone to pick with you. It's spectacular that Republicans are up in arms about registration fraud when they excel at vote fraud and voter suppression.
  1256. caliban on Tawana told a lie.
    October 26th, 2008  8:42 am

  1257. Rush said that Obama was actually going to Hawawii gecause of his unAmerican origins. How long Catiline, Except Catiline could actually speak the language and he wasn't the least of Willard;s rats. Rush was actually a pub-flogging liberal in a previous incarnation, presumably as a cockroach. How is it that morons that claim to be independent thinkers allow themselves to be led by nose rings by an obese oxy-poppin' moron? And they aren't disenfranchised? Hawaii was a state two years before Obama was born, pindick. I always thought Thomas Jefferson was right about government and newspapers, but, have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? With the exception of rags owned by Rupert Murdoch, who did his damndest to destroy the Dodgers, newspapers attempt honesty every day. Tubes pump unmitigated bullshit. I'd like to soak the infamous fedora in lighter fluid and set fire to it with Matt Drudge wearing it. It's bad enough that these internet and radio assholes trash journalism, but do they have to be such sans-gonads chikenshit little weenies when they do it?
  1258. caliban on The pink heels.
    October 27th, 2008  11:05 pm

  1259. I'd drag your asses back to Troy Davis. No physical evidence. Nine eyewitnesses, seven of whom have recanted. Who bears responsibility for ending a life in the name of the state? One of the eyewitnesses is the most likely murderer. If the Supreme Court isn't capable of seeing injustice, isn't the GOP argument about Court appointments obscene. These Republican-appointed aholes said in a binding decision that proof of innocence is not enough proof to overturn a guilty verdict. Yup, they said that. This guy probably didn't commit a crime. It's almost sure as shit he didn't kill this off-duty cop. The doubt is monumental. Does Scalia get this from his reading of the Federalist Papers? Nope. He's an asshole that delivered the Florida disenfranchisement. This scum of the earth's interjection of his perverted Constitutional beliefs aside, Troy Davis is pretty clearly an innocent man. If he's executed by the state, well, I believe capital punishment is murder, but this murder may be more heinous than most. This guy was framed, and it's pretty obvious. Scalia believes Sirhan should sit in solitary for having killed the best man America ever produced. But he believes with no extant evidence that this guy should be executed. Well, Scalia is one despicqable shit that beleved Bobby Kennedy was usurping the Nixon imperial presidency. VP runs things anyway. Steal Florida. Steal Ohio. Vote fraud, registration fraud? What's the difference unless you're an idiot?
  1260. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 27th, 2008  11:54 pm

  1261. AOScott sure isn't somebody reliable. Roger Ebert likes the same movies I like. He has good taste, and that pompous movie critic shit, well, Blade Runner is the best movie anybody ever made. And Chainatown is certainly second. Scariest movie? When things go a little to long in Poltergeist.
  1262. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 28th, 2008  12:06 am

  1263. Look, you dumbasses. A man's life is at sake. He didn't kill anybody. The evidence is overwhelmimg. You believe Scalia or you belivee the facts. Look. Swift Boat was the most outrageous lie in servivr of a chickenshit draft dodger. McCain? Only what he said. Kerry, he was a hero. . In the senate, McCain sort of japped on Kerry. What a jerk.
  1264. caliban on My 9/11 movie.
    October 28th, 2008  12:11 am

  1265. McCain was a liNr. Kerry was a hero. Fact, jack. McCain claimed he dealt with Viet Namese. Bullshit. Kerry did, McCain lied.
  1266. caliban on This one's for Joody.
    October 28th, 2008  1:22 am

  1267. I'm not joking. This is a man's life at stake. I'm not dumd ebough to believe Bushevisk fon't be;ieve they hold some moral imperative. This guy in Savammah is most likely innocent. Almost everyy that testified against him has recanted. Another says one of the eye-witnesses was the murderer. W thinks he knows who the murderer is. He mocks her. How about the innocent shock and awe victims you ghoulish shock and awe perpetrator? Ge's a war criminal and so's Cheney. There is no such thing as blowing Iraqis up and claiming it was a justified war. Pretext+murder equals murder. In what universe do these assholes get away with this? The original attacks that were suposed to get Saddam. They just killed Iraqis indisriminately. Thousands of them. They just blew people up and didn't give a shit who they were. I'm so proud of my country. The surge? Well pay enough. Pay those dangerous warlords to stop shooting at you. Wow. Surge. Horseshit.The evidemce is ludicrous.. There is no evidence. The eye witnesses recamted.
  1268. caliban on This one's for Joody.
    October 28th, 2008  1:24 am

  1269. And you kill this guy?
  1270. caliban on This one's for Joody.
    October 28th, 2008  4:50 am

  1271. Who knows. I think anybody that anybody that bought into W was a moron. When I think of what kind of morons tt thos day it took skandering John Kerry, there is actually no way to forrgive Republicans. Yall did dthis to the angry beast. You all lose big time, except we all lose. Kerry is a bulldog prosecutor. Unlike osme mindless twit that believed Cheney was the real Pretzeldent, Kerry wiykd have stood up like a man and hunted down Oama Bin Laden. Or at least, he might have tried. The idea that it was police work, well, that was always the right idea you morons, Here's the deal. T. Boone thought he was clever to stick with W, when that was a little piece of shit and Kerry was a wartime hero, well T. Boone, you can fuck over actual voters.. You can pretend guys that can't fly planes are heroes because they get their asses shot down, Jphn Kerry saved his buddy from being killed. Hanoi Hilton? We've pmly got McCain to vouch for that. He thought he had to to live up to some bixarre family dignity. Kerry thought he owed it to his country. Actually, he probably only thought he owed it to his buddy.. T. Boone Pickens and Daddy Bush tried to paint John Kerry as some sort of anti-American. W bailed out and T. Boone is the architect of Swift Boat. He knows that's bullshit. In 2004, Republicans vowed to do whatever it took to rob the eletorate. If you athink they didn't steal Cuyahoga County, t bOONE. hE'S THE BIGGEST LIAR THAT EVER LIVED.
  1272. caliban on This one's for Joody.
    October 28th, 2008  11:26 am

  1273. If you had a chance to vote for a very smart guy for President, you know, the guy that understood terrorism is criminal behavior and police work brings it down, who was an actual war hero, and his opponent was a barely functional idiot in thrall to an evil sonofabitch that had better things to do than serve in Vietnam and got four or five personal deferments, , who would you vote for? T Boone Pickens would Swift-boat your ass, and you really should be disenfranchised for abject stupidity. And if the political party of the latter includes a whack-job Secretary of State that promises to deliver Ohio for the mumbledy moron President that invaded a sovereign country on evidence invented and defunked in 1998, and vanished votes on demand? Well, we keep Murrica and Newnined States (that is exactly the way the little shit pronounces it). Trash the Constitution? We doan need no steeenking Constitution. Here’s the deal. John Kerry was a war hero, if that’s possible. Both the Bushes ran away at the possibility. Prescott just realized how muck money he could make off Jews. T Boone funded slander. He's a somewhat larger fraud than Palin. To this day, when the Swift Boat shit is a bad joke, this scumbag stands by it and Fux insists it had a kernel of truth. Meanwhile, W just bagged service and got away with it. There is no accounting for how stupid people are.
  1274. caliban on Untitled.
    October 28th, 2008  8:31 pm

  1275. What Ted Stevens said: This verdict is the result of the unconscionable manner in which the Justice Department lawyers conducted this trial Does he mean the Justice Department fashioned by Kommissar Karl Rove? Under the bus, Ted.
  1276. caliban on They haven't changed.
    October 31st, 2008  12:09 am

  1277. We get Savannah TV in Hilton Head, so we're treated nightly to Sackless Chambliss that actually claim his Senatorial opponent supports soliciting children for prostitution. Once you've morphed Max Cleland into Osama, this shit is like heroin. Mitch McConnell is playing political Saw with Ted Stevens. As much as I want to see those three quintessential GOP aholes humiliated, McCain remains the ultimate avatar of abject Republican reptile brain desperation. Most pitiful ploy right now? Tossup. On one hand, the twat is claiming the LATimes is protecting Obama. TLA fing Times. That employs Jonah Goldberg and Max Boot as its star pundintz. What a perfect storm of panic, ignorance, and total disrespect for the electorate. Still, resorting to robo-calling in your home state five days before the election, well, goshdarn it, you almost feel...yeah, right. Run a campaign like so many Mole Men, and you get what you deserve when you break into a whole new circle of hell.
  1278. caliban on They haven't changed.
    October 31st, 2008  1:15 am

  1279. "Alot" is sort of like a verbal tick, like people that know better unable not to say "new-cue-lar". The one that gets me is endemic misuse of "bias" for "biased". What the hell? "I am Woman"? "We are Marshall"? "I am become death"? "We are all bias"?
  1280. caliban on They haven't changed.
    October 31st, 2008  4:46 am

  1281. That Khalidi guy McCain is trying to tie Obama to? Might want to go Emily Littella on that one. All Bozos on that Straight Talk Bus.
  1282. caliban on Spooky business.
    October 31st, 2008  7:59 pm

  1283. "Joe's with us today -- Joe, where are you? Where is Joe? Is Joe with us here today? Joe, I thought you were here today. All right, well, you're all Joe the Plumber, so all of you stand up!" -- John McCain at a rally yesterday in Defiance, Ohio. The famous plumber-with-a-publicist made it to a later rally in Sandusky, Ohio. This reminds me of an old joke. Two morons are walking along and find a dismembered leg. First says to second, 'That looks like Joe's leg.' Eventually, they Joe's disembodied head: 'Joe! Joe! Are you alright!?' Sums up the decomposing campaign succinctly.
  1284. caliban on Yes we carve!
    November 1st, 2008  12:50 am

  1285. Don‘t know exactly what to make of this, but I imagine Rob Reiner’s mom up in heaven was saying “I’ll have what she’s having.” Feel free to move about the Oval Office. (This is interactive.)
  1286. caliban on Rain on the roof.
    November 4th, 2008  1:57 am

  1287. Jeremiah Sullivan Black (1810–83) QUOTATION:How shall we avert the dire calamities with which we are threatened? The answer comes from the graves of our fathers: By the frequent election of new men. Other help or hope for the salvation of free government there is none under heaven. If history does not teach this, we have read it all wrong. Jeremiah Black was, like, Buchanan’s BFF. Until the Insane Clown SecState of the FLA stole 2000, historians had Buchanan as bad as idt gets. Then Ken Diebold Blackwell disappeared voters like Pinochet with Raygun’s blessing and Kissinger’s surrogate muscle, and the deal was sealed. Roll around inyourgrave James, but you were just liy-liverd, not a rook nor conational subborner. I‘m programmed by years of puer abuse by the Sisters of Saint Joseph at St. Hugo of the Hills in the suburb so old school rich it looks down of the Grosses, but Sister Chitister shoulda been a Jesuit. In the Catholic Church, no matter what a handful of whack Bishops say, we believe Christianity is bound up in the ideas of Great Commandments, and God wasn’t so worried about Number 1. People that hold power noware the progeny of bastards that figured murdering Jesuit organizers and raping Maryknoll nuns was an excersie in American power. I understood the potential of American politics when I met Bobby Kennedy, I think in Cobo Arena, in 1968. I understood the power of crushing an idea, and an idea, when Bobby got shot and I went to Chicago. Barack is funny on the Cheney delight Eminence gris from Nixon to the present.. Why hasn’t the MSM vetted those connections Terriss? One bomb from being rid of that obnoxious court. Here’s the deal: these bastards come rom the AEI. They morphed into the I’ve been trying for weeks, months to point out to family and friends, Republicans and Democrats, that the McSame meme (there’s no way to express how vile I find the term meme) is lame. Code for fucking the country up in a hand basket? Well, for sure. But gutdomn, it’s so much more. People need to understand that there’s been an assault on the Constitution. It’s one thing for Grover to talk about strangling government, it’s another for a nitwit to say he just invalidates everything Congress says. If you’re somehow undecided, please read that previous link. If you think that your America should wage peremptory war, or that the President by theft twice in a row is somehow imperial. How did it get to a point that Americans believe in If we believe in imperial presidency, we choose between Babar Bus and Lady MacBeth. assault on the Constitution. Honest to God. If you don’t think these assholes threaten your security, go to sleep, you’re already coopted. It isn't Calibans Island. These assholes want to kill your ass, or at least make you subservient.
  1288. caliban on Rain on the roof.
    November 4th, 2008  7:08 am

  1289. Memorable campaign ads? Sure. Llibby Dole wins the Suxxxxxxby Cambliss award for despicable piecefe of shit. If you make a Presbyterian elder Sunday School Teacher out to e an atheist, you ought to put a forrk in her so she can’t say <I.she comes from a Christiaan faith that doesn’t direct her to bear false witness. Saxvy is running ads saying his opponent favors child molesters. This has gotten to a sorry state. If a Democratic points out out inconsistencies, that matches bogus claims about patriotism or belief in God. Saxby Chambliss morphed Max Cleland into Osama. Saxby was the draft dodger. John Kerry was a reluctant war hero. W fot high and protected the OClub. One is true. The other’s wild slander. Are Americans this stupid? Not without voter fraud and outright vote theft. But the Republican Party specializes in both. Look into Kerry’s work regarding MIAs and how McCain latched on Facts are, Kerry ran the BCCCI investigations and exposed Republican thugs. These PNAC assholes hate Kerry more than anybody on earth. He exposed the Raygun ventriloquists for the state terrorists they were. He also exhibited exactly how to shut down terrorists, If Barack says McOldfart would perpetuate Cheney’s W ventriloquist act, that’s as negative as claiming Obama’s some sort of foreigner that threatens America with ingrained Socialist and Islamist beliefs? Rignt? So much for the fair and balanced WaPo. One’s true, one’s esperate, ungrounded character assassination. How the fuck is that both sides go negative? 84 cases of vote fraud identified since 1998. Several hundred thousand voters disenfranchised illegally by Republican operatives in the same time and space. Vote suppression in volusia and Broward counties in 2003 is legendary. These assholes think it’s funny. They blew their horns, and the walls came down. I don’t think they’re laughing anymore. An idiot on FOX? That's where you end up if you're a Republican with a dead intern. When you claim too be a political party, and you plumb unspeakable depths, and you fester in the American Enterprise Insitute and pop a boil with the PNAC, Jack Bauer needs to torure your ass. Somebody's supposed to say highjacking the Constituion is bullshit.
  1290. caliban on Sleeping in.
    November 4th, 2008  6:45 pm

  1291. I cannot conceive how any man can have brought himself to that pitch of presumption, to consider his country as nothing but carte blanche, upon which he may scribble whatever he pleases. Edmund Burke said that. Somewhere back in the 18th Century. Prescient does not begin. I think he was talking abut signing statements and kneejerk religiosity from irreligious men that don't value human life. I see this election as America snatched back from a precipice, but that might be kinda dramatic. Whe I woke the computer today, I got Ah, May followed b>No Woman No Cry.....and going out to poll-watch.
  1292. caliban on Sleeping in.
    November 4th, 2008  6:48 pm

  1293. My Logitech wireless keyboard is failing. That was Ah, Mary, a song as great as Fortunate Son.
  1294. caliban on Take a chill pill.
    November 5th, 2008  2:40 am

  1295. Election Day music. As Robbie says, you all know the Doctor. We’re having a real problem with Chuck Todd talking about Ohio. If you believe W won Ohio in 2004 without Blackwell and Diebold, seek professional help. How is it that we got Rev. Wright ads in The Last Days and no Hagee? I mean, if the media “is” so in the bag for Obama, why has it been months since anybody heard about McCain’s rev that calls the Catholic Church ‘the Great Whore’? You know, it will be nice to have a Vice President that’s not a reptile thrall of the oil industry. Or was he actually running the oil industry? Fact is, it’s been an eight year nightmare of misgoverning by PNAC and the American Enterprise Institute, in a fucking Swiftboat World. Republicans can lie there asses off and claim large turnouts favor McOldFart, but it’s all over. Best argument for shitcanning the Electoral College? Pretzeldent W. It's actually almost never made a difference, but I suppose the same argument holds for the Supreme Court. McCain's campaign is lobbying to count alleged military absentee ballots in Virginia. Maybe the asshole could have voted for vets in the first place instead of sticking with the niggardly policies of the current misAdministration. They might have had timely postal service. Not with somebody else‘s. Remember when the election used to be about keeping you safe from terriss? Or Senner Obama? Or other words of more than two easily elidable syllables? Or using ‘hate’ as a noun when hatred is a perfectly excellent word? Or ‘torture as an intransitive verb? Seems to be the economy again. We live in South Carolina. People here are so dumb they think Lindsey Graham isn’t a bald-faced liar. Twenty minutes ago, we got a robocall asking us start with the idea that Barack Obama is ‘foreign’. The polls close in 90 minutes. We already voted, but who in the world did these idiots think they were going to influence?
  1296. caliban on Polls-closed/closing thread.
    November 5th, 2008  3:06 am

  1297. Pennsylvania voted for Kerry, Gore, Clinton, Dukakis, ad nauseated infinitum. Why did Republican strategists hang their hats there? Holy shit, think they might have counted on racism? Apparently, Libby Dole has lost. Oh happy day, and come on Kentucky and Georgia. Dole's 'atheist' ad was stunningly disgusting, basically mind-boggling. Nobody will ever go lower than Sackless Chambliss morphing Max into Osama, but Mrs. Dole moved into second place ahead of the truly egregious 'Call me" trashy white girl ad. Mitch McConnell makes Ted Stevens seem like something other than a slimy invertebrate while virtually driving the earthmovers filling the hollers and fouling the entire East Coast watershed.
  1298. caliban on Polls-closed/closing thread.
    November 5th, 2008  3:33 am

  1299. Jeff, I believe that qualifies either way as 'total destruction of a planet'. Not sure what to make of it. Are Americans not stupid selfish booboisee? The GOP has been fueled for decades by the incredibly moronic, pusillanimous self-delusion of political lemmings that were convinced they were living on capital gains instead of being reamed at work. The idea that somebody could point out an instance of tax cuts on the obscene proceeds of inherited wealth contributing to either employment or wealth is just about as unlikely as finding actual vote fraud not perpetrated by Republican Secretaries of State. I'll be happy if my dim view of America's collective intelligence and ethics proves wrong.
  1300. caliban on Polls-closed/closing thread.
    November 5th, 2008  3:37 am

  1301. A win for people that believe bearing false witness is actually sinful. Nobody ever crushed an offensive ad like Hagan did. Too bad somebody didn't step on T. Boone's tongue that way in 2004.
  1302. caliban on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  2:13 am

  1303. The idea that this is some sort of middle right, kiss my ass. Glycerine. What some asshole like Robert Novak says, He said 2004 a mandate, for W. We don't believe in racism. I was in Grant Park in 1968. I gave as good as I got. Bloodied myself and blood handed to those assholes that thought to drive us down.. My parents stood for equality. They deserved my comittment. They marched in Blooomfield Hills and Grosse Pointe.. If you didn't believe in open housing, what sort of ocscene bastard racism did you actually believe in? You probably find Barack unacceptable to this day, because your a racist bastard. This doesn't have anything to do with Socialism. Tou can't define Socialism. Socialism abd Barack, miles and miles, assholes. It's not just a happenstance that we've got socialism and trashing your civil rights. These aholes believe they ought to be able to mine your every communication. You're a terriss. People need to understand that there’s been an assault on the Constitution. It’s one thing for Grover to talk about strangling government, it’s another for a nitwit to say he just invalidates everything Congress says. You think I'm an asshole or you think Dickless Cheney is? You people have allowed these scumbgs to trash your Constitytion, and your Constitutional rights. You are some serious morons. You bought Cheney. You thought you were somehow endangered and the endangerment wasn't these aholes turning the country into McCarthyville. Those Hollywood types? Sure as shit more reliable than Rovians. Was a word these assholes said about Iraq true? Is Saudi Arabia the hotbed for anti-American anti-aAmericanism? Kuwait? Pulleaze. These bastards slant drilled. US said it was fine. US sent April Glaspie. She told them it was fine. Please consider. In 1998, William Kristol and David Addington tried to talk Clinton into invading Iraq.. Their idea was cash on the barrelhead from Shell, Mobil, etc. big gucks for Cheney. Nice try. Cheney made a fortune nonetheless. And wrote himself in as WP and catspaw for Enron before they bailed. Anybody that doesn;t understand the illegal operation that enriched Cheney is an idiot.
  1304. caliban on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  2:42 am

  1305. Republicans believe in racism. If you think that's not true, you're an idiot. These morons claimed Barack was a socialist. Do they have a clue what socialism is? Apparently not. Are they that stupid? Nope.So were they just lying there ass off? Yeah, they were. Every republican that claimed Ogama was a socialist was lying his ass off. But you know, they also know John Kerry is a hero. They know Kerry told the truth about dealing with terrorists, It's police work. They know when dealing with the Republic of VietNam, and MIAs, McCain was lying and Kerry was telling the truth. In the history of American political politics, the Swift Boat shit was the most despicable crap anybody's ever pulled, and Ken Blackwell had to steal seeveral counties. So Robert Novak? You fucked the country over, and you know it. Assholes, sstole the election in Cuyago, stole the election in Volusia, stole the election and shat on the Copnstitution, And what we got was Mission Accomplished. Republicans wan't to claim Americans just lobed Reagan. The'se bastard's were wll into bacging the Constitution. They took you for fools. Long Con, and if you belibed thase aholes ever believed in the Constitution, or American pricnciples, you were had.
  1306. caliban on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  2:52 am

  1307. Sweiftboat bullshit was pperpetrated by Nixon's favorite. Since you didn't take part, like the Nixon scum, how would you have the slightest idea? Republicans lie their asses off.
  1308. caliban on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  4:48 am

  1309. If people had had the sense, and the balls, to understand the grotesque lies, wouldn't we be looking at a more manageable fuckup than we are looking at now? I mean, W and Viet Nam? He wasn't buying that shit. He was partying and buying out. Do we believe the USA is the bully? Do we blow up weddings in Afghanistan and insist we were were right? Are Afghan weddings bait like storms find trailer parks? Things aren't going well, and my country tis of thee is missing enemies and blowing up innocents. We'd better do something about that sort of shit. When HW left office, he made sure Clinton would deal with a shitstorm in Somlia. He made sure. W is trying to make sure the environment is fucked. No matter what anybody thinks about blobal warming and endangered species, W and his surrogates are trying to leave a bigger problem than anybody could imagine, and dthey'te trying to leave an environmental holocaust it will be difficult to turn toward good. You can try to claim Michael Chriihton wasn't an asshole, but his legacy is the idea that global warming is a hoax. Sure it is, you jackass, and Ihhofe isn't insane. Republicans stick with Ihhofe and Sam Brownback, and science isn't science. He wrote one good book, 'Eaters of the Dead'. God knows where that came from, but everything else was bogus. McCain tried to put "quotation mards" around How did anybody vote for W vs. Kerry with any sort of clear conscience? This boggles my mind. I'd think people did, and bastards in Ohio hijacked the vote. Here's the deal. Anybody that doesn't think Ohio wa jobbed i a fucking idiot. Robbed in Florida in 20000, robbed without a doubt in Ohio in 2004. They lied, they cheated, they manufactured in Ohio. Thee ahole that tole that election have blood on their hand. It's my demographic that seems so difficult to comprehend. Kerry chose to serve. He wa a hero. He aved live. McCain blew up the Forrestal. McCain had Kerry's back until it went afoul of the Raygunistas. He realized the people we were supposed to believe in lied their ass off. He repudiated his status as a hero. He turned traitor on Kerry. when the Swiftboat hit the fan. Maybe thats not what he did when he was tortured, I wasn;t there, But he turned his back on Kerry when Kerry exposed the great movement to fuck over the Constitution. If I'm wrong about this, lets hear the opposition. Kerry is to fine a man to expose McCain. They knew among them what a despicable. Obama is seriouiusly like Bobby. Not Jack But shit,' like Bobby. But nobody's like Bobby. Nobody's like Bobby, He's like Bobby, A lot. But nobodyy's that cool. Bobby is better than anybody, by a mile. Whatever. Bobby Kennedy was better than anybody. He was just better than anybody. If you don't get that you're a moron.
  1310. caliban on Slash and burn.
    November 7th, 2008  4:11 pm

  1311. I'm prejudiced. A collie. Smartest, best looking, most intuitive of human feeling. I'm prejudice (Isn't that a part of speech like bias?) I had two great collies when I was a kid. Both died too young. I was thinking about the greatest chord nonsense. It's quite obviously the unidentifiable chord in interim and at the end of Day in the Life. Serious sustain. Or that Link Wray E-chord repeated at the beginning of 'Rumble'.
  1312. caliban on A question for the room.
    November 7th, 2008  11:56 pm

  1313. Orchids? Murder. They call me, Mr. Tibbs. And Eric Zorn shuts down comments. Been drunk, never abusive.Never rude. Ocasionallly intelligent, Sometimes smart. Many times a dumbass Sometimes I write well. More ofren, I don't If peoplw are so dumbass hateful they shut down Eric Zorn coments, we're a lonely nation. And I don't know why. And if you DON'T't get the musical referenc. Youre an idit. Tou dumb zxx.
  1314. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  1:23 am

  1315. Thar's a very handsome German Shepherd. Wonderful dogs but kind of strange, and the dog in that picture has 40 lbs. on any coyote. There was a shepherd in our Pulte subdivision, Lamplighter Lane in Bloomfield hills when Swuirrel Road was dirt with a waste oil makeover. Something between 18 and 21 mile tan the other way. We went to Saint Hugo's with vicious Sisters of Saint Joseph, and Groves and UDHigh and Brother Rice for High School. Every dad in our neighborhood was a J. Walter madman, or a doctor, or a Chevy or Ford thrall. For some reason, there was natural enmity between my collie Sandy and this dog Duke. Fortunately, Sandy was huge for a collie, probably 80 lbs. and perfect tri-color. They staged horrific battles, but they'd stop fighting if a kid was endangered. After awhile, they got along. They protected kids liable to run into the street after fly balls, when drunken and drugged mindless driving was endemic to such a neighborhood. I mean dogs taking down kids in the ubiquitous drainage ditches in the face of implacable, speeding Detroit rolling iron (as Stephen King puts it). If there are coyotes, I say they're gorgeous animals, superb bloodlines, and remarkably adapted, and who put them in the suburbs in the first place? If the problem is preying on household pets, the cockapoo and the bichon frise seem bred to be victims, and I've had quite a few cats no canine would ever put a glove on. When a redwood mansion burns down, how is it possible people don't understand it was built where it should not have been? If there are fires that shouldn't have happened, mindless humans were the incendiary agents. Why are there possums on the half-shell all over I-95? If armadillos walk to Georgia, this has more to do with unregenerate nouveau bullshit than anything in the natural world. Bears and wolves, sharks. They belong in the natural world. Sometimes things happen. People choose to kill other species. This is not reallly defensible unless they mean it for sustenance. Shooting eagles and wolves from helicopters, that's not remotely excusable. Niggling and lame economic revenge, you assholes. JoodyB. I'm a fan of William James. In my family, I'm probably the William as opposed to a couple of brothers that sound more like Henry. Well, there's transcendentalism and there's realism. For style and plot, Henry rules. Daisy Miller is more or less perfect. William seems to have gotten a grasp on Dante and William Blake. But it seems like the Blake renderings. Brilliant as they are. You can insist on reality all you want. Creation is God becoming God. If you don't deny God, it's a fact. I know people think that's ridiculous. I believe god created God becoming God. If you believe God doesn't exist, you think that's idiotic. It makes a great deal of sense to me. The guy that thought of this wasn't some whackjob. He was Pierre Theillard de Chardin. He was brilliant. He was the most brilliant scientist of the last century.
  1316. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  1:39 am

  1317. That's not a coyote. Coyote ought to be running free.
  1318. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  3:06 am

  1319. Urban wildlife? These animals belong where they end up. You have Hines Ward in the NFL game. He's the best player in the NFL. You nail anybody that comes near you. How you play football. Whine about that, you're a weenie. Two best quarterbacks, no doubt. Serious football. Pats don't play this. Real deal.
  1320. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  3:09 am

  1321. Urban wildlife? These animals belong where they end up. You have Hines Ward in the NFL game. He's the best player in the NFL. You nail anybody that comes near you. How you play football. Whine about that, you're a weenie. Two best quarterbacks, no doubt. Serious football. Pats don't play this. Real deal. Hines Ward is the best football player on the face of the earth. These dickheads can claim he shouldn't nail morons that don't pay attention.
  1322. caliban on A question for the room.
    November 10th, 2008  3:56 am

  1323. It never made a consideration. I knew when he made that speech he was basically Bobby. That's what I thought. That is what I thought was a sure thing. Maybe I was a dumbass. I thought he was better. I thought he sounded like Bobby. I believed for a long time that if you understood Bobby, you meant everything to everybody. That is what he's meant. Bobby means more to anybody, and everybody, than anybody in the history of national politics. Bobby was the best man. Nobody could say that's not true. He was just the best we could imagine. His kids know the truth. These people screw you over beyond belief. Holy shit, you couldn't make this shit up. People getting golden parachutes are breathing this shit.
  1324. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  4:08 am

  1325. Rana, yo'ure nuts. Little dogs are just too stupid. They're inexcusable little pieces of shit and they get eaten. They aren't real dogs. They're put in an exceptionally bad situation by assholes that don't care about dogs. What is wrong with assholes that do this sort of thing to midget dogs?
  1326. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  4:12 pm

  1327. HW left Clinton with Somalia, on purpose and spitefully, and uncaring of human reality, death and destruction. Born to the manor, privileged, rich by inheritance from dealing with the Third Reich, who were these interlopers to replace Quaker Oats as First Lady? Here‘s what W has delivered surreptitiously, possibly with no clue, to mess up his predecessor. This is purely a case of taking advantage of a bad situation to make things worse for American taxpayers and better for bankers. This is pretty clearly Paulson giving banks license to steal money from taxpayers. Paulson and the banks surely benefit. How does anybody else? Nominally, our entire financial future rests in Wachovia, and nobody at corporate has had the decency to contact us about Wells Fargo taking over and what that might mean to our investments. We’re supposed to be happy our checking and credit card accounts still work, I guess. "It's just like after September 11. Back then no one wanted to be seen as not patriotic, and now no one wants to be seen as not doing all they can to save the financial system," said Lee A. Sheppard, a tax attorney who is a contributing editor at the trade publication Tax Analysts. "We're left now with congressional Democrats that have spines like overcooked spaghetti. So who is going to stop the Treasury secretary from doing whatever he wants?" Uh, the President that employs him, you ahole? Mr. Signing Statement. Yeah, right. Sounds like a Banana Republic to me. On another subject, why are DJs a topic of conversation when there's Songza? DJs used to be clever, like Charles Laquidara, or friends that introduced you to music you might like. Now it's Lex and Terry and Twins I'd like to have sex with. This is Dumbing Down. This is Hillbilly Heroin Rush Culture. This is Jim Rome pretending to be a black athlete when he was punked by a seriously good football player he called Chris Chandelier. Republicanism. Family Values promoted by perverse, incourteous speech and behavior. There are three DJs worth listening to: Miami Steve, Bob Dylan and Dee Snyder. I guess if I have a point about ratdogs, it's that why did people do that to dogs? Knowing about genetics and perverting other species seems like an unrepentable and unforgivable sin. If a cockapoo is a reality, I like it inherently. Hardly ever met a dog I didn't. I don't want it eaten by a coyote. But a coyote's got to eat. And they were here first.Far as cats are concerned, I think cats inflict unspeakable oain on th noses and ears of canines, leading to retreat, and salvation. Any cat worth its salt. One way or another, humans ought to be smart enough to figure they take risks when they invade on nature. Chimps have opposable thumbs. Humans claim superiority by possessing reasoning abilities. Yet, we still allow our votes to be stolen. And rats reason. Smartest Monkeys? Maybe. Maybe not.
  1328. caliban on Let's ask the group.
    November 10th, 2008  5:57 pm

  1329. There are major league Grade A assholes in America. Robert Novak is one of them for sure. But Novak promoting Newt for President? Serial philanderer? Served divorce papers on his cancer-ridden wife in the hospital? Contract on America? Holy shit. They really need to take away that guy’s driver’s license. Hell, Bob, why not Phil Gramm? The FCC in the last eight years has been a mindlessly politicized tentacle of Bushco. Like the Justice Department. Fact is, Fox has operated as a house organ in the grand tradition of Pravda. Anybody that denies that is disingenuous at best, and, at worst and in fact, a liar.Vagaries of "the law" notwithstanding, Swiftboat was slander. Actual malice and outright lies. And where did those ads run on TV but over and over on Fox? There is an FCC Charter. The people own the airwaves and broadcasters rent them. If you think George Carlin is a blight and biased politicization from some numbmuts Aussie ahole isn't, or a delusional Korean preacher, or Scaiffe, I'd say you're a moron and you don't pass the polling test.
  1330. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 12th, 2008  11:17 am

  1331. Author, author. The Hillsdale shirt is perfect. College Republican Central. The lLving Dead have been making W's lips move for eight years. Was Joe Lieberman in that car? And was it driven by a Mossad agent? That's Ed Rollins, right? Kommissar Karl? Shouldn't it be Lee Atwater rising from the grave? These guys were the National Security Guarantor Party. They prosecuted the pizza delivery to Fort Dix guys and that truck driver that was going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with an acetylene torch in broad daylight, and the guys in Miami that wanted combat boots and way cool camo. If they can't deal with real terriss, no match for zombies. Meantime, John Hinderaker thinks W should be a role model for Obama as far as public speaking is concerned. To avoid putting his foot in his mouth. Or somebody else's. Aiiyee, Hadji, another zombie. Let's get this copter movin' Race. You shoot these ghouls in the head. Field dressing? Call the Gov in Alaska. Say it's Berlussconi and he wants a dry hump, towels optional. You'll get right through. As in the the greatest, transformative and inventive instant of the genre, the level-headed, sensible, highly-principled, reasonably handsome black guy will save our asses. We hope. Unless some local yokel member of the NRA kept a bazooka in his living room and blew his brains out with a lead harpoon. (That disturbing image is Lou Reed's, not mine, though I'd probably give in to zombiehood to get such a perfect image by eating a brain. In context, he meant it as bittersweet and tragic comment about the inevitability of human bigotry and stupidity rather than mindless violence. Which was probably George Romero's point in the first place. But he had to make a whole zombie movie to get to it, and Lou just wrote another gorgeous song.) Anyway, the movie's quite entertaining, which I imagine was most of the point. I mean, aside from how much fun it was to make. The various splats and organs were quite effective. It was somewhat gratuitous to talk about planting Ron Raygun. You can call Nancy When she gets off the phone from the President-Elect. But, you know, the seances could figure in a sequel. Bruce Campbell is interested based on the rushes. Oh, and my brother and I used to kick Michael Stipe out of a bar in Athens for no ID, so I'd be remiss in not pointing out the truly great I Walked With a Zombie by Roky Erikson, who was imprisoned in Texas and had his brains sort of eaten by electric shock therapy (Zombie MDs). REM made a very good cover version of this song on an album called When the Pyramid Meets the Eye. Roky also sang about ghosts, vampires, etc. He said if you have ghosts, you have everything, which seems kind of insightful for somebody that's had his brain devoured. So if there's a market for high concepts for future film endeavors...
  1332. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 12th, 2008  11:59 am

  1333. Is Hillsdale a real school, or did Republicans just invent it, like a Sears poncho? Oh shit, they invented Pepperdine, and Liberty Law, it''s... like a virus from outer space invading rotting brains of corpses. Before we know it, a black guy will have to save a bunch of namby-pamby white asses from zombies. And I was going to say get shot for the trouble. But it's not social commentary by George Romero anymore, and that's not remotely funny. It's ironic, but all those unConstitutional Bushco eavesdropping methods better be on red alert. Hillary was an asshole for bringing this up? It's like Tonio K says: "They but Jesus on a cross, they put a hole in JFK, they put Hitler in the driver's seat and looked the other way." Funky Western Civilization. When Kerry was slandered by a fucking hypocrite draft-dodger that just had better things, like lines and shots to do, it reminded me of The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead. The best people seem to be defenseless against the most crass, deceitful and evil. God save Barack. It's exceptionally important.
  1334. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 12th, 2008  7:56 pm

  1335. People call George Romero the Oracle of Pittsburgh? Damn, that's almost like being the Bard of Baltimore. <ight be overthinking, but it seems that the reason Nancy's gang's (natural born ringleader, Guignol Guru of Grosse Pointe) effort is so astute and entertaining is political text, sub and uber. Every great zombie movie is brimming with subversion.
  1336. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 12th, 2008  9:42 pm

  1337. Speaking of the living dead, this was one long strange trip to political oblivion. This poor fellow should have gone with the brown acid. Maybe he can claim it was a real-time demonstration of Raygunite economic theory.
  1338. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 13th, 2008  2:17 am

  1339. Brian, that is why the knotheaded, no-nothing charge of socialism was virulent and slandrous. (The spell-check is telling me knotheaded needs a hyphen and slandrous needs an e. What sort of idiot fascism is that?) If you claim to follow Jesus, or any worthwhile religious leader and philosopher, you pretty much have to believe in the Commonweal. The least of my brethren are my responsibility. Actually, if you believe in nothing more than the American Constitution, you wind up in the same place. John Prine meant Jesus was a socialist when he said He was a carpenter, when it came down to human dignity and the value of life. Now. on another subject. Any y'all ever read The Snow Leopard? How about Far Tortuga and At Play in the Fields of the Lord? And the crowd thins. Peter Matthiessen wrote those books, and I believe he's brilliant, on a par with Thomas Pynchon and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. (and in some instances, Tom McGuane and TC Boyle, and Umberto Eco and Mark Helprin, and most assuredly Margaret Atwoodand William Gibson, and a host of others book critics that can't write a lick like to turn their noses up at, and how's that for ending a sentence with two prepositions?) So then Peter Matthiessen wrote an amazing trilogy that started with Killing Mr. Watson, segueing into Lost Man's River and Bone by Bone. I think these books form a definitive statement about America as a unique outlaw nation without Wonderbread in its formative years. So now, the old guy has reduced, he says 'distilled' the three to one. And it's nominated for a National Book Award. People are shocked, just shocked. It's not a real book at all. The questions this tempest raises in this teapot are fascinating to me. One thing, first off, is, wouldn't these bastards go gaga if John Updike did this with rabbit? Is it a new book? (Me? I might read this. Well, yeah I'll read it because I trust the writer.) Who cares so much about the National Book Award? (We're not nitwit Brits whining about the Booker shortlist, after all..) What's more interesting is struggling with characters and prolixity, and the role of editors. When I was a kid, I thought Kurt Vonnegut was a driven nail, short, sweet and incisive. At the same time, I would have said that Look Homeward Angel meant the great American novel had been achieved. (The wisdom of advanced age makes it quite clear that Huckleberry Finn put that one to bed.) . Was Maxwell Perkins a co-author? I mean, it's long, but it was going to be twice as long as War and Peace. Did the editor save the book from being the most overrated doorstop in the history of novels? Then, there's The Stand, which is one hellacious novel, published originally at about 700 pp., restored to superlative effect at plus a thou. Yeah, yeah, Steven King. Lots of great writers have done post-Apocalypse: Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood, Russell Hoban better than anybody (If you haven't read Riddley Walker don't wait). Steven King got the actual Apocalypse down, with a locomotive plot and electric characters. I doubt Peter Mathiessen gives a shit about the award, but he's scrwing with my life if he claims the 'distillation' is an improvement. I love the originals.
  1340. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 13th, 2008  4:07 am

  1341. JGW, it was just walking around money. I was actually interested in all y'alls opinions about writers and authors, writers and editors, writers and translators. You seem like a literate bunch. There are so many questions here, that are so interesting to consider. Who's a great writer in the Modern twentieth century. Something I forfot about, what about translators. Is Gabriel Gatcia Matquez so brilliant without Gregory Rabassa? Fiction is one thing, but poetry, I'd say the translator is an artist at worst, in many cases the actual poet. I suppose it depends upon whether you think the poetry is the emotional intent or the language.
  1342. caliban on For your consideration.
    November 13th, 2008  5:09 am

  1343. Time for buying guns in America. A spokesman for Cheaper Than Dirt, a large gun store in Ft. Worth, says People are terrified of losing their right to protect themselves. The volume is 10 times what we ever expected. It started with assault rifles, but at this point people are buying ammunition, high-capacity magazines, Glocks—it's all flying off the shelf. With the economy the way it is, people are worried about instability. They are scared of civil unrest. Bob Seger saw this coming time back way back. That's Riddley Walker. .
  1344. caliban on Street-legal.
    November 13th, 2008  6:57 am

  1345. I've got a '67 Triumph. There is a great motorcycle song. I'll be damned, and Brit bikes leak oil, but I'm going to get a Vincent. If you're riding a Harley, you're a moron. Thing is, that sort of disability just makes you a Republican, not a justified handicapped parker.
  1346. caliban on Street-legal.
    November 13th, 2008  9:01 am

  1347. I hate to say this, because parking in a handicapped spot when you aren't is something I consider deserving of a whole circle in hell, but you can ride a motorcycle with a full leg prosthesis. Mostly, mildly fat Republican people feeling entitled that claim glandular disorders do this sort of thing, and they're usually driving Beamers. Slap a bumper sicker in the middle of their windshield. Meanwhile, nutcases buying guns worries me more. Actually, anybody buying guns worries me. Please take a look at this. I know Ron Paul wouldn't condone this, but this asshole was a campaign adviser. If anybody doubts Barack is a potential target of whack-jobs, think again.
  1348. caliban on Street-legal.
    November 13th, 2008  11:43 am

  1349. Nope. Triumph Bonneville 650, seeping oil. And, damn it's fast, but it skids in the eighties and the rain, and I have to admit its starting to feel heavy. I don't like to think I might have to consider something befitting older age. I could not abide a Honda, but Yamahas seem like good bike for back country and the beach. Used to have an Indian with a sidecar. Some dumbass GA State trooper made me parallel park it to get a sickle license. And I can imagine your plastic pocket protector and your recreational vehicle, Joe. You know, you don't know me from Adam. It's the internets and they lead us to lies and recriminations. There is no such thing as Beuford, bud. That's Beaufort. It's one incredibly beautiful ante-bellum town lost in time 3.5 miles from here by kayak. Next to Parris Island, where they train marines and FBI agents. We invade regularly by swimming Port Royal Sound, three or four times a year. I could do it in two hours, but my companion slows to observe fauna, and she draws me into the fantasia. Excuse me. But rutting dolphins, that's inspiring when you're almost naked in the first place. I rode a Honda 50 once. When I was a kid, in the Bahamas. Serious juice. I hit something on the beach and the front wheel went off toward the ocean. The fork buried in the sand. I've got scars. I wouldn't get on a Honda if somebody in a James Bond movie held a gun to my head. Good luck in Brigport, Joe, in whatever altered state that might reside. Dave K. If I ever said you were a moron, I apologize, abjectly. Mostly, these days, I scare the shit out of myself on the bike, to tell the truth. I scare the shit out of myself crossing the street on my bicycle. And I think about mortality. Odds are seriously good I shouldn't be alive at this point. Always makes me think of my hero, Ray Davies. No matter how hard I try it seems I'm too young to die. Life goes on. And if anybody listened to that Richard Thompson song about the Vincent Black Lightning and doesn't want one, well, you've never ridden a motorcycle and you probably think Shane McGowan's just a sot.. And, Dave, you hit a deer and lived to tell? Holy crap. I hit a deer driving a '69 Cougar that had to weigh 4000 lbs. and barely made it out alive.
  1350. caliban on Look, a shiny object!
    November 17th, 2008  9:50 am

  1351. Fastest car you ever owned? Fastest car I ever drove and how fast I drove it. Z-28, and about 140 mph on Woodward Avenue. Ever owned? Maxda 626 pn the way out the Mass Pike to be in time for my daughter to make it to the world on time. You can't drive faster than that. There's a story, too, but all I was thinking was blowing it out and I couldn't get a ticket. I think Warren Zevon was thinking about Tim Buckley, Ricardo. I had to call somebody long-distance. I said join me in LA. Maybe James Garner was just Maverick. Smart, handsome and the long con. Seems to resonate. Once Sam Adams and the bomb-wielders were done, it took tall tales, buffalo guns and Fenders. It's an MC5 song. But Gibsons were always better guitars. Dexter. I've seen pigs on the highway. I think coyotes might make up for that. Some sort of natural herding device, and they might eat laggards. Or the coyotes will get them. Or the rednecks surely will. The problem on the roads is the armadillo. They don't move very fast, so they're possum on the half-shell. Aphrodisiac for coyotes. If predator species return, homo sapiens has to root for the wolves, not the bears. Bears don't give a shit, but supposedly you can make yourself look big and make a lot of noise.
  1352. caliban on Look, a shiny object!
    November 18th, 2008  2:19 am

  1353. How is it great to baIl out AIG but GM ia nthem. And Ford says we don't want you're money. You can be all Sarah all the time. You can't be that fucking stupid. I am a moron and this is my wige. She is frsting a cake with paper knife. So, she isn;t a despicable bitch? She bagged fidelity. It's OK to lie your ass off.
  1354. caliban on With candles.
    November 18th, 2008  4:32 pm

  1355. Fox calls henhouse black. Man bites dog? Mixed metaphor? Take that bull by the horns and run with it. Biggest crooks in history. No shame. These assholes will try this with Blackwater before all is said and done. Little Miss Runamuck must get a shiver up her thigh when embedment is the story of the day. You know, the misadministration screwed up badly on embedding exceptionally foul environmental regulations. Thought they were clever. Like they japped on the NAFTA side agreements and home heating fuel to Korea. Clever frat boys. It's contagious. crooks. Nudist Colony of the Dead is on Hawkeye's to do list.
  1356. caliban on Friday, finally.
    November 21st, 2008  6:39 pm

  1357. For fans of James Brown, Etta James, Sister Re, etc, free music:
  1358. caliban on Friday, finally.
    November 22nd, 2008  1:16 am

  1359. Het rey et y'all, and ya ta hey. Rollling Stone has its 100 best singers out. . Missing Chrissie Hind and Ray Davies,. And Steven Stills and Richard Thompson. And Shane McGowan fer chrissake. Roky Erikson, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, John Prine, Nick Lowe, Jimmy fucking Hendrix, the guy in the Zombies, Joan Jett, Dr. John, Arthur Brown, David Gilmour, Ringo, Keith Relf, Steve Marriott, Rick Danko (who was at least Levon Helm's equal, and if you don't think so, listen to any version of Stage Fright), Axl instead of Alice, I think that's asinine. Most of all, I think this is moronic for including Madonna. It's not that she's not deserving, but how in the world does anybody think she's a better singer than her contemporary Cyndi Lauper., equal in nerves and brains, wrote better songs, and didn't ever need overdubbing. And had the brains to cover great songs, like Money Changes Everything. Some of the inclusions are just silly. Some of the exclusions just make this seem like an idiotic publicity stunt. No Bo Diddeley? With John Lee, they got this right. Leaving of Michael Stipe, it's ridiculous. Listen to Finest Worksong. or Radio Free Europe Jim Morrison was brilliant. Five to one and the killer approached before dawn, he put his boots on, that's reciting half-ass poetry and not singing like Jimi singing I'm a voodoo child. Not by anybody's stretch of an imagination. Anyway, Bjork, I love that from way back before she became a caraicature, when it was Sugarcubes. . But there were the Cocteau Twins. Travelling Man George Jones? Whiny jackass resorting to a a lawnmower asshole. That's a better singer than Willie Nelson or Bob Seger? Really stupid list, like their guitar player list. Not Shane McGowan? c'mon you morons. The list is so stupid. Soister, well Chain of Fools. Somehow in the discussion of Otis they seemed to miss Dock of the Bay. I'd say sting is a nearly great vocalist, but he couldn't touch aybody that ever sang for the Zombies. Now that boy could sing. And there's the obvious question about seperating the singer from the song. Great singers? Rita Coolidge. Emmylou is not on this list. Hasil Adkins. Is'nt Mike Ness a great singer?
  1360. caliban on Friday, finally.
    November 22nd, 2008  2:50 am

  1361. There's the idea of great women singers. They can't be quite so good. There's Anne Richmond Boston, Aimee Mann, Chrissie, Maria Mckee. Do you have to know what you're talking about? But you moake this list and leave out Chrissie Hynde? Dumbass. That 100 llist didn't include Warren Zevon. If you didn't get Ray Davies, you're an idiot. If you missed Rita Coolidge and included Natalie Cole, You're an idiot. If you think Madonna can ing, she was never in your universe Cyndi, not even close. One wrote better songs and was a most better singer. Go to Sonbza and get Money change everything. Great song by Tom Gray. What Cyndi thought about everything. Great song. Randy Newman isn;t as great a singer as Tom Waits? But if its just rocke and roll. How is Bon Scott and his alter ego left out? If it's pure gorgiosness, where's Emmylou,? The guitar slinger shit was ridiculous. Neal is in the universe with Steven? You can;t play and you can't opine. One's a genius. Others a sort of genius. They seem to be best friends Steve and Neal. One guy's the best guitar player not Richard Thompson. He writes pop songs his best friend cant understand.
  1362. caliban on Friday, finally.
    November 22nd, 2008  9:38 am

  1363. Jeff., Where the hell did I dine? Pretty good. Do You, feel like I do? Woke up this morning with a wineglass in my hand. Who's wine, where the hell did I dine? How do they get Eric Burdon so right and so wrong at the same time? It's Sky Pilot, you idiots. But are these arbiters joking? Theres 'Girls in their Summer Their Summer Clothes,: And they missed Woodie Guthrie. These folks don't no diick about vocals. They haven't got the best of the bestby a mile. Aretha, that would would be Chain, chain chains.. (My doctor says take it easy, but your lovin' is just so good). There's Ah Mary by Grace Potter. Now that girl can sing. Girl singers, boy these guys have it hung. Madonna is a singer? Self-promoting axshole, sure. Just about as good singer a Justin Timberlake. Beat of my heart, she's the shot of a gun. Nobody can be that stupid. Somewhere in the future, Grace actually tells you how you fucked things up
  1364. caliban on Link hors d'oeuvres.
    November 22nd, 2008  2:18 pm

  1365. # Catherine says: November 20th, 2008 at 11:42 pm Jeff, I think it seems odd for anyone to think of leaving faith out the mix. That said, the present day Republican party has tried to bring in the libertarians *and* the fundamentalists. These two camps, there’s no way they’re going to co-exist for long, let alone sing Kumbaya around the bonfire. jcburns, why AREN’T you doing PR for the Big 3? That is truly a great idea for a campaign. JGW, hang in there. It’s going to get better. And when you try to codify faith, well, that's just unConstitutional. And that's exactly what these bastards have attempted. If their faith ws anything but Halliburton and Enron, and Norman Podhoretz, they might deserve audience. And they've attempted to make huge bucks doing it. Jesus, who believed in the Commonweal, would not approve.
  1366. caliban on Saturday morning market.
    November 23rd, 2008  6:40 am

  1367. And the internettati bu;;shit goes on. I think if he'd this place, somebody would have talked the kid down. What is wrong with people? Who's a better singer than Axl Rose? Burtom Cummings,,Bavid Gates, Sammy fucking Hagar, and that boy sucks. Noddy Holder. Every one of whom would have talked that kid out of killing himself. People urged him to do it, and didn't call the cops? That's monstrous, criminal. People are supposed to look after one another. It might be some Catholic idea of Commonweal, but the island's small, and nobody should go gently.
  1368. caliban on Saturday morning market.
    November 23rd, 2008  7:05 am

  1369. Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises, Sounds and sweet airs that give delight, and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears; and sometime voices, That, if I then had wak'd after long sleep, Will make me sleep again; and then, in dreaming, The clouds methought would open and show riches Ready to drop upon me, that, when I wak'd, I cried to dream again. That man knew what he was talking about. That kid, he's on all our own heads.
  1370. caliban on Some side dishes.
    November 27th, 2008  1:09 am

  1371. First thing is, instead of killing all the lawyers, make some restuffed potatoes with the orange ones. Real deal doesn't taste that much different from an Idaho. No allspice, no cinammon, just some nutmeg. And whack a progressive. If this is 'we wanted and we got it good and hard, are you people joking? Obama's the savior, Hillary's the demon. Why doubt Barack's vision now? He's surrounding himself with people that know what they're doing. If you think you thought you were getting Kucinich in wolfs clothing, as a veteran of Grant Park and the worst of times, I'd have to say, you're morons. Read The Savage Detectives. You make your bed and lie in it There's always the one book I should have read. Anyway, there's still time. Some of you appreciated the headsup about The Presidents Analyst. If you can get God knows who. John Gielud, you idiot.
  1372. caliban on Turkey sandwiches.
    November 28th, 2008  11:41 pm

  1373. Isn't it amazing how the savior got so stupid so fast? When a group of people choose to call themselves Progressives, you know there's trouble in River City. Liberal isn't good enough for these self-righteous bastards? No joke, next pompous prig calls himself a progressive gets a broken nose for bitching about Hillary. I don't believe you actually need a passport to go to Long Island. Block Island, that's another thing. My shopping experience in NYC: I stole a multicolored leather web belt from Macys back around '71. Pretty amazing getting away with robbing the world's largest department store. For pure shopping frenzy, nothing will ever touch the Filene's wedding gown sale. would-be brides? How much alcohol was involved? But that's crass, and there's no accounting for love. This reminds me of the Ray Davies song about turning out the living room lights, and the Ray Davies song about Fat Flabby Anny, and the Ray Davies song about Lola. But he had a child with Chrissie Hynd. Ain't Lola, by any stretch.
  1374. caliban on Some side dishes.
    November 29th, 2008  2:42 am

  1375. Bassett. Last I heard, Flint was part of Detroit. Mark Farner sure thought so. ? mark was a better appropriation. Not really, but the Grosses are pretty much Bushco, not Whitney Young territory. But there's always the boy from Ann Arbor. .
  1376. caliban on Turkey sandwiches.
    November 29th, 2008  4:10 am

  1377. How Germany did Sarah better, with brains and a long time ago.
  1378. caliban on Turkey sandwiches.
    November 29th, 2008  4:48 am

  1379. Roger Ebert is very smart, and he's a naturally gifted writer. Sort of like Keillor without the presumption and the turn toward the florid. One thing I can say is for sure in this world--if Roger Ebert likes a movie, I know I'll like it. On the other hand, he's ambivalent about my favorite movie, Blade Runner. What he says: And yet the world of "Blade Runner" has undeniably become one of the visual touchstones of modern movies. The movie's Los Angeles, with its permanent dark cloud of smog, its billboards hundreds of feet high, its street poverty living side by side with incredible wealth, may or may not come true -- but there aren't many 10-year-old movies that look more prophetic now than they did at the time. Mighty good writing. Deckerd is human and Rachel lives forever.
  1380. caliban on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  2:20 am

  1381. Way I see it. You've never said a single dumb thing in your life. Yeah, right. Eric Sevareid said “Men want power in order to do something. Boys want power in order to be something. “ Bill Clinton's flaw was not understanding the depth of penetration of the claws. In 1998, the New American Centurions wrote Bill about shock and awe and laying hold. He dismissed them as the little boys that thought they could rule the world and be somebody. But the little boys had cash and armies by 2002, and they thought they could do anything they pleased. Their target was their ally, Saddam. They trashed the world, because they could. And then they stole almost every vote in Cuyahoga Count and perpetuated a moron Fratboy way of seeing the world. (And aside. Lot's of this has been ascribed to “jock”culture. Not in a million years. I'm an ex-jock but only because I have arthritis and those ex-jock ideas come back regularly to haunt me. Was W a jock? Was Cheney a jock? I admit, I went to a small school on 7Mile run by Jesuits, but we all thought we should contribue. And there is nobody didn't think, well, we ruled. So. Nancy. What would makeof the way things are and the way you started out with? I'd say listen to Ray Davies Babe ruth called wcweybody
  1382. caliban on It's not you, it's me.
    December 2nd, 2008  2:25 am

  1383. So, what about eggplamt?
  1384. caliban on Pushing the buttons.
    December 2nd, 2008  12:17 pm

  1385. This bullshit about Clintons is idiot garbage from Rovistan. Y'all are foolas that still believe in shock and awe. You're motherfucking morons, you chidkenhawk assholes. The bullshit pulled on Kerry was inexcusable. Are you oeople idiodts? Little W as a coward, Keerry was a hero. And you're ll bunch of morooonz. Kerry was a hero, McCain sure as shit wasn't. Anyboddy with a brain understands. Here's where you get ya dick. Dickless Cheney, you assholes. Viagra woudn't work, but he's fucked ou up the ass. You coul'dnt be bigger idiots.
  1386. caliban on Pushing the buttons.
    December 2nd, 2008  12:40 pm

  1387. This keeps you from really writing.
  1388. caliban on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  4:05 am

  1389. Can we lie our ass off? Saxby? He's sackless. He is a most despicabble liar, even for a Republican. His ads weren't quite so vile this time. No , they were more vile. There was not a single thing true in any Sackless ad He's your Republicqan Party, movong on He only talked about victimizing young girls when his opponent had had his daughter abducted. He didn't morph Jim Martin with Obama, the way he did with Max Cleland, whoo lost three limbs in VietNam when Sackless had other things to worry about. He did a riff on Jim Marttin's daughter being abducted and blamed it on the dad. That's your Republican Party. Scum of the earth. These people are inexcusable. If Guantanamo stays open, send W.
  1390. caliban on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  4:30 am

  1391. Ben Stein and the Bush administration trashing the Constitution? Eyewash, Ben Stwin is one of those halfway intelligent idiots. He wants so much to beliieve idiocy, he ends up believing idiocy. The particular idiocy in this instance has to do with the idea Ben Stein thinks he had important information. We hope he didn't. He's a third-rate commedian. Was he telling W what to do aboutt the 'hair-on-fire' presidential briefing? Saxby claims Sarah Palin won it for him. Ben Stein is supposed to be smart. Does he have a clue about the Constitution? No duh. Nope. He'a about as smart as Bill O'Reiley. And that's painfully stupid.
  1392. caliban on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  4:55 am

  1393. Anybody that took part in SwIiftboat ought to have their asses transported to Gitmo. Kerry was pulling a guy out of the river. While that was happening, W was protecting the liquor supplyat the O-Club. Facts-jack. That's what happened. Nobody's ever served the country better and been treatec more poorly than John Kerry. The felonious nature of the election eas more obvious than the felonious bullshit pulled in sending the election to Scalia in 20000. This Obama's right-center thing from pundints on the right is actually sad, if they weren't some evil spawn of Wormtongue and Screwtape. ( Wasn't CS Lewis' satire embodied in embedding the most repugnant slang term for intercourse he could think of ? I mean, when 'screw' is used to refer to business dealings, people are talking about the dirt road, with pain, degradation and domination maximized.) What's mystifying is the reaction from the 'rebranded' Progressives. I think they feel wounded and betrayed because Gary Kucinich isn't the newly named World Czar. Maybe Obama could mend offended sensibilities by making Jerry Brown Extraterrestial Emmisary. Part of this arises from the overwhelming hatred (h long a tred, it's a noun, while hate is a verb) for Hillary. One thing I'd like to point out is, where the hell were they when Hillary's health care plan, possibly but not fatally a long shot, bit the dust in the face of their Silent Majority imitations. The seeds of current tsurris were there and health care was the epicenter. So now these do-nothing malcontents want to cause problems? I went to college with these hipper-and-holier-than-thou jerks. Are women's rights, and human rights, and the Constitution (not to mention the Declaration of Independence) something these Lakoff-worshippers discovered when Liberals stumbled over them, but somehow missed the significance? You didn't invent the struggle. There was actual head-bashing when you were gleams in you fathers' eyes. So, this makes my day. He's the guy you voted for. If he does nothing but restore America to some sort of moral authority, he will have accomplished a great deal. As of January 21, 2009, we won;t torture anymore. And thats a transitory verb. Requires an object. Back to a president that speaks American English in actual sentences. Can't be a bad thing.) A word about Hillary. Does anybody think, if she'd had the truth instead of the Stovepipe Gang's version, she would have voted for the invasion? Senators were fed an even more cooked version than everybody else. When HW was leaving office, he and his surrogates cooked up Somalia. To leave a briar patch. It's in their genes. And another thing, in retrospect, Is there an American that doesn't know John Kerry was a hero and W was a draft dodger? Everyrything that McCain claimed about repatriating American remains was actually done by John Kerry. The lying by Republicans was spectacular, mostly from guys that 'had other priorities. They still had to disappear tens of thousands of votes in Ohio to make it work. What Kerry did that was inexcusable was to expose Reagan and BCCI.. That's why God invented the Google and the Internets, all those tubes. I believe gay people ought to be free to do whatever they want, including getting married. I sure as shit believe they ought to have benefits and legal rights. I think, anybody that reads thisThis doesn't interfere in any way with my faith, which is staunchly Catholic, no matter what some ahole self-promoting Bishop in Colorado might say.. There's a Catholic idea about the Commonweal. I think Obama gets the idea. Give him a chance.ev. Glenworthy is wagging his little tail. There's a semi-great Leonard novel that's all abou trepans and embalming fluids called Pagan Babies.(His Best book, by a mile.) Didn't Elmore Leonard set out to write semi-greqt novels and made a few milliomn. I may have regaled y'all with tales of this wierdo sitting on a deck chair at the Birmingham Surf Club writing longhand on lawyers pads. We thought he was creepy. We were kids. How could we know he'd sell those books for Stephen King money to Hollywood? Things are rarely what they seem. Evolution is most interesting for the rabid opposition its espoused, that, in general, is so ignorant it's Hitlerian. Making some attempt at connecting Hitler and Darwin is tortured And Hitler's children like modern neocons cahn't make a connection. Hitler couldn't make a connection. I mean, if the International Jewish Conspiracy was outsmarting the Aryan race, how evolved was the Aryan race? QED. The inherent coefficients of not making sense pile up.
  1394. caliban on A fellow of infinite jest.
    December 4th, 2008  6:23 am

  1395. Anybody that took part in SwIiftboat ought to have their asses transported to Gitmo. Kerry was pulling a guy out of the river. While that was happening, W was protecting the liquor supplyat the O-Club. Facts-jack. That's what happened. Nobody's ever served the country better and been treatec more poorly than John Kerry. The felonious nature of the election eas more obvious than the felonious bullshit pulled in sending the election to Scalia in 20000. This Obama's right-center thing from pundints on the right is actually sad, if they weren't some evil spawn of Wormtongue and Screwtape. ( Wasn't CS Lewis' satire embodied in embedding the most repugnant slang term for intercourse he could think of ? I mean, when 'screw' is used to refer to business dealings, people are talking about the dirt road, with pain, degradation and domination maximized.) What's mystifying is the reaction from the 'rebranded' Progressives. I think they feel wounded and betrayed because Gary Kucinich isn't the newly named World Czar. Maybe Obama could mend offended sensibilities by making Jerry Brown Extraterrestial Emmisary. Part of this arises from the overwhelming hatred (h long a tred, it's a noun, while hate is a verb) for Hillary. One thing I'd like to point out is, where the hell were they when Hillary's health care plan, possibly but not fatally a long shot, bit the dust in the face of their Silent Majority imitations. The seeds of current tsurris were there and health care was the epicenter. So now these do-nothing malcontents want to cause problems? I went to college with these hipper-and-holier-than-thou jerks. Are women's rights, and human rights, and the Constitution (not to mention the Declaration of Independence) something these Lakoff-worshippers discovered when Liberals stumbled over them, but somehow missed the significance? You didn't invent the struggle. There was actual head-bashing when you were gleams in you fathers' eyes. So, this makes my day. He's the guy you voted for. If he does nothing but restore America to some sort of moral authority, he will have accomplished a great deal. As of January 21, 2009, we won;t torture anymore. And thats a transitory verb. Requires an object. Back to a president that speaks American English in actual sentences. Can't be a bad thing.) A word about Hillary. Does anybody think, if she'd had the truth instead of the Stovepipe Gang's version, she would have voted for the invasion? Senators were fed an even more cooked version than everybody else. When HW was leaving office, he and his surrogates cooked up Somalia. To leave a briar patch. It's in their genes. And another thing, in retrospect, Is there an American that doesn't know John Kerry was a hero and W was a draft dodger? Everyrything that McCain claimed about repatriating American remains was actually done by John Kerry. The lying by Republicans was spectacular, mostly from guys that 'had other priorities. They still had to disappear tens of thousands of votes in Ohio to make it work. What Kerry did that was inexcusable was to expose Reagan and BCCI.. That's why God invented the Google and the Internets, all those tubes. I believe gay people ought to be free to do whatever they want, including getting married. I sure as shit believe they ought to have benefits and legal rights. I think, anybody that reads thisThis doesn't interfere in any way with my faith, which is staunchly Catholic, no matter what some ahole self-promoting Bishop in Colorado might say.. There's a Catholic idea about the Commonweal. I think Obama gets the idea. Give him a chance.ev. Glenworthy is wagging his little tail. There's a semi-great Leonard novel that's all abou trepans and embalming fluids called Pagan Babies.(His Best book, by a mile.) Didn't Elmore Leonard set out to write semi-greqt novels and made a few milliomn. I may have regaled y'all with tales of this wierdo sitting on a deck chair at the Birmingham Surf Club writing longhand on lawyers pads. We thought he was creepy. We were kids. How could we know he'd sell those books for Stephen King money to Hollywood? Things are rarely what they seem. Evolution is most interesting for the rabid opposition its espoused, that, in general, is so ignorant it's Hitlerian. Making some attempt at connecting Hitler and Darwin is tortured And Hitler's children like modern neocons cahn't make a connection. Hitler couldn't make a connection. I mean, if the International Jewish Conspiracy was outsmarting the Aryan race, how evolved was the Aryan race? QED. The inherent coefficients of not making sense pile up. You all despise Kerry You let him risk his liife, and he didn't have to. He could have bern a legacy like W.. Were you there? actually saved somenbdy's life. When he could have died. But you have some shit.He exposed Reaagan and his machine as a bunch or Consitulionql Rriminqls. If you think Olly North is a hero for raping nuns. sleep well. Someome will find you.
  1396. caliban on Street justice.
    December 6th, 2008  6:25 pm

  1397. Nuthatches and a wreath is a most soothing image. Our feral peacocks (wherever they came from) make my day. When things come to federal money, why doesn't anybody bitch about the Bushco obsession with keeping the Raygun SDI obsession alive? Thesetests are shams designed to succeed. They send up sitting ducks, and they've missed more than half of them. "Countermeasures are very difficult to deploy" actually means if counter measures are deployed we don't hit anything but Dickless Cheney's lawyer. And no amount of cash paid to Raytheon could have prevented that near tragedy. Moron with a shotgun and a couple brewskis jacking his meds. Remember the glorious success story from the HW years about how the Patriot missles were 90% effective? Well, Patriot missle system weremnt as it turned out. More like 10%.   Of course, North Korea is a poor choice for a partner in a new cold war. They don't have missles that go any farther than half-way across the Sea of Japan. And the $100 billion figure is a lie. They've spent closer to half a $trillion, and committed to nearly a $trillion. That money could have been useful in the rust belt in general and in Detroit in particular.   Michael Bean had it right:   I don't think there are any Russians And there ain't no yanks Just corporate criminals Playing with tanks   But in this case, the tanks are rockets, and the cost plus the stupidity is astounding. I always heard the last line as 'and renegade banks'. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya.
  1398. caliban on Boxing Day.
    December 28th, 2008  7:59 am

  1399. I dlivered papers in Detroit. Well actually, Bloomfield Hills Township, which probably doesn't exist anymore. My route manager was Mr. Shipinsky, and my mom wacked my brother Chris around the head and neck when she heard him refer to my employer as 'Shit-pissie'. She only did that when we were eleven or twelve and she quit when we laughed at her efforts. There were a couple of dachsunds from the Seventh Circle on my route, most of which was a Pultevision called, improbably and uproariously, Lamplighter Green. Most dachsunds are sweet and amenable, but these twop were vicious, and it was hard to stay upright on the Schwinn two-speed while kicking the crap out of them and flinging the anti-Judge Crockett drivel onto Witch Hagee's doorstep. The Schwinn was a marvel. Seriously streamlined, and you could change gears by backpedaling. There was an Andean hill at the end of my route, and I couldn't have made it without that transmission. One mewspaper patron, and he wanted the paper in his mailbox. Once a month, that mailbox held the carnal glories of a brand new Playboy, and I admit, I stole it. Immoral? Yeah, but I've built Habitat houses as an adult. The Playboys made the rounds of 6th grade at St. Hugo of the Hills, along with underlined copies of Terry Sothern's masterpiece Candy. The Sisters of St. Joseph were never the wiser, but I was caaught with a copy of The Ugly American and punished rudely and incessantly. Little Annie Fannie, si. Fidel, no. So it seems to me that 24/7 news is facing a life and death challenge. A responsible President not amenable to thongs andPepperdine vixen pudgy heat-seaking missiles who told her friends on a video she was taking her kneepads. After Nixon, did the Republicans think a hummer was going to get it? But a reasonable person would haveto say, this was a scripted event. So, when that didn't work, the braintrust sent a letter to Bill Clinton. I think this was like, send moneymom, the tri-Delts won't even look at us unless we've got cash to wave around. They're Republicans and they're neocons, and they go to Bohemian Grove to drown cats and worship Grover Norquist when the moon's dark. So now, after gaining and keeping power by disappearing votes in Volusia and Cuyahoga Counties (In Diebold We Trust and real votes would have rendered Justice Long Dong and Justice Syill the Wabbit moot), Democracy they claim to want to export isn't good enough for the USA. But never fear, you troglodytes that believe rich aholes have you covered, there's always Fox News, now in Newspapers of Record.Oh Rupert, where art thou? Eight years of this kind of seriously pitiful bullshit to look forward to. Wanna bet the Illinois Senate vote was nearly unanimous and that dissenting votes were bought and paid for?
  1400. caliban on Doing the job.
    December 31st, 2008  8:09 am

  1401. Couple things are pissing me of. Wh0 the best trilogy O film
  1402. caliban on Doing the job.
    December 31st, 2008  8:36 am

  1403. Couple things are pissing me of. Not really. There's the the most perfcct. Steed and Mrs. Peel. Nodody ever matcsached Mrs Peel. You can still exhidit your less than ubtelligencee and insist on experience like Tremt Lott and Ted Stevens,Intelligensce amd academic knowledge of the Constitution is a nad tjing. You kust had scum that wanted to trash the Constitution, you morons, and you almost let ligelong traitors like Cheney slip away. That piece of shit is a rat and needs to be locked down in Guantanamo. He's the terrist.
  1404. caliban on Please, less.
    January 1st, 2009  6:41 am

  1405. I know there will be Nancy Nall contributors that will find this funny (perchance predictable), but I disagree with the general sentiment about using fewer words. Words are endlessly evocative of intelligence, stupidity, concupiscence and generosity, dismissal and acceptance, ineffability, inchoateness, denial, independence, servility, resignation and defiance, madness and sanity, elation and despair, grievance and reconciliation and accord. Any number of dualities (bad word, I know, sort of Zoroastrian, dichotomies? conflicts?) that define humans. Yin and yang, to make sense of ylang. Obviously the problem is the lack of an editing function, or, more precisely the dysfunction that sets in when self-importance shocks and awes or baser instincts take control. Editing is obviously built in. That's why none of you ever demanded that Gramma "Pass the fucking gravy". (Although, if somebody didn't actually do that, there's an urban rumor factory that needs to be tracked down and destroyed in its nest, and if I were Obama, I'd appoint W Urban Legend Czar.) So, we have social editors. Things you just don't say, and if you insist, people will ignore you or punch your lights out. Or diagnose you with Tourette or Aspergers and medicate and patronize you into wordlessness. It's kind of ironic (and this is probably the word people use incorrectly more often than any other) that the scolds that want to edit public garrulousity are pedantic polysyllabricators like Safire and the late great saint of actually concerned Conservative American politics, Bill Buckley (yeah, he was an ahole but he was our ahole). Besides, most editors are prudes, incompetents and envious dicks that couldn't write if you held an O. F. Mosburg & Sons 395 Magnum Autoloader to their pointy little heads. I could have typed 'shotgun' but that would have been fun, but not so much fun. The body electric is superb, but Walt Whitman would have been bolloxed if he were deprived of The Word Electric. I had a girlfriend in high school that liked to say 'I'm such a riot''. As obnoxious as that might sound, it was part of her charm (and her dad was a member of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club), and despite the fact that a riot requires more than one person, she was pretty close to right. Limiting words is dangerously close to annihilating metaphor, which demise would accelerate global warming and subsume important truths. We don't think about it until we go to the hospital, but the body is electric. EKGs and sex and TDs with the clock run down to 00:00, and getting your bike knocked down by a pickup carrying day laborers that speak only Espanol, that's as much electricity as a bolt of lightning through a skeleton key on a kite string. Escaping death, experiencing birth. People not adept at words become effusive and, usually, eloquent, even (and frequently especially) if what they say is banal, in situations like these. So, I'm for everybody talking and writing and typing they fool head off (and dialect is indispensable by definition, nahmsayin?), as long as that doesn't mean texting (a truly foul word) while driving. Nobody should ever begin a sentence with the word 'frankly'. What, otherwise I would have assumed you were making this shit up? 'In all honesty...'. Lying jackass. 'In What context, Charley?' I'm a nitwit with no clue what you're talking about. 'My friends', those Republican bastards painted me as the illegitimate father of a pickaniny but they're buttering my bread at the moment. There are all sorts of words and phrases that could be cut from common discourse with no collateral damage (by which we mean innocent deaths that would dwarf those of military targets except the military targets amounted to zero and you can't divide anything by that). Blogosphere? This positively oozes self-importance and mangling English like oozing pus. But cutting down on nouns, adjectives, verbs, conjunctions, adverbs, interjections, paranthetical asides, pronouns? That is something up with which we will not put. NNall people. Thanks for forbearance. Literate bunch in general that would rather see verisimilitude when truth would do the trick. And I suppose that makes my point. One's fun and freighted, the other isn't. If somebody calls me a liar, I'd take that under advisement. If somebody calls me the founding father of my personal Ananais Club, they've used far too many words, but, you know, they've said a mouthful they're going to have to eat. Words obfuscate and they enlighten. It's not the number, it's the deployment. Proffered poorly, drivel. Salaciously, seductive. Insinuating, dishonestly. Encouraging, thrilling. Well. A few thousand words too many. Happy New Year y'all. We live in a tourist mecca, so we stay home, but if you're going out, consider innocent bystanders and the cops.
  1406. caliban on Please, less.
    January 1st, 2009  7:04 am

  1407. And beb, That extra 'ta' in orient and etc. drives me nuts. This is some form of jargon that attempts to make normal words and functions somehow self-aggrandizing, like resume lying. I'm sure there's somebody that's called herself a 'facilitatator" without a clue. All of those 'ta's could be eschewed to make more room for words like 'eschew' and 'effluvium' and 'preternatural' and 'ineffable. People don't appreciate the unGodly wonder of the English language. There are something like 600,000 uninflected words in English. The closest competitors are French, Spanish and Russian, but they all count varied forms of basa-boru and Burger King, the chauvinist batardes. Ought to be sent to the gulag or the guillotine, with nary a friijoole con queso taco.
  1408. caliban on Is this thing on?
    January 3rd, 2009  3:05 am

  1409. Once upon a time, Thom McGauene wrote The Sporting Club. Absurrdly great first novel. Perfect hero, perfect anti-hero. Then he wrote The Bushwhacked Piano, which was just as good and had brilliant title. Now, he lives inthe Missouri breaks somewhere and lives off his royalties. Tom McGuane is a better writer than most Americans considered good writers. He wrote novels with few words. William Gibson ism't verbose. He might be Hemingwayesque, if Hemingway possessed imadination, and with the exception of the Old Man, he didn't. We like what we like when we read it. Most times, the editor gets in the way of the good stuff. Thomas Wolfe was prolix, supposedly, and had a great editor, Maxwell Perkins, a pretty fine writer. To many words? For fiction, shut your trap, and try to do better. I'd point out Thomas Pynchon. Read Gravity's Rainbow. Verbose? Only what he obviously thought was necessary. A classic case is The Stand. Did the editor or the author know which was the better book? Well, the author did, and this is post-apocatalyptic as good as almost anything. Yeah, it isnt as perfect as The Road, or as imafinative as Oryx and Crake. Or as sorrowful as The Pesthouse. None of those prize-winners could touch John Crowley's books, Little,Big nor mpst especially Engine Summer. I think you pile words up, you make an impression. I think it could be political. So, happy new year. I'm eschewing the too many words. I'm voting for every one means something. You know how everybody seems to think it means something to say that's just you're opinion? That's why I said it, asshole.
  1410. caliban on Is this thing on?
    January 3rd, 2009  3:34 am

  1411. ineffable ichoate
  1412. caliban on Is this thing on?
    January 3rd, 2009  3:52 am

  1413. There are words too ecxellent. N'est. se pas? What do you think is the best book you ever read? Most of you tjhink it was something Jphn Grisham wrote. I'd say charles dickens,but who knows
  1414. caliban on Is this thing on?
    January 3rd, 2009  7:58 am

  1415. Of course there's no such thing as best book, or best album. Referees cheat, like claiming that O receiver wasn't juggingl going out vs. Clemson and he was out of bounds anyway. He jugglled the ball that was no catch. Horrible call. Referees change games and if you care about football, they steal games, Most obviously, Drew Pearson threw Bobby Bryant to the turf. He greabbedthe guys jersey'and everybody in the world saw saw it. Guy just cheated. But everybody in the world saw what really happened on the immaculate reception, too. Dead ball. I dont really care, but people that couldn't play making bad calls is really not acceptabable
  1416. caliban on Lap-beast.
    January 6th, 2009  6:08 pm

  1417. Dana Milbank did every thinking human being a favor by falling out of favor with Keith Olbermann. Pandering and bullshit, and what sort of news was he ever reporting? This just in. Dana Milbank thinks Dana is cute beyond all rational consideration. He's not a bloviprevaricator, but he treads that line. He decided he could make shit up about Obama and get away with it. What Dana Milbank is, well, what's between a worm and a really gigantic snail? But he wins the Raygun Hagiography Award, standing right up there on the pedestal with David Broder. Jack Anderson is not throwing up a little in his mouth. He's blowing chunks. This little shit is going to skate, with apologists.. Nobody is ever going to make him pay for impugning Kerry's record in BietNam and Laos when he was avoiding service at rvery opportunity, and Cheney had other things to do. Like destroying the Constitution. Yoo? Holy shit, when did we all sign on for war trialls? These are war criminals. So were the perpetrators of appatheid, and if you don't see that's what Israel has done to Baza, Ypu are a fucking idiot. Bantustan with occupation. and Israel gets away with it, because Jews were victimized. So, you can go all Hitler, because of Hitler?
  1418. april glaspie on Start your engines.
    January 11th, 2009  3:25 am

  1419. Has anybody ever seen a car from an autoshow driving down the road? Has anybody ever seen one of those absurd Fashion Week costumes on somebody going to work, or a party, or to John R and Brush?? I love fine China. Royal Doulton Carlysle to be exact. I think when there's fine China involved, this makes holidays nicer at the dinner table if you don't invite Cousin Eddie. I was a High School football player, but I liked choosing patterns a lot. Something to do together If you all haven't seen Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, see it immediately. There's something odd about this and I can't put my finger on it. Powers Booth seems to me to be somebody that could carry a movie. He made the brilliant Emerald Forest with a brilliant director, and then he sort of disappeared. He showed up as a scumbucket in 24, and he was superb. Press credentials? Who get's to ask Sara anything. I went to JSchool at UGA. Pretty good school. My school decides what sort of meia offerings are good. My school is named after Henry Grady. Atlanta Constitution. Ralpn McGill was the legendary editor. There used to be a paper called the Michigan Daily. A friend of mine named Bill Thigpen was mursered while investigating drug delers for that paper. Bill was a gentleman, but I suppose he pushed too hard. There's a guy named Danny Casolaro that was an old family friend, He figured out that Raygun and Bush regimes had robbed mom and pop computer comanies blind to sell their software to finance raping nuns and shooting Bishops at the communion rail. Danny's dead too, and Elliot Richardson thought the cover-up was obvious. When the old men do the fighting and the young men all look on. And the young girls eat their mothers meat from tubes of plasticon. Be wary of these my gentle friends of all the skins you breed. They have a tasty habit - they eat the hands that bleed. So remember who you say you are and keep your noses clean. Boys will be boys and play with toys so be strong with your beast. Oh Rosie dear, doncha think it's queer, so stop me if you please. The baby is dead, my lady said, "You gentlemen, why you all work for me? So Nancy, deck .em and, look, it's likely if somebody's pushing you out of the way, there's a story. Maybe, it's a big story. Yeah, there is something buried in this levity about what's a journalist and what's a story. In my opinion? If you can write and youb'e goy facts? That might be a story. If you've bot Drudbe to start with, you're an idiot.
  1420. april glaspie on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  4:05 am

  1421. Geithner paid his taxes. Does anybody that wants to find such fault with this fuy want to ask Cheney about Iraq contracting and Halliburton/Blacjwell profiteerubg and whether he made a bundle on tainted water and those slow-boat fuel shipments? Didn't think so. It's fairly obscene that the military-petroleum complex is getting religion at this point and don't want to question Cheney about his energy luncheon-mates. One obvious thing is that they don't want to open up Raygun's and HW's records to scrutiny. That cash from Pineappleface might look bad, particularly when Noriega's got the goods on Bush.
  1422. april glaspie on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  4:24 am

  1423. They're all just looking to get out of Washington without getting caught. When the Pretzeldent thinks he has to admit to torture but claim it was justified, you'd have to be an idiot not to wonder what sort of war criminals these assholes are. They sid, quite ungrammatically, 'We don't torture'. Well, yeah they did. And you can posit the shibboleth hypothetical, if lives were at stake, but that was never remotely true, and these bastards were so drunk with extra-Constitutional power, they just did it any way. Shrub said he was assured it was all legal, but his counsel and his justice department were under dire pressure from the stovepipe gang to say it was legal beforehand. So the question is, didn't they just want to do it in the first place? Because they thought they could get away with it? Are they sadistic whack-jobs? Cheney's trying to clim that the CIA convinced his fat ass that Saddam was connected to the bombing of the world trade center. This is just patent bullshit. Fact is, the biggest Constitutional terriss that ever lived were running the government on the basis of two stolen presidential elections.
  1424. april glaspie on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  4:38 am

  1425. I wasn't around for the plummeting Wall Street guys, but I'd bet they opened their parachutes to float down unscathed with bib buvcks in the Caymans while pension funds crahed. Meanwhile, Cheney's Halliburton stock increased in value by 3000%, mainly because he lied his ass off after creating the invasion and occupation.
  1426. april glaspie on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  5:14 am

  1427. Brian, I don't know how my name changed. I do use the aprilglaspie name sometimes. April Glaspie was the Dtate Dept. employee that was sent by HW to tell Saddam the US didn't give a shit if he invaded Kuwait when those notorious liars were slant drilling oil out of Iraq. She was an unwitting pawn in an obvious setup for launching Desert Storm. Far as I can tell, April Glaspie has disappeared. This is how these bastards do business. April Claspie is sort of a hero of mine, because she went public at exactly the same time as the Kuwaitis squealed like little pigs and the world was treated to thee story of Iraqi soldiers ripping kids from incubators. Wjich was totally invented by her dad, who made up another famous story about Iraqi rockets landing in Kuwait City. So, she lies her ass off because her dad lies his ass off. , two generations of Bushes apart. HW assured April she was telling the truth to Saddam The ramifications of intentions gone bad is spectacular. When Bush I was dealing with Saddam before he became persona non grata, he was an ally against the Ayatollah. When Hamas was a rival of Fatah, the Israeli government built them with American cash. Now we have Hamas elected democratically and the Israelis pursuing apartheid in Gaza, and we have the Taliban resurgent thinking about Americans like the second coming of the Soviets. And Afghanistan is poppy central. Just say yo.
  1428. caliban on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  6:00 am

  1429. People believe they can game American representative democracy. Cheney's made a bundle, and he's laughing at everybody that thinks a vote matters. It doesn't, if you have the Supreme Court sewed up. You can shoot a guy when you're under the influence. He was, or why did the Secret Service keep him from the cops so long, He believes hes supposed to get away with anything. He knows what heinous war crime he wants to commit, so he bullies a bunch of political appointee turds that are scared shitless of him into backing his ludicrous story, while he retreats to his bunker. Ever read Scerwtape? That's Cheney and W, Wormwood licking Scretape's ass. If you're comfortable with treating the Constitution like toilet paper, Cheney is your boy, but why not steal an election for Kommissar Karl. These people, to use that term loosely, think the Constitution is a joke. But you nitwits vote for them. Not this time.
  1430. caliban on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  6:29 am

  1431. Geithner's alleged failure to file had to do with the IMF. Did Wolfowitz meet all of the international requirements while he was attempting a John Bolton on the organitarion?? No. Ask the comb. Here's the deal. If Republicans want to raise procedural and idiotic roadblocks, who had lunch with Cheney when he was making energy policy?. Might seem silly, but if it was some Enron type, that's obstructionof jusice, no doubt. Cheney believes he's covered his trail, but bunker or no, this guy is a criminal. He's a war criminal, but he's a criminal in the US Justice system, too. Actually, he agetted Karl Rove in eviscerating the Justice Department and turning it into an RNC campaign tool.. These two assholes pulled this shit and they're going to get away with it? These two are crooks Nixon only dreamed of. The Bush administration, right up to W are guilty of war crimes that are embarrassingly obvious, You get right down to it, every signing statement by W ws a crime. W? Moron or coconspirator? Lying your ass off to Congress, under oath or not, you broke the law.
  1432. caliban on The Roman way.
    January 15th, 2009  9:19 am

  1433. What pisses me off is that the biggest liars in the history of, possibly, the world, are getting away with questioning good people about niggling bullshit, These bastards and their lackeys in the Senate and House are strutting when they rugger-stamped every foul trashing of the Constitution that's gone on for eight interminable years. Don Vitter sitting there and raising questions of personal ntegrity is almost hilarious, but there are people that despise Hillary Clinton that are too dense to get the irony. People are so goddamned stupid, they don't see there's something parodic about Joe Wurzlewhatever getting paid by Republican Propaganda Inc. to report on another egregious invasion and occupation and say media shouldn't be allowed to report on invasions and occupations while he's allegedly reporting on an obvious invasion. Rich people ought to admit they got rich with no effort, for the most part, and just pay up. The cash the Bush brethren got from Prescott, that was from Naxis, so give it to Israel, but make them turn over the nukes. The middle east lives in the shadow of Israel's nuclear weapons, Iran is ssssssssomething like ten years from nuclear capability. So who's a nuclear threat. Given Israeli politics, I'd say the Israelis. The world's not safe when anybody has these weapons. But expecting Iran to live with Israels capability of nuking the entire Middle East is ridiculous. Worst comes to worset, wouldn't it be like Pakistan and India? And worst comes to the unthinkable. wouldn't we get Israeli politicians acting tough in a parliamentary run-up and just blowing up Iran? That sort of imperialistic aggression is the way Israeli democracy works, isn't it? But they're cute. Bibi and Tzipi, you know. It's like the Marx Brothers. I think her name must be Tzipporah, and the abject criminal's name is Binjamin. Is it a requirement of Israeli government that you be indicted and convicted of fraud and larceny? Used to be you only had to prove you had once been a member of Gush Emmum or Hagannah or the Stern Group or Irgun (now they could teach Hamas something about terrorism). Motto: murdering Palestinians since 1948. So as long as there are choppers and $4bil annually of American cash, this whole threatened victim thing is kinda ludicrous, especially wityh the nukes and effective delivery systems sourtesy of the USA. The entire region lives in danger, and it's not from unguided home-made Hamas missiles. W was enamored of democracy in Legananon Israel blew that to smithereens. No roads, no water, no fuel. That's what's been done to Gaza, and now they'tr just blowinh up kids. I cab't believe Americans buy thi bullshit.Gaza needs medical supplies and access to docotrs. Three hours a day is tea. Israel has imposed a debilitating apartheidembargo for 18 months and now they're blowing the place up, and killing emergency personnel. Sounds likee genocide. But, having had that done, Israelis aren't capable of that sort of behavior. Are they?
  1434. caliban on Popping out.
    January 15th, 2009  9:19 pm

  1435. Nancy, golf courses covered in snow are why God made fluorescent orange Titleists. Winter rules, liberally interpreted, shave strokes. AMC does everyone a service and presents all 17 episodes of The Prisoner for free. We got a Netflix subscription for Christmas and are planning to watch the brilliant screen debut of Malcolm McDowell in If..., while the incurious jackass is smirking his lame last-act ass off the world stage tonight. (Great movie by Lindsay Anderson that forms a trilogy with O Lucky Man and Clockwork Orange. I'll bet Blockbuster doesn't have the first two, and you sure as the devil won't ever see any of them on television.) Pop-under? What's that? With Firefox browser and the AdBlock Plus add-on, I'm only occasionally and vaguely aware those things even exist, when a ghostly little (block) indicator appears on the monitor.
  1436. caliban on It could be worse.
    January 17th, 2009  7:57 am

  1437. Yellowstone is amzing. Lake Powell before we blow the Glen Canyon Dam is even better. Y'all have the luxury of discussing the safest place on the plane. There's a conversation that every first time flyer had and it always had to do with being near the wings. Apparently, that was a fairly acute surmise. All I meant was, that sucker made an amazing landing. I bollocksed that Lindsay Anderson reference a day or two ago. I was just thinking about Malcolm Mc'Dowell. Of course, Brittanica Hotel is the third Mick Travis movie. I'd like to know if anybody ha a clue how he got away from the College showdown. Fortunately, my incipient Oldtimers didn't convince me to include Tank Girl, though, that's a pretty damn good movie, and if you didn't think Lori Petty was funny, you have no sense of humor. All of those are. One of the great things about Netflix is the ability to see directors and their favorite actors over several movies. Nobody moved a muscle in Chinatown if the director didn't direct it or the star didn't insist, and Faye Dunaway didn't , well, insist. Israel is blowing another country to smithereens after choking the life out of them for months. I know the Israeli government cowers before the idea of being swept into the sea, but they've got Apache helicopters and phosphorous bombs and they've seeded Gaza and the West Bank with bomblets that look like toys. How they should be threatened is with cutting off the military support they've used to blow up UN warehouses. Everything W says about invading Iraq would be funny if it weren't so sad. Cheney and Rummy, and W abd Condi, insisted that Saddam was connected to the WTC attacks. Well, anybody that isnt an idiot knows that was fabricated. What people seem to forget is that invading Iraq was proposed to Clinton, by th Project for the New Century in 1998. So, you know, they robbed the 2000 election and made scads of cash And meantime, there was the whole idea of the unitary presidency to promote. This eight years was an attempted coup' but the asholes got their lunch. People that pulled this shit are out and out war criminals. Truth and Reconciliation? That's what Thirld World countries do. Nixon had guys in Banana Republic uniforms playing Hail to the Chief.
  1438. caliban on It could be worse.
    January 17th, 2009  10:27 am

  1439. Jeff, where do you get Jesus and racism? I got whatever you do to the least of my brethren, which means blowing up Lebanon and Gaza means you moved to the dark side. If it's those rockets from Gaza, they're as unguided as they are hopeless. On the other hand, Israel says oops when they blow up UN warehouses, after they've run a starvation apartheid regime for 18 months. That's what they did, and now they're blowing up hospitals and ambulances and claiming those were errors they regret. Bullshit. Israel wants the US to oppose nuclear development in Iran. Israel has nukes because they bought technology from AQ Khan and they partnered up with the old-school white South Africans to steal fissionable material from the United States. That was a natural partnership. Racist Bantustans and all.
  1440. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  3:09 am

  1441. I'm so proud of my country I just can't stand it. My mom and dad blackmailed a maternity ward in Little Rock into accepting a black patient that was my dad's med student, and a black woman. My dad carried her into treatment while my 5'-2" mom held off the Little Rock cops. But that's not what makes me proud. It's the outpouring of blog commenters that have stood their asses up to claim they're just as qualified as Caroline Kennedy to be a member of Congress How about inuring yourselg against the iniquity of taking bribes like Ted Stevens. . How in the world did Harvard and Columbia Law manage to process all of those students? There was Dan Burton who was well into his forties , and the odds that he'd gotten over his predilection for sex for cash were slim and none. Why would anybod prefer a good mother with a history of looking out for the least of God's creatures, and raising spectacular amounts of cash for NYC's least considered, with an admirable educational background and a solid grounding in doing the best for people in a bind be qualified to be a Senator? She never ingested malathion like Tom DeLay. She'd never used her spouse shamefully like Mitch McConnell. But why I'm proud? Millions of nitwits can claim this woman is not qualified. Newspapers would prove she is. The internert is whatever truth you make of it. And mostly, it's bullshit. Seriously. Palin vs. Caroline? Sorry, if you pick the bimbo, you're an idiot. So why am I proud. Not, really. It's a country that devalues female intelligence. Women don't think women are smart because they're women. You're just smart or you're stupid. And maybe you're racists. Racists amongst you, wake up. It's a brand new world, and that wedge disappeared.
  1442. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  4:04 am

  1443. When I was a little kid, People showe'ed up at my house in Fedorahs. We werem't threats to anybody's sedcuriity. W was on vacatton. He goy a PDB that said Bin Laden was going to grab a plane. that didn't alert gis sorry ass? Let me put it this way. If it had been some warning about the Me Kong. Kerry would have pulled that bastard out of the drink. W would have feen defending the O Club in, what, Austin? Swigt-boat assholes were the biggest liars that ever lived, if you don't count Ken Blackwell. He robbed Gore and he robbed Kerry. The assholes roffed two presidential boyrd and installed the most despicable, pitiful failed Pretzeldent that ever lived. These people did this got cash. Cheney has made his money.
  1444. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  4:52 am

  1445. Betty La Vette? Aw we're nor talkin bout Shaft. Not really, we mean Superfly.
  1446. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  5:23 am

  1447. Denis Miller is the most despicable pussy any ever came about. Senis Miller, not a joke anymore. He's just a jerk.
  1448. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  5:46 am

  1449. And Audrey Hepburn thinks these people are morons. know what? Here's the deal you digraceful asshole. Kerry and Bush. One guy thought what the hey as long as someboduyelse might get hurt. Another guy thought they wo'nt get me when I'm protedting the O Club in Tejas. How does this little piece of shit pull this shit time after time.? Ketty's a hero, Ws wooging coke aomewjere in Alanama. What was wrong with American voters in Cuyahoga County? Well their botes didn't cound because Ken Blavkwell never intended they're votes to count.
  1450. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  8:52 am

  1451. OK. The New York Island. Well the dickhead got the PDB that said Osama was interested in attacking in the US. It said he was interested in hijajacking planes. His Sevurity adviser told him this ws hair on fire. That was all before the WTC was bombed. How did the little moroon keep anybody safe? Asleep at the wheel while attacking mesquite. Agter that, there were the anthrax attacks. And those were sort of funny bevause they were clearly home-grown and the targets seemed to se Democrat and nobody that had luncheob with Cheney. So what the hell. Then we got serious. We caught the pizza guys, and the shoe-bomber, and that truck driver that was boing to take down the Brooklyn Bridge with an acetylene torch in broad daylight. Saved. Meantime, trains in Spain were victimized and whatever about some plot on the Btit Undergtound, where Brit cops murdered some innocent guy. Because everuybody was so scared. Going very well. And then there were those dastards in Miami that wanted boots. Tjhand Fod the little sjit saved us from those maserminds so he could continue Guanatanamo. More than 1000 people were plucked and incarderated. There are at least a couple of people with no connedyion to terror whatsoeber that were were snatched and flown to hgod knosw where for torture. How dos anybody yty to lvaim they were justified.? Doesn't matter how you look at all of this. There were war crimesd commted. For W to claim he didn't do anthing he knew was womg, wellm, he's probably a liar. They left him out of the PNAC, and he so desperately wanted to be one of the big guys, he thought blowing up a whole country made him one of the foys.. It wasm't ever about the oil, with the Bush Family. It was all anout oil field services. Jussssssssst ask April Glaspeie. HW told her to tell Saddam it was cool to invade Kuwait for slant-drilling with American technology to rog Iraq blind., HW told Saddam to invade the part of Kuwait that is a historical part of Iraq. Cute. I don't think that if you think back to that undniable Nazi collaborator Prescott (I mean. what choice did he have? )
  1452. caliban on To the New York island.
    January 20th, 2009  9:16 am

  1453. What exactly did the little shit defend us from" Those guys in Miami that wanted to net eVWRYBODY TOLD THIS FUCKINNG MORON AHEAD OF TIME, oSAMA AIMING AT BUILDINGS WITH CAAPTURED PLANES, oK, we know he's an idiot, huy, holysahit, nobody is so goddamn fucking stupid t miss this. Ir'a the most amazing thinf. Peolple actually think this scurvy little shit protected then from anything? Fucking stupidiity is underrated. Look, you morons, this asshole endangered you.
  1454. caliban on 1.20.09
    January 20th, 2009  1:03 pm

  1455. Hey. You lookin' at me? You know. things are dire and Obama has to face the revolting prospect of the Progfessives along with enerything W fucked up. These people have re-branded and fiven new meanining to holier than thou. Progressives? Fine, if that's the way you think you hve to frame tthings. Aome og us were radicls. Some of os were liberals, You know, old school that stood on lines and got beten, befpre everything boy yo be civilized on the net. Y'all thing Chicano is Obma's hometown. You think this is David Plouffe emailing you. Y'all think that you've accompliished something. We thought we accomplished something in 1965, and heroes got got shot.
  1456. caliban on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  3:50 am

  1457. What's the water temp criterion for polar bear swimming? When I lived in Boston, we took regular trips to the astounding Kancamagus Hwy. campgrounds along the Swift River around the Independence day (dry ice and Molson's golden), and regularly swam in rushing streams and waterfalls where the agua never exceeded 45F. There's a huge pool downstream from Lower Falls, shaped and dimensioned pretty much like a 50m pool, and the water probably reaches lower fifties. Best place to swim I've ever come across (aside from Lake Powell, but when Hayduke blows the Glen Canyon Dam, Lower Falls will move up to no. 1). The coldest water is inner city indoor pools without heaters. I went to UD High, now known as UD High and Jesuit and they let in girls and little kids. We were a competitive swimming dynasty in the 60s but we didn't have our own pool. We used the downtown Y in Detroit, which must have been torn down since then. The pool was on some upper floor. There was a regulation 16 foot Duraflex board and my brother Chris and I were the divers. Diving there was an adventure, because the ceiling was about 10 ft. above the board. Reverse dives were mind-bogglingly frightening. Anyway, we practiced at St. Martin de Porres pool, where the water was very cold, but the broken windows and lack of any sort of heating system provided an arctic environment. Windows were all shattered into glass pinecones we had to avoid in bare feet and the only heat came from gas unit heater mounted on the pool deck. We all got horizontal burns on our thighs from huddling around that sucker in the Detroit winter. We also used to visit State O' Maine beaches (named after John Irving's bear, I hope and fervently believe). HighSummer water temperature at Ogunquit and Old Orchard, and etc. is probably around 54F. Swimming there is more problermatic, because currents and riptides are more obstinate than original Down Easters. I serially embarrassed my wife and friends, and amused my daughter with civil disobedience when lifeguards would try to cite some undertow rule and tell me I couldn't swim outside some sort of Lake Ste. Claire wussy pontoon swimming area. My exceptionally logical argument was that the guards themselves would have to brave the undertow if some fool ventured out and I could swim better than they could. Chopping holes in ice to risk hypothermia seems like serious stupidity, if it's not attributable to some specific defective gene, And I haven't ever gone that berserk. But, damned if we don't have Norwegian blood mixed with the Irish in my family. I'm the only brother with blonde hair and blue eyes, so maybe the frigid water compulsion gene is regressive. I suppose I prefer that evolutionary package to brown eyes. As there are people that rip presents open and those that unwrap, there are people that think they can accomplish gradual immersion and those that embrace the water as long as it's still a fluid and not bruising you with chunks of solids. It was hilarious recently when Keith Olbermann made a risible error talking about some guys in wetsuits with SCUBA ironing underwater and said it was 5F. I think he meant C. Otherwise, the Heloise divers would have resembled oxygen-deprived, quite dead, wasps in amber. I've thought about all of this to a ridiculous extent. Probably, because I was born to run and was pretty good at it but I was born to swim and really good at it. Like an otter. If it's a childhood experience shared universally to claim a superpower for your own, I wanted to be able to breathe underwater. Once you're in and acclimated, any swimmer knows you swim faster in colder water. More to grab, so maybe it's physics. The difference in the long run would be swimming with the fishes or attempting anaerobic existence. Then you'd wake up in methane soup with Ted Williams' head as God, and my dad was born in Brooklyn, so I prefer some sort of Jackie Robinson paradigm. Really cold water swimming? Those fat people might have a lifestyle awakening, but sudden chill immersion can't have a beneficial effect on cardio-pulmonary deficiencies. If you feel rather than think you were born to swim, water temperature is just a matter of millieu.
  1458. caliban on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  5:24 am

  1459. Has Bill Ayres been hiding out? Is he a fugitive? Was he right about Cointelpro? Was he right about Vietnam? Has he served his community well in his second incarnation? Is his connection with the President astoundingly tenuous. Well, yes, in every case. Did W illegally avoid the draft and never get closer than Tierra del Fuego to honoring his coke-addled commitments to the Alabama and Tejas Air Guards? Did Reagan and BushI murder Archbishop Oscar Romero, or at least facilitate the killing? Was Henry the K complicit in the murder of Orlando Letelier and the death Salvador Allende? Did Kenneth Blackwell bury Cuyahoga and other County votes in Ohio to boost Shrub? Did Ollie North and Rummy and Cheney engineer Iran-Contra? (Well if you don't think so, excuse me, you're an idiot, and don't burn yourself near the stove because you haven't any ethical nerve-endings left. W/Dickless classified material at a spectacular rate. Hundreds of thousands of pages per fucking minute. In the FDA. In the USDA. What sort of monstrous things can these aholes make money off from to the detriment of Americans? It's the current meme that Caroline Kennedy must have nanny issues. Yeah right you idiots. Aside from comparing a Constitutional scholar with a nitwit (and I mean Sarah Palin). She wasn't qualified but this nominee is? Gov. Paterson has made an ass out of you and me. This is so much obstructionist GOP shit it's amazing. Exhibit 1: Corporate connections. Well, Cheney had this blind trust. The cash into Cheney's 'blind trust' for electrocuting soldiers and providing tainted water is fairly amazing. William Ayres has a nondescript job in which he clearly, clearly, does nothing but good. These people are so shameless, Bush let Zhiri go. He's the Republican poster child. Why did they let him go? Now Republicans are ginning up some sort of crap to claim this is Obama's fault. This business about these guys return to terrism is such horseshit it barely dignifies consideration. Under these considerations, HW should have gone straight to Guantanamo for selling out his crwmates. W is a victim of lobbyists? Of Cheney, who's blaming If being at the same table or fundraiser makes you suspect? The whole thing about memes from Paterson where the shameless politician puts out idiotic memes, what qualifies you to be a senator? Intelligence, thoughtfulness, organizational ability, fund-raising ability. Noat being a dumbass obstructionist. How did John Cornyn get elected. How did Trent Lott? What's wrong with people? Qualifies? Then there's twinkletoes, Dick Morriss. He's appalled about the already paid IRS doubt of T Geichnener, wheo's already paid his debt. Morriss is into the IRS for millions, and if you think it has to do with professional sucking on his toes for cash. This is the sour grapes bullshit you get. Don Vitter? Excuse me, on the subject of bad ethics. On the subject of email. Let's have all of Rove's you assholes. Let's have Cheney's list from the energy luncheon. How could anybody claim that's not public record unless he was breaking the law for his personal benefit? My approximation? The country has never seen a criminal of this sort. Subvert the Constitution while fucking over the economy for his own personal monetary benefit. It's what he's done. The truly most astounding thing about the pile of merde these little shits have buried everybody under is the absolute gact that the PNAC tried to talk Clinton into invading Iraq in 1998. They didn't think W was even worth considering. They didn't even ask him to sign. They thought he might go AWOL in Bummingham. Here's the deal. Kerry said that the way to deal with a criminal group was by police work. That is proven true. W approach has arrested wackos, some would-be gangstas in Miami that wanted boots. That nut-job that was going to cut down the Brooklyb Bridge with an acetylene in broad daylight. W and whatever has Osama running free and he's clamped down on journalists. If you think that kept you safe, you are just about exactly as stupid as W, and if a PDB came across your desk that said Osama wanted to target buildings with hijacked airplanes, you'd be an idiot too and read a kid's book upside-down.
  1460. caliban on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  6:53 am

  1461. Well, Jeff, that was a long time ago. If it's not torn down, I can't imagine why, unless it was a National Register building. The pool was a dungeon. You'd have to have been a competitive diver to know how horrible the place was. My brother was barely 5'11'', and fairly compact. Dest diver I've ever seen. By Sophomore year, I was 6'-1" and really skinny. He could throw tricks and I had to realize I was going to get hurt. Thing about diving nobody understands is that the water is unforgiving and it's pretty much like hitting learn divesbut you know you have to mount up and do it again. One of the great things about swimming as a sport is that siblings almost never compete. Different strokes, different distances. Two of my brothers were exceptional freelstyle sprinters, but years apart. My brother Mark excelled at 800 and 1500. I could swim everything medium well, and the way swimming meets work, you have to get lots of seconds and thirds. I could do that in everything but backstroke. My back is poor, but I could score IM points anyway. But that's a lot more than anybody cares about concerning how swimming meet strategy works. It's all about cold water. What's cold and what's too cold? In 1978, about a month after the blizzard of '78, I tried walking home from work, a mere six miles, because (and nobody remembers this) by Easter, we had another storm that dropped 28 in. of snow. I came upon a virtual lakespanning six lanes of a large road. I waded in. Miracle ny toes and feet are intact. I marched through some water that approximated 40F Really dirty bergs bruising my calves, freezing my extremities. Two things. Nobody ever had that sort of blizzaed in a civilized place at one time. And thhat was freezing. So what do y'all think is polar bear cold? You haven't a clue. People think the 10 meter is scary, but if your spinning, the 3 is more painful. But no joke, what do y'all think is cold water? <bmoe99 says They never had anything other than tenueous crap to do with each other. But really, when you consider the years that have gone by, who's a war criminal? Ayre's or Ollie North? Or HW or Kissinger. Or Cheney? War criminals to go around and William Ayres isn't one of them. How about my childhood friend Danny Casolaro and Bush-Reagan connections to the Octopus--second phase and Iran-Contra, which grew uncontrolled from Cointelpro into rejuvenation in the Defense Department stovepipe.
  1462. caliban on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  6:59 am

  1463. del Down here in South Carolina, we have the 'Squat and Gobble" I realize this takes some salacious crap from staties pulling up, but salacious indicates intent.
  1464. caliban on Refreshing.
    January 24th, 2009  9:27 am

  1465. Obama knew Ayres. So does everybody in Cointelpro South and the rest of the right wing conspiracy to deny anybody with a brain from thinking the Oldtimer was anything byut a petrified President manipulated by Rummy and Cheney and the rest of the criminals that signed the PNAC letter to Clinton. They weren't interested in W's signature. And everybody else that ever had to do with education issues in the history of Illinois. If Ayres was some dangerous cell leader, why didn't the wice Pwesidewnt kwieww the wabbit.? With his Mosburg with the widdow woman 18 gwain shot? That isn't any good for anything but shooting lawyers in the face? People believe memes. Memes come from the internet. Memes must be true because, oh shit, they were on the internet. Holy fuck, if this is how stupid people are, they better chill abd read a newspaper. And pay for it. Everybody'd do better to go catch the scumbag making off with the cash in his wheel chair. But reality says the cash made off the shoddy construction responsible for the three electrocution deaths of uS troops will never get back to a senior administration official that was making money on tainted water and no armor. It's astounding that there are people that are so bigoted or blind or stupid or all three they still want to apothosize these war criminals.
  1466. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  3:59 am

  1467. Ben Stein isn't stupid, but he masquerades as some sort of libertarian free thinker. He's so bound by perverse ideology, he's like an impacting turd that refuses to emerge. His singular talent, such as it is, is a brilliant straight face while he makes excuses for Constitutional criminals. If the afterworld is just, he'll have Buster Keaton kicking him in a grovelling ass, forever. We're supposed to think that American citizens like Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Anjelica Huston, Tim Robbins, Penny Marshall, Waerren Fucking Beatty, Holly Hunter, Jane Fonda--we're supposed to think that they're not intelligent, involved American citizens impelled to use a soap box to insist on American values because those values don't coincide with some knee-jerk Rovian horsecrap. They're Americans, asshole. They're voices count. Walker, Texas Ranger was a Huckaee man. One huckster has to stand by another. Jean Claude van Damme votes for endorsed sunrise. Somewhat strange. What I think is the deal, Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Armitage William "Snake-Eyes" Bennet, Bill Kristol. These people don't give a shit about America, and they've proved it. None of these dickheads had anything directly to do with slandering Kerry, but every single one of them claimed anti-terrorism requires endless military deployment, which I guess qualifies them as functional short bus. Kerry was ridiculed for pointing out that terrorists are criminals and that cops and prosecutors would bring them down. W supposedly kept the US safe. W's approach landed Jose Padilla, the dirty bomber whose IQ is somewhat short of W's. They caught the truck driver from Cleveland that was going to take down the Brooklyn Bridge in broad daylight with an acetylene torch. And those sorry wannabes in Miami that thought they'd get some Timbalands, Oh, and the cell that would have infiltrated the army base by claiming to be delivering pizza. On the subject of torture. Shrubco claims they got something from Sheik Khalid Mohammed by waterboarding him. What they got, and it was nothing to speak of, they got by telling him they'd kidnapped his wife and children. They did. And this wasn't the classic hypothetecal. No bomb. No exigent circumstances. That's torture, with the esspected lack of results, and the guy that ought to rot in hell is Cheney. Is their proof that would stand up in a court of law that SKM did anything illegal? Maybe. Has it been presented? Nope. Is seizing his family a heinous offense. No doubt Is using their detention against him in an interrogation a despicaple act and a breach of international law. Undoubtedly. Other international criminals believe some greater philosophy justifies the means. When Cheney said that Americans had no business knowing about Kenny-boys participation in his post-inaugural tea party, he said he was beyond the hoi polloi. He's a despicable piece of traitorous shit that ought to be hunted down. So, Ben Stein in his movies apothosis. "Bueller, Bueller?" Maybe he once, time back, way back, had principles, but Ben Stein is a poster child for Neoconservatism and that (bowel) movement's predilection for groupspeak. Is there anything in Nancy's assessment of Madoff that doesn't fit the appointed VP leaving the building because he threw his back out shredding documents? They sure as shit both got really rich, and the only thing preventing them from profiting on spectacular monetary and Karmic losses to everybody is permanent incarceration in something resembling Guantanamo. Neoconservative activism dates exactly to a letter from the Project for the New American Century in 1998 that was written to President Clinton, urging him to invade Iraq because the chimera country is sitting on an ocean of oil the US and GB didn't rape and pillage back in the early part of the last Century. They couldn't talk Clinton into this greedy land grab, even with self-styled strategic intellectual architects and impresarios like Wolfie and Rummy and Cheney and Screwtape Daniel Pipes and that deer in the 200o election headlights Jeb on board, so they found the coke-excavated W interlocutor and tried it again with a bunch of made-up threats. They stole an election and then they wreaked havoc. (They would have wrecked havoc, but despite their nihilistic leanings that would make their Lord and personal savior weep, that's not linguistically possible.)
  1468. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  4:03 am

  1469. As far as Hollywood folks are concerned. I know, it's their and not they're. But seriously. I'll take cool hand Luke over the wooden nonsense about filthy apes.
  1470. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  4:29 am

  1471. Coozledad. Yeah, halfway funny. But, it's kind of beyond question at this point that John was right and Blago is going to Club Fed. There's something here I'm having a hard but increasingly easy getting a handle on. For one thing, the GOP assault on Clinton was led by experienced politicians. Died in the wool Republicans that held the moral high ground. Like Dan Burton. Now, got Vitter opposing the Attorney General. Is this asshole joking? Voulez vous couchez avec moi. Vitter???? This business about pardons for anybody is fascinating. HW thought everybody that had to do with murdering Maryknoll sisters and Jesuit priests including yourself and anybody that No trial. No Constitutional rights. Is their some way Ricky Schroeder has a preferrable way of looking at things?
  1472. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  5:10 am

  1473. The Bush bastards broke the law. That's kinda hard to deny. the guys that weren't the soldiers, fine. Cheney was a torturer. Rove broke the law concerning politicixation of the Justice Department. How in the world are ther people so pitiful they still want to claim these people aren't assholes? $50 mil corporate jet. What is wrong with these Eames Chair assholes? You could beat them over the head. These people believe they're somehow better. Pardon me, I,m stupid. I thought if they got money from the Feds they were supposed to lend it. If I'm AIG, I figure it's my cash. And I want more. John Boehner thinks he deserves it. He's an asshole.
  1474. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  8:36 am

  1475. Clearing brush in Crawford? Where? Not in a million years. If Ben Stein has a kid and the kid doesn't want to blow the old man to smithereens for geing such an insufferable dick, well hasta la vista. If somebody thinks W is ever leaving Houston or Dallas, Barney's going to piss in your ear. It's illuminating. The bastard has no clue about the damage done.. W might have an alibi. He was relatively dumb as grunt. Cheney started plotting this shit when Tricky was President. He's been aiming for a coup since he dodged the draft six times in the 60s. He's never worked for anybody but Halliburton profits and he's f*cked over the Constitution to enrich his fat ass. These things are obvious, and he ought to be tracked down and made to stand up to a firing squad of blind lawyers with vintage Mosburg over/unders. Benecict Arnold wasn't dick compared with Dickless for betraying everything his country stood for, and he He scurried down a hawser when the Iran-Contra ship pf state required mass pardons of traitors. Cheney invented the stovepipe. He felt it made him invisible while Kommisar Karl was inventing the myth of Kerry being something other than the reluctant war hero he actually is. And you know, somehow drawing attention away from the absolute fact that W dodged the draft he supported. Anybody that claims these aren't facts is a gutdom liar, and that wienie John O'Neill, well he was Nixon's catspaw, and nothing he ever claimed about service is true. Nothing whatsoever. So they slandered Kerry, and yeah, it's slander by law. Kerry's problem with these died in the wool Raygunites is that he burned down the house of cards around the Freedom Fighters and R. Raygun's mafioso like Ollie North. This stretches all the way back to Kissinger and Letelier and Allende, and it proves Kerry's point that if you want to interdict terriss, you do it by police work. That's how you catch Bush associates at nefarious activities.
  1476. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  8:44 am

  1477. Stovepipe. Does anybody think this was intended to protect Americans? Does anybody think they wouldn't have screwed with some rampam=nt GOP ahole that said he'd do abything he could to elect W and he owned the company that was supposed to be counting the votes. And Cuyahoga County came up 40thou short.
  1478. caliban on The big con.
    January 27th, 2009  9:30 am

  1479. So. They couldn't rob this presidential election (They robbed the last two, and the one that pisses me off most is the last one. The election was won, and this scumbag made it dissappear in Ohio. This was a case of just stealing and disappearing votes. Whaat's really disgusting is that this came down to draft dodgers impugning a war hero. Fact's are clear. One guy could have avoided service and chose to serve. Served true to his buddies, and thought his country was taking a wrong turn. Back in the states, there ws a party animal. He woofed coke an Jack Daniel's and ssspouted some country right or wrong. He had no intention of making food on his idea. First guy got sent up te MeKong and got into firefights. Other guy got loaded and missed his qualifying exams. Ywars later, one of those guys has his patriotism questioned. Was it the guy stumbling around trying to keep from getting shot while saving a crewman's life, or was it the guy on his hands and knees protecting the Birminhgham O-Club from incoming? In 2004, Americans voted for the shitheel defending the booze cache. Or they really weren't so dogass, because without cheating in Ohio counties, W was revealed as a wastrel little pisant. One way or another, the little shit is history. Isn't it amazing that no matter how elsde you think of him, steaming mound of ordure, no matter what, he's so small. I take this somewhat personally. People that take part in the cottage industry of belittling Kerry should take a big step back. I guess you morons are so progressive you don't remember Iran'-Contra and th investigation of BCCI. You probably think of Raygun as the last good guy, and not the ghoulish face of American imperialism that Kerry exposed. This is why Republicans hate John Kerry.
  1480. caliban on You haven't seen it all.
    January 30th, 2009  5:10 am

  1481. This was done on Third Watch. Pretty good show that got better from an inauspicious Adam 12 sort of beginning. An apparent corpse was found froxen in a basement because some trickle down landlord had cut off the heat. The humancicle was revived. Third Watch caught on to the story arc, and introduced a supremely evil villain called Luther Mahoney, who may or not have been executed by Cop. Thhis show began dumbass, got smart, and then got smarter and more engaging, then it was cut off at the knees. There was a show called Due South, that was funnier (a deaf Huskie called Diefenbaker and shadowy agents called Huey, Dewey and Louie, and spooks called Helms, Casey and Bush), and better than anything else available. Two Seasons. There was Briscoe County, and, lately, the Middleman. Dresden Files. Given imagination and good acting, people prefer Sanjaya? Incredibly lousy singing and ridicule? DThat's what people want on TV? When I was a kid, we had Paladin and Bonanza, and Run For Your Life. The Fugitive. Twilight Zone. Dancing With the Stars? If I had to choose, I'd take intelligence and imagination. This is why you have some misanthropic, racist asshoe like Simon Cowell on TV. There really isn't any excuse for a smarmy little nouveau riche shit like this spoiled little boy that focuses a magnifying glass on vulnerable people and doesn't just enjoy pulling wings from sockets, he justifies his sorry ass self. John Updike wrote three good novels, but it's not like he's John Cheever. Re: Netflix. No advertisements here, but a question. Y'all that subscribe, how do you pick movies to build your queue? Read reviews? Remember something you think you liked in formative days? I think Blade Runner is the best movie I've ever seen. Not to put to fine a point on it, but it seems to be dealing with both existence and essence at the same time. And throwing in memory and time. It's what you could call philosophical., but maybe Deckard's in love and nothing else matters, and Rachel lives because he wants, wills her to. So, if you have a NetFlix account, how do you choose your movies? Next on my queue is Local Hero. Amazing movie, but to me, it's a lot like Long Rriders. Great film, great soundtrack. Great movie. I've noticed that Netflix hasn't got Brewster McCloud. This is a Robert Altman movie, for God's sake. Every Frank Capra, not every Robert Altman? Our most recent Netflix was City of Lost Children. There's not another movie to compare it to. The opening scene is the single scariest thing I've ever seen. I grew up in Detroit, so I'm not scared of anything, but this carries a frisson. Seriosly good movie if you don;t mind lame subtitles. Recrwational French is better.
  1482. caliban on You haven't seen it all.
    January 30th, 2009  7:13 am

  1483. The abandoned frozen guy story, well, Bob Dylan wrote this song. Only a hobo. Rod Stewart as good as Rod is (Gasoline Alley is just as perfect as When the Levee Breaks or You Really Got Me.) One morning I took the T to downtown Boston, Filene's, Jordan's, you know all of those Department stores that bit the dust. I was on the lookout for tickets to seethe Kinks, Box office was closed, wind-chill was about -5. Boston is laid out by cowpaths with ill-advised skyscrapers, and the wind is hellacious. It blows you down icy sidewalks where the snow has been piled up like your an iceboat with the jib engaged. I found a guy in the entramce, and he appeared to be frozen. I mean, he was blue, and he was dressed in rags. I thought he was dead. There was no such thing as a cell phone at the time, so I bashed on the theater door and said 'Call an ambulance. I went back to trying resuscitation. Bastard woke up and puked, and I bought him some coffee at th Capitol Coffee Shop. He remained pissed off at me. That coffee shop has a gigantic Paul Revere style teapot that pumps out steam. It always reminded me of the Fabulous Star Bakery on Seven Mile. Places that sold baked and boiled goods and always thought they knew what was about to happen. I wouldn't say I saved that old guy's life. He wasn't old, and he really just wanted to put an end to things. No matter how hard I try, it seems I'm too young to die. Hard to say. Bastard was pretty stiff. I'm no dummy. I thought he was a gone, and I know resusitation r. Then he's spitting bile at me. So, we saw the Kinks and, as usual, Ray and Dave and the companie were amazing. Slightly wierd, my brother and my sister-in-law, well, you know. But there's the unknown. You may ask yourself? How did I get here?
  1484. caliban on A Raymond Carver story.
    January 31st, 2009  3:03 am

  1485. So, you've got a story. Run like a bunny. But this seems like a Danny Casolaro kind of story, so take care. Raymond Carver? How bout Sherman Alexie? Humm. I'd say TC Boyle and Breece D'Jay Pancake (if that's his real name) wrote better stories. Harlan Ellison could turn all of them out on a dime. Dashiell Hammett wrote better short stories than novels, and he always wished he was Raymond Chandler. What ever happened to short stories? Is it all the fault of editors at the New Yorker? No plot, no bang for the buck, just ennui? Hilton Head island gets it Detroit on. I'm 57, and this is the fourth shooting incident I've witnessed in my lifetime. What are the odds. I saw a guy shot to death on Shrewsbury St. in Worcester MA while my future wife and I were walking to the movies. And we were tripping. This one, I was stone sober and almost run over by the Sheriff SUV. Before that, my brother's dog Spotter was crapping on the lawn of some unhinged J. Walter Thompson account executivve and the rat-bastard shot him in the tail with a pellet gun. My dad confronted the coward and snatched the rifle from his hands and broke it in two. The other instance, well, that bullet was aimed at me, and I sure as hell didn't deserve it, though some of you may beg, nay, clamor, to disagree. It was a dark and stormy night. Not Really. It was snowing a blizzard, and we were trudging through about a foot and a half up Commonwealth Avenue, looking for my stolen Gibson 12string. I threatened with a steak knife. The guitar was unfortunately fucked. What Tony Blair and Alicia Silverstoneand President Segway have in common. Clueless. Bonus points: Which one had the brains to treat Elizabeth Hasselbeck like she was trying to be Michelle Malkin and she didn't exist? When will these media whores get it that you can't be Ann Coulter without the Adam's Apple? Why the sun will never set on the Brit Press. And what it might be like to be an ex empire. Calling William Boot. Lord Copper on the line.
  1486. caliban on A Raymond Carver story.
    January 31st, 2009  4:27 am

  1487. Math is gorgeous, but I never got it. On the other hand, everything's math and I get that, McCaskill rules. The bucaneer daptains are robbing everybody. They buy jets and drapes and they don't give a shit about anybody. This is the Raygun Revolution. The people thatr run things make 300 times what the people make that make things. WWJD? Drive their greedy asses out of the marketplace. There's something to be considered regarding flaming assholes like John Cornyn. Who exactly is the constituency. They despise poor people and they have made more people poor than any group of bastards in US history. They haven't enriched trhemselves (other than Dickless). So what the fuck is wrong with these people? They hate poor people? They just hate people in general? How do the run on this?
  1488. caliban on Say goodnight, womyn.
    February 3rd, 2009  2:10 am

  1489. Isn't lesbian separatism ultimately a zero-sum game? Maybe they can learn to train bees for cross species pollinization. Maybe they think David Crosby as in vitro dad is good enough. There's Leda fertilized by the cob, but how can those terrified vague fingers push the feathered glory from her loosening thighs? And how can body, laid in that white rush, but feel the strange heart beating where it lies? If anybody manages to hijack a roadside electronic sign, please consider "Hayduke Lives!" as the initial proclamation.
  1490. caliban on Say goodnight, womyn.
    February 3rd, 2009  4:06 am

  1491. Cultural, mostly non-football observations on the Super Bowl and the great unwashed (internets Nation): 1. Preponderance of denigrating comments on halftime. I believe this is blogghorea rooted in the Boss deciding he was an American first with a right to express an opinion about a crooked anti-Constitutional governmental mafia during the last eight years. Sour whine grapes and hyssop. These are a bunch of people that would have preferred Up With People backed by Ratt and that dude that looks like a lady. Bruce notoriously branded himself a non-jock with the 'speedball' reference, but he made fun of himself by changing the words. And the exuberant exhortation to put down the chicken fingers was a riot. 2. Complaining about the officials in this game is a direct manifestation of a nation consumed with getting well fast by succumbing to a touch of Bill Bennett disease. All of these whinges go on online during the game as bettors see their bucks with wings. This abject, ignorant shit goes on every year, and every post ends with '...and I'm not a fan of either team'. Right, asshole, it's not the exquisite nature of the athletic ability and what those of us that have experienced it realize is the purity (sometimes nobility, sometimes not) of the competition. No problem with Cards fans that want to believe they wuz robbed, but jerks that actually know something (generally less than they presume, since they didn't play) about football to foul the ether with their bookie angst is ludicrous. They probably didn't think Iron Mike's chomping cartilage should have disqualified him because they'd backed him monetarily. 3. Some purely football. /the now infamous roughing the passer call, well the guy took two additional steps and hit Roethlisberger in the back with his helmet. Au-to-ma-tic, and as Eddie Albert would have to admit if he didn't have money on the game, hi-sto-ry. Same with the roughing the holder. Helmet to helmet. Both would have been $10-25grand fines in the regular season. (Hell, they dole out those fines for perfectly legal plays, just ask the heroic Hines Ward.) The TD by James Harrison? Only desperation made this a question. Larry Fitgerald made a terrific play and without a doubt was unfortunate enough he got his body underneath Harrison's knee on the big guy's way to the endzone. But if you're on top of an opponent, you aren't down. No brainer. The truly bizarre and questionable call was the holding in the endzone that prolonged the game. DL bullrushes OL and bulldozes him, then he just stumbles over the vanquished body. I've watched this many times, and (and this is technical) the centers hands never, ever, went outside the defensive lineman's shoulder pads. Not holding, by any stretch of rules or imagination. Right call, came over. The personal foul on Ike Taylor by the Cardinals bench was an atrocious example of a player victimized by second-guy-sight on the part of the officials. Cards player threw a punch, Taylor pushed him in the sternum. And then, the Kurt Warner fumble. Contrary to blogger and general internet obtuse comment, the play was most certainly reviewed by NFL officials in the pressbox. Unless Kurt Warner wants to claim he can direct a bouncing football 30 or 40 yards downfield to Larry Fitzgerald with his biceps, this is just stupid. He had no idea where the ball was and threw his arm forward in desperation. And he was hoping to get a bad call and one more chance. Which brings me back to the cultural aspects. Announcing. I played HS football, and I tutored UGeorgia football players (along with swimmers, softball and baseball players, basketball players, and competitors in every other sport. They attended study halls, with tutors. It was the football and men's basketball players, and the softball players that needed the most help. Most of the kids didn't really need help, because they were motivated to succeed at everything. There are several of these kids, whose names you'd have to go Marathon Man on me to find out, that struggled, but kept up grades and succeeded. Some kids didn't. I hope it wasn't my fault. Mainly, I was trying to get them past over-officious TAs that had it in for athletes. I'm sure this sort of thing goes on at every Div. I and Championship level school in the US. Fine essays with vindictive red slashmark's, and open ridicule, and yeah, I got pretty defensive of children reduced to tears by academic bullies with neither credentials nor an actual grasp of grammar. My point is that these young people set off on a challenge. Regarding a degree, most of them thinkit's the Grail. And having been an undergraduate at the same school, albeit the actual best JSchool there is, and if Columbia in either location is so great, why do we decide the Peabodies.? What I mean is that I saw always saw brains, insight, perseverance, willingness to help, dedication to families and their dreams. I also saw tireless dedication from the Athletic Department to helping people persevere and succeed on their own terms. No papers were written, no tests were taken. So part of what I mean is that people that think jocks are stupid beneficiaries of some sort of noblesse oblige, get a life and consider your own exertion toward your C+ and Gentleman C degrees. Then again, nobody ever says these things about soccer and lacrosse players. Culture, class, good neurologist. Herschel walker got his degree in criminal justice from UGA recently. He stumbled, then mostly plowed through and mostly trampled obstacles, like it was Bill Bates on the two yard line. So. if you support football, there's a lot to support your argument. If you don't, you think a brainless game like soccer supports your opinion. Super Bowl's not even a game anymore, it's a party. But it floats on the surface of dultural problems and prejudices. And if the Romans had Colisum, well...
  1492. caliban on Say goodnight, womyn.
    February 3rd, 2009  10:07 am

  1493. I imagine Little Miley can buy and sell us all. If her dad wants to buy her a Prius, that's their bidnes, I think. If it were a Porsche Spyder, , well maybe that Achey Breaky cash is running out, and her momma should be worried. But really. how's a dad buying his kid a car worth pointing out? The kid could be stocking the 10-car garage at her crib with a fleet of Escaldes with Biggy effigies in the passenger seat if she felt like it. Pretty soon she'll be a trivia question. Or not. She seems to be somewhat talented. I suppose there are child stars that are denigrated and don't even care just as often as there's kiddie-pop that thankfully fades away. You know, there's the Jonas Bros. that think they're John and Paul, and there's Mmm-Bop, which to this day is as exuberant and brilliant a One Bad Apple and ABC. But really, Miley gets her license and her dad buys her a Prius? Horeurs. Kid seems sensible and fairly talented. And that seems to be an inordinately sensible car choice for rich and ridiculously privileged people. The implication that there's something wrong with this is just strange. Should they have bought a '73 Gremlin Levi edition? What exactly is the problem? I don't get it. That's not some spoiled rich kid kind of choice. I suppose some electric two-seater would have been even more Enquirer-worthy.Maybe it's old fart annoyance at a kid that's inheriting the economic quaqmire from eight years of greed and Halliburton run wild in service to Cheney's stock options having an opinion about where the hell the money went.
  1494. caliban on Say goodnight, womyn.
    February 3rd, 2009  10:52 am

  1495. Tim Goeglein has accepted the consequences of his 'mistakes', a “a pretty rare thing in Washington”. Aside from scumbag youthful indiscretionists like Dan Burton and a bunch of other grotesquely obese holier-than-thou Republicans, and chief obstructionist Vitter, who found Presidential pardons outrageous, if they didn't involve selling weapons to Iran to buy drugs to pay for murdering Archbishp Romero at the communion rail and rape Maryknoll nuns. And they stand for family values, as long as they aren't Vitter's ho's, whose kid's should never get reasonable health care. And Tim Goeglein will put on the appropriate spin. So, Nancy. You did this hack a favor. Now he get's paid to fart money for the Gaseous Odiferous Plutocrats.
  1496. caliban on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  10:00 am

  1497. Someday, somebofy will discover the secret life of Dorothy Parker, and we;ll all be impoverished by that bitch Simon Cowell's flatulence of the subject of a great dame's life. Women that think for themselves can't buy a break. Now supposedly, Selma Hayek was touring African refugee camps, came upon a starving child, was lactating, and fed the keedo. Now, who knows if this really happened, but if it did, so what. Seems fairly normal to me. Many cultural ramifications, I suppose, the least credible a bunch of salivating bastards making jokes about awesome teats. This is how nannies and mammies used to operate, and it's obviously a good thing. Turning it into titillation is the work of the anti-press. My mom did this same thing for a child whose mother was incapacitated because she'd been denied care after delivering, in a whites only hospital in Little Rock. She'd had practice, with me and my brother, and she didn't have any hollywood bona fides nor Hollywood boobs. She saw a need and was able to fulfill it. This is the sort of small thing that makes every one of us better. Seems to me that even considering race when contemplating behavior is unchristian and counter-productive. In the Fifties, my mother was risking anathema, but I'm sure that never crossed her mind. Child in need, say no more. This is universal. My dad never picked up a gun but what the army made him. He was medcal corps as a doctor and the closest he dame to combat was a sniper blowing te head off a cobra that was dangerously close to hin on his way to Mass one morning in the Philippines. He also faced down redneck sheriffs protecting whites only in the hospital where the child my mom suckled was delivered. o now we've got idiot reprobates like Vitter and McConnell talking about tax breads and trickle down. Tax breaks and liessez faire for rich people caused the current state of affairs. If the CEO class got away with all of the cash in the first place, how the fuck is giving tax cuts to pirates a stimulus plam? This doesn't seem like rocket science, but Keynes fot the Nobel and David Stockton is a disgraced remnant of Morning in America. If you give the money to rich people and let them hide it away, deflation digs it's own hole and the money dissapears. If you spend it on public works, people can afford to feed themselves, and buy stuff, and pay taxes, And vote. Golden parachutes don't trickle down. They enrich perpetrators. We're supposed to think that caps on CRO level pay and obscene bonuses will somehow retard the migration of 'talent' into financial arenas. What talent is that? Digging deeper holes? Golden parachete? Lay off a few thousand workers and bail with millions. In 1960, captains of industry made 30 times what the rank and file brought home. In 2002, it was 300x. That's Morning in America, and that's trickle down, and people are so fucking srupid, they don't think it's sad that the GOP is taking advice from Samuel Wursenwhatever's imlicensed plumber's crack. For eight years, there was a dry drunk turd that didn;t have the brains to wake up when Batney pissed on his head agter he was rendered helpless by a pretzel. In all that time, he was consciously or unconsciously doing the vile work that Dickless started way backl when he sanctioned murdering ArchVishop Romero. Raping and murdering Maryknoll nuns? asua;ties og wat from Mr' 'Better Things to Do', while Kerry was saving lives and these assholes were already plotting against him. It's fascinating about what Kerry uncovered. Ollie North was a hero? In what universe? What you've been kept safe from: Waclps that thought they could infiltrate Fort Hood delivering pixxa; dipshits in Miami, that wanted some combat boots and some cash; guys that thought they could drop a lighter in a cistern 60 miles away and light up La Guatdia, My favorite: The guy that was goimg to tale dowm the Brooklyn Bridge in broad daylight with an acetylene torch. Then again, in August of 2001, the Presidential Daily Brief said Bin Laden likely to hijack planes, but why would anybody take that seriously. This isn't made up. That's what they told him. Hair on fire. Two posibilities: dumb as fuck, or saw this as a great rallyung point for trashing the Constitution. One way or another, Grpver Norquist, who hates the United States more than amubpcy that ever lived and ought to be hunted down, well loook, Norquist is insane. He needs to be shrumk small enough he could be drownedd with every memory of R. Raygun, Ome day, the Swift Boat shit will come back to haunt these assholes. There's still evidence far bavl as Chilean assassinations, and there's no statutete of limitations. Kerry proved BCCI was the favorite bank of both terrorists and rhw Raygun Mafia. Dickless and Rummy.. dreat American freedom foghters.
  1498. caliban on What fresh hell?
    February 7th, 2009  11:19 am

  1499. Dexter, there is no such thing as that river but that it was stolen from Colorado. There'd be no SoCal if somebody nutted up and blew the Glen Canyon Dam. Hayduke Lives. And while all y'all are feeling good about yourselves, consider what Alan Price and Mick Travis came to realize: When there's a bluebird singing by your window pane And the sun shines bright all day through Don't forget boy Look over your shoulder 'Cause there's always someone coming after you (la la la la)
  1500. caliban on What fresh hell?
    February 8th, 2009  2:15 am

  1501. MichaelG, There's beauty yet in the , to this day, and no matter whats been done to it in the interest of corporate avarice. Maybe it's stark, but it's beautiful. Beauty wasn't on the minds of the despoilers. Cash was. Sort of like the despoilers of the Constitution that stole two elections, and if you don't think the second one was stolen, canvass Cuyahoga County. What I wonder is what possessed these people. Money and greed, sure, but that can't explain this sort of behavior fully. The Screwtape Letters comes immediately to mind. Political liberals are saddled with the epithet 'knee-jerk'. I'd say that's bullshit. The bunch of bastards that want to make government dsmall enough to drown it in a bathtub would seemingly like to reduce humanity and natural environment to toxicity. This is knee-jerk abd slavish worshipping of Mammon, while claiming fraudulently to be Christian. On another subject, but it's the same old thing, how is spending on schools and creating jobs at the same time pork barrel? Thank you Senator Demented (my Senator, along with schizophrenic Lindsay Graham, and I'm so embarrassed we elect sanctimonious, know-nothing hypocritical morons in SC) for worrying so much about the un-Christian schools. The damage done to Christian principles by self-proclaimed Christians is incalculable, but they're protecting the pissing territory of such notable Christian entrepreneurs as G. Gordo and Ultimate Freedom Fighter Ollie North. Employ the rod and scar the children forever. Dexter, In the inane history of knee-jerk denial of facts accumulated by unbiased scientists, global warming denial is right up there with Holocaust deniers. The overwhelming consensus and solid findings are somehow questionable because they aren't 99.44/100 pure? Even Bjorn Lomborg admits to reality. When facts are denied and distorted, politics raises it's hideous head, and when that happens, follow the money.
  1502. caliban on What fresh hell?
    February 8th, 2009  2:21 am

  1503. Here's the Salton Sea photos I wanted y'all to look at. Looks like Mad Max.
  1504. caliban on What do we think?
    February 8th, 2009  7:43 am

  1505. Does it come with fedora, Scoop? Clackety-clack. Where's the steaming cuppa Joe and the smoking Old Gold?
  1506. caliban on What fresh hell?
    February 8th, 2009  7:59 am

  1507. Michael. I get it. But blasted and scarred and altered irrevocably, there's innate beauty. I like tooling Lake Powell on a big houseboat, but I'd blow the dam at Page if I thought I wouldn't get arrested. I'd also like to sit on a hill with a Mossberg over-under and pick off snowmowbiles. Of course (beautiful and well-placed), those are just thought dreams. I think those photos show the desolation and the damage, and somebody ought to be made to pay.
  1508. caliban on What do we think?
    February 9th, 2009  2:25 am

  1509. Dexter: Annie Liebowitz took racy pictures of Miley Cyrus? Why wasn't I alerted? If subtle humor is your game, a discernible modicum of subtlety and humor is probably a good idea. Maybe they aren't just some dumbass rednecks and they're conscious of setting a good example. And how did 'social consciousness get to be 'social conscience'? MichaelG: When I say the Salton Sea exhibits ravaged beauty, I guess I'm thinking about Patti Smith and Bonny Raitt. Now, the Aral Sea, that's more like Marianne Faithful circa Broken English, or Shane McGowan since he took his first drink of whiskey ( I sincerely doubt this poet ever drank scotch, so I feel confident in spelling with 'e' intact. And yeah, commas are beautiful. The fundamental punctuation mark of the periodic sentence. Proper comma deployment and understanding of the proper use of the semicolon are hallmarks right up there with opposable thumbs. I wouldn't noormally do this, but in researching this post (yeah I do use the Google, and y'all deserve no less) I was confronted with this achingly gorgeos bit of poetry: The last time I saw you was down at the Greeks There was whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks You sang me a song as pure as the breeze Blowing up the road to Glenaveigh I sat for a while at the cross at Finnoe Where young lovers would meet when the flowers were in bloom Heard the men coming home from the fair at Shinrone Their hearts in Tipperary wherever they go. I believe if it's not AE Houseman or Auden, or Gerard Manley Hopkins, WB Yeats is the finest poet of the last several centuries. Bad teeth and all. Shane McGowan is right there. Modern poetry is drier than a dessicated bone, and the point is usually more elusive than the point of one of those bloodless, navel gazing New Yorker short stories about angst, or something. Regarding Stimulus '09: Why are Paul Krugman and self-styled Progressives acting like there's just one bite at the apple? Roosevelt didn't, you know, stay the course when things were working well. And why does anybody with a functioning brain give the all tax cuts all the time nitwits ink or consideration? Embracing greed and ditching regulation caused the problem' Tas cuts don't trickle down except as urine. Money in pockets works. Firefox: Since I went for this alternative several years ago, I've read online about problems. I've never had one. Not one. It's faster and more reliable. And the new website? Well I'm all for typewriters, preferably Selectrics, and my little Sears model that remembers 20 characters back. I still use that sucker at the beach. What's the worst that could happen? Regarding Newspapers: If everybody is satisfied with Matt Drudge, I guess dumbing down is complete and I need to resign myself to Twitter and stupidity. Somebody's going to have to do something about this rampant ignorance as a badge for being opinionated under the influence of deliberate obtuseness. Rush is a destructive moron y'all.
  1510. caliban on What do we think?
    February 9th, 2009  3:06 am

  1511. What ever happened to Riverbend? Newspapers are fishwrap and internet rules. Right? Isn't it LCD? Morons in, morons out.
  1512. caliban on What do we think?
    February 9th, 2009  5:49 am

  1513. Wow. We just sat through The Dark Knight. I think A knight's Tale is brillian, so Hearh Ledger is OK with me. But mimicing Christian Slater's boice beyind makeup is brilliant acting? Just not a very good movie. Batman Begins is infinitely better.
  1514. caliban on What do we think?
    February 9th, 2009  6:04 am

  1515. Bush tax cuts were targeted at the well off, W's bread and butter. They didn't spend it, jusst like they never earned their money in the first place Money was sequestered, not circulated. That's how. Anyone dumb enough not to get this mightbe dense enough to choke on a pretzel, pass out, and get urinated on by an obnoxious terrier. Where's the second trillion? Hell, I stand to inherit one, but I'd say tax estates like the rest of the free world.
  1516. caliban on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  1:41 am

  1517. nd the best and the brightest spent their bonuses gor trashing the world economy.
  1518. caliban on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  2:01 am

  1519. Cheney and Rummy are war criminals, long before they ever had to do with invading Iraq. Rummy is collateral. Cheney is architectural and made a fortune off the invasion. Anybody that's missed this is an idiot. And it isn't about oil, it's about oil field services, and these venal bastardss couldn't give a shit if a drop of oil ever get's to an American gas tank. Meantime, these despicable, greedy bastards want to short-circuit international law, because, after all, they've trampled on it, They've obliterated international law defenses for Americans by torturing innocents for fanricated homeland purposes. No joke. look up the Project for the New American Century.
  1520. caliban on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  2:08 am

  1521. Stimulus, slightly less than $800billion. Invasion and occupation, $1Trillion, almost right now, For what? Nothing. Is it difficult to understand that these criminal bastards raped the national treasury and left it for somebody else to clean up their mess? And now he's supposed to clean it up in less than four weeks when they soent eight illegitimate yeare trashing the Republic?
  1522. caliban on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  2:34 am

  1523. There's a lot to be said for "Love may fail, but courtesy will prevail, Then again, "sometimes ya gotta act like ya gotta pair. Republicans are acting like assholes. President should tell them it's tough, but they wandered away from what might be good for the country. Holy shit. Vitter? Spokesman? Back when it was Maryknoll nuns, Raygun thought that was acceptable. Then they shot the archbishop at the communion rail. Everybody in the world knows who was responsible. Know whaat? Those were nartyrs.
  1524. caliban on Is this war?
    February 14th, 2009  8:37 am

  1525. Here'a the deal Paul Krugman. Where were you for the last eight years? Three weeks and we have to throw up our hands, and the first shot isn;t good enough? Something must be done according to your presdigitation right now? Jackass.Randy Newman understands. Jesus, what a jerk.
  1526. caliban on My back pages.
    February 20th, 2009  2:25 am

  1527. Spruce trees are part of the ch(sm)arm of the Grat Midwest. Mow Yews, thats a blight that needs to be attacked with vigour and a chainsaw. I believe they grow all over the Grosses and shade faux-tudor minii-mansions. At least they used to. Meanwhile, journalism in general and newspapers specifically have been befouled by a patently racist political cartoon that espouses assassination as the ultimate resort for the bubbling grease atop the Republican stew that has reduced to the point of sticking to the stockpot and stinking like burnt flesh. I don't believe the ludicrous pirate robber Baron means to have the President taken out to advance his delusional goal of ruling the world. But the NYPost is his veritable flagship, the preternaturally abusive, offensive and inflammatory cartoon appeared in pages he owns, editors he owns and has failed to disown chose to print this filth, and there really must be a way to deport the slimy piece of shit. The defense from Murdoch editors is that the cartoon makes a connection between to stories in the news. Chimp shot dead, stimulus. What non-comma connection. What cultural disconnect removes these assholes from a blatant appeal to skinheads to rid Conservatives of this troublesome priest. It's actually clear as a bell. I saw a Chicago Trib online poll that said that only 40% of respondents thought that the intent of this cartoon was racial. What else do they think was going on. Most of the people that voted probably thought the chimp should have had a plunger up his ass a few times before the coup de' grace. Kit Bond goes a world tour of Missourri to announce the benefits to the state of his participation in the stimulus bill. Asshole voted against it When I was a kid, I read Screwtape. I think, I wonder about, the efficacy in the name of Democracy or something resembling it, Matt Fucking Drudge? Are people hynotixed with bogus information? Bogus information in the internet is like gogus information in real newspapers. The first is valued at 400 yo 40, the people that do work are peons. Fact is, Obama'sedging forward. But he's doing it witout KBR leaning on him. And oil field services companies that dabble in security would rather he was just mon-ecistemy. Anyway, neither freedom of expression nor freedom of the press lets you incite wackoss Ibtention was clear, and homeland should shut their ass down Guantanamo should be kept open long enough to send the cartoonist for rendition to some Medievalstan. If they don'nt make him feel like his organs are failing or he's dying, turn it up. John Yoo, and Bybee,said that was OK. If these assholes ever practice law again, justice might be done. I've got five brothers and a dad. What was my mom to make of this She knew she wanted a daughter to civilixr us. That would never have happened. But holy shit, It's alright to suggest murdering the President to get the Stim more like Boehner? Trying to claim the cartoon wadn't totesquely rasict is so asinine it just beggars belief. It deliberately pointed a bullseye.
  1528. caliban on My back pages.
    February 20th, 2009  4:20 am

  1529. No American with a modicum of decency can let these assholes get away with this what's gone one with the last seberal years and some Reagan dickhead that thought sloauthj=hering MatyKnoll nuns and raping them was funny. This has been a netioun of war criminals for several years. If you don't think so, let's here some king of evidencee the invasion and occupation didn't enrich Cheney.
  1530. caliban on Send to your whole list.
    February 23rd, 2009  5:01 am

  1531. So it's Sunday night , and there's nothing not noxious (a good name for a band?), or even a decent rerun on TV. Not even a compelling NBA game or the B's playing more sound hockey than everybody else in the NHL, including the weaselly Redwings. So the pard I've chosen to grow old with, All Things Considered, is considering me with daggers in her striking, alluring, and somehow threatening gaze and manner because I've got paper copies of the NYT and WaPo, plus Rolling Stone, two months worth of the Atlantic, an Oxford Americanr, and a virgin copy of Foreign Affairs. And I have to wonder whether she's taken her meds and whether I know where all the Henckels are. Rolling Stone has a letter in which some character calls Born to Run, Darkness and The River “the Holy Trinity” although, he didn't capitalize Holy Trinity, which is dysfunctional style and insulting, but not like trying to claim conflating the Connecticut chimp and the President's sitmulus efforts in a Murdoch “newspaper”. So Spirits in the Night, that I first heard in a vaguely scary club on Cape May is an also-ran. And Sandy. And Incident on 57th Street. And Darlington County. And Nebraska, and The Ghost of Tom Joad. And The Nothing Man, and I don't know, another 100 or so brilliant songs, are derivative and unoriginal. As Randy Newman said about Mr. Sheep, “Jesus, what a jerk. And the news today is all about the deficit. Funny, but so sad. Do we live with a government dependent on the will of the people so uninformed? If you consider the deficit as Shares of Non-Social Security Federal Spending Paid for by Borrowing, you have Truman none Eisenhower 3%, Kennedy-Johnson 6%, Nixon-Ford 14%, Carter 13%, Reagan 25%, Bush I 28%, Clinton 6%, Bush II, fy 2002 23% Bush II, fy 2003p 32%. I know we're talking about the fatass fake plumber with the Plumber's crack running straight down the middle of his mug, but, shit, this is simple math. Born again deficit hawks in whatever's left of the brain dead GOP carcass occasion cognitive dissonance. Even people that ought to know better attribute the W-eficit to invasion and misguided occupation spending, but if you understand government fund accounting and so-called emergency funding, you know a lStagarleeing portion of the Halliburton enrichment agenda isn't even on the books yet. If there's a NN participant that truly understands fund accounting, I'd love to here an informed explanation. I've got a masters in public management and this subject caused me trouble. In the end, I think I had some sort of epiphany during the final, but the math of which I was phobic in Statistical Analysis, my personal Kampf (and that's another story), was nothing intellectually to trying to comprehend accounting in general and fund accounting specifically. So there's this final question. They get away with the astounding malfeasance of the last eight years, including absolutely purloining two national elections? Republicans probably hate and fear John Kerry more than anybody in the world. What Kerry shares with Old Dirty Bin is that he's a bogeyman they need to rally the feebleminded to their cause. They despise Kerry because he tracked down the administration criminals and their international banking catspaws and mad Reagan look like Nixon. In a perfect world, Ken Blackwell will learn bridge at Club Fed for wangling Cuyahoga County. Truth and Reconciliation? Sounds good. Until you consider that Cheey and Rummy were there with Nixon, came back for Raygun, and would have stuffed W in a shoebox if they thought they could get away with it, even though every evil thing they ever did had been exposed, by Frank Church and Kerry. They could be the undead. Spike through the heart would be a very good thing. I say Cheney thought raping and murdering Maryknoll nuns was good strategy. Muy macho when you took six Vietnam deferments and falsified the little prick's Guard records so you could grab the Oval Office. The attacks on Kerry's patriotism are litterally mind-boggling. He was on missions in Cambodia and saved his crewmen's lives with fast thinking and disregard for his own safety. W was drifting off to Bumingham, in a cocaine haze, blithely These people funded Monica Lewinsky's kneepads and designer thongs, they murdered Danny Casolaro and seem to be getting away with it, they shredded records and stuffed the remains into Faun Hall's underpants. Mostly, they attacked the Constitution because they have no respect for it. The truth would be good. Hanging by their ballocks would be better. My point about truth and reconciliation is simple. Prevent the recurrence of people that present such a threat to what we all are supposed to believe. Cheney? Better things to do, this guy said this when he worked for Raygun and thought murdering Maryknoll nuns after raping them and burying them alive was something a reasonable and decent American would do. He's a monster. I'd reccomend the movie Salvador. Reagan administration was so stupid in its bloodlust they couldn't figure out the difference between the name of the country and its capitol. So it was just Salvador. All Dickless ever cared was that his cash was being laundered.
  1532. caliban on Send to your whole list.
    February 23rd, 2009  5:22 am

  1533. Gasman, Why should everybody lose? Do we just give up because everybody's stupid. The tax-cut mantra has produced a monumental deficit. people are too dumb to see this? Obama is attacking problems with a tremendous amount of intelligence and imagination. W was so locked into wasting cash on making Cheney and the other progiteers rich. This shit has stopped. It's fascinating that progressives, whatever that means, are so pissed off at Obama. For example, that Gitmo is decent these days. Of course it is, you morons, it's a new Gitmo. These people are dealing in real time. Nobody's evver going to be tortured there again. We have the President's word, and it's believable.. We had a government by assholes, that worshipped Ronbald Raygun. We don't any more. We live in a country that believes in the rule of law. It seems to me, here's the deal.The idea that Cuyahoga County wasn't just robbed is a joke. It was. Which means the loast two elections were entirely bogus.
  1534. caliban on Send to your whole list.
    February 23rd, 2009  7:52 am

  1535. Gasman. we all got urinated on when the obscene 30:1 went to 400:1 comoensation during the stolen Bush years.If those bastards are the talent, , where do they think the rest of us stand. They created fantasy and rewarded themselvesfor failure. And that's Ameroca? People workedd their asses off and were defrauded by bosses that were taking golden paracjutes of one sort or another. They should all go to jail. Amd the momey should be spread around where it can do the most good, and if that's redistribution of wealth, the wealth was undeserved, and in fact it was stolen from the people that generated it.. Capitalism as some blind excuse for robbery isn't a valid philosophy, and self-appointed robber barons ought to have to give all of their ill-gotten gains back. Fuck 'em, Who exactly appointed these crooks captains of industry? The singular thing the Republican Party has succeeded in is to convince the trailer trash and the desperate they stand for them. These bastards stand for nobody but the rich people, amd they mean nothing but to shrink the confines of rich people as much as possible, from the bottom up. The middle class they coddle, the dumbasses they convinve by racust means that there's some vast unwashed, People buy this, and they're morons.
  1536. caliban on Duty done.
    February 27th, 2009  5:47 am

  1537. Inserted into penis ends? Bada fada bada. The Obamaspeach was awesome and the Republican response was ...weak... We just watched Frozen River. Have to say, I'm a Melissa Leo fan since Homicide. But this is stunning. Her performance is as good as Tommy Lee Jones in Three Burials (if you haven't seen that movie, that's kindqa like missing Hamlet, coming up.) Anyway, Frozen River is superb. Better than the Ozcar nominees. Why are the best movies about Americans on the fringe of polite society? Eight years of marginalizing everybody that wasn't rich or a Halliburton catspaw? Redistribution of wealth is a belleweather of conservatives, and we're supposed to believe Obama is a dangerous socialist. While W was pretzeldent, CEO salaries went from 30 times the average worker's takehome to 300 times.That's a fact. Who was contracting the middle class to benefit the wealthy class creating derivatives and other crooked schemes? Who was keeping the invasion and the occupation off the books by making all that funding 'emergency'? WaPo says Obama is playing a budget trick by including the occupation cost? Where were these bastards the last eight years? And that fiscal responsibility shit from Republicans? Bobby Jindal, Great Brown Hope? Jimma Ed without the sincerity, genuineness and intelligence. Also lacking any sort of humility in the face of his ambition. But gawdamighty, that jackass was Barney Bibe on the national stage.
  1538. caliban on Duty done.
    February 27th, 2009  7:08 am

  1539. Dexter. Re.:Jindal. Everybody that ever fade dun of Jimma, they can ear it. First, he looked like a joke. Then, he sounded hilarious. Then everything he said was a demonstrable lie. The fact that he anchored his most obvious lie to his participation in fucking over Katrina victims? that's those Republican scamps. Heckuva job. Republicans? Self-inflicted wounds.
  1540. caliban on Alone with oneself.
    February 28th, 2009  4:17 am

  1541. When you live with a scizophrhrenic, that ditches meds sometimes, this sort of question gets to be moot. So, insanity on the home front and Tom fucking Delay on the TV is disorienting. Tom Delay?. Jindal was embarrassing, but isn't a Republican coup there's somebody stupider than Palin? A meagre injection of sanity. The cost of the invasion and the occupation was never included in the budget by W and Cheney. This isn't something Deorne Will would bring u[/ He's tpp wprried anput sec-lives, even though his includes tampoms. George always wamted to be royal. They raped the Clinton-era surplus and used trickery and energency resolutions to disguise their shifting wealth to the already wealthy. And they tried to act like they were all Grover Norquist. Whoever believed in this horseshit? Is the newspaper vs. internet dizcusion about truth? I think it's about honest reporters, and I'd rather see it on paper. Meantime, threre are billions that are too fucking stupid to understand that Matt Drudge is a selpro,ptomoting asshole that lies his ass off.
  1542. caliban on Alone with oneself.
    February 28th, 2009  5:38 am

  1543. The Dreadful Lemon Sky. That's the best one. It's always humanity and not the whodunit. Spenser is mighty good and Travis McGee is wonderful. Raymond Chandler presents an entire universe of moral ambiguity. In the long run,you've got Dave Robicheaux and EZ Rawlins.
  1544. caliban on Alone with oneself.
    February 28th, 2009  3:23 pm

  1545. Jesus H. Christ. How fucking stupid are people? W left the cost of the invasion and occupation out of the budget. Obama's including it. Duh. Grown-ups are tunning things now. Thank God. And, you know, Rush may wish the President fails but I sincerely hope Rush succeeds. Alienated whack-jobs with a smaller piece of stick.
  1546. caliban on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  2:03 am

  1547. Fashion reporter? Tres chic. Levis bought fashion and presented normal people with the eternal conundrum. The powers that be left me here to deliver, and I chose Wranglers for less cash. Isn't the idea of fashion kinda strange? You've got designer clothes nobody would wear without a shotgun to the cranium. I used to work in an office of a world-class architect. Architects are poorly paid, and, in general, they deserve to be. Another story. Anyway, they li8ve by style, they think Barney's and Mont Blanc pens lend them legitimacy when they hem and haw about responsibility for anything. When it all comes down to it, it's construction details, how to actually build something, and the feasibility of the materials all of these besotted jackasses are thinking about after they looked at the renderings (the spectacularly attractive pictures of what everybody wanted the project to look like. Discussing drugs? US law still says that marijuana is a narcotic. People are sentenced, and many get third strikes, based on this asinine canard. My opinion is that pot is a matter of choice, like the Jack I',m drinking right now. It doesn't cause the sort of lung cancer drain on the economy that tobacco does; that's mostly a function of the tar, etc. in the papers, and nobody's smoking a pack a day of jointsAnyway, what sort of drug causes Boehner to claim the budget is spwnding when a large part of it is tax cuts for the people that bore the brunt of the wealth upward constriction that W engineered? The GOP line requires willing suspension of common sense.
  1548. caliban on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  4:04 am

  1549. And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?. I believe in newspapers, and I know for a fact ywitter is guano. Tweet.What sort of dumbassery is people willing to buy? Twitter? Holy shit. Mprpms. Twitter? Seriously. Noobdy is that fucking stupid. Beseone is Tw. Morons. And I've just made fun of making fun. Are you dickheads so goddamn dumb you don't get how stupid this is?
  1550. caliban on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  4:51 am

  1551. How is it these assholes that thought the they could make up dictatorship, How do they get out of the consecynces? These bastards are we kidding, Bushco thught they could eat us all alive. Look you morons. They were trying to to subborn the Constitutiion. You stupid ass W moorons, Xheney wasn't a terrorist? He is a terrorrist.
  1552. caliban on The funnies.
    March 6th, 2009  5:02 am

  1553. Jeff Borden. I haven't smoked pot in 20 years. I would say you're a flamer moron. Mitch McConell, well he's earmard central. The idea that earmarks are bad spending is some osrt of dumbass crashing planes McCain can just eat alive. All of these alleged earmarks could be balanced with that shitheel's blown away planes. Fuck the bad pilot.
  1554. caliban on Notes from the North.
    March 7th, 2009  1:46 am

  1555. OK. this dumbass hass the most dumbass name in the history of dumbass namessa. But claiming that health care is a privilege is so stupid in so many ways it seems to personalize and identify the GOP perfectly. First thing is, who pays for Wamp's health care? Thid calls for taxpayer revolution. I used to withhold tax money from my phone bill to refuse to fund the Viet Nam war. The IRS never got back to me to discuss my civil disobedience. I suppose it's OK for us to withhold some pittance to make sure my hard-earned dollars aren't funding Mr. Wamps health care. Second thing: He's born again, right? Did Jesus have a litmus test for income, or worth to society, or Republican compassion-blight? Well, No, I think he just cured lepers and dead people without considering whether or not Mr. Wamp thought they'd earned it, the old-fashioned way, like AIG executives. Shouldn't the federal government act like proxy Christians (and really, you could insert any of the so-called great religions) and do business in the interest of the least of my brethren? Third thing. Is this guy such a kneejerk idiot he doesn't understand the effect on the economy of pretending to be the greatest nation in the world and leaving fully one third of it's people in dire straits when they get sick or hurt? OK. Bpbby Jindal. But he's at least a mildly amusing foil to a mildly amusing psycho perv on Chuck. But Republicans!!!Rush man-boobs boouncing and udder stupidity? Wamp? Boner, the King of Earmarks, except he has to accelerate to catch up with Kyl.
  1556. caliban on Green.
    March 18th, 2009  2:39 am

  1557. I love ties. I've saved an astonishing silk tie with large red white and blue peace symbols that was a Christmas present from my mom and dadnearly forty years ago. Wore it for my first passport portrait and every new one since. I'm probably biased (but that's why I'm saying it instead of anybody else), but the thing about Irish exports is a serious commitment to quality that I believe springs from Irish myth. I mean real myth surviving in modern culture. American myth is the alleged saintliehood in the face of discernable and provable facts: Ronald Reagan charmed the Evil Empire into dissolution with grandfatherly benificence manifest destiny raised all boats; Starwars works,; the stock market isn't some rich assholes game of baccarat and they don''t keep score and preen over the demise of the less fortunate. So Irish. Well, there's the best poet (And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?) and jaysus, how did hee see Bushco coming. There's a playwright (G. B. Shaw) that saw the blasted heath and the necessity of choosing peace. The novelist that set fire to the rules and begat Thomas Pynchon, and Pynchon begat Thomas Gibson.* You're great flaming queer with such spectacular talent he could epigrammatisize Romans like Juvenal and Ovid intttto oblivion, like NWA vs. everybody butt Chuck D and Run DMC. Aactually, the idea of producing only the best resides in WB Yeats, you know, Irish poets learn your craft. It's soomething that goes way back. Connamera men, and Fiach O'Byrne Brits have treated Ireland like land to grow fodder for imperialistic wars for severaal Centuries. They implanted religiouss hatred as a time-honored wedge issue to keep tthe Irish under their boot. Of course the finest Irish export is music. When mass marketers tell everyboody it get's to be everybody's Irish time. I have to laugh. Tthere's a Pogues' song that says, "this land was always ours, was the proud land of our fathers, it belongs to us and them, not tto aany of the others." Sso when you listen to Shane McGowan at Christmastime, in the drunktank. Think about several hundred years of mindless and brutal oppression Theere's another Pogue's song, called 'The Galway Races'. Rather ecumenical idea: There was half a million people there Of all denominations The Catholic, the Protestant, the Jew, the Presbyterian Yet there was no animosity Yet there was no animosity No matter what persuasion.
  1558. caliban on Green.
    March 18th, 2009  7:46 am

  1559. W's faiilure. Well he and his Mr. Interlocutors wanted the Constitution to fail. Most Americans would see a difference between wanting some obscene idea of Cheney promoting a lobotomized version of psychopathic Nixon versus governing sensibly and trying to get out of a greed-induced briar patch. Bushco not failing meant mindless wars of aggresssion and enrichment of Blackwater and Enron and nitwit nihilists like Grover Norquist, and rubbing it in by calling it Christian. Fail? Hell yes. Hoping for failure for somebody trying to find a way back out of the cave those assholes put the country in? That's treason.
  1560. caliban on Calling customer service.
    March 31st, 2009  1:04 am

  1561. You might not speak English without coffee, Nancy, but you write it clearly. Here in the backwaters, Hilton Head Island, we get the NYT and the WSJ without interruption. I love actual newsprint and ink smudges. I love thundering two-story presses, pressmen and women doing a craftsman's job, and accountability. Online nmews sources publish whatever the hell they want and the pyrites standard is something wallowing somewhere between Drudge and and Guckert. I like newspapers availalble on the net. It's the only way I can read the Boston Globe, the Bee, the Loisvill Courier Journal, iconic papers from my days of being able to read them more immediately on paper in the Graady School reading room. The disconnect is a function of gullibility, fried attention span, failure of critical thinking, and almost understandable insularity coupled with a neurotic need for like-minded reinforcement. There's an opportunity here for people that run government. The NYT is a product of a large corporation, but it's mom and pop compared with Newscorp. That unspeakable behemoth slouching toward Bethlehem is an abomination of deregulation that mirrors the country's economic auto da fe. And bag Rupert. Who let him get away with this drivel. Talking Points say newspapers have done themselves in by leaning liberal. Exactly which papers are liberal? And let's see a scintilla of evidence. Suppose the demise of newspapers is a f'ait accompli. What are we left with? Morons patting each other on their backs? Really? Jonah Goldberg and his idiot confrere? Charlie 'Total Whackjob' Krautheimer? Sludge growing deeper around Cal Thomas. These people are insane, but they're kept in check by Eugene Robinson. There's something inherently valuable about print on paper. You can't make it dissappear, like some mendacious website. I'm Catholic. I take my faith seriously. Misrepresentation of American Catholic beliefs is odious. There are 80 million Catholics in the US. These whackos aren't 1million. I wish everybody that is so up in arms found it revolting when Cheney and Rummy and Ron Raygun raped and murdered Maryknoll nuns.
  1562. caliban on Calling customer service.
    March 31st, 2009  3:04 am

  1563. When I was a kid, I matriculated at the Cranbrook School theater school. Back in those days, it actually snowed in June.Ineggable and wonderful. I lived in my natural habitat through the blixxard of '78 in a Boston suburb. What nobody seems to remember is that we we got another 54 inches or so begore Easter that year. Read the first forty or so pages of the Perelandra Trilogy (read all of those books, this is a stylist, with a point of view and a way of looking at things that's about as intelligent, and perfectly imagined, as Lord of the Rings). Weather is something to be embraced. Climate change is nature's way of telling you something's wrong,
  1564. caliban on Calling customer service.
    March 31st, 2009  5:53 am

  1565. Dexter. Who took notes for you? You stored a lot away in spite of yourself.I used to think that Henry Adams was the height of intelligence. The more he was educated, the less he learned. I read Teillhard, and I figure the more we're educated, the more we understand about God becoming God. If there's a big black hole and it goes to nowhere, why do we feel like we need to straighten everything out Sometimes you eat the bear. Sometimes the mosst gotgeous woman you ever sw gets murderred, ffor no good reason.
  1566. caliban on Calling customer service.
    March 31st, 2009  8:54 am

  1567. I used to deliver the Free Press. Great paper. There was also the Michigan Daily. Bill Thigpen was my High School compatriot. Look him up. Shot dead by Detroit gangs, a reporter for the Michigan Daily. Now, that was a great paper. Thee used to be the Atlanta Constitution. Reg Murphy was the editor. Before Reg, there was Ralph Magill. He was born in the 18th Century, and he believed black people are people. If anybody believes Drudge and journalism without newspapers is a viable construct, wave your non-existent dairness doctrine freak dlag high. Newspapers are birdy-doo catchers, and O'Reilley isn't a self-promoting piece of shit that thinks more about loofahs than he does news. Seriously, you morons, news from the internet? This might work if people weren't so stupid.
  1568. caliban on Miscellany.
    April 9th, 2009  12:55 am

  1569. Lenin is dead. Lenin is alive. Lenin will rise again. That bit about Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again wasn't actually part of Mass when Nikki the K was around. Personally, I believe in the Jesus part, and I'm pretty sure the Lenin part can be left to Anne Rice. Actually, that part of the liturgy is a product of Vatican II, which is a blueprint for a much better world. I'd be willing to bet the Christians were ahead of the curve. I think it's kinda funny to inspect Catholicism this way. Catholics may have launched the Crusades, but Protestants imposed orthodoxy on English Christians in the name of every Christian sect that's broken out since. There's something else worth considering. Catholics admit to errors while the all-encompassing Christian renegade offspring brook no dissension. American Catholics don't buy half what Benedict says, and it seems interesting to me that so many non-Catholics are so interested in so few theologians. There are something like 375 American Bishops. The Karl Rove wing doesn't use up two hands. There are 68mil Catholics in the US. Nutcase prima donnas like Donahue represent between 2 and 3 million. Infinitesimal. This is a perfect example of how the net distorts. The Catholic Church in the Western Hemisphere is best represented by Archbishops Romero and Paulos Faraj Rahho, who basically stood for human dignity. Victims of revolting American exceptionallism. How has that been blogged? Well, it hasn't. If your an American, how do you sanctify R. Raygun and Ollie North and claim land reform is creeping socialism instead of Christianity?
  1570. caliban on Miscellany.
    April 9th, 2009  2:46 am

  1571. Dexter, lost luggage almost always ends up in Huntsville eventually. Years and years of flying, I've never dealt with lost luggage but once. In, I think, 1970, a plane was taken and landed in the desert. I was on my way back to the US from Switerzland. Detained in Heathrow, didn't make connecting flight, shuttled back to Swissair. Who said I'd be put up and my parents waiting at Logan would be informed. They weren't. So I spent a carefree day in London and a night of luxury at the Cadogan Square. A favorite hotel of Oscar Wilde. Meannwhile, my parents were waiting in Boston to drive me to college and received no message. I wined and I dined and I saw London on foot like Pepys, and my mom and dad tore their hair out. When I got to Boston, I was appropriated by a typically Brit young woman that looked like Lynn Redgrave sans avoir du pois. Absurd, I could have had lb's of hash on me, we blew through customs, and I could have been carrying a pound of Turk hash. I know, I wouldn't have wanted to be the customs people or the airline factotums. My mom was a lioness where cubs were concerned. So all was right, even though it was 1970, and there was a crook in the White House and the Constitution was unnder attack by Republican racists. All my parents cared about, was that I was home safe, and they dposited me safe and sound with ny stereo and a little bit of European pot. Matijuana is classified as a Class I substance, like heroin. This is rampantly moronic. Marijuana isn't a gateway, marijuana isn't damaging like alcohol. It's pretty difficult to claim any facts about any adverse reactions whatsoever. Robert Parrish is one of the fiercest competitors in the history of NBA hoops. The Chief liked to smoke a joint, have a glass of wine, and listen to 'A Love Supreme' when he got home from the wars. His vindictive ex sicced the cops on him ad he was busted for less than an ounce because he wound down with a toke. Who's looney here? There are people talking about legalizing and taxing, I said this was no-brain in 1969. It's the perfect crop for rotation, and the prospect of taxing packs of Js is immense. Health concerns? Nicotine, nope. Tar, nobody is going to be smoking a pack a day. Nobody but an idiot would try to claim pot is a health risk in the same universe as smoking cigarettes.
  1572. caliban on A break more ordinary.
    April 16th, 2009  1:08 am

  1573. It's entirely possible that some sort of return to respected trade skills would produce a society in which people with high school reading and 'rithmetic skills could earn a living wage. In the rush to call criminals and financial crooks the best and the brightest to be rewarded with millions for failing utterly, everybody's lost sight of individual contributions to society. And, yeah, I suppose considering everybody's contribution equal in value is socialism, but trying to deny the idea is radically, in the sense of radix, roots, is denying the tenets of Christianity. Did slave-owning Plantation owners denigrate the brawn and the brains and the crop management